Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Paulie gets his HOH room! “Stop being soft and get it together!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 00-40-49-063

12:35am – 1am Paulie comes out of the HOH room and asks who wants to see my HOH room!?! They all head up to the HOH room door where Paulie opens the door and they head inside. They look at his photos. His music is Breaking Benjamin. Paulie reads his HOH that’s from his brother Cody Calafiore.

Paulieno I love you brother and miss you. I’m obviously holding down the fort here on the east coast. You already know the deal and you’re welcome! Keep killing it man and keep having a blast. Its an amazing game to play but it can be over before you know it so enjoy every second of being in that house. Its been brutal since you left. Every single day something comes up where I say hold on, let me just give Paulie a call and find out… oh wait.. Its definitely a different feeling and I completely understand what you went through man. If you ever get down when you’re in the house .. just remember stop being soft and get it together.
Love your stud younger brother.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 00-49-39-112
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 01-01-34-964

1:15am Michelle asks what’s someone’s biggest scandal? Paul says I fingered a girl in Spanish class.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 01-13-52-963

1:50am Paulie, Corey and Paul are chatting in the HOH room.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 04-50-22-950

2:10am Paul, Corey and Paulie HOH
Paulie – I’ll enjoy this for a week.
Corey says Natalie was crying because she was the first one out of the team.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 06-34-36-823

2:58am Am Victor, Paulie, Frank
Chit chat… Topics range from kamikaze, Appendicitis, Alexander the great, Experiencing nothingness as a Buddhist monk, The Romans, Greek Spartans.
Frank – the Romans were bad a$$

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 04-57-47-199

2:22am Bronte and Natalie
Bronte asking why the vet need to go to jury again.
Natalie – should you stay up and talk to everyone.. I don’t feel save right now
Bronte- I mean… we can.. I don’t think Paulie will come down and he’s just swarmed by people
Natalie – and they are patrolling everything we’re talking about
Bronte- I don’t even know who to talk to … I’m nervous..
Bronte- Paulie really has an attitude now.. he’s never had an attitude before..
Bronte is worried that Paul is talking shit about them top Paulie

Bronte- we should have gotten so far away from Jozea
Natalie – I was thinking that to
Bronte – I was really thinking Team unicorn… that kinda threw me off.. I got swept into it..
Bronte – they completely fooled me.
Natalie – knew they were lying..

Natalie has told James they are getting away from “Those boys” (Paule and Vic)
Natalie – as long as you and me get to jury together.
They agree to only tell each other about roadkill
Bronte says if she wins roadkill she’ll want to nominate someone so it looks like it came from them (8 pack)
Bronte – Like Tiffany..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 05-08-57-883
Natalie says they have to go against Victor and Paul.
Natalie – Frank’s not going to go after Paulie… you idiots
Natalie tells her it’s just the two of them. Says the best case is if Paul and Victor get nominated, “we have to get James to like us.. we have to get the house to like us”

Bronte – I feel so stupid who we were with (Victor and Paul)
Natalie points out that whole side huge out all the time it was obvious. She regrets not talking to Paulie earlier and offered him their vote.
Bronte adds that never once has anyone from the other side came to them.
Natalie – imagine if Jozea comes back into the game at any point…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 05-50-37-528

3:42am Nicole, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah
Da’Vonne saying that Tiffany is creeping her out.. they all start laughing out loud..
Da’Vonne – Stomping around she has that pimple cream on
Nicole – I’m worried about her leaking information..
Da’Vonne – I am to
Nicole – we have to make her comfortable
Da – she’s going to leak it to the boys
Nicole is worried Tiffany will get mad at Frank and spill the beans to Paulie
Zakiyah – Mr frank better watch his tongue too or I’ll pull a Tiffany.
Nicole – why was he talking crazy to you
Zakiyah explains the conversation pretty much Franks starting to
Nicole – Today went well..
Nciole leaves
Da’Vonne – Him (Frank?) and Paul going to try and sleep up there
Zakiyah is going to “C**K block them”
Zakiyah says Frank is a professional bullsh1tter
Da’Vonne agrees
Zakiyah – He’s good.. he’s good”
Da’Vonne – he keep stalking about this girls alliance..

