Da’Vonne to Victor “I don’t have a need for you to go, I want her [TIFF] out.”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 13-22-13-464

1:22pm Victor and Frank
Frank says he promises to vote out Tiffany as long as it’s not a vote against the house he won’t do if it’s 9 to 1.

Victor – you still voting for Tiffany
Nicole – ya that’s the plan
Frank – as long as we’re not stuck out they’re by ourselves.
Nicole agrees.
Victor says he’s got Corey, Natalie and Paule that gives him 5 he needs 6.
Victor is going to talk to Paulie make a deal maybe in case the vote is a tie.

They fist bump all around. Victor says he will keep them safe, they hug and fist bump.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 14-16-50-883

1:25pm Nicole, Victor and Frank holding the door closed but saying it was just Nicole. (You can’t see from the outside in during the day)
They tease Corey saying he can’t hold the door open helpd close by a ”little Girl”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 14-18-24-888

1:26pm Victor and Da’Vonne

Victor working on getting Tiffany out.
Da’Vonne – I don’t have a need for you to go
Da’Vonne – I want her out.. I want her out
Victor – I’m not coming after you.. Not at all.. I’m one of the strongest people in the house I can keep you safe..
Victor says he was the one that won the Road Kill and put her up. Da’Vonne hugs him.
Da’Vonne – I want her gone
Da’Vonne warns him about talking to Michelle about Tiffany.
Da’Vonne – Don’t miss an opportunity if it presents itself.
1:30pm Kitchen, Victor tells Nicole and Frank he just talked to Da’Vonne “She wants Tiffany gone”. Frank – I’m down

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 13-30-08-023

1:31pm suntanning Tiffany and Natalie
Talking about how it’s a given Victor is going home. Tiffany says natalie and paul are the only 2 people Victor can talk to right now.
Natalie says Victor hurt her feelings.
Tiffany – you are the sweetest person in this house.. You never say anything bad
Natalie – of course there’s too many a$$holes in this world.
Natalie pushing for a girls alliance to at least show America girls can form a group and stick to it. She says it’s obvious which girls are the catty girls.
Tiffany asks if she’ll put Pauli up. Natalie says she probably would.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 13-46-39-041

1:44pm HOH Paulie and Victor
Paulie says it was a really tough decision to put Victor on the Block. Victor understands he’s not bitter after all he voted Paulie out, It’s just a game. Victor says a lot of people want Tiffany gone, he wants Paulie to know he’s going to stay and he won’t be coming after Paulie. Sounds like Victor is still offering to work with Paulie.
Victor – we can be strong in this bro.. I’m 50% in comps I’ve only played 4 and I’ve won 2..

Paulie advices he thinks of his speech carefully you don’t want to put heat on yourself. Mentions how Bronte’s Speech today put heat on her. PAulie thinks theres other people in the house Victor may be able to sway.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 13-51-09-048

1:51pm Kitchen Frank and Victor
Frank says he’ll talk to Michelle and Bridgette to get the votes to evict Tiffany. Says
Victor was surprised when he found out Da’Vonne didn’t like Tiffany. Frank adds a lot of people do.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 13-57-25-746

1:57pm Backyard pool picks.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 14-14-31-277

2:07pm Frank and Nicole Kitchen
Frank says he’s got a pretty good buzz on. Sounds like a lot of the alcohol had been drank and replaced with sprite.
Hard to hear.. They are talking about Tiffany coming after Frank.
Frank saying “We saw this coming”

2:09pm you can hear music blasting from outside. They’re must be a 4th of July party in the CBS parking lot. The feeds cut. They will probably be in lockdown for the duration. Still no word if they are going to get a party.

