Big Brother 18 HOH Competition Results! “Sorry America, had to throw that HOH to get Victor out!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 19-53-21-776

7:50pm The Live Feeds return – Frank’s team won and they picked Paulie have the HOH! James says sorry America, had to throw that HOH to get Victor out!

In the bedroom – Victor is pissed because he knows James threw the HOH competition so that his team wouldn’t win. Victor says he knows he’s going up. Paul says he’s bummed because Jozea left. Frank tells Paul to continue to be friendly.

Paulie is talking to Zakiyah outside the HOH room. Paulie says its a good thing that I didn’t lean over to Bronte and tell her I was coming after her next. He says Vic knows James threw it. Paulie says alone trying to avoid Vic and Paul because they keep trying to talk to him. Paulie tells Zakiyah to keep everyone calm… there no need for people to freak out. Zakiyah leaves. Nicole joins Paulie and says she’s so happy he won! “Cody would be so happy” She says everything went perfect. The votes came out right .. I can’t believe 4 people still voted against you. Paulie says I don’t care .. I’m sticking to the plan. Definitely getting Vic out. Paulie says I’m doing what the group wants …whatever the group wants. If You want Vic and Paul up I’ll do it. The only one that can’t go up is Bridgette (Because her team won so she is safe.) Paul says I can compete head to head with Paul so I don’t need to put up someone to compete against him. I can do that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 19-55-47-014

8pm Frank asks Tiffany if he can talk to her. He asks if they’re good. She says yes. He says he’s sorry for poppin’ off on her. Tensions were high last night. Tiffany says she’s a very passionate person and it some times comes off the wrong way. Frank says I think we’re a lot a like.

8:10pm Bronte tells Natalie that once they send Vic and Paul home .. we’re going to be next. Natalie says the game changes every day. We jsut need to lay low and figure it out.. and get in there. Bronte says okay.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 20-09-04-390

8:15pm Nicole says she thinks everything will go good. Paulie says said he’s not going to stray from putting Vic up. DaVonne asks James does he know you threw the comp? James says yeah. Nicole says but if you deny it he will never know. I was watching you from the side and I didn’t know. That was the best performance ever!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 20-15-45-586

Vic and Paul are talking. Vic says I anticipate seeing my face up there and fighting to take myself off. Paul says me too. Vic says I don’t understand why he wouldn’t put up Nicole since she put him up. Paul says he wouldn’t do that. Paul says let me see what I can do …and work some magic. Vic says we just have to win the veto and put someone else up with the BB Roadkill.

8:20pm – 8:40pm Paulie, Michelle and Tiffany are talking. Paulie says they should be scared.. they treated me like sh*t all week. I’m not going to treat them like sh*t but they’re going to go up. They talk about Natalie, Bridgette and Bronte sneaking through as floaters. Paulie says that Natalie might go to Frank and say that she jumped off to prove her loyalty. Paulie says Frank and I are going to do all the acting this week. Bronte and Natalie were acting last week.

In the bathroom – Bronte says she is kind of sh*tting her pants. Vic says I could have won that comp. I should have pushed them off. (His team members so that they would be out and he could finish the comp alone.) Bronte says then you would have been eliminated. They said you can’t touch your team mates. Bronte says the thing we can tell them is that we’re loyal. Vic says yeah that’s what I’m going to say.

9:05am Michelle, Nicole and DaVonne are talking. Michelle says if I win HOH next week I am getting her (Bronte) out.

9:10pm Frank says that Vic lied to me and I tried to call him out on it but he wouldn’t admit it. Frank says maybe we ought to put Bronte and Natalie up and then backdoor him (Victor). James says I did my part. James says whatever ya’ll do I’m behind it. The worst case scenario is Vic wins and pulls one of them off and now he’s safe. James says Vic is probably expecting to go up. Frank says yeah he thinks he and Paul are going up. They agree to be nice to Natalie because she might come around (to their side).

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Big Jim

Fatal 8 running the house


yes but small aliance working the house to like power puff girls

Copper Wire

Do you just make up things in your head when reality is difficult?


but look how many alliances are spinoff of power 8!