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 05-25-45-513
4:00am Paul and Paulie HOH

Paulie is after Victor and is asking is Paul wants to be a pawn.
Paulie – I can guarantee he’s gone this week”
Paulie says a lot of people in the house want Victor gone, “The roadkill person might want him(Vic) up”
Paul says he trusts Paulie.
Paulie says whatever decision happens it’ll be well thought out he’s talking it order with Paul, Corey and Frank.
Paul – why not put someone like Corey up against Vic..
Paulie would need to talk that over with Corey
Paulie is wondering James because James is a competition beast..
Paulie – Vic is accusing him (James) of throwing the comp

Paulie says Natalie plays that flirty card “i’m not about that” (ZOMG)

Paul asks him what he should do this week if he’s the pawn seeing as PAulie was the pawn last week.
Paulie tells him to keep being that funny personal guy. That’s what Paulie did last week, “I’m just f****g nice to people”
Paulie and Paul shake.. “I got you bro”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 05-09-33-889
5:09am Storage room
Paulie saying Corey wants Vic up
Paulie – at the end of the day I only want to bounce shit off you and Corey

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 05-15-19-386

5:12am HOH Paulie and Frank
Paulie – I’m just trying to think the best way to get VIC out .. as long as one person from that side goes home it doesn’t matter.. I just really want to get rid of Vic.. He’s a f****ng loose cannon waiting to explode..

Paulie says Victor said out loud he was going after Corey after PAulie was gone.
Paulie is looking to backdoor Victor.
Frank says there was a less than 10% chance Vic’s name gets pulled for POV

Frank – if we we’re thinking of backdoor him it’ll be Bronte and paul
Frank says they need to get Bronte to agree to not pick Victor as a POV player. He thinks they can talk her into not doing that.
Paulie asks him if he thinks Natalie was crying because she feel off first or because we’re going after Vic first.
Paulie thinks natalie can 100% turn on the tears.
Frank says she seems like such a nice hearted girl, “But how can a nice hearted girl be confused by that jabroni”
Paulie wants Bronte to pick Natalie to be her POV player.

Paulie says they are the majority of the house right now. He knows their side doesn’t want to go up as a pawn but…. they have the majority no votes are going against them.
Frank says nobody Natalie doesn’t spend time with Victor any more.
Frank says he kinda wants to see Victor try to win the POV lose and go home. Frank likes the idea of backdooring him but putting him up straight up is preferred.
Paulie likes the backdoor option becuase it’s “logical”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 05-54-35-306

5:41am HOH Paulie and Frank
Paulie says “Z” has their back and through “Z” they get Da’Vonne. He adds he’s got “Mad Love” for Nicole through his brother so Nicole has their back.
Frank – after this week we’re the only team left with 4 people
Paulie – that’s scary
Frank – A little bit… people want Vic out.. people want Bronte out after that it’ll be Paul maybe..

Frank starts warning about Tiffany tells him sh’es going to be tryign to make a move.
Paulie – she’ll be dangerous in a double eviction
Frank – you know whos goign to be really good at those…
Paulie – Michell e
Frank – no DA… we wnt ehr to get to that first double eviction.. we want her aroudn and on our side
Paulie thinks Z, Da and Nicole will side with them over the girls
Frank – I’m not worried about the girls..
Frank’s only worried about Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette, ‘And Bronte is gone next week”

Frank is warning him about Da’Vonne and James.
Frank – I don’t want to site next tio either of them.. they got kids at home”
Frank doesn’t even want to see Da and james get to final 3 it’s not worth the risk.

Frank wishes they had more time to talk to Bronte and Natalie.
Frank – Bronte is such a wildcard.

