Austin “I’m the only other attractive guy? He turns on me, then he gets all the girls!?”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 13-19-49-352
1:15pm Clay says that he thinks they might be a speculating too much about that group. Audrey said that to Day and Meg said it too. I don’t know if they’re as tight as we think. I think Jeff, James and Meg are tight. Shelli says she thinks they’re just saying that to deflect off that group because they think we might be on to them. Clay tells Shelli I really want to redo my goodbye message. Shelli asks were you rude? Clay says no, I was too nice. I really want to say if you’re going to stage a fight you might want to be more convincing at it. Clay heads downstairs.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 13-18-08-041

Jeff says that he legit almost threw up in the HOH bathroom. He says he thinks its because he had orange juice and coffee at the same time. Audrey asks Clay if Shelli is napping? Clay says she’s getting ready. Audrey says I just want to get this HOH over with. Shelli joins them in the bathroom with her things from the HOH room. Audrey says welcome back to purgatory. Day joins them and in the mirror and mouths / gestures Watch Shelli. If I go home.. watch Shelli. Audrey nods. Day gives Audrey a thumbs up.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 13-32-01-469

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 13-32-15-095

1:35pm – 1:55pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again.. Vanessa and Johnny Mac are napping. Meanwhile in the other bedroom – Jason, Meg, Jeff and James are joking around. They joke about voting out Meg. Meg says Honestly, if I do leave it would be okay because that would mean that every single person has lied to me to an extreme extent. Meg wonders if she should save her dress for another time or use it. James tells her to wear it, you’re going to be the center of attention. Meg comments that they were told to wear comfortable shoes (for tonight’s eviction/HOH).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 14-10-41-956

In the Kitchen – Austin talks to Shelli – Austin says is he (Jeff) really that jealous, that he wants a showmance? I’m the only other attractive guy in the house, is that his thought? He turns on me and then he gets all the girls?! Shelli asks is that what you think its about? Austin says yeah, I really do. He only thinks with this! 100%!

2:10pm Havenot room – Day says all I did was ask if I’ve got your vote. That’s all I did. Meg says I can’t, I can’t! I hate that I’m up against you. Day tells Meg I am 1000% sure I am out of here. She tells Meg to watch out for him (Jason). Literally we all we got! Meg starts crying and says that she’s so glad she met her. Meg and Day hug goodbye.

2:20pm Austin is cooking in the kitchen. Meanwhile Day is talking to Jason in the bedroom about when her grandmother passed away. Everybody called her cookie! I called her cook book.

This next week will be interesting to watch as the twins Liz & Julia now have help trying to hide their secret from the others. Sign up for the Live Feeds and test them out FREE for 7 days!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 14-13-07-479

2:30pm – 2:40pm In the bathroom – DaVonne uses Nair on Johnny Mac’s back hair. Johnny asks can we use it on the ants?! Day wipes the hair off with a cloth. Johnny says I was a beast! This is a miracle.

2:50pm Kitchen – Day tells Julia – I don’t think I can get the votes to stay. I talked to They fought too hard. I think he’s scared. So I don’t think I can get him (Steve). Julia asks did you talk to them today? Day says no to day but yesterday. He said I don’t know. I’m crossing my fingers.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 14-50-51-458

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 15-00-48-200

3pm Jason sprays raid on the counter with their food still on it “YA’LL BETTER RUN MOTHERFUCKERS!”

3:29pm Feeds cut…

4:30pm Feeds still cut

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 15-05-20-495

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Freakie Gran dee Sucks

Awww…come on Austin. That conversation with Shelli makes me puke. What a tool!

Walt Kowalski

Kind of a stupid converation, but I think there is some truth to what Austin said about Jeff. The first time I heard Jeff didn’t like Austin I pegged it as jealousy and mainly over female attention. Why is it Jeff doesn’t like Austin? His dislike in my opinion came across personal, not game. He really has no reason other than Austin has Liz/Julia on his side and Jeff can’t get near her. Immature asshats like Jeff only think with whats between their legs and can’t handle rejection and believe they will reap the rewards by taking out their perceived competition. Jeff thinks he’s Mr. Wonderful, he’s a huge douche nozzle and Austin knows exactly what Jeff is all about, HIMSELF!


