Big Brother 17 Week 2 Summary and Live Show results Da’Vonne Vs. Meg


Week 2 is now coming to an end. Alot happened this week especially during these last few days probably making this the new high water marks for the season. I have a feeling it’s Drama is only going to go up from here.

There was a phone twist this week called the “Last Laugh”, Da’Vonne won and got the power to nullify 3 votes. Normally this would be a game changer for her but given she’s against her ally Meg it’s very difficult for her to pull off. Da’vonne also figured out the twins twist or at the very least realized there’s two different versions of Liz walking around. Da’vonne called one of these “Skinny Liz” the other “Thickums”. After comparing notes with Jason, Da’vonne and Jason decided to tell most of the house unleashing a frenzy of speculation.

Da’Vonne went to Liz (Julia at the time) told her that there’s a group in the house thinking she has a twin. While waving a butter knife she tells Liz she needs her and Austin’s vote to stay. Da’vonne claiming she has Jason, James, and Vanessa’s vote. Late Wednesday night Audrey suspecting she’s again target numero uno offers Da her vote and says they can work together moving forward. If Da can trust Audrey she has two votes on lock Jason/Audrey, needs 3 more to stay. Unfortunately those 3 votes will be very hard for her to get. The house is telling Da’Vonne what she wants to hear and have no intentions of keeping her.

The houseguests got to practice tonight’s HOH competition Check it out here

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Here is how the week went down

Summary of live show

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 18-20-40-520

Last Laugh result
Da’Vonne uses her last laugh power and nulls Becky, Jeff and Jackie’s vote

JohnnyMac votes to evict Da’Vonne
Austin votes to evict Da’Vonne
Julia votes to evict Da’Vonne
James votes to evict Da’Vonne
Becky votes to evict
Steve votes to evict Da’Vonne
Audrey votes to evict Meg
Clay votes to evict Da’Vonne
Vanessa votes to evict Da’Vonne
Jackie votes to evict
Jeff votes to evict
Jason votes to evict Meg
Evicted Houseguest is Da’Vonne

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 18-42-20-835

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 18-43-43-609
New BBtakeover TWist
Rob Gronkowski Is the BBtakeover special guest
Party all week long
-no have nots
-He “likes winners” so they might want to win the competition this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 18-54-47-453

Gronk Pong

First Round
Liz – 23
Jackie – 0
John – 0
James – 23
Audrey – 17
Clay – 6
Jeff – 14
Becky – 0
Austin – 28
Jason – 0
Meg – 1
Steve – 0
Vanessa – 23

Second round
Liz – 22
James – 35
VAnessa – 52

Austin and Vanessa are HOH

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Top Gifs of the week

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Is there any stream to watch the eviction tonight?


Hi Simon! Thanks for all the work you do every season! Question: why Da did not block Clay’s vote? i didn’t understand her picks at all…


To be honest, this week was severely boring. Da’Vonne pretty much gave up as soon as she was nominated, and outside of the twins stuff, there was nothing noteworthy to mention. I knew from last week that she would be leaving this week. She may be real, but being real is not necessaroly a good thing in the house. She was too volatile, isolated from most of the house, and does not know when to let things go. At least she will be with her daughter instead of being forced away from her for another month and a half if she was in jury.

At least things are going to be unpredictable going into the next week. This week suffered from all of the competitions taking place less than 24 hours after the first eviction, giving us 6 consecutive days of “dead man walking”.

The Hammer

Get a clue, this is the best season since at least 2010. First time since then I couldn’t tell from week one who Production was going to steer to the Final Two.


Calm your tits. I did not say the SEASON was boring or bad. In my opinion, the last week was boring, at least compared to the first week.

Pinocchio Obama

So glad to see Da’Vonne gone. It looks like Liz’s game is blown up. Do you think they will vote her out now?

I’m hoping Audrey goes next.

Guy From Canada

Considering who won HOH, not this week but next possibly


Totally agree. When she went up to the HOH room after her beef with Jeff and Clay, so upset she was SHAKING- I wanted her gone that minute. She wanted drama and she got it. Surely there is a black female out there that won’t lose her mind over being “disrespected”. But, I guess they’re too busy in their careers to give this show a second thought. Also, “Mama Da” sounds too close to Aunt Jemima for my taste.


