Big Brother 17 Week 1 Summary and Live Show results Jace Vs Jackie


First week of the Live Feeds felt like 6 weeks, mostly thanks to Audrey and in some part Jeff, Austin, Da’Vonne and Jace. Audrey tried to play the entire house she had woven together this web of alliances then started getting those alliances to fight. For example she created this super alliance containing, Herself, Day, Jason, Clay, Shelli, Jeff, James, Meg with Jackie on the side. This alliance was going to take out the other side you know 5 easy weeks “We control the votes”. Instead she created a couple more side alliances with Austin, Jace, Clay and Sheli. Plus a multitude of final 2’s and final 3’s. She got both main alliances against each other. Not happy with this she went one step further and got the members of these alliances to fight among themselves. She tries to get her main alliance to turn on DAY, then she tried to get them to turn on Clay, then Jason, then Jeff.. etc etc.. Until she was outed in some explosive moments on the feeds. After being outed she hid in the bedroom for days wearing her shades and surviving on good brought to her by Sheli and Steve. This didn’t stop Audrey though she buried the hatchet with Jace/Austin and started trying almost every conceivable angle to flip the house. If you want to see the definition of too hard too fast look at Audrey’s game week 1 Big Brother 17. As a feed watcher I appreciated the effort it was a fun week of feeds and a good sign we might have a great season.. finally.

Audrey dominated the week but Jace also got in it. He did fight very hard to stay. Trying almost every angle in the house looking for a crack to exploit. For the most part executing it went well except for maybe his blunderous encounter with Steve in the Hammock room. He finished campaigning attempts off with a Rap for votes during the Prom talent show last night. All in all he’s going home tonight his early douchebaggery leaving too big of a stain on the house. Jackie on the other hand did nothing apart from wearing a bikini and smiling a couple times.

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Summary of events

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Results from the Show

Votes are as follows
Austin Votes to evict Jace
Liz Votes to evict Jace
Jeff Votes to evict Jace
Jason Votes to evict Jace
Da’Vonne Votes to evict Jace
Shelli Votes to evict Jace
Clay Votes to evict Jace
Becky Votes to evict Jace
Meg Votes to evict Jace
Steve Votes to evict Jace
John Votes to evict Jace
Audrey Votes to evict Jackie
Vanessa Votes to evict Jace

Evicted Houseguest is Jace

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 18-35-22-503
Jace finds out about the Twins twist

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First HOH Winner is Becky

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Second HOH Winner is Shelli

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 18-28-40-685
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Twins revealed Liz and Julia have entered the game and have switch places 4 times. They will cast a single vote to evict and swap places Live


A telephone will appear in the house the person that answers the 7th call will be given the power to prevent 3 people from voting.


Jace is going home
HOH Competition is physical they were given running shoes

TOP Gifs of the WEEK ENJOY!

Jace and Austin having a tough time —> This day isn’t getting any better for Jace

Sheli and Clay Showmance —> SHLAY

More HoneyCutt showing off his tongue—> Clay being Clay

James and becky —> TRust FAll

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I think Audrey might vote for Jace to stay so she can blame someone else for it and try to move the target away from herself.




Welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2015
The first inducted is Rachel Reilly Villegas (BB12 & BB13)
The second Inducted is Simon & Dawg ( 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award
The third inducted is………………..Erika Landin (BB4 & BB7:AllStars) Congrats inducted into Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2015.


Simon & Dawg……I hope you guys comment of getting Lifetime Achievement Award Hall of Fame Class of 2015


Your welcome!!! You guys deserved it!! Your inducted into big brother hall of fame class of 2015 lifetime achievement award!!!! Your hall of framer!!!


Really hope that they show who Audrey and Davonne really is on the episode. Audrey is some sort of angelic genius yesterday based on the edit, hopefully this time she’ll get the edit that we all see in the feeds. Still rooting for Day’s HOH, it will be so precious to see Audrey scramble.


doubt it very much, they need her to be their shinning light, they will not show her in any negative way. Of course I would love to be wrong and they show her for who she is, but I am not holding my breath.


If it looks like Sithe Lord Aud is going out the door, BB will show her lying to everyone and then doubling down when caught. They kept Fakie looking good until it was clear he was going and then started showing the true Fakie.


Jace is going it sucks but I hate him when he bullied steve and the other houseguest. I have never seen this action for a first evictee from seasons past except for willie. I have a feeling Jason and either Becky or audrey will win hoh tonight. This season has a mix of bb16 and bbcan 3. Clay is playing a zach bbcan 3 game, vanessa is playing kevin bbcan3 (her diary session suck), james is bb16 donny, audrey is bb16 devin, davonne might be bb16 jacosta but a litte better than her, jason is playing bbcan3 johnny, steve is ian terry. I thought jason and davonne has seen bbcan3 they should know that kevin zach and jordan are similar to clay vanessa steve with willow as maybe meg or liz. And pilli/victoria will be maybe jackie, I think she is smart but I don’t think she will do well in the mental comps just physical or endurance.