I can’t stand Jeff…he really irritates me!

Twistin' for the win

LMAO at “douche nozzle”! I’m a graphic designer and I always go visual first….this comment has me ROTFLMAO!!! ????


The “feud” between Austin and Jeff started because of Audrey. It’s the same thing with Shelli and Day. I think Austin said something about Jeff and Aud capitalized on that. Saying that Jeff issues with Austin is personal is almost the same as saying that Clay and Shelli are racist on Day. It’s similar with BBCAN Sarah and Bruno, Britnee and Willow, there’s just so mistrust between them that they can’t just work together. Austin on the other hand here is just stupid enough to trust Jeff.


Adios Day!!!!


I honestly hate that Day is leaving considering she brings drama and that is what I love. Also, I know a lot of people didn’t like him, but I didn’t want Jace to go either. He also would of stirred up some shit this season. I just don’t want this house to be left with “mellow” people.


Yeah, but regardless when they all have to turn on each other eventually there will be some drama at some point. I don’t see it being as similar as BB16 because unlike that season (which there were a bunch of non-players) the majority of them this season seem to be playing the game.


So far, this season seems much more open to surprises and strategy scrambling. A welcome from last season, where Derrick’s order of evictions was carved in stone by the 4th week. I even like the surprise of Vanessa keeping Julia/Liz safe. I didn’t see that coming. Audrey is psycho, but a trip to watch, and Vanessa could end up being an all star. I’m looking forward to seeing how this work out.


I hope Da’vonne goes tonight I like Meg more than her.


AUS/NES are setting themselves up in a great position.

worst-case: their alliance gets blow up. selli/clay/twins go first
best case: they get 3 weeks from now twins enter and now they have a solid 6 person alliance divided by 3 pairs, which i think the house would trust austiness over the showmance and twins.


wouldn’t worse case scenario, they go home first? just saying…


well the real worst case is they die tonight, but i dont see either of them going out before aud, shelli, clay, or liz because of the position they set themselves up in…


Audrey’s gameplay makes me think she’s more focusing on being “remembered as that coocoo person” rather than to actually make it far in the game.
Or she really is a coocoo person and can’t help it.
Either way, it’s not smart.


Austin’s head is still stuck in 1997. He’s sooo lucky that Vanessa aligned with him. I hope that he wisens up now and stops groping Juliz/Lizia/Jiz.

I like Day, but her campaigning sucked. She had no real argument for people to keep her other than that she would come after Audrey. While that worked worked for Godfrey, because everybody knew they wanted Zach out at some point without having his blood on their hands, it won’t work for her. She sucks at competitions and there is a clear target on Audrey anyways. Anybody that nominates Audrey would have the support of the house. So that’s a moot point for Day too.

never know

she might be a candidate to return, its possible they put her in sequester, we will see. she is actually the type I would want to return to the game, because I think she may have learned a bit from it and might gain some good information. of course she blew the twin information, so…I guess it depends on how fast she learned from that mistake. I wonder what Julie will ask her, that will tell us a lot about whether or not she is headed to sequester.


Bye bye day this day couldn’t have come fast enough thank god it’s Thursday and after today I won’t have to read anymore comments of people saying how much they love day and what a good player she is cu she now #byebyeday


Did having her on the show really affect you THAT much? Pathetic.


No people like you writing things like u love her and she is ansome player has made me hate her thatmuch more she is won of the dumbest players to ever play the game and come on she’s from la or something and she’s a poker dealer and she dosent know who Vanessa is that right there conferms to me how dumb she real is

Twistin' for the win

Oh…it’s you. The punctuation junkie.