6:02am Big Brother switches to fish when we come back Frank is brushing his teeth. Paulie is gone.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 06-28-50-372

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-01 08-01-37-207

8:01pm WAKEUP Nominations today
Everyone still sleeping…

9:22pm we have some activity houseguests getting up brushing teeth..
(Next post might be a while until there’s something substantial)

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Anyone notice how Paulie always talks…sideways? His face is never straight on. Always turns his head. Kind of a tell. Never looks anyone in the eye. I’m no FBI profiler, but his body language, at least to me, iffy. Good players will notice this. Great players will capatilize on this.


Hello Derrick. Always appreciated how observant you are.


Derek suuUUuucks..


Finally another Derek fan! He was observant.


If he always does it, how is it a tell, and how could it be capitalized on? Serious question. Or, are you saying he only does it when he lies?


Believe this or not, your choice, but it is the truth, I do know some people that work in federal law enforcement. They tell me that in questionings and interviews that look at body language cues as much as what they’re saying and how they’re saying it. One common cue is that most people when recalling a memory will look up and to the right, when they are lying or trying to recall a made up story they will either look up and to the left, look strait ahead or make a point to look you strait in the eye. Having said that they also say it’s not unusual for people to look around when talking to you, b/c most people are uncomfortable looking directly at someone when they’re talking to them, even if it is someone familiar to them. And when it comes to game talk in the BB house….well everyone is both lying and truthful depending on who they are talking to.

Teak Wood

Yeah, okay Columbo.


A liar maintains eye contact to make sure that you are believing their lies. An insecure person tends to shy away from eye contact. So you’re right an FBI profiler you are not.


Just like Dan G




They better keep James safe is all I know. I will go off on all of them!!!!!!!!


The Asian guy is no longer in the BB house, he’s somewhere in Hong Kong according to Bronte. The guy is so overrated, his pranks are to the point to where they’re annoying, he doesn’t know when to stop, he’s so in love with himself, he thinks that if he pulls the same prank 20 times in one day, America will laugh every time. Yes they will James, at your stupidity. The guy has no game in him and cannot read people. The only redeeming quality is that he’s so damn short, there’s less of him!


Anyone observe Jozea’s exit from the house was probably to the quietest audience response ever? For a second I forgot they were even there since no one was responding to anything he said.

I guess they were all stunned he really thinks he is the Messiah. LOL


I think they might have been told to try and keep quiet since he has a chance at getting back in the house. It was clear he didnt know anything even as he left because he thought natalie flipped when she didnt… so if they reacted it might give away game information. i’m not sure though, just my guess.

EZ does it

Be nice to see the devil Glen knock the holy idiot out in the first comp.Clueless knob!!!!

Bolt Uprite

At first I thought it was canned applause. It seemed pretty subdued.


I got to see the Twins in the front row of the audience. My life is complete.

Min O'Pause

So, when are you getting your cataracts done?

Staged Audience

They don’t allow booing anymore to avoid lawsuits (ie. Aryn) they’ve said they used CBS employees for Frankie’s eviction, then Austin, etc. while fans beg to be there and tell the HG how horrible they were. It’s not an interactive show they say, in fact mostly scripted & rigged.


Wow…That’s so charming, Paul. o.O


Anyone notice how they always put broke @$$ players in the game. This stunts the drive of the players, as they are more willing to play it safe in order to continue making a petty check for being on TV. Most of the players are just happy to be making steady money, and are really just playing for jury house, a la Vic/Natalie, and are hoping to make it just far enough to not be a total Bb reject, make it through atleast a month or so of tv time, and have spent a great vacation paid for by BB, no wonder we get bored as S#!| sometimes watching the last few seasons. We need a Will, Dan, or Derrick who all have steady solid jobs, and are determined to push through and at times gamble in order to succeed. People who don’t succeed in the job market, make lousy players in the BB house, and why wouldn’t they? They don’t have any of the tools to be competitive against other people, they are not go getters, and are unwilling to put themselves in a risky position, where the potential outcome is total win, or total loss. That’s what makes the show great. Watching Dan navigate tricky relationships in hopes of big pay off, or Will lie his way through every scenario. These newbies are more concerned with building a social media following and getting paid vaca, meanwhile we sit at home and watch these jack@$$e$ do it. Am i crazy, or is this house started to look a little more like TheRealWorld?

