Audrey to Da’Vonne- “If my vote doesn’t get nulled I’ll vote to keep you”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 19-30-48-878
7:28pm Meg and James
Meg is worried about getting evicted, “JAmes.. I have been freaking out.. you would to”
James says he wouldn’t be surprised if the whole house voted out Da
Vanessa comes in says she wishes they could just fast forward to tomorrow
Jeff comes in says he wants to cuddle with them.
James says there’s a hicky on James neck they jokes and say it was Meg.

7:48pm Steve gets a twerking lesson

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 19-55-26-786

7:56pm James, Jeff and Meg
James says someone sketchy has the last laugh says Liz or Austin. Meg says JohnnyMac has been talking to her a lot. Jeff thinks he’s doing that because he’s feeling guilty for something. Meg asks him why he’s getting worried about the last laugh all of a sudden they’ve been dealing with it all week. She leaves pissed.
James comments how stressed Meg is. Says she actually thinks she might go home.
Jeff’s not trusting Steve at all. James calls him a loose cannon Jeff calls him a liability
Jeff – Dude I already have a list.. i’m going to be like Boom Boom Boom Boom
James – day wasn’t on the list
Jeff – She kinda was on mine, “Day, Audrey, liz, Vanessa, Austin, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 20-00-50-615

8:00pm Shelli and Clay
Shelli brings up Audrey conversation and her asking to sleep in the HOH bed tonight. Shelly says that wasn’t cool she never answered Audrey.
Shelli – God people grow up
Clay recommends she doesn’t have Audrey in the HOH tonight says she should tell Audrey that it’s not smart. Shelli brings up Audrey saying she really nervous about Austin. *Feeds cut
Shelli saying Audrey told her JohnnyMAC, Steve, Becky, Jackie and Jason are going to flip the vote. Adds that Audrey doesn’t trust Jeff but won’t put him up because of Clay.

They agree Audrey before Liz. Jackie comes up and says Jeff and her talked about it last night Audrey goes before Liz.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 20-09-45-083

8:09pm Jeff and Audrey
Jeff tells her either Steve or Liz have the Last laugh power. Audrey thought it was Becky or Steve.
Clay joins them.
Audrey says Steve and Becky were in the storage room for 20 minutes. Audrey says Steve is targeting her. He’ll nominate whoever the house wants.
Clay – he has a hidden agenda

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 20-22-52-031

8:14pm Meg and James
James asks her who she would target if she won HOH. Meg says she had to make a deal with Vanessa today to secure her vote.
James saying if Steve wins HOH he’ll put up strong players.
James – the bad thing about HOH is the next week you’re a sitting duck
James says Shelli’s move was personal
Meg – IT WAS
Meg says all the drama with Audrey today made Shelli look bad for not nominating Audrey.
James whispers “I don’t think Clay really wants a showmance”
Meg thinks Shelli and Clay will be different once her HOH is over.

James knows if Vanessa wins she’s putting one of their group up that is why he’s putting up Vanessa.
James and Meg realize that Liz, Austin and Vanessa are a group. James says that is why he got rid of JAce otherwise they have 4.
Meg says to win the BOB you need to put up Becky and Clay
James says he’s talked to Austin he doesn’t think Austin is targeting him.
Meg doesn’t think next week is a big deal everyone’s going for Audrey.
James doesn’t think Vanessa will put Audrey say they are really close. Meg says she threw Audrey under the bus to Vanessa hard. Vanessa is livid they’re not close.

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Da-o…Da-a-a-o… Daylight come and Da gon’ go home.

Nancee Luv

LMAOO geez I feel so bad for Day! And for laughing so hard at your comment lol


Audrey has to be one of the worse players ever! She has a narcissistic personality.She can’t see the destruction she does to herself and the people around her.She just doesn’t seem to get why people are against her. Really believe that she has some kind of mental issues!


Give her a break. This is not an easy game.


Of course she has mental issues! She is a self described “sociopath” (watch her interview with Jeff)
Besides, anything that will mutilate itself, in order to pretend to be something it’s not, HAS mental issue! LOL


Take all your prejudicej crap and shove it were the sun down shine. What Audrey does in her personal life has nothing to do with the game. I can’t stand people like you who think you have the right to tell others how they should live there lives. Grow up and mind your own business.


You’re an ignorant transphobic idiot! Yes,her gameplay sucks but its not because she’s Trans!


