“We gotta get Frank out while the fire is hot and right now it’s hot” Da’Vonne

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 14-40-46-979

2:42pm Paul and Paulie
Paul is concerned with the girls teaming out.
Paulie – lets just chill and be quiet the girls will go after each otehr these next 3 weeks..
Paul – you’re sure
Paulie – I’m very confident about it.. the only girls right now I am worried about are Bronte, Bridgette, Natalie and even Tiffany… anybody other than that we’re good.
Paul asks if there’s another BIG target on the block right now.
Paulie says once Vic is gone they can take it from there take it HOH by HOH

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 15-29-35-961

3:20pm HOH Corey, Frank and Nicole
Corey saying he likes their 8 pack but doesn’t care for Tiffany. Adds that he’s not close to Da’Vonne.
Frank says the entire group is tight with the exception of Tiffany.
Corey trusts James but has never talked game to him.
They go back and forth who to put up..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 15-36-29-155

3:31pm Have nots Nicole Da’Vonne and Zakiyah
Nicole is saying Frank is getting aggressive about taking out Tiffany, “He’s got to go”
Da’Vonne – are we going to get James to vote him out
Nicole – YES.
Zakiyah now better than later
Da’Vonne – It’ll be next week
Nicole – If it’s any of our names he’s gunning for us he’s gunning for her like nothing before

Nicole – I’m not kidding you this is a different version of him.
Nicole – he’s telling Paulie about the 8 pack so he doesn’t get pissed about it.. Make us look like morons
Zakiyah – I’ll tell him (Paulie)
Nicole tells her not to Paulie otherwise Paulie he’ll tell Frank and it’ll come back to her.
Da’Vonne – what do we do? Deny
Nicole – no, take the heat

Zakiyah – I can’t deal with Frank no more..
They start going through scenarios to take out Frank.
Nicole has noticed Frank is getting suspicious he’s talked to everyone in the house making deals.

Da’Vonne says if Zakiyah tells Paulie at the right time that Frank has been slapping her a$$ Paulie will vote Frank out, “The right time… next week he’s gotta go”
Zakiyah – He’s gotta go

Zakiyah – he’s getting worse by the day
Nicole – his jokes aren’t funny anymore.. They’re kinda mean
All three of the girls thought Frank was humble and loyal but he’s not they say he’s the worst.

Da’Vonne – we gotta do a come to jesus meeting with Tiffany.. Get her on board and tell her we’re all gunning for Frank
Nicole – She’ll tell Paulie.. We gotta see who wins HOH..
Nicole – I trust you with my Big Brother life.. This cannot leave this room.. We will be in trouble..
Da’Vonne – we gotta get Frank out while the fire is hot and right now it’s hot.

They talk about Frank calling Zakiyah a hussy…

Zakiyah – he smoked too much cause he ain’t right.. I don’t like he’s in everyone’s ear promising something different.. Paulie is so blind.. He’s so naive..
Da’Vonne says Frank is giving Boogie a bad name.

Nicole says girls won’t win the Roadkill competitions because it’s more slanted towards men winning “Our muscles aren’t that fast”

Paulie comes in..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 15-41-38-828

3:35pm HOH Frank, Corey and Paulie cam 1
They tell Paulie about the 8 pack say it was all the girls thing.
Corey – it wasn’t something we took seriously
Paulie says this is the trio right here, “I’ll go to bat for that”
Paulie – as much as Z is my homegirl.. When she’s gotta go she’s gotta go
Frank – Z and Nic we keep as long as we can..

Frank says eventually the one that will be making a move against them is Da’Vonne she’s too smart.
Frank thinks James is just Chill
Corey thinks James is loving this season he gets to throw everything and cruise through.

