Battle Of The Block Competition Results! “How do you campaign against Johnny Mac!?”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Nomination results:

Becky nominated Steve and Jason, She thinks everyone is on board with backdooring Audrey
Shelli nominated Johnny Mac and DAY, She hopes Johnny Mac throws the BOB so she can evict DAY.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 06-16-20-036

5am – 6am Audrey comes out of the diary room with a clip board and a megaphone. Audrey “RED ALERT ITS TIME FOR THE BATTLE OF THE BLOCK COMPETITION! Get changed and report to the “Ginger Fever” .. Big Brother then blocks the feeds. When the live feeds return –

Battle of the Block Results:
Steve & Jason BOB Winners / Becky is dethroned
DaVonne & Johnny Mac remain on the block / Shelli remains HOH

6:10am the havenot room – Meg, Jason and James are talking. James says now we’re going to see where everyone is at. Jason says no one wants to get Johnny Mac out. Jason says I feel bad for Day though. Jason says it doesn’t even matter we have to save Day otherwise we’re down one. If we save Day do you think Shelli would backdoor someone other than Audrey. James says Maybe not. Meg says I don’t know if I would trust what she would do. Jason says I’m already safe for the week so me winning it doesn’t even matter. Meg says its still so early in the game that if you go against what she wants it could be this whole other blow out. James says it sucks. Jason says its going to come down to campaigning but how do you campaign against Johnny Mac!? Meg says she (DaVonne) has to win the veto. Jason says then its one of us campaigning against Johnny Mac… its you (Meg) or him (James) up there. Jason says she’s not going to put up Audrey. We might have to push the dentist thing hard or like plant something to make people lose trust in him (Johnny Mac). I know he’s not going to do me dirty but he’s not going to be as loyal as Day would be. James says this is crazy, we’re definitely in a pickle. Jason thinks the veto will be tomorrow and then Veto Ceremony on Monday. They speculate on that the BB Takeover twist “last laugh” will be. Jason describes BBAU where each evicted house guest gets to throw a grenade (type of punishment) into the house as they’re evicted.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 06-18-53-760
Up in the HOH room – Shelli says I feel aweful. Someone must have talked game with him if he is saying I’ll talk to you later. I just feel bad. If I hadn’t asked him to throw it I still would have put him up there. Clay says maybe because he just sealed Day’s fate. Shelli says that last night Audrey slipped and said something. Something along the lines of how she’s only here for a specific amount of time. She was talking about her psychic and then said something like .. they told me to not give away her secret until later in the game. Clay says she’s got a twist. Shelli says I could totally be wrong. Even though everyone wants her gone I trust her. Maybe its just stay for 5 weeks and get 50K. Shelli says Audrey said she couldn’t do this for 8 more days and was thinking of walking out the backdoor. I told her there are psychologists here you can talk to.. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 06-28-33-877

Jason & Meg talk about Audrey’s theory there was a twin in the house. Meg says all Audrey heard was a name in there (Diary Room). Jason suspects the twin could be Johnny’s. Meg says did you know Mac is short for Mathew. James says all I know is that Audrey needs to go. She needs to go kick rocks. Jason says all I know is Johnny looked a lot more attractive today when he woke up. Meg says I want to go look at him right now. Jason says just have a really random conversation with him like about butterflies and then 4 days later ask him about it.

6:50am – 7:15am Up in the HOH room – Clay and Shelli talk to Johnny Mac. Johnny putts his arms up in the air and smiles. Johnny says I didn’t do anything!! She had such a bad strategy I was like lets go with it. Shelli asks are you okay. Johnny says well I couldn’t be too excited. Shelli asks were you acting?! Johnny says it was bugging me a little bit. She was doing so bad I wondered if she was throwing it. Clay says we’re going to look out for you. Johnny asks if I get house guest choice who do I pick? Clay says pick me. Shelli says if he is already picked then pick Vanessa. Clay says everyone wants you to stay. She (Day) is just so controlling. Clay says don’t think you’re at the bottom with us because you’re not. And its not like we’ll use you as a pawn each time now either. Clay says Day is the head of the snake. James, Day and Jason is in a 3 person alliance. I like James and once we get rid of Day maybe we can pull James in. We have then numbers at this point. If you have any questions just come talk to us. We think you can help us as much as we can help you. They shake hands Shelli says congratulations on not winning the BOB!!! Johnny leaves. Clay and Shelli continue talking. Shelli says she loves this game, its so addicting.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 06-58-10-099

In the bathroom – DaVonne is crying. She keeps telling herself to get it together. Get your life. Get your life. They don’t deserve it. Get your life.