Teak Wood

Good luck finding hard working people willing to leave a good job and family behind to be on this show.


Really? So being a nurse, teacher, event planner etc aren’t good job?! Who are you to say they are bad jobs and aren’t hard working. Teachers work their asses off for little money but due it bc they love it. That’s a silly comment


Most of the people who make it on the show are young, this year’s cast range from 23-27. Vanessa’s sister is 31 or so. They don’t really have careers and most of them are looking for exposure to break into entertainment, acting, or just make being on reality TV a job, James.
Those “careers” the house guests have are like actors who work in a coffee shop to pay the bills while they try to make bank.


Tonight Tiffany looked like Boy George.

Pauls angry shakey head

Haha! Also did you notice how her face is all broken out like Vanessa’s? She had all the cream stuff all over her face…brought back some bad memories!


Why would you make fun of someone for having pimples? You sound like bronte.


At least 5 of the girls had white crap dotted on their faces the other day.


Not Natalie….she’s awesome


Yea Fake hair, fake lashes, fake boobs, two hours worth of make-up applied before she can even go to the DR.
if that is your idea of awesome you can have it. Not to mention the whole cheerleader rah – rah sis boom bah thing she has going for her. You can have one yourself. Japan is making them now that are full size and lifelike


Haha! Omg that’s SOOOO funny. I’m sure you’ve never have a pimple. *Rolling my eyes hard*

Girl bye.


Day did that to her. She probably did it on purpose. I don’t think Tiffany wanted to take it out because she didn’t want to offend her.

Smart Guy

What? She looked nothing like Rachel Reilly.


Funny!! And how Bridget looks like Meg from Family Guy when she’s wearing Paulies red Rutgers hat.


8% of Americans watch big brother? Why don’t these wannabe’s just go on auditions instead of doing this for 90 days or whatever? I never understood the logic of this. How are they able to get that much time off work to do this?
So many questions about the validity of 99% of their stories.


Elblowjob, me thinks they have no real careers or jobs


Rich or middle class parents who let there lazy ass kids sit on the f#!@!#@? couch and watch tv or let mooch o ff them to pursue there bullshit unrealistic dreams


They all think they are going to be “discovered” and have a career in TV/major $$$’s. I was laughing so hard when Josea was going on and on about finding an agent and getting movie rolls. Frank shut him down telling him that doesn’t happen.. Only “x” amount watch the show and only Jeff Schroeder had scored some kind of deal. Know there may be more that have had some minor deals, but again, the delusions of Josea, “The Messiah,” had me cracking up.


While I have to give Victor and Paul credit for at least attempting to stay off the block I can’t believe how little
insight they have in the game.

1. First they tell Paulie let’s do a Brigade thing assuming they want to include one of Cory or Frank to the mix
Okay, so this after they voted him out and now expect him to trust him is the obvious

2. Next they try to convince Paulie to put up 2 girls b/c the house has only been going after guys.
This may have seemed like a wise choice BUT that only gives Paulie ammo to now use against them. NOTE: I expect Paulie to share this intel with Frank/James & when he does they (Frank and/or James) will share that info with Natalie & Bronte who’ll realize they are disposable to the boys.

3. Best of all they go on and on about how they are loyal and can be trusted when they both spent last week
lying to Paulie about their meetings and how they were still boys. They laughed at Bronte telling him he wouldn’t be there to see her on the block. Paul is especially guilty b/c he told Paulie he had his back lying straight to his face.

4. Victor AGAIN lies about asking Nicole out which will only serve to get back to her/house & puts holes in his “I”m honest & loyal” strategy

5. Later Paul approaches Paulie to say if the Newbs keep getting voted out then the Vets will have power.
Guess it’s true Paul isn’t good with numbers given there are only 4 vets. This was arguably his worst strategic choice b/c once Frank hears that Paul who was pretty safe out of the 2 guys/Bronte will now gain more focus as a target.

