“I’m not going to roll over and die I can’t, sorry I got a daughter I can’t” -Da

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 21-29-23-309
9:27pm Storage room da and Steve
Da – how do you feel voting for me
Steve I don’t know I’m nervous where we stand
Da – why
Steve – we stopped talking for awhile
da says it was audrey she said Steve was gunning for her.
steve – she was telling a lot of people a lot of things
Da- see what I mean.. you are the swing vote
Steve – you know who’s has the last laugh
Da – no But I know I have the votes.. you are my 5th vote.. I need you steve more than ever
Steve says he owes Da that is why he’s not giving her empty promises he can’t keep

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 21-52-20-742

9:50pm Backyard
Talking about last nights podcast being long in length
Austin – It was Long…. and HArd…. to get through
Audrey – I can come
Shelli says Jeff is looking good, “He looks good in white” (WTF)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 21-56-23-514
9:54pm Liz (Julia) and Da
Da – I can’t go into details but I have to tell you something.. don’t freak out..
Liz – you’re scaring me
Da – People are saying something is going on with you.. a group of people.. I think it’s funny.. a group of people are saying you’re a twin and they are trying to say periodically you guys are switching. The people that are saying this I have turned on these people because they have crossed me..If they are saying this about you .. at this point you need me and I need you”
Da tells her she needs liz to convince Austin to keep her
Liz – you already know you have my vote
Liz can’t believe people are thinking that.
Da tells her to lay low, “They say your sister is bubbly… so get bubbly”
Liz (Julia) “I’m going to talk to Austin.. you know you have my vote”
Liz – I want you here for sure
Da says audrey told her that austin and Liz made an alliance to backdoor her this week
liz – you have my help you f*** gave me that fast forward I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me.
Liz asks her who is saying she has a twin. Da says they’ll talk about that later.
Liz tells her she trust da 100% Da didn’t have to tell her that. Liz wants to work with Da she trust and respect her. Liz says the same people that are after Da are now coming for her.
liz claims that Austin will vote for Da to stay for sure.
Liz asks Da what votes does she have. VAnessa comes in.
(Da is trying to get Austin, Vanessa, Steve, Jason and James’ vote.Also gotta love the knife Da is wielding during this conversation)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 21-56-27-257

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 22-23-39-266

10:18pm bathroom
Da saying if she has Austin’s and Liz’ vote she’ll stay. She’s promising Liz Jury and a alliance with Austin and jason to roll to jury.
Da – I can carry us to Jury after that I don’t know
Da about Jason “He’s a beast at these competitions.. I’m good with the mental we can beat this sh1t to jury.. I have the votes to stay”
Liz – You have my vote and you have Austin’s vote I’ll make sure he votes”
They agree Meg is a nice person.
Da – I’m not going to roll over and die I can’t sorry I got a daughter I can’t sorry
Da says not to tell Austin the house thinks there’s a twin
Liz – you think he knows
Da doesn’t think so. They are so close he would have told her by now.
Liz says some days she’s not as bubbly , “F** I had my period what is wrong with you people”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 22-24-46-141
10:24pm Da and James
Da says Clay sent Vanessa to the bathroom to see what she was doing

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 22-27-41-140

10:29pm Bedroom Audrey and Vanessa
Getting to know each other.. Audrey shares parts of her surgery experience.

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Days Momma

I hope day gets the votes !!!!!!!!!!!


sometimes when I click like on a post it does not count.


Finally Da is talking to Liz/Julia! Too bad she didn’t use the twin twist to her advantage a couple of days ago. I’m not a huge Da fan, but I would like to see her stay to keep things interesting 🙂

Nancee Luv

I hope she stays! I would LOVE for her to flip the house. I can’t stand shelli (she’s playing very strategically tho! No denying that. I respect it!) clay irks my soul and Audrey too. But I like her cause she’s playing hard! If da stays this next week will be very entertaining and I’m hype to see who wins the next HOH!


She should have kept her mouth shut with the others. Giving them all the knowledge won’t help her much.

