Austin – “I don’t want to backdoor Audrey I want to backdoor Him (Jeff)”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Austin HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / ?
Original Nominations: ?
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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 19-09-25-358

7:05pm Living Room Austin, and Clay
Austin doing planks..
Audrey saying she hates that Julie got her hopes up during the HOH Competition. Julie chen originally said Audrey was still in the running with her 19 but she wasn’t.
Audrey – At least she said my name again I like it when she says it”

Shelli, VAnessa and Liz join them.
Shelli to Liz about her sweater “That looks so comfy i’m so jelly” (She’s so fake)
Vanessa telling them this week the twist might be a good thing for the house.

Austin tells them their HOH letters are written by their families the week they are in sequester.. .feeds cut to fish. (I’m not sure if that’s correct)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 19-25-04-791
7:20pm Celebrating
Shelli – “Both of them… And Liz almost got it ”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 19-25-37-791

7:25pm Meg, James, Jeff and Jason
Jason saying Liz told Da’vonne she was voting for her.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 19-28-33-670

7:28pm Austin and Liz

Austin says Jeff is the one guy trying to get him. Liz is pissed at him says he was asking her today what her middle name is trying to get her to slip up.
Liz – “I want to punch him in the f*** ugly face”
Liz says Jeff was talking to Vanessa and he’s coming after us.
Austin – why? whats his problem
Austin – I don’t want to backdoor Audrey I want to backdoor Him.. What are so you horny you want all the girls to yourself (I think Jeff made a comment about being in the house with all the girls not sure)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 19-34-03-659

7:33pm Jeff and Austin
Jeff trying to paint the target on Audrey points out the cheers for her were huge. Says she’s america’s player.
Austin says they are all good. Jeff adds it’s either Audrey or Steve as America’s player.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 19-43-50-185

7:44pm Vanessa and Austin
They can’t wait until they get their HOH rooms so they can lock the door and talk.
Vanessa stresses they need to keep Liz safe.
Austin – “Everyone is coming to us like little b1tches I’m so happy… F*** you

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 19-47-17-737

7:44pm Johnnymac, JAckie and Jeff
Jackie is panicking says it’s going to be one their group going up. She tells them they need to make Audrey the target.
Jackie feels bad for whoever has to sit on the block next to Audrey
They go back to speculating about who had the power. Johnnymac is thinking Audrey had the power. .

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-09 19-47-54-732

7:47pm Jason, Jeff, Clay and Meg
Jeff saying the HOH was completely random he has no idea what is going to happen this week.
Meg says Austin’s plan A is Audrey his Plan B is Steve
Jason starts saying that Audrey is America’s player that is why she was trying to save Da at the last minute.
Jason – “I think Audrey is the second vote.. either America’s Choice or her Choice”
Meg says she’s worried that Vanessa is the HOH.
Meg suggest they get rid of a twin to split them up
Jason – if it looks like any of us are the targets is there a way to expose the twins.. After my recent journal (Diary room) I know it’s true.. Feeds cut . arg.
Clay saying he wants Audrey out.

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I don’t care. I love audrey. I think she’s playing great. If she would just say “I’m a villain and I’m here to manipulate” i think everyone would like her better.

Guy From Canada

Audrey and playing great isn’t what I would say…..but it sure as hell is entertaining 😉


Audrey is great feeds, but she is the farthest thing from a great player, so i disagree. She’s like the Big Brother version of Kass from Survivor.


Audrey needs to come up with a new strategy. No one believes anything she says or trusts her enough to work with her. The only person buying into her kaos is herself.


The only way Audrey is going to get any cred is by force. By that I mean, winning an HOH,possibly even an POV. Both situations would force the HGs to listen to her. Otherwise anything she says will be dismissed as lies/manipulation, a situation she totally created for herself.


Am so excited venessa and Austin won! But i don’t want sheli and clay to be safe ugh.


I hope they put Shelli or Clay up and ask them to throw the BOB or Veto


Ita, shelli and clay need to go!!!!!


Audrey needs to go this week.


She’s not really a threat to anyone’s game, so there is no reason to go for her it just keeps a bigger target in the house.


Audrey went ape few days ago, but i wouldn’t call her a a real threat to anyone


Shelli/ Clay HOH nº2 lol


Big brother 17 is having good ratings so far.


What’s Johnn doing? Like really, what’s his strategy? He obviously lost the HOH on purpose (it was just sooooooooo bad). I can’t tell if he’s clueless or just trying to lay low until the numbers get lower or what? Does he really think he has something w/ Clay/Shelli (after they actually asked him not to use POV even after he threw the BOB– he should get that they see him as expendable, right)? I find him entertaining, but I don’t get where he stands.


I said a long time a go he was a dumb floater not funny at all. but people like him look he´s in fisrt place in the site vote.


JohnnyMac is a patent floater…for now.


I think he’s totally playing the ditzy Dentist (although I can’t see that winning him any new patients,might possibly cost him some existing ones). But his strategy seems to be like many HGs before him. Don’t ruffle any feathers, fly below the radar, win when you have to. Strike when the numbers dwindle.

