Nicole “You’re being HOH. You gotta suck it up!” Corey “Who are we getting out next, Frank?”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 02-10-18-404
12am HOH room Zakiyah, Michelle, Tiffany and Paulie are talking. Paulie says even Vic isn’t as bad without Jozea around. I think he hasn’t been around because he’s sure. Michelle says its like Jozea over and over again… he thinks he has the votes. Paulie says at least Jozea was super paranoid about it up until the last minute.. he was constantly watching me. He always had eyes on me, always. I think that’s what pissed me off more. Because part of me wanted to sit there and (finger him) and (say suck my d**k). They talk about how Bridgette was spying for Frank. Michelle says I wouldn’t be apposed to keeping him (Paul) longer than Natalie and Bronte. He’s easily manipulated. Paulie says Bridgette, Natalie and Bronte ..ain’t nobody got time for people who want to coast. Paulie asks do you really think he wants a final 3 with them? Tiffany says of course do you think anyone would vote for them? Paulie says they wouldn’t be able to protect him any time he wasn’t able to be HOH. He would need to win veto. Tiffany says that she (Natalie) has been saying she needs to use her skills and be flirty with everyone. Michelle says who knows she could be ratchet. Paulie says I know what her friends are like. I know her ex-boyfriend too. He’s a soccer player. Michelle says when Bridgette goes ..I’ll be like Bridgette you thought you could bake your way! BYE! She’s been lying, spying .. sucking Franks butth*le. Michelle says I wonder if I should throw it (HOH) so that Bridgette can go home. Paulie says I’ve wanted Bridgette out before Frank. Paulie says Frank’s been saying he wants to get me out at 8. Michelle says he’s been saying a lot of things. I don’t trust him I want Bridgette out next. Paulie says if everyone wanted him out .. I would be trying to deflect things else where. If you want him out over those 3 girls then they will just migrate to someone else and maybe try and get me out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 02-15-34-865

12:05am Bathroom – Nat Nat tells Bronte that she had to let people know that Vic hurt her. I’ve talked to Frank, I’ve talked to Day .. I’ve let them know how much he’s hurt me. So everyone knows he’s hurt me. I’ve been doing that for the last couple days.. making sure everyone knows. I’m not good at this game but .. I wanted everyone to know he hurt me and that I had to hide that he hurt me.. I had to be mature because he’s on his team. Bronte says see ya! Adios amigos!!! They talk about how the others are fighting. Natalie says we just have to be super nice .. because the big fish are fighting.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 02-18-20-941

12:15am James says we have more of a leash on Natalie than Tiffany. Frank says I might just try and take it (HOH) myself and figure it out ourselves. James says worst comes to worst we can put up Tiffany and Paul. Frank says I am going to get Bronte or Tiffany out this week.

12:20am – 12:35am Safari room – Nicole tells DaVonne that she would never take any of them over her. Nicole says I feel like Corey would take Paulie and Zakiyah would take you. DaVonne says she doesn’t think so. I want to sit next to a vet 100% and that’s you. I don’t want a newbie to say they’ve done this before. I think you and I have fought since day 1. Everyone says Dan is the best big brother player in history and he still lost. DaVonne says Frank was very pissed at Corey in the bathroom. He was pissed Corey didn’t want to throw the HOH. Paulie wants Frank to go home. I think everyone is on board for him to go. DaVonne says I don’t think he should throw it. I don’t think you should throw it. I’m tired of people throwing things. Zakiyah told Paulie that Frank was trying to get Corey and Paulie on the block. Nicole says that Paulie doesn’t want to cut the body off any more he wants to cut the head off. DaVonne says I’m worried about someone running back and telling him (Frank). Nicole says no one would tell him .. the only people that might would be TIffany.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 03-04-48-494

1:15pm Bridgette tells Natalie to be careful. You two (James & Natalie) are together a lot. And it might paint a target on your back. But we’ve got you! So have fun but.. Natalie says he’s (James) teaching me that guys are really nice. He is literally a the full package. Bridgette says he’s my brother.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 03-07-53-676

