Corey – The whole 8 pack thing is irrelevant now… Frank you might have to go bud

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 16-37-46-269

11:03am – 1:00pm HOH Corey and Paulie
Corey is concerned with the number of final 4’s Frank is making. Corey says Nicole has been talking about it. Corey and Paulie consider forming a solid 5 with Nicole, Zakiyah and Da’Vonne with Mcihelle as a replacement. Paulie wants a final 2 with Corey.
Paulie – If the vote was 6 to 4 Tiffany would crumble she would become so paranoid she would shoot herself in the foot.
Paulie – she still thinks people want to get her out this week
Paulie – she is a wild card but she is aware of things that are going on
Paulie says Frank is telling him that Michelle and the girls figured out the name but Z told him it was Frank. She said he came out of the shower and said “We should call ourselves the 8 pack because Corey has a 8 pack”

Corey – the whole 8 pack thing is irrelevant now
Paulie agrees says those big alliances never work
Corey – I do like Michelle.. I do think she likes you and me a lot
Paulie – she can be pulled in the same way James and Paul can be pulled in

Paulie is having trouble believing Frank after he told Zakiyah not to trust him. He’s worried Frank whispered to Da, Nicole and James… “Everybody”

Corey – ohh Frank you might have to go bud
Corey – maybe we should get him next week
Paulie – maybe next week is the best..
Corey – we can get Michelle to throw it tomorrow… I don’t know if Z and Da want to put him up.. (they want a convoluted backdoor strategy that hinges on 3 comp wins)
Paulie thinks Tiffany should win it.
Corey – Nicole wants him out next week..
Paulie – really.,.. Dang.. .
Corey – I’m pretty sure.. She said it.. I was like OK

They count the votes.. they have 5 to get Fran out.
Corey – I can talk James into doing it..
Corey adds they will just put people on the block with Frank that will vote for him.

Corey – I’m just trying to stick week to week

They count the votes if Victor and Frank leave.. 8 girls and 4 guys.
Paulie – I just don’t want to be naive to the fact their numbers are growing
Corey thinks they can treat Nicole, Michelle and Zakiyah as “Guys”
Paulie says with Frank gone it’s going to be hard for his team to win an HOH competition.

Paulie says Frank isn’t after them anytime soon. Corey says that’s not Nicole and Michelle are saying.. Corey says Frank wants to anonymously put up one of them after a roadkill win. They count the votes and believe they are safe if Frank does that. Paulie is amazed Frank would rope them in and try to flip teh house on them next week with roadkill.
Paulie blames losing last weeks roadkill on not having enough sleep, “I was falling asleep.. math is my strong suit”

Paulie says Paul is a good dude outside of the house he would vibe with him.
Corey doesn’t know he’s heard him says thing that aren’t cool. Corey explains that Paul said B1tches to Nicole and Da’Vonne after winning the POV.

Corey wants to put up Bronte and Bridgette and send Bridgette home because she is close to Frank.

They agree Natalie, Zakiyuah and Nicole have rocking bodies. Feeds flip to the have nots room

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 17-04-46-360

12:58pm Da’Vonne and Zakiyah
Zakiyah – who is better for your game.. the 5 he mentioned last night or you mean Michelle and Nicole..
Da’Vonne says the 5 with Michelle
Zakiyah – I definitely want Michelle around .. I trust yuo whatever you htink we should do
Da’Vonne – you gotta think about your game.

They can’t decided what alliance to form..
Zakiyah says Corey is on Frank’s radar, Paulie say Franks season before he knows what he’s doing.
they decide to go with Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah, Paulie and Da’Vonne with Michelle on the side.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 17-18-04-684

1:45pm Nicole and Zakiyah
They agree that Paulie is starting to turn on Frank. the more they talk about the Frank situation the more Charged Paulie gets.
Zakiyah – he’s a threat he’s a threat Frank has to go..
Zakiyah says Corey and Paulie are very close.
Nicole doesn’t think she can get alone time with Paulie to talk to him about Frank. Zakiyah says she needs to be more forceful.
Zakiyah says Paulie wants them to cut out all of Franks votes before they take a shot. The girls are worried this is too dangerous of a strategy, “Something might change”
Nicole is worried Frank will take the shot first while they are working with Paulie to get the “Powerpuff girls” out

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 17-35-46-593

2:13pm Nicole and James
They agree the vets aren’t making it to the end..
James – you know what is more sad.. Frank was my hero..
Nicole – put him down as my favorite player…
James – me to

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 17-25-12-365

2:45pm Nicole and Corey

Corey brings up Da talking to Frank about getting them out.
Nicole – Da needs to go home too

