Da’vonne figures out the twins “She’s the skinny one.. the one last night is the friendly one”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 15-26-45-724
3:20PM HOH Meg, Shelli and Jeff
Jeff talking about “Old, ugly, Busted dudes” hanging with hot busty girls in Miami. Says it’s obvious how shallow the girls are.

Jeff – By the time i’m 35 I want to be married
Jeff – No doubt in my mind Dude that’s 8 years from now my career will take off.

Claims he’s single because he’s focussing on his relationship, “She was pushing me in directions I wasn’t successful at”
Jeff says his strong suit is sales.. She had a million dollar lifestyle planned for them and he wasn’t able to get their in his mid 20’s.

Jeff says his ex was getting called by football players with million dollar contracts.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 15-27-55-727

3:22pm Have nots Da, Jason and James
Da saying sometimes her face is really skinny sometimes it’s fat, Pie faced. Says sometimes her nose is pulled to the front.
Jason agrees says sometimes he notices her face is really skinny
Da – Her eyes .. Watch just watch ..
Da leaves
Jason says Da is throwing around conspiracy theories and it’s not JohnnyMac.
Jame’s- It’s not me

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 15-36-25-517
3:32pm Austin and Liz Hammock
Austin – Jeff has some kinda final 4 with James.. he’s not letting us in on … F**K

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 15-43-46-867

4:43pm Backyard Da and Jason (Twin switch has happened within the last two hours)
Da is certain Liz is two people. Jason has noticed on some days Liz is more friendly. Da is going to go to the Diary room as soon as lockdown is over maybe they will give her something for being the first to notice.
Da – the one last night is the friendly one this one isn’t ‘friendly’
Jason thinks this liz is here until Thursday then they’ll switch her out again.
Jason – Could be the hat thing too.. they have a lot of hats that cover their faces.. I’ve never seen her wear that one before
Da – we’re on to something
They agree Liz is just getting close to one person because it’s easier to keep the story straight.
Jason mentions the last season they had a twin twist he doesn’t think they have much time to compare notes when they switch out.

Jason thinks one of them is skinner.
Da – She’s the skinny one.. they slipped up last night.. the heavier one wore her hair up

Jason – the one today in jeans had some thick thighs
Da – earlier

Jason mentions that Production kept making a big deal about Big Brother 5 being Jason’s favorite season.
Jason – Who knows you’ll get a secret power for figuring that out
Da – I will try (If it was BB Canada she would get a Coup coup D’etat, a gold ticket to final 3 and a bonus pizza dinner)
Jason – Big shame they didn’t put her up we could have used that as leverage

Da’Vonne thinks the one she had the fight with was the skinny one the mean one. (in the Hammock) the one she had the talk with in the Have nots was the chunky nice one.
They think of ways to bait the “Skinny One” into telling a story that the “Chunky” one told them last night. The Story was about a her running our on a date. Jason like the chunky one better.

[envira-gallery id=”119376″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 16-17-19-348

4:00pm Austin and Liz Hammock
Austin – Love is the most interesting topic..
Liz – People do crazy things in love
Austin – I hate it.. I’m done with that..
liz – You don’t believe in love anymore
Austin – I don’t think so
Liz – you’ve been in love
Austin – yes, I have
Liz – you think that was fake
Austin – yes unfortunately
Liz – I’ve thought I have been in the love.. i’m only 23
Austin – I thought there was an actual love that transcends.. that nothing else matters.. you move on and find new love.
JohnnyMac Joins them.
Austin goes on and on about various “Deep” topics… He goes in depth about wrestling..
Austin – “you learn about how to control the crowd.. it’s a rush.. like the movie the wrestler you can’t let it go”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 16-35-59-662

4:30pm Da and Jason (Meg and James have been sleeping on the couch beside them)
Still talking about liz having a twin. Da has noticed there is a difference in eye colour between the two liz’ They also notice a difference in their voices one of them is deeper than the other.
Jackie joins them. Jason tells her she’s in a good position going into next week.
They start talking about putting Audrey on Slop next week and telling her she’s not allowed to shower in the HOH room anymore.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 16-42-20-538

4:36pm – 4:53pm Shelli and Clay
Clay – playing college Football and being a OK looking guy you have a stigma about being arrogant..
Clay says he’s a confident guy but is sometimes taken as arrogant. This is why he makes it a point to be over the top “Sweet”
Clay is trying to not be seen as a douchie a$$hole. Adds first impressions are a big deal and he feels he’s still in the first impression stage in this game. He wants to be known for being a honest player.

