Roadkill Nom! Tiffany “I have to throw it. If I win, he puts someone else up & then he’s not going up”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 00-30-07-842

12:08am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Roadkill Nomination to take place. Earlier today Victor won the Roadkill competition and initially wanted to target James but realized he wouldn’t have to votes to get him out so switched his target to Tiffany. Frank lied to Tiffany and said he thought Vic was putting up James. Paulie then revealed that Frank told him that Vic was putting up Tiffany.

12:30am The live feeds return – Tiffany is crying and pleads to her to tell her if she is the target. Just please tell me! Michelle says no, they want Vic gone. Tiffany says I promise I won’t freak out. Michelle says no. I would want someone to tell me too. You’re good. DaVonne joins them and tells Tiffany she’s good. You have the numbers. Why would they want to get you out?! Paulie wants you here too. Nicole joins and tells Tiffany she’s good.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 00-40-41-921
Frank says I didn’t want to tell her because we were in the middle of the hallway with Victor and Paul in the kitchen. I didn’t want to tell her and have her freak out. I’m in no state to be making any judgement calls.

Paul asks Tiffany – you know the relative plan right? Tiffany says yes. Paul says for the POV. Tiffany says tell me so I can make sure we’re on the same page. Paul says If I’m in the lead or whatever just .. throw it .. well I don’t know if you have to throw it or just throw it. One of us just has to win it. Depending if Vic is playing or not. Tiffany says even if know that I would have to throw it either way. If I didn’t throw it .. this is what happens Paul. If I win, he gets to put someone else up and then he’s not going up. Paul says oh right. I didn’t think about that. Tiffany asks does he not know that I know? Paul says no he doesn’t know. Play it cool! Paul leaves the storage room.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 00-36-48-647

12:50am – 1am In the HOH room – Tiffany asks Frank if he just didn’t want her to know so she wouldn’t freak out. Frank says yeah, I wanted to wait till we were all alone to tell you. Paul and Vic were in the kitchen and I didn’t want them to hear. They talk about how Vic thinks no one knows about him being the roadkill winner but everyone knows. Frank tells Tiffany if he (Vic) doesn’t get picked you don’t have to worry about it. BUT if he gets picked everybody should be out there trying to win it .. that way they can use it on Paul or Bronte .. Vic goes up and out the door. (Tiffany could win it and use it on Paul or Bronte so that Paulie can nominate Victor. If Tiffay uses it on herself then Victor would be able to nominate someone else and he couldn’t go up.)Tiffany says right, right .. I didn’t think about that part if he gets picked. Then I have to bust a$$ just to make sure he doesn’t get it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 00-50-32-626

1:10am HOH room – Frank, Pualie and Tiffany. Frank tells Tiffany if you pull your own name its probably best you pick Corey because he’s on your team. Tiffany agrees. Paulie says if anything I would pick Frank. Frank says it would actually be fun if you picked Corey and I got picked and we all go to go out there and have a good time and try an beat each other. At that point we can just have fun in the comp ..because nothings on the line. Paulie says its bragging rights. Frank says it would be pretty funny for you (Tiffany) to use it on Paul. Tiffany laughs and says and I go home. Paulie says with Vic up there, its unanimous. Frank says if he’s not up there it will still be 8-1-1.

1:30am – 1:40am Frank says we’re all a big team .. the only person we need to worry about is Tiffany with her starting to spread her paranoia. The longer we’re in there the more paranoid people get. Paul finishes his shower. Pual asks in the worst case scenario .. lets say you pull chip and you get Victorio and he wins it and pulls me off …then what? Paulie says ah Natalie goes up. Paul says I’ll take it. I just curious if you guys had that planned out. Frank says you have to visualize success. Vic’s name isn’t getting picked and even if he does hes’ not winning. Frank says if Vic doesn’t get pulled .. we all just go out there and have a good time. Paul leaves. Frank and Paulie turn off the lights to go to bed and Big Brother calls Paulie to the diary room.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 01-37-25-637

1:55am All the house guests go to sleep…

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 01-55-35-414

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-02 06-07-46-718

7:40am Everyone sleeping

9:10am Feeds are on Fish the lights must be coming on.