7:15am – 7:30am In the havenot room – Meg says what if someone wins the veto. They take off Johnny Mac and then they put up Audrey. Then the house votes who they want out. Meg says if they don’t put up Audrey .. then people like Becky who was trying to get her up will be pissed. Meg says she is livid. Jason says those Abercrombie and Fitch stores are run like the navy… She (Becky) is like the MOTHAF**KING BOSS! They wonder if Clay is who he says he is. Jason says the first few days in the house Clay was hitting on me .. like saying I have a cute butt. Jeff thinks Shelli is trying to play Clay just as much as he is playing her.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 07-27-14-768

7:38am Shelli tells Clay that he is the hottest guy to ever be on Big Brother and ever will be.. We are way to fast forward in our flirtiness and cuteness. Clay says you’re kind of like Brittney. She is good looking but you are extremely good looking.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 07-45-39-042

7:45am – 8am Meg says the only hope we have this week is that Day wins the POV or someone pulls Johnny Mac. Jeff says Day needs to step it up otherwise she is going to ruin it for everyone. I know Johnny Mac threw that competition. He was going way too slow. They asked him to throw it. Meg says he said to me that he thought about throwing it because he said he trusts Shelli over Becky. Jeff says if I wanted to play dirty like Audrey I could but I think its just way too early to do that. Meg says I don’t think they’re even thinking about the Becky & Jackie’s will think (When they don’t follow through with the plan to put up Audrey). Meg says you piss off the rest of the house .. the four people in your alliance aren’t going to save you. Jeff says I want Austin out to which is why I’m trying to keep him so close to me.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 07-34-08-185

8:05am All the house guests are in bed trying to go to sleep.

10:20am – 11am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. James gets up and takes a cold shower. Clay gets called to the diary room. Johnny Mac was up in the bathroom but wend back to sleep along with the other house guests. James heads back to bed and says that cold shower sucked balls! But I had to because I felt gross. James says he can see why people can’t stand being a havenot for a week.

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Once again we get a woman who doesn’t think for herself and lets her Showmance run her HoH. >_<


What are you talking about? That was the BEST move for her. Day HATES them. Look at it from an unbiased POV! Audrey wouldn’t come after Shelli! Aud has bigger fish to fry. Day did this to herself because she had bad social game. She limited the people she interacted with and she was easy to blow up (entertaining, but bad in this game). She’s not THAT good of a poker player after all. Vanessa is a pro for a reason. She is sitting at a better position.


Yes, I agree with you. But all this plan was made by Clay and not Shelli, don’t you think?


No this was 100% NOT Clay’s plan. If Clay won hoh he for sure would have bd Audrey. Also Clay wanted to go up with Day so he could throw it.. he said it many many many times and Shelli shot him down. Shellie is 100 times a better player than Clay and her biggest problem is Clay. Clay trusts people he shouldn’t like Jeff and therefore Shelli is trusting Jeff, which is her downfall. But at the same time Clay trusts Van only because Shelli does, so it works both ways.

I was really starting to like Shelli at the beginning of this HOH but by an hour into it she let me down, only because she told every person except for Day and Steve that she wants to work with them going forward. She needs to pick people (leave Clay out of it) and form a small strong group. I think a great group would be Shelli, Meg, and Van because they would have ears and influence in every angle of the house. Never going to happen I know, but one can dream.


Yep, Clay keeps bringing up Audrey and how many times she’s lied to him. But Shelly seems to think she has more of a chance with Audrey than she does with Day.


Day is not a poker player. She’s a dealer.