Clay – I’m pretty good at reading people.. figuring out their motives
Clay says he knew Audrey was going to be a serious player with a lot of Sass. That is why he gravitated towards her. He knew she wasn’t going to come for her so he kept her in his pocket.
Clay didn’t get a gut feeling like “Derrick/Cody” when James offered the deal with him that is why he didn’t take it.

They comment on Audrey following them around when they’re talking to other people. Shelli mentions how she’s always up in the HOH bathroom.
Clay has noticed that Audrey and Vanessa talk A LOT.
Shelli had talked to Vanessa about it she said they are not talking game. Audrey is just trying to rebuild relationships
VAnessa warned shelli not go give any information
Clay about Audrey – “She’s a smart girls she’s playing the game”
Clay says the only people that would want Audrey to stay is Austin and Liz everyone else will nominate Audrey.
Clay says Jason was talking to them all when Audrey walked by he said “That b1tch better not come over here I’ll rip her face off”

Shelli tells him he has to really try to win the HOH. Clay says he can’t not try to win.

They start talking about cooking. Shelli says he uses too much olive oil

5:46pm Feeds still cut.. might be the phone call twist

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 18-36-28-712

6:35pm Backyard
No Word on the feeds being down..
They are talking about the breast implants. Liz (Julia) is saying that she has them their a small ‘c’. JAmes says they looked normal size.
James says he’s never felt implants.
Liz (Julia) I had little mosquito bites
They talk about the implants in the house, Jackie, Becky and Liz.

Da’Vonne talking about her breasts during breastfeeding
Liz – that milk isn’t like the milk you buy in the store I hear

They go back to talking about implants. Through the nipple or through the arm pit.

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See this. Da is way too good at this game. My mouth dropped when I read this headline. Scramble production. Scramble.


All dem skills but she couldn’t keep her big mouth shut. Too bad, so sad.


Is everyone forgetting the Audrey has been saying there was a twin in the house for some time now? Audrey has already planted the seed. Then Day started analyzing people more. She didn’t figure it out on her own. All she thought was maybe there was some truth to the twin thing since BB has done it before and started paying attention to everyone to see if she could figure out who it was.


Someone mentioned it before Audrey. I think production slipped and then fed Audrey the name Matthew to throw them off Liz/ Julia.


audrey got the idea of the twin twist from one of her DR sessions…also, she was one of the ones who thought it was johnny mac. waaaay off…


All dem skills but she couldn’t keep her attitude in check or her big mouth shut. Too bad, so sad.

GeekSquad McGee

Day has some huge strengths, but she has some huge weaknesses too, and they cancel each other out.


Things are about to get interesting!


Da is so on point in this game, she always knows whats up with everyone, whose aligned with who, the motive behind peoples actions and that’s why she is my favourite houseguest. I don’t want to see her go, I don’t think she deserves to go yet, and I hope she manages to somehow flip the votes. I’m not bashing on Shlay or anything because they did what they thought was best for there game, but I honestly don’t think it was best for Shelli’s game, Clay for sure, but not Shelli. She is blinded by him and it’s pretty sad. Every single season girls ruin their games for a guy and I will never understand why. Yes Jason makes some extreme and unnecessary comments but I am still rooting for him and Meg/James to win the next HOH. Jeff seems to be sitting in a pretty good spot, hes on everyones good side and as much as I’d hate to say it, he has a good shot at getting far as long as Austin doesnt win HOH. It makes me legit sad that Da could go this week I’m just hoping she can pull this off 🙂

Biff Tannen

Totally agree, she’s pretty sharp. But she talks too much, and it’s to her detriment. Think about Dan or Dr. Will. They kept the most important information to themselves, only giving out as much as needed to build trust. Being an astute observer is only half the game. The other half is knowing how (and when) to use that information to your advantage and making sure that you’re in a position to do so. She would’ve been wise, I think, to go straight to Liz with this info, securing a vote from both her and Austin, before going forward. That wold put her at 3 votes (assuming Jason), and at that point, she’s totally still alive without having to hope Production will “reward” her for figuring it out.


maybe that is why she is on her way out the door, she can’t keep her mouth shut when it should be shut, and she can’t figure out a way to make things work to her advantage. like she is on the block due to not shutting her mouth, but basically tantruming until clay caves in and apologizes for who knows what. she lost their trust when she could have just brushed it all off, and not been so dramatic about what she was doing or sly innuendo.

also, ‘chunky”???? really, this is how she is deciding that these two are twins? i guess maybe the ‘chunky’ one should wear less revealing clothes is the twins don’t want to be discovered.