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Wow Tiffany ?!! Not James
victor supposedly said if he won roadkill he would be put James up . this is frank’s doing he’s been trying to get tiff for a whIle idk why .


Frank wants tiff out because he thinks she is trying to “fill Vanessa’s shoes and make a big move.” And he thinks that big move would be taking him out. Which I wish someone would, he’s so annoying. None of these dummies see he is basically behind everything (including ruining our blindside of jozea). He is building his little army of “the other side” to take out his alliance members.

Stop singing!

Frank ruined the blindside for everyone, and now he’s pissed that Paulie told Tiffany that she is Victor’s pick for Road Kill…payback MF!


I have to say he isn’t wrong. Getting Frank out is a HUGE mov and it would not be bad for both sides. If I had to pick a person I would want out it would be Frank. I have heard him backstab vets and news. He is playing everybody’s but friend and he has worked really hard to covers own ass… they would be smart to dump him and get him out. He can not compete next week and there are sufficient houseguests to backdoor Frank. Frank is the player in the house that you get out when you can or you will regret it later, every Season has one. I see nothing but Red Flags… luckily for Frank this Season he is in the house with some of the most unaware houseguests in BB History. Nicole was clueless in her Season and was betrayed by her best friend, James believed Austins crap to the point that his alliance went from huge and whittled down to nothing by 4 players, Da’Vonne was gone week two… and the rest are dumber than them. Wake up and smell the $500,000.00 Their side of the house has the muscle and that is Corey and Paulie… get Frank out when you have the chance. Because once Victor go’s look at the muscle in the House.

Butters Mom

Why can’t Frank compete next week?


Paulies team won the comp, part of having your team safe when one of you is HoH, the whole Team can not do the HoH comp. Frank is on Paulies Team.


Sorry buddy, but you’re wrong. Frank can absolutely play and win HOH next week. Think about it. Nicole was HOH last week and Corey and Tiffany played in HOH this week. They just didn’t win.


Ok let me get this straight.

You people keep complaining how boring and predictable the game is right now.

But Frank is the only one in the house trying to make moves out of the norm.

And now you hate him. Ok makes perfect sense…not.


I never said that I hate Frank… I said the other players are clueless and that is very lucky for Frank. I will admit that I am not a huge Frank fan I have always found him obnoxious. I will say that is correct that getting Frank out is a huge move and in the long run probably the best move for everybody else’s game. It’s like the last vet Season, Season 14, it was a colossal mistake to not take out Dan, when they could have voted out his last player Danielle. There are huge threats in the game that you have to seize the opportunity to get out early while you have the opportunity. Later down the road he will be near impossible to get out. That is all I am saying.

Capt. Obvious

Hmmmm, you nailed it right on the head!!
Also, doesn’t it seem strange that Frank is 3rd highest on the favorite HG poll, Tiffany has less than 2% of the poll, yet the comments “cleared for posting” are Anti-Frank??
I used to enjoy this site because the comment section was unbiased and monitored fairly, but a 180 degree shift from the poll results to the “approved for viewing comments” is disappointing to see.

Crooked Hillary Clinton

Vic wouldn’t know how to play this game even if Dr. Will and Dan gave him a course on it…


Yep… but it is also true for most of that house. It is why they are not targeting Frank because any good player would see those red flags… Frank is shockingly lucky.


I am not sure anyone “knows” how to play this game once inside the house. People are unpredictable and behaviors not rational when pressure is on, whether you are playing for fame, money or bragging rights. Frank and Da are good examples. Both have been in there before and it took a week for their real personalities to take over above their knowledge of the game. They are making same mistakes they made first time. I am thinking it’s much easier to know how to play from my living room.


Why do people like paulie and zak together like hell nooo I thought paulie had a girlfriend back home on his insta?
Corey and nicole like ewwww can nicole stop thristing


I feel kinda bad but I laughed so hard at this comment.