1:40am – 2:20am Storage room – Corey, James and Nicole. James says if we’re throwing a comp then we’re definitely playing his game. Nicole says I don’t feel comfortable with Me, Corey or you throwing a comp. It would be Franks team that would win. James says yeah if we both throw it. Nicole asks do you feel comforable with that? James says he wants Tiffany out or Bronte. I just don’t want to be the only one throwing sh*t. Last time, that almost got me put on the block. Corey says his team is going to be the only one with 4 people. Corey says I don’t know why he would care if I got HOH .. when I could still put up Bridgette and Bronte. James says lets not throw it.. what’s he going to do get mad. Nicole says I just don’t want to be doing everyone’s dirty work for a long time. Nicole says I’m not asking you to throw another comp. I’m just asking you’re HOH because I don’t trust your team. James says I need to confirm some information is true first before I start popping off. If its true you’re (Corey) not going to like it. James says if its true I don’t trust the eight pack any more. Nicole says I don’t like my name being throw around by someone I trusted. Nicole tells James I would never say anything or do anything to jeopardize your game. James leaves. Nicole tells Corey you’re being HOH. You gotta suck it up! Corey asks who are we getting out next week then, Frank? Nicole says Frank. Corey asks why can’t I go confront Frank. Nicole says because he’s going to blow up! He’s going to come after us. Corey says he’s one person, what he’s going to get all of us. Corey says listen dude you’re about to be the next vic, so you can suck it up and play our game or go out the next week. What would you say if I said that to you? Nicole says I’d say game on buddy! Corey says there’s three other people on your team that will throw it and you’ll go up. Corey says if there’s a chance we could use him it would be good. Nicole says I think that’s a crazy idea. I want you to do what you want to do. I just know I wouldn’t do that. People will be mad at you if you do it. Corey says okay I just wanted an answer that makes sense. Nicole says me, James, Day, Zakiyah, Michelle, you, Tiffany, Paulie all are good with getting him out. One of us will be HOH, that’s 6 people voting .. that’s all we need.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 03-29-07-236

3am Safari room – DaVonne, Nicole and Michelle. DaVonne says I feel like I’m playing for other people and I’m tired of it. Nicole says I’m not fine with throwing the HOH along with another group… that’s 6 people There’s no if and’s or buts .. its his way or the highway. DaVonne says that James wants to hear it out of Corey’s mouth that he’s not going to throw the comp. The whole thing about him calling Zakiyah’s teeth jacked up and smacking her butt. I feel like hes doing it with us because he’s comfortable .. I can’t wait for him to be comfortable with those girls. Nicole says he doesn’t say nice things to my face.. Davonne says yeah what is he saying behind your back.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 03-23-00-470

3:40am – 4am Bathroom – James asks there’s no 5 person alliance with you, Paulie, Nicole, Zakiyah and Day. Corey says no absolutely not! Frank wanted that to happen and for him to be the fifth wheel. James says Frank is stirring up so much sh*t right now. We’re all catching on. I don’t even know if I want to tell Paulie that. Corey says I’m not going to tell him. It isn’t worth it. James asks what do we tell Frank at this point? Corey says he’s Vic at this point. We don’t even tell everyone at this point. You or Me can be HOH and backdoor him. Nicole says Frank was commenting about the way I eat. That’s why I was crying in the DR. I feel like I’m not even myself any more. Corey says then lets get him out. James says I know Day and then will throw it if they know what we’re doing. Day wants it, I’m the one that didn’t think it was the right time but its the right time. I feel in my gut its the right time. James asks who’s going to throw it from his side? Corey says Michelle. Nicole asks I don’t know if you or Tiffany should take it. Corey says she is so emotional. James says Frank just cant get picked to play in the veto. He’s a beast at vetos. Corey says that’s why its best I’m HOH so that I am in the veto.. and hopefully you (james) and Paulie. They go to get ready for bed.

In the kitchen – James and Nicole tell Michelle she needs to throw the HOH tomorrow .. even if Frank is screaming at you. Michelle says I’ll do it. James says trip him, fall, be slow.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 04-02-06-683

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-07 06-59-20-473

6:59am Sleeping

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DaVonnes Butt Stinks

Corey thinks he is like the new power man in house. Don’t let that idiot be HOH. I’m sick of Nicole talking crap about Tiffany. “If anyone would tell Frank it would be Tiffany” No if anyone it would be you Nicole. God I can’t stand her. The fact she and Corey are involved in this the whole thing is sure to fail. Frank won’t be going home.