The problem with that strategy is people see him as pawn bait,which means he’ll have to keep winning to avoid being evicted.


Audrey needs to push as hard as she can to get jeff/jackie put on the block


Final 4 are meg, Johnny Mac, Steve, and Liz.

Guy From Canada

Can’t give this a thumbs up cause you like Liz over Julia 😉


I like that but instead of liz how about jason.


Meg and Liz as final 4!?!
Hilarious!!!! LMAOOOOOOO!
get real


I think the final 4 will be
Vanessa , Johnny Mac ,Becky and James


Sounds good – and Vanessa and/or JMac for F2 with either Becky or James? I could go for JMac and Becky teaming up…but if they both keep doing well with comps, getting the win wouldn’t be a lock for either of them. They both have a similar social game too.


Becky and James won’t make it that far, not with Vanessa. By that point there is one or two strong people carrying around the weakest. I think Vanessa will be with Austin With people like Johnny Mac and maybe Jackie. I think Jackie will end up going sooner though. Its hard to say who they think will be weak to take. They will get Shelli/Clay out right after Jury. Audrey could get carried if people dislike her so much. Meg could also get carried if they see her as a useless competitor. Only way Becky makes it that far is if she aligns herself with someone like Vanessa and the house dislikes her so much its beneficial to bring her because she is a competition beast and will possibly be a meat shield.


Look like Jeff is getting backdoor this week.


I can’t wait to see his reaction, he’s going to explode and hopefully lead to feeds gold.


Vanessa and Austin Fans the moment of true. We´ll see if i am wrong about Austin and Vanessa… When i call them the 2 most shady people in the house (with jeff).
Austin is going to do Clay dirty work and Vanessa shelli´s…My two hated people are HOH: deam came true for show you all what you wont to see.


More likely, Vanessa will do what is best for Vanessa, but will make sure Shelli and Clay think it was their idea, and let the house think so too. It is good for Vanessa if the house thinks that Shelli and Clay influenced her because it makes them bigger targets than her. Vanessa is way too smart to be influenced by Barbie and Ken.


Actually I think when Jeff said “its either Audrey or steve I’m not sure yet” he was talking about who they should target because as he walked away Austin said “or you… or you”


I feel like steve will be cut by vanessa at a double eviction just like dan was about to with ian. Steve and Johnny mac will have to step up their games and try to get rid of vanessa or they pretty much lost. The possible targets this week from both will be audrey, james, jeff,or jason (due to he know more about twin twist and could hurt him because vanessa and liz know he is a threat).


Step up what game?


Lol they are so dumb. I love how the groups thinks Audrey and Steve are their targets. FYI: Austin and Vanessa aren’t going to get rid of 2 votes (Liz).


yes! austin realizes he needs to go after jeff not james. think the best plan is to put jason, meg, becky, and jackie on the block (try to get jason and becky to win but it doesn’t matter too much, jason is the only one who might go over jeff and james and he’s completely expendable to austin and vanessa). then backdoor jeff or james should jeff win veto and hopefully take someone off thinking the plan is to backdoor audrey.


Wonder who is going to light the fireworks…..Jeff or Audrey. Audrey is observant. If she doesn’t pick up on Jeff being Austin’s target and sit back she’s done.


I think davonne should have kept quiet until jury. Oh well she was the best out of the cast and hope for the best. I think that vanessa winning hoh was not necessary because he had austin as hoh but oh well her cards will show. I felt that everyone threw the hoh except austin side. Note for future hgs never throw the hoh unless there is no two hohs. Meg/jeff/jackie/jason threw the hoh and if you know that numbers drop on your alliance.


I agree Audrey has to go, but because Vanessa and Austin are the HOH’s I think it is best for them to take out someone that is a threat to THEM not what everyone else wants. We know through all the conversations, that Jeff has an agenda and wants Austin out. Now that Austin knows this, if he is the remaining HOH, he would be stupid to not backdoor him. We all know that Clay won’t get rid of him. Stay buddy-buddy with snaggletooth till the Veto is played, and then put him on the block alongside Meg. Let someone else take out Audrey on their HOH.


I hate how production lets things slip. Like how does Jason feel his “journal” confirmed the twins.


Jeff is priority number #1 followed by James then Jason. Austin and Vanessa are smart, they know if they get Audrey out this week the other side will just pick them off.


Get rid of that little shit Jason. When the season started I found him quite amusing. Now I find him to be a foul-mouthed little shit. He has nothing nice to say about anyone, and the things that spew from his filthy mouth are unreal. If he spent as much energy on the game as he does with his nasty-assed comments, he would win for sure.


THANK YOU! He is a disgusting foul mouthed pig.

I want to punch him in the face if he calls any the women in there a “b*tch” one more time.


He did say some good words about Day.

Ms. Steal Your Man

Are the feeds down?