Bottom line these guys lied to Paulie, voted him out and weren’t nice to him, while the other side of the house stayed true to their word. Switching direction now would just be silly.

While Paulie continues to dance around which of the 4 will be nominated Frank is trying to introduce
back-dooring Victor which isn’t going down too well with the 8-pack b/c the reason James volunteered to be on slop with the group was to weaken Victor. Why put him through that if they aren’t going to put him up?

Frank & James will work Paulie (8-pack) hard to keep Natalie off the block and Frank will prob keep trying to push his agenda to keep Vic off the block (back door strategy). In the end I think we’ll discover who has more pull on Paulie. Is it Frank? Cory? or is it one of the females: Zakiya, Day, Nicole or Tiffany?

If it’s Frank then Vic/Nat won’t go up initially (Bronte/Paul) & if it’s one of the ladies I suspect it will be Vic/Paul or Vic/Bronte.

The other take away is the vets & 8-pack are well aware of Frank over playing at the moment & while he’s very good on his feet, I think it may serve to back fire on him. I suspect we’ll see Nicole/Day both work individually this week to plant seeds on Frank’s over playing by pulling the ladies in closer as well as Cory/Paulie/James. Nicole will overtly discuss it with her alliance friends and Day will subtly plant seeds all over.

Depending on how aggressive Frank continues to play watch for a leak of him being the Road Rage winner last week. Once Paul/Bridgette find that out it will close Frank’s opportunities to keep playing both sides.


Is Backdoor even a strategy this season? You have to hope like hell one of your alliance members wins roadkill . That’s too risky this early. Go for it now.


of course bd is a strategy, why wouldn’t it be? it’s Paulie as hoh + the 8pack, it doesnt matter if the revolution/spygirls win roadkill. They don’t have the numbers.
Roadkill only favors the numbers that aren’t in power. this week the numbers are in power again, so Roadkill will be meaningless this week with zero votes!


if 8pack wins roadkill again this week, it will most likely be Natalie or Bridgette again keeping the roadkill chair warm, unless someone in 8pack wants to remain anonymous and throws up another 8pack player just to make them sweat!


Backdooring a person works best early in the game. There are more people who are in the mix to play for veto all you need is for someone to win who is not your real target and use the veto.
The danger is if your target, Vic, wins veto and takes Paul down then you have to hit your tertiary target, Bronte.

Mrs. Mac

I highly doubt Paul could finger anyone with those tiny T-rex arms.


I will surely have to bleach my brain to get rid of the visual, but maybe Paul could finger whoever if they sat on his shoulder. I hate me for this. Lol


Paul and Frank have no respect for women, they are douche bags.


I wish 1 vet out this week



skeptical onlooker

Sluuurrpp..who’s going to suck up more? Natalie KNOWS who to suck up to. Good for her. Got to keep In the game,
Going to be hard for Vic and paul. Especially the C***nt Bronte.
Bronte. Ugly..thinks she’s got it going on. No problem in real life. Many so called plain janes have a good heart..and are amazing people. They become truly beautiful..because they are nurturing..empathetic…and one feels so fortunate to have them as a friend.
BUT..there is NOT ONE redeeming charatiristic bone in Bronte’s body. Cruel..jealous..petty..mean..sadistic.
So what if one work out the odds> Who cares about statistics?
Bronte is so delusional. Ugly is as ugly does.
An ugly woman..YES ( WOMAN)..26 years old is a woman.
Bronte has an amazing body. doesn’t gel with an ugly character ..a toddler’s whine..different babyish hair clips..and an extremely PASSIVE/ aggressive personality.
There will be a HUGE fight between her and Natalie.Count on it. As Natalie swans her way to the super 8..Bronte will go ape sh*t.
That’s where the drama will be.
LLet’s see. Paulie puts up Victor and Bronte. Paul becomes the 3rd nominee.
Paul come off again,
I think the majority wants Bronte out..before Vic..( prolly because of DR interference) BUT..
Good TV…. Bronte gets a *win*….and it becomes Josea against Victor)..

vet fan

So true…. I dvr Big Brother so I can watch it later. It is a beautiful thing to be able to fast forward through any scene with Bronte in it. I’m sorry but she is probably the ugliest person to ever play big brother. Her bug eyes, big nose, dumbo ears and childlike voice really annoy me. On top of that, I’m reading that she is also racist. She’s gotta go.