2:44pm They’re in lockdown making nachos, Frank is pretty buzzed. In the Storage room Bronte and Natalie talking about Victor. Natalie is pissed at Victor says he is being very fake right now.
Bronte is sure Victor is going to really turn up the charm for votes.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 15-01-32-339

3:00pm Da’Vonne and Nicole
Da’Vonne trying to convince Nicole that Corey likes her.
Da’Vonne – You got him.. you got him.
Da’Vonne brings up Natalie flaunting her “Boobs” and ‘A$$” and Corey doesn’t pay attention. She’s the one he’s interested in.
Da’Vonne leaves and Corey comes in.. Sounds like they had a silly bet

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 15-27-59-326

3:26pm Natalie and James
Flirty … Natalie saying how annoying and Fake Victor is being right now.
James tells her Victor is going home Paulie did a lot of work to get him on the block he’s going to go through with it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 15-41-28-335

3:35pm Kitchen Frank and Bridgette
Frank asking her if the girls want him out.
Bridgette says he hasn’t talked to her on over a week
Frank – talk to me
Bridgette – you talk to me..
Bridgette says she has nothing to say all she knows if from keeping her ears and eyes open. Says the girls want the strong players out Franks along with others are strong players.

Frank – you don’t think i’ll keep you safe .. You Absolutely you what’s going on
Bridgette – I have inkley of ideas but people don’t include me..

Frank really pressing her to tell him who the girls are targeting.
Bridgette won’t give him an answer says some people would say Frank because he’s such a strong player. Frank is getting annoyed by this wants her to give him a straight answer.
Bridgette – I trust you Frank I just want to be more involved
Frank – you are involved
Frank says to her that he’s told her a million times his team is first and foremost.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 15-49-26-143

3:49pm Bathroom Frank, Tiffany, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah
Frank brings up Bridgette not telling him who the girls are targeting, she told him she’s out of the loop. Frank knows that Bronte and Bridgette talk all the time.
Tiffany asks if Victor is trying to flip the vote on her. Frank says Victor thinks he has Natalie, he thinks he has 5 votes Natalie being one of them.
Tiffany asks him if they are trying to make Victor feel at ease.
Frank – of course, 10 – 0 no chance
Nicole comes in – Michelle has just woke up

4:12pm Tiffany and James Tiffany is working on James asking him if Victor is trying to get votes against her. James tells her she has nothing to worry about.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 16-35-22-690

4:30pm – 4:37pm Michelle and Nicole
Michelle having just woke up gets the days update from Nicole. Nicole says Victor thinks he has 5 votes.
Michelle was pissed at something James said this morning.
Michelle asks if they were cuddling last night
Nicole – we started out not cuddling.. thank goodness.. not to me mean..
Nicole – I like to sprawl out.. James is the sweetest guy ever I cannot sleep with him every night.. Vic going to go anyways.. (his bed will be open soon)
Nicole – you know what I mean.. I don’t want him to think..
Michelle – Everyday thing ya.. I really hope people aren’t calling you guys Jacole.

4:45pm Nicole and Tiffany in the kitchen, Nicole is telling her Victor is campaigning. “I’m 100% voting him out you don’t have to worry at all… if you want to check with me daily that’s OK but I am not voting you out”
Tiffany thanks her for the reassurance.
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 16-59-31-945

4:46pm HOH Frank and Bridgette Bridgette tells him the girls want to get the guys out, “It’s obvious..”
Bridgette says Bronte and natalie’s goal is to get to Jury she would like to keep them around until. Frank says 1 of the 2 of them will not make it to Jury.
Frank telling her Tiffany won’t make it to Jury and neither will Bronte. Tells her that Bronte leaving will take the heat off Bridgette. Bridgette tells him he’s so strong at this game, “I’m at the bottom of the totem pole you are building”
Frank – I don’t have a totem pole I think of people I can trust and people I can go to the end with.. you are one of the few people I can go to the end with.
Bridgette says she’s been trying to squash the beef with Michelle but it’s not working. Frank knows he’s noticed that says he wants Michelle out before the end because she’s too smart with the game.
Frank says some of the other girls thinks she’s acting nice but he doesn’t believe it if Bridgette was acting this way it would be exhausting.
Bridgette – I tried to get close with Nicole, She won’t talk to me.. She’s a ER nurse she’s cool as sh1t but doesn’t work.. she gets a bit defensive when I hang around Corey.
Frank doesn’t think that’s the case
Bridgette – she wears her emotions on her sleeve.. She’s easy to read
Bridgette says people are worried about Frank and James. Frank laughs says him and James got in it last night doesn’t know why people think they have a secret alliance. Bridgette says Tiffany does not like Frank. Frank says she’s Vanessa’s sister from last season. Bridgette knew this. They are surprised Tiffany hasn’t made it public.

