Big Brother 17 Week 3 Nomination Results

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 22-53-00-014
10:52pm Hammock room Jeff, JOHNNYMAC, Shelli and Clay
Before Johnnymac come in Shelli tells Jeff and Caly she is putting Day up regardless of what he says.
They tell John the plan is for either Day or Audrey to go out as those two are on both sides of the house.
Shelli – “If you go up on the block with DAY in the BOB Don’t win it We’ll send DAY home”
They add if POV is played on DAY Audrey is going up. (being on the block against Audrey is terrifying)
Clay and Shelli tell him they want him to work with him and they are
John asks him who is in on this.
Clay – We need DAY out becuase DAY is controlling Jason .. We can’t work with Jason until DAy is gone
Clay says if John throws the BOB they have their back, they trust John, he’ll make it to the end with them.
Shelli – we’re in this plan together this is a team thing
Clay asks him if he’s good with throwing the BOB.
John says he will asks them how hard does he need to throw the BOB
John says he’s going to fight for the POV and he will use it. Shelli and Clay tell him if they win the Veto they will save him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 23-02-16-074

11:02pm Bathroom Audrey, Shelli and Austin
She tells her John and Day are going up.
Audrey – You trust him more than Steve
Shelli thinks he is, ‘Steve will not throw a competition”
Audrey says she would throw the BOB.
Shelli thinks that is too risky for her to go up

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 23-10-34-068

11:11pm JAson and Shelli
She tells him not to worry he’s not going up by her.
Jason – I know you’re not doing me dirty

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 23-21-07-914
11:13pm HOH Shelli and Becky
Shelli explains why she wants Audrey out. She was spreading rumours of Becky being racist. They both agree Jackie is on the same level as them and they trust/like her.
Becky – I know my two I want
Shelli – but we’re not allowed to tell each other
Becky – The person I’m thinking about putting up is Steve and Jason.
They agree Audrey is not trustworthy and a threat.
Sheli says the two people she afraid of are Day and Audrey. She can’t put Audrey up so she’s thinking of putting up John and Day. John is number for her an easy nomination.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 23-28-30-906

11:28pm Audrey and Shelli
Adurey says it’s better to put Jackie up over JohnnyMac she feels Jackie is more trustworthy, “JohnnyMac is freaking out”
Shelli says she already promise Jackie she’s not going up

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 23-37-24-183

11:36pm Jeff and JohnnyMac
Jeff says he was fighting hard to get Austin up instead of JohnnyMac.
John thinks Vanessa made things worse when talking to Sheli. Says she’s a nice person and all but her emotions are getting the better of her.
Jeff – pffff we all know that dude Vanessa’s crazy
Jeff – there’s so many obstacle preventing me from forming the alliances i want
Jeff points out they can never get Clay in a room without Sheli.

11:43pm Storage room Becky and Clay
Becky says the only reason she won the HOH was to get Audrey out because Audrey personally attacked her.
Becky says she’s in the place in the game because of god.
They talk about the three of them (Sheli, Becky and Clay) are “physical people” they will dominate the competitions.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 23-54-22-406

11:54pm Clay, JohnnyMac and Jeff
Clay tells them once Day and Audrey are gone they are going fly through this game.

12:00am Steve and Austin
Austin tells him Day and Johnny Mac are shelli’s nominations. Becky is putting up Steve and someone else. Steve thinks it’s going to be Jason. Austin says Johnnymac is throwing the BOB Steve just needs to focus on winning it.

12:05am – 2:20am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 02-17-21-487

Nomination results:

Becky nominated Steve and Jason, She thinks everyone is on board with backdooring Audrey. Shelli nominated Johnny Mac and DAY, She hopes Johnny Mac throws the BOB so she can evict DAY.

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When the live feeds return – Becky is talking to Steve and Jason in the cabana room. Becky says I want you two to play your a$$es off! I want to see you guys win it! I will be cheering for you guys to win it! This will be an easy week. I want to see you guys win it. Now if I can talk to him (Steve) .. we can see the elephant walk out the door next week. Jason leaves the room. Becky talks to Steve. It hurts me to have to put you up for a second week in a row. People in the house didn’t know if were working with Audrey because you were seen by people walking back and forth to Audrey. Steve says it was just me being human. Under no circumstance will you go home. We all want her (Audrey) to go this week. Reach out and talk to me / ask me anything. It wasn’t me questioning you working with Audrey it was other people in the house.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 02-22-26-403

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Is it ok that I hate Jeff, Clay and Shelli and not Audrey?

