“The people we send out first James and Da…it’s a cake walk at that point” – Frank

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 20-00-23-231

8:00pm Frank Michelle and Corey Hammock
Michelle wants to take Bridgette out.
Frank says she can’t she’s on your team even if Michelle wins Roadkill she can’t put Bridgette up.
Frank tells her to squash the beef with Bridgette, ‘She’s not winning sh1t”
Michelle says Bridgette is just like her old roommate and Michelle can’t stand her.

Corey says he doesn’t like Tiffany much.
Frank wants Tiffany out after Bronte says everyone is agreeing to this. Frank says Tiffany isn’t winning anything and her social game is poor he just wants her out before jury. Would rather Paul and Bridgette be in jury.

Frank – to be honest I never cared for her sister’s game play.. She tried to intimidate people.. Waterworks so emotional
Michelle – I don’t like the way she talks to me sometimes.. I’m a very casual person.. Being screamed at.. Well that tone makes me feel in a certain way
Corey – she freaked out on me day 1 that shit pissed me off.. It’s annoying
Frank – I don’t want the paranoia to spread

Frank – Bronte’s personality has changed 100% since Jozea’s gone home
Michelle – She’s trying to be nice
Frank – she was so f***g cocky last week
Corey – she had a big ole’ mouth talking to Paulie.. If I was Paulie I would have wanted her out this week.
Frank says Michelle is going to win the HOH, they’ll throw it to her.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 20-07-29-168

8:07pm Bedroom Natalie and James snuggle buddies. Tiffany and Bridgette are also in the room sleeping.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 20-10-57-574

8:11pm HOH Zakiyah and Paulie
Sounds like Zakiyah told him about Frank slapping her a$$.
Zakiyah – he keeps talking about my a$$… my momma is probably having a fit.. I told him to Chill and he’s like, I’m your Uncle..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 20-19-47-483

8:18pm Corey and Paul
Paul has been down lately. (see past posts)
Paul is explaining he’s never been “in a box” and he doesn’t like “walking on eggshells” there’s no outlet for him.
Paul says he misses his parents, mentions how exhausting it is being the funny guy..
Corey tells him they are all softies in the house, everyone is missing their family.

Paul – you cool where’s your head at.. you having a good time
Corey – yeah I’m having a good time… 1 day at a time..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 20-34-50-505

8:34pm Michelle washed her hair extensions they’re tangled up like wet rats. Natalie is determined to fix them.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 20-38-48-934

8:38pm HOH Nicole, Paule, Paulie, Corey
Paul explains he was just bummed out earlier today. Paulie comforts Paul tells him he’s got his bros.
Paul says he missed his family

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 21-21-14-289

8:55pm HOH Paulie and Frank
Frank saying Tiffany is downstairs with sunglasses on because she’s been crying all day. She thinks she’s going home. Explains that every time you see Tiffany with her sunglasses on and her hat it means she’s been crying. She’s crying more than they know.

Paulie is amazed the entire house doesn’t know Vic is going home. Why is she worried about going home.
Frank – Crying makes it worse

Frank says Tiffany isn’t genuine every time you talk to her you get a sense she’s fishing for information or playing some other social angle.
Paulie thinks Tiffany is so paranoid, he thinks this has something to do with it.
Frank wants Tiffany to be an option if Bronte wins POV.
Paulie says they could still put up Natalie or Bridgette
Frank – that’s a waste of an HOH
Frank stresses that Tiffany’s paranoia will spread.

Frank brings up Tiffany spreading a rumour to Da and Michelle about Team america
Frank going on and on about Tiffany crying and being a “fragile timebomb”
Paulie – today was supposed to be chill day.. Why would Tiffany be doing all this stuff right now

Talk moves back to the 8 pack, Paulie says he’s not mad about the 8 pack, Just a 8 person alliance week 1.
Frank plays it down says it was silly he jumped in the shower when they were talking about it and when he came out they were still trying to figure out the name.
All Frank knew was it would keep Corey, him and Paulie safe.
Paulie says that sound a lot like how Corey feels.