She, herself, said on MULTIPLE occasions that a poker dealer is a great poker PLAYER. And good poker players are good at bluffing, but she’s not doing very well at hiding her emotions, don’t you think so? (Yes, I know it’s entertainment for us, but not wise for the game)


I’m pretty sure when she plays poker….there isn’t this much money on the line! I’d be emotional too in a situation like this. Every year the house guests always make a point to say “You will never understand what they go through emotionally in that house unless you’ve been there before.”


She, herself, said on multiple occasions that a poker dealer is a good poker PLAYER, and that good poker players can bluff really well. So far she hasn’t shown that much of that bluff because she doesn’t hide her emotions very well. It might be entertaining for us, the viewers, but it isn’t helping when her game. She has made it very apparent that she isn’t interested in working with Shelli/Clay, which was why she was put up.

*(Hey, sorry if this is a double comment. I don’t think the other went through.)


She, herself, has stated multiple times that a poker dealer is a good poker PLAYER, and that good poker players are good bluffers. She has proven she is not the best when it comes to bluffing because she hasn’t hidden her emotions very well. Instead, she has outwardly expressed them, which caused her to be a target.


No reason to put same comment 3x in a row changing a word or 2…give them a break at obb.they always get it right…even if you think it didn’t go through…they just can’t be glued to the computer to post asap always…like I’m guessing sometimes they need to eat or go to the bathroom lol

Eric CA

You are 100% correct. The fact is the best thing for the womens game is to take out Jeff this week…. but it is all personal with them. The guys are the one who are looking at taking out Da’Vonne because they feel Da’Vonne controls Jason, which is best or their game. Take out Jeff and do the math ladies. That is what is really best for your game.


Yes as viewers this is obvious to us.. but as much as I want to see Jeff gone, he is playing a pretty good game getting the trust of every single guy in the house. I think he talks too much and once the big players like Audrey and Day are out it will catch up to him.
I love how he wants Austin gone so bad, but I think once Austin is out Jeff will be the next target. Clay will realize things are getting leaked and that in fact Jeff is the person doing it. Austin/Jeff/Clay/Audrey are the biggest gossips in the house and they all need to go. (Although I am partial to Austin because he is working with Van).


i think jeff and jackie (J&J) are easy targets beacuse of the amazing race, so people are trying to make big moves now to take out regualar bb players they think can go deep in the game or that are hurting their longterm game options. it could absolutely backfire on them though because J&J’s power as a couple gets stronger each week. I think people cautiously aligning with either Jeff and Jackie are smart though in that they can potentially influence the vote.


Shelli is over a decade older than Clay, this is obviously her move! I’m sick of people jumping to the quick quasi sexist conclusion on (week 2) that guys are puppet masters over women…as if some kid football jock is controlling a successful business woman. Ultimately it is week two, all we have to work with is stereotypes. From her conversations on AfterDark Shelli seems to be more loyal to Vanessa (who is slowly becoming a puppet master), and both of them are using Clay as a meat shield. Da’s meltdown the other day was directed at Clay, Shelli and Jeff…she created her own target on her back. Da doesn’t trust Shelli and is becoming more and more powerful (with Jason), so Shelli wants to strike first. Audrey is a number for Shelli, she has been purposefully nice to Audrey…by taking out Da and keeping Audrey safe she builds a loyal (albeit unpredictable) ally.


This is BS. I hope Jason or Day won veto because that’s her last chance. Jason has to get chosen first though


Please BACKDOORED Audrey!!! She really a new Devin in female body


Except Smarter, Better, More entertaining version.


Yeah but she too much!!!


We really haven’t seen anyone like Audrey…she’s manipulative and full of hate for all …she doesn’t for 1 second….have an ounce of compassion for anyone….if they were all killed in front of her she wouldn’t care…
She is indeed a sociopath. ….is it her that mentioned Dexter in the bios?


If jonymac threw it he lost all of my respect.


This is ridiculous. You do know these HGs are playing for THeMSELVES, not for your favorites!!!! It upsets me. Plus, if he refused, Johnny would’ve gone up no matter what. If he took a stand, he would’ve been a target!!! Plus he said Day didn’t have a good strategy. So, blame your girl! (Hey, at least she has the phone call and veto). Others had much less oppurtunities to save themselves! (i.e. Dan)

And, I don’t get why y’all like Day, besides her smack talk. She is not a good player, both at comps and strategy. Smh


Day….has a soul, and a caring heart and feelings.