Frank Still Running the House

Paulie & James say they’ll go with who “the team” wants to nom, then Frank tries to keep Vic & Paul off the block by putting up girls? Sneaky after his fake apology tour, keeping things open for a Guy vs. Girl battle via his newbie minions who won’t work with Fatal Five. Everyone’s on to him though… Let’s see how far he pushes his agenda.


But Paulie isn’t even a part of 8 Pack….wonder what he would think if he found out that he was the only one on his side of the house that wasn’t invited to be part of that especially Nicole had put him on the block. I could see where someone might spill the beans to him if it helped their own agenda.


yay Paulie!! please, please nominate loud ass Paul!

Jozea's Vocabulary

Paul has got to go next.


and redemption island is back

Pull my finger

Bronte sounds like Hooks from the Police Academy movies.


Bronte and Brigette with sickening squeaky voices talking sugar sweet to Julie like 7 year olds will now switch back to hateful nasty creepy girls…it’s a little like an old Alfred Hitchcock movie. Glad there are no “wells” in the area:) or sharp knives?


The little girl in the Bad Seed:)


Reference to The Bad Seed girl brought back some creepy memories … love that movie and yes, Bridgette’s voice was just like her little syrup sweet voice saying “You’re the best mommy” … gotta look that up and rename Bridgette and a few others after those characters. Have to find something interesting to do with these boring newbies, they don’t know the game and therefore, there’s no real gameplay .. not sure how long I can last this season and I really don’t like the idea of letting the earliest losers battle back.


So excited Joz is gone (4 now at least). Yay! for Paulie. I hope we get to see Vic and Paul self destruct!


Hoping Glenn squashes the resurection of the Messiah.



Damage is Done

Frank is trying to mop up his mess but no one trusts him anymore. They are all talking about how he’s playing everyone.


You must have some different feeds. Nicole just told Paulie and Michelle she trust Frank more than Da. Tiff just told Paulie, Frank and her just made up and are cool now.

Uh well...

Same feeds plus transcripts. On the surface they’re smoothing over cracks in the 8-pack given Franks temper & reach. Then they turn around and say they don’t trust him, especially Paul, Vic, Natalie, Bridge & Bronte. Frank was going to create his own minions but don’t think Fatal Five don’t know what his goals are and giving lots of side eye to Frank & Tiff. If Nicole found out Frank was going to put up James before jury, you’d think she’d trust him Paul is gonna spill more and woulda gone way diff if a Newbie woulda won HOH.

Capt Obvious

LOL! I know, right?
Just a Frank hater making things up to make themselves feel warm n’ cozy I guess.


Yay, Paulie is HoH… get packing Paul or Victor… if you don’t get a miracle one of them is gone. Put Victor up against Paul then you know Paul will not use the PoV to save Viktor or Viktor will not use it on Paul, you insure that one of them is gone… if one of the Vets side wins Roadkill put up Bronte to make things more fun and Natalie as a replacement if Bronte on the off chance uses the veto. now if Natalie uses the veto on Bronte they may have a problem… that is probably the worst case scenario… then Paulie would have to put a vet up.
If a newbie on the other side wins the roadkill then James go’s up… maybe Nicole. The good news is after this eviction the news must know they do not have the votes.

Jimmy 64

Hey Victor maybe if you were nicer James wouldn’t have thrown
the competition. Let’s hope Victor goes out because in that battle
to get back in Jozea will probably crush Glenn against Victor will
be a better fight.


I thought they said the team that won and went to “Safeville” was safe for two weeks. I thought that meant they were safe for two evictions or did two weeks just mean the first two weeks in the house? Or did I just mishear that and they were only safe for the first eviction? And I’m only reading this site and watching they show, but as for Jozea, Paul, and Victor the only comment I can make is that there is a difference between being honest and confident and just plain being obnoxious. If they really did watch the show they would know that the person with that attitude is the one that usually rubs everyone the wrong way and is the first everyone wants gone.

An ornery mouse

Julie said safe from “first two evictions”, not weeks. Glenn was considered the first eviction and Our Lord and Savior left tonight. Therefore, everyone is fair game going into this week.