Frank – honestly those are the people we send out first James and Da , then we got everything we need in our arsenal to do it what we got to do it’s a cake walk at that point.
Frank – in my mind the final 8 would be, me, you, corey, Z, Nicole, Paule Natalie Bridgette.. . That’s boom boom boom FIVE.. you know what i’m saying

Frank explains: Paul, Natalie, Bridgette, Nicole, Frank, Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey is their perfect 8.
Paulie – So you are saying get rid of Da and James before Paule Natalie Bridgette..
Frank – Ideally..
Frank – The only person closer to Z than you is Da and that is why we got get her out eventually.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 21-33-14-732

9:32pm Zakiyah has joined them after some chit chat Frank leaves..
Zakiyah asks PAulie if Frank talks game with him. Paulie says Frank goes over scenarios.
Paulei brings up he found out today there was a 8 person alliance.
Zakiyah says she thinks it was Corey and Frank..
Paulie says he doesn’t care he knows big week 1 alliances aren’t serious.
Paulie – I really don’t mind…

Paulie tells her nobody talks game with him.
Paulie and Zakiyah agree they need to get Bridgette. Paulie brings up that Frank is dead set against that.

Paulie says he’s got 1 person he can trust he’s just looking for another.
Zakiyah asks about Frank
Paulie says he’s still trying to feel him out
Zakiyah – whos running the house
Paulie – at this point no one is running it.. a lot of people are trying to plan out things final 5 and 6.. there’s a lot of people trying to cover their bases.
Paulie says the person trying to cover all their basses create multiple paths to the end always has it blow up in their face
Zakiyah hopes she’s making the right decision trusting Paulie. Paulie says every time he gives his word he’s good.

Paulie says Tiffany told Bridgette she wants Frank gone and Frank is saying he wants Tiffany gone.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 22-02-42-095

10:02pm Chess Tiffany and Paul
Paul going on about missing family… etc
They agree to have each others back next week. They’re not each other’s targets.

10:24pm HOH Paulie and James
James ask if paulie will play Victor in soccer after the show
Paulie says Victor wouldn’t stand a chance, Paulie played pro, “He can’t handle me.. I’d dice him up.. He’s too big”

10:28pm Hammock Corey and Nicole
They are agreeing not to throw the HOH. Corey thinks Frank might try and win it and throw it to Michelle.
Corey – this might be his only chance to get us to throw it..
Corey adds the following week both Paulie and Frank will be competing in the HOH.
Nicole is wondering if Da’Vonne is up to something. She’s thinking Da’Vonne really wants Frank out and is starting all this
Paulie joins them Nicole leaves..
Paulie says Zakiyah told him Frank came up to her and said not to trust Paulie.
Corey says to keep acting cool with Frank.
PAulie is shocked that Frank is messing up this way because he’s so smart in the game.
Natalie comes out
Paulie – you came out here to talk or give us something to look at..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 22-37-08-655
10:35pm Zakiayh goes over her conversation with Paulie. The anti Frank rage boils..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 22-59-56-108

11:00pm Nicole and Michelle
They’re hating on Frank, Nicole says she would rather live with Vic for 2 day over Frank for 2 hours.
Nicole – it’s personal attacks.. and the guys just laugh
Michelle brings up Frank telling Zakiyah her teeth are jacked up.

Nicole brings up Frank telling her she’s got legs like someone who just played volleyball in high school.
Michelle – he’s going to blow himself up.. He’s really mean to girls I realize.
Nicole agrees
They joke about Zakiyah saying that Frank’s girlfriend doesn’t exist.

Michelle saying they should get Paul out after bronte “1 less guy”
Michelle hopes Paulie, James and Corey see through Frank.

Nicole – Corey is not seeing through it.. I thought Corey was a lot sweeter…
Michelle – Zakiyah feels that Paulie’s different now too

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 23-13-34-825

11:13pm Tiffany is talking to the camera at how much she can’t stand Frank..
Tiffany – I want to slap that grin off his face… off his face…
Tiffany – bunch of f***g weirdos this season.. f****g weirdos..

11:24pm Zakiyah and Frank. Frank doesn’t know Paulie told exposed the 8 pack. Frank is telling Zakiyah right now.

