Big Brother 17 POV Results “We’re going to be outed if I don’t use it”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 16-01-58-343

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 16-03-57-126

4:00pm HOH Becky, Sheli and Clay
Telling her they are getting DAy out this week. Becky is fine with it as long as they don’t go around tell people she’s in on it and it’s her idea. Clay tells her they are going to work together to get out Audrey next week. Clay and Shelli say they don’t trust Audrey.

Becky leaves Clay and Shelli

They count the votes to get out DAY: Clay, Becky, Jackie, Austin, Vanessa and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 16-08-09-470

4:07pm HOH JOHNNYmac, Clay Vanessa
Vanessa says John is going to use it himself.
Shelli says they are going to convince him not to use it.
Johnny mac comes in. they tells him Becky is cool with getting out DAY.
Shelli – the entire house is understanding Day and Audrey were going head to head and they split and that is why there was this big divide and big fight.. those are the two people that need to go this week and next week
Shelli – two options don’t use the veto or use it and talk to us who to go up in your place.

Clay says John has done more than enough, he can guaranteeing we have the votes
Clay – not using it on yourself is crazy.. if you’re not comfortable just say no”
John – We’re going to be outed if I don’t use it and anyone up against Day will stay
Shelli – who
Johnn – I don’t care.. Becky, Liz, Austin they’ll all stay
Shelli – I’m not putting up Becky
Vanessa asks for a private conversation with Shelli
Vanessa tells him John is going to use the veto don’t bother asking him not to. Sheli agrees.

They agree Becky and Jackie are not options to go up. Vanessa says that MEG should go up she didn’t go with Shelli’s POV plan.
Shelli – that’s true.. I told her she didn’t have to win it
Shelli – Meg is so powerful right now she’s got such strong alliances that i’m close to … James would be pissed if I put up Meg.. Unfortunately Liz is the only one that doesn’t have ties
Vanessa – Austin

They’re worried if Liz goes up against Day, Day will fight like hell and has friends she might get teh votes. Liz has no one she might be the one that goes home.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 16-10-10-192

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 16-18-23-031

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 16-18-18-032

4:16pm HOH Meg, Clay, Shelli and John
Shelli giving her reasons to get rid of Day this week and Audrey next week. John says he’s using the veto it’s too obvious if he doesn’t
Nobody complains.
Shelli is asking who they should put up to guarantee Day goes home.
Clay is suggesting he goes on the block because they know they have the votes. Shelli says that is crazy it’s not happening.

Clay – I’m telling yo I want to go up that’s fine for me
Johnnymac – You’re crzy man
Shelli – I’m not putting you up
Meg – I like LIZ.. she’s someone that gets along with everyone.. She’s not rolling with anyone hardcore
Clay – She’s with Austin
Shelli points out that Day has people that will fight for her Liz doesn’t Day might stay against Liz.
Meg thinks the entire house other than Jason will vote out Day
Meg tells them James/jeff are 100% on board to get day out. Meg says Liz is like a Jackie she’s friends with everyone she’s not seen as a threat yet.

(Sounds like Shelli is putting LIz up)

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Is there any way Day can stay at all? If seems like the whole house is ok with sending her home this week.

Bunny Slipper

Please,please let Clay convince her to put him up. I hate it when people get to cockey!


why cant she just put up Audrey

Eric CA

She is friends with Audrey and trusts her. She promised Audrey she would not put her up. She also thinks that if she put up Audrey the majority of the house would vote to evict Audrey and possibly Audrey has some dirt on Clay and Shelli.
I do think it is a HUGE mistake to not put up Audrey for Shelli and Clays game, because not matter what Audrey says nobody believes her… but they will fully believe that Shelli and Clay are aliened with Audrey and that is even worse.
At the end of the day NOT nominating Audrey may save Da’Vonne… because people may want Da’Vonne to target Clay, Audrey and Shelli and they may evict who ever may want to evict anyone else that she may choose that is not Audrey…. just to screw over Clay, Audrey and Shelli. Had she said nothing and just backdoor Audrey like 90% of the house wanted then she would be in a much stronger place… but she made the wrong decision and her alliance with Audrey has been exposed. Bad Move.


Why cant the house see that Clay and Shelli is working with Aubrey?


Firstly, that’s a inappropriate and offensive name your using. And an incorrect definition if you’re trying to refer to Audrey. Is there really a point to hating on someone senselessly?

Secondly, the house (or some people) does believe Shaly is still close to Audrey. Meg does NOT trust that Shaly would put Audrey up, and I don’t believe they would either for the fact that they are not on the top of her list. Meg has been talking to Jeff, James, Jason, and Day, and they all definitely think Audrey is still close to Shaly.

Shaly will be in dangerous waters if they don’t pick Audrey as the replacement. They’ve basically made promises to not put up anyone else in the house (which is stupid).