I like Tiffanys idea of taking out the “showmances” and f**king shit up. Start with the “showmance” of the gay idiot and the fruit loop dingus thirsty desperate girl who is only in house because BB is her only chance at a bf in life.


Salty Nicole is sitting pretty right now?


I was thinking the same thing. If anyone it would be Tiffany? Whatttt? She dislikes Frank more than anyone there Nicole smh. How would she not know that?

Not After Da'Vonne Cried

When Kiyah made her a fifth wheel in the new alliance and left out Tiff, Day loaded a “showmances blew up 8-pack & F5” gun so Tiff would jump sides and get Vets bank together.


Case in point:


She’s throwing her name out there like Da did so it will go back to her if somethings get out… planting seeds, I’ve been watching and listening and Tiff barely talks game and has been isolated by her own so called girls alliance; of course she’s paranoid. In my opinion she’s the least threatening right now… It Only does Frank good to get her out. Why is James throwing around Tiff’s name so hard now too, he’s riding on Frank’s coat tails.. lame


The Tiff is paranoid line just goes to show how propaganda works in mob mentality situations. Enough people repeat Tiff is paranoid and everyone believes it even though she is one of the least paranoid in that house. Emotional? 100% but that is because she has been given the cold shoulder by the people she has put her trust and loyalty in. She tells them everything she knows and they tell her nothing.

This season is a shite show. No one trust the people who are actually loyal and trust the ones that aren’t. If they actually trust the right person they don’t trust those people the other one trusts.. And when it comes down to it all of them are playing stupid.


Having now seen the POV episode I understand why Tiffany was insanely hyper paranoid on the live feeds for the better part of an entire day. Tiffany was told she was not the target but that it was critical to the HOH’s plan that she not win POV thereby taking herself off the block because if she came down then Victor, the roadkill winner, would name the replacement, not the HOH. The plan required anyone but Tiffany to win the veto in order for the HOH to put up his target, Victor. She decided it was too much of a risk to put all of her trust in them by throwing the comp – leaving her with no leverage and at their mercy. In trying to win the veto she proved she did not trust the alliance and that the alliance could not trust her… and rather than own it she tried to pretend she wasn’t really trying to win the veto. She had every reason to be paranoid… she put herself above her alliance without any real justification… actions that get people evicted.

Is Their a Doctor in the House

Hate issues are sign of serious mental illness. Rage spewn is a reflection of self esteem. With all the help Frank-In-Crime gets from Production & he’s still the most hated inside & outside the house, make’s him special too. And sooo courageous to direct violent rhetoric to girls and anyone who protects them. Why did RK & AG & Moonves (he says he’s got final approval) cast so many men who can’t play and are threatened to hand over their HOH to Frank-theS-Tank who relies on frightened baby girls to protect him? Because he’s a comp beast, or only wins by cheating? Who else gets disqualified from comps, weekly pawn & has less than zero soctal game, watch his season if you can’t follow feeds. Frank will never win, like Brit said, the BB18 house would vote for a house plant to win before rewarding Frank’s Stank game, to use your intelligent language.


If you want people to take your opinion seriously, try using the correct “there”. Sorry I have no idea what you said. I couldn’t get past the “their” ……just sayin’

Your out the door son...

Frank is bossing everyone…and making random alliances with everyone. Did he not think they would talk? Dumb move, nose picker.


some of these players are in 3-5 alliances Frank is no different. These people are just scared of him because he is very articulate, his arguments are well thought out and these players cannot outwit him. Frank put out a game plan, to rid Josea’s nitwits they all when along. Tiffany emotional instability threatened 8pack (& Frank for initial comment on liquor) gameplay started the fracture resulting in new gameplay (changing the sequence of players to be booted out). They all have their favourites to take to the end, made up new alliances, and in spite of this is sticking to the game plan. Which I think is a bad move he should take out Tiffany. They are afraid of him due to his art or persuasion but instead of attacking him being a good game player they fault him for farting, grinning, slapping an ass (he should not do this).

On another note one day Da wants Frank the next Tiffany she is all over the place.

That you KayKayKay?

Get your head outta there you’re giving away how much you like it. Awwww, Day handing Frank’s game to him while he’s handing out gas? Made boo-boo mad. Careful your homophobia only tells us whose butt you really covet.