And why not Paulie and Zak? They are both young, gorgeous people… she is the most attractive female (face + body) there and he is the most attractive male. Makes sense for them to be attracted to each other. 😉

Just so no one thinks I’m “hating” on the other women— Natalie has a phenomenal body but a caked-on (makeup) face. Bronte– phenomenal body and a 2 in the face. Bridgette is like Velma from scooby doo… so ummmm, no. Michelle and Nicole … are clones of each other- their personality throws their appeal (which is low at best) off. Tiffany… is Vanessa– (not that they aren’t attractive bcz they are) and that’s a no. Davonne is a loud- mouth buzzkill.
And Zak– a natural beauty– facial features + body.

And I agree about Nicole… the thirst for Corey is real.


Zak is ugly. When she’s all bolted together she’s pretty in the same way a Brazilian tranny is pretty–but, she ain’t pretty. She’s getting played.


Wow ouch


You are right… Zak is the most beautiful woman in the house and Paulie is a hot guy, why not. I like the them as a couple. Bring it.

Natalie is pretty with a great body, but Zak has a better personality and is not vapid.

Bridgette is a cute little pixie but she looks way too young therefore not attractive because it might feel creepy. I hate to admit I have never been attracted to guys that look too young and possibly illegal even if they are legal age… it creeps the hell out of me. I imagine it is the same way with a straight guy and girls that look too young.

Bronte: Paul must be a little crazy already because that woman voice would drive me nuts, she is also way too skinny. Woman think Bone thin is attractive but most straight men I know love curves and healthy looking bodies more.

Nicole: Taken… Nicole is hot for Corey… I think it might be mutual.

Michelle: Squeaky voice 2, I think she might be cute… is she??? I am gay I don’t notice these things.

Tiffany: She is actually an attractive woman and she might be hot if she didn’t have a personality that is like her sisters… god help her.

Mama Da: Is an attractive woman… but I think she is too mature for these guys.

So Zak and Paulie… Hot hot hot.


The difference is Natalie looks gorgeous with or without makeup. Zakiyah looks like a different person without it! Still pretty tho.

Tiny fingers

Why all the judging of women’s looks, and not a word to judge whether or not the boys meet your high standards of what is attractive!


Not to sound racist because I don’t think it is a bad thing, I’m just pointing out the obvious. It is mostly black girls on social media going crazy over this. BB hasn’t even acknowledged anything between them on show. I see some flirting and nothing more.

You could even see Paulie’s body language as he was turned away yesterday while Z was throwing herself at him and proclaiming to have a crush.


Black girls have the lowest sociosexual status. Seeing a cute white boy flirt with a black girl is the stuff of romance novels. It’s just so rare.


You are incorrect… Black Women have been some of the most desired women on the planet… honestly Beyonce, Angela Basset, Lena Horne, Ertha Kitt, Vivica A Fox, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Queen Latifa, Jasmine Guy,…. I could do this for hours. To tell the truth the group that is viewed as having the lowest amount of sexual representation in USA society is Asian Men… they are often treated as an acquired taste fetish in his country and when most Americans day dream about a celebrity super hunk most could not even name an asian man.

Dang Bro

Queen Latifah? You can do better than that, surely.


I know a ton of straight men and lesbians that are hot for Queen Latifa… the find her very hot and sexy. Out of the women on the list Queen Latifa is right up there with women that men have fantasized about… she has the curves that guys want.


It’s every bit as real as Cody/Christine.


Hmm, forgot about that. Paulie definitely has better taste than his brother.


So what’s Paulie’s plan? Does he still want to backdoor Victor?


Yes but he said if Vic happens to win veto, they will take out bronte


Like Paulie soo much more then Cody who was such an attention seeking skank
Hate how I know Christine is married an got a lot of slack for cuddling and holding hands with Cody but it takes 2 to tango and Cody should have backed off from a married woman when there r other single girls in the house
Also he could’t stand the fact that Zach got more attention then he did


Finally some action.


HOH – rookie
ROADKILL Winner – rookie
ON THE BLOCK – Rookies

Aren’t the original plan to take out vets? LOL

Paulie Califiornia

Who you callin’ a Rookie?! I’m BB royalty! I party with Frankie! I helped with cast recruiting. My dumb kid brother gave away his game to a backstabbing stooge, so I learned how to be great pawn too from the best! Great minds think alike yo! I’m not stupid, I wear my baseball hat backwards on my neck to cover my bald spot & the yellow stripe down my back at the same time! And I wash my jizz off shower walls so none of these bitches get pregnant & corner me into child support or worse, a cursed BB wedding. I got mad love for Nicole & I’m gonna get her the old fashioned way, after Frank & James are done screwin’ her.

buncha losers

Paulie and Frank are running the house and everyone is just letting them. Smfh.

