POV Competition Results! “I just have to figure out how to make it pleasant for everyone”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Power of Veto players: Da’Vonne, Bronte, Paul, Tiffany, PAulie, and Zakiyah
POV Host: Corey

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The it was a spelling competition.

6:30pm The live feeds return – DaVonne and Nicole are in the Safari room talking. DaVonne tells Nicole that Tiffany counted her letters and then when back and made sure she had one more letter than mine. She only counted mine. How should I feel about that?! I was like I’m on your team why would you try and beat me?! She only did it to me?!!? They head out of the safari room. DaVonne then tell Frank, Paulie and Zakiyah. Frank tells DaVonne to not worry about it and just file it away.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 18-40-45-245

HOH room – Pualie and Nicole go up to the HOH room. Nicole says that everybody spelled their words right. Paulie says he looked for the letters that had the highest points and used those. Nicole asks do you know who you’re going to use it on? Paulie says he isn’t sure yet. I just have to try and figure out how to make it pleasant for everyone. If I don’t tell him and just do it then he’ll just be mad at Frank and I but if I tell him that everyone wants him out then he’ll make it unpleasant for everyone. Frank joins them. Nicole asks who he should take off? Frank says that’s a good question. Paulie says I figure I’ll take Paul off. Nicole says because he picked Zakiyah to play. Paulie says yeah. Frank says that he mooned the crew afterwards.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 18-53-54-477

6:55pm In the kitchen. Bronte tells Natalie those boys are up there strategizing. We need to stratagize. I think after Victor, we’re next on the list. Natalie says I’m going to ask Paulie if he is going to take you or Pual off. They can’t take Tiff off you know. Bronte says no. I think all we have is for James to fight for us. Natalie says be upset .. don’t be sad. James joins them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 18-52-44-292

7:05pm Paulie tells Paul that he is using the veto to take him off the block. Paul says thank you. Paulie says I’m going ot put him and and says I haven’t talked to anybody else about this .. I don’t know how the votes are going to go. This is because you put votes against me last week. Paulie then tells Tiffany how he is going to take all the heat for putting up Victor. Tiffany says you’re a good guy. Husband material!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 19-07-30-509

7:15pm Paul talks to Nicole and asks her if Vic asked her out? Nicole says yes it wasn’t like how people were saying. He didn’t straight up ask me out. Its personal and I don’t like talking about it. Paul says he is mad because he was lied to about it. Paul says he didn’t like how you (Nicole) were called a liar and James was called a manipulator. It just bummed me out because it could have changed the way people see me because I was caught in that.

7:25pm In the bathroom – DaVonne tells Zakiyah “I am PISSED at her (Tiffany)!

Meanwhile in the kitchen – Michelle talks about how she made a fan page for Johnny Mac that has 7k likes. She asks James why Johnny Mac never reached out to her. I’m have to sole fan page for Johnny Mac. James says Johnny Mac is a rockstar dentist, he doesn’t need a fan page.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 19-33-46-895

7:35pm HOH bathroom – Paulie tells Corey and Frank again how he’s going to take all the heat for putting up Vic. Corey says Frank was saying just say the whole house wants you out and if I don’t put you up, I’ll be out next week. Paulie says if I do that he might go around acting all crazy.

DaVonne tells Tiffany that she thinks Vic is going to “Flip a wig” (when he goes up). My question is who is next? DaVonne says I was talking to Frank .. and Nicole was like we have to start getting them out of here.. meaning the boys. And Frank was like we have to get Bronte and Natalie out. And I’m like why are we going out of order, it should be Vic, Paul, Bronte then Natalie. Davonne says we can’t sit next to James or Zakiyah in the end … they’re loved. We’re equally hated. DaVonne talks about the girls working together. Tiffany asks when? Davonne says after Frank (is gone). Tiffany asks when (When to get Frank out)? DaVonne says before jury. Tiffany says Nicole would be on board. DaVonne says she’s been afraid to approach her about it. DaVonne says get them all out of here .. and it will be a house full of women. Its never happened before.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 19-43-02-386
7:50pm – 8:10pm HOH room – Frank tells Paulie that DaVonne are the two strongest personalities in here and I don’t think they would go against us like that. And the more we talk about it the more it might get out. Frank says I don’t think they think that way. Corey joins them. Frank says as long as Bronte or Natalie don’t win next week .. we could just sit back because they’re going to go after Bronte & Natalie. Nicole, James and Michelle join them. Michelle says a girl needs to get out of here .. too much estrogen. Corey says I like the way you think.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 20-05-43-123

8:40pm HOH room – Frank, DaVonne, Bronte, Natalie, Michelle, Paulie, Tiffany, Nicole, Corey, Zakiyah and James are hanging out. Tiffany and Paulie are playing chess. The others are chatting about random things.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 20-43-07-762

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Day is petty af.