Victor joins them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 16-03-22-450

4:03pm Corey and Nicole
Corey – what do yo think of what Frank said
Nicole – terrible.. he’s covering his tracks.. You 2 are his ride and die
Corey – He told Paulie… I’m like i’m damage control
Corey goes on to explain he tried to soften it with Paulie saying Paulie was in the Diary room, ‘I down played it big time”

Corey says Frank told him he’s ride or die with Nicole, Paulie, Corey.
Corey adds that Frank is worried about Da’Vonne but he really wants Tiffany out.
Corey – Da told Frank we have to be careful with you and James because you might have a final 2

Nicole – Da wants Frank out.. I wonder if I should tell Da that Frank told em that
Corey – we need to pump the brakes with Frank… is he the next Vic is he going down
Nicole reminds him that Frank told him to take out Corey.
Corey doesn’t think Frank was serious he was just testing.

Nicole says Da’Vonne made up the Tiffany thing to make her look bad and get Tiffany out of the house.
Corey – I want Da gone now.. for your sake for Franks sake.. Honestly I trust Frank a lot
Corey says Da’Vonne is doing a lot of talking spreading a lot of seeds
4:17pm Nciole and Corey back alone. They are having trouble figureing out who to trust Da’Vonne or Frank. Nicole is worried that Frank has made final 4 with everybody. Corey thinks their final 4 is the real one.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 16-10-14-555

4:08pm Have Nots Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Tiffany
Da’Vonne lets her in on the plan to take Frank out, says to have enough votes they need Corey to win the HOH and one of them to win roadkill. Tells her he’s targeting Tiffany. Tiffany says they don’t need to try and convince her to take out Frank she’ll put him up.

Tiffany – Vic is gone this week right
Da’Vonne – 1000000%

Tiffany – wow there would be 4 guys and 8 girls.. after Frank leaves..
Da’Vonne is really worried Tiffany will tell Paulie. Tiffany says she would never do that she’s on the block. Tiffany tells her she never talks long term with Paulie only 1 week stuff.

(LOL what a crazy couple hours of feeds Da’Vonne and Frank are both messing up their games. I think Da’Vonne is in a weaker spot though)
FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: CBS All Access FREE Trial!

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 16-46-06-573

4:40pm Storage room Frank and Nicole (feeds flipped to this conversation late)
Nicole asks him what’s his vibe from Da’Vonne, “go with the flow?”
Frank thinks so at the end of the day he’s more worried long term Da’Vonne will pick Zakiyah. eventually they need to break them up.
Frank says Corey and Paulie have her back.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-05 16-50-57-604

4:48pm Hammock Tiffany and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne is telling Tiffany that Frank is after her. She’s the only target that’s coming from him.
Da’Vonne says after the POV she was pissed at Tiffany because she was ‘Counting her things”. Tiffany apologizes says that was her competitive side. Tiffany was worried Frank was getting into peoples ears she wanted to win the Veto for protection.
Da’Vonne – I haven’t been lying to you I’ve been withholding information..

Da’Vonne says next week they need to get Frank out. She ads the way the boys have been playing Da is only loyal to the fatal 5.
Tiffany starts to cry
Da – You crying
Tiffany – ya
Da – why
Tiffany – I’m an emotional person.. I feel so stupid it’s so hard..
Tiffany explains it’s a combination happy cry and alone cry, “I’m a little hurt by Nicole.. Frank has told her things” goes on about the day of the Frank fight
Da’Vonne – you got to take into consideration how you were acting that day..
Da’Vonne explains they filter what they tell her so she doesn’t get so upset.
Tiffany is worried Frank is telling everyone she blows up.

Tiffany asks what are they going to do.
Da’Vonne’s plan is this.. Nicole’s team wins the HOH and give it to Corey. Corey puts up 2 of Natalie, Bridgette, Bronte. The Fatal5 wins the Roadkill and puts up James. Then they win the POV and put up Frank. Da’Vonne thinks that’s the only way they can backdoor Frank. She thinks if they put him up he’ll win the veto.

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Hope that Frank, Corey, Paulie, and James group together and get several girls out!