Even Tiff is just a follower at this point. They keep spreading hate about her and fear her but have no reason to. She is not the game player Vanessa was.

Nicole is too dumb to take control and rally the girls against Paulie and Frank. She is too busy being desperate for a bf and up Corey’s ass.

Maybe theres hope that Tiff can start to play the damn game and change things but as of now Paulie and Frank will glide to final.


We told you WE were the reason Vanessa got so far in the game. You think anyone else woulda put up with that Rousso crap, psychobabble, adderall & port baked tantrums, bible preachin, screamin paranoid delusions & spanish inquisition interrogations? Van did all OUR dirt whIle we made pornos in the HOH, and she got an automatic 4-vote cartel to run the house & babysit Bronte’s brother Steve. Piece of cake, it wasn’t all her bribes, payoffs & production threats, it was WrestlinSusquatch Austin baby, worki’ my magic on Vanessa, then poof, yanked her win like a rabbit out of my dual-personality top hat. Tiffany’s got no chance without AusTwins. And Pffft, only girly-men jerk it in the showers Paulie! Hell, who needs to shower at all?!

Canadian Kev

Fuck Austin was a twat.
As were his twins.

You Thought That Was Serious

Sarcasm boo, sarcasm! Whatsa matter though, the Twins never saw a show & production thought it went over so well, they cast a whole house full of BB virgins so Frank could win!


IMO Tiffany is every bit as smart as Vanessa but lacks her ability to manipulate. Tiffany has not sniffed out a soft mind to manipulate with her tears and doesn’t bully the others. I would love to see her team up with James, Bridget ( because she is a follower who wants to be liked), Natalie ( because she is observant but appears dumb) Bronte ( because she wants the guys out) and Nicole ( because everybody likes her). Won’t happen, but would be interesting to watch. And let Paul think he is in the group because he will do well in physical comps.


So far my least favorite this season. In order, Paul, Tiffany, Da, Bronte, Natalie. Hosea would have been second.


Paulie is Sean Austin. ‘Rudy’

Little short stocky kid who thinks he is more than he actually is.

This cast is such a crew of morons and followers that Paulie who is just Cody with two more brain cells can pull a Derrick and run the show.

Let us pray Tiff has just been laying low and will rise up soon and take this shit over. I even think the water works is part strategy. You see how she turns it off and on fast? She might be better than we all think right now. Let’s go Tiff. Give us a show to watch.


Break out the mega sized Clearasil tube. Now that Tiffany is on the block her face is going to bloom pus filled acne postules. All she needs now is a green beanie and the reincarnation of Vanessa is complete.


I hope she turns it up like Vanessa and starts making some moves.i need some drama. It’s getting a bit boring, and some of these people are getting too difficult to watch on the feeds because they are so freaking stupid about the game. Makes it not even fun to watch.


I wonder if Vanessa’s sister uses ant spray on her hair like Vanessa…

Canadian Kev

Frank screwed up; he’s getting too vocal about wanting Tiffany out – and not telling her is going to cause some questions about how honest he is down the road.

Paulie – he both caused, then helped Frank “fix” things with Tiffany. I like him, but that too wasn’t the brightest move (the telling her in the first place, i mean).

The 8 are a large group; but as it’s been pointed out here before, Frank definitely has his own agenda, and unless people wake up, they’re gonna be surprised.

On a positive note though, it does look like Vic is going home. That’ll be great; not only will he not be in the house, but he’ll have to compete against Jozea to see who comes back in, depriving them of numbers when someone does come back in.


What about Glen? lol
Poor Glen, bless his heart. Gets no respect.


they should make it so the roadkill winner is safe even if they are put up…votes go to the next highest to evict..on thursdays


Ummm. How would they do that without revealing who the RK winner is? Just because everyone knows Victor won this week, doesn’t mean they’ll know the RK winner every week.