11:29pm – 11:43pmJames and Frank on the hammock
James says Corey understands he needs to throw the HOH but he doesn’t want to. Frank says him and Corey really played it down but they told Paulie about the 8 pack. Frank explains they were worried Tiffany would tell him because she’s is so unstable.
Frank telling him the plan to take out Bronte and Tiffany.
Frank says keeping Bridgette, Natalie and Paul in the game is going to help them. Frank says they will steam roll the competition if that’s the case.
Frank – you think i want to be in the top 5 with Corey and Paulie.. f*** no
James wants the 4 returnees to make it to the end.
Frank – we gotta get Paulie outta here if one of us wants to win america’s favorite.

James warns him about getting too confident. Frank starts scheming about getting Paulie and Corey out. James says Nicole is close to Corey.
Frank says Corey told Victor that he met his future wife right before coming on the show. Frank adds that Corey told him Nicole is the type of girl he would never date.

James likes Natalie a lot
Frank says Natalie reminds him a lot of his girlfriend.
James – I’m down with you till the end.. you dn’t have to worry abotu me
Frank – I don’t want to go to teh end with them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 23-48-35-134

11:47pm Have nots Michelle, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Tiffany and Zakiyah
talking about Frank and how he wants to make sure Mcihelle wins the HOH so he’s safe.
They agree to take out Frank next week. nicole says she’s down but only if it’s the right time.
Da’Vonne – I want it to be a group decision.
Nicole says Frank is going to help them get bronte out next week so they better use that to their advantage.
11:55pm Frank joins them and starts massaging Da’Vonne.. She looks thrilled.

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Frank lies about the dumbest crap I swear. Smh

Fuzzy Num Num

What’s really going on?????
Frank has so many twists he’s a slinky. Maybe Tiffanessa just has sensitive eyes, that’s why she wears her shades ;}


I’m so sick of Frank thinking he’s running the show!


I’m not – it’s entertaining af. Frank vs Day is the season and if and when he goes home, show gonna be boring af.


Agree! He’s just really pissing me off! Jason Roy said on yrr last night, that he thinks that it will be a battle between Frank and Da’Vonne….
I hope he’s right and I hope she wins!


I’m sorry if you don’t like this, but I’m done with Frank. Boogie tried to teach him, and he’s trying it now. Not working, but just keep trying, Frank.


Boogie was what he was because of Dr. Will. So really Frank didnt have the best teacher.

Fuzzy Num Num

Although, he does appear to be running things. Sigh, because they are certainly appearing to let him.


I really wanted to like frank but he’s so sleazy I just can’t, and then they know frank is lying but still want to believe him. Zak won’t get much out of paulie, she’s just easy to beat if taken to final 2/3…when the shit hits the fan everyone will be scrambling


ya, I wanted to like Frank too but he’s just making himself a huge target. he has to stop smacking girls asses and calling them names. that can be considered sexual harrassment, which is pretty serious. im sure his gf is not too impressed either.


Michelle is turning into CHRISTINE…i’m sure CBS knew exactly that was the type of player she is…a girl who hates other girls so she can eliminate them before the boys


I’ve seen that over a week ago about Michelle. I totally agree!

Right On!

So far this season lacks some real villians. Remember a good story or movie needs an antagonist. They seem like a bunch of “teacher’s pets”. Last season we had Vanessa before her was , Amanda BB15, Evil Dick BB8 for example. Perhaps as the season plays out, some rivalries will emerge. Also, they brought back some very likeable alumni like Frank, James, Nicole…while your at it, bring back “howdy Doody”

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Frank isn’t half the manipulator Vanessa was.

At least Crazy Nessie almost had the game won. Franks game is going to blow up in week 3. Pathetic.

The vets are screwed. After Frank goes home next week Day will follow because she is playing too hard and talking too much. I won’t shed a tear. Buh bye!

See I disagree, I think Da is alright – she is scheming way too much but, to me, it doesn’t seem like anyone is after her – sure Frank is but he seems to be after everyone…


Honestly, Da has the right idea. If they dont get rid of him soon he will march all the way to the end. But really nicole, you tell Corey, one of Frank’s minions, the plan. Grow a brain Nicole! She was one of my favorites but is starting to move down because of her constant need to please a man.

Pauls boring tangents

Is “Tiffanessa” supposed to be some cut on Tiffany and Vanesssa? Why on a comments section where u want to type as few letters as possible would you make a name longer.