There is a reason that there has never been a Big Brother Girl Alliance / Big Brother All Girls House — listening to The Girls go on and on is just exhausting and not entertaining. Jordan and Rachel were interesting and entertaining HGs to watch. None of the female BB18 Game Players appear to have the personalities to “hold” a show. Big Brother is an interesting game because personality is just as important as game skill. Big Brother is a game – but it is a network television show. I cannot imagine BB Producers seeing the female BB18 Female Game Players and think “this group will keep viewers interested.” I’m tired of listening to Da’vonne, Z, Nicole, complain about the same things/people over and over again – they have had the same conversation for days now.

It’s boring. It also is not smart. Nicole and Da’vonne are part of an 8 person alliance (the alliance that Da’vonne started The 8 Pack). Why would Nicole and Da’vonne allow themselves to entertain getting alliance members out. Concentrate on getting all non alliance members out – then The 8 Pack can play the game against each other. Or, is playing the game of Big Brother the action Da’Vonne and The Girls are trying to escape?


Don’t underestimate Da. She is the most dangerous person in the house period.

What’s interesting is the position they want to put Corey in as HOH next week. I said last week and this week the girls were getting set up to run the season by throwing team HOH challenges. That’s exactly Da’s plan next week. Nicole’s team wins and Corey becomes HOH. They want Corey to target 2 girls so non of the fatal 5 get blood on their hands even temporarily.2 spy girls go up as a rouse then they(5) win road kill, less likely. But as we have seen with Victor road kill has very little defensive value against the backdoor.

It sure put’s Corey in the hot seat. Do he and Nicole ride with Frank or Da? After all if he is HOH he would have to backdoor Frank at the POV ceremony. I think the season turns to crap if Frank goes out next. Franks not as likable as he was in BB 14 for sure. But he is playing hard. He has a blind spot for the 8 pack that could get him in a lot of trouble. Other than his dislike for Tiff he has way to much trust. Production might have to step in next week if they want to keep Frank or hope he wins back in.

About the road kill comp winner. If you believe your a backdoor target like Vic was it’s actually better percentage wise at this point in the game to nominate yourself to play POV even though you go on the block if it’s allowed. The odds this week were 1:10 followed by 1:9 thus 2 out of 19 to be chosen to play POV. Then you have a 1 in 6 chance to win POV. That’s the step process if not nominated. 1:6 if your playing POV directly which is much better odds.
I want to point out that there might actually been 14 in the bag instead of ten which makes the odds 2:27 to just get chosen to begin with. as I think about it Paul’s name was pulled so likely all HG’s names in the bag. I really hope they let Eudy nom himself if he wins BB road kill. Mr. Eudy is in a lot of trouble next week.

As the potential for a 4th straight guy getting evicted becomes closer to a possibility next week are the 4 other idiots going to wake up. Corey has a chance if HOH to stop the carnage. James, Paulie and Paul better get a clue. After Frank Da likely goes after James. It’s easy for us to see but it cannot be that hard in the house for the4 HG’s. Nicole has already told Corey Frank is Da’s target. For JC sake tell Frank before the house is trash!


i’d be pretty surprised if it’s legal to nominate yourself as roadkill, and they were pretty clear that all houseguests’ names are in the bag (though i’m sure there are tinfoil hat people that disagree). if someone already playing is picked that person picks someone to play.

i also think it’s unclear that roadkill is the bust people are saying it is. basically we had someone in the power alliance win it rendering it useless followed by an idiot winning it who played it poorly on a bunch of levels (telling people, nominating someone he didn’t have a strong argument to eliminate — can you imagine if vic actually had game, nominated da without telling anyone, somehow got da convinced it wasn’t him, and began sewing seeds of how she and z played both sides of the house to the point she was actually at risk?)