She’s been on a ‘Get rid of Tiffany’ rampage since like day 2… She will use anything and everything to get people talking about Tiffany and hating on her… Da and Frank trying to run that house … they need to back up; they’re not that slick


Da is a bitch. I didn’t like her last time and I don’t like her now.


this wasn’t obvious from last season?


At first I read this as “pretty” and was very confused.


lol Noooo not pretty.


I know right….day ain’t nothin but a damn dog. Had to shake my head, like wtf


It’s really annoying actually. She sounds like a 5 year old. She’s going to end up having the opposite effect and people are going to want her out instead of Tiffany. That kind of nonsense wears on people.


What does skin color or race have to do with Da’s reaction to Tiffany? Am I missing something?

Omg what?

Simon n Dawg approved this racist ranting????


Thank you Dawg! Horrific Post ugh

Min O'Pause

Wait, it’s been deleted? Man, is my post gonna sound dumb…..


Yes, but don’t worry, I’ll resuscitate you and shave off your eye brows!


Tiffany better sleep with one eye open tonight, ’cause Mama Day is PISSED!

Linda C

Mama Da is always pissed!


Yay !! Paulie wins the veto but now he has to decide if he should use or not imo he should use it to take tiff off the block because she might get evicted because of Frank and he has so much influence over the house .

Uh duh!

Then Vic would be safe genius


As the roadkill nominee, Vanessa’s sister would be replaced by whoever the roadkill winner wanted. I doubt Vic would pick himself, but some of these people are a special kind of stupid so…


Everyone hating on Day but when the show comes on everyone will be amazed by how she knows that Tiffany is indeed trying to beat her and win the veto. Not that there’s something wrong with that but it screws the plan to backdoor Victor.


Like I said before……People on this site are going to hate Day no matter what she does. LOL She can sneeze and they will say “Day is sneezing! She’s such a bitch! Who sneezes like that?! She needs to go home!” They won’t admit it but they know why. They say it’s not about race because they don’t say much about Zakiyah but it’s only a matter of time. I’ve already seen a couple of unnecessary nasty comments about her. Now bring on the thumbs down even though you all know I’m telling the truth. You all keeping proving it. I hope she stay in the house until the end. Now seethe haters!


Did you even read the update? Anyone that acts like she does gets slammed. Stop trying to make it a race issue. It’s not a race issue it’s an attitude issue. This is 2016, not 1952. Most people don’t care about skin color. Except for people like you that keep trying to make it an issue.

She’s on Big Brother, her attitude and actions are going to be scrutinized, as are ALL the players. Get over it.


I love the spelling comp. Yay Paulie!!!


Mama Day is one “nasty ass bitch” as far as I can see. She is the smartest person in the house, but has a nasty streak a mile long. What difference does it make if Tiffany went and got another letter? Neither of them won and she would have done the same thing to someone else. She bitches and crabs about everyone, especially Tiffany. Like her last season, she had it out for the twins and was like a dog with a bone. Take care of yourself girl, and keep your big mouth shut. Concentrate on someone that matters, like Frank and Paulie. They are the ones that are going to take you down, not the likes of Tiffany.


not that i’m disagreeing but if day is the smartest person in the house, we’re in trouble. her big problem is she fixates on people. it bit her in the ass last season with the twins, and i imagine she’ll suffer a similar fate this season.


When you got allies like the one’s Tiffany has, who needs enemies?

Jumping the Shark

Day is done. She’s blown up her gae throwing tantrums now, never having been put up or optioned (except by Frank to Paul), having been the center of Frank’s strategy talks in 8-pack, simply because Tiff attempted not to come in last. Day who’s thrown Tiff utb intimidated since Day1? Her color commentary is appreciated but her superiority, condescension & screaming during what should be a team victory is over the line. Tiff also has a right, like any player not only to tale themselves off the block esp when blindsides are preferred, but also to increase their value on the team by being seen as someone who can perform in a comp and not a floater, riding coattails, carried to the end like Day. Girls need to win for a change, but not her. She’s not pulling for girls, do why should we pull for her. Buh bye Day. Zak is tied to Paulie & turn coat Frank is the only one protecting her. Everyone gets on her last nerve and can’t be trusted.


Point blank and the period


It is just a matter of time before Mama Day goes back to her old game play. Also, they better keep an eye on Frank, there is something about him that I just don’t trust, Paulie also is getting a big head and a little power hungry.