Actually the “alliance” would have taken out Shelli over Clay because James and Jeff wanted to work with Clay… so her taking out Day actually broke up this “alliance” because James and Jeff got caught lying to Jason and Day so Jason no longer trusts them.


They are so dumb..Day is going to waste look at what she figured out.They could use her for so much…I know that there is still huge chance that she may go home but for some reason I have soo much faith and hope that maybe just maybe something can keep her in the game.I feel like she will learn to not show her emotions and know who to trust because she has been pulling cards (pun intended) from behind her back and just catching on to people.She knows who and whats up.


I’m hoping Day uses this to her advantage to maybe figure out a way to stay (even though I do like Meg) but if she does keep it to herself for the rest of the week, I hopes she drops the bomb right before she walks out the door!


So if the whistle is blown on Liz/Julia will they face the same consequences Andrea and Natalie would have in BB5 had their secret been exposed (elimination) prior to both twins being able to enter the house together?


Maybe the twins will get eliminated automatically and day gets stay due to the fact she figured it out.

Cats Out Of The Bag

Disappointing I wanted them to make it to week 5.


If I were Da, I’ll try to ‘blackmail ‘ liz/ Julie into voting to keep me. She should have a one on one with her and let her know she knows she’s the twin twist and she has to fight to keep her. If she gets voted out, she’s going to tell everybody her secret. Maybe then, liz will convince Becky, Austin, Steve to vote to keep her. I bet you if liz finds out that da already figured them out, she’ll start campaigning for da to stay.


I agree. That’s just what she needs to do blackmail. Da please figure this out.

The Hammer

Tat’s what a good player would have done, but Captain Bigmouth couldn’t shut up and keep it to herself. Bye bye.


So what she has a big mouth. Many players on BB have a big mouth. Just because she’s a female and “different” doesn’t mean she should be passive and mute. She’s strong and outspoken and that should not intimidate a truly confident person.


And this is why Day needs to stay!!!


That is insane that she figured that out. Now her task is to figure out how to use it to her advantage to stay safe. I tell Julia I know and promise not to expose her if she can get Austin’s vote. She has James and Jason, so she then needs to figure out 3 votes, unless she gets the phone call. I feel she can get to Becky, Steve and possibly Jeff. He is all over the place, so I never know what he is thinking from minute to minute. Maybe even work a 2 week deal with Audrey? I don’t know how she can use this to save herself, but she needs to get a plan fast. Would love to see Clay and Shelli’s face if Day were to stay next week. Would be priceless.


Why does everyone keep saying she has James vote. She in no way has James’ vote, James is in love with Meg. Not to mention James knows Day and Jason caught him lying to them last night so they won’t trust him anymore.
Not sure if the blackmail attempt would work anyways… if Liz tries to switch the vote she turns a lot of people against her and still don’t think Austin would flip. Not to mention the twist being out doesn’t end her game, it only ends it if she is evicted.


Show’s how smart Day is. Too bad she wasn’t smart enough to keep her big mouth closed.

them be trashbags

“Clay is trying to not be seen as a douchie a$$hole. Adds first impressions are a big deal and he feels he’s still in the first impression stage in this game.”…..FAIL..clay…EPIC FAIL


She needs to blackmail Liz and get her to sway Austin too. Then go after Becky, Steve, and Jackie’s votes. She has Jason, and I believe James. Still a shot in the dark, but she was dead in the water before she figured this out. Plus there is the twist. Should she get that call, I think she can figure out a way to stay in the game. She is really on point though. Should she stay, she will kill memory competitions.


Production has told Da about the twins to try and save her. She’s not smart enough to figure it out on her own. Also, I love how she is calling one chunky when both of the twins are in WAY better shape than Da. If they give her some sort of power, and she stays, I’m done with this season. Da played an emotional, irrational game, thinking she is the queen bee, and deserves to go home. Let the trolling begin…

You Mad

Somebody is just salty that Day has more common sense than you like to give her credit for.