The thing is Day is the most dangerous player for her own game. Great if she gets out Frank..she ll be the one who started it and she is already a vet , her target was never small, but making it big in week 2 for no reason? Do these ppl get there are still 14 ppl in the house? Why make waves when you are safe? I swear that James who doeasnt even know what s going on is playing the best game coz these ppl are gonna take each other out even before jury while he sleeps…at this point God help Frank, Day and Tifanny coz they all could have made it to the jury , but now it s not even sure tha tone of them makes it to the jury…and truly they d deserve to all go out pre-jury coz u dont start a war with your own alliance in week 2 …Who did it the last time? Devin…it was an idiotic move then and it s an idiotic move now coz no one should trust such a person ever again.

Joe Kerr

Seriously….I agree. They are both messing up their games. However, we have seen Frank come back. Let’s see if he still has it.

Too soon

They can’t get him out any time soon…they gotta see who wins HOH. There’s no need to be talking about getting him out right now. It’s only going to blow up in their face.


Hope the ladies can take out Frank.


I hope frank gets all these bush pigs out and gives them each a slap on the poop cutter on the way out the door. They’re all asking for it.

Chauvinist Pig

You’re sick & everything that’s wrong with this world & board.


Sound like somebody need that caboose slapped.


Wow this is crazy. I knew both Da and Frank would get blown up but I didn’t think it would happen for both at the same exact time. Lol

Misty Beethoven

Between last year and this season, I haven’t seen such mindless followers of one person since the Manson family. I get making multiple F2/F4 pacts, but this is too soon. Frank is blowing up his game, and for me it can’t come soon enough. Da needs to calm the hell down or she’ll wind up losing the girls. And Nicole, SHUT UP!!!


Hate Frank Hate Corey Hope Nicole stops the Daddys Girl BS Like Nat Z f2


“The girls are clueless” LOL the BOYS are cocky and clueless that the girls have caught on to Frank’s double dealing………. I just hope it all works out and this is the last week we have to hear the “Master’s Plans”, would LOVE to see the look on HIS face!!!

Chilltown 3.0

Da better pump the brakes on getting Frank out. U play with fire u gonna get burned. Frank 4 the win FTW

Shill Town 0.0

Francis the Obnoxious is worse than Jozea or, any of the girly-men on this cast. Instead of just threatening violence, he does the slapping, face-to-face insults, yells so loud you can hear him on all four cameras, talks about his superiority incessantly, demands girls wash his clothes cook & clean daydreaming about kicking the crap out of then literally. Unemployed on his BB bio, wonder why. AFP no way, hahaha, and there isn’t a soul on the cast except balls for sale Michelle who will vote for him to win. Way to burn any good will or failing memory fans had in 3 weeks. Back down to the bottom of HG Rankings. Day & Frank blow up their own games by 2nd eviction, priceless.


Wow Nicole! Why are you telling Corey everything! You just said it can’t leave the room! Omg smh guess the 8 pack will fall apart before Vic goes…frank might get tiffnessa out after all

Chilltown 3.0

If Frank, Paulie,and Corey were smart they’d reel in Paul and try n save Vic give Vanes….I mean Tiffany the boot on Thursday and go 5 strong and run sh!t


Send Bronte packing.


Da has no idea what she’s doing! Wants to backdoor Frank off a RoadKill win?????????? If some body told her to jump in the pool she’d try to do a backflip with a double twist.


I agree. Da’s plan has too many steps. #1Corey gets HOH and noms 2 powder puff girls (while keeping his trap shut to Frank now that Nic has spilled the beans). #2 Fatal five member gets Road Kill win and James goes up.
#3 James the comp throw king gets POV. #4James uses it to save himself so Frank can go up. #5They have enough votes to give the butt slapping misogynist the boot. Too complicated and right now too many people know.

Frank is going bald

See everyone claimed Tiffany had a final 2 with Paulie. Another lie. Every single thing that has been said about Tiffany in that house has been a lie.