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TY production for dreaming up this BS vote for Thursday …..that will never, ever happen. Victor is getting backdoored 10-0. Tiff is going no where this week. As for the future, when you have Frank and DA saying you got to go your stay in the BB house might be getting short.

Don’t buy production’s BS!


Got to give him props for trying. Other seasons there were contestants that just sulked in their bed when the writing seemed to be on the wall


I totally agree with u production doing this cuz it’s only Monday and this would make for a very boring week if they didn’t make this happen


DR is working overtime to get some footage of people talking about voting out someone other than Victor.


How come so many people say Tiffany is crazy paranoid (which she is quite paranoid) but Da’Vonne is CRAZY! She is always saying how Tiff is coming after her and creating all of these dilusional scenarios while Tiff is sun bathing in the backyard. DA isnt even on the block and shes paranoid, could you imagine her being on the block??


It’s purely because of her sister’s reputation. However, I do understand why Da’vonne is so paranoid. You can’t ever really feel comfortable because that’s when you get evicted.

Da's dirty braids

This season has a lot of annoying houseguests…new and old. The only ones I can stand are Nicole and James. They seem like they are both being true to themselves and are playing an honest game. As soon as those egomaniacs Frank and Davonne back stab Nicole and James… I’m done.


I want Day Frank and Nicole out!

I'm wealthy

I really want Frank out now! He is acting as if he is the boss of the show.


Day, Zak, and Michelle are catty as hell.

Tiny hands

Don’t forget Frank. He’s one of the cattiest.


I vote to evict tiny hands


Frank is catty. He never has real conversations with anyone he just states what he wants to happen and how it’s going to go down. Arrogant and condescending. The girls need to make a real plan. Bridgette is ridiculous. I just can’t…..ugh

Johnny Depp

Great backdoor plan, although a part of me likes Victor (without Jozea around) he had potential to be the Rachel or in this case the Brendan of this season winning comps…I hope this season doesn’t become predictable because it appears the vets will run the show and we’ll probably have a Frank/Day final 2. I need the majority to split NOW!

Da'Vonne's Hair

My owner cra cra


Wow, Da’Vonne spends an unbelievable number of hours on her hair (practically an entire day).


Ignorance. Why are you so obsessed with Da???? You people are racist and petty af.




Learn how to spell properly, you idiot.


she is on the block she has a right to be paranoid… Nicole was HOH and safe and freaked the hell out the first week. All the girls have cried at least once. And Frank is just a BOOGIE wannabe. He will win if they don’t get him out. WAKE UP JAMES playtime is over. PLAY THE GAME and stop throwing COMPS. Paulie is just a BUTTERKISSERUPPER. Tiffany needs to rally the “SPY GIRLS” with James, Michelle and sadly I must say PAUL. and clean house Starting with FRANK who was the first to turn on the 8 pack because Tiffany was on to him when the others just want to run off list of who to pick off next week before a comp is even played.

Fuzzy Num Num

I hate, hate, hate when they throw comps. It should be an automatic nomination. It seems like the last few years it’s just ok.


it is called STRATEGY!


Yeah but its not fun to watch it always leaves me feeling annoyed.
I believe games are ment to be played to win.


The girls aren’t even smart enough to keep victor as a perpetual shield. The boys would keep going after him.


Keeping someone “as a shield” has proven to be the worst strategy. If people keep letting them stay around while others leave, then guess what? They aren’t a shield.

nat nat

when u first see nat you automatically think she;s a gold diggin bimbo who has slept with the entire offensive and defensive lines of both the ny jets and ny giants all in the same day but she’s actually seems like shes a pretty cool chick and not a total truffle butter dumpster. and she said that shes crushing on james. man if james actually gets to pound that im gonna be so happy for him. he’s like a 2/10 and shes a solid 9 so hitting someone thats 7 levels above u without having to pay for it is like coming bak down 3games to 1 in the nba finals to win. i hope she goes past the top 10 so we can get some footage of her scandaly clad in the show. and victors a total douche bag. i never met a guy so full of himself. oh yeah hes a latin lover and hes as big as the rock. come on bro you look like a greasy cholo wankster. and looks like Z has something baking in the oven and it smells like sour dough. stank yeast infection. paulie better not find out the hard way lols nothing worst then smelling fish under the sheets. by the way i like your site and have made donations in the past fyi


Yeah she’s the total opposite of the first impression.