I am 60yrs old and I’ve never heard Aunt Jamima a trademark speak. Here’s a little information just in case you thought you heard Aunt Jamima speak…. Aunt Jemima is a brand of pancake mix, syrup, and other breakfast foods currently owned by the Quaker Oats Company of Chicago. The trademark dates to 1893, although Aunt Jemima pancake mix debuted in 1889. The Quaker Oats Company first registered the Aunt Jemima trademark in April 1937. You racist jerk!


People who say this season isn’t amazing haven’t been watching the feeds.


I don’t have the feeds. I just read, read, read Simon and Dawg’s posts. This season is NOT boring. Compared to the last few years, this cast is a breath of freshness. Can’t wait to see Da walk out the door tonight, and to discover who will control the house for this next week. Surely, Audrey will go home next week. Not predictable, but necessary. Vanessa’s my go-for-the-win winner this year.


Hoping that Jason and Meg/Jeff gets the HOH this week, with Audrey winning veto and Steve safe from BoB. It will be fun to see how the ‘outsiders’ scramble again. I wonder who will be their sacrificial lamb this time around.


Simon- Absolutely love the head-to-head pics of Da’Vonne and Meg. You guys are the best. Keep it up…


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First Inductee is Rachel Reilly Villiegas (BB12 & BB13)
Second Inductee is Simon & Dawg ( 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Third Inductee is Erika Landin (BB4 & BB7:AllStars)
Fourth Inductee is……………………Jordan Lloyd (BB11 & BB13) congratulations into Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2015


Simon & Dawg, prepare your speech before finale night. Make it long.


James/JohnnyMac win hoh.


Vanessa Rocks
It’s a good thing she helped get the noms changed up
Da turned out to be a ruthless manipulator … What a problem she would of been down the road. Audry, Da, n Jeff are all playing the same game.
I hope one of the 5/6 +1 (Van, Shel, Clay, Austin, Liz/Julia + Steve) wins the HOH tonight.
I like Austin as a person but game play … he is clueless
Jeff needs to go next. Audry blew her game and she apparently will stay on the course doom
Jeff could fly under the radar to long doing damage. Then Jason needs to go after Jeff.

Captain Crunch

Anybody else just see Shelli crocodile tears? lol

Dr seuss

Looks like da is gone. Not listed in your pole. Thank god. She was a real pain in the ass

Lemon balls

The only thing gonna ruin this season is production sticking their nose into everything….

Surprise surprise day wins last laugh


Why did John say “He votes to evict ” why not “I vote to evict”, could there be two sets of twins in the house??????


lol! No, enough twins in the game already! 😉
No, that was his attempt at being witty:
Da’vonne has often referred to herself as “she”, like “she gonna blow up!” to say “I’m going to blow up!”
So he wanted to say “he votes Da’ out!”
I thought it was funny, but I also thought that most people wouldn’t get his joke! 😉


Ahh, that makes sense now. Thanks for explaining. I was scratching my head too! lol


I keep wondering the same thing, just because of some of the comments he has made. Shelli said she is a twin, but her twin is a brother and Jeff claims he is a twin, but his brother isn’t playing. Makes you wonder if more than 1 twin thing is happening….


There has GOT to be more twin action coming then, yes? Surprising, then, that the twin twist wasn’t outed sooner then…or maybe not surprising….Surely, there’s going to be speculation++ about that from here on in.


Day leaving was so sad. Felt like Naeha from bbcan being evicted. I know she had haters but you can’t deny how perceptive she was in the house.


its not the same because I felt naeha deserve a chance of the instant eviction. Day had her chance an campaign hard and lost the pov so it not the same.


I agree that day had chances to save herself unlike Naeha, but I felt similarly sad in the sense that I wanted to see them both play for awhile because of how perceptive they were

The Hammer

Miss Clueless Da’, no one is afraid to vote out Audrey, they just were desperate to get rid of you. Hope that’s the last we see of you till Finale night.


Nobody – absolutely nobody – is “afraid” to vote out Audrey; they weren’t given the chance to. Day is not a fave-fave of mine, but I think she was playing the game, albeit with mistakes, much more than other HGs have so far, In that respect, she “deserved” to stay, certainly more than Meg did. But that is BB.


You are so right! Although Meg is my favorite in the house. I have to agree that she is not really doing much which makes her look like a floater. Whereas Davonne has tried therefore deserves to stay more than Meg.


What is the purpose of “party week” twist?

Freakie sucks

No have nots. Is that it???


I noticed they didn’t announce the twist today as they did last week. My cynical side is saying it’s so they can wait until the nominations are done and production can tailor the twist to the folks on the block.