Paulie isn’t going anywhere. Just like his brother a good #2. Frank will use him all the way to the end. He will have a chance to take Natalie or Frank and guess who he will choose? Frank wins bc everyone will be scared to do anything about him


There is something about Frank…… He is playing a social game with members of the other team He noted early on about Paulie as an ally and lamented about Paulie missing the 8. Mr. Eudy ends up in a lot of meetings as a result. He fails to see how dangerous DA is but other wise he’s playing a decent game so far.

Time to see if a girl can win HOH next week. I figure it’s questions. I’m interested to see if the guys get a clue as another male HG will likely be the target. Despite what is written above don’t be surprised if DA targets Frank next week. At this point I don’t think Frank sees it coming.

A word about Victor….. he’s actual been playing the game. He makes rational observations for the most part. Other than he is a guy why the hate. DA has been a vile, nasty snake compared to Vic just for starters. I see he’s worst crime was being associated with Joz. Paul seems to be getting a pass on that. I wouldn’t mind seeing him get back in after he gets evicted Thursday.


I’m hoping just for entertainment that he’s smart this week. that he knows he’s getting backdoored, not just a Paulie whim. And he just spends the week being the funnest guy in the house. Don’t kiss a**, just be nice and fun, create games to play to kill time, actually partner with James to pull a prank on somebody who is a good sport and will get you back, just act like you don’t have a care in the world. And don’t talk game, but don’t announce you’ve thrown in the towel. Then cross your fingers that the other noms get into a fight with an HG or somebody comes to you to make a deal to stay or some event that flips the house.

Acting cool without capitulating will make Tiffany and Bronte nervous, on edge, like something is afoot and they’re out of the loop, and I’d even coyly suggest as much to both, without naming any names…which increases the chances for them to annoy the house and/or blow up…and maybe sway somebody to see value in keeping you who can pull votes or rehabilitate you in viewers eyes to win a return to the house vote.

I’m more interested in watching good game players rather than players I like…


Terrific comments. I like you want game play after the last couple seasons from more than a couple HG’s. The season off to a good start in my opinion Entertaining and strong personalities makes for good BB IMHO


I totally agree with your comment, as to preferring good game players using strategy versus players that I have personal dislike for. I feel this year’s cast of houseguests are somewhat better players at my beloved Big Brother game than in the past several seasons. Of course, I’m excluding Joeaz and his minions in a category called players. Most of that pack is just totally clueless!


I really think this year the newbies they picked were on purpose they picked the dumbest people they could find and also picked people that really didn’t understand watch the show so it’s would give the vets a good shot at making it far and as of right now mission accomplished big brother production


People say the houseguests are the dumbest ever every single year.


Maybe they are from Jupiter where they get more stupider…
I think the problem is whoever is casting many of these house guests are not looking for people to play Big Brother, but rather looking at people who are big personalities. People know this, so they become a caricature of themselves within an archtype on the show. Flaming gay guy, attractive dumb jock, loud obnoxious person, as these people try to fit into the script the show has used for too many seasons, the game is forgotten. I get tired of hearing them talk about which house guests will get into a showmance before the show even begins. Too many of these things now seemed forced. Things worked because they sprang naturally, the early seasons combined personalities and game play and craziness ensued. Producers can’t pick the most memerable parts, which happened without producers involvement, of past seasons and try to shoe horn them in the new seasons.

Alice in Flames

Day just is creating more negative thoughts about Tiff. Nobody tried to just beat her. Day is a total disaster. Not even worth mentioning anymore. lol.

I’m growing a little tired of ‘Rudy’ errrrr Paulie acting like he is the all knowing holier than thou king of Big Brother. Look guys I’m Codys brother and all the desperate thirsty girls in here want my short 5’5 little stocky self. So listen up this is how it’s going to be…did I mention I’m part italian?


Paulie is somewhat attempting to act like The Godfather:)


Totally agree, Da is smart enough to figure Frank out but instead of keeping Tiff close enough to secure a number when the right time comes to use Tiff to her advantage and get Frank out, she fixates on stupid crap. Tiff is soooo not who she should be stressing over. Tiff is no Van when it comes to strategy only emotional instability – Van would be on to Frank by now and planting seeds through the house. Da shows signs of being an enlightened player, then slips back into her old habits which in the end blow her up.

lol what?

Tiff’s crying last night was very strategic just like Vanessa


Good God!!
Tiffany is the best thing since sliced bread!!!
Frank is clearly up to something… How dare he?? Who does he think he is?!?
There, did I hit all of your prerequisites to get my comment posted on this board???

