HOH Competition Practice “I hate Steve, Little nerd over there doing geometry in his head”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 15-00-37-749

3:01pm Liz (Julia) and Da Bathroom
Da about Audrey – The b1tch is scared because she knows if I stay in here I’m gunning for her
Da says Audrey was telling everyone that Liz told her she’s voting to keep Da. Liz says she never told Aubrey that, “Why would I tell her my vote she’s not on the block”
Da now saying that some of the people Audrey told about the LIz’ vote are the people that have raised questions about Liz and the twin
Da – I still need your vote.. I still need you to get Austin’s vote..
Da says her 1 objective is to get out Audrey.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 15-11-37-119

3:11pm Living room Da, Jason, James, Clay, Steve, Meg
Chatting about Liz having the power, Liz and her twin begin America’s player etc etc…
James says he guarantees Liz has the Last Laugh power.
About last nights podcast. Jason – “Definitely Bachelor party talk”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 15-19-28-407
3:36pm Meg, Jason and Da
Jason says Steve is America’s player he said his favorite player is Eric Stein. Jason adds everytime they mention America’s vote he shoots it down.
Jason – Why don’t you accept its possibility
Meg – there’s no way there’s no team america
(The paranoia is getting to Jason)
Syeve walks by tells them he’s making a pillow out of his sweaters.. he heads to the have nots to nap
Jason now saying that Steve was in the bathroom stealing peoples toiletries. Mentions that is why they make you do when you’re America’s player.
Jason says he’s positive this its the most fan involved season ever.
Meg and Da agree.
Jason – Everyone’s the F*****g twist
They start talking about what food Big Brother will give them tonight. Jason is hoping for pub food but doubts they’ll get it.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 16-01-42-956

4:00pm Lockdown is over
Jason, Da and Vanessa run to the backyard.. Jason tells Da and Vanessa to not wake anybody up let them sleep they can check out the competition setup.

Jason read the card – “Houseguests you want to start by launching balls down the flipper.. Place the ball at the starting position which is the indent at the top of the shoot then use the raise handles to tilt the flipper ramp down to get the ball rolling once the ball nears the end of the ramp push down the handle and send the ball flying.. Use the bins as targets and practice aiming at different positions “

Eventually all the houseguests trickle outside to check it out. (They only have a hour to use it. Each person gets 10 tries)

(We’ve seen this competition before.. it’s a crapshoot )

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 16-17-17-996

4:15pm Steve gets up to give it a try ..
Gets it in his first try.
James – I hate Steve I hate Steve Little nerd over there doing geometry in his head.. the circumferences of the ball is mc = squared..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 16-31-07-659

4:26pm Liz and Shelli
Liz – Don’t second guess it.. I’m not going to vote to keep her.. I’m voting to keep Meg … You have my vote
Liz says she does not forget that Shelli never put her up. She adds She never told Audrey her vote.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 16-41-47-543

Steve gets his first one in
Johnny Mac gets 3 in but moves the buckets in a line instead of a random arrangement

(Jeff being sharing his excuses why JohnnyMac and Steve are getting them in)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 16-47-19-441

Audrey’s technique is unique..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-08 16-48-55-443

Day gets 2 in and the barrel placement was random.

Where’s the vote

Da does not have the votes to stay it’s not going to be close.

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anyone with a stream???

Ask your doctor

Good streams can be found with regular use of Flomax. Ask your doctor for details.

west side story

Thank god this isn’t a gangsta turf war, with guns !!

Pinocchio Obama

This is going to be a drama filled season. Things are heating up already and we are just in week two.


steve….America’s Fav? really people? the man is accused of spying whenever he switches rooms

can anyone confirm who watches the live feeds if he actually does creep around for information(power to him), or if that is just the BS he gets because no one respects him as a HG? disappointing how high school it is up in there. Steve hasn’t said a thing about anyone, but I do think its hilarious that anyone in that house could go from thinking steve is this sneaky rat who is socially awkward to thinking Steve was voted America’s player. wtf

Live Feeder

From what I’ve seen, he just kinda hangs out and people end up telling him stuff. I like Steve a lot (he had a monologue at 5:30 am last night camera 3 if any other live feeders wanna hear his strategy) and all the hate he gets is so undeserved. All he has against him is his extreme awkwardness and he doesn’t let people walk over him and accuse him of things, I’ve seen him refuse to let people convince him he did something and he stood up for himself.