Allison Grodner

My brilliant twin twist has been ruined. Now the entire BB world knows that even my double chin has a twin.


Hey Simon & Dawg and everybody else does Da’ Vonne
have the votes to stay or are they just telling her what she
wants to hear.


I feel for Julia. She must feel like throwing up, crapping her pants, and hiding in the DR simultaneously right now. I give her huge props for recovering from that blindside, pulling herself together, and facing whatever was coming her way during that podcast. That took guts and must have been very hard to do. .


Whats the odds that da out of 13 players to answer the phone and be the 7th player to do so {less than 1%} .Thanks production for making this season scripted


What’s the Odds of Day answering the 7th Call & figuring out the Twin Twist all in the same week, while in the Block about to go Home. Less than .001%. Production has become so Predictable. So much for A Social experiment and letting the Players play on their own Merit. Totally Scripted.

Guy From Canada

1/15 is 6.66 % 😉 I guess with an evil number like that Davonne will get it over Austins alter ego 😛


I hope Liz/Julia realizes the vultures in the room, asking questions during the podcast and making faces. I’m glad Day didn’t engage in it, so hopefully they’ll trust her.

GeekSquad McGee

She was really nervous there. She can sense that they’re all catching on. Especially when people like Steve are asking questions about her sister and lack the subtlety to pull it off.


Question: at around 12:25AM, towards the end of the podcast, Steve went to the bathroom (Cam 1&2) and mumbled something to himself:
“It’s not official yet, but…” I couldn’t understand the end of his sentence.
This might be irrelevant, but would someone who heard it or who has the feeds and won’t mind checking please be so kind and let me know what he said? Thanks so much!! 🙂
P.S.: This podcast was so awkward and not funny at all. I thought they had planned to “confront” Liz and ask her about Dae’s dog’s name?


So does Liz really want Day to stay or is sure just telling day what she wants to hear?


Also, for the record…I think that Austin looks like someone photoshopped and old pic of Woody Allen’s face on Khal Drogo’s body, and Clay looks like a young version of Mulder and Scully’s boss, Skinner, from X-files…with hair.


I think Clay’s face looks a lot like that of the Tennis player Andy Roddick

Walt Kowalski

Thats it, Andy Roddick! I knew he looked like someone and it wasn’t coming to me. A jacked up Andy Roddick.


Da’vonne is really pathetic to constantly poke fun at Julias weight with that nickname, its so unnecessary. I can think of a couple names for her based on her appearance that Liz/Julia haven’t felt the need to resort to.


I’m usually skeptical about production BUT … Kathy said last week the person who picked up the phone on the 7th call would win the last laugh. AND.. Clay discussed with Shelli how he tried to take number 7 but that Day said I want 7 it’s a lucky number (or something like that) and grabbed it faster than he could so it almost went to Clay.

As for not using the Twin Twist earlier.. I actually think it was smart of Day. I thought it was a bit odd how Day was the one to figure it out but Jason was the one who spread it to James/Meg who then played telephone spreading it throughout the house..

Day is super smart: she didn’t take to her bed (like Audrey) instead she sat back & watched people. This allowed her to figure out the twin twist. In reality I think she had it figured out sooner, but kept it hidden til she needed to use. She’s proven herself to be the most observant so odds are she knew even when she selected Liz to be safe! I also think the timing of her move is perfect, she couldn’t afford to wait until Weds it had to happen tonight but she also couldn’t do it too soon or Meg could’ve responded.

Observation also allowed her see Steve was talking to Audrey, Shelli and Vanessa. And from observation she knows Austin/Liz were trying to work with Slay. I’d bet she also sees through Vanessa and knows the reason the nomination changed was b/c of the influence of Vanessa/Austin.

Day knew she was a target & as soon as Shelli put her up she knew Audrey would never go up (b/c she knew those 3 would stay a trio). Smartly she played low key to erase the “drama” notion. She also knew JohnM threw the BOTB dragging his ass, but then flew through the POV apparently.