Nope, just tired of production bailing weak players out just because they have a fan base. Da has done nothing to deserve to stay. For a poker dealer, she has the worst poker face ever. She makes everything personal, and then talks smack about others doing the same thing. She drew lines too early and should pay the price for it. Instead, production is throwing her a bone because of her fan base, despite the fact she deserves to go home. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Shelli fan, but she doesn’t deserve to have her HoH be a complete waste because Da has fans and she doesnt. Da deserves to go, whether she figured it out on her own or not, but the timing is shady as hell.


You do not need a poker face to be a poker dealer.


Da is a dealer, not a player. She doesn’t need a poker face, lol.


If you have been reading this blog daily, then you would know that Simon and Dawg mentioned this early last week when Jace was on the block. She was suspicious of Liz then. She even question Liz/julie on it. She asked why she looked so different from her pictures and the roots of her hair were not the same…. different length and color? She was on to her then. She knew something was wrong. Da is the most perceptive player in the game. She has been from the start. As far as her “big mouth” All i saw was her call Audrey out on her lies and and her and Clay had a minor argument. They wouldn’t have had any words if Clay would have just stayed in the room. Anyway she was after Audrey not them. I have seen past BB players do far more and not get voted out. People have had house meetings before she was trying to clear her name. Maybe if she didn’t confront Audrey, they would think DA is the liar. Only Shelli wanted her gone because Clay told her that, that was what he wanted. Everyone wanted Audrey out. Its funny how some people can show emotion and it’s passion and then others show emotion and it’s threatening.


I see the Day fans are just as emotional and illogical as she is. They have the same grammar issues too…She weak, lol.


Grammar errors, is that like “she weak”? Pot calling kettle black.


Wow, I can’t believe my comment is getting the most clicks tonight. Da-nuts unite!! 😀

Dawg and/or Simon, you have watched countless hours of BB, what are your thoughts? What are the odds that Production didn’t have a hand in Da “figuring out” the twin twist?

Not True

Newnewjanelle holds that title with 180 clicks and counting! Production had nothing to do with Day figuring out the twist. There are very obvious differences between the two of them. It is not rocket science. I noticed several on last weeks live show. Their hair, around their face in the chin area, is even different lengths.

Cool Huip

” She’s not smart enough to figure it out on her own.”
I disagree. Think about it…. You are trapped in a house with people you see alllllll the time. Just go look at pictures of the twins; there is indeed a difference. Notice their face structure. Notice the difference in weight. (That doesn’t mean one of them is overweight. They’re clearly healthy.) They also act a bit differently. You’re going to notice this when you live with them…. Da’Vonne is an observational woman; she studies things. They even showed her checking out rooms just to study them.
Da’Vonne’s strength is her observation skills. It’s not unreasonable for her to notice the differences.


What will happen now that they have figured it out?


I’m sure they will boot the twins this week and count that as the eviction, with Da and Meg both getting to stay to appease the Da-nuts. I hope they don’t, but I’m sure they will just for the drama that will ensue.


Really hope production doesn’t use this as a shtick to magically save Day. I’d like for Day to stay but this would seem too much of a manipulation by production.


I’m not a Day fan like that but she does ‘officially’ deserve some brownie points from production for figuring out the twins so quickly. I wonder if they actually believe Shelli / Clay are interesting to the viewers. They aren’t going to be Jeff/Jordan or Brendan/Rachel because neither of them are likable or hateable enough to warrant that much support, but Day whether you like her or not has a potential to be a real gamer or at least a memorable character. Every time I see Meg, I automatically say “Shut up Meg” lol


This is going to many dislikes. I know it will but it needs to be said…..TOO LITTLE TOO LATE Day. I do NOT want her to go, but too bad she could not put two and two sooner. If Day brought this up to Jason maybe Saturday or Sunday, maybe she should have stayed.


This is why I like Da. She is so perseptive. Not every great player is a comp beast some are all about sitting back and observing.


if she was such a great player she wouldn’t be leaving week 2.


Day, sitting back and observing with her big mouth?? Riiiiiggghhtt.