Did Bronte bully you in high school?


Skeptical onlooker, you can tell Bronte believes people owe her something. In a way, she’s similar to Jozea. They have these delusions of grandeur about themselves and their ability to succeed. Bronte talks like a person who believes everyone is subpar to her and if they don’t line in with that than they are the ones at fault. She’s detrimental to the players around her, rude, arrogant. There’s no way that style of gameplay can make it to the end. EvilDick was mean, aggressive and downright blunt but he did it in an entertaining, out front way and it served him In his gameplay. Bronte is just a crazy b!+(# who was probably bullied as a child. This is her chance to stick it to all those friends who said she was a nobody growing up. We’re watching an awkward 12 year old girls revenge dance on national TV, lmao and there’s no way that wins BB

Arrested Development

I’m not buying the traumatic childhood excuse for the sexy goo-goo ga-ga 30 year-old adult baby routine Bronte & Bridgette are pulling. There is nothing genuine about them, least of all, their dog whine baby talk voices they can’t keep faking the same way twice. It is a sexual pedo fetish to attract men with children’s clothing, helpessness while avoiding responsibility with dumbed-down intellects, squeaky monosyllabic gibberish until it comes to vile rants about sadistic violent torture they want to act out on anyone who get’s more attention, gets the guy, or wins the game.

“But NOBODY comes to talk game to US” they pout & cry. During Eviction Speeches, Bridgette grounding her toe into the floor, pulling on her sweater, rolling her head in her adult baby voice proving to America she’s sweet bc she makes cookies, creeped millions out because she was playing Shirley Temple on the Good Ship Lollipop, hoping we’d change her diaper and feed her a bottle before bed, instead of evicting the useless mean girl angel-of-death-nurse who won’t resusitate you do she can shave off your eyebrows.

Pure manipulation like Steve with his Teddy Bear crying to his mommy every night on the cameras. Next, they’ll suck their thumbs, throw their toys over Nominations & cry while they brush Natalie’s ridiculous glue-in dolly hair extentions. This is why women have been elected president everywhere else but here, and why, like their adult diapers, the guys in the house are convinced they’re disposable. Make a bye-bye Bronte & Bridgette! (even big player Uncle Frank & wife-hunter James is creeped out by your crap & puttin’ you on the block.)


Can’t stop laughing over your reference to Bridgette being Shirley Temple on “The Good Ship Lollipop!” GOOD ONE!


Why Vic needs to stay.
They need to get out a girl. The 8-5 thing is very dangerous. With DA and James throwing comps the strategy is simple. Right upon the time Vic and Paul go then the teams get redrawn to 3. They won’t get Bronte and Bridgette but rather Eudy, Paulie and likely James go leaving Cory the only guy to make the jury. Just a guess on order but the woman will be able to effectively decide HOH as long as 1 woman throws on the guys teams.

Sadly this idea of teams early has a lot of merit. Unfortunately like BOTB throwing comps gets in the way. It might be dangerous to keep Vic but they better start evening out the numbers.

It’s that time again to pick my “dark horse” to win. This is hard as I think there has been a lot of decent play early. My gut tells me someone from fatal 5 will win. Yup I’m saying a girl. Nicole makes jury but not F3. DA and Zak are interesting. I don’t think DA is a comp person. She needs Zak for her end game and I think Zak will turn on her late as the prize gets closer. Tiff’s fragile game sends her out 1st of the finale 5 in my opinion. That leaves Michelle. She sits and listens and rarely the center of the convo. With so many strong personalities this strategy becomes a strength Zak makes the most sense but Michelle is my horse to win BB 18.