I’m not sure about Natalie yet. I heard she was crushing on James, said personality is more important than looks and that he is her type. But I also heard she was trying to make Victor jealous and that she has no feelings for James and is just using him for information and safety. I don’t know which of these is the truth so I’m on the fence with her.


The first one. She’s close to James and isn’t mean spirited enough to play games with him.

vic gods gift to women. barf

yes i believe nat is getting close with james to piss vic off. it must eat him up that a little asian guy is getting the attention he wants from her and that his muscles arent working on her. he prolly has a small weiner from all the roids

positive vibes

So are they switching and evicting tiffany this week? that sucks for her, and Paulie did all that work for nothing.


Hoping that for a brief moment Tiffany and Frank can put their mutual distrust aside and have a little meeting (it may be beneficial to have James, Nicole and possibly Paulie there) where they start comparing all the information they have gotten from DaVonne.


Don’t care for Bridgette one way or another, but I give her mad props for basically telling Frank to piss off when he started asking her for info. You don’t say jack to me all week, and I’m supposed to spill info to you? I don’t think so, boo. Just shows how Frank thinks he’s entitled to run the zhow.


At first… then she reverses and coughs up the info


Murphy’s Law: after I post that kudo, the little twit is flapping her gums to Frank. Idiot. Once the girls find out, she’ll be dead to them.


Happy 4th of July 🙂
Z is like caleb now ( every girl watch out)
Day is still on the tiff situation ( if you evict tiff your going to be on frank’s Radar and the next one leaving which I don’t mind at all 🙂
Bronte , oh bronte I can’t wait to see you evicted you’re taking up to much space so is ( bridgette, corey, Natalie,)
Frank is trying to Van , Derrick , and boogie which it won’t last any longer cause everyone is onto to what he’s doing and will be on the block and a backdoor later on
Victor is the messiahs son and will leave at some point
Paulie is still frank’s lapdog
Paul is sticking around for a while (which most people don’t realize)
James is still the same James from last year
Nicole ugh
Michelle no comment
Tiff no comment

Tiny hands

I’m tired of the teams. Time for every player for themselves


My handle says it all.


I want Frank gone as soon as possible but it may be interesting to see him lose his sh!t and go postal, preferably on Day or Nicole. I hope the whole house witnesses his meltdown and it dawns on them he is expendable. What a doucheknuckle.


Da’Vonne talking to Nat Nat about other people talking and Da says “… that’s why I keep my eyes ‘n ears open and my mouth shut” Hello. Do you honestly believe this is how you are Da?


Hopefully the show has a little more action goin forward than what we’ve seen. The last few years they always target “strong players” early makin for a slightly boring start, if Victor goes home it’s sort of like watching Ana croon movie with no real villain. Keeping him in the house is more dangerous of a game, but insures that your short season of BB fame has some meat to it. Only one of the 16 contestants can win the show, knowing that, they should be playing for atleast Americas entertainment. Since when did being boring as hell and telling everyone who’s going home each week become the go to startegy for BB. Seriously, there’s no more old school back doors or blindside, every person in the house is clued in within a day or so. When a vote is locked in, I’d vote opposite and lie about it. That would make drama and create tension that can increase gameplay and entertainment. If you NEVER TELL anyone, there’s no way for anyone to find out. Why tell anyone if you win the Roadkill Comp, just lie about it, seriously they don’t use any of the tools at their disposal and in recent years they’ve all become way too honest. When’s the last time you told everyone the truth playing poker lol you’re trying to win

Furless Bat

Frank is the villian of this piece. Although I look forward to his demise, this is not a insult, he is owning it. Vic is not smart enough to be the villian, and too loyal, which in BB may be almost the same thing.


well well well bridget told frank the girls want the guys out
frank will play hard on comp now watch told yall girls team will never work
the long haul just the short haul bridget an michell don’t like each other mama day want tiffiny to go home
that what im talking about

Alice in Flames

Vic is going home this week. Tiff will win HOH next and then we will have a total crazy week of everyone but Tiff kissing ass and freaking out. It”s gonna be great! lol.

