Victor “The girls are up 8-6! Another guy goes and they can say REVOLUTION!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 22-26-58-158
9:35pm Paul and Victor are talking. Victor says I wouldn’t be surprised if Natalie flipped. Paul says I wouldn’t either. Victor says at least I’ve got Bridgette and Bronte. We just need to win the roadkill and put James up. Victor says we just have to stay safe for another week so that we can get HOH. Paul says I came in here knowing winning was a gamble. Victor asks did you see how fast I was going. I wish I could have pushed him (James) off without being disqualified. Paul says I’m pretty sure the girls were trying to slow me down intentionally. Vic says I told Frank I don’t trust him. Paulie joins them. Victor says the girls are up 8-6. Another guy goes and then there’s only 5 and they can say REVOLUTION! If you want we could do something like the brigade. Paul says that James has not only lied to our face he’s lied to others too. Vic says to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if you put me up because the way I voted but we could be loyal to you and go far. I’ve been loyal to the people I’ve been loyal to. Vic says I couldn’t go out without doing what I said I would do .. because America would be like he’s flopping. Bronte says I’m a strong competitor and if you don’t put me up, I won’t put you up. Me and Natalie just want to get to jury to keep getting paid.

9:50pm Zakiyah says I can never forget someone talking sh*t to me .. and you (Victor) voted against me (Paulie). If he (Paulie) get swayed by them I will never ever have respect for that. DaVonne says that Vic is the number 1 priority. Zakiyah says she came in here thinking she would flirt as a strategy but isn’t going to let it get in the way. I have too many people I would let down.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 22-35-34-534

10:20pm – 10:50pm Paul, Frank, Nicole, Paulie and Victor are joking around. Paul says hey ladies if you want a man that can c** in 3 minutes .. hit me up! Vic says he’s not a 1 minute man.. he’s a 3 minute man. Frank says on the plus side he will ball like a baby in your arms. Vic asks Nicole are you not entertained?! Paulie goes into the other bedroom and talks to James, Tiffany, Natalie and Michelle. James asks about if Paulie will have photos of his sister in his HOH photos.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 22-44-43-400

11pm DaVonne, Nicole, James and Zakiyah are in the kitchen. Zakiyah says they’ll be calling us for DR’s all night long… and probably in alphabetical order. (LOL) They talk about how they hope Victor is a havenot. James says his a$$ better go on the block. Cuz Frank was talking about backdooring him. Zakiyah asks what’s the point in backdooring him? DaVonne says to keep him from competing (in the veto comp). Zakiyah says that’s good but its risky.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 23-11-49-437

Paulie says you wouldn’t believe the stuff they’re saying. They must think I’m a f**king moron. They’re saying they’re loyal. They’re trying to say look out for the numbers. I am 1, 2, 3, 4! What I was thinking was telling Paul I want you to compete because I trust you way more than him. Nicole tells Paulie she will support him no matter what. Paulie says I have no problem putting up Natalie or Bronte.. she was telling me shes a competitor.

In the bathroom – Frank talks to Tiffany and says that he thinks the next few weeks will team based HOH comps. He says we can just keep getting James and Day to throw them so that we can keep picking them off. It seems like we’re going to be there in no time.

Paulie talks to Frank. Paulie says I would much rather we have a havenot competition so that I don’t have to choose. Frank says if we have a havenot competition.. we’re not going to get the backyard all week.

12:20am Paulie tells Zakiyah that he is thinking of putting Paul up and telling him he wants him to win. Then next week we put up him and Bronte. Then Natalie and Bridgette will be easy. They’ll be easy to just pop off. They head up to the couch outside the HOH room. Once we get those five out I’ll be good.

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“Me and Natalie just want to get to jury to keep getting paid.”

Oh, well, in that case, Bronte, let me look around for a f*ck to give.

I can’t with these people.


Sad to say but that about sums up 95% of noobs in this game……. Just get me to Jury and I’m happy…

Just Sayin'

Also Zak asked what the point is in backdooring James? She doesn’t even get the concept of getting someone evicted and not giving them the chance to fight. Where do they find these people?!

Frank's fart

Pauli told Tiffany and Michelle that there was no way the both of them would get evicted before Bronte and Natalie. oh really? tiff and Michelle perked up after hearing that. So The 8-pack boys have decided when the girls will leave.


Paulie isn’t in 8 pack, Anita Sarqueesyan!