Audrey… has no care or feelings…sociopath..
…needs all attention to be on her regardless of who she hurts or trashes.


I have been wondering the same thing. What is so great about Da? I liked her in the very beginning but when she flipped out over the room issue I changed my mind. Burning bridges and fighting over small stuff so early isn’t smart at all. Hope she goes home soon.


How do you know production didn’t just edit it to make it look like Day was overreacting? That’s why its important to have feeds at all times.


Day better pull a rabbit out!!
Are Meg and James with Da’son??


This week is going to be so much worse than last week Just hand Clay the $100,000 now. He is getting away with everything because he is a good looking, “god sent” guy. All in the interesting train wrecks will be out before jury.


If the veto isn’t used or if Shelli doesn’t put up Sithe Lord Aud then Clay is the target for the rest of the season. And it all depends on who answers the phone and the 3 that won’t be able to vote.
This is going to get batcrap crazy!!

Mrs. brent

Sith lord! I dropped my light saber vapor pen and spit all over my chewbacca shirt.


NOOOOO! Johnny! You shouldn’t be with them!

BB Cynic

The fix is in!!!
Topic: Real math vs Big Brother math.
Test case #1: The chance of being the 7th player to answer the phone.
Real math: 6.7% for each player. (Rounded for the 15 remaining players.)
Big Brother math: Audrey 50%, Da 50%. and all others 0%.


Definitely the easiest twist to manipulate and allow the show to control who stays and who goes. There are onl 9 votes this week. Shellie can’t vote and the two noms can’t either. This twist removes a quarter of the votes and all from one side. It’s extremely powerful and completely in production’s hands.


I don’t like this…


When has Day ever been controlling?


Controlling of what?
Hoping Da’ wins the veto or picks up the phone on the 7th call.


She told Becky who to nominate, and Becky even told her that she’ll do what she wants (facepalm)

Y’all fans should stop being misted by Day!!! She isn’t even a good player. She might be funny at times, but that’s about it.


I don’t think that is Da being controlling….that is Becky being either incredibly stupid or incredibly smart.
Had Becky not been dethroned, she could always use Da as being “in her ear”.
Da is not the most strategic person (too in your face for that) but far from controlling.


that dude Audrey is full of hate and dumbness, did doctors chop his dick or his brain??? get him OUT!


For those who say why Day was nommed. She played a highly emotional game. Shelli/Clay knew they were her next target after Audrey, which they were. Plus Audrey has bigger fish to fry AND she is a bigger target, so THIS is the best move for them. Day just didn’t have what it takes. Bad social game.I guess Vanessa is the better poker player than the two!!!!

Also, regarding Becky’s “racist/not racist comment” Audrey heard Jason and Day “not appreciate” the things Becky said. Audrey also mentioned it back to Jason the other night, and he said himself that it was something about a “sweatshop.” This was yesterday.


Does anyone know when those convos took place? I was sceptical that Audrey had made up something like that as I have never heard her make any personal comments about anyone in the game. She is a lunatic, but not nasty or personal as far as I’ve seen. I really want to know the truth about this rumour, cause that is a terrible thing if it was just made up about someone, or a terrible thing to get pinned on you if you didn’t make it up.

GeekSquad McGee

You guess Vanessa is the better poker player? Vanessa is one of the best female players in the world. Day would have a better chance at beating Steve in a spelling contest than beating Vanessa at poker.


I can’t!!!! Day pls win pov! I never thought I can root for Jason ever but im team Da’son!!!


Just like last season they picked on Danny for being different because he was an old man, now they are picking on Day because she doesnt look like them! Day is really not a treat to anyones games so why are they after her?

lise cho

YEP! They like to attack or go after people who dont look like them, I wonder how long James is going to be in the house.


REALLY???? You think this is about race? They’re going after Da because they feel it is in their best interest as far as the game goes. Not because she “doesn’t look like them”. If Da was HOH and targeted Clay or Shelli, would you say its because they look different from her?

And last year, it was DONNY, not Danny. And they never picked on him. They targeted him because he was very smart and was a threat to other peoples game. Everyone in the house had a lot of respect for him.