I am all for throwing a competition if done strategically. Planning to do it week after week, however, is a bit much and could end up biting James or one of his allies in the ass

Team Edward

Not a fan of throwing comps in general. It is kind of annoying. On a side note, I am finding James more irritating by the day. Practical jokes are one thing, but come on


Theyre trapped in a house with nothing to do…. Boredom is a bitch, I say keep it up James!!!


Getting really tired off all the vets ‘cept Frank. Same ole whiny victim Nicole – never saw the big draw to her from fans. So over prankster James. I wasn’t fussy on Day last year & even more this round. The house needs a major shakeup so at least 1 of these vets get the boot.


Nicole is the most overrated player in Big Brother history! Zach had it right, she is a fruitloop dingus. Needy, clueless and whiny is no way to play Big Brother.

James thinks he’s at summer camp. He will float along for a while as he is non-threatening to anyone with two brain cells. And he will be cut loose, just like last season, when he no longer serves a purpose to anyone actually playing the game.

Team Edward

Amen. I am hoping a newbie wins HOH next week. Just like when James won HOH last year and got rid of Clay, a shake up is needed.


Wow Mama Day was barely on the feeds today, I know it’s big brother and manipulation is all part of the game but really trying to get one of your own evicted already wen your group holds the power?! Come on frank in starting to remember why I found you irrating, When I found out Tiffany was Vanessa’s sister I was like hell naw again with this for another season but I feel like she hasn’t really done Vanessa level yet yeah she told Totally Spies but that’s what happens with the paranoia. Wishful thinking but it would be cool to see the girls All work together. Great job again Simone and Dawg have we found a new drinking game for this season yet? Lol I wish there was a Helen like player this season lol


My biggest problem with Tiffany is Vanessa.. Every time Tiffany speaks I hear Vanessa and although I was team Vanessa for most of last season, by the end of it I was just plain tired of hearing her voice. They are both aggressive in their interactions with others and highly emotional. I am still too worn down by Vanessa to like Tiffany. Sorry Tiff, not your fault.


Chug a beer or take 2 shots every time Tiffany cries.

Mrs. Mac

Man, Frank really has a boner for getting Tiffany out, huh. Must be something you would actually have to be in the house to understand.

Mr Mac

Nope, he just watched last season like most of us. Team Vanessa or not, everyone was fed up of her by finale. Tiffany is Vanessa, not as smart but just as emotional.


According to Vanessa, Tiffanys IQ is 150. So basically genius level. What’s your IQ, Mr. Mac?


IQ has little to do with adult intelligence. It’s like an athlete’s talent. It is potential not achievement. If you have to tell someone how smart you are, you aren’t.


I don’t understand; if Tiffany throws the POV how does that keep her safe? She’ll still be on the block, right?


Tiffany is in a tough spot. I think she knows Frank wants her out. But her alliance wants her to throw any comps so Vic can be backdoored. So if she were to win, and took herself off they would all be mad.

She has two options:

Either trust her alliance, knowing Frank is really against her. Or go ahead and try to win and blow everyone up. Not a very good spot. But a lot can change quickly in this house. It would be really dumb for any of them to vote Tiffany out since she is a number for them at this time. But I’ve seen some really dumb things happen over the years so who knows.

An ornery mouse

I’m no fan of Vic, but putting Tiffany up really was his best chance at putting off the inevitable for one more week. With nearly six full days for Tiffany to freak-out, it’s not too difficult to imagine a situation in which six houseguests are ready to cast a vote for her by Thursday.


First of all, I’ve been watching BB since season 2– and at times I’ve loved when vets come into a new season. (Evil Dick, Rachel and Brendon, Dr. Will and Boogie, etc.)
It made you want to tune in … you wanted to see the guy/gal you saw win bb by being an asshole try it again. Those were real players.

And now we have this group of “vets”. I see the appeal in bringing James back- people loved him. But I don’t find him as appealing this season. As for Da and Nicole… why? Nicole’s gameplay in her season was ALL guided by the final 2 of that season. Evicted and came back only to be led down the same path by the winner and runner-up. AND SHE IS A WHINEY ANNOYING PERSON WHO SEEKS APPROVAL AND LIKEABILITY FROM ALL WHO HAVE A PENIS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS AT EVERY TURN. Da? No one genuinely liked Da. I don’t get it. Frank- an ok move- so little complaint as to that.