I’m hoping they spread out the noms, BoB, and veto comps. With everything set so early this week, the HG’s were pretty boring most of the time. I have mostly enjoyed these guys even if it was just enjoying being disgusted by James and Jeff. Austin to a lesser degree but then I don’t have the feeds and just read hear and some of the afterdark stuff.

Butters Mom

Was it really necessary for Da to call Liz/Julia thickums tonight when she was told the twin twist… showed her true self right there… she is a tacky person and Im glad she is gone.


Has day ever called her fat? Genuine question. If not, “thick” where I’m from is a compliment. Just means a nice healthy body that has curves. Not sure if she was being malicious or anything. Jason said the “thick” one exercises and the other one lays around. So how is that negative?


When Vanessa was talking with Julia last night she also called the other one “bigger”, so is she malicious then? I had a twin classmate once and we call them “thin” and “fat”. “Fat” has a circular face and “thin” has an elongated face, nonetheless, both were far from being fat but we call them those because it’s easier to distinguished them from the other.

Butters Mom

When Vanessa called one of them thicker she was describing their differences in order to tell one from the other, and she also told Julia that one of them needed to eat and other needed to not eat… she wasnt trying to be offensive. When Da said it, she was already evicted sitting in Julie’s chair and let her mouth fly without giving thought… much like she did in the house and it was not a compliment. You can try to spin it in her defense but it was not nice. Nor was it nice when any of the others were saying “thickums” and laughing about it.


You’re obviously not African American…. Im telling you, in the African Americans “thick”, “Thickums” is a compliment. Please don’t tell me different. Sounds like you just trying to find a reason to be angry at Day right now. Day is gone.. you can let your hate go now.


Butters Mom, Thickums, or thick, Phat, is considered a compliment of the highest in the African American community. She was not saying that as a sign of disrespect. She was saying, “girl got body!” A compliment! UNDERSTAND???


She said it as in insult to make herself feel better after she was just evicted. Not the classiest way to go out.

The Matrix Online

I told ya they kicked the black girl off the julie chen twist to save her was a big joke everyone still voted….liz got twin name julie everyone its still 15 people on show


I say this every season ….I don’t know why black people continue to go on this show to try to win knowing they are not going to win when the majority of the house guest are white.. until they have equal number of whites and equal number of blacks …things will always remain the same

I survived last seasons BB

UGHH Austin and Vanessa


I like the Austin/Vanessa HoH. Hope they make it count


VANESSA AND AUSTIN!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

The Matrix Online

They never use poool table on bb17 or talk like frankie or howard with spencer…they dont cook foods for the house like they did last 2 yrs,,be member cook each week….


I’m not sure who the they is who are talking about but the HG’s play pool a lot, I know Clay tends to cook a lot and I see Becky in there with him helping. They may not cook meals for the whole house everyday but with so many people in there eating at all hours it would be very hard to organize a house meal regularly.

Now if you said most of them are not using the cleaning supplies then I’m with you on that.


Vanessa is derrick 2.0 again she might win this the same week that derrick won hoh remember he nominate devin could be audrey jeff or james that are gone this week. Well glad that steve won’t be nominate this week.


being called tick in the black culture is actually a good thing, not a big deal

Give me a break

Thick means you have a body, very voluptuous…

Ms. Steal Your Girl

I can’t believe how many people did so horribly at this HoH comp.

Freakie sucks

Could not have picked better hoh’s. Please nominate jackie and Audrey.


Let the shit stirring begin!!!!!


Great. I am happy Day got kicked out. Now I don’t have to spend three hours a week watching Big Brother! I don’t care what any of those people left think or say. I will watch the last episode because Austin or Vanessa is gonna win the game because everybody else is stupid as hell!!!


Oh joy. Shelli and clay are probably safe again this week. I cant stand them


Hopefully, with Austin and Vanessa in charge, they will get Audrey out of here, but I’m afraid since they want to work with Clay and Shelli, so they might send “useless” Steve who nobody likes out the door when Audrey starts spewing her garbage again…


that was a lame bbtakeover for this week no power or anything just no have nots that happen same time as last year where there were no have nots for week 3. Vanessa is going to win this year it sucks I want johnny mac or steve to win.


James and Jeff are screwed this week. Vanessa is on to Jeff and Austin is going to avenge Jace.