I think it was Danny….lol haha…
there’s no racial issue here…and defiantly no transgender issue (as I’m sure that card will be played yet)


HAHAHA WOW… I had to read that twice to make sure it said Day and not Steve. If anyone is getting picked on for being different it is Steve, not Day. And who is doing the majority of the picking on Steve???? UM DAY! Yes Jason and Jeff are also guilty but I have heard Day be the meanest.

GeekSquad McGee

What kinda things has she been saying about Steve?


I’m confused. What exactly did Day say about Steve other than calling him a rat for Audrey?

Pay Attention

Ugh! Please pay attention! Day’s nomination has NOTHING to do with race. She wasn’t nominated because she’s “different.” She was nominated over a petty fight she had with Clay, Shelli, and Jeff bout her walking around in rooms. Shelli’s nomination of Day is a childish passive aggressive cat fight, because Day snapped at Shelli’s boyfriend Clay. There is no wrath like a woman scorned. If you mess with a woman’s boyfriend, she will claw your eyes out. That is what is happening here. Shelli is going after Day for copping an attitude with Clay.


Remember there is going to be a twist at end of week. Most likely who ever gets voted out proly will be then safe and they will have to quickly vote out someone else.
Jackie’s face isn’t up to par but my god her ass may be the best in BB history. I also think Julia is hotter than her twin Liz. K that’s enough of my creepin’ on Jackie, Liz/Julia for today. On a side note. Vanessa is full on setting herself up for a long run into the summer. I truly believe she can win the whole thing. Just slide for a min Ness..u good right now. Happy Holiday weekend to all my fell
fellow BB addicts. USA!

EZ does it

Agreed 100%. That ass is a 10 !!!

BB drama

I hope JMack gets POV and they put Audrey up against day…will make for awesome TV….plus you throw in the 7 phone ring thing…geez. So good.


shelli will put up another pawn should john win pov. she wants da to go, no way would she put up as big a target as audrey unless da takes herself off the block (which is the only hope at ousting audrey which production will absolutely not allow to happen, giving audrey the kathy griffin power should she be in trouble). with steve safe it’s tough to tell who the best pawn would be, my guess would be becky or jackie, but i kinda hope someone convinces her somehow jeff is a good pawn, da gets the kathy griffin power, and jeff goes home. should da fail to win veto this is my best case scenario.


ANY scenario that sends Jeff home this week works for me.


Do johhnymac,Megs,James, and Jeff think that they really have a chance with teaming with Clay and Shelli? They have a better chance at winning with Day and Jason why cant they see that.


i think they have a better chance with clay and shelli. even with shelli’s hoh win, clay is the only one of the two that can be viewed as a competition threat because that puzzle hoh was probably viewed as random luck instead of skill, while jason’s win last week painted him as a physical competitor as most people viewed that challenge as hard and da’s studying is practically the entire reason she’s in trouble. clay and shelli are also way dumber than day and jason which makes them seemingly more easy to manipulate because remember john, meg, james, and jeff want to play to win not play to have da and jason win.


Get off the day train what is wrong with you guys she is a horrible game player no use for her in this house she won’t win a comp so how would she even turn this house around with not winning stuff people won’t do what she says Cuz she can’t help any buddy by not winning stuff and friends will soon see that there is no use for her

free folk

For really isn’t her…I see peoples’ argument for her to stay/leave both having points. I just wnt her to stay because I want the orange puma/boy toy shomance train derailed and I think she’s the best bet to go after one of them.


Well i hate to admit it, but if Audry goes out, then i wont have nobody to watch and wait to get evicted. I am #JayandDay but i dont have a clue who to hope to win this if there is going to be another Macranda with shelli and clay. i am going to get bored. They should have saved Jace and watched him and Audry battle it out.


This HOH has gone to Shelli head already, James was in power for 2 weeks and he wasn’t on a power trip!

free folk

agreed! It’s going to be a rough week of feed to watch…if she continues the baby talk I might have to riot.