Can Da’ and John pull a win, please?

free folk

Yes,you may. Audrey either way doesn’t really matter to me…other than her in bed routine was so transparent she should go home just for that…but the orange puma and her boy who think they all THAT..I would love to see take a tumble down the humility hill and right out the door.
If she wanted someone to do her bidding why not her boy or Austin…pish….hope J~Mac throws a drill in her plans.


I love how people are saying Day being targeted is solely due to her “aggressive gameplay” ok while that would be true if she were a white houseguest, that doesn’t always apply to black players. We’ve seen time and time again that the black players, whether they play too hard (Da’Vonne; Devin; Parker) or play a low-key game (Candice; Howard; Ollie), or play a strategic game (Libra; Gary; Danielle; Kalia) or even float, (Lawon; Jocasta) THEY ARE ALWAYS THE TARGET/OUTCAST FIRST AND FOREMOST. Black people are ostracized more in this game than any other group. Plain and simple. The very presence of a black contestant is immediately met with fear, mistrust, or the unwillingness to work with them. You don’t have to be an Aaryn or Amanda to be able to treat black players this way. And I don’t have to go into an entire lecture about how institutionalized racism affects our every day lives, including being on a gameshow, for y’all to understand this concept either. Da’Vonne can’t just play her game and be seen for her gameplay entirely, she has to be completely cognizant of her actions and how she is portrayed, which is probably why she got so upset with Clay when he said “her attitude is negative” during their argument.


I am white and totally agree wit you. BB shoud cast mor than one black person each season and through some people in there that have black best friends. I am not saying the powers that be are racist, but it is an eneven casting.

GeekSquad McGee

What’s racist is to cast people based on their race, which is what you’re suggesting.

The majority of people in America are white. So if BB did their casting without even thinking about race whatsoever (which is what they should do), then most contestants would be white.

Since most of America is white, most applicants are white, and you would exclude them based on the color of their skin which I think is racist.


I disagree. Within moments of walking in the door, Da was in an alliance. Steve approached her wanting to work with her. While I do agree they need a more diverse cast. I believe the problem here is ego. Audrey jumped right in thinking she was going to be the big manipulator and Da thought she was too. If they had kept their egos out of it these two probably could have gone far.


I really appreciate this comment!!! I completely agree with you! This might be my last season of BB that I watch due to the lack of diverse players. Every African American that goes on the show is a automatic target! No matter what style of game that they play, they are always targeted! This is so unfair!


The one wish I have every season, is please have age,cultural,and economic diversity! These differences are far more interesting than the color of someone’s skin!


da’vonne is not a threat to anyone’s game right now. she doesn’t seem to be a comp threat and the only person she’s closely aligned with is jason. but that doesn’t stop the other houseguests from thinking she’s controlling the house. there is no way she’s a bigger threat than austin, jeff, james, and jason. and the scariest thing of all is they are literally waiting for her to ‘pop off’ so they could justify nominating her and labeling her as the angry black girl. and the fact that they want her gone so they could work with jason making it seem like she’s poisoning him and manipulating him? yes continue being transparent. and for those who say it’s a good move for shelli’s game to target da’vonne because she’s going to come after her eventually…NEWS FLASH EVERYONE WILL TARGET EACH OTHER AT SOME POINT. This isn’t a big move. This is a weak move. nominating the least threatening person in comps and the one who has only one ally atm? over a WRESTLER, the two guys who won hoh last week, and J*ff? it does not make sense to me.


Pray for Day! 🙁


Now after thinking about this I quit on Da’ and Jason. They talk so bad about Steve and John. Screw both of them.



Hopefully Vanessa sees that Day is the lowest person in the alliance, if she can control Austin and Liz and vote to save Day they’ll gain a number on their side. Apparently Austin is too high up Jeff and Clay’s ass not knowing that the second the power shifts again he’ll be easily fed to the wolves.Really hope that Day survives this week and wins HOH next week.


Alright Day and JM it’s time for you to put on your game face and win the BOB so Shelli can suffer the wrath of you next week… Let’s go!!!!!


I kinda want Aidrey to say purely for entertainment purposes. Seems like she would be the only one ballsy enough to go against the big players/major alliances.