The new twists this season were needed. It will keep it interesting.

Other than the vet factor, I’m enjoying this season. Most don’t actually know the game yet other than watching the last 1 or 2 seasons.

One last thing— I really like Paulie as a player. And it has nothing to do at all with Cody.


An ornery mouse

CBS casts this show with a focus on entertainment instead of quality gameplay….. which translates to higher ratings in their minds. It’s the reason we find ourselves watching a number of houseguests who don’t know even the basics of the game season after season.

They picked three returnees who’d won America’s Favorite and they know Day will bring the drama. Eyeballs on the TV translates to $ and that’s the only goal.


Simon or Dawg,
What is with this rumour of 4 advisers entering the house?. Did youz hear this at all? Vanessa, Cody, Frankie..those names are the ones i heard …no validity to this eh? It would ruin the season if this rumoured twist happens.


Haven’t heard anything about that.


There was a rumor before this season started that here was going to be 2 coaches this season. Ian and Derrick.

If it was going to be done it would have happened already. Had they done coaches they wouldn’t also have brought back 4 vets on top of that.

I am thinking they got turned down by the coaches they wanted. And James Natalie, Da, Frank were the only ones willing to come back.

Lucky us. *snooze*


Edit* James, Da, Nicole, Frank were the only ones willing to return this season.

Rumor is Vanessa Ian Derrick all turned down being coaches this season.

Perhaps they are waiting for that all All- Stars cast.

Dang Bro

Derrick should never play again. He would lose any claim to greatness he ever had when he inevitably floundered, panicked, begged and pleaded, and was evicted.


Derrick played with a weak group of easily lead house guests. This helped Derrick play Oz and manipulate the minions to leave him alone and target Donny, who saw him in control, without needing much direct power. That type of game is extremely hard to pull off again. There’s little up side to competing again for him as he’ll be a primary target even in an all-star season.


I’d love to see Victor win POV and save Paul so we can get rid of the man hating Muppet, Bronte.


It still amazes me how people think that Frank is being stupid in trying to eliminate Tiff, she can really blow up his game, everyone sees what Frank is doing but is not talking about it because they trust him (Day, Zakiyah, Nicole) and/or doesn’t hold any power (Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette). Tiff emotional outbursts can out him as playing for himsef and wake up all these ladies are getting wary of him. If you also listen to Victor and Paul those two idiots trust Frank completely and will serve as very good meat shields for him. Eliminating Tiff would be the wrong move for the girls but definitely is the right move for Frank.

Also Tiff is really making it easy for her to be eliminated, Day got evicted last year for her emotional outburst with Clay, and everyone agreed that she is an emotional wreck. Why is Tiff getting shielded for being the same mess as her just because majority of her alliance are “ganging up” behind her back?

Canadian Kev

Don’t turn on your own side until you have to.

I don’t think it’ll be stupid for Frank to get rid of Tiff, after Vic, Paul and Bronte are gone.

I think it IS stupid to advertise it though. Or project it by lying to her, and getting caught out lying to her.


Actually Nicole has talked about it. Her and Corey had a convo about it in the hoh room I believe it was her last day as hoh. Corey and Nicole both think Frank is up to something and don’t fully trust him. Michelle doesn’t trust him either. So far in his alliance he has Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, Michelle all thinking he’s up to something. And on the other side Natalie and Paul are the only two that think Frank is not really trustworthy. But neither are in a position to do anything about it.

Vic is just truely dumb as they come and believes everything Frank says, even when Paul tells him straight up not to trust Frank and keep his mouth shut. Bridgette just doesn’t know what’s going on with anything in the house.


It would actually be in Tiffany’s best interest to freak out and reveal the 8-pack. It would be one of those right moves for the wrong reasons. More than one player has won BB by accidentally making the right moves.


Maybe I’m missing something, but why don’t people see Frank is just covering bases depending on what shakes out moving forward? Seems to me his preference is simply to make sure he’s not a target, knowing anybody who thinks the status quo will remain the rest of the way is really dumb. It’s early, there’s a TON of people in the house, and there’s nothing organic uniting the majority, so the smart play is trying to cover bases…even if it doesn’t work out in execution, in theory it’s the smartest move short of lying in the shadows.