I THOUGHT jONNYMAC WAS SMARTER than that! Clay and Shelli will not take him to the end, he has a better chance with Day and company


I really don’t see Clay associating with Johnny. Clay enjoys being with the girls. Seems that the guys there intimidate him!

play play

Meg,James and Jeff needs to stay with Jason and Day, not Shelli and Clay.


Meg is showing some real gaming skills. She is really surprising me since I hated her preseason.


Me too! I just hope she doesnt get sucked into Jason and Day’s whole of sitting together all the time and talking bad about other people.


You keep saying that all Jason and Day do is talk trash about people. The only person they talk shit about is Audrey. They also say Steve is a rat but I don’t see them talking anymore trash than the last person. Just clarify things they say so that I can understand where you’re coming from. Thanks!

Eric CA

First off I realize that this comment will sound extremely sexist but it is more a comment on how behavior reflects what also happens in the corporate world and happens on these competition reality shows. I apologize in advance if this offends anyone in advance.

The Sisterhood is dead. Every Season of Big Brother a woman says “I want a woman to win Big Brother.” and every Season when women are the HoH they target women. It is the same way in the corporate world… when women feel that they want to advance they always target other women. I have watched time and time again. Men like to feel that they are the competitors, but the reality is women are infinitely more competitive with each other than women could ever hope to be.

As far as the game numbers go this year and the fact that their are NO real Alliances in the House the women had the opportunity to dominate the House. Yet they failed to realize a real womens alliance could have mopped those boys out the door…. but who is the HoH targeting for eviction… other women.

What would help these women extremely well is to work together or they will do the guys work for them…. Da’Vonne is a bad week two eviction choice… she s bad at the comps and her outbursts can be used to distract the other players…. Yes, they don’t like her, but that is personal and not strategy. The same thing with Audrey, she is a good person to use tell her nothing and just let her talk. People are so frustrated with Audrey they won’t even see you going for them.
Who is the best one to take out this week… Jeff. The only person that having Jeff in the game is Jeff. I would say Clay would also be a beneficial person to get out this week but Shelli is the HoH and she loaves Clay, and wants Da’Vonne out and possibly Vanessa. So lets have fun this week.


i think the bigger problem is that the women never realize this about women alliances. the only successful women’s alliance ever was parvati’s on survivor fan’s vs. favorites, and the reason it worked was because it wasn’t about rah rah girl power one of us needs to win, it worked because they said this person needs to go and they attacked that person from so many angles eventually they got someone to even give up his immunity necklace.

i completely agree about jeff, and as i mentioned above (i’m anonymous, forgot to plug in the name field), best case scenario this week is that he somehow ends up on the block and (most likely due to the kathy griffin production rigging power) goes home.


Shelli and Clay don’t want Vanessa out at all, they really like her and trust her, but they feel that they need to get rid of Austin to control her.


I don’t find this sexist at all.. it is overall pretty accurate. Competitive women are threatened by other competitive, strong women. Also smart women know other smart women are dangerous when they are not with you.. which is why Day is being targeted by Shelli. I believe Day and Audrey are the reason the girls aren’t aligning this season, which is ironic since Day is the one who was so pro girl. However, what Day really meant was she wants a girl to win this season and she wants that girl to be her. I still have hope though that once Jeff, Audrey, and Day are gone that Shelli, Meg, and Van will work together and run this house.

What I find sexist are all the people claiming Clay runs Shelli just because he is the guy in the showmance. Yes in most previous showmances the guy calls the shots, but you can’t just assume this to be true, especially since there is so much evidence to the contrary. This was also true with Hayden and Nic.. yes Hayden influenced Nic but Nic had just as much say as Hayden but because Hayden is a guy most watchers believed Hayden was controlling everything.

I think this is the smartest group of girls ever cast on BB and I totally agree they could and should be running through this house. It is still only week 2 so I am still holding out hope for them.

Ian's lament

Da did this to herself. Why can’t she control herself. So typical


Typical of what?
Tell me more coward


I believe that was a reference to her obvious hoodness sir.