Jimmy 64

The girls are up 8-6 but in season 15 the girls were up 7-4 and
how did that season end up Ginamarie and 4 guys . Why because
women turn on each other at a drop of a dime. If more women got along
maybe it wouldn’t be 12 guys and only 5 women winning big brother.
A lot of women have won survivor .


Survivor is twice a year


Is being childish a requirement for getting into the BB house? Why are they always on some boys vs. girls stupidity? Reminds me of first grade.

Mrs. Mac

Still waiting for Paul to go “Rambo like Times a 100”. Wasn’t that his promise if Jozea was voted out?


Paul has a textbook definition Napoleon Complex…angry,confrontational,frightened,but puts on a full angry display at the drop of a hat! Should be interesting to watch the little man lose his s#*t this week without his Savior,Josea to save him from himself!

Pauls angry shakey head

You hit the nail on the head with that one! He’s all talk and once you get him backed up against the wall, he turns to putty! Total pussy!


I am so looking forward to watching after dark ..would love to watch live feeds but dumb station says sorry Canada.. one way to loose fans.. anyway .. I really would like to watch Vic and Paul kiss Paulie`s ego.. I think it will be rib splitting funny …lol


thanks Dawg.. I did not know that .. and they sure didn’t tell me.. again thank you ..


Durn Canadians! Stealing our feeds…I’ll resuscitate you and then shave off your eye brows!

Natalies fake eyelashes

Zak is always itching her head. Why does her head itch so much? Gross.

Natalie cakes on the make up so much she looks like a 10 yr old who broke in her moms make up. Fake eye lashes. Fake boobs. Hair Extentions. Clown make up. She’s must be insecure down deep. “I can get any guy I want” Then why u trying so hard?


It’s the weave hunty. That sh*t itches all the damn time.


Really? But not one complaint about those disgusting men? Bad tattoos,smelly beards?arm pit sweat…?


Soooooo, women dont sweat or ever smell bad? youre hilarious!


Because weave is itchy you fucking troll


Also, Natalie values her appearance. So what? She’s not an ugly person by any means.
She actually comes across as really likeable and strays from saying anything disparaging about the people surrounding her. She might not be the sharpest crayon in the box but she sure in hell is a bright and happy colour.


Natalie isnt stupid. I actually think she is very observant, like Da, but she definitely uses too much make-up. Probably due to her cheerleader background. I think she would look better with less. JMO


You sound jealous. Natalie is a pretty girl with or without makeup. She’s also a genuinely sweet girl. She never degrades people even behind their back. She’s always friendly, and she’s actually a lot smarter than I’d thought she’d be. I actually really like her. But then again, I’m not jealous of her like you appear to be.


You know, the second coming of the Messiah usually doesn’t work out for everyone.
I hope he fails miserably against Glenn.

Paulie winning HOH definitely spells trouble for his future. His allegiances are already thinking on the short term side of things with him given his ability to probably crush a lot of competitions in this game. This sets Frank up perfectly to dominate later in the game. The girls will never be able to sway Paulie to vote out Frank but you bet your ass Frank will have no qualms getting rid of Paulie once Vic is out of the house.

Slidell Bro

Been a big BB fan my entire life. Was excited to see someone from my hometown be cast (Victor), but he’s turned out to be a disappointing player so far. He’s good at the physical comps, but he hitched his wagon to the wrong side of the house and it’s blowing up in his face. His social game also needs serious work. I know him as an acquaintance bc I am a member of the gym he manages. He typically seems very pleasant, but he also does occasionally give off a bit of a pretentious vibe that he displays far too often in the BB house. Hope Victor turns it around, bc it looks like he could be a competition beast that can match up against the Vets, but it’s not looking too good at all lol.


Guys like Victor make me wonder what they see when they look in the mirror? Where does this exaggerated self-confidence come from? Holy smokes, there is no room for anybody else to join his super fan club of one! What a damn bore!


I am looking forward to a Paulie/Zakiyah showmance up in that HOH room this week! Also, looking forward to a comp where Bronte and Paul wear a muzzle for 7 days…or, the whole season? !