Day and Frank and Michelle shitting bricks all week is gold I tell you. Gold!


I hope she finds out between now and then that Frank and Day are targeting her, otherwise…she was just target Paul or Bronte and nothing would change..


She already knows Frank is after her. She doesn’t know about day though.


Another season where the big alliances fall apart after week 3… only it’s not week 3 yet…

Min O'Pause

Don’t know why I can’t get into any of these hg this season. This is apathetic I’ve ever been. Perhaps next year they can recruit people from the Venice Beach Freak Show. And throw in a couple of nuns and Hells Angel’s. Now THAT’S entertainment. Go ahead and give me thumbs down cause I’m apathetic about that too.


Throw in Huma and Ivanka, ouch!

Misty Beethoven

I’m with you totally.


I totaly agree. They are going to kill big brother if they keep casting wanna be actors.
The show has become hard to watch the last few years and its makes me sad because i think it could and should be much better.

Min O'Pause

*Morgue for HOH*


I really hope Bridgette is smart enough to see the massive opening Frank is presenting her. She already seems very cool with the guys….he’s let her know he’s worried about the girl’s plans, girls who will only include her tangentially….he wants to know what she thinks, is including her. If she’s smart, she gets to work and finds information to bring him and either Paulie or Corey. Show them she can offer something and they can offer her protection. She should give Bronte a wide berth and pick one of the girls who aren’t ostracizing her.

She seems to get she’s just a sitting duck, so do something to change it…don’t just hope to hide long enough to make jury. Make a move.


That’s pretty much what Christine did last year, sucked up to the girls so she could report back to the guys. Look where that got her. How can you tell when you are being one of the team or when you are just being used? Brigette needs to tread carefully here.


I would love Vic to stay for this week, Tiff to go this week! or is it best to keep her until 5 people are evicted so no chance of coming back.


Either way would work but the houseguests don’t know about that twist yet so are not planning for that eventuality.

Zaks smelly twat.

I don’t think if Tiff wins HOH she will pull the trigger on Frank next. She will probably just go for a plan of getting out Paul. That keeps most people like Frank/Day happy that she isn’t targeting them. Also keeps Paulie happy with his plan to get out all of Jozea’s former minions first. But she should take out Frank. It’s a mistake not to.

If she got Frank out next and then actually hooked up with Paulie(everyone thinks they have a F2 but don’t really yet) those two could steam roll the house.

Day would continue her quest to get Tiff out but Day isnt someone that can rally people behind her. Even Zak just goes along with her just to keep her calm. Zak would do what Paulie says in a heartbeat over Days plans.

Let’s hope if Tiff does indeed get HOH and she plans to get out Frank. That would make such a great week on feeds and AD.

I just think she is still loyal to her alliance. She doesnt know the full extent of the plots to take her out. She kinda knows but she is loyal person and won’t want to ruin the alliance of 8 just yet.

Paul is the safer move. But we can hope she gets more info. Vanessa would take out Frank in a heartbeat. This why Frank fears her so much. He thinks Tiff is the great player Vanessa was. Tiff is smart and a good player I think but she wants to rides a safer path than Vanessa. Vanessa was far more of strategic player at all times than Tiff. Tiff is kinda half there to have fun and be loyal and half gamer.

Damn I miss Vanessa! Can you imagine her with this crew? She would steam roll these a-holes. lol.


Someone is spam voting Bronte up the poll.

Misty Beethoven

And one more thing, now that I’m thoroughly annoyed with the whole damn group, I propose this, effective immediately; the HOH room is for the HOH. No more 5 people sleeping up there, just the HOH plus one at their invitation. No one uses the HOH bathroom, save the HOH. What’s the point of having that reward if EVERYBODY uses it??
Yes, I’m cranky and this forum is my outlet – thank you for letting me vent.

Fuzzy Num Num

I know what I think makes a sting player. What do you all think makes a strong player? It seems like first rattle out, everyone of them thinks they are the strongest player ever. I personally don’t see Victastic as a strong player. Yeah he’s big, yeah he can count. But he hooked his wagon to a buffoon. then he couldn’t (wouldn’t) see the writing on the wall about the aforementioned buffoon. Then he completely misread the Situation with Not-Cody. That doesn’t spell strong to me.