Ms. Steal Your Man

Wow. Da’Vonne could really use this knowledge to her advantage. She could possibly threaten Liz/Julia for a vote, and make sure everyone Liz/Julia is aligned with to vote for her as well. Man, I hope this gets back to Shelli so she feels like an absolute idiot for making things personal and putting Da’Vonne up. Da’Vonne is just too good. I really hope she fights to stay with this information and not keep it to herself. Or she could go out swinging at the live eviction with that information. She literally has nothing to lose.


I’m having an incredibly hard time buying that Day just figured this out by herself. Go back to week 1 when all of this twin talk began. Not in any of the (I’ll say based off of reason) 5 seasons, if not more, has there been all of this twin talk in the 1st 2 weeks of BB.

I’m not saying Day didn’t figure it out by herself, but she was definitely aided by the other HGs talking about a twin way earlier in week 1. I’m sure Production wanted to plant seeds in the HGs minds but weren’t anticipating them figuring out this early.

Production overplayed their hand and now I could see their big twin twist failing early. Way too much talk about twins this early. It’s certainly sketch.


Blah blah blah.


Omfg please stfu about production. If someone takes a shit. “Oh I’m sure production planted more fiber cereal in the house so obviously they caused the turd.

Enjoy the show. And let others too without your ridiculous conspiracy theories.


You are clueless if you don’t think production plants seeds


In every season I’ve watched the players straight up say that production “plants seeds”. It’s not a conspiracy theory LMAO. OF COURSE they are going to try to “direct” the show the way they think will be the most entertaining. Don’t be so naive.

Pink Floyd the Barber

It would be interesting to see the reactions of some of the more arrogant HG if they discovered where they rank in the fan favorite list.

Come on

I could be way off here but out of the blue Da figures out the twin twist… Come on production put that in her ear so she can blackmail Liz for her and Austin’s vote possible Van….Jason gets the 7th phone call and bye bye Meg

Butters Mom

I agree with whomever said production told/gave Da hints about the twins. Jason even said they were giving him hints. Liz should be upset by this… but I guess whatever you sign to go on the show says that production can rig it and that is just part of it. They got their 15 minutes of fame and now they are done.


I want to know how all this works. Do they get both get evicted? Does one gets evicted? Is there a reward for figuring it out? Can it be used to blackmail? My understanding is they will both be out? It was there task to keep it secret, if they can make it to the 5th show, they both come into the game. If found out (failed the task) they are both out???


IDK nay thing happens besides the house finding out whenever they do


Simon or Dawg, is the twin twist now officially over or does one of the twins have to be confronted for it to be over?


The cat is out of the bag. There is no way to blackmail Liz, bcuz someone figured out the twin twist and now they don’t get the $50,000 or to both be in the game. I don’t remember any other season being suspicious of a twin being in the game. Production, production always drops hints and molds the game how they want. I wonder if they will tell the house guests or just stop switching the twins.

Wow day

Oh wow I was a huge day hatter until I just read this that girl is good she figured the twin twist out she really can read people she put it all together and figured it out I have to amit I was wrong about her she can figure stuff out to bad she’s gone if she only figured it out this morning before the veto ceremony she could have told the house they would have put Liz
Up beside her and could have voted her out


Send Jeff home

Ain't No Cure For Stupid

I agree.


Julie said on the first show that if both twins make it to the 5th eviction without being discovered BOTH would enter the game and play individually. She didnt say what would happen if they were discovered. I think she left it vague for a reason. Im assuming the only way she goes is if shes evicted, but if she does make it to the 5th eviction, then only 1 plays, (if they were discovered earlier, sorta like a team america mission)

Lady E

“Jeff talking about ‘Old, ugly, Busted dudes’ hanging with hot busty girls in Miami. Says it’s obvious how shallow the girls are.”

Is this dude dumb? That comment sounds shallow itself. Jeff is annoying, and when he and James get together and chat, it’s super annoying lol.

not a fan

I don’t get the “Da” love….

to me it seems like production has caught up on this strange fixation online with her “gameplay” and gave her the same hints people moan about in regards to this twist

you think she came up with it all on her own? great. I am not buying that.


I agree, that loudmouth needs to go home!

Brad H

Since Day is going home, if I were Jason then I would definitely blackmail Liz. Her HOH’s would be mine, her POV’s would be mine, & her vote would be mine. In return she would just have to trust that I wouldn’t tell anyone. Imagine if Liz would’ve been nominated this week lol


Can someone explain what the phone call twist is??

Ain't No Cure For Stupid

I miss Chicken George and Evel Dick.