Although I did see him flip a shit about where the chocolate milk went once, maybe I’ve missed some instances like that but he definitely is bullied.


Finally she is leaving tomorrow! I can finally get that “Da Da Da” song out of my head after I read posts! Been a week of torture.


LOL James calls Steve a little nerd and James is the one who is short


Thats the worst argument/response I have ever seen…good one! Tell another please


Kasting maybe got her mojo back. Lot of comments today from feeders I really agree. The season been fun so far. I’m buying DA flipping the house at 1%. AG gave the twist to DA 100%. Johnnie Mac early is a god. I won’t go that far but he brought game to the have not dentist chairs.
Audrey and the twin twist means it is likely the favs stay around awhile. After Johnnie it’s all over the board so really nice stuff. So next week….Shelli/Clay, James/Jason or Liz/Audrey who the targets? Love to see Johnnie off pawn duty to. Steve is no wee Ian but decent if he went sooner I won’t miss him the kast is so much better early this season.


I really liked DA in the beginning but she is seriously grating on my last nerve.
She could have had a brilliant game but she let her emotions get the best of her.
Jeff is just a scumbag & I hope they call him out. I want to see him leave


I hope Steve and Austin head of house hole tommrow


That would be interesting since I think Steve is Austin’s target. It would force them to keep making moves…maybe Audrey nominated by one and Jeff by the other…


I read that and wondered what would happen if Steve and Johnny Mac won. Who would they put up? Who would be their target? Would they allow others to bully their decision?

LOL Could be interesting


I don’t think Steve or Johnny want the attention of an HOH right now. They both have wins under their belts,which automatically gives them the ”strong player’ title (according to BB House logic), thus increasing chances of them being targeted for eviction. It’s bad enough both will have to play defense all season as they will be continuous pawns for sure.


Jeff working these hoes like iceberg slim.


James is so damn annoying. Reminds me of Cappy from BB6


Honestly if Da would learn to be quiet and keep vital info to herself, she would be one of the smartest players in a while. Listen to what she says. She catches people in their lies very quickly, figures out the twin twists, figures out who is connected to who. And its only week two. She should have tried to build a solid alliance first or at least something temporary, just for votes sake. It irritates me that she will probably be leaving tomorrow. I hope Liz uses her twin twist to her advantage to manipulate people, I like her. But dammit Da you could have been so great. Audrey I”m really confused as to what type of game you are trying to play, so far I hate it.

flakey skin

I totally agree with you. She was good at figuring things out but she fails to see her has a no social game and she isolated herself. Her comp skills sucked too


Shoulda but didna


it sucks that day is going home. Shelli is dumb could of put up Austin or vanessa or liz. I wonder who is doing the bbtakeover. Honestly Day Dr are funny but her gameplay is mostly likely jocasta or jameka. But the only thing she is smart and superfan compare the other two. Austin, jeff, james, clay, or audrey, or even becky/jason will win. I do not see meg or clay or even johnny mac or vanessa. Audrey or Liz are the targets for the week because of the twin twist. And I could see steve as a target nobody wants him in the house he is smart and playing like ian. For all houseguest if there is bob why don’t you just win hoh it does matter because you will still be nominate. I feel bad for day I thought she will at least make jury.


Is Day’s gameplay like Jocosta and Jameka because they are all Black???Like come on
They are no where near the same Personality and game wise.Jocosta was silent and just to nice while Day is more outspoken .Sooooooooo


personality wise not the same but gamewise the same they had kids except jameka and they are all religious people.


I’d totally believe a production shield of Audrey at least until jury. Although it’s somewhat believable that Audrey’s avoided being the target because everyone knows she lies about everything and there are better choices now.

Shelli targeting Day wasn’t a bad move for her game, but how she got to the re-nomination of Meg was horrible. She’s alienated Becky and Meg. She actually asked someone not to use the veto on themselves. Johnny Mac should see he’s very expendable in that group and should be looking elsewhere. I’d exploit the showmance next week by pointing out just how close the two are and they are only going to get tougher as the game goes on.
Slap a target on them by showing they are looking out just for themselves and using everyone else as pawns.