If Paul or Bronte go, Victor stays the big game target. If Victor gets backdoored, then the can gets kicked to next week. but there’s a big unknown what happens next week (who’s HOH and how might they see their own interests or being just petty who they don’t like?). And if Tiffany annoys her way to eviction, the status quo certainly remains as the numbers narrow and those folks trying to float the other way, return to Paul and Victor…which isn’t the worst thing for Frank….the majority still want Paul and Victor and the minority want James and likely Paulie, maybe Nicole.


Having all his bases covered is what got Matt kicked out of the Brigade.

On the other hand, trying to cut a dangerous player loose is what caused Dan to turn BB14 into the Red Wedding.


Can the roadkill winner put themself up


I don’t see Tiffany paranoia that comes even close to Frank’s paranoia. Tiffany has every right to feel paranoid because her instincts have told her that she can’t trust certain people and anyone watching the feeds knows she’s right. Frank’s paranoia was causing the implosion of the 8-pack before the feeds even went live and apparently DaVonne picked up the ball and ran with it which caused cracks in the Fatal 5. Tiffany wasn’t plotting against anyone or sharing alliance secrets. They all keep talking about Tiffany freaking out because she’s emotional. Frank is the one freaking out and he had no reason to be paranoid. No one was lying to him or plotting against him. I think he’s still butt hurt from 4 years ago. Maybe his paranoia comes from a place of shame and embarrassment. I have watched every season of BB and I have watched the live feeds for 11 seasons. Frank, above even Marcellas, made the most boneheaded move in BB history. No one took the win from him. He threw it away. He will never be in the ranks of his mentor Boogie, and he will never get over the fact that he was outsmarted by Dan.

Dang Bro

Yeah, Frank still hates Dan. He takes shots at him all the time in that “you suck, just kidding” Frank way.

Team Vets

My completely unrealistic dream for this week would be for Paul to win the POV but Vic convince him not to use it by telling him Tiff or Bronte could be feasibly voted out and then Vic and Paul could stay as numbers…but of course Paul would get the boot bc too many people would be mad. Those two are just so delusional I think they could convince themselves it would work, just like how Jozea was convinced of his own genius.


Why shouldn’t Tiffany spill the beans on the 8-pack? She’s obviously not a part of it anymore. They want to keep her at a distance so they still have her voting on their side. However, they don’t consider her part of their alliance and Paulie seems to have taken her spot. Her best bet is to fight for the veto and blow everything up. It’s a definite team of underdogs but she would have to at least temporarily join with whoever is left from the other side and they would have to fight like hell for HOH and/or roadkill. One week of the 8 pack not having power and knowing that one of them would be evicted would have them all turning on each other. It would be more obvious what Frank’s game really is and once Nicole sees how the boys (Frank, Paulie, James) are running things I think she would have second thoughts considering what happened on her season and she and probably Michelle might flip to the other side. That would change the majority and things would get interesting. On a side note-I hate the teams as much as BoB. I love scheming and blindsides and backdoors but don’t like it when a target has no chance to change their fate. With one person throwing every HOH so that their teammates have no chance to win, I think it sucks. It also leads to very predictable outcomes each week.


Any other group and I would say there’s zero chance but these people are a special kind of stupid. The only people Vic has on his side are Paul and Bronte. So logically if Paul won veto he could make sure both he and Vic could be safe and vote to save Bronte. But these people…the stupid is strong with them.


Victor & Paul were still praising Jozea in one of the bedrooms last night. What a couple of dumb arses they are. They should of learned a little bit from the eviction of their “Messiah”, yet they’re still talking about him like…whatever. Victor needs to go before Tiffany. Unfortunately, it appears Tiffany is a copy of her sister Vanessa. I can’t blame Frank for wanting to get rid of her. I think he is looking ahead. James, love him. He is playing smart this season. Bronte’s almost as dumb as V & P. Hmmmmm in reviewing my post, maybe Victor is more pliable, I am afraid paranoid emotional Tiffany is going to spill the beans on the 8 pac. She ran right to the girls (not in her alliance at all) and started talking. I think Frank sees this. Dang, I think I just changed my own mind!