I only caught part of it but she & Jason discussed that James/Meg/Jeff KNEW Day was the target & weren’t impressed they kept it from Jason/Day (but smartly they never told James/Meg they knew).
By getting James/Meg to be the one to spread the twin twist to everyone else it adds a little bit of drama to Meg making her seem gossipy.

Most importantly this allowed Day to go talk to Liz & create trust.

Though it was brilliant there are still road blocks:

Vanessa wants to work with sleeper cell (Slay, Austin, Audrey), however Austin is her #1 so if he wants to save Day I think Van will acquiesce. Plus Slay were again pushing not including Liz which works for Van long term, but is sketchy b/c it means they (Slay) want the majority (with Audrey) in the alliance!
Austin has intermittently had issues with Slay & Jeff so I think he will go along with this plan, but he’ll need to bring Vanessa on board. And his issues with James may be a deterrent.

Because this house played so hard, so fast and so many alliances were made it’s added to the potential for extreme paranoia.

The best thing that comes out of this is it again puts a spotlight on Slay/Vanessa (Day/Jason’s targets) b/c everything she told Liz was skillfully IMPLIED:

She never comes out & says Audrey or Slay but she implies THEY are targeting her & implies Audrey started the rumor. So, Jason/Day used what is already thought of these people in the house against them. This revelation once again puts the spot light on Slay (if V/A/L) to believe Slay are still playing all sides & are holding back wanting to target Liz.

It’s still a long shot, but good for Day at least she’s trying while all Meg is doing is flirting & making up silly speeches (and I like Meg, but she sure isn’t worried or playing at the moment)

I think she definitely has the last laugh twist and that’s why she’s getting James, John, Vanessa, Steve etc to promise they’ll vote for her. If she succeeds in getting Liz/Austin that should get her Vanessa & then she just needs one of the others. Austin could likely sway Steve as well & who knows Audrey might even throw her a vote. Day should also go to Becky and tell her Slay lied to her that she was always the target & how they have no intention of taking out Audrey. It might actually get her Becky’s vote!

I’d rather Day stay in the house so we get some drama anyway. If Day leaves followed by Audrey this will rapidly become one of the most boring seasons in BB US history!


Don’t you ever run out of ink ?

another name

so.. let me get this straight: the sleeper cell is a go. the members say that they can trust Audrey but they shouldn’t give her any information or believe anything she says. uh… what?? yeah. that’s going to work out well. so if you can’t tell her anything or believe a word she says, where do you come up with the trust part?
in regard to da’vonne: I don’t see her staying. she isn’t filling her assigned role (as dictated by the title under her face in the commercials) as the villainous liar. oh, she’s lied. and she’s been an absolute hypocrite saying she can’t stand liars after saying she’d straight up lie as much as needed in episode one. but she’s hardly been the villain. foul mouthed, sure. villain? nope.
yes, I’ve said before that I hope da stays. not because I like her. i’m apathetic about her. I want her to stay so that clay shelli and Audrey can earn the golden edits they’ve received as saavy finger on the pulse of he house masterminds or go down in flames. don’t think it will happen. da’vonne will go home, and the plot edit will continue. they must really be sweating. it’s probably hard work trying to manufacture heroic ideals completely through the editing process. (oh come on, production is asking clay not to shave. Is this so that he starts to look a little older when paired with shelli? ten year age difference in big brother years where 30 is considered a cougar and 40 would be a sabretooth.. they’re practically Harold and maude).

another name

reread my comment. note to self… don’t write anything before coffee.
I still don’t think the sleeper cell is a good idea if they don’t trust one of their own members.
I still think da’vonne’s actual game play doesn’t match the game play production had in mind for her when they cast her and promoted her.
I still think the show edit that clay shelli and Audrey have received are far more glowing than their actual game play. I mean, clay and shelli are still discussing whether they should go with insiders or outsiders when they already chose a side through their actions this week.
I don’t mean that shelli is too old for clay. I meant that in the big brother-verse where 30ish aged hg’s are considered practically middle aged, it isn’t a surprise that they are trying to get clay to style himself in a way to appear older.