Typical? Of what…


I like Da’Vonne as a player because she isn’t a sheep and has no problem cutting through the bs.
I think her social game was decent, she’s intuitive and her two targets were Audrey and Clay…not Shellie. So I agree with the poster who said that Shellie is letting her showmance influence her game.
Right now, I see Shellie and JohnnyMac playing the game for Clay: no way would I throw a comp to keep your target on the block when I will be sitting right next to them!
Too many variables and unknown factors (POV, Takeover, alliances) to take that chance.
If Da goes home, she goes home but for JM to be so naive so early in the game is frustrating!


has the kathy griffin phone been installed yet? is it right next to audrey’s bed?


I love Johnny Mac! He’s a smarter player than everyone he’s under the rader!


lol! under the radar!?! not anymore! EVERYONE knew he threw that comp.
what a Nincompoop!


If D and JMac stays on the block and D is the seventh caller, she may have a chance to stay. she’ll void the votes of Austin, Audrey and Clay(?). Jeff, Meg, James, Jason, Jackie then control the votes against Becky, Steve, Vanessa, Liz. That will be the best case scenario for her, hopefully Meg pounds into Jeff that Day is an asset and number to their team rather than JMac who is more loyal to Clay and Shelly.


I don’t care how you try to justify it there were bigger targets than Day that needed to be out of the house. I just hope this plan backfires on them and Day stays. As far as her social game being the reason why she is being targeted is full of crap!


Of course her social game is the reason she was nominated. She’s certainly not a comp. threat.

Eric CA

the best thing that could happen for Da’Vonnes game is that she wins the PoV or Jason, Vanessa and even Austin wins the HoH. I think for Da’Vonne and Jason their best alliance is with Austin, Vanessa and Liz/Julia. Jeff is bad news for them he kicks the under the bus hard on a regular basis, Clay and Shelli is bad because it is really all about Clay. James is just a pawn with an ego. I wanted James to play better but he is more the violin than he is the player and he is getting played by some masters. Becky already screwed up her HoH… the whole Johnny Mac throwing the competition only did something for Clay, Jeff, Jason and Steve (he is safe this week) . It did NOTHING for Becky, she just went right back to irrelevant and Clay is in the drivers seat this week.
Dear God… Houseguest son’t do the I am voting wit the house screw up.. vote for what is really good with your game. and Mr/ Miss lucky 7… please us that power to your benefit don’t waste it on pettiness.


I would love to see Van win HOH next week. She is the only one I can see going after Jeff. The problem is she doesn’t talk to Jeff so she doesn’t see his BS. But I think if she is HOH Jeff will try to control her and spout his BS and she will see right through it and kick him out the door.

Eric CA

I think Van would be the best HoH week ever. First off she would NOT throw that power to the other HoH. She would put a strong player with a week player and not risk anyone in her key alliance. She could probably convince the other HoH not to put up Austin saying that if he won BoB he could not be nominated. She could cover Liz that way also. Vanessa would have the ability to take herself out of the game enough to see the patterns…. I then think her ultimate final two sitting in the seats would be Jeff and James… sending Jeff Home because that is how all of Jeffs dirty will get out in the house… he would be the new Audrey/ Jace in a about an hour.


I will be so sad to see Day go this week. She’s one of my favorites this season and while I totally agree she is playing way to emotional she has the perspective to make it far in this game. She is a threat and that’s why she’s a target.


Lol she’s a threat to harm herself and others maybe. She’s hasn’t done anything so far to make me see her that way. Sat out of the first hoh, lost bob, lost her cool over some bs. She ain’t no damn threat


This is Big Brother people. Deal with it.


I’d rather see James go…the Johnny Mac ! James is an anti-dentite! Get rid of him…he thinks he still has power.


The smart move would to get Jeff out..he will always have Jackie and he a has some weird obsession with getting Austin out..I don’t think he likes anyone but Clay and James MabeyMeg.

Doran Martell

After watching the episode on cbs the other night and seeing the confrontation between day and clay/Jeff, I have to say that I’m not a big fan of day or her attitude. She has that shaking/can’t sit still kind of anger and she really took that whole thing a bit far. She could have just smiled and said it was a misunderstanding instead of making enemies over something so small. BB is political, inside that house you can’t be who you are outside the house, and her political game is lacking. But she’s pretty good at hanging with jason and joking on people tho. No, I’m not a Day fan at all really.