Who is this even about? Lol

No More Hate

Alex it’s about he racist homophobe misogynist poster at the top calling himself Da’Vonnes Butt, Nicole’s Coin Slot, Skank Braids POTUS Donald, Trumpster, Donal Trump etc. etc. otherwise known as the obb’s KayKayKay Grand Wizard of hate who rants about blacks & Latino HG he’s deporting, putting in camps etc that make this blog unreadable. Simon & Dawg try to delete the worst, but the username & content remains the same, inexcusable and booted from all the other boards so as not to kill off client base.

And also

A.K.A. derek or derrek


Tiffany is a mental case like her sister. She needs to go. I dislike her the most this season because she is so annoying.


Meanwhile Paul and Bronte and Bridgette just skate. The eight pack is not so smart.


I wouldn’t say Paul is exactly skating through this game since he has been in veto comps and has made an effort to adjust his social game


Sayonara Frank!


Unfortunately, what the house guests don’t know is that an evicted house guest will be coming back and it will probably be Frank.

Frank Just Slapped Nic

Frank Just hit Nic during breakfast where he taunts her for eating like a disgusting animal. He was told hands off, time it down a d DR must’ve ratted on her crying to them Frank’s hurting her, so he wakes up and smacks her til she winces in pain. AGAIN. 10:30 BB time on feeds. Of course followed by orders his minions clean his bathroom & dishes saying he’s everybody’s dad for the summer. Abusive “dad”. Rank Frank popularity in the toilet and Julie Chen getting complaints for allowing this harassment to continue with golden edits and Production helping Frank. Why are women Producers allowing this like Caleb torture of Amber, ED torture of Jen? Frank & the resident obb board racist misogynist getting lots of airtime & hate.


This group is muddled in a puddle of hmm, “which way to we go George”


Funny how Frank’s downfall is Bridget. He became so sketchy to his alliance when he go all out of his way to protect his little bird. What frank don’t realize is that his mist doesn’t affect Day and that there are already a group of five (RIP Fatal 5) that are collaborating stories about him. Hate him or not, it will be amazing if Frank goes out and back into the house.


How much you wanna bet that the next HOH is the type of comp where if someone tries to throw it they won’t be able to hinder the team since Frank is in deep trouble?

Hopefully Optimistic

I just hope that Natalie isn’t playing James. That would really piss me off.


I just wish that James would play the game and not Natalie.


If Natalie asked James to self-evict it wouldn’t be a complete shock to me if he actually did that to appease her.

Canadian Kev

Then you aren’t paying attention. He’s talking about his daughter; and that will trump anything that Nat says.

Though i honestly cannot, for the life of me, see Nat asking him that.


I didn’t mean that literally. I was being sarcastic. Natalie would never ask James to walk out of the house voluntarily and give up his stipend and chance of winning $500K. I was making the point that Natalie has James wrapped around her finger. Within the confines of the house I think James would do pretty much whatever Natalie asks him to do.


I get the impression, for all of James’ gallantry and valor in context of Natalie never forget she will always be second to his daughter Bailey. He is in the BB house to get paid; so he can provide quality life and a future for Bailey. Sure he wants to appear fair and supports other people who deserve to win AFP or the Game but he won’t just hand it over. You have to beat him; and win it yourself on your own merit.


Well. I remember this drop dead gorgeous, smart (and street smart) woman was all of a sudden head over heels for my brother. We said “Slow down bro, she may want you for your money”. They got engaged, I said “She only wants you for your money”. 2yrs later she divorces him, takes 1/2 his $, and the house. When it was too late he told me “Bro, I think she only wanted me for my money”.

Yo James, “She only wants you for her game……”

just sayin

She doesn’t want him for his spring roll or his kimchi either.

Big Jim

Will be exciting this week if they try to get Frank out. I have a feeling he’s not going this quickly though..


Just because Frank won comps in his season doesn’t mean the other HGs were trying to win them or that he can do it again against a younger group of guys physically or against the memory recall of these HGs. Fine, respect the rep if you must but I think they respect the rep too much. Personally, I would make him re-live his season… if he can rise to the challenge then maybe he deserves the rep but that still doesn’t mean he can win.


It’s to early to take out frank they should wait for a bit. If they do take out Frank a floater will make it to the end.


