Big Brother 18 Power of Veto Ceremony Results “I’m glad we saved our wine”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

As was the Plan the POV was used to take Paul off and put Victor up.

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 11-22-30-009

11:22am Paulie and Frank
Paulie – I can’t believe I f***g did that on a holiday
Frank – I’m glad we saved our wine.. start the day with fire works Paulie

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 11-23-23-013

11:23am Paul and Victor
They’re discussing the only play is to get the Votes to take out Tiffany.
Paul – I told you to be careful
Victor – Literally what else could I have done.. not talk to them..
Paul – we got this
Vicotr – we’ll see
Paul – and if not I’ll see you next week

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 11-27-48-061

12:26am Paul thanks Paulie for using the veto on him.
They agree Bronte’s speech was poor.

Paulie says he thought that was going to be easy he had to practice to keep his heart rate down.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 11-30-00-794

Bronte and Natalie saying goodbye to Victor.
Bronte – Paul you’re next

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 11-40-32-268

11:35am Da’Vonne and Nicole
Da’Vonne saying she told Frank Tiffany has been mentioning getting Frank out before Jury. Frank is still down for Victor out this week but wants Tiffany you be an option for next week.
Da’Vonne is happy she’s not one of the first 4 out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 11-49-24-781

11:48am Da’Vonne and Nicole
Da’Vonne says Bronte is coming after them and their people Tiffany is not coming after them just their people.

Da’Vonne – if someone is going to take him out why not her (Tiffany and Frank)
Da’Vonne adds that Michelle will never vote Frank out before Jury.
Nicole – We should not focus on him..
Da’Vonne – I’m focused on him because he’s focused on these three girls.. (Natalie, Bronte, Bridgette)
Da’Vonne – that’s my only issues other than that I don’t care

Zakiyah joins them with a box. Asks Nicole for help with it. It’s medication for a yeast infection she’s never used that type before.
Nicole gives her some medical advice.

Around 11:55pm Natalie and Bridgette get a pencil sharpener for their makeup.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 12-06-36-988

12:05pm Victor, James and Natalie
Victor says worst case he goes and spends the summer with his family. Best case he stays home.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 12-08-42-980

12:06pm Frank and Corey
Frank says Tiffany told Da’Vonne she wants to get Frank out before Jury. They are surprised Tiffany is trusting Da’Vonne with that, “How can she think Da won’t tell me”
Neither of them are worried about Tiffany it’s expected.

They agree it’ll be 10-0 this week. Next week it can be a toss up between Bronte or Tiffany. Frank is concerned that Paul is more dangerous to have than Bronte, Paul might pull out a HOH win.

Corey says Victor grabbed a beer out of the fridge and said ‘What are they going to do evict me”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 12-20-27-641
12:19pm Pauilie, Tiffany and Frank

Laughing at Bronte’s Speech. They say she was going on about how strong of a competitor she is. She highlighted her mental and physical game.
Paulie says you are supposed to talk me into use the veto on you not out of.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 12-37-29-303
12:36pm BAthroom Da and Nicole
They agree the boys are going to be out of control today. They are drinking the beer and wine left over from last night. Da’Vonne says Frank and James have been butting heads a lot lately they can get James to take out Frank.

(One thing these people are forgetting is it took the players on BB14 an entire season to take out Frank because he won all the competitions)

12:47pm Corey and Victor are tipsy snapping each other with a towell.

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82 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Power of Veto Ceremony Results “I’m glad we saved our wine”

    1. I vote for Bronte to stay and for Tiffanessa to be evicted. She is lazy, whines, has no strategy, and is an eyesore. Did I hear that she is a math tutor? I don’t think that she can add, if she did she’d know that things are adding up for her to be evicted.

      1. Says the person that wants a guy who can’t even get himself a unlaughable hairdo to be our next President.

        I would hate to see what you look like. How dare you comment on the looks of the girls in the house.

        Also every post you mention Tiffany or Vanessa. If you hate them so much keep them outta your keyboard hater boy.

        1. Shut up Lisa Ruosso! Stop spreading lies, Vanessa, your sister already gave your family a bad name by being a chronic tale bearer (LIAR!). I never said anything about Tiffany’s looks in my post. Maybe you misunderstood when I said that she is an eyesore? I was not referring to her looks. I was referring to the fact that Tiffanessa sits around all day doing nothing, she is an eyesore to the BB house and a disgrace to the Ruosso name. Is that possible? There is no redeeming grace to that name!