It seems only one person calls her that and you use a few screen names. It comes off as lame and pathetic. Maybe it’s just me.

It appears Nicole is at least trying to get Corey not throw the next HOH comp. Which is good. Franks world is starting to crumble all around him. Paulie is also about to cut him out of his plans.

#get frank out next week


I think it’s supposed to show they are interchangeable but I see Vanessa’s sister as the go-bots to Vanessa’s transformers.


tiff’s looking alot like audrey these days


Tiffany appears oblivious to the affect her bahavior has on others then misinterprets what is going on. Granted she has been the victim of a multi-pronged smear campaign but ultimately her incessant worrying, constant and perpetual need for reassurance (reassurance she gets regularly but doesn’t trust and immediately undermines) and her compulsion to keep nagging people with the same questions (as if asking it 30 more times is going to miraculously give her what she needs as opposed to driving people away, proving to everyone she doesn’t trust them and generally getting on people’s last nerve) are things within her power to control but her failure to do so will get her booted sooner than later.


Was anyone as grossed out last night as I was? In the Have Not room, Tiffany was talking to Day, “poor me, no one talks to me” …. when Tiffany started picking at her zits and eating it! Ewww, your on national TV, everyone can see your disgusting habits.


OMG yes!!! She also picked her nose and then chewed on all her fingers. She is acting/looking like Audrey too which is soooo creepy.


Tiff is playing Vanessa’s game why not interchange the name. Brings back bad memories of emotional blackmail, outrageous tantrums, paranoia and screaming out demands ( “who said that, who this who that”), pokerface ploy of hats, sunglasses, hoodies. I am not a fan I prefer Frank over her and he is not one of my favourites.


I’m probably going off topic a bit. I’m in a pretty serious catch up here with almost a week of updates to tell me what’s been happening…
Comments from houseguests worrying about 8 girls overpowering 5 guys.
eyes rolling like a slot machine. Notice how hard it is to keep a 5 woman alliance from imploding on a daily basis. Notice how the other three are each disliked by one of that 5 woman alliance, and vice versa. Yeah, that’s a ship nobody has to worry about reaching a port. The worst it gets is five on five with 3 floaters.
Tiffany crying. yup. she was. this time after she was told Frank was spearheading an evict Tiffany campaign by Da’vonne (who gave Frank the idea, but why quibble). the hood and glasses are also used to hide the acne cream a little but that doesn’t help Frank’s case. She’s no prize at playing big brother, but she isn’t as bad as Frank and Da’vonne have said, and she isn’t as bad as her sister in terms of cookoo for coacoapuffs, but I can see why any similarity would make everyone dread a repeat (like that’s not why she was cast in the first place…riiiight).
Frank exposing the 8pack. so, Tiffany had no business telling Paulie Frank won the roadblock week one, but Frank exposing the 8pack is cool. Reminds me of the whole reason Tiffany and Frank first had an argument: he was going out and giving up information and kissing babies with the other side, and Tiffany said they were a group, so shouldn’t that be mentioned to the group before he did it. Result: Tiffany isn’t considered part of the group any more in Frank’s view. okay. i see how the Frankiverse works. It’s not bad strategy if nobody catches on. But everyone is catching on except Paul and Victor (which leads me to believe Paul’s ‘should have snuck in some acid’ comment was more ‘should have snuck in MORE acid’).

Marsha The Moose

The winds in the house are turning against Frank. DaVonne, Zakiyah, Nicole, Corey, Michelle, and Paulie are having conversations about getting Frank out. Frank is playing way too hard and his smartass remarks are rubbing people the wrong way.


Frank is so into the Throwing the Competition that members of his team and other people in the house he is annoying should use that strategy against him to show him how it feels to be on the receiving end


I couldn’t agree more. Frank’s arrogance with the majority of the cast, plus his overbearing gameplay this year, is just a turn-off, for all involved. I’m ready to see someone put him in his place. He is too snarky this year, and his mission to get Tiffany out is sad. Did he whatch her win “Sequester”? Is that why he’s intimidated by her?! I don’t get it.
I loved seeing Paul and Tiffany’s convo about the game and real life/ morals, and what it all comes down to, in the end.