The better replacement mom was Jason. He’s already openly and loudly on team Da, and is likely gunning for Shlay anyway. It takes a for sure vote away from Da, puts Jason in a spot where he has to campaign against Day instead of for her (and she wouldn’t have told him about the twin twist or her LL power). You don’t alienate Meg, and insure someone that you are in no way aligned with goes home. Jason was the correct nom, and Shelli tried to be too cute by putting up someone everyone liked which always has the chance to backfire. 2 cents.


Jason couldn’t be used as the replacement nominee. He won battle of the block. Once you win that competition you are safe for the week.


The better replacement nom was Jason. He’s already openly and loudly on team Da, and is likely gunning for Shlay anyway. It takes a for sure vote away from Da, puts Jason in a spot where he has to campaign against Day instead of for her (and she wouldn’t have told him about the twin twist or her LL power). You don’t alienate Meg, and insure someone that you are in no way aligned with goes home. Jason was the correct nom, and Shelli tried to be too cute by putting up someone everyone liked which always has the chance to backfire. 2 cents.


I hope Audrey, John, and/or Steve wind HOH. It will reveal where they stand and some people scrambling.


Wonder if Audrey will vote for Da to stay so the others will think Liz did it?


It would be funny if JohnnyMac was final 2 and when they ask him why he should be the winner. His personality becomes serious his voice completely turns into a deep masculine voice,because I fooled you all!


Jeff is playing almost the exact same game as Audrey, but just hasn’t been caught and called out publicly yet. Both will likely get the boot before jury. For such a “historian”of the game, Jason is not playing very smart by being so emotional and drawing such clear lines so early. It’s funny how the sleeper cell alliance of Shlay and Vanessa keep saying that nobody will suspect they are working together, yet everyone knows they are working together. JohnnyMac just may be the most likable player in recent years, but he really needs to stop talking about how much money he makes as a dentist because it will bite him later. Austin needs to start wearing shirts. Steve needs to relax and enjoy the fact he’s in the perfect setting for once in his life to make friends…enjoy the experience Steve and you may just find yourself doing well. Like them or not, Jackie and Meg will likely go far in the game, at least until jury, because they are not painting unnecessary targets on their backs. Also, it’s usually the trend for whoever survives the block week 1 (early in general) to last a while. The twins are in trouble unless they can convince an atleast 5 HG sized alliance that they will give them more numbers in 3 weeks. Now that everyone knows, they have to convince them its numbers for their alliance. Offer the 5 alliance members each 1k of the bonus or whatever you have to in order to stay till week 5. My 2 cents. Wtfe. :-l


I’m with you on everything but Austin wearing more shirts.

not buying this showmance,nice try production

Asking J Mac not to use veto??..wow..just shake my head wow…who is so conceited to think they have that much control.

Eric CA

I don’t get it.. yeah Steve is a bit shy and he has not made connections and he probably has shot himself in the foot from being socially awkward… but
James: I hate Steve I hate Steve Little nerd over there doing geometry in his head.. the circumferences of the ball is mc = squared…. what??? James is an asshole… Little Pocket Douche. What is with the calling people a nerd thing??? Why does Big Brother always change some adults into adolescents? Complete with the Bully attitude and childish popular kids bull crap. Here is a hint for shorty he isn’t exactly the Big Brother Houseguest that is dating the cheerleader and the Popular kids think he is disposable and easily manipulated. OK vent over.


Least favorite HG’s to me are: Jeff, James, Jason and Audrey. My favorites are John, Vanessa, and Becky. The others I feel neutral about. I do hope that the HG’s get wrapped up in taking other people out b4 Liz. It would be fun to see twins in the game. Hopefully they gun for Jeff and James. They are both perverts and are gross.


Watching the actual show tonight, I wondered if the other HGs think it’s weird when Liz and Vanessa (not sure if anyone else does it) wear sunglasses inside. If someone wore sunglasses inside while talking to me, I’d automatically wonder what they were hiding. Just me?