Eric CA

Jeff is going home Yay or James Yay
Vanessa and Austin are HoH
Hopefully it is James Vs Jeff at weeks end. They can’t put up Audrey they may throw the PoV to Audrey if she plays. They need Audrey in the house to cover Liz and keep that target on Audrey.
Evicting Day was a stupid move if you wanted to keep Lis in for THREE more evictions. They really needed both Day and Audrey to keep Liz/Julia


i feel their best move is to put becky up with jason and meg up with jackie with plans of backdooring hopefully jeff but more likely james. all four initial nominees are widely regarded as pawns and aren’t particularly useful to vanessa and austin’s game but they prevent james and jeff from getting the opportunity to save both of themselves by potentially one winning the bob and one the veto. they also facilitate the lie that the plan is to backdoor audrey (which it isn’t, but can help to get one taken off the block and backdoor jeff or james).

jason, is the only pawn with a threat of going over jeff/james so you put him with becky as i think she’s the best competitor of the pawns (becky also is a riskier pawn which makes all the more sense to pair with jason especially considering they should make this comp as lopsided as possible and while jason, becky, and jackie look roughly equal in comps, meg seems to be by far the worst at them). then there’s no way james and jeff are safe and so long as the noms change one of them goes home or at worst they stay the same and that side of the house loses one of their allies.


I think they will put up …
James n Jason … Austin
Jackie n Jeff … Vanessa
I hope so anyhow


Rule Number 1: Break up the couple. Pry the cougar and her cub apart and get rid of one of them. They make me want to slap the crap outta someone.

Eric CA

He likes winners… maybe the HoH’s will get to compete in the next HoH, get immunity… but it is probably a get out of the House Prize to have dinner with Gunk or something like that.


Okay…don’t hate me…but I really don’t want Austin and Vanessa to waste this week on Audrey. She isn’t trusted by anyone. She can stir up drama but no one really will rally behind her. Use the week to get rid of James or Jeff–an actual threat to their games.
Anyway, I’m glad they are both safe. Austin and Vanessa have become the ones I’m rooting for most and I don’t imagine one will nominate the other once they are displaced.

Eric CA

They need Audrey to get Liz/ Julia past the 5th eviction.
They actually needed Da’Vonne too along with Steve… to get to the 5th Eviction. Liz/Julia may get evicted right at the 5th eviction unless she wins HoHo. For Liz/ Julia Austin and Vanessa being the HoH’s may not have been the best for all of them. THEY really need to get Jeff out… like yesterday. They have to backdoor Jeff. The best think for them is to nominate James/Jackie vs Johnny Mac /Becky hopefully…. then let all of them know we don’t want you to throw anything you have to win.


Season isn’t predictable?
Vanessa is going to win
Austin and Vanessa will target James and Audrey

Once one of them leaves Jason will be the next target alongside Jeff.

How is it not predictable?


If anyone is going to make a big move it will be Vanessa. I can see Austin taking the easy way out and probably hand over H.O.H to Vanessa. Poor Steve will be a pawn again!


Only if Austin puts him up, Vanessa and Steve have a F2 alliance (though fake) she won’t put him up

Guy From Canada

Vanessa may want to play it smart and dethrone herself. Austin like he said during voting tonight has no clue whats going on in this house. Vanessa may get in his ear, and he may do the pawn/target while Vanessa does the pawn/pawn to down play her game. My 2cents, but only time will tell 🙂


Way to go Vanessa you rock girl.
You too Austin


Would anyone be so kind in providing a quick breakdown of the alliances in the house?

Much appreciated


i may be wrong but i believe you have shelli/clay/austin/liz/vanessa vs. meg/becky/jeff/jackie/james. jason’s too savvy not to get into an alliance but i can’t tell if he burned a bridge voting for meg that pushes him towards scalv or if all will be forgiven and mbjjj will accept him. steve and jmac are leaning more towards scalv but not really firmly attached. and although both sides have tried to pull in audrey, every time they have she tries to spread rumors about the members of the alliance to each other, gets caught, and everyone goes back to not willing to work with her.

another name

forgive me if i’m in error: weren’t some of the people that did the best in the practice session the same people that really noticeably got zeroes? imo, if you’re going to throw something, you probably shouldn’t show you can do it well in practice the day before.
a couple of the hg’s threw that in a really obviously choreographed way.

Brad H

I really like Austin, Vanessa, & the twins, but I wish they would just turn on Shellie & Clay. I am praying that someone has dirt on Clay and hoping they can use it to persuade Austin/Vanessa into putting those 2 up. They’re the most dangerous pair in the house so Clay needs to go. I hope, at the very least, lines will be drawn in the sand this week.