I’m sorry…is it just me or can everyone be entertained with OUT Lurch? I can’t stand Audrey, her mannerisms, her meanly manipulative ways or her willingness to cast an unfair cloud of racism over someone in this country right now…something that could affect this girl’s life outside of this house/game??? That bitch needs to be on the next thing smokin’ out of that house. Those tactics are not game play…it is a hateful, awful, dirty way to tarnish someone’s reputation and quite frankly, it pissed me off that she thinks she can do that kind if shit and go unchallenged.


I don’t really mind her leaving just mentioning how her staying might make the game a bit more intense, and I’m not too caught up on live feed updates and whatnot so could you fill me in about the what occurred in the “cloud of racism” situation.


Oh no!! Da’son are on the block!! I hope JohnnyMac DOES NOT throw the BOB! Clay is such little girl going around the house talking about Day every second!


I’m really growing tired of Clay running around the house like a little school girl talking about Day!


Zach from last season had the EXACT same gameplay as DAY (aggressive and in-your-face) and as result, he even managed to screw his own game up thanks to his obnoxious personality unlike DAY who is FAR more intelligent and won’t go same route and is also playing a perfect game, yet everyone kept him each week and NEVER target him even though he was FAR more dangerous for their alliances as he would lash out at every irrelevant thing and played very aggressive game, but because he’s a white male it’s all forgiving…

GeekSquad McGee

Zach was also in an 8 person alliance. An alliance which turned on him on a few occasions (Devin, Frankie). He was also never aggressive in an angry way, but more so in a mean way.

If Willie was black, you’d be using him as an example too to fit your narrative. But he was white, and that didn’t do him any favors.


“Becky – I know my two I want
Shelli – but we’re not allowed to tell each other
Becky – The person I’m thinking about putting up is Steve and Jason.”
This “rule” is an embarrassment. BB should just drop it, it’s ridiculous to say you can’t tell each other “for sure” who you’re putting up.


lol dawg is more popular than audrey


In a perfect BB world, neither Day nor Audrey go home next week 🙂


Takeover twist is tailor made for Audrey ? That’s why Jace and her got a good edit last night…bb. plans to save Audrey


Clay is acting like a little girl always talking about Day, you can tell that she hurt his pride when they got into that fight early in the season.


Bad move Shellie!!! I hope it comes back to bite you in the ass!


Is it just me, or does Shelli looks a “little” like Lindsey Vonn. Plus Becky looks a “little” like Jennifer Garner. I am not comparing. Don’t go postal! I said just a “little.”


I am getting a heavy Hillary Swank vibe from Shelli…


I like johny Mac as much as the next guy but if he throws BOB I hope he gets evicted because that would just make him lose all of my respect. Davonne has made it clear her number one target is Audrey yet everyone acts like she is such a big threat for no reason! If john throws this Davonne better bring home the veto.

Last laugh

All this is speculation because the twist this week could change the whole game! What if The nominee answers the phone – are they still safe and then do they get to pick two others not to be nominated? Will be interesting.


I thought the twist is that the person that answers the 7th call can only keep 3 people from voting this next week, nothing to do with nominations.

Mannequin of Misery

In general, but especially in comparison to gay cast members, blacks and other minorities are completely under represented on Big Brother.


I guess becky really doesn’t know that if her guys win, then Audrey is not going to be backdoored by Shelli?

I guess Becky doesn’t really understand that telling 14 out of 15 HGs who you are gunning for will actually get back to that target? does she really need to lay it all out like that.

BBUS is not that great at diversity. I was encouraged by BBCAN first season because half of the guests were non white in some way, but later on their idea of non white was Persian, instead of Indo-Canadian, Native Canadian, black, asian & then the white folk.

But as Dan’s book points out, if you want to be on reality tv, like BB, first you have to either be a type or become one, and in the application process make sure you promote the hell out of what type you plan to be. they want the gay guy to be Andy/Frankie/Jason type, it isn’t a coincidence happening. BBCAN had Kenny Brain, male model untrimmed beard, he’d never make it past the front door in BBUS casting when they are looking for their gay guy.


The casting ” to type” is what has stifled this game in later years…the houseguests are too young to have life experiences,cooking skills, cleaning skills.I enjoy watching who keeps their area together, who can have an intelligent conversation,something quirky that makes them a strange character!


i can get why shelli is going against day