So do we like the “last laugh” twist, by nullifying 3 votes?


This season is already becoming very predictable, the final 6 will be Meg, Jason, Day (if shes saved), James, Jeff and Jackie. With them using Becky, John, Shelli/Clay along the way to get there.


Can we talk about how obsessed Jeff is with getting Austin out? Like the dude is jealous or feels less of a man or something. It’s funny


Jeff- “I want Austin out. That’s why I am keeping him close” This loser at life needs to go see a derm for his acne problem and wake up from his delusional dream that he runs shit here. Why does Meg like this pathetic loser. Perhaps the fake perky isn’t a game play act to seem not a threat and she really is just a complete moron. Jackie u can tell isnt at all into Jeff. Prolly never was.


I’m a bit frustrated, why can’t BB just let the game play out naturally. No lets just bring a fan of Audrey’s into it (Kathy) and allow her to rig a twist. I think we all know beforehand how easy this twist will be to manipulate. Then there’s this whole Shelly/Clay thing. Anyone catch that when Shelly told Becky that Da and Jason were a duo and needed to be broken up? What about her and Clay? I can’t wait until Audrey bites Shelly in the backside for doing all her dirty work.


Yes production interferes a lot… but I really don’t understand how people believe this twist is to help Audrey. If Audrey is on the block she is gone whether or not she can cancel out 3 votes. Everyone will vote to get rid of her (depending on who she is against, but still think she would go against anyone including Day). This twist is more likely to help Day or a Steve, not an Audrey. Also this twist was planned way before the show started. Production interferes through diary sessions planting seeds and things like that, so stop your whining.

Chubbie Checker

On the twist, if John wins the veto and saves himself, Shelli puts up a pawn like Steve/Jackie. Da goes home. If Day wins veto then Audrey may go up and she may be in danger of going home. If Day is on the block when the vote comes then the twist would decide as only 9 people would be voting. Same thing if Audrey’s up on the block.
Whoever gets the 7th call decides who goes home this week. Again it seems too much control in one person in a game like this.


James looks dirty…get him out!(just kidding..just not Day yet…) I like Day…she’s only one with balls…to confront Audrey on her shit…and it will keep coming since they gave her a blue – tooth headset to answer the phone lol


Great way for Production to control this week. You know they won’t let the phone ring on the 7th call until the exact person they want is right next to it. We’ll see if Day picks up.


Simon/Dawg, I am trying to purchase the live feeds through your site, but I don’t see it anywhere?! Do you guys still get a kickback from that, and are you still offering that?


Great thanks! Not sure why I could not find it on my laptop but I can on my phone!

Thanks again


I would like to see it come down to Da vs. Audrey….talk about 4th of July fireworks this week! With that scenario, though, I don’t know who I want to get the twist.


I am still watching this season like o_O <—– still not sure about any of these houseguests.

The fact John is winning this fan poll. WTF? He gets on my last nerve!!


JohnnyMac what are you doing??? After hearing about the twist involving the next eviction you do NOT want to be on the block, pawn or no pawn. Mark my words whatever “big target” he ends up on the block with after veto will get saved by the twist. That means bye bye johnny. this season you do not throw a BoB under any circumstances! Stay off the block no matter what. johnnyMac just served himself up to the BB gods. Big mistake.


Somebody on DR should be fired on leaking the twin twist to the house


Vanessa is a bad ass. Watch her do comps the chick is a beast. Totally zones in. This focus will amp up when she really needs to win one. I’m almost glad she isn’t hotter appearance wise cuz she is hot in spades as being a bad ass chick who is gona school these fools all summer and walk out with the prize.

Dr. Seuss

Audrey is one sick person. If the presence of Audrey was to help the transgender cause it’s not working. Audrey seems to have several issues besides gender identity that need to be resolved. Iam not a doctor but I glad there is apparently a shrink on duty. Psychopath is the first thing that comes to mind when I look and listen. Really very sad to feature what seems to be a very disturbed person


Can I just say,I love this season already and love that the contestants aren’t afraid to “rock the boat” so to speak!
Such great casting and people with strong minds and opinions.Favorites..JohnnyMac,Austin,Day,Jason,Vanessa,Liz!