It still could hurt austin and vanessa by not backdooring audrey because for starters everyone wants audrey out.
James, Jason, Meg, Becky, Jackie, Jeff, Johnny Mac knows where they threw the line. But strategically Vanessa knows that after jeff and jason are gone she can control everyone to do her bidding. She know take out james would be dumb because he dumb as caleb and would not control the house because nobody likes him. But still clay and shelli helping a pro poker player and wrestler is dumb for them they could steam roll them.


Audrey is playing this game smart…. get everyone to hate you, have everyone not trust you, be in no alliance with anyone…. have everyone think u are america’s player and also have hoh thinking their hoh would be a wast getting her out of the house… lose challenges, come off as weak…play up the first transexual being on BB and also vote against the house during evictions making it seem like someone else did it….. carefully rat people out to the right person….lay low but strike back at the right time…. sneak around, listening to what everyone is saying to each other to use against this person or that person…..

Keep it up Audrey… its working out for u girl…. looks like she could be around for another week…. oh and did i mention, have house meetings, causes house guest to go nuts.

Twin Peaks

I hope they at least put Audrey on the block in case a primary target gets the power of veto.


Cheers for Clay who sent home how he wants. Burn half of the house game but don’t burn with anyone. Intested you have so many people suck you d**** what’s wrong with this people?


Can someone tell me why acne face Jason gets a pass for calling all the women in the house a “b*tch”? If one of the straight men in the house did that all day, they would get vilified.

He is a disgusting human being.


Wouldn’t it be perfect if they ask Shelli and Clay to be pawns this Week and take one for the Team so they can ultimately backdoor Jeff. LoL Would love to see the looks on their faces when that conversation happens!


Has anyone found Jace on social media yet? He yelled out his Twitter and other names. If he I isn’t on yet, he may be sequestered to return later.


He has been posting on his instagram.


I have to say, I am impressed with Audrey keeping her word. She may be crazy but when she gives her word, she means it.
Not sure I quite understand Da’s nullification choices but given it was a 7-2 vote, guess it doesn’t really matter. I did think Clay would have been sure bet to cut out.
And Da said that Audrey would slide into the $500K and it looks like that just may happen. The more you postpone evicting someone (especially via backdoor), the harder it gets to do.
My picks for BoB: Becky/James and Jason/Jackie


I thought her nullfied vote choices were strange too. Maybe it was her way of casting suspicion on other HGs since she knew she had no path to getting all the votes to stay, why not pick non obvious HGs to nullify and make it look like someone else in the house had the power?

It doesn’t matter though since she told Jason she had that last laugh power, so at some point he’ll spill that info. Keeping it a secret is pointless now anyway.


Not a fan o Austin… actually, indifferent… I don’t care for him. But the fact he wants Jeff out is awesome because I hate that Cody/GenericFratBoy vibe he has. Plus he THINKS he’s doing so well in the game. I’d love him gone. And Meg has FINALLY said something interesting: “let’s split the twins.” LOL! I hope they react. They need to get rid of Clay and Fakhelli Crocodile Tears. I can’t with that couple. Give me Audrey but don’t give me Clay+Fakhelli!


I agree. I can’t tolerate either Clay or Shelly. Way too smug for me. Not sure why Shelli is always smiling like one of the Price is Right models either.

its really nice

to have an HOH(or two) who understand that getting rid of Steve in week 3 would be the biggest waste of an HOH…

speaking of steve, he had the worst luck in the HOH challenge. he is the 2nd HOH if that ball doesn’t bounce which IMO would have been better for Vanessa Austin AND Steve. it would have possibly given the chance for Steve to join the alliance and we can get rid of some other people first like Jeff or James. more important it would have kept Vanessa and Austin separate in people’s minds. its really hard to convince people you aren’t a pair with these dual HOH thing when you actually get along with the other HOH


I’m pretty sure Steve, along with Johnny, threw that HOH. Neither wants HOH at this point.

another name

shakes head. da’vonne. thanks for becoming another statistic.
she’s now the 20th footnote in the big brother curse tally.
first person to enter the house in north america never wins. 17 bbUS and 3 bbCAN.
(just thought it was interesting).
I figure Austin and vanessa are going to choreograph how to play out the week tonight.
I don’t expect steve or john to be placeholders. i expect Audrey to not be a target.
thinking jeff, james and maybe becky and Jason are the targets for battle of the block . expecting them to con shelli and clay into believing they came up with the idea. believe they will attempt to weaponize the Audrey warhead to out jeff’s double dealings. By the end of the week she will end up voting for him to stay. why break a pattern.


I can’t believe Da called all the people in the house “cowards” just because they chose to vote her out. Shelli made the right choice for her own game in getting Da out, she knew that if she didn’t, then Da would try to get her out the next week. Da is a mean girl and a cry baby, it’s her own fault she was voted out.


They were being cowards they knew darn good well that Audrey should’ve been on the block and got evicted. It was very cold how they treated Davonne.


I’m all for Audrey going home this week. However if they choose to get Jeff out instead that’s fine with me as well. I also see Clay as a threat as well.