Doran Martell

Well said Hann


Good for Johhnymac….I have to admit I was worried about him for a bit there. I don’t get why they are so certain Day will have everyone vote against her. Its along way till Thurs. and an interesting twist to throw a wrench into their plans. Not a fan of Queen Shelli or her consort so far.


I totally agree. Shelli should play smarter. I love day but oh well looks like its time for her to go


Not necessarily, ‘Hann’ above makes a good case for most to vote for Day…if they want to mess with Clay’s, Shelli’s, and Audrey’s game. If the house is really anti-Audrey, they’re not going to vote Day out – keeping Day REALLY messes with all three of their games.


Bet by Thursday DA goes no where. My thinking is these idiots are going to cut her a huge break by putting up Liz. Clay should have watched BB Can 3 put yourself up….MORON! Back to Liz she was discussed as week 2 eviction after Jace til the Audrey/DA blow up. So stupid to put up a vote to evict DA. Add to it I figure that 7th call goes to a DA supporter I think Liz is evicted if she goes up. Queen Shelli is looking very stupid. You put up James/Meg then the phone call won’t matter DA goes. 1 high roller or 2 up Shelli burned the bridge so oh well should be James/Meg.
More than 1 person has the BB house compass off at this point. I think the vote count is way off to. Peeps will tell the HOH what they wanna here I think the vote is very dependent on who goes up versus DA.

Doran Martell

Well damn Johnny won the POV. Now they can sit Audrey on the block and the kill Audrey AND kill Day fans will be happy. And personally I would enjoy seeing the two of them campaign against each other. Shit just got real. They prob won’t do any of that tho


Thanks for all the updates! I can’t keep up with things constantly changing!


Watch Liz go this week.. the twin twist die because of the phone takeover twist.


That is what I a afraid of. Liz although liked doesn’t have the allegiance that Day has. If Shellie was really wanting to ensure Day is voted out she should put another one the allegiant members up like Meg or Jeff. Anyone outside the old allegiant will probably be voted out especially if one of the allegiant members get the twist power this week.


Liz is not going anywhere. If she is OTB, then Austin or Vanessa get the 7th call. It’s really that simple.


I hope Liz/Julia answers the 7th phone call. Shelli needs to put up Audrey, but she doesn’t want to. Shelli is in big trouble. She is putting a huge target on herself.


This week seems like to be going really fast for some reason. ..

free folk

Does on the 4th of July week..CBS fireworks


should have just put audrey up against day. why not, if they are so sure they have the votes, why would they take away a for sure vote to get day out (which liz is, and we can clearly see, audrey does not do house votes and is far more likely to vote against the house, or flip the votes if she is not up there lol)


Shellie has lost her mind and JohnnieMac is right behind her….
Unlike with Jace (I simply wanted the house to flip, he did not necessarily have to stay), I really want Da to stay.
It would be nice to see her play the game and not focus on one player in the game…granted she is not a huge physical competitor, but she can play the social game when she wants to.
So far seeing two votes for Da: Jason and Steve. If Liz isn’t put up, Da can pull the I saved you Week 1 card (when she chose Liz for immunity).
Still not enough though…


Day is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dangerous Vanessa…Girl power my ass! This girls make no sense when you have Austin’s, Clay´s, Jeff´s you going target the person who’s incapable win competitions and the only thing is dangerous in Day its her tongue. I have no respect for this girls…my only hope are Jason…Meg sell her friend´s without any restrictions. Yeah it’s a game but you can play with a little respect. Like Shelli and Clay don’t sell Audrey so quickly like Meg does…even Jeff have more restrictions than her. Mac, Meg, Becky, Steve a bunch of floaters rats

GeekSquad McGee

Vanessa is probably the best player in the house.

She studied game theory at Duke University. She’s one of the best poker players in the world. And she’s a great chess player.

She’s forgotten more about strategy than you or I will ever know.


Doesn’t mean anything! We already have others specialists like a FBI agent. This is a social game and for REAL she sucks pretty badly. Hide her personality. Very kind but naïve. Cry about Audrey lie to her but “understand” LOL. She is very intelligent but social? NO way.
I know DaY comiteed some mistakes but her big mistake was burn the bridges with the popular clique (good looking and healty people without a genuine caracther like shelli and Clay and Meg the sheep.

GeekSquad McGee

The proof will be in the pudding. It’s too early to judge her. Let’s see how far she gets.

I think she’s playing a solid game, and when all is said and done she will be considered one of the better game players of the season.


Put James or Meg up.




These are the most pathetic group ever in BB history. Seriously get a grip people play the game……

Doran Martell

Yea but I thought the same thing about the last two seasons. We’ll see if they do the same thing this year that they did in BB16, where you’re cool w someone until the time comes to leave the house and they alienate them all week.