Nicole needs to throw up her skirt and grow some balls.

Min O'Pause

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOZEA MESSIAH: And I shall cometh down from the high place of sequester with mine disciple Paul. And Paul shall bringeth mine hat and placeth it on my head and I shall bringeth forth a vessel of holy whoopass on Glenn and Paul shall slayeth his own gonads and stapleth them to the forehead of James and revenge shall be mine, thus sayeth thine messiah.

Alice in Flames

I see Michelle the follower has gotton in on the spreading Tiff hate. She was talking/fliriting with Paulie and since she thinks the “cool kids” are all on the bash Tiff train she piles on to fit in and because it’s what she thinks Paulie wants to hear.

Michelle I liked for a min. No longer. She is a floater. The definition of floater I mean is she bows to and tries to talk like, say same things and do what whoever she thinks is in power does. Floats to perceived power. Hate her now.

Natalie and Tiffany now the only two in house I don’t want to stab in the eye with a fork.


Why is it the self proclaimed super fans that come in are always the most annoying or so bad at the game? Jason wasn’t as annoying but def played a very sad game. And Michelle is just truely annoying. Always carrying on about her weight. Literally sobbing under covers because she thinks she’s gained 2 pounds or whatever. Get real! And yes she def runs to the power. But Paulie doesn’t dislike Tiffany like some of them do. He actually stuck up for her with Frank to a certain degree.

Even though Michelle is in the alliance, she’s kinda on the outskirts. No one is close with her in the alliance. I don’t see the whole thing lasting too much longer.

Dang Bro

Bridgette the Coquette. I’m a wittle girl. Hear me roar.

Butters Mom

Michelles insecurities about herself get on my nerves. Low self esteem is not attractive. On the other hand… Natalies self love is just as irritating. I thought we finally had a house full of strong women but, we dont. Once again we have a house full of idiots and Frank. This season could easily pan out like Derricks season. That will get old real fast.

Natalie's Cans

Yum yum!


I think we haven’t seen Paulie’s other side come out yet. The side where he has to fight when he’s backed in to a corner. – And I think Frank may just back Paulie in to a corner very soon when Frank doesn’t get what he wants. You can already see small signs of Paulie not being a follower of Franks. Like when Frank said – ” Don’t tell Tiff “, he did anyways. This is his 1st HoH so he is just doing what the House wants so he doesn’t get blood on his hands BUT if Franks crosses him with trying to get Tiff out over Vic or Bronte I can see Paulie going to war with Frank. – With Tiff staying !!!
That could be good in a way because it could change the house dynamics – meaning Frank and Paulie would be at war and then the house would have to choose sides. Frank would have to scramble once again.
The more I see of Paulie the more I like the way he is playing.


Yes! Me too! I was just saying that Tiffany needs another one on one with Paulie. I think Paulie tells Frank what he wants to hear, but I definitely don’t think Frank will be pushing him around. I want Paulie, Tiffany, and Natalie to team up. The only 3 I even like at this point. Lol

Natalies fake eyelashes

Yeah Nat does love her some Nat.

But she is actually insecure hence all the fake crap on her body. And if u notice she constantly talks about how much her co workers and everyone she knows just thinks she is the best.:-p

Classic insecure person always feels they have to tell you how great everyone says they are.

BB casting loves insecure people who lie and try and fluff up their actual lives outside the house.

If u believed these idiots and how great they and their lives are. They wouldnt stop that great life for 3 months to go try and win 275 grand after taxes.

The education they all claim is laughable too. I love when morons on BB claim Ivy league schooling.

I promise you Paul didnt major in “philosophy at Pepperdine” and I will bet my life if he went to college he never got even a undergrad degree. Same with Vic the creepy mexican with gold chain and open shirt who hangs out at bar on Monday salsa night being creepy and goes home to mamas basement. Finance major? My ass. Haha


One of the best reasons James has for throwing the team comps is that his team consist of Victor, Bronte and Natalie….no way will they let James be HOH and he and the 8-pack don’t want any of those others in power.