Fancy Berries

LOL!! Brilliant!
Probably didn’t read the whole comment before it was approved.


You missed Day, silly

Uh huh

And Natalie’s boobs.


A subject for ample discussion.

The Roach Coach

Tiffany is exactly like Vanessa…
Minus the brains, the social skills, the ability to put a plan in place and execute, the ability to win comps, the strong alliance that has her back, and playing a smart / strategic game….
Besides that she’s just like Vanessa!
Oh yeah, when Vanessa cried there was never any actual tears, Tiffany actually cries…
Besides that they’re soooooo similar!
Uhhhhhgh… gimme a break with these Tiffany fans! Get that girl upset and she’ll tell her opponents everything about her “alliance” (who is counting the days until they can replace her spot with paulie)
Tiffany is not a good player. Point. Blank. And the period.
But to each their own…
I still say Thursday is so far away for that girl that even with Victor sitting next to her she’s one good cry away from digging her own bb-grave…
The block is not going to treat someone so emotional very kindly, just a matter of time!

lol what?

Wow, how easily you forget Vanessa’s first 2 weeks in the house

Uh huh!

Van cried her eyes, out in her beanie in her first hour in the house because she was missing her girlfriend, everyone had to comfort her. She called it a panic attack but HG’s really figured out quick she was hinky, way too soon for those attention seeking theatrics or instability, turned out to be both.


Too soon but she made it to final 3? Lol y’all can slam her all you want but she basically ran the house for the longest. You’re on big brother, you gotta do what you gotta do.


Since when have Paulie and Paul become friends/allies? It seemed like last eviction Paul wanted Paulie gone so what has changed?? I thought the plan was to put up Paul and Victor so at least one of those two would be gone since those guys are close allies.


He thought he had power, now he realizes he doesn’t and will take what he can get

Bitch Ass Da'Vonne

So tired of Da’vonne and her catty self. Girl has no room to talk when she was the second evictee last year and hasn’t won anything this year. Such a joke.

Min O'Pause

Lighten up on the honky hate. Since I’m white that makes me a hypocrite? I don’t play the victim card because I in charge of my fate. Playing a victim gives someone else too much power over you. And Min here won’t do that.

Day & Tiff

ITA race, sex & set ups are flying in false accusations to demonize HG, justifying eviction in show, board & IRL. Also the summary is missing some points. Day knew she was OTT, self-aware of suspicions working overtime. Feeds show they also talked it out in HN room, Day explained she was paranoid & people are waiting for her to “go off” they can’t trigger each other. More importantly, they see Frank, James & Paulie are protecting Paul too much so they talk about “girl supergroup” to avoid getting picked off. Day isn’t even on Tiff’s radar, they’re both being scapegoated by Frank, James, Victor & Nicole.

These two need to work together, understand Bridgette correct get it, but Bronte does. Nicole who’s prone to throwing suspicion on others to distract from herself has already thrown Tiff & Natalie utb with noms & date-gate she now reports was taken out of context. These chicks have to stop sleeping, hiding and vote as a team and focus on winning to at least get one guy on the block to pick off.

The Roach Coach

Honestly, I took that convo very differently…
Da does not like Tiff at all, Da says she wants to target Frank and the guys but she’s too scared to tell Nicole. I think Da is hoping that Tiffany approaches Nicole about the idea in which case Da will immediately flip it all on Tiffany while Da and Nicole report it to Frank. Da wants Tiff out so bad and she sees her opportunity right here right now. If it is a trap, and I think it is, it’s a good one.


Paulie is already a much better BB player than Frank & a lot more likable than Cody!!!

My Opinion

Tiffany needs to go soon. She is soooo anoying and adds nothing to the team or the game. Natalie made a bad call connecting with the newbies in wk 1 but she spoke up when Joz/Paul suggested spitting or messing with the food. Nat also tried to get Bronte etc to see the house might be turning their votes. Victor, Tiff , Paul, Bronte, Corey need to go next.


BBCAN3 Godfrey plants seeds of hate to one group/person and then jump to the target of that person/group to plant the same seeds to hate the first person/group. He was regarded as one of the greats and even some
people say that “he should’ve won” and is the “BBCAN3 Dr Will”. Dayvonne is using the same strategy and is
being called an “angry bitch”?? She clearly knows that Tiff and Frank do not trust each other and will not spill info about her spilling things to each other. Those two will take each other out soon and she will still have the loyalty of who is left. Day is playing too hard fast right now but if she manages to reach the finale (I’m hoping that she will but I have huge doubts) with this strategy she deserves to win, hands down.