Couldn’t agree more!…. So glad to see that idiot go!!!


sooo annoyed with day!! the one time they don’t have a super intense (devin) or super useless (jocasta) black person and with what should have been a pretty helpful background (poker dealer) she blows up her own game. calling out audrey so early was her downfall. she had no idea where anybody else’s head was at. the only person that was really on her side was jason. everyone else just kinda fell there as the house defaulted into two sides, (and then you have that no real alliance group of jackie, johnnymac, and steve) so when the time came for her to be put up, nobody felt that attached or compelled to give her their vote. kudos to austin for that manipulation though. strictly from a strategic game viewpoint putting meg up was the best move. but for my own personal satisfaction i really really want audrey or jason to win so they can end shelli and clay. i suppose i should be glad there are no pervs or racists or homophobes on the show though!

Say what

James’ pull out game leavin you blind


umm. no.


Exactly, Da had promise. But she was her own demise. Not exactly wise to go on a tv/game show and blow up on two other house guests in the first week.

Oh and James is a giant perv.

Twistin' for the win

“The one time they don’t have a super intense or super useless black person…”. Did you really just type that shit? You need to get out more so someone can knock some sense into your dumb ass.


i agree with them. why do they need sense knocked into them? it’s a reality tv show and smart people understand they cast certain types of people for ratings. some of us don’t need the stereotypical angry/sassy black person to be glued to the tv screen. people want people that are relatable. and if you are being honest with yourself you would acknowledge that black people make a very minute population of cast members, and an even smaller portion of winners that it almost seems they are set up to fail before they even step foot in the house. if you’re nitpicking that they said “the one time” then you’re the one who needs a reality check because obviously there’s been “normal” black people on there. leave it to somebody to be so aggressive on an online site.

Ms. Steal Your Man

I am sad that Da’Vonne is leaving, but excited to see who wins the next two HoH spots and what the new twist is. I think Shelli believes that she is sitting pretty in the house, but I am not totally sure if she is or not. I feel like if the other side of the house was smart, they should be gunning for an obvious duo (Shelli & Clay, Liz/Julia, etc.).


I really hope someone will take out the puppet Shelly this week.


Puppet of who? She’s really not as powerful as she thinks.


Oh sorry, i kept thinking you meant she was a puppet master. Oh yeah Shelli is definitely Clay’s puppet and yes i hope she goes.


I don’t see Shelly as a puppet, she’s been making all the calls all week. As well as teaching Clay how to play the game. She plants the seed, and does the ground work.


Everyone is entitled to an opinion…. hence I agree Shelli is a puppet (NOT the master) but not a puppet of Clay… rather a puppet of Vanessa.

She used her HOH to take out someone b/c of personal reasons. She never really liked Day and that’s why she targeted her. Even her phony “Oh I really love you as a person” speeches were so see through. If Shelli really cared about Day she would have spent time with her and I’ve not seen her have one conversation with her all week.

AND reason Vanessa is her puppet master…
Vanessa (and Austin) is the reason Meg went on the block as the replacement b/c Shelli would have put up Liz. Now she is aligned with Liz b/c ??? Vanessa told her they should be

Problem for Shelli moving forward is when Audrey gets put on the block guess who’ll be sitting beside her? That’s right Shelli. So all Audrey has to do is win POV and then it will be Shelli/Clay sitting beside each other.

With Day leaving tonight and Audrey targeted to leave next and James in line to fit into that mix the house is once again going to oust all the drama (read: interesting people in Day/Audrey) not to mention all the minorities. Though in fairness I’d be targeting James for his crassness if I was in there.

I’ll reiterate with Day/Audrey planned as the next 2 evicts this season is going to be really boring, really fast. Give Vanessa the money, she’s already won it all in Week 2.


It’s hard to get a good picture of it but Audrey’s got a serious sun burn on her forehead.

Member of the Ant Farm

You sure that isn’t bubbling up from the inside? Her brain sure is working overtime!!


forehead? you mean her entire face


I’m not a fan of the way the have nots are chosen. I wish they’d have some type of competition/task and the last ones to finish are the have nots.

They also need a chore board to assign cleaning duties. It’s worse than junior camp in there and I’m glad I can’t smell the house. Poor Becky’s been cleaning a lot from what I can hear.