So says Helen..


Me either he’s a beast but played to hard n got caught up see ya if it happens big move if not at least makes for good tv


It’s to early to take out frank if they take him out this early. A floater will definitely make it to the end.


Frank’s goal is to take a floater to the end. So either way it doesn’t really matter.


Well looks like the plan is set in motion ( at least for now ) to try and back door Frank , next Week, if the right person wins HoH and everything falls into place. That’s a very BIG if, tho !!!
The one player I dislike more than Frank at the moment ( if that is even more possible ) is Nicole. She hides behind all of her actions and will use Corey as her excuse. She uses Men to do all of her dirty work for her. Like going after Frank she Will use Corey. But when it comes to the women of the house ie. throwing Da under a bus she has no trouble at all because then she can just run her mouth and if it ever does get back to Da, and Nicole is confronted by Da, Nicole can go and hide behind Corey – And then sit and cry and say “What did I ever do to her, to deserve that? ”
She is a little BRAT hiding behind a showmance getting men to do the dirty work and then using tears for sympathy. Nope no one has time to watch that sh*t !!!! Watch the tears are coming this Week – AGAIN.
If James was really smart, I believe he is just a little slow, he would team up with Da, and they would work together this next HoH and figure out something best for their game going forward seeing as no one has their best interests at heart – Not Frank nor Nicole and definitely not Corey.


Your first words, “Well, looks like the plan is set in motion (at least for now)” says it all. These people have more mind changes than Sybil. I will say, when Britney and Dan put their heads together and came up with a plan they, and the rest of The Quack Pack stuck to the damn plan.


Either Tiff or James could easily find out that Bronte and Natalie would be happy to vote Frank out, happy to work themselves into a majority alliance, and probably end up as loyal as anyone. That makes some numbers that everyone could relax with but they still seem to ignore Jozea’s girls for some reason.

Kobe Bean

Can’t believe they’re about to make this move, I’m super pumped for it bc Frank is so blind to what’s happening. I don’t even care that this means another week of annoying Bronte hopefully Vic can beat him in that buyback comp, and we will finally be rid of Frank “the Tank”!


Agree. Even Kobe Mamba Bryant reached a point, due to age, where How great he THOUGHT his game was, was far less great than what his game ACTUALLY was. -retired

Frank’s OPINION of his game is far greater than the REALITY of his game. – evict.

Double D

Did Paulie forget to pack any shirts?


he said the dr tells him to not wear shirts, i believe. he was quite annoyed by it.


Convenient & unverifiable. From listening to him working to display how smart and aware he is, can physical vanity be far behind?


I totally believe that the producers want some of the guys to remain shirtless as much as possible. Donny has said he wanted to shave his beard before the start of his season as he only had the beard during the winter and normally shaves it off in the spring., but the producers wanted the beard. Most of these people are cast for a specific reason and I’m sure Paulie’s was his torso.


There’s so much opportunity here…so many openings to make moves, to shake the game up or to take the boil down to a simmer, get the low hanging fruit, then let the self-anointed Gods go tear each others heads off, and yet the people who most need one or the other, instead just follow the mob, while trying to keep their heads down or mindlessly and cluelessly boast .

There’s a psychological profile test many employers use to get a feel for strengths and weaknesses, unearthing stuff those profiled don’t even recognize…I don’t know if production doesn’t use it or just ignores it, but casting should want there to be constant fireworks, constant scheming, double crosses, betraying planned double crosses, and you could easily find those with these attributes: Give me the guy who will lie to an astonishing degree, the girl who doesn’t care if guys like her and is coming to win by any means necessary, the guy who wants to win yet plays in a way where he’s not afraid to lose, the girl who loves to stir s**t and never let anybody feel at ease to where they can plot the rest of the game. Give me a cast of selfish, self-involved, highly motivated, self-starting, ambitious people, who will either lead or go it alone….no cannon fodder…

I’m 95% that for all the talk these last few days, in a week we will see Paul or Bronte gone, maybe Tiffany. Then as eviction is settled days before, they’ll be plotting against Paulie or Da or Nicole, like they’re plotting against Frank…but then it will be Paul, Bronte, Tiffany, or Natalie

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Nicole is such an idiot.