          1. Potus Donald, just stop seriously. You can tell some of the other comments written by “anonymous 3” etc are you.

            We get it, you don’t like Vanessa and Tiffany. Seriously, we get it. Your life must be very boring for you to sit and do all that. Get a hobby, get a girlfriend, it’s not healthy to be that obsessed over a player or players on big brother. Take a deep breath, and calm down.

        2. Lisa, you are a hypocrite. You lambast somebody wrongfully for what you thought were comments about their looks, and then you go and make fun about someone else’s hairdo?! Shame on you, look in the mirror, there’s a hypocrite staring at you.

          1. Lmfao some of these comments are the dumbest comments I’ve ever seen. You sound dumb af. “Susan”. Lmao

        3. I couldn’t agree with you more. Trump fan keeps accusing anyone who says anything positive about Tiffany of being a relative yet he spends more time talking about Tiffany and Vanessa than all their fans put together. Seems like someone has a wee bit of an obsession. Maybe jealous because even without winning BB Vanessa is more successful than he will ever be. His hatred for Van and Tiff borders on scorned lover syndrome. Let him keep slinging his hate and throwing his tantrums-that’s what The Donald does. And much like his mentor Trump, the more he talks the more foolish he looks.

  1. Um……ok Bronte???…you better start doing some work or else, you’re not far behind them heading out the door…

  2. Everyone thinks Vic is 100% out. Still 3 full days which means plans can move around and the script could flip to getting Tiffany out.

    Monday’s odds: Vic 80%, Tiffany 15%, Bronte 5%.

    1. Hopefully in those few days Davonne and Frank will get together and round up the troops to evict Tiffany. She does nothing but wear stupid hats and remind everyone of zit face Vanessa.

      1. Makes no sense for them to want to vote out Tiffany. Frank doesn’t like her because she’s smart and strong; she doesn’t take his shit and isn’t looking to ride along side him just to lose in the end.. Da and Nicole both think he’s gonna take them to F2 … These girls are working for him not with him… That’s not how you win this game. Taking out Tiffany is taking out a current ally and someone who won’t be afraid to get rid of frank when the time comes… Shameful …

    2. Bad start for Vic though. I don’t think he’s looking for votes if he grabs a beer out of the fridge they were saving and says “what are they going to do evict me”. He’s this seasons Mr Douchebag. Follows Jose, King of “we run this shit” and thinks that was a great idea. Hey everybody I won Roadkill! Bye Vic go live in your mommas basement

      1. There are no basements in New Orleans. City is below sea level. Victor lives in his mom’s closet on the second floor.

    3. Couldn’t agree with you more. Some here are as shortsighted as the HG’s, thinking they can plot the unplottable, predicting developments, competitions, who will take out who.

      I’ll say this, almost everybody is talking way too much and all it takes it one spark, one girl getting jealous, one guy blowing his own horn, and everything gets flipped on it’s head precisely because they all talk so much it could be a domino chain; Frank said this, oh yeah Da said that, oh yeah Nicole heard this, oh yeah Tiffany said this, yada, yada, yada.

      Of course, if the status quo remains, Victor’s cooked, but nobody here has built up a bond over such a short amount of time that it can’t be blown up pretty easily….and with no rooting interest beyond entertainment, here’s hoping to Victor thinking outside the box (with Paul helping, realizing he’s still on the outside looking in) and not doing the predictable hard sell, but instead surreptitiously sowing discontent, paranoia, and fear of the other noms.

  3. Goodbye Victor
    Now go and take Jozea out so he don’t come back in that house
    And you will probably win your way back in.

    1. Part of me is hoping he comes back because, unlike Jozea, you have to feel sorry for him. He had no idea what was going on so kept on making poor decisions

      1. Victor has been a total a**wipe and is getting exactly what he deserves. Let’s not forget how he acted last week when he was so sure that they were in control of the house. Schadenfreude is so sweet.

  4. Let’s just hope Jozea beats Glenn and Victor beats Jozea… Can’t deal with the hat again!!!

    1. and certainly dont ever want 2 see Jozea walking around in his skimmpy underwear ever again…just 2 nasty.

    1. That’s crazy because I heard her talking about Richard Dawson (host of Family Feud from the 70’s through the 90’s) the other night on After DarK and was really surprised she knew who he was….. none of the other Power Puff girls in the room did.

      Bridgette isn’t the sharpest crayon in the tool shed as far as this game goes, but she’s pretty cute and seemingly harmless, so it’s possible she could wind up making a Victoria-like run this season.

  5. Zak acting like she isn’t into Paulie when it’s so obvious she hates when any other girl talks to him.

    Michelle is a dumb ass. Gives fans of the show a bad name. She didnt watch last season she says. Some Super Fan. I guess she was too busy peeking in the windows of ex bf’s houses.