Member if the Ant Farm

I think I like it better when they are forced to pick the have nots…it creates more bad blood!!


Put Austin and Clay up


can someone please PLEASE tell me why johhny mac is soooo high on the poll??????? arent you all bb fans? what is this crap

Butters Mom

haha… Johnny Mac is one of the most entertaining ones on the show. His voice cracks me up every time he talks or laughs. He got a great edit last night when he was in the HOH talking to Shelly/Clay about the veto… he’s funny.

Brutally Honest

I can’t wait until Day is gone so that people can stfu about her already.


IT suck day is going, but I promise day if there is a twist like mvp or america hoh shelli will be my target and if she is out vanessa will be my target. Sleeper Cell is like the detonators 2.0. I hate the group that is in it. Steve and johnny mac does not have a chance if they are like the detonators. Vanessa is playing a smart strategic game right now and she makes to final 2 she would mostly win even with steve or johnny mac. I hope johnny mac needs to find a way for the house to turn on vanessa as soon as possible. Clay won’t win the hoh because he will have to show his true allegiance to the sleeper cell or the other side with jeff/jackie. Honestly, Clay and shelli are dumb how can you trust a poker player and wrestler are you kidding me? Vanessa is like the derrick 2.0 call all the shots again. When there is 2 hoh is never a good idea to throw the bob because that will hurt your game when numbers drop. Meg/jeff/jackie/james will regret doing that.


It was good move on vanessa to tell shelli/clay about the twin, but it could hurt the the following week after audrey if they decide to put clay or shelli as the replacement nom telling the other side that julia/liz have a twin and that vanessa is hiding it. Holding too much info could hurt vanessa game if they other side wins hoh.


What is so hard about keeping a kitchen clean? I swear I have not watched one season where the house wasn’t disgusting.

P.S. Goodbye Da! Hopefully Audrey is not far behind.


I’m still not understanding why there isn’t some type of penalty for the twins. I thought the idea was to get to the 5th week without being discovered or evctited. I don’t think they should get an automatic eviction but I do think there should be some type of penalty.


Huh?? The twins should be penalized because BB didn’t do a good job of finding better identical twins and making sure they matched when they switch or giving them more time to share info when they switch. To be fair to the twins, the one not in the house should get to watch the live feeds of cameras on the twin in the house so they know what is going on and being said. Now that the twin twist has been done in the past and the HG’s are aware it’s a always a possibility, the task of hiding a twin is near impossible. If the first season they HG’s knew that twins were possible, they would have never made it to week 5. Hell, now that everyone knows, if Liz/Julia make it to week 5 they should get their prize doubled.


I think production pretty much gave it away! They shouldn’t be penalized for that.


Just finally getting all caught up on the past two weeks! This season definitely seems better than last year, although I didn’t find last year to be all that bad (with the exception of Frankie). I love how the house seems split into about 3 different groups so far with no one really dominating. As someone who is just catching up and basically did it binge style, I just have to say that Day just seems to have blown up her own game. It can’t be just me that seems like if she had just kept some of her anger in check and kept a good poker face she could have gone far. I started out liking her and Audrey the most and look where that went. I can’t even figure out Audrey. Last year I was a Derrick fan from day one because I figured his background would be a huge asset and would be fun to watch play out. I’m thrilled to see Vanessa step it up in the same manner – just sitting back, observing, taking good notes and moving the pieces around just enough. She is smart, and I think she could go really far. I hope she does. She made me into a huge fan. I hope the alliance she has put together gets some of the annoying people out and that when the time comes, they cast out Shelli and Clay first. I think that Becky is smart and could go far but she needs to tighten up some alliance members. Don’t care too much for Jeff, James and Jason. Love John! I would love to see Vanessa work with him. This is shaping up to be a good season! I kind of wish that they would just leave the twists out and let this season play out. I think with the personalities in the house we could see some real gameplay.