I have tried and tried to figure this Audrey out, and have come to the conclusion that if I lived in the same house as this person, I would lock my bedroom door from the INSIDE! She is a very, very scary individual. Her eyes get really creepy, and she stares at people. Makes me very uncomfortable to watch her. Don’t know how she functions in the real world, but in that house she has to be on meds. Amanda Zuckerman got like her to some degree, and we all know she was heavily medicated at times. She appears to enjoy stirring up the shit, and I knew it was going to be a bumpy ride after she voted for Jace to stay in the house. She looks for shock value, and isn’t happy till she makes everyone else unhappy. The fact that she can show her face after all she has done boggles the mind. I am embarrassed just watching this trainwreck!!!


Agree, she is a legit wack job.

Nancee Luv

I totally agree! Smh


Live eviction is really going to be interesting tomorrow. Not sure if Day can pull this off; it would be nice if she could. I’m still voting her for fan favorite


Day’s going home. One thing we know for sure, is to never trust anything that comes out of Audrey’s mouth.

The only reason she would vote for Day is to keep the rest of the house second-guessing each other as to who the turncoat rogue voter is (just like she did with the Jace vote). Which,actually is a good strategy too. It foments distrust and paranoia and keeps her from being the unanimous target.


holy cow i hope Day stays!!! It’s not even that i like her as a player but i can totally appreciate the drama that Day and Audrey bring to the show! It’s fantastic to watch. Here’s to hoping Audrey and Day can flip Austin/Liz… ESPECIALLY becuz Liz and Audrey will be targeted next week. It would make complete sense for them to team up with Jason/Audrey/Day/James for this vote. That would mean Day would have Jason’s, James’, Liz’s, Austin’s, and Audrey’s votes and thats all she would need to stay!

Brad H

I think I have a better chance of getting my period than Audrey sticking to her word and voting for Day to stay in the house. She is definitely trying to give Day the ultimate F U on her way out by tricking Day into not nullifying her vote. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.


Two weeks in a row now that Audrey is trying to flip the vote and keep the person she wanted gone. The girl is a thrill seeker.


If Audrey can flip the house and keep Day, she deserves the WIN!!


more like a sedative if u asked me, i mean seriously? why keep da’ over meg now? it makes no sense. at this point, i wouldnt be surprised if even jason voted to keep meg over da. sad as it is, da’ made her bed, now she must lay on it. she waited too long to campaign, they’re just telling da’ what she wants to hear just to keep her “calm”. da’ is gone, she’s been gone.


It actually makes perfect sense. Audrey knows for a fact that she is the target for next week, based on her conversation with Clay, by trying to save Day no one would suspect she was the one who flipped because of her history with Day. This would spark a divide in the house that has already been brewing and both sides will attack each other leaving Audrey on the outside while she watches everyone go down. P.s I dislike Audrey lol


Seeing these guys dressed up for their PodCast tonight makes me laugh out loud!!! If I came across Austin in the real world he would scare the shit out of me. What an outfit! My biggest peeve though is Jeff. He feels he is God’s gift to all the women in the house. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he started running around the house peeing on their pumps to mark his territory. His ego never stops, and the fact that he seems to think he runs the house makes me laugh. Can`t wait for his ugly ass to go out the door.


Austin looks like Svengoolie in that outfit.


Kinda tired of Da’s two-faced personality. Say the sh*t you say to the camera to people’s faces.

She is weak. Acts all ghetto sassy in her interviews, but starts crying at a whim.

Ms. Steal Your Man

Very interesting perception you have about Da’Vonne there. I’m trying to figure out what makes her ghetto? Is it because she’s a black woman? This is what I mean about people having a certain stereotypical view of black women/people in general. Because she acts a way you don’t understand, she gets labeled as “ghetto.”

I think it’s perfectly normal for people to talk crap in the “diary” room sessions, and have a totally different attitude outside, especially if they’re facing eviction. If past players of Big Brother had their DR’s aired or said half the things they said in DR to people’s faces then they wouldn’t have won Big Brother, i.e. Danielle from Big Brother 3.


This game is about eliminating people. Everyone is two-faced. Shelli lied to Becky, Vanessa is lying to everyone, Liz is playing as a twin and lying to her closest allies. This is a game where you have to be two-faced to win, There is only 1 500k prize and second place is 50k. The other 14 get their stipend and America’s favorite money. Eventually even Clay and Shelli will have to turn on each other.