DA will split the vets sooner rather than later which will end the 8 person alliance. There is going to be a lot of blood this summer and don’t be surprised if the 2 girls alliances come together for a couple weeks to take out guys down the road. The season has been entertaining so far IMHO.

Froot Loop Dingus

Does anyone know what James’ record in competitions is? Because he’s not someone is consider a “comp beast”

Frank's Code

Frank wants James out, comp beast pawn to fight for Veto is a bs’ers way of Nominating his own team.


James just can’t catch a break. You couldn’t ask for a better alliance member, but they can’t leave him alone. Between the idiots saying he’s a “mastermind”/really good at competitions to his own allies constantly throwing his name out saying they don’t trust him cause he talks to Natalie. Now Frank is setting him up cause he has a daughter after he just stuck his neck for them. Good grief get off of him.

My ears are bleeding...

thanks to Bronte’s voice.


Surprised the Vets are all so high up on the polls..

Teak Wood



Like some of the vets I don’t find some of the newbies all that bad.


I think they are high up on the polls because right now we are most familiar with them. It will change as we get to know the other players better.


I’m surprised Bronte is .08% ahead of Victor. Or that Paul’s ahead of Simon! WTF?!


If only the Newbies knew how to play or watched the show… they run on pure emotion, not very pleasant, unaware it takes more than hatred for other players to win. Less primping, pumping more planning would be fun to watch. Their primary relationships are with the mirror, lol!


Especially, Natalie. I can’t believe how much she LOVES to look at herself in every mirror in the house.


Paul is always looking for the Camera – and looks straight into – its called the Fame game

Eric wenb

Is Natalie trying to get flirty with Paulie now,after she just voted him out of the house???


I hope Glenn comes back in the house! Who’s with me!

Oh… Nobody?


Guffawing. Good one

An ornery mouse

Before this is all over, poor Glenn will have spent more time by himself in a hotel room than the friggin’ OJ jurors. The odds of him running the table through four straight head-to-head comps to gain re-entry have to be somewhere around 0.000001%


Glenn lost a very close, photo finish comp to get evicted so my hunch is that while it isn’t likely he will win four and get back in, I bet he can and will beat Jozea.

Backdoor strategy could backfire

The backdoor strategy could backfire in a way that if Vic ends up getting chosen and winning the veto, he would pull Paul down. The other targets for Paulie to choose from would be Bronte and Natalie (if they aren’t on the block already)
I also can’t believe that Paul suggested for Paulie to put up Corey. Corey didn’t vote him out. I guess he had to try but seriously –that would have totally annoyed me if I was Paulie. I hope that Paulie wouldn’t even consider putting up Corey.
Also, I know that Michelle was initially annoying during or introduction video but so far she’s been nice.

Min O'Pause

Didja ever notice the females on here got more stick on accessories than Mrs Potato Head?

Bitch Ass Da'Vonne

Da’vonne is so ugly and thinks she is a bad ass because she is in an alliance. Lol she will be the first person in jury.


Zakiyah is scratching so much, next she’ll be scratching at her crotch. Her head, her eyelashes…this girl has so much fake glued on, it makes me want to see someone pull her weave out and see what she ‘really’ looks like with the fat ass and ‘bad bitch’ female that she claims to be. I wouldn’t let her ratchet self near any of my children.
By the way – why do black girls refer to women as ‘females’ like they are a dog? She’s not intimidating any other female in the house as she claimed she would.
Bronte and her ‘biatch’ diary room videos – isn’t this a family show on CBS?
They have allowed the use of the word bitch and I am not a prude but I don’t like it.

DaVonnes smelly braids

Tiffany hasn’t done anything to DaVonne yet DaVonne working 24 7 to steer the house towards negative thoughts about Tiff. It’s hilarious how much DaVonne fears Tiff for no reason.

I bet DaVonne has nightmares that Vanessa enters the game. Day even said a couple times she is worried one of the two siblings will come back. We know she not worried bout Cody. lol. Tiffany is chillin’ barely even playing yet. Wait till she starts to play. DaVonne is going to lose her mind then get kicked out the door. lol.