It be great if Austin an Becky head of house hold tonight
I wish


Sometimes these shows are so full of s#;t!. I’ve been watching for more than five years now. The races should be more diverse. Yes, I am African American. People in general comment on how “hood” we are or not as intelligent we are, but I’ve viewed all races in their environments and none of us are perfect. Everyone has flaws. I believe the Producers can find a better group of BB contestants…fans and true players like Jason. Not people who lay around or “skate” by.


Your going to get a lot of hate for your comment.You stating your black just put a target on your back.I like this forum but feel like it will turn to TMZ comments sooner or later ..smh


I agree with his comment. Your’s not so much. He has a great point about CBS casting. Not only do they need to cast more african americans. They need to stop typecasting and pick from some of the many successful and highly educated african americans. I wouldn’t mind some eye candy too, BB16 Amber was quite attractive.


Kiss Da Day goodbye!


Kiss Da Day goodbye

Eric CA

So we all know Day is going home and that Audrey is getting HoH or some sort of Twist advantage… Trust me it will happen… Audrey will be there for another week someway or somehow… even if they have to rig the PoV comp… she is there till at least jury house.
Who do you want to be the new HoH’s
me…. Jason and Liz.

Butters Mom

I want Jeff and Audrey… then whichever one doesnt last after the BOB can be backdoored.


Man i tell ya it feels like we already watch 5 weeks worth of BB good season so far, whats the next twist bring back evil dick for the day.


jason for hoh

Telephone Tag

As far as Austin “groping” Liz, that is not what she said. That is what Vanessa said. She is so afraid that Austin would pick Liz over her, she made the situation much worse than it was stated by Liz. She said that Austin put his arm around her, and then his hand on her leg. She said she felt uncomfortable. Well, as far as I am concerned she is a woman who flaunts her body around the yard and in the house, clings to him for everything. She wasn’t brought up in a Nunnery, and if she didn’t want him touching her, she should have said so. That is all she needed to do. If Austin got mixed signals, she should have said so, and this whole thing would have been over, and not brought up again. Overreaction much?


The smart play next week would be to get out Jeff instead of Audrey. Audrey is her own worst enemy and will never be able to earn back trust, nor will she be able to win any comps except for maybe pure luck comps or ones that are rigged for her. Jeff on the other hand can win comps. He is playing all sides like smelly Shelly from a few seasons ago, but is exponentially more arrogant and pervy. Him and James can’t help but let creepy shit seep out of their mouths. Austin and Vanessa for HOH, Jeff to go home, plz. 2 cents.


The way I see it Da will have another chance to get back in the game if the twins get voted out before week 5. They obviously scheduled the season for another player and if it’s not the other twin in will be a returning player.


James is such a loser. He’s always making these stupid sexual comments as if people actually think he’s believable. I’m a guy and I’m embarrassed for him. I always tend to notice that guys like James are always the guys that never actually get laid. In conclusion, he’s annoying and I won’t miss him when he’s gone.

On another note, I think Vanessa is playing a great game so far. Definitely my pick to go far/win the game right now.

Less is More

Regarding the lack of diversity in the racial blend, I agree. However, we also don’t have older HGs, or ANY demographic besides these 5 minute celebrity wannabees in general. There are some exceptions of course. I find it interesting that Day didn’t act as aggressive as Rachel O’Reilly but it was perceived very differently. It took Rachel 2 times to win with that strategy though so maybe Day will be back and dominate the next time.


Rachel was public enemy number 1 too. She just won comps at the right time, plus got help from production that actually helped. Rachel toned down her attitude the second time around. But she was still annoying as hell, uh I hate the sound of her voice.


What are the chances Johnny Mac and his brother are playing as twins and production is hiding it?

Butters Mom

If that is true… his brother better wax his back quick! 🙂

Shelli's Chompers

He’ll have to get waxed in the DR behind the magic curtain! I love your name! My husband calls me Butters all the time.


Though it’s not really a week she needs to or wants to win I love watching Nessa in comps. She has lazer focus and is a true beast. I can’t wait till she really needs to win one and she schools these fools on how “games” are won.

Maybe we can turn operation get out Audrey week into operation get out the pathetic loser at life blow fish lookin,’ acne faced, hook nosed, Jeff. 🙂