This has to be the dumbest group of men ever to play Big Brother. Three guys already out the door (once Vic leaves tonight) and now they are on board to go after Frank? The women can just sit back and laugh while the men make themselves an endangered species. They are so easily manipulated. Other than Frank and maybe Paulie, all the men entered the house knowing absolutely nothing about how to play Big Brother. Yes, James is a vet and therefore has a basic knowledge of the game. But he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Corey is going to look like a total fool if he goes along with the plan for him to become HOH and target Frank. It will be another guy eviction and absolutely no blood on any of the girl’s hands!


This casting is not a coincidence. Producers wanted a female winner this year.


If that were true, why would they not have brought back a stronger female vet… Say… Britney from Frank’s season or Shelli instead of Da’Vonne or Nicole… (from seasons no further back than Frank’s to ensure the age factor doesn’t impact their ability to relate to the current HGs).

On paper, the guys have the potential to be very strong.

Some HGs have yet to start playing. There is plenty of time for players to buy a clue over time, adapt and play better games.

Frank is Killing Off Men

Frank has been in charge and no matter how often everyone screams Tiff Frank says Victor goes next, followed by Corey Paulie James & Paul beause HE is afraid of real competition,Victor & Paulie win comps and HE wants a harem of idiot maids to far on & slap into submission to F2 where he’ll make a speech about what a fraud beast he is. Production keeps handing Tiff to him on a silver platter but he’s adopted the nubile newbies with boobies and asks theM to play nice & not plot against each other. Read or watch feeds, men feed on men.


Frank is not playing a good game at all, but DaVonne and Nicole are shooting themselves in the foot trying to take him out.

Compare this to when Vanessa constantly worked her butt off to keep Austin in the house last year – it kept the target off her and she cruised to final 3.


There is no shortage of meat shields in this game. Frank is expendable. Evicting him is not going to hurt any but the weakest floaters who have been riding his farts hoping to smell them to the end.

Lambda Calculus Calculator

Actually, keeping Austin in the game is what blew up Dark Moon and had Clay and Shelli stabbing her in the back and put her as the target every week until the end of the season. Of course, after that point she was so good that she started all of her non-HOH weeks as the target but the person who was sent packing was who she wanted out, but I won’t shine too bright of a light on that level of gameplay because it’s hard for a lot of people to fathom.

If she had booted Austin after he sold out Julia to Pee Wee, she could have slept 3/4 of the season and walked up to the 500 stacks like Derrick.


Inb4 production finds a way to let Frank stay

Natalie is using James

Natalie thinks James is a big power player in the house. She is wrong but yeah she thinks he will get her far in the game. She has said all along her only strategy is to be “flirty” she says herself this is her only skill.

She keeps saying Vic hurt her. Umm you knew the guy five mins how are you hurt? She is hurt because Vic saw her flirting with everyone and so said go away. She thinks she can do whatever she wants and still any guy will want her. But if they don’t then they “hurt” her.

If any of you think James and Natalie will be a couple outside the house. I have some swamp land for sale.


I agree with you 100 percent. Natalie is using James. If I was James, I would ask Natalie to make out in the live feeds to prove that she is 100% down with me.

Canadian Kev

Her strategy is to try and distance herself from that group; she’s stated it. She is making sure everyone knows Vic hurt her, so she isn’t associated with him or Jozea.

Think what you want of the strategy, that’s what she’s said she’s doing, when she spoke to the Bronte (i think).

I don’t think she’s using James. That doesn’t mean they’ll end up as a couple. But she’s stated a few times (again to Bronte, not James, or anyone else) she’s actually crushing on him.

Again, doesn’t mean they end up together. I just don’t buy that she’s using him. Though she might be taking advantage of both situations (that he likes her, and it helps her game), i don’t think it’s the primary intent.

Nat Nat Loves Victor

She talks about Victor incessantly, her revenge is getting desperate James to evict him. She says on every camera she can they are friends nothing more, playing on his sympathy as heartbroken lover. Simultaeously James is so distracted he’s not even trying to play the game til his REAL friends tell him Frank’s planning his eviction, content with delusional AFP, he replies “I don’t care” til Nicole reminds him he HAS to care he won ft make it to Jury, Frank prefers his harem of idiots. His duck dynasty wardrobe isn’t gonna save him this time.