Yes Paul, it’s definitely exhausting being the funny one. It would be much less exhausting, however, if you’d realize that of all the natural born comedians on the planet, you are not one. People should always challenge themselves in life, but if you have to work this hard at being funny, you’re doing it wrong, yo.


Did Frank dye his hair either this season or during BB14? For some reason I remember it being an awful shade of red and out of control all season during BB14.

Frank is going bald

No. Frank just cut his hair and is greying and going bald.


The crazy thing is he’s only 32. I’d say he looks 15 years older than that.


These girls are way too whiny. It’s so annoying. Good luck trying to get frank out.


Seems Frank and DA are about the square off…the battle most of us saw coming on day 1. Looking forward to it!
In other news, Nicole may play spoiler, but in what way is unclear. Seems that after being burned by
Christine in 16, she’s terrified to commit to any one side and may be in danger of becoming a floater in the true sense…going to whichever vet is in power from week to week, and Corey’s influence over her is troubling. I openly admit I was a Vanessa fan last season, and I was curious to see what her sister would do. Like Paul, she doesn’t play much into daily strategy but her (unfortunate) ability to polarize players may actually work to her
advantage with the current house dynamic. The way that Frank has become protective of Paul, DA ran straight to Tiffany when trying to find a path to get rid of Frank. Things are getting good!


For the first time this season I had time to watch the entire Big Brother After Dark and it’s obvious that Tiffany has some type of psychiatric condition with her picking her face constantly, trying to hide her face to others, shaking constantly off and on. She also believes the majority of the house is out to get her and almost delusional in her mannerisms. I really hope that BB Staff will force her to see a professional as she seems to be getting worse day by day. I was a big fan of Tiffany in the beginning but this person I am watching today is not the same person I saw being interviewed by Jeff.

Frank's Balls

What’s a delusional mannerism?


Frank is that you?

Seriously tho

If frank makes it to the end. He absolutely deserves it. I have no problem with his game play except that he’s exposing his game all over the place. Which I did not expect him to do at all. Almost all of them see him and know what’s up. But just watch. The soldiers will keep following. They will discuss frank with their pals and how they need to get him out. But it won’t happen. He will get the biggest comp threats out and then win when he needs to. Nothing of any of these people at this point says to me that they will step up and go after the King Frank wins BB. And if that happens. It’s another season like Derrick winning. Just because there was no competition. I hope I’m wrong but that’s what I’m seeing as of now


At thispoint next week it s … Frank or Day or Tiffanny…they could have slept throught the next 4 weeks and be in the game safe..but NOOOO they pull a Devin and go after their own alliance week 2 … Not to mention Tifanny…if Frank sniffs out that how big chance he has to go home next week he s gonna try to take Tiffany out now…and I don t feel like the votes would be that hard to get …so great job Tiff..way to not stirr the pot on the block

Hand of the King

I honestly believe davonne is going to somehow some way get fucked and get evicted next week instead of frank lol. I do hate davonne hated her last season and this one so it would make me happy


After Dark is great right now. Frank is giving Da an unrequested neck massage and she looks like the most uncomfortable woman in the world.

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

We might be setup for some entertaining weeks ahead. If Bronte and Frank go next, in whatever order. Frank will have a really good chance of returning to the house. He goes Frank BB14 and wins HOH after he returns, we could have some serious good BB. The girls will flip so fast on each other. Da and Nicole would say or do anything to stay off the block.


Well frank is gone. No one is gunna trust him. Honestly his best play is to get voted out next week so the tensions build between the girls and then win back in and the game would change in his favor


Frank is really a jerk. I hate that he is such a jerk to everyone. I was really thinking I would like him. I hate that Z ran straight to the girls about her convo with Paulie. I like Paulie because he seems pretty chill. I still like Nicole too and hope she plays a stronger game and doesn’t get too wrapped up in Corey. Natalie seems so geniune and sweet. I can’t get a read on Corey. He seems chill but preseason comments concern me.

is tiffs family running this site?

thumbs up / down is a scam – whenever i vote up or down it takes my vote and then votes the opposite wth?


No it is not! When you are voting the site updates and sometimes other people also voted between then and the previous refresh. Your vote is being accurately recorded as are the votes of others who may or may not be voting as you (and from what you are describing, more people vote the opposite to you). Now apologize to Simon and Dog who work very hard to present hours upon hours of feeds in summaries that are balanced and impartial. No easy task but consistently very well done.