There have been two evictions , they were safe for the two evictions, Glen and Jozea.


Hope Paul, Bronte & Victor go up.


Typical Sheep viewer.


Hope Victor wins POV so all these sheep viewers don’t get there way. Screw James the midget. OMG we love James because he scares people and plays pranks. Can’t wait to vote for him America’s fav so he can steal another 100k or whatever America’s Fav gets. Then he can do his younow videos and us idiots can all mail him presents. JOKE


go suck an egg.


Your mother can suck my balls

Jozea's Vocabulary

Y2 is jealous of James


Thanks to the few people who gave me thumbs up and thumbs downed the replies.
Maybe you recognize my name from Youtube or are grateful for me posting BBUS and BBUK episodes along
with 100 other shows on facebook. #Preesh lol

You that FB Poster

Neo-nazi much? MW from NJ or his bro? Your hate is really disproportionate, stop watching. His camo flag lovin “character” is no more annoying than your “slap the broad, give her melanoma, tear my nuts off” tatted Paul lookalike.


The one loophole in the rules that can’t be closed.: Throwing the competition


Thank goodness Paulie won! Paul or Vic need to go this week, wouldnt be sad if Bronte leaves, she’s a mean girl!

Bronte Hater

ugh i cant stand Bronte and Victor, Paul too! Bunch of scuz

Cody would be happy :)

Paulie deserved the HOH and I’m happy that his team won.
Side rant about Bridgette: She’s sweet but that speech was so incredibly fake and just plain annoying
Estimate for the nominees: Likely to be Victor and Paul and if their side wins BB Roadkill, Bronte will be targeted.
I think that Natalie is going to be safe for the next few weeks –definitely bigger targets out there.
If Victor and his side wins BB Roadkill, they’ll target James or Frank.
Between Jozea and Glenn, I hope that Glenn comes back. He really never got to play the game and he looked so sad when he lost. He didn’t really deserve to go out like that. Jozea though, he was a little over confident and ran his mouth which led to his downfall.


could’nt agree more


Oh Natalie will go far, she’s definitely this season’s Victoria.


i predict vet-rookie goes james pawn-victor

Min O'Pause



Dude be sounding like Jozea.

Min O'Pause

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

Min O'Pause

Is it me or does Bronte sound like she fellated a helium tank?

Baby Bronte & Bridgette

These two are a disgrace, what is the point of their high pitched screeching, mean girl rants and “awe shucks when I’m not threatening violence I’m so sweet” speeches? Is this a knock-off Victoria I’m so dumb I won’t be a threat at finals strategy? They set women back centuries. Creepy & fetishistic. Thanks AG!

Hon Kong Ding Dong

Bronte STILL talking trash & Victor thinks he can threaten to put up James for a week and James is supposed to fight for his safety and give him HOH as a prize? These Newbies are stupid & cruel and won’t learn from Jozea their Mess-oh-yeah that you’re not supposed to shout out your targets. Why didn’t BB Production share the rules, these idiots too busy partying during sequester to watch how the game is played? If they’re gonna evict themselves is really a season of Vet vs. Vet.


I puked in my mouth during Bridgette’s eviction speech tonight. So fake.


You could tell she thinks everyone loves her cuz she got no votes


Just a thought: if Paulie puts up either Vic or Paul, they would then go to battle Glen/Josea and unless he collapses, he’d be back. Not sure it would be wise to piss both of them off? Pick one and add Bronte or Michelle as the second nominee.


Michelle is safe her team won and they might as well put them up who cares it’s 1-5 chance they could come back anyway


Michelle is safe because she’s in Paulie’s group which would leave annoying Bronte as the next logical choice


But as of right now they don’t know the twist. Right? Paul and Vic would be good targets. The 8 don’t want Jozae back. Paul or Vic will kill Jozae in a one on one battle (assuming he beats glenn). Sure you’ll have a pissed off house guest come back but only 1 out of the 5 will so take out stronger players on that side.

Jake K.