Eric CA

I think the twins is either Jeff and his twin or Johnny mac and his twin… Liz / Julia the big tell is Julia has a slightly longer face and a poitier chin. Jeff’s big difference is that Jeff has a slightly fatter face but the fascial hair takes care of that… Johnny mac and his brother are really close to looking like each other the only difference I could see is one has slightly darker hair… it may be lighting but I think I have seen Johnny macs hair slighter darker and lighter from time to time and in the case of Jeff I did think that his face was fatter or thinner at times… but then again he has really bad skin so I think people may notice the appearing/ disappearing zit. I have also noticed that the twins wear more clothes… all of them. I think it would be hysterical if both twins are in the house right now… because sometimes Clay and Steve look like the could diffusely be brothers, especially when steve takes his glasses off.

Eric CA

wow was I ever wrong.. Liz and Julia are the twins


I have to agree with Simon. This could be a good season for the first time in a while. It’s the first time in a while I know everyone’s names week 1. That’s saying something.


I smiled at your comment and think it was pretty spot on. I tried the little challenge myself and also remembered everyone. Might be a good year. 🙂




what the crap cbs I saw frankie on the audience he probably will be there for bob or pov.


NOOOOOOOO, please say it isn’t so, please please no pink troll!

Bunny Slipper

I saw it too! Jumping up and down in the first row. I had a flash back. I’m still shuddering


Fakie was trying to get air time and of course hang with Kathy G

Misty Beethoven

Oh holy hell, are they going to be trotting Frankie out through the entire season? Didn’t you people at CBS punish us enough last year?


SIMON AND DAWG Just made first of many Amazon purchases tonight from your site. Hope they go through correctly. Does the size of the order affect what you get or does more orders benefit you? I’m a Prime account holder so I can purchase things individually through your site and still get free shipping.


Muahahahahaha I’m back for another summer! That picture you picked for Jackie tho Lolz. A crazy first week for sure. So hard to tell how things are going to play out this summer but damn about time. So predictable the last couple seasons have been.

Why is Jeff such a tool tho for real? I can hardly stand it when he opens his mouth. Mad love to Simon and dawg for another long summer of hard work 😀

Pink Haired Qtip Jackass Hater

If we have to see Skankie Granddame again I’m going to puke in my mouth.CBS you suck.




As far as twists go, it is a pretty good one

Pink Haired Qtip Jackass Hater

I’m surprised they could fit his head through the studio door. He’s a legend in his own mind.


And Jace had to give him that stupid shout out too. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect 1st evictee.


can the twin twist please be iggy azalea switching places with vanessa? they look similar!


Seriously! This has been killing me for a damn week.


LOVE the twist, HATE the HOHs.


I have no idea what us gonna happen here with the HoHs…these two seem tough to read…do we all expect Audrey to go right up to Becky and go like…oh…I need you…I’m with you….blah blah blah…all that garbage…


I highly doubt Audrey will be able to find her chill button. Which is a shame because she had a lot of potential.

I hope Becky can use this HoH to define herself in the game. There has been a lot going on this week and she hasn’t been in the middle of a lot of it. I see something dangerous (and good) with her and Johnny Mac happening. I will be sad to see Becky get manipulated this week.


I think Audrey will be in Shellie’s ear and Becky will choose wisely. Fingers crossed.k


I really think Shelli is going to be Audrey’s minion. What a waste if she is. I’m bummed at the thought.

Brad H

I really hope Vanessa can get to Becky & Shelli. Those 2 just showed everyone they’re here to play. I hope Austin & Liz can somehow stay off the block. All depends on if Becky & Shelli want to be leaders or followers. Time will tell.


becky. which one is she? oh, the one in no real alliances that hasn’t talked game.
shelli. the gullible one.
hate to be so cynical, but I get the feeling the question has to be asked, “so who’s going to pull the strings this week?”


Clay will be pulling the strings. Shelli is too stupid to realize she’s being used.


Shaping up to be a good summer. Love the twist this week. Just hope somebody good gets it. Hope Becky hangs on to HOH….Shellie will protect Audrey……so far Becky has seemed neutral to me for the most part. Austin is in trouble though….and probably James …

Pink Haired Qtip Jackass Hater

Looks like he’s wearing a tacky suit jacket and nothing else. PULEEZE! There’s not enough mind altering drugs on this planet to erase that mental picture.


I have a feeling Jace will get an opportunity to come back.