James is not a number. James can”t be trusted. Who cares they don’t need James. Natalie Bronte Bridgette if they go with Frank and Paulie it’s done.

Nicole also isnt someone you can trust fully not to hop back with who she thinks best makes her hopeful bf Corey happy. Smh. I tell you that girl honestly cares more about a bf than winning the show.


Nicole has the biggest mouth! Corey is not the person she should talk game to…he only follows orders from frank and paulie


Something I’ve never wrapped my head around is why as soon as people feel slightly comfortable they start announcing their chronology of evictions…I literally see nothing gained from it.

Corey and Nicole fuck up plan

Day is a idiot to want Corey to have HOH. Tiff needs to take HOH to keep Corey and Nicole from f***king up the plan. Corey is dumb as a box of rocks and in the “bros” and wants to suck off Frank.


Preach!!! Dumb and Dumber is what those two should be called. Nicole wants a bf and she has her sights on Corey who wants a bf. Get these two out next please! Derek would destroy these idiots! That Stank Ass Ponytail Douchebag Austin could win with these idiots!


Paul being more perceptive than Paulie. 🙂


and yet still the biggest douche

But Actually...

Frank needs to go ASAP. Every season they talk about getting the manipulative person out at the right time except it never happens. Mama Da plays emotionally. Keep her around and she’ll put her foot in her own mouth. She’s going to go and it’ll be her own fault for playing too hard just like last time. The longer you keep Frank around the more he can sweet talk everyone and gain more momentum. If they keep him around for much longer we’re going to see Derek and Cody reincarnated in Paulie and Frank.


Although the HGs suspect an evicted HG will come back, no one knows for sure. Although you have a good point about the ‘all talk – no action’ against the best manipulation player, this is one season (and one player) they should wait at least 2 more weeks (after this week) to evict otherwise odds are very good Frank will win the battle back and make it back into the house.


frank will win hoh or pov next week I hope so yeah frank jokes around to much
but it mama day who is turn people on people frank an tiffany was good but mama day said tiffany want frank out before jury what he sopost to do


Can’t stand Davonne anymore. Please shut up and win a competition first.


If Da’vonne doesn’t stop immediately, she’s screwed.


I just don’t get Nicole, she said she wanted frank out too but she runs back to him. Her and Corey together is a joke, victor is smarter at this game than Corey


Nicole, Da’Vonne, and Zakiyah talking about getting Frank out – “I trust you with my Big Brother life.. This cannot leave this room.. We will be in trouble”…

Not 30 minutes later she is spilling the entire thing to Corey who is all about Frank.

Nicole has a very difficult time trusting people because she knows she cannot be trusted so she assumes no one can.

She also told Frank she isn’t afraid of anyone. Really. Strange how that impression never ever comes across when someone tells you that someone is targeting you. Strange how you get so worried when ever you might actually get blood on your hands.

Clueless and deluded.


Nicole was big and bad talking about Jozea in her hoh room to Day until she saw him on the screen headed up there, she got so scared of him i saw panic in her eyes for Day to please not leave her alone with him.

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Nicole has no brain. Likable but truly an awful player.


Wow Da. You would put Natalie and Bronte on the block and not any of the people who are most likely votes for Frank. Brilliant plan.

Paul and Bronte will cruise for a couple of weeks

With the 8 pack already fracturing, Da targeting Frank and vice versa, I can’t believe that with all the experience that they have, they are not seeing that Paul and Bronte will easily get to jury this way.
I think Frank is being truthful about wanting to take Z, Nicole, Paulie, and Corey to the final 5. Based on what I’ve been reading, he seems to be more comfortable with them.
Bridgette, Natalie, James, and Michelle seems to under the radar right now.
I do wonder who Paul will target though if he wins HOH. Paul might target Paulie for taking out Vic but at the same time, I think that he understands why.
As for Tiffany, she’s emotional and a bit paranoid but who wouldn’t be in this game? She would probably drive me nuts, but I understand.
As for Vic, if he catches wind of any of this scheming, I can see himself saving himself.