I Love Jordan

People say this every year. Let’s see it play out for more than two weeks.

Doran Martell



“JohnnyMac wins POV” The picture of Becky below that says everything lol. Now I want JM to use the veto just to see who Shelli puts up, and who she breaks her word with. Clay and Shelli have basically promised EVERYONE in the house safety (the stupidity of making huge groups/semi-alliances.

If she puts Audrey up, people will take the opportunity to strike. If Shelli puts anyone else up her and Clay will be exposed foe trying to play all sides. Not the smartest move Shaly. Not at all.

Here’s hoping Day is the 7th caller to pick up and nullfy three votes. Then all she needs are 5 people to vote for her to stay. Jason, Meg, James, Jeff, and Becky/Jackie/Steve could save her, and she’d be loyal to the people who do. I’d hate to see a strong woman get the boot so early so Victoria’s can Coast to the end.


I know lets hope for day to pull it together


I hope Day can too. Depending on who she’s up against, I could see Jason, Meg, James, Jeff, and someone other potential people voting to keep her. And it would be nice to see a HOH blindise (like Zach from BBCan 3!).

I would feel a little bad if Lizia left though because that’s a wasted twin twist, but I have a feeling production won’t let Lizia be nominated. Probably Becky or Jackie going up, and either of those two could go over Day potentially.

Liz said she didn’t want to be up against Day, and that she has no beef with Day, so if she’s off the block her and Day might be able to come to some sort of agreement. Day has saved her already. Plus Liz only really has Austin, and Jeff hates Austin. Jeff might use getting rid of Liz as a way to further isolate Austin in the game.


All Shelli has to say is, “No body messes with my man!” Because that is what she is doing. She don’t like Da because of her and Clay getting into it. Now it looks like she is Clays’ puppy. Clay is walking around with his peach fuz chest hair sticking out beating his chest. Oh these women and these men wanting a showmance during their game. Maybe they think that is the key to getting on the show.I had higher hopes for Shelli. have you noticed Clay has fallen in the pol on the left side of this site?


Shelli don’t be an idiot. It is a dumbass move to put up Liz. SHE WILL GO OVER DA’VONNE. Shelli frustrates me so much


Please don’t put up Liz / Julia let’s keep the hottest girl’s
in the house!


Jackie is the hottest.
Close 2nd for Jiz (lol…Julia/Liz)

Eric CA

Really I thought that Clay chick was the hottest one in the house… great set of knockers…. and she walks around topless… HOT.


Poondi there are 4 or 5 girls in that house hotter than Jackie


pleasepleasepleaseplease put up jeff!


Amen!! Jeff is BY FAR the most annoying player in this game. Why he’s low on everyone’s radar is beyond me!


I know, he really is annoying. ..instead, we have someone like poor Steve just looking for a home but everyone in the house doesn’t like or cares that he is probably going to be thrown on the block week after week until like he gets disposed of. ..confusing…


Shelli is a terrible hoh…


Liz is definitely going home if they put her up. Lol


If Liz is against Day it would be stupid for Meg, Jeff, Jason, James and Jackie to vote for Liz to stay unless the twist favors the other side of the house. Day is a guaranteed number for them while Liz is a toss up (she’s on the other side but they don’t know that). Either way the minus three votes will be crucial to the outcome of this week.

I’m hopeful that the house will vote against the HOH, hopefully we would be able to see some blindside. It’s just frustrating that no one was thinking of Becky as the replacement because in comparison to Day and Liz, she’s highly irrelevant.


I hope day goes

Big Sister

I don’t get why everyone likes Day she just tries to make drama out of nothing and bitches all the time like suck up and make some moves




I’m not going to put words in other peoples mouth’s, but I like Day (and people I’ve seen on here Jokers, Twitter, etc) because she’s real. You know where she stands, and she’s not afraid to call people out.

She’s a realistic player rather than someone painted up to be a mastermind on the TV show. She has strengths and flaws.

She’s incredibly perceptive. There are only a few times she’s been wrong in her analysis of HG (like JM not being a dentist). She’s loyal. She gives people word, and works with the people she believes have her back.

Her flaws are that she’s too emotional sometimes, and would be better off letting things go completely or just keeping them in the back of her mind, and waiting to strike down the road.

And Day hasn’t really caused all that much drama. That award goes to Audrey. Day has mainly just stood up for herself which garners my respect. It’s not the way I would play the game, but I admire her.


Very good analysis, Hann! I completely agree! Day is very perceptive which could work in her favour if she wasn’t so darn emotional!