Truth Spreader

Davonne is a sad piece of work.

Serious Issues

Frank & Paul want Tiff out, she doesn’t share info, coordinate strategy & isolates herself. Even her BFF Michelle says Tiff keeps “going off on her” Every HG has picked at least 2 they don’t trust, Tiff ends up on all of them for being explosive & likely to “spill beans”. While everyone keeps trying to support Tiff, Day hatred borders on…. well….


“Stop being soft and get it together.” – says the man who handed the half million dollars to his friend. Ugh… Cody’s audacity in trying to school anyone on how to play BB is ludicrous. He was only one of Derek’s tools, and just like the bitch he was, he did as master told and gave him the 500K. Had he choosen Victoria to go to finals with him, I’d have had major respect for him. That would have been the blindside/backdooring of the century. Moron! But what could we expect of a guy who will say “well, the shirt will need to come off at some point, right?” any time that there’s a camera around him?

Paullie at least seems more charismatic…


Just me or did Cody’s letter to Paulie seem coded? I got the feeling Paulie was reading between the lines.


If I was going on Big Brother I would 1 billion percent get Dawg to send me a coded letter, banner plane and a drone.


Good observation, I thought the same thing. Being Jersey born and bred,I can tell you NO ONE here uses the phrase “east coast” . It’s just ” Jersey”

Natalie is Winnie Cooper all grown up.

We wake up this morning with the knowledge that Jozea has been evicted. With his eviction goes the observation skills and the intuition (he’s never wrong) that ferreted out Paulie as the Roadkill winner, and Natalie as the one that flipped and had him evicted. Were it not for cruel fate Jozea would have taken his rightful place along side Dr. Will, and Dan Gheesling in Big Brother lore. Watching Jozea get evicted was like watching Tom Brady or Michael Jordan suffering career ending injuries in their first games played. “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, It might have been. This season can only go downhill from here (tongue firmly in cheek).

Alice in Flames

Day grossed me out on BBAD last night. She was pulling hairs out of her braids and then throwing them on the floor. How disgusting and how thoughtless of others living there.

And she knows theres a ant problem in the house yet eats up in HOH and anywhere she damn pleases. So gross she is. I look at her and try to find something attractive. Honestly I do. And there is nothing inside or out.


The only redeeming quality of Da is……………………………………………….
Give me a few minutes, I’ll get back with ya.


after working years in areas like Pontiac, Flint and Detroit Michigan, a common thing to see on the ground and in people yards were, clumps of hair EVERYWHERE!

Orkin Army

They spent money on a new pool but couldn’t dig up the floors and put in new to fix the ant problem?

Least have Orkin come in and spray. Damn. I am sick of half the convos being about Ants and not about how much Bronte and Da need to go.

Sippy Cups

Is that why they’ve got sippy cups, prevent spillage, stains, rotting floors & ants. James needs to cut the food pranks, ants is the main reason Vic wants him out. Drought & heat causes ant swarms too, yuk!


Paulie is wondering who to put up on the block with Victor. Since Victor is the target, he shouldn’t put up someone on the “other side” who will be pissed off at him and come after him. The perfect solution as to who to put up against Victor is a pawn, Nicole. I’m sure she’ll readily understand that she’s only a pawn and definitely has the votes to keep her in and Paulie doesn’t have to piss off anybody else. That is the perfect solution.


Do you even watch the show, or the feeds? Do you even read the OBB updates? Wow! Just Wow!


That my dear friend was written as a piece of sarcasm. Apparently you didn’t get the notice! Wow, just wow, your reading comprehension and acuity are between kindergarten and first grade! Wow! Wow! Wow! Don’t you watch the show? :0 Nicole put up Paulie for those reasons and I was just turning the tables around! Go hide under the covers, if you post here again it’s because you have no shame or self worth.


Crooked Hillary supporters are the most uninformed and obtuse cretins!

Granny Panties

New twist, Donald Trump is going to come in and deport Victor.