Min O'Pause

Will NO ONE stir some shit in this house? I’m talking down low lying, pitting everyone against everyone else, look ya straight in the eye and lie to your face shit? ? I mean C’MON!


I doubt it they are pussys.
Maybe Da or Frank later on in the game but I cant see the others doing it.


Why does a bunch of negatively go towards Tiffany? Does she have a final 2 w/ Paulie? I hope not.


Da was on to something with Frank. If any of them really want to get to the end he has to go and soon. To bad it won’t happen next week because Nicole’s dumb a$$ told Corey who is currently singing all he knows to Frank’s minion Paulie.

Corey the Doufus

Corey has been instructed by Frank to throw the HOH comp.

Depending on comp some comps when you a team one person throwing it u can still win.

But you need Tiff as HOH directing.this train or its epic fail.

If you are a fan of Nicole out there please explain why? “Oh she’s nice” No she isn’t. Ok I can’t with her. I’m pissed just thinking of her.


I don’t think you should ever feel safe enough to throw comps. I find it really frustrating when they talk about who they’re going to ” just give” the HOH to. Work for your money. At least sweat. These people!


I dont know why they even bother to have competitions when they always throw them its annoying to watch.
Would anyone watch football if teams were throwing games? I very much doubt it.
It goes against the whole point of having a competition in the first place.

Min O'Pause

I miss Evel Dick. These mindless stepford people are not entertaining in my book.


OMG! Paul is crying in front of Frank. You know what that means? He’s overly emotional, irrational, paranoid, a loose cannon, he can’t be trusted, he’s trying to get Frank out of the house therefore he must be killed…I mean, he must be evicted.


he acts like a girl, don’t think he likes girls btw, but loves that huge cucumber he is always playing with

Keep Calm

Simma down nah..

It’s long way from next week. Tide changes everyday. Chill till we see who wins and gets HOH. Big plus if it’s Tiff. Well theres a few people rooting for Frank…Elaine voice “sickos”…but most here I think want Frank gone as I do. So yeah best case Tiff gets HOH.

With Roadkill u do have that other chance to get him up. Both sides really counting on HOH and RoadKill this week. If one side wins both. The whole summer changes. It’s worlds different if Frank goes home next week. And its worlds diff if Tiff goes home next week.

This why Frank is nearly having a hernia tryin’ make sure Tiff goes.

Next week folks decides if Tiff goes to finale. Or Frank goes to finale.

Don’t think so?

Keep thinking that:-)


As we all know Frank’s dad is Sid Vicious. Are we really surprised that the son of a loud, arrogant, chauvinistic, barrel chested, pro wrestler is….wait for it….loud, arrogant, and chauvinistic? It’s not only in his nature, his father rode that recipe to success and on national television no less. So either Frank doesn’t realize he’s like his dad in more ways than one, or Frank understands show business a hell of a lot better than us. After all… he’s the one who’s got people like me and you glued to the TV and posting on chat boards. Sounds like he may have found the same golden ticket that his dad cashed in, maybe we’re the ones getting fooled here and not the HGs

Min O'Pause

Wait…Frank is the son of a Sex Pistol?

Min O'Pause

Should we call him Trigger…..or Quick Draw McGraw?


Wasn’t sure if you were joking or not. That Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols) died in 1978. Frank’s dad is a wrestler. If you like gruesome videos there is one of his father doing a stunt that went wrong and his leg snapped in between the knee and ankle and was flopping around like a noodle. It’s painful to watch.

Min O'Pause

Not a wrestling fan. But I was rather punk in 1978 :D.