Canadian Fan

I think Natalie likes James and feel it could lead to more. Right now they are getting to know each other. They may end up being best of friends or more. I love to watch them have fun together they are adorable. Anyone that states that James could not pull a girl that looks like that is wrong. Natalie looks on the inside she wants more than just looks. Natalie may slide on by to a second place finish due to the fact she is nice not a mean bone in that body. She threatens no one and I think can be forgiven for following the wrong team at the start.


I’m interested in some swamp land….where?

The Roach Coach

Wow 8 pack girls! This is why women have such difficulty winning this game…
Frank is not your enemy. He annoys you, big difference!
Sure, you can knock Frank out next week, maybe even replace him with a Paulie, but if Bronte wins HOH in 2 weeks you’ll be kicking yourself.
You put a plan in place, stick with it!
It’s a numbers game pre-jury and right now you’re giving the other side a number!
Now I get the move if we’really talking an all girls alliance, knocking Frank out is a huge move in that case. But these girls don’t want to work together despite having a clear shot to coast to jury.
Wake up HG’s 500k is a lot of money where I come from!

Jimmy 64

I hope Paul ,Bronte,Natalie,or Bridgette win HOH
It’s about time the other side of the house gets a reality check.

All this talk

They will all convince themselves they are going to take Frank out. But what I see happening is Da will suddenly remember the “buy back”. Worry that if they go after him now there’s a good possibility he could win his way back and plans go right back to where they were. If they do evict Frank I would love for him to win coming back in. Simply for entertainment purposes. I think there would be fireworks like we haven’t seen. That would be fun to watch But I can see all this talk and then they bail

Donald Trump

I really hope Victor goes home tonight. If he doesn’t, I will come in there and deport him myself.


DaVonne and Nicole think taking a newbie to the end is dangerous. They think the jurors would vote for the newbie because the vets already had a chance and they used Dan vs. Ian as an example. I think one of the major mistakes people make is assuming they know how people will vote, especially this early in the game. They should worry more about finding one solid person that they can trust like Dan/Memphis and Derrick/Cody. Then they should build a manageable alliance that has similar goals and targets. There is no way of knowing how people will vote. Some vote strategy, others vote personal. A lot of things happen during the course of the game to influence how people feel and how long they have to decompress in jury house also influences the vote. When Ian beat Dan, a lot of people felt that Dan was too ruthless and cut throat and was not the Dan they loved and respected from season 10. Last year people thought no one would vote for Vanessa because she was either directly or indirectly responsible for most of their evictions. With the exception of Austin (who was newly evicted with no time to cool off and still had a love interest in the house who he was rooting for) almost every juror said they would vote for Vanessa if she was in final 2. Also, some newbies don’t want to sit next to a vet because they feel that since the vets were outnumbered and they did play before, they were bigger targets so if they make it to the end it’s because they did play a better game. You have to build relationships and strategies throughout the game and, even then, you can’t guarantee the votes. You certainly can’t evict people based on what you think their votes will be-especially this early in the game.

Derrick Said He'd Vote for Victoria

Derrick announced on Evel Dick’s podcast he’d never vote for the bully who back stabbed & lied & used his kids to win, and had HE been on his Jury would have voted for Victoria to win, the HG to sacrifice health, welfare and longest torture endurance test to win. Derrick lost lots of fans admitting that. He said so-called floaters are the smart & moral ones, weak shall inferior the earth, if scorched earth is what everyone else is playing.


That is a creepy picture of Corey, the one he is looking at Nicole in the Storage Room.

James and Nat

James should confirm the showmance with Natalie by making out with her, if she refuse, then Natalie is using James to make it far into the game.


The Doobie Brothers said it best ” What a fool believes, he sees. And no wise man has the power to rule it away”.

summer is here!

Frank keeps saying Tiff needs to go…..she’s on the block, now is the time! Letting Paulie stay in house last week wasn’t a good idea either!

Bb18 fan

Instead of taking out victor this week take out Tiffany that way there could still be men in the house.


Yeah let’s let a floater make it to the end they are not focusing on Natalie and brigette.

Team Edward

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. More comp throwing. Zzzzzzzzzzz more people upset with floaters. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz paranoia zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thanks Dawg and Simon!