    Bye Vic.

    Paulie wake up and learn whats going on in the house you assume you are running. You can’t just flirt with the girls and say “bro” a lot to the guys and think they all will follow you.

    Corey. You are as dumb as Michelle. Go.away.

    Nicole the tired act of acting worried and looking helpless didnt work last time why you still using it? Also stop protecting Corey in every convo you have he doesn’t even like u. He isnt going to be your bf after show. Why are you hoping he will date you after like Hayden? Get a life Nicole.

    Ok I have to go enjoy my 4th. The rest of the house is off the hook for now.

    Happy Birthday America!

  6. I so excited when Day got another chance at bb18 cause I thought her potential as a player was cut too short last season. But biiiiiiitch. First she tells Z and them she found out Paulie and Tiffany were in an alliance from production and then recanted that statement when her ass got in trouble with production. I really think she was threatened by Z and Paulie’s close relationship and wanted to demolish to keep her closest ally from straying away. AND THEN she tells frank that Tiffany said she’s coming after him?!!!! BITCH did you not wanna get frank out without getting any blood on you or your allies’ hands, preferably letting tiff take him out?

    As paranoid of tiff as she is, she doesn’t realize she’s the one being shady and tiff over here just sharing info with her not realizing its jeopardizing her game. I’m done with Day. Z needs to open her eyes and distance herself

  7. I really want Glenn to win his way back into the house(not likely I know) it would make awesome drama great for ratings. He(Glenn) never had the opportunity to live in the house nor get to know anyone so it would be like an outsider joing the game half way through.

      1. We did not get the opportunity to see if Glen had the play in him do not discount him. I think many people think he will fail due to age! He was the one that pointed out the groups castle was built wrong at the start and the young one’s ignored him. They may have won if they had listened. I would love to see him come back into the game over egomaniacs Josea and Victor!

        1. Glenn’s problem… he only mentioned that he thought the 2 base pieces were wrong and wanted the others to acknowledge that he was right. When they didn’t he let the team fail and tried to punish the team for not listening to him. When you see something wrong you own it and you fix it, period. When he changes the pieces and they all match up when they didn’t before, then no one is going to argue with him or change them back. Glenn owns his team’s loss. You don’t try to explain what is wrong. You show them by fixing it and letting them see what right looks like.

  8. So now’, Paulie has Paul in his debt. Paulie wants f2 with Tiffany. If he can figure out how to evict Bronte, Victor will owe him. Could be a good group to go after Frank and Corey.

    1. Good idea, but it won’t work this week. The vote would have to go 3Vic, 3Tif, 4 Bronte. Frank, Corey, DaVonne, Paul want Tiff out. Add 2 SpyGurls. Bye bye, Tiff.

        1. It won’t be this week but trust me it’s coming. The girls are a underestimating how great at comps Frank is. I liked Tiff but she should have learned from her sister season when you are in a power alliance keep your eyes open but don’t play to hard early on. You don’t have to make a power move because you don’t want people to think you are to powerful and all she has been doing is opening her mouth and getting people to target her. Same with Day who time with also come very soon because I see Nicole flipping the closer she gets to Corey. As for Paulie he is playing for second place just like his brother and he is to stupid and to loyal to the wrong people like he is sticking his neck out for Tiff when the core of his alliance don’t trust her and his loyalty to Frank is also ruining his game. As for Frank I can see him taking Z and Corey to the final 3 and him taking Z to the final two so he can win. Nicole will go far but she isn’t playing to win and James is in a good spot but he is getting to close to Natalie .

      1. Good lord Donald, or whatever your dumb screen name is, give it a rest already! We get it! You don’t like Vanessa and Tiffany. Jeez

        You’re starting to sound like Frank and day. Simmer down

  9. Hope glenn does not come back. He doesn’t need the hate. He can spend time with his daughter this summer.

    1. Davonne can go after she masterminds getting rid of Tiffany. Tiffany sits around all day in stupid hats and does nothing. I vote to evict Tiffany.

    2. And here is Da telling Frank today how Tiff wants him out when Da talks about it more than Tiff. I hope that gets back to Frank.

  10. The only reason for keeping Frank around is because he hates Tiffanessa and will kick her sorry a$$ out the door!

    1. Seriously? There’s a handful of people just itching to vote Tiffany out. Frank being there won’t matter one way or the other.