To be honest, I think Michelle has positioned herself quite nicely in the game so far. She is one of my favorites and is one of the best players, in my opinion, underratedly. She has a good relationship with both sides of the 8-pack alliance while still maintaining somewhat of a social relationship with the other side. She is lightly setting herself up to be able to choose a side when things get a bit messier and her gameplay in such a manic season with lots of stronger players and Vets will keep her hidden for a while. She is my pick to win BB18 as of right now. It may change but right now I think she is playing better than most are appreciating


if I was paulie I would put nicoles ass up for pawning him. He’s an idiot if he does whatever the vets want not only did Nicole nominate him they left him out of the 8 pack.


I think it was unfair to show Jozea goodbye messages, especially from Da’ and Paulie if he still has a chance to come back?

sunny dee

I agree. i don’t remember ever seeing a comeback BB US or Can that showed the messages to the evicted comeback HGs, because i always think LOL when i see after dark or recaps where the remaining ones are talking about how great their goodbye messages were and i knew that the evictee never got to see any of them.

I am hoping to see Glen do well in the Comeback Battles. i have no idea what kind of comps they are, i doubt if they are comps that are going to be fair to someone who is not athletic, male or at least male centric (not sure if they even realize that some games even tho not obviously sporty/athletic, are still going to be performed better by someone who is simply taller or with longer arms. unless some of them are made smaller and lighter for the girls, or shorter guys, which i doubt. ) and they can’t do True/False, Before/After with two people who got evicted a week apart. maybe they can do a picture this and that, where you have to figure out what is the difference between two photos, but if after that you have to run, find an item and then throw it into a hamper (i.e. BBCAN recently) that is still geared to athletes. i.e. jozea not Glen, Victor not Bridgette, etc etc.


I don’t think they gave away all that much (strategy wise) with the messages he was shown. I have already forgotten Glenn’s messages (if I even bothered to watch them!), but the first set rarely reveals anything useful, anyway.


This season is the best big brother 18.


As far as Jozea coming back in the house I don’t think we have to worry too much as long as the comps don’t have anything to do with walking on water or making copious amounts of food appear from a teaspoon of mushy rice and an undercooked chicken thigh.

Franks Wife is Ugly

Yeah apologize Frank. Then next he making rounds to try and keep himself cool with all sides. He will be up Pauls and Victors and Brontes and Natalies ass all weekend.

Trust me Tiff didn’t so much care he told her to stfu…but she saw him working only for himself and knows he can’t be trusted.

Paulie should put up Victor and Bronte. No way she winning POV. And if Victor does U throw Paul up. Road Kill u put up Day and tell her she’s safe. lol. Let’s see how she “freaks out” for real when she claiming Tiff is unstable.

Jozea's Vocabulary

Frank the Tank does not apologize…he does what is necessary to chill that b*tch out. I wonder who is more emotionally unstable? Vanessa or Tiff?

Holy snapcrackle&pop

Day just has to stop. She and Zak were just talking saying Tiffany is playing that floater game and they need to watch her…and then immediately started talking about how they think it might be good for them to not try and win hoh so that the two sides can go to war, pick each other off, and they (day and Zac) could get ahead with no blood on their hands :/ SMH! Life vest anyone?! Isnt that the def of a floater?!?


Another week of hearing the same old stuff. Boring.. Can’t wait until next week. Please something, anything surprising. I get that people want certain other people out,but losing shit on purpose… BS. Win for your dignity and pride if nothing else.

production rigged it

Well here’s to another boring ass season or at least the first few weeks with another 8 person alliance running the house. Yawn wake me up when they have to go after each other.


i rather listen bronte over cry rachal!

Min O'Pause


production rigged it

Well James was right he is one of the girls because he has no balls. He can say what he wants but he’s obviously afraid he can’t beat Victor in competitions. I’m not saying I like Victor it just sucks because the next few weeks are going to be so boring because the other side has the numbers.


There’s Zakiya and her big ole’ black ass in Paulie’s grill already. She’ll be twerking on his lap in just a few…..wait for it….