Corey talked to Paulie this morning about Frank.
Nicole – I know he said he doesn’t want to get frank out for 3 weeks.. Paulie tried to make an alliance with you, me, DA and Zakiyah.. Da’Vonne is pissed about it because she thinks it’s 2 -2 and her..
Nicole – I don’t trust her at all I don’t want Zakiyah or Paulie to know that..
Nicole – you are the only person in this house I trust at all .. I’m so nauseous everyone is cutthroat..
Nicole says James accidentally told Frank you didn’t want to throw the HOH.
Corey – I don’t care
they both agree James doesn’t trust Frank at all.
Corey – that makes me mad Frank and Da have been talking..
Nicole – I don’t want to win with a cake walk I want some struggle (DING DING give that girl a medal)

Nicole – Da doesn’t like the 5 person alliance.. where does she stand.. now she knows I trust you and Zakiyah trust Paulie and now she’s pissed..
Nicole says Zakiyah trusts Da with her life, “I think they have a final 2”
Nicole – If I win Roadkill next week I’m putting up Da’Vonne
They agree to backdoor Frank next week if they can but Da’Vonne is also a target for Roadkill.
Nicole says she’s played harder these past 2 weeks than she played her entire past season.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 17-49-21-504

2:55pm Have nots Da’Vonne and James
Bummed out that the vets aren’t making it to the end.
James – we would have been a powerful force
Da’Vonne tells him about the 5 person alliance that PAulie and Corey are planning and how she’s the odd person. She doesn’t think Paulie included her in the alliance Zakiyah just added her because they are friends.
Da’Vonne says paulie’s new alliance wants to get frank out. James proposes they tell Frank and blow that alliance up. (ohh please do that)
James says they have to cause Drama they can’t be quiet this whole game.
Da’Vonne brings up asking Nicole if the 5 person alliance is good for everybody in it and She said it was, ‘HOW’
James wonders why he’s never involved in anything..
James – I’ve been honest to everybody in my group.. if you watched my season last season I was honest 98% of the time.. those are good statistics for this game.

james we gotta get our group together
Da’Vonne doesn’t know if they can Nicole is really close to Corey, she didn’t want Nicole to get that close.
James and Da’Vonne proposing they get rid of Corey. it frees up Nicole and Paulie.
James- we have to be sneaky about it
Da’Vonne – and smart

James- I don’t know if it’s really smart to get rid of Victor.. Victor will go after Paulie.. I might be able to rope Victor back in
Da’Vonne says everyone wants Victor gone, “It’s a lost cause”
James- damn

Da’Vonne goes on about having kids and how her and James have higher reasons to be on the show. She starts to cry says everyone else is worried about getting Instagram followers, ‘We got kids dammit”
James says everyone here for their own reasons them having kids is their reason doesn’t mean other players reasons aren’t as valuable to the them. James and Da’Vonne both miss their kids.
James- she’s starting pre-K I wanted to be there for her.

Da’Vonne – we got to get rid of Frank, Get rid of Corey and pull back Nicole

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 17-57-03-094

3:05pm Natalie and Bronte
Bronte says Cody is really into his acting so he can’t come back into a reality show
Bronte – we need HOH girl.. then we can start turning the tides..
Natalie says James is going to watch out for them, ‘I trust him we just have to be careful”
James comes in.
They tease him about kicking him out of team unicorn.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 18-07-56-404

3:24pm Nicole and James
James hopes the returnees don’t pay in the end for not sticking with their group.
Nicole says Frank talked to Paulie about putting us up.
James doesn’t want the HOH says everyone doesn’t have a set target anymore.
Nicole – we got to protect each other
James – they won’t put you up..

James asks if Paulie trusts Frank
Nicole – I don’t think so
Frank says they use to have one powerful alliance now they have groups forming all over the house.

Nicole – I have the feeling Frank is going to win HOH
James – I don’t care anymore
Nicole – You have to care
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New Poll, please!


I’ll believe this shakeup is happening when someone unexpected is actually sitting on the block.


Exactly, it’s the same every season. Folks in nominal power are comfortable then emboldened, their target is on his/her way out, they start plotting every move, often something “big”….then the eviction happens, a new HOH is crowned, and maybe 1 person still wants to make the big move.

Unless there’s a public fight/split/revelation, I expect 2 weeks before we see anything we’re not expecting as of a week ago.

Big Jim

I’d like to change my favorite HG vote from Frank to….. Damn near anyone else. What a disaster

Team Edward

Things are getting interesting. I would like one of the girls to win because it will literally hit the fan.

Team Edward

new poll. This season so far is better than last years.


Call me nuts but if there are players that are aggravating, causing panic, worry, paranoia…players everybody agrees can’t be trusted…yet players I doubt would come at me anytime soon, despite another player saying they would because I know I say s**t just to see a reaction and talk is talk, nothing matters until action, and I’ve put in the work to have votes to survive early…that player is the last one I want gone. I wouldn’t hard sell keeping them (nobody in this game knows how to soft sell) but I’d guide them away.