I am actually surprised how people think it’s production’s doing. They may have hinted at it a little in the beginning to get them talking about it, but I doubt they told Day who all of a sudden. I doubt this information is going to save her. That said, Liz/Julia are SO easy to tell apart. They have completely different shaped faces. And ladies tend to “study” each other more. It’s not rocket science to see Liz looks so different right after the switch. Anyway, I’m pretty sure the houseguests can figure it out all day long and use the info any way they’d like, but pretty sure nothing happens unless Liz is evicted before week 5.


Omg who got it?! Can’t wait to find out.

Ms. Steal Your Man

So I am hearing that Steve picked up the 7th call. Is this true?


Simon or Dawg, Do you think if production is aware of Davonnes popularity and she does ask production about the twist, do you think production would use that as an excuse to give a diamond or regular power of veto to Davonne?


If the house votes unanimously the twist won’t help Day at all. She better blackmail Jiz if she wants to stay

Ain't No Cure For Stupid

Remember Puggita? From season 1?

Ain't No Cure For Stupid

Puggita was more interesting to watch than these airheads.


Shelli was talking to Vanessa and was counting the order the house guests went into the phone booth on the memory wall and pointed out Day 7th.

Ain't No Cure For Stupid

JEFF: “Dude that’s 8years from now my career will take off.” And your mission statement will be “You want fries with that?”

Ms. Steal Your Man


Brad H

Day got the 7th call… SHOCKER


I’m sure she just “happened” to be walking by the phone right when the 7th call rang… Just like she just “happened” to figure out the twin twist the same day of the POV ceremony when it was discovered that Meg was going up and she was going home…Production at its finest…


Jeff: “my career will take off”. What´s exactly his career?

“She had a million dollar lifestyle planned” –
ok you are delusional you don’t have a million dollar face for short

“Austin – “Jeff has some kinda final 4 with James.. he’s not letting us in on … F**K””
ok Austin. understand correctly?? he want to be include in the alliance ???MOVE YOUR ASS AND DO SOME WORK DONT EXEPECT OTHER MADE ALLIANCES FOR YOU DUMBASS

Jeff's Funky Eye

Pretty sure he’s not a rocket scientist.


Simon and/or Dawg,
Do you think we will know who answered the 7th call before the show airs? I wonder if the HG who answered the call will even know what it’s for or be able to talk about it since it would be all over the feeds.


Omg…Shit just got real!!!! I LOVE Big Brother! For those doubting Day’s intuitiveness, she has been extremely observant since she’s been on the block and if we can tell the differences between Liz and her sister, why is it so hard to believe that someone living in the same house could do it? She’s a smart girl…give her her props.

Nonon Jakuzure

What’s wrong with all the girls? Day 1 there was an alliance between Da’vonne, Shelli and Audrey and now they are at each others throats. There’s basically a war between Shelli and Da’vonne and Audrey is the house most wanted. Liz, Becky, Jackie and Meg are not at all memorable and not really doing much. Vanessa is pretty much the only few females that has a plan. Shelli’s HOH is basically Clay’s HOH. The guys in this show such as James and Jeff are gross and objectify women and it would make me sick if Clay, Jeff, James or Austin actually win this thing. I just wish we could have a female winner again cause the last time we had one was Rachel and that was 4 years ago.


Though I do believe production meddles in the game I have an alternate theory about the house guests wondering about the twin twist this season verses previous seasons: the takeover. They know there will be a ton of twists this season and BB does tend to repeat old tricks, therefore bringing up a twist that has happened before isn’t completely random. Thoughts?

Day Must Go

Then why are they not talking a lot about other previous twists?


Actually a lot of them (especially Austin) are convinced there’s an America’s player. He and others have brought it up as an explanation for Audrey’s crazy gameplay.

GeekSquad McGee

If BB wanted to have any credibility whatsoever, they would have told the feeders ahead of time exactly when the calls would come, and allow the feeders to watch, knowing it’s about to happen.

The way they manipulate the game like this insults the intelligence of the viewers, and the houseguests.

Maybe Not

This could wind up backfiring. The house may get suspicious that Da just happens to figure out the twin twist and gets a reward for answering the 7th call. Especially if production has also been feeding other house guests information then they would suspect that production has done the same for Da. They could all still turn on Da for what they feel is unfair influence from production.


The twin twist will be just as bad as the sabatour