Cheer Simon. Sorry Dawg (for misspelling your name).


Be quiet or I’ll resuscitate you and shave off your eye brows!

Franks Fake Gf He Claims looks Like Natalie

Michelle is such a floater it makes me sick. She cuts on everyone while talking to Frank then cuts on Frank with the girls.

Floating around and sticking to whoever she feels has most power that monent.

Michelle:”Frank said do my dishes. So I smiled and did ’em” Nicole: “You can’t let him control you like that” Michelle:”I feel it might help me down the road you know”

Michelle floated in and said she is on board for getting Frank out but I wouldn’t trust in her vote at crunch time.

Thought Michelle was prettiest girl in house night one. Each day she has looked less attractive to me by her actions and getting to know her.


Yes Tiffany, information is currency but interrogating people to get it is killing you in this game. News flash, your incessant questioning is really putting people off.
You isolate yourself and then whine about feeling alone. If you would stop isolating yourself; stop interrogating people, and stop indulging your insecurities people might actually relate to you; maybe even like you.
Sure the house environment is stressful at times but you create stress for yourself; and others, during times when most people should be able to relax. There is already enough to stress about in this game without your over-active imagination compelling you to force people to reassure you. As you are hearing your alliance members rant about Frank you are grinning from ear to ear but still you are compelled to ask if this person or that person said anything about you. You undermine the very situation and relationship that SHOULD provide you with a sense of security and confidence. Also, the BB doesn’t MAKE YOU anything it merely creates a potential for you to MAKE YOURSELF and by your actions and interactions with others you manifest your own experience.

Frank's Balls

You do realize that almost every player that has been on the block gets paranoid as it gets closer to eviction day, don’t you? Even the messiah was starting to get paranoid this time a week ago, and in his mind he was the strongest, most loved person to ever play the game.


Yes. Obviously the potential to be paranoid increases for people on the block the closer it gets to eviction day. It is expected. So, given that it is expected, the fact that I commented on it suggests that perhaps yesterday she went a bit too far. The fact is, how you handle the stress of being on the block is critical to winning this game. You can do a lot of damage to your game when people have repeatedly assured you that you are not the target but you demonstrate to them that no matter how much they reassure you, you do not believe them, do not trust them and continue to be extremely worried. If you don’t trust what people are telling you, what good does it do to ask them over and over again? I think it does absolutely no good what-so-ever. On the contrary, from how people talk about where she stands with them it is hurting her. The lies that were and are being spread about her are less damaging to her than how she behaves with people who are describing their own reasons for why she should go. Again, I am not anti-Tiffany. This post was pertaining to what was observed yesterday on the feeds and is in no way intended to describe the totality of her game to date or going forward.

Backdoor DR door

And Tiffany is going around “interrogating” people a lot…when?

If anything Tiffany isn’t playing hard enough up to this point. I wish she would be getting more info but she so far has chosen to lay back and not play as hard yet.

Should she isolate herself and then get hurt when no one comes and talks to her? No. She needs to be out and about engaging people. But you can’t say she isolating and also say she is running around “interrorgating” everyone. Just not based in fact.


Are we going to have another Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty moment?


Perhaps you missed a number of hours on the feeds on July 5th. Every conversation she had included direct questions about did this person say anything about me. Did that person say anything about me. She asked Da’Vonne 3 separate times spanning just a few hours.
Paulie described his issues with how she tries to get information despite his sincere effort to work with, help and calm her down.
I honestly wish the observation was not valid but unfortunately she asked Zakiyah 4 times, Da’Vonne 5 times, Nicole twice, Paulie twice, Michelle twice and others at least once if Frank was campaigning to target her. She asked the question directly essentially exactly the same way every time and all within just a few hours.
As Paulie said, Vanessa’s style was to get a feeling something might be going on and then put people on the spot “So why are you working with Steve?” and the person wouldn’t know what she knew so they would confirm her suspicions. In his opinion, most of the time Tiffany is trying to milk him for information but not in a good way.
I am not anti-Tiffany. I am not describing the totality of Tiffany’s game. I am describing what she was doing yesterday on the feeds and how the HGs were reacting.