Just Wondering

Josea and Glenn are out. If the next target is Victor or Paul, wouldn’t that just be begging for the women to get together and dominate the men after that? I thought that Frank was worried about eliminating too many men up front.


I am so flippin’ happy Jozea is gone (for now). I haven’t felt relief like that since Devon left! I hope he loses the Battle Back comp, cuz I just can’t take it.


I am so flippin’ happy Jozea is gone (for now).


I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many BB fans unite so strongly against a group of 3 or 4 HG’s. It seems like 90% of America wanted the “Messiah” out first & now want Victor, Paul, & Bronte to follow Jozea out the door. I definitely happen to be part of that high percentage, but I’m also never opposed to big shake-ups in the house either!! I’m liking the new roadkill twist & redemption island!!


I wonder if they will tell the house about the twist. Battle of the evicties. That would change who they decide to put up. I hope they don’t until the last two battle it out. Let the house watch the last battle so they can see who maybe coming back. I really love the new twists and games. Didn’t like the houseguest practicing for the games and studying for them. Love it being a surprise.


James is a loser.


I would like to see Tiffany win roadkill, keep her mouth shut and nominate Frank. Let the others decide if he was selfish to ruin the blindside that he insisted on and whether he is playing for himself already and not his alliance. Then vote him out. Like Da, he didn’t learn from his first game.

Butters Mom

That would be awesome but Frank is safe this week.

The Long Haul

I dont agree with the dignity comment about throwing comps. There’s nothing wrong with James throwing the comp! This isn’t field day in elementary school where you play games and see how many ribbons you can take home that day. The comps are a tool to winning the actual prize at the end. Throwing a comp, especially with these stupid teams is a strategy. Most BB winners don’t even have their dignity in tact at the end of the summer so why do they need it for one competition.


” America” always gets what it wants, right. Which means it’s going to be a very dull season. I’ll have to wait a friggin month to hear or see anything different. Possibly longer… We already know whom people hate in the house,so we get to read the same insults and bashing of character over and over and over and over. Can we fast forward or something. Paulie is now cock of the walk… Whoopie! We knew what he was going to do a hundred years ago.


Victor trying to kiss Nicole. Funny????


Paulie needs to get rid of a girl this week.

Top Tank

I’m ready for one of Da and Zak to leave.

skeptical onlooker

Fans may not agree…but it was a VERY good move on James’s part to throw the comp. It’s not being a wimp..imo. Very strategic. Victor IS a threat. Not brain wise…but physically. Even if Victor is not evicted (if he goes up)..he will be rattled..just being on the block.
For me..I’d like to see Bronte LEAVE! Natalie would be much better off with out that CU next Tuesday.
Paul is annoying…but young and too obvious.
Zak is gorgeous..funny and smart. Davonne is savvy..and I think Tiffany can do well..if she can just keep it together.
Frank is squirrely…he’s very much an arse creeper.
So..back to the second coming of Jesus. I notice Josea was..err…quite quiet:) No cussing out? No *boldness*?
I don’t think he can win head to head battles with anyone good getting voted out. He’d have to win 5? back to back?
I like Zak..Paulie…James…Tiffany..and Natalie to finish well.
That may change. So far…not too boring.
Bronte is arrested development. That baby ..4 year old voice…with numerous hair clips…is disconcerting. I can’t get over her teaching math to high school students. It just boggles the mind.
If I was a student in her class..I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. It just jars:(

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

I hope James is eliminated next. He adds nothing to the game but stale pranks and doesn’t know how to play. Such a waste.


I wish TIFF would show who she is.

Natalies fake eyelashes

20 bucks says Michael thinks Tiff is really Vanessa. And he is serious:-)


I agree that Zak is a nice looking woman, but she is so very dull.

Frequent Sire

Zakiyah gets more ghetto every day. I used to think she was cute.


i see this game like this who can stop frank when his back against the wall he going to go on a win streak
he might start now first win

Biff Tannen

This is why it’s good to have an open mind. I like Paulie way more than I thought I could like a DJ from New Jersey. Also, Tiffany has that same charisma her sister had. Just a magnetism that really rallies people to her. *fart noise*