I doubt it. He was able to learn about who was the twin, so unless Liz/Julia either get evicted before the fifth week he shouldn’t come back.


Um…. no


I don’t think jace will be back. Julie revealed that Audrey voted to keep him and the twin twist. Don’t they usually rush them out and sequester so they don’t get any real info?


I doubt it, they showed him the twin twist. So for sure, he’s not coming back

Eric CA

Becky and shell are the HoH’s great… the nominees will probably include Austin, Audrey, Steve and Liz…. if there is a backdoor plan it will more than likely be Austin or Jeff so the break down may look like Audrey/ Liz with Steve/Da’Vonne and a plan to backdoor Jeff or Austin. Now James may only end up in the nomination mix because the women in the house are really getting turned off by Jeff and James sexual comments… some find James really creepy when he does it… so who knows. Austin may live to play another week.
They are playing so hard so fast it is really hard to see who is safe with these two. All I know is Clay is safe and Becky is a walking red pen… she loves correcting people and she may do it with her noms. If the plan is to get out Austin it better be a backdoor because he may be able to win a BoB especially if they fem him with Steve who they view as weak.

Mannequin of Misery

“Walking red pen”……LOL. So true.

Pink Haired Qtip Jackass Hater

I gotta go barf.


INTERESTING twist….these are the kind I like to see. Sometimes less is way more.


Not me. “They” can arrange for Audrey to be the closest to the phone when that 7th call is close.


I don’t know if it was smart that Shelli won HOH! I thought her and Clay were playing both sides, by winning she is drawing a line in the sand. Becky is a wildcard but most likely will follow the majority of the house. She seems like a follower!


The two pics of the nominees describe how the both of them were this week.

The editing in the episode was COMPLETELY rushed. It was done within 15 minutes max. The good stuff was not on the show. Hopefully Jace gets the help he needs. He is clearly not over the trains he suffered through in his life. No shade at all.

Shelli and Becky winning HOH. IF Shelli remains HOH, I can easily see Clay swaying her to send home Da’Vonne. Both her and Jason will most likely be on the block this week, and if Da’Vonne is safe, Jason might be Plan B. Becky said she will most likely put him up anyways. Both girls can easily put up and send home Audrey as well. Both girls could easily decide to take the easiest route in sending Jace’s allies home (Liz or Austin); just like they sent home Brian’s allies in Season 10.


With Shelly winning the head of household, two things you can be sure of: 1.she won’t put up Audrey (Audrey has her snowed for some reason.) 2.she will put up Day. (she doesn’t like Day and she doesn’t hide it very well.)
Mark it.


Somebody tell me if I missed something cause Kathy Griffin said Day started the fight. From what I saw, Day said she was walking around counting stuff preparing for possible competitions involving numbers. Clay and Shelli made it look like she was being suspicious and spying on them. Then Jeff took it upon himself to accuse Day of “lurking” around their rooms. I would have be pissed too if I were in her position! They accused her of doing something she was not doing. Day left the room and Jeff went after her. She told Jeff she wasn’t mad at him she was mad at Clay instead because she heard what he said. Jeff quickly went ran his mouth to Clay causing more drama. Then Clay went upstairs to confront her and call her negative for being upset. IMO Clay and Jeff are the ones who started the fight. The only guys I like in the house this year are Johnny, Jason, and Steve. Jeff and Clay run around like little girls starting drama all the time. Clay has been desperately looking for reasons to evict Day since they moved in the house. He just might get his wish cause I think Shelli will do whatever he tells her to do. I don’t know how easily influenced Becky is but hopefully she has a mind of her own.


I don’t know who they are going to put up!
Not only was Frankie was in the audience but
Danielle & Dominic were there too.


i also spotted jeff and jordan (or more accurately a blonde woman sitting next to jeff who was about jordan’s size but i couldn’t see her face)..


At the first glimpse of Frankie (you couldn’t miss the pink) I made of point of avoiding looking again so I missed seeing anyone else.


My brain hurts!! Liz/Julia whatever!!!!


I think one of the HOHs should nominate Day and Audrey together. If nothing else, it would be good drama forcing them to work together.


Jeff and Jordan were there too. It looked like they were at the other end of the row Frankie was in.


well it looks like Audrey got a get out of jail free card this week. I think neither Becky and Shelli will put her up, they will both be too scared to make any big moves.


How is this twin thing even fair!?


Noooooo!!! Shelly winning HOH. The other one….Ummm…. the silent one…she is also the HOH!! I don’t even remember her name. (That’s bad) Ugh! The two I like the least. Audrey is saved now. This is a mess. Now I must look at her turn the house crazy with fake alliances, lies and neverending backstabbing in just the 2nd week. If they don’t get Audrey this week why don’t they just write her the check now and go home.