OMG those boys are about as smooth as a gravel road. I will say that they were right about one thing one more guy leaves and the women can revolt and run the house. Will that happen NO the sisterhood on BB died a horrible death over a decade ago. Women in the BB House will always turn on each other and on the Season with the most girl power imaginable is no different. Nicole, Da and Zak want Bronte out and Nicole was the one that suggested to put up two girls up.
I do not know what it is about the women, they should really count heads and realize they can get the men out. They should target the men and they can do it without any man noticing until it is too late. It would be childs play to get Paulie to take out Paul or Vic. Then let a man or one of the girls from the other side take out Frank. That leaves Paul/ Victor (who ever survives.), James, Paulie and Corey. If Corey was to win HoH it would be easy for Nicole to get him to nominate Paul/Viktor and Paulie… then a girl wins Roadkill and puts up James… and a guy go’s home. It is very Plausible to have an all girl house. Will it happen? never, BB women will always target women and can never see any other path to victory.

Capt. Obvious

“They should target the men and they can do it without any man noticing until it is too late”…
Uhhhh… Did you even read the post??


There is one thing about one of those guys saying to Paulie that the women can revolt to save their butts but is quite another thing for them to actually believe it. These guys have conflated ego’s Frank Thinks he has all the girls on his side… not true. James thinks that they see him as one of them… not true. Paul and Viktor see themselves as irresistible to women , Paul sees women as being disposable and easy to use, Corey sees himself as protector and would only see the guys as a threat….. yes their male ego’s would not see it coming. They feel that they control their women.

Th horrible thing is that the women could get the guys out and their ego’s would not see it coming…. will the women do it??? Dear god no, for some twisted reason NO all girl alliance has ever managed to stick together since Allison and Jun and that was mostly because they knew everybody else hated them as much as they hated each other.

Mrs. Mac

It’s the type of women that big brother casts. They are more worried about how their makeup will look on camera than the game. It drives me nuts. Big brother, please cast more actual FANS of the show!!


Very true, it is for sure the type of women they cast. It can be frustrating to watch. Even survivor which got the closest of any reality show… still lost to a man because they turned on each other before they took out the last man standing. It blew me away, he was so easy to take out too. He won that Season because the women turned on each other…. I found it shocking.

This Season has the best chance for a woman to win ever… but it will not happen, these girls will not see their advantage even though it was pointed out to them. Mind blowing frustrating


So damn sad that so many women are such hypocrites about sexism ………when its favorable to them, sexism is a-ok.
“Lets get all the guys out! girl power! Girls could rule if only…………”

I dont watch feeds 24/7 but ive never heard a man say” guy power! lets get all the girls out first…” or ” I really want a guy to win this year!”

Ladies, if you dont like sexism when its used against you…. dont practice or preach it!


Men don’t say the words “man power” because they assume they have it, they never say “let’s get the girls out first”–I don’t even know what to say to that because they say that all the time, and they don’t say “I want a man to win this year” because men have won BB 12-5. Do you hate women?


i got this

#chilltown brigade


No fan of the newbies (except for Natalie) who actually has a clue and got caught up in the crossfires of sticking to her original word. But, this ‘Team Comp’ has to go. Too easy to dictate who wins. James and Day can throw this until everyone not in the 8 Pack are eliminated. Good job Ms. Grodner…NOT!


So true! It is the battle of the block in disguise.


I don’t know why but Zakiyah just rubs me the wrong way. No way she’s a ‘teacher’ firstly, and hiding behind the guy is so demeaning to all women. Big brother isn’t girls against guys but for some reason these morons make it that way every time. ONE PERSON WINS! I can’t stand when these girls run to a guy for protection in this game. Zakiyah and her fake hair and constant staring at herself a la Veronica in season 16 shows how vain she is. Soon she’ll be claiming to be a virgin.


I love Zak… I see her completely different than you do. She is great and one of my favorites this Season.


Have you ever played a multiplayer RPG game? You stay behind the tank so they can taunt and take the aggro! It’s called a Meatshield. It’s smart to keep a target in front of you in the game.


I’m not looking forward to any kind of showmance. It wouldn’t be real. They’re just keeping each other close.

skeptical onlooker

Thinking about it. Paulie and his team make a Perfect Week!! Victor..( who is acting SUPER nervous..rightly so) in danger..and he knows it.
Victor or Bronte eliminated. Too much to hope for. But…I am hoping. Paul replacement nominee.
In a perfect world.
But then…boring season to follow.
So..what then? If we have no one to *hate..where’s the fun ?:)..
I really loathed Frankie…and Vanessa…
I’m torn. Boring..or Grrrr.
Only want to deserving peeps at the final 2. Until then..I want drama..even though I will be fuming if bronte gets close. Really..really dislike her. Not one redeeming quality. Her voice and hairclips alone give me the willies:)


Perhaps you long time BB fans will disagree, but I’m loving the twists this season. It’s cool to give chance to the first evictees to try to get back into the house. Especially because the current players think they don’t have to deal with whoever isn’t in jury. They even reveal a lot of their games during the goodbye speeches… that could be very helpful now for whoever comes back. I feel it’s the first time in the last years that BB has come up with a way to prevent backdooring to be a sure thing and the only real maneuver to get people out the house. This roadkill thing brings an element of surprise to the game and make people feel very uncertain even after noms have been made.