HGs please stop talking/whispering game while stuffing your faces, smacking your lips, scraping your bowls, digging in bags. Straining to hear your conversations drowned out by disgusting sounds of mastication and Frank’s voice carrying over everything else.


If Frank lasts a week or 2 more he could win the battle back into the house, win HOH and come back with a vengence… Cory Paulie James and Paul could gravitate to him if they wanted to keep a bigger target in front of them for the other side to go after while they pick people off. Remember it’s only week 3 and we have a long way to go… Dan in his season was in a crap spot week 3 season 10 and he played a masterful game the rest of the way…

I’m hoping someone surprises me and takes over the season like Derrick did in season 16… but I don’t see any of these houses guests being any where near that level

Butters Mom

Ugh… you lost me at hoping someone is like Derrick…. hated that season… hated Derrick.


Derrick didn’t take over the season. He was the only one playing to win except for Donny who was screwed from the get go. Everyone else was looking for airtime so they could be professional personalities.


James talking like the entire world comes to an end if Frank gets booted. He takes a while to clue in and accept the possibility that Frank is working to have a newbie take Da’Vonne and him out but when he does he shows how savvy he is. Good on him. He is far more than the trickster, the spooner or the guy who advises everyone to just go with the house. The man has some business in him.

Justice Enthusiast

Finally, the game begins. Hopefully, that Da and Frank brawl mentioned a couple of days ago will go down over the next week. I know Da is down for it. I can’t wait to see braids and pieces of blood soaked curly clown wig all over the backyard.


I’m confused about Frank. In the span of two hours he goes to Corey and Paulie to say target James and Da. Then he runs to James and says Paulie and Corey have to go. In between he tells Nicole and Michelle that Tiffany has got to go….
Did someone tell him to condense the next three weeks of plotting into a one night window?
There’s still one obvious flaw that Frank hasn’t spindoctored. He’s thrown his original alliance (that he named) under the bus to Paulie, sure, but has he considered that all of those people know Frank was the roadblock that nominated both Paul and Bridgette last week, and that’s a secret he doesn’t want to get out? Perhaps trying to detonate his own alliance all over the place as if they never speak to each other is a little premature. Is it just me, or is he sowing his seeds all at once?


That conversation between Paulie and Zakiyah was incredibly awkward to watch. It looked forced.


This is going to be Gold when Day and Frank hook into it. And believe me, it is coming. Frank and Day are both acting like snakes in the grass just waiting to pounce. Frank is clueless about what is going down at this point, but is too smart not to realize in the next day or so. I am glad that Day has been exposed to Paulie though about her lies to everyone regarding Tiffany. Paulie has taken all this information in, and is not reacting, which is very good right now. He needs to talk to a few people and NOT wait for them to come to him. He has cut himself off this week from the rest of the house. He spends too much time in the HOH with Frank, and people can’t get to him. Corey needs to get a brain. How many people have to tell him that Frank wants him out before he believes it. I, like a few have mentioned, feel sorry for Tiffany right now. She has had rumours spread about her all week long, and most of them are lies, so I understand that she has been getting the feeling she is being shut out. People do unintentionally react differently to people when they know that person is being targeted. Paulie couldn’t understand why she was acting that way, and now has the answer. She wasn’t doing it. It was Day and Franks paranoia. Cannot wait for the fireworks to start between Day and Frank when he gets wind of all this, and he will. One person will tell him for sure, and I want to bet it will be Michelle.


And super fan Michelle has not once been named in any of Frank’s multiple final 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 scenarios. Can’t help but see her as pathetic. One of those girls that gravitates towards men who treat her like crap.


Just like Tiffany Vanessa also interrogated other HG’s with the same questions over and over, like some paranoid parrot and was extremely moody, which led me to believe she was bipolar. Tiffany is exactly the same way.


The only difference is that these houseguests are not afraid of her integration techniques and give in like with Vanessa.


BTW, Paul is also bipolar. He is crashing right now. It will be interesting to see if he is a rapid cycler, which will be determined how quickly he moves back to the manic phase that he displayed in week 1 and in the beginning of week 2.


Paulie is a lot smarter than I gave him credit for at first… Glad I picked him to win the half mil on day 1!! He’s going to do what his brother couldn’t do!!