  11. They need to evict Bronte. He voice is so annoying and I’m convinced she makes it more squeaky on purpose!

    1. I dont know what they were thinking casting her. Her voice just isnt for TV I think she has put more than a few people off watching.

  12. I don’t recall Tiffany really saying that they needed to get out Frank… I do recall Da’vonne saying it. Here is the problem with how they are playing this. I have no idea what Da’Vonne is doing… Tiffany has never said anything about Da’vonne or Nicole… never about James… once she was upset about Frank and Paulie. It seems like a wasted target that does nothing for D’avonnes, Nicoles or Zaks game, for that matter so is Bronte, Bridgette, Natalie and Michelle… a total waste of their BB energies.

    There is serious threats to their games and those are Frank, Paulie and Corey they are BB men that will see you as a friend but at the end of the day you are disposable. It baffles me that Nicole of all people can not see that, she was betrayed by her best friend in the house because a group of guys saw her as disposable. They should be able to see that Frank Paul and Corey are slowly bringing in Paul… his eviction is moving further and further down their timelines for eviction.
    Victor is dumb muscle and Tiffany is someone to bring in. This is a time that Da, Zak, Michelle, Brigette, Tiffany, Nicole and Natalie need to sit down and agree that though taking out Bronte means one less woman an angry Victor who they can go to and say “We are saving you, you owe us so shut up and do what you are told and we can go far.”…. see your threats and know who they are…. better yet see who is someone elses threat.

    I am just saying strategy wise these girls are making huge mistakes and a big one is believing what some of these guys are saying and following that BB Woman strategy that takes out women… women need to start seeing who their threats are and stop being disposable, because the last girl in the house is never a good thing… even worst than that the second to the last girl in the house. In other words… congratulations Frank on your Big Brother win.

    1. Boy is this far fetched. The woman are going to hold a 8-5 lead after Vic goes. They can literally run the guys out if they get 1 nominated every week. This season has been excellent for the woman so far.
      As for DA and you not understanding her it’s simple. The talks around getting Tiff and Frank out are with Zak mostly. As others here have said she is fixated on the 2. Next HOH she’ll see who holds the power then work on getting either out depending who has the power. Guy HOH Tiff becomes the backdoor target. Girl HOH DA will be trying to get Frank backdoor. That’s the thing it’s likely a backdoor season now til at least jury. Da has also talked with Nicole about Frank going before jury.

      What’s surprising is Franks lack of feel as far as the game dynamic goes. He doesn’t see his “running” the house makes him a target. Seems oblivious to Da and her scheming. He doesn’t see the danger in keeping to eliminate guys even though Victor pointed it out. If a guy goes after Victor the girls will be talking about which one of the guys remaining they’ll let make the jury. This season looks like a typical “woman’s season”… they go after each other and let the guys alliance pick them off. The only difference is the girls are just sitting back watching them do it. Little cattiness combine with testosterone is making a dream season for the girls so far.


  13. Seems like the Rousso family is out in full force today. Say something bad about Tiffany and they will attack you! I hope that Tiffany doesn’t make it to jury so that I don’t have to look at her ugly zit face again!

    1. Donald go enjoy the holiday stop creepily thinking that Vanessa and her family post here. Mental illness is a real thing. Seek help.

      Go take a walk or something. Stop making new screen names.

      He thinks Vanessa and her family are here. Donald needs help. I hope he takes my advice and takes a break from Big Brother. Get some air. Call your psych.

      1. FR you can tell its him using different names. Lmao what a whack job. Like calm down rn. It’s not that deep.

      2. I am NOT Puntus Donald! I do not care for Vanessa, oops Tiffany, she is playing like her sister, hats over eyes, sunglasses like this is a poker tournament. Tantrums, crying… with that said (so far) Tiff does not browbeat, bully, present behaviour short of blackmail. I could not stand another season of Spanish inquistion.

  14. Frank is the Shizz, most ppl that dont like him are the over emotional woman… He is a great player, holds the record for most veto wins.
    Go Frank Go!

    1. I didn’t watch BB back when Frank was on and I really liked him the first week or so of this year. Not so much now. He’s a little too full of himself for my taste….

  15. Yes, Victor, you should have done ANYTHING beside talking to Frank and Not-Cody. And for pitties sake people, you already know Frank is running things! Make some deals, get him out! Or don’t, it might be too soon.