This is doubly true if I can see the real fear is that they’re in anyway similar to me…because if the fear of this player is they’re smart, athletic, whatever and I’m in the same vein, I’ll be next.


Like that Big Brother’s edit tonight really showed Victor’s gullibility. After seeing the veto comp tonight Davonne’s disdain of Tiffany makes more sense


Watching the CBS show, I almost feel bad for Victor….lol

Misty Beethoven

Oh Nicole – I’m almost at a loss for words with you. You want to win, not easy, but with difficulty? So we can hear you whine “It’s so haaaaard, I can’t dooooo it.” And now you decide you want Da out? The fireworks I’ve been expecting between Frank and Da might actually wind up being a doozy between you and Da. And it’ll be brutal, so be careful what you wish for, little girl.
Shorter version: Nicole, you’re an idiot.


Total idiot at best! She’s throwing Day under the bus to Cory and this guy shows no interest in her bleach, messy blonde behind. Z and Nicole are idiots. Z acts like a comfortable “side chick” and Nicole acts like a desperate, lonely female. Paulie nor Cory would date those two after the show. They need to wise up and stop telling these guys everything.


Tomorrow could be the start of something crazy good. After Vic goes tomorrow, everyone needs to remember Bronte, Natalie, and Paul still exist and can vote too. I’d like to see the kool kids club finish falling apart so we can see some conniving, backstabbing, and real treachery. The potential is there!

No way Paul gets HoH as long as the team picks the HoH, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah will not give it to him.
James’ teams wins and either Natalie or Bronte walk away as HoH…some potential shenanigans there.
Frank’s team, Paulie can’t compete, and Frank more than likely gets his HoH. He may take a shot at Vanessa’s sister, but I don’t see a huge shake up with that path.

Road kill can cause some mayhem next week. I’m rooting for James’ team just to see folks scatter to their corners and see who’s with who.
Nicole’s team may let Vanessa’s sister take the HoH for a Frank barrage.

Froot Loop Dingus

The CBS show tonight was painful. Making Frank look like a nice guy, and annoying James pranking. Certainly didn’t reflect what’s been going on in the house.

Also the HGs are all stupid. Sending Victor home achieves nothing. His only remaining ally is Paul and he has just about washed his hands of him. It makes more sense to vote out Bronte or (please Jesus) Tiffany.

Tiffany truly is Vanessa 2.0. The sound of her voice makes me cringe. Next thing you know, she’ll be cornering people and interrogating them and talking about her integrity.

Voting out Bronte splinters the spy girls and then Natalie and Bridgette will be numbers for a vote.

I’d use Paul to talk to Vic and let him know if they save him, he has to vote the way they tell him next week.

And note to James, no one ever talks game with you because they DID see your season. You pulled juvenile pranks and layed in bed with Meg until your whole alliance was voted out.

I’m liking Paulie a lot. He stays calm and is playing his own game. Unlike Cody, he’s making his own moves, while still not pissing anyone off. He should rope in Paul, Nicole, Corey & Zakiyah with Michelle as the 6th. That’s a good low key alliance.

Frank and Da may be an entertaining match up, but being aligned with either is bad for anyone’s game.


Riiigghhtt. Keep a strong competitor that would most likely hold grudges against most everyone there aside from Paul (possibly even Paul). Not a single person there could trust him. They’re not going to do that.

Also Paulie hasn’t made a single move yet that wasn’t orchestrated by 8 pack. He talks a lot, but hasn’t made any other moves at all. He said today in one of his hour long big brother filibusters that hes not going to make any moves for the time being. He’s going to “cross reference” (said that term at least 1000x’s) and just try to figure out who is doing what.

And two showmances in one alliance is not the best idea either. Showmances are always targets therefore making the majority of the alliance you mentioned him forming a huge target.


James had his whole team voted out because they couldn’t win comps. If they won some it would have gone differently.


The thing with James in his season was they had this notion they couldn’t do anything unless they were HoH. If they weren’t, then it was we gotta go with the house and vote out who they tell us to, lie in bed until the next comp and hope we win.

Frank, Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Da’Vonne, Michelle, Zakiyah, James and Vanessa’s sister are nowhere near tight. Within this “alliance” are several groups, and just like in his season if someone would try you could push a wedge between those groups.


Nicole is truly dumb, she’s trying to target day when day has her back completely. I hope she over hears Corey saying he would never date a girl like her. James needs to form a solid alliance and get out of nats ass…Corey and Paulie are doing better than I thought and tiffnessa is still creeping, I’m still pulling for her to get it together and make a move