Only guys get to do it & get called genius, hero, smart, Evil Dick, Derrick, Boogie, Dr. Will… Girls are called b*tch, crazy, unstable, psycho, evil, nasty, skank, flirt, ho & worse if they play two sides, ask a question or catch a guy in a lie. Listen as Michelle sucks up to the boys to evict girls and be the last b*tch standing.



Katie L

Who is part of the Fatal Five? I forgot.

Chill this Town

anyone who is trying to evict people based on sex, is someone I will never root for.

so you want all women in the house? why? what purpose does that ultimately serve?

I am fine if it happens, I just think its ridiculous on a lot of levels. I’d say the same if the guys just wanted to evict the women, and keep victor around.

Fuzzy Num Num

Michelle “we need to evict a female, we have too much estrogen” Corey ” I like the way you think”. Good Grief! Damn, wasn’t Michelle all for girl power? I know she doesn’t like Brattilie, but still. And can Corey be creepier? Oh wait, I bet he can.


How exactly is the nicest girl in the house a brat?


I can not stand how Frank is playing all sides. They (Da, Nic, Za, Michelle, Tiff) better wake up or he will have a new army and take them out. He seems afraid of the girls for some reason. Would not be surprised if he tries to get rid of Tiff this week. If that happens it will spell doomsday for any chances of a woman winning.

My favorites
1. Nicole- she does whining

Frank is going bald

Michelles slow lazy way of speaking. Smh.

Vic’s laugh makes me wanna vomit.

Forced fake annoying loud.

I wanna go in house for a day then watch back the tape and see what annoys me about me.

I hate these f**kers with a passion. lol.


Still.so.early in the game.dont watch after hours,so how the heck do they like paul now?he was a a** last show.so glad jose gone.how dare he say he was the king.loved dey told all to get him out after hearing this.what a jerk he was.telling all his game haha saying he lead the house.was almost crying when said he was evicted.lol


My favs
1. Nicole- she still is whining a lot but seems to have a better grasp on things.
2. Paulie- this week has went down a little in my book because he is way to full of himself.
3. Michelle- playing under the radar but i can see her doing well In mental challenges.
4. James- still playing his same game, but at least he is entertaining.
5. Da- some don’t like her but she does have Frank figured out as long as she doesn’t have a meltdown this season she might make it deep in the game.
6. Natalie- may not be as clueless as she lets on. She may be around for a while since no one seems to view her as a threat.
Least favs
1. Frank- to full of himself, even worse than last time.
2. Paul- just can’t stand to hear him speak.
3. Bronte- again her voice is annoying, way to petty also.


I agree with some and disagree with some. But interesting thoughts.

The Clintons are Criminals

I mostly agree with these ratings. I think Nicole is in the best position as of this week to win the game. She has a decent pulse on the house and has established good strategic relationships with strong people. She’s humble but is not a push over at all. I love James but he seems to be playing the same game that will not take him very deep. Da is doing a good job at reigning in her personality, I hope she keeps it up. Frank I think is playing too hard. And I think a big reason for that is that he doesn’t want to play for his BB life every single week like last time. Still, he could be less of a jerk though.


Why the heck did Paulie win this comp? His purpose is to win the GAME, not control every perceivable path to victory in every competition. He should’ve thrown this one, he allready had who he wanted on the block as pawns to facilitate his back door. And even if someone else wins the POV, he placed people on the block he would be content sending home. BB is about having entrance and exit strategies for every week based on the comps coming up. You win HOH…great, safe for a week, however, you better have an equally great exit strategy going into next week of why (even though your beast moding comps, everyone seems to like you personally, you’re related to a BB fan favorite and former finalist, you’re the only HG that’s really truly rock solid with the vets AND the newbies) EVERYONE should keep you around! And the old, “well they need me” act doesn’t really hold up in BB. You are expendable. By throwing this comp, he could’ve taken some of the competition heat off of himself, allowed someone else to be in a place of bartering with the other HGs, which removes opportunity for Paulie in the other HGs eyes and allows for the house to have a little control. The key to winning long term (a la Derrick/Dan) is having enough control to influence your own games outcome but not so much that anyone notices you do it!!! while also doing it vividly enough that it’s easy to remind them in the end against your final foe that you did it the whole game right in front of them!!! Phwew. Got it Paulie? Lmao

Zakiyah's toe jam

Paulie’s part Italian? What’s the other part? Anyway; I so want him to start flirting with another girl and make his brother proud. Zakiyah brings nothing to the table for his game.