  16. this what I see mama day is going try get frank out but I think she fell
    here why frank is a beast in comp when his back against the wall
    if I was day I try in get one of the girls out cause think about it they want a girl to win why whould you take another girl too the final two then if frank sill here on double evction he probly be the part 2 hoh he good in comp
    just like jannile

  17. Have read a lot of “take out Tiffany”statements here, saying she has done nothing. What has Z, Day, Bronte, Natalie, and the rest of the girls with the exception of Nicole done? NOTHING!!! Day has gone on a witch hunt, and unfortunately the only witch in the house is looking back at her from the mirror. She is a Shit Disturber, and was the same the first time she played. For the most part she has been cheerful in the house, but just wait till there is a whisper of her going on the block, and see her jump on her broom and fly around that house. She has absolutely no reason to say what she has about Tiffany, and spews lies about the girl all day long. I am not fond of Tiffany neither, but how long till her statements start coming back on her? I say not long at all. If they need Frank out of the house, why would she go to Frank and tell him that Tiffany wants him out? Makes no sense to me. Day isn’t on anyone’s radar yet, but hopefully she smartens up and gets Frank out earlier than later. You have to take him by surprise, because you won’t beat him in a comp. I can’t see Day doing much comp wise at all. Sorry girl, another year wasted. You are acting the same way you did first time around, and that didn’t work too well for you then.

    1. You’re 100% right. A lot of these comments are done by one crazy commenter. I think Tiffanys going to have to put a restraining order out on “Donald the potus” or whatever him name is. That guy has lost it.

    2. When it comes down to it ALL the girls need to step it up a notch. Da basically just runs her mouth and stirs the pot but not her or any of the girls are putting a plan into action. Ugh it’s just blah blah blah mouths moving

  18. Why would they confiscate the patriotic shirt or whatever it was from Paulie? Isn’t this July 4th? This politically correctness crap is too much.

    1. Too much white, patterns or logos James wear’s his flag tank top all the time, it’s blue & red. Sorry, but trying to blame political correctness sounds like something Jozea or many-faced POTUS Donald would say.

  19. To be honest I like Tiffany I think she’s hot probably the best in the house after Nicole of course I’m more into the nerdy girl look but if I wasn’t Tiffany would be my pick

  20. Most people in the house want Tiffany out, maybe she’ll be evicted this Thurs., that would be great. And from the looks of it, most people commenting on here want her out.

  21. Victor seems like a good guy, he doesn’t annoy me. That being said I do understand the decision to send him packing. I could see myself cheering him on if he can get back in there.
    Natalie is quickly becoming my favorite HG. She’s playing the best game of the newbies and her personality is great. Considering how easy it is to get caught up in bashing your enemies, Natalie is always smiling, laughing, and gaining the trust of almost everyone. Sweet girl. And beautiful… Go Nat

  22. Frank said he is by far the best looking guy in the house and that he is a man, all the others are boys. Based solely on looks, before I knew anything about personality Victor is much better looking, Paul (I’ve seen pictures without the beard) is better looking, Corey is even with Frank, and Paulie is better looking. Add in the personality and James beats him hands down, Frank is every bit as arrogant as Victor and as creepy as Cory. Even Paul and Paulie have been nicer than Frank. As far as being a man in a house of boys, a real man doesn’t have to tell people, it shows in actions. And a real man doesn’t use threats and intimidation to get what he wants. Frank does, he did it in season 14 and he’s doing it in season 18. I just can’t root for this guy.

  23. I guess I am just too old. I have been watching this show for years. No superfan…..I just used to enjoy the scheming and conniving but any more there are so many sheep it isn’t the same show. And for the life of me I can’t get any kind of clue what these airheads will do from minute to minute.

  24. I really feel like Davonne and Tiffany will screw up Michelle, Zakiyah and Nicole’s game by targeting Frank. Frank will get the boys and spy girls and take out the Fatal five. Hopefully Bronte wins HOH and screws up the 8 pack’s plans. Yes that was not a typo.

  25. Vic needs to go you can’t play a game of integrity it’s BB….as for Tiffany using your sister’s playbook to play BB is what is going to get you evicted and until then because of you playing Vanessa’s game all over again is giving us fans an annoyance & or snooze fest. Frank, Frank Frank is also trying to use someone else’s playbook apparently since he was such an ass in his season he didn’t even try to change his game play this time around if you haven’t notice I think is trying to be Derek. Frank’s actions look somewhat close to Derek’s game however unlike Derek he is a bully, very authoritative to where as Derek was level headed, took time to make a rational game move not to mention when he spoke to people of how and what should be done he did it in a respectful manner that everyone listen to his logic and took it all into consideration. Frank just bulldozers through and doesn’t care who is in his way. Frank your not Derek and never will be so stop trying to play his game. Frank saying your going to change your game play this time around does not mean you “plagiarize” someone else’s work

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