Kudos to Dawg and Simon for these great recaps! It’s my guilty pleasure first thing in the morning and before I go to bed at night. I’m so glad that the 8 pack is blowing up. I really didn’t want to see one alliance to be so strong at the beginning and have an easy ride of it.

It’s much more interesting when everything blows up and alliances are in complete flux and new alliances are made.

Just blows my mind that Frank thinks he can continue to ask people to throw comps, meanwhile he’s safe. Thank goodness people are starting to question the wisdom of that. Duh – you’re vulnerable to being put up if your team doesn’t win.




Simon & Dawg,

Each year you guys exceed expectations! Truly, Simon & Dawg, has become as important to Big Brother as ZingBot, The CBS Big Brother Live Feeds, Chenbot! You have created a wonderful community. Often, it seems, that the community at OnlineBigBrother is better than watching show airings of Big Brother and Big Brother Live Feeds. I, along with numerous others, are grateful to Simon & Dawg for taking the time to watch the feeds, write excellent summaries, post pictures from the BB House, and respond to comments. Simon & Dawg, you both make the summer experience of Big Brother better. The work that is put into OnlineBigBrother has to be time consuming, long, and perhaps at times even tedious. It is clear, however, that you are both dedicated to making Big Brother Viewers have informative updates, a fantastic place to comment, and a safe place to be connected with numerous marvelous Big Brother Viewers. OnlineBigBrother is a home. Thank you both for not only making this home but for keeping this home very well maintained.


Thanks so much for that.



So, according to Nicole, Tiffany would tell Frank? Why? Because they’re so close?
If anyone was going to inform Frank it would be James (he’s already hinted), Da’vonne (she plants a garden full of seeds and then blames the flowers for growing), or Corey (moron still partially thinks Frank might be lying to everyone else, but really means it with Corey mixed with macho bravado we should call him out).
It surprises me that nobody has clued in to why Frank says Paul, Bridgette and Natalie are a waste of an hoh, but Tiffany is a must go. He’s in jury management mode. He’s trying to get rid of people that might not vote for him to win before jury even begins. Paul could be a meat shield puppet, Bridgette and Natalie are good contenders for running mate on the final 2 card. Tiffany exposed part of his game and wasn’t docile and opinionless. By this token, I have a feeling Michelle has made it a bit higher on Frank’s expendable list. She called him out for saying she named the 8pack to Paulie. She’d be the first from his team that he’d want out if he could figure out how to do it without exposure.
What is the actual trigger to Frank falling from grace? Exposing the 8pack without clearing it with James and Da’vonne. Everything else is convenient.
Before i went to sleep Paulie was saying that Corey is really smart. Imo, he means Corey is the Cody to Paulie’s Derrick (remedial division).
With the show edit being what it has been (glowing Frank edit) I wonder how they are going to spin things.


Victor deserves to go home. He should have nominated himself after the road kill win.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

I want more Bombshell Bra’s convos. So far we have learned Zak and Michelle both wear Bombshell bra’s to try to appear to have bigger breasts.

Funny they don’t sell more mens underwear that makes your junk appear bigger. I’m sure Paulie would be first in line for those. He has little man syndrome. Walks around like he a big tough guy and he is 5’5 and looks like Scrappy Doo.

Cody and Paulie both always talked and talk about how tough they are and fights and what not. These two would run and cry if a real man stepped to them. Poor little tikes are all talk.

And Paulie fitted hats? Really. Why don’t you just wear a sign around your neck that says I’m a douche bag.

I like Dawg but hate Simon

CBS can we please tonight show the full HOH comp start to finish on the live show?

I can do without the story on what Pig Snout Derrick and his fat wife are up to. Or 19 mins of poorly edited in house recaps that make Frank look like a angel.

I am always pissed if it’s ten minutes to the hour and they havent started the HOH comp yet.

Sounds like it might be a memory comp so that they will have to finish on show.

I wanna see Franks face if Tiff wins HOH. He will know his whole game is about to crumble. Dude will be on serious damage control all night tonite.

Sorry Frank. We know you like to go to bed early. Tiff wins HOH this cat may not sleep for 6 days.


Why the hate?

Canadian Fan

i’t the mentality of a Vanessa/Tiffany fan they cannot see gameplay when they see it. They like the bullying, bribing, backbiting, crying, demanding scary ass gameplay.