Unfortunately, my read on Da’ is that SHE came into the game feeling that there would be unfair labels put upon her, therefore anything anyone said/did got an over-reaction. Maybe there are HG’s with preconceived notions, maybe not. However, if she had just played with a little less of a chip on her shoulder, I think all of that would have all gone by the wayside. I feel bad for her and want her to stay, but unfortunately, I think she’s brought a lot of this, along with sh$$ty luck, upon herself.


Why doesn’t she put up Jeff it would break the alliance with Jackie even if he goes home..stupid to put up Liz.


I am kind of glad they are not putting Audrey up on he block, strictly for the fact that I think the show would arrange it that she gets the last laugh twist. I think they would do anything to keep her there, even convince Shelli not to put her up. So I can see them giving her that power. Now if she gets it she will not use it..I am sure she wants Day out more then we do.


I can’t believe Shelli actually thought a player on big brother would not use the veto to guarantee himself safety just to make it easier on her. At least everyone else was smart enough to realize it would be moronic to pursue that line instead of replacing him. Of course the sticky wicket is now they either put up Audrey as she led several to believe or she makes sure Day goes and smooth it over afterwards.


It has happened before, so….


What floored me was JohnnieMac saying if he doesn’t use it, people will know something’s up.
Is that your ONLY reason for saving yourself??
There are no words for some of these houseguests….
And just realizing this is the second week JM and Steve have had to fight for their survival…are these two the go-to pawns this season?


Aaannnnndddd, that’s reason #1 they should team up. They’d be a good team, those two – along with Jason, and Day – they’d have a very good shot at controlling the house. And Vanessa too, if they need a fifth.


This girls ARE A JOKE. You only are toll idiots. You make the bed for the guys. And they claim to be a super fan of the show hummm where I saw the same movie?
Some examples I remember:
BB7 – Booguie won the girls wanted the adorable chilltown in their side WHAT A HELL
Bb14 -Danielle gave DAN everything and screwed herself.
BB16 –Victoria the plant always worried about her sweet Derrick.
And so many examples. …
BBcan kinda sucks but the girls have some attitude !


What in the hell ever happened to an all female alliance? The women have a perfect chance to get out a boy (hello Jeff) but they seem to be on the way to making the same mistakes the other girls in BB16 made.


What is Shelli on? She just said they can keep the re-nomination a secret so Day won’t know who to campaign against… From who? The POV ceremony is in front of everybody.

Meg and James are already talking about how close Shlay is. I hope the plan to evict Day blows up in Shlay’s face!


Shelli shouldn’t be so sure that Day is going home this week. – After all there are many men in that house who refuse to work with Shelli. They would rather work with Day over her! Add the phone twist in to that and things could change in a hurry this Week!~ I would love it if Jeff answered the phone call and got the twist and decided who couldn’t vote and decided to save Mama Day this Week ~ Sweet Sweet Revenge!


Clay wants to be nominated but Shelli won’t let him. Dang, was hoping for another JP situation.

Check your ego

Shelli has let her HOH get to her head, I can’t wait till she is evicted!


I hope some how Shelli’s and Clay’s plan backfires.

B-bad owl

Everybody seems to want to bash Becki for being an inconsiquential player. Maybe she hasn’t done much, but that’s not a bad thing at this point in the game. All I can say is that she probably would at least have been a reasonable HoH willing to listen to others and make deals with a few that would help her down the road if she had stayed HoH. Whereas the current fool and her moron lapdog that sleep in the HoH room, actually think that they are important in the game show and that all should simply bow their heads as they pass by, and do whatever they are told. Saddest thing is, some do…….


I don’t get the Becky-bashing either. Why does JMac get praised and Becky dismissed? They’re playing the same game, including winning comps. Give her a chance – at the very least, she legit wants Audrey gone.


Think our only hope for Liz to stay is CBS wanting to keep the twin twist alive and they ensure the 7th call comes in when Liz is next to the phone. Shellie is dumb if she thinks the 8 person alliance is really dead, they will vote out Liz over Day.


Putting up Liz is a terrible idea! Vanessa is right. Put up Meg or someone from the Insiders who is pretty much guaranteed to stay.


All Shelli is accomplishing w/ her HOH thus far is putting a bigger target on her back as well as Clay’s.


Yes! Put Liz up. That betters Day’s odds of staying.


How lame that my last post got deleted. Lmmfao. And now the site diff on my phone. Haha.


Thanks a lot Shelli, puts up Liz/Julia. There’s goes the twin twist!!!!


There are so many ugly girls this season. I want Aud to stay becuase I need some visual candy.

Send Da home. She is too loud and overly dramatic. She gets upset over the littliest shit. Who can trust a hot head like her? There is no telling when she will turn on you.


Why are people so determined to get Day out of the house when there are more dangerous people in the game. I know Day can get annoying but it seems to me they have something personal against her. I guess some get uncomfortable when a black woman tells it like it is.