You people calling someone “Ghetto” and don’t even knows what that means. You’re just RACIST/PREDJUDICED people. And, I am tired of it! Day is not GHETTO!!! I wish you would go to a ghetto and find out what that word means. I would send you personally to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. You might not make it out alive to tell your dumb friends about it. Besides that, why in the world would Big Brother put one Black person and one Asian person in a sea of white people. It ain’t fair. On all CBS reality shows they do that and it is horrible. The white people always always always gang up on the one Black person. They say that they can’t trust them and how they are liars when you can’t trust anyone anyways and the Black people are never the liars. I can’t stand it! If Day gets kicked out this week, I don’t need to watch this show anymore. I am tired of BB not having more Black people and other colored people. I am tired of BB not having any older people. There is no diversity on BB in more. And, where are the food challenges and making them do their own laundry in a bucket! BB is about beautiful white people sauntering about in bathing suits and making fun of the less beautiful white people all summer long. BB is a reflection of America’s losing her mind!


is Shelli back to wanting Audrey out, or is she just playing along like her and Clay said they would with the other houseguests? These people can never make up there minds so I am confused. I know they see Audrey going back to her old ways, but do they (shelli and clay) care?


no seriously does anyone know where Shelli’s head is at?


I think Audrey is going to vote to evict Meg. If this house flips, everyone will question who was behind it. There will be massive paranoia and finger pointing. At least this way Audrey is not the sole target for next week and she will have gotten rid of Meg who is well liked and a potential threat later in the game. Further, Da’Vonne will no longer be coming after her ( at least for a while). Da’Vonne’s targets will be Shelli and Clay. Its a smart move on Audrey’s part if she can keep her mouth shut.


Exactly, Audrey’s best move is to keep Da’vonne. Another huge target. I can’t see this getting pulled off, but it would be one of the craziest house flips in BB History.


That’s great. But Audrey can’t do sh*t. NO ONE trusts her.


Finally got my daughter to read here. She will find out how much more exciting it is. Love this season what an awesome job in casting. Is this the first time we have 3 sides in the house? Shelli had made it interesting not targeting Audrey. What a move!! Never liked da, all talk and no action. Crying cause she hates getting lied to? What did she think she was playing. She has a bully, mean, and foul mouth personality. Was hoping for a Danielle not ika type player.


I think this season is so much better than last year because the HG’s are actually interested in the game. Last year it was more an audition for future TV personality crap. Seemed most people there were more interested in being famous.


production got to da’ a little too late. da’ made her bed when she didnt fight for herself for the 5 days she was up on the block, now 2 days left before she gets booted she wants to campaign… im sure that these people have never seen an episode of big brother, otherwise they know when they on the block they campaign 24/7 and not on the final day of eviction SMH.
Da had so much potential, probably more than any other player in the house at them moment. she is so perceptive and gets so much info, but its useless if she doen’t know how to keep her mouth shut and use said info to her advantage and not just for random gossip. such a shame to see her go, oh well.

Rooting 4 Day

Day needs to try harder….


Besides Jason and maybe James(although I think James will vote with the house), everyone will vote Da out. She is much more fierce competitor than Meg. Even if Da has the last laugh power, it will be worthless.

Shelli made a very smart move putting up Meg. It sealed the deal the second she replaced JMac. If Shelli can ditch dumbass Clay, she could get far with Vanessa.

Guy From Canada

You mean Austin made a good move 😉


Please, please vote Jeff out real soon. I also tired of looking t his red and pale face. I am so sick of him thinking he is running the house, and just the sound of his voice makes my skin crawl. I never want to hear the word Dude again !!!!!!,


I agree.. He is my least fave houseguest. I’d rather have Audrey in the house than him. At least she keeps things interesting.


From all the comments I’ve seen, Jeff must be a “fan favorite”.


Johnny is a little buttboy…sorry. He runs to Jeff with everything anyone does or tells him. I really wanted to like him but sooo don’t. The constant talk that he makes a lot of money being a dentist shows some of his true character and it’s not good. But being Jeffs buttboy that makes him dead to me. Sorry again…I know many here like Johnny but I think u will as the season goes on be more and more on board with me on this.


I unlike others think Da can pull this off! I think Audrey will vote to keep her and with the nullify votes it will work in Da’s favor. All I know is that I can’t wait to see the live eviction. It will be fun to watch no matter which way it turns out. Either way I do believe Audrey is only there to work with herself and no one else. Meaning use everyone and lie to everyone. She will use the next opportunity to get rid of Shelli and Clay ’cause they are just to close to getting rid of her now! I don’t think Audrey is whacko like others do I think it’s just how she is playing the game. Hard! Fun to watch either way that’s for sure. Get ready for popcorn and drama during Live Eviction Simon!!! LoL


what is going on? I am starting to like crazy dentist Johnny Mac dude. lol

oh and here is another vote. CAN’T STAND Jeff. Thinks he is god’s gift to women, he isn’t even good looking. Maybe if he would STFU sometimes it wouldn’t be so bad.


Am I the only one who doesn’t read this podcast B.S!