Look, I think Day has the right idea but at the wrong time. They need to have time and patience to get Frank out. You can’t move too quickly on him cuz everybody trusts him and listens to him like he’s the messiah. No pun intended. So Day needs to chill for a lil bit longer and wait for the right time. And Nicole is pissing me off. She blabbed to Corey right after they had that talk. I love her but she annoys me to no end at times. Why tell Corey anything knowing hes in love with Frank???? These people can be such idiots! I don’t even despise Bronte or Vic anymore. These supposedly smart people are screwing up their game along with their alliance members. U am rooting so hard for Day, Zak, Nicole but Day and Nicole are gonna screw it up big time.


These people drive me crazy…..they are all over the place.


I like the game that James and Z are playing now. They each know a lot of information but they don’t go shooting their mouth off about the next 5 people in a row to get out.

Peter Jax

Can anyone validate this flashback on the feeds, apparently Davonne got a hint from production in the DR, she had to recant, this is what was posted on Joker” s (sorry):

If you have the live feeds you can see the incident by flashing back to July 3, 9:35pm Cams 1/2 to see Da’Vonne make the comment that will get her in trouble. To see her recant her statement flash back to July 3, 11:06:40pm Cams 3/4.

For those without feeds, Da”Vonne was in the have not room talking with Nicole, Michelle, and Zakiyah about strategy for who the Fatal Five want to get out next. Da’Vonne mentions that she believes Tiffany is coming for her despite being in the Fatal Five. Nicole asks why Da’Vonne thinks this. Da’Vonne says to Nicole “have you ever gone to secret room and kinda accidentally got a piece of information you weren’t supposed to get?” (she confirms “secret room” is referring to the diary room) Nicole says “no” and Da’Vonne goes on to explain “Well I did. […] I was sitting there, I was sitting in the chair like ‘What’d you just say?’ and then I’m like, I’m putting the pieces together and I’m like, ‘ok.'”

Fast forward to 11:06pm and Da’Vonne leaves the diary room and heads to the bathroom to see Nicole and Michelle. Da’Vonne says “I got in trouble. So, the DR in no way impacted anything or hinted to me anything about Tiffany and I’m not gonna say that as far as strategic reasons that didn’t happen.” She then goes and tells the same thing to Zak.

production rigged it

Why did they let this moron Nicole back in the house she was awful 2 seasons ago and she is even worse this season, stupid b!tch needs to keep her mouth shut. Corey is Frank’s butt buddy and she tells him that they want Frank out how big of an idiot can she be.


Lying Frank is the one who named the 8-pack.


You’d think Da would’ve learned something from last season… Right??? Nope, not a thing. She’s doing the same thing. Opening her big mouth(when it’s not necessary) and drawing attention to herself. She needs to pipe down with the Frank, Frank, Frank, we gotta get rid of Frank talk. All it’s gonna take is someone like Michelle or Nicole to let this slip to Frank and she’s a goner! Before Frank it was Tiffany this Tiffany that. These people are pretty dumb, but they’re not that dumb. They’ll catch on and it will make her public enemy number one.

She had it smooth sailing for the next few weeks. Now, she’s opened her mouth and will be one of the next 3-4 go. Pretty dumb! Nobody was targeting her or even mentioning her in a bad way. She’s making the feeds entertaining though 🙂

(Simon/Dawg Just curious how the posting of these comments work? I posted a comment very similar to this one last night(very early this a.m). I’m not 100% sure which post I left it on. It was one of these 3 right in a row though. Needless to say, I checked all of them(twice) to make sure I didn’t skip it, but it’s nowhere to be found. I know you guys are busy, so it could be that it just hasn’t been approved yet. Or it disappeared. Lol. I just wanted you to know in case there is something wrong and you’re not getting them. I seen a few posts ago people were accusing you of only letting certain people’s comments go through and not theirs. Just don’t want there to be an issue that you’re not even aware of.)


Nicole and Michelle are the weakest links in The Fatal Five group; they’re mesmerized and fooled easily by Corey and Frank… It’s disappointing to watch Nicole make the same Mistakes, she will lose again at this rate, putting her trust in Corey is her downfall