Oh and the OTHER predictable will be the powers that be helping Audrey as soon as she gets in trouble


Break up the cougar and her cub. Backdoor Clay or Shelli! They make me want to puke up a hairball!

Twistin' for the win

As long as Vanessa and Austin don’t let Clay and Shelly run their HOGs I’m ok with the new kingdom dynamics. I can’t take another week of the previous king and queen.

Eric CA

So I was watching the feeds with a friend and he is convinced that Clay is playing with Shelli’s head. He is convinced that Clay is gay. He thinks the thinks because the House has Jason, Vanessa and Audrey… he thinks that there are other LGBTQ Houseguests that have not come out yet. Ye is convinced that Becky, Clay and Johnny Mac might be LGBTQ also and production split the House Straight vs LGBTQ… I don’t think so but I have seen things from Clay and 2 other houseguests that he might be right.

He also thinks the way Johnny Mac votes that he might be playing with his twin too and one of them is Gay and that is why he does not flirt like the other guys.


No way CBS would have another set of twins in there and not play it up to the home viewers. Also don’t think they’d have half of the contestants be LGBT the same season as Audrey b/c it doesn’t fit their overall demographic and it would take away from how “cutting edge” they are trying to be by having Audrey on the show.

I don’t think Clay is gay, but I will agree that he doesn’t seem into Shelli in a romance kind of way.


My personal impression is that Shelli has let her “perfect sweet girl” mask fall more and more over the past 2 days:
While in the beginning, she’d really make sure he sees the sweet kind Shelli, recently, she’s often been somewhere between “passive-aggressive” and “plain aggressive” with him. If I was him, I’d be well aware that she might be a good “mentor” to help him out in how to play the game, but certainly not someone he has real romantic feelings for.
1) She tells him (Audrey and Jackie were in the room as well) that she feels sad and depressed because of how she eats and how she doesn’t work out like she wants to in the house.
2) He tells her he’s there to support / help her if she wants
3) She freaks out and has a 20 minute RANT in front of Audrey (of all people!) and Jackie, where she bombards him with aggressive accusations on how it’s unacceptable for him to criticize how she’s eating. She said “Give me an example of something I eat that you don’t eat! Give me an example!” She turned this into “he’s saying she’s eating too much”, when SHE started the whole thing saying she felt depressed because SHE THOUGHT she ate too much. That was a conversation where I regretted that Clay just isn’t good with words, because he was in the right, and just kept stopping mid-sentence, not getting to the point.
She’s smart, but on a personal level, I think she’s a spoilt little princess, used to have everybody bend to her wishes. Not able to realize sometimes SHE’s wrong.


are you on another planet?

You may have a point

You know…..have we ever seen them do anything except spoon? Any lumps bumpin’? I haven’t seen them break a sweat even.

Brad H

I was hoping Austin & Jason would win so then Jason could’ve put up Shellie & Clay. Now I’m hoping Audrey goes home this week since those 2 are safe. I just don’t want this season to get too predictable like last season.


I really hope that Austin takes aim towards Jeff. I like where this week could go.

Brad H

It’s too soon! I’m not really a fan of Jeff at all, but he’s definitely part of the reason this season is so entertaining so far. I hope Austin gets him out, but not just yet.

The Boot

Now Da can go take care of her 8 month old daughter that she still refers to as her 7 month old daughter.

[I bet Devin knows his daughter’s age down to the minute.]

You are a Savage

Really?! You are running your mouth just because she calls her 8 month old daughter 7 months? Seriously grow up and complain about something important.

The Boot

Did I say something that wasn’t true?


Don’t discuss Day’s daughter! So disrespectful…..

The Boot

Of course leaving your 7 month old daughter to go on TV for up to 3 1/2 months is disrespectful. There isn’t even a word for when you forget your child’s age.

Boring white bread

Why is wrong with JohnnyMac why does he always sound like he is drunk?

Team crazy

Day is gone now Aubrey is probably leaving, I can’t wait till all you idiots start complaining that the season is boring.


Liz/Julia have to make it through 4 more evictions and then both can come into the house. If, they don’t make it Davone and other evicted house will play a game to get back into the house.

This happened before

What do YOU think?


Da’ will not come back in. She saw the goodbye messages.


liz/julia not entering the house just means we miss out on a double eviction episode or possibly two people come back in instead of one when they do that “twist” which they now seem to do every season.