Now, how clueless can Jozea be? Even after watching the goodbye speeches, he still thinks Paullie is the solely responsible person for his eviction. He even blew a kiss to MamaDay who is probably responsible for his departure… after all she was the one who had enough of him and his egotrip!

P.S.- I sense that 8pack is a bit fed up with Frank… can any of you feedsters update me on the latest regarding that?


A returning player twist has been a common twist throughout BB. 3rd nom twist doesn’t prevent backdooring , As you can see roadkill nom was meaingless this week ( Bridgette 0 votes) in coming g weeks roadkill nom can render he HoH meaningless ( both original noms, and or replacement ALL stay). It’s a terrible twist that didn’t work the first time BB tried it!
I’m hoping Glenn ones back so he can take a permanent place in the nomination chair , so he can cancel out this 3rd nom twist.
Or better yet it ends soon!


I for one am not enamored with Frank at all this Season. His continued push my own agenda down your throat with out telling my alliance first philosophy is getting on my nerves. Sure it’s BB and the name of the game. – But don’t sit there and do it and then act like your Mister nice – you most certainly are not.
And the problem with Nicole, Zac,Tiffany and Da – Even if they are on to Frank and his ways they need to start doing something about it proactively. Da has built some sort of a working relationship now with Paul which she can now use to plant seeds of doubt and same with Nicole with Vic. Zac and Tiff can work on Paulie from their own side same with Nicole with Corey. But it’s better than any of those girls waiting for Frank to make good on his Master plans. All i’m saying is a few seeds of doubt cast upon Frank here and there makes a tree grow – and it can grow very quickly !!!


Oh my… I LOVE this:

“All i’m saying is a few seeds of doubt cast upon Frank here and there makes a tree grow – and it can grow very quickly !!!”

seeds that grow to become a huge tree of doubts. Pick your own Frank paranoia. I hope it’s as resistant as an oak tree!


This group of newbies are clearly part of the ” you are wonderful, you are so special. Here’s your trophy just for showing up” generation. That’s the only place egos like theirs can come from.


Wish I could give this a thousand thumbs up!


Special snowflakes, each and every one of the.

On another subject, I must have missed something, but can anyone enlighten me why it was such a big damn deal that Victor asked Nicole out post-show? Who cares??


Strategy Jim

uh duh

its Strategy to create cracks, and division. To pit alliance members against each other. To nip a shomance in the bud. To spotlight a target!
This is BB boo!


I hear you, boo, but that strategy is only warranted if the affection is reciprocated. Nicole isnt interested, so why make a showmance a strategic target when it’s one sided? If they were a couple or moving in that direction, I’d get it.

uh duh

Hey boo, you are confused! it’s not Nicole and Vic that were a showmance that needed to be nipped in the bud, It was natalie and vic, plus they were alliance members, that needed to be split up. And it was to help pull Natalie away from the revolution, and to spotlight Vic.
They wanted to release that info this week, because Vic is the main target this week!

Min O'Pause

That will last as long as the engagement of Mike Boogie and that barhag from his first time on BB.


“I’m pretty sure the girls were trying to slow me down intentionally.”

No, Paul…you just suck!


I like the new font

Hermit 21

I don’t know…..I just don’t know.

Victors ego

I’m liking this season so far .. Finally a cast of a bunch of weirdos to make this an entertaing summer … We got some villains, heroes, and clueless civilians. Simon and dawg … Thanks for your dedication as always !!! 😀


You’re welcome.. I’m liking it too.


I’m liking this season too although I haven’t found someone to actually root for yet. This next week could be interesting with people shifting into new groups and others absorbing the spy girls or at least parts of them. The only people I don’t see able to make overtures to the rest of the house are Paul and Victor. They’ve burned their bridges.
We’ll see if Paulie figures out where he stands with the 8 pack plus Paulie.