Liz “I needed to tell you something. It’s true! I was too scared. My name is Julia!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 01-37-16-30

12:40am Audrey says you can trust.. Who do you think you can trust? Jason? Day says other people want to keep me in the game to take you out. But I don’t trust them. Audrey says because they want you to serve their agenda. We all came together and said they’re going to save me this week. Like they were doing me a favour. I think it’s because .. they think that you would eventually target them. So they got into Shelli’s ear.. It was like this is the perfect opportunity and she was like I think it wasn’t fair the they didn’t hear your side. Day says Shelli doesn’t trust him. Audrey says oh I can tell. She completely abandoned me all week after. Audrey asks so you’re positive these people aren’t just saying they’ll vote for you? Day says I’m positive because they want you gone. That argument we had today got me votes. Day says I wish I could have had Austin, but I couldn’t. Audrey says I have no idea where he stands. Day says I have you and a backup so I have 6 (votes). I’m good! Audrey asks was Jeff in on it? Day says no. Audrey leaves. Jason joins Day. Day tells him Audrey is going to vote for me to stay. She said she wants to work together. I’m never going to work with her but if the bit*h going to vote for me, I’m going to take it. Jason asks what about Austin. Day says I don’t think he is going to vote for me because I can never get him alone. This bit*h keeps popping up. Day counts her votes: Liz, Vanessa, you, James. If not John and Steve are on standby. That’s all I’ve got. Jason says its possible though. Jason asks why does she want to vote for you. Day says because she knows that these people are coming for her. She said as long as I’m in the house I’m a target too. Which is true but I can do something to flip this house, she can’t. Not after this week. She knows Shelli doesn’t trust her. She knows she’s been replaced by her and Jackie. Day says I have to get her (Audrey) out. I don’t care if this bit*h saved me. I can’t be in there with her.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 01-47-37-350

In the storage room – Johnny tells Jeff that Day told him if you’re the 5th vote I stay. That’s what she tells me. Jeff says wow. The leave the room.

12:50am Day goes into the comic book bedroom. You’re still good right? She tells Vanessa I’ve got them (the votes). I’m depending on you. I’ve got them. I know who has the power. I can’t tell you who but I know who has the power. Vanessa says here’s the issue, the only issue is if it could hurt me. I’m only worried if people could tell. Day says they can’t tell, they’re secret. Safe. I haven’t even told Jason and he’s one of my best friends in the house. Vanessa says I wish I could know who the 5 people are. Day says I can’t tell you because they’re scared. If you’re scared can you just convince Austin to by my vote? Vanessa says I can’t even talk to Austin alone. Day leave to talk to Jason in bed again. Day says everyone keeps saying they’re scared. WHat?! Aren’t you grown?! Jason says no one ever flipped the house last year. So everyone is like what?! That could happen?! They turn off the lights. Audrey and Jason are alone. Audrey gets into bed. She asks do you think Clay would vote to keep her? Jason tells Audrey I don’t think Clay would vote to keep her. I don’t think that’s one of the votes she has. Audrey asks do you think they’re telling the truth. Jason says I think some of them are telling the truth.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 01-55-59-473
1:10am In the bathroom – Meg tells Audrey that literally everyone has told me I have their vote. So unless they’re all completely lying to me. I’m in the worst position in this game being backdoored and not having been able to fight for it. And I’m going to look like a complete a$$. Meg leaves. Audrey tells Austin that she wanted to speak with you. About sleeper cell. Audrey says I was watching everyone and it seemed like you picked it up pretty quick. If you and I got up there would you want me to hold it. Austin says probably because that would be easier on me because they would want me to put you up. Austin says well lets get up there.

1:25am In the bathroom – Day asks Austin for his vote. Austin says I already promised my vote to Meg. I would need to know you had a lot of votes. Day says I do and I know who has the power.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 02-15-42-133
1:30am Cabana room – Jeff, Meg, Austin are talking. Jeff asks has Day come up to campaign. Austin says yeah. Jeff says I talked to Johnny Mac and she (Day) told him that she knows who has the last laugh. And the Johnny Mac would be her 5th vote. Meg says she might just be saying that. She said that to me too. Austin says I told her that I promised my vote to you. Meg asks really, thank you. Jeff says well Johnny Mac is voting for you. Jeff asks why do people keep making excuses as to why to keep her. Austin says I don’t get why everyone tells her she has their vote because then she can go around the house and manipulate people. James joins them and sits next to Meg and farts. Meg says EEWWW that was in my mouth!!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 02-18-32-519

1:45am – 2:30am Shelli says so I think Audrey is working with Day. Clay asks you think so?! Shelli says that James was telling Jeff that he was going to throw the HOH. If he wins it then he woudn’t have to put up Audrey. I kind of believe there is something going on. Clay says she’s been saying that all week that she’s got the votes. Clay says Johnny, Steve, Liz, Austin, Vanessa aren’t voting for her. Shelli says I’m glad you feel so confident but you never know. Clay says I’m pretty sure Day is going home. Shelli asks only pretty sure. Clay says I’m confident she is going home. Clay says she (Audrey) has to go. I just don’t trust her.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 02-25-26-758

2:05am In the comic bedroom – Vanessa tells Liz there is some sh*t going on about you and I think you know. Liz says I think I heard. Vanessa says its going to get pinned on us for flipping the house. We’re about to get f**ked. Liz says I can only trust you and Austin. Vanessa says we’re about to get framed .. I’m not going to let it happen. I’m going to have to go talk to Shelli and Clay tonight and make a deal with them. For you, me and Austin. Liz asks so we have to vote for Day to leave. Vanessa says we have to even though I don’t personally but unfortunately I know who is behind it. It’s Audrey and she is going to frame us. I can’t explain it to you later. Trust me on this one. I’ve been paying a lot of attention and you, me and Austin will end up taking the fall. Vanessa says we have to tell Day that we are voting for her. So she stops campaigning so hard. If she stayed Audrey would spin it around and frame it on us even though she was one of the people that voted to keep Day. Their whole fight today was fake. I have proof. I am telling you Audrey is doing some major sh*t. I am going to expose her but its going to take me like a day. They’re setting us up to take the fall. We can’t have them blame it on us. Next time we talk to Day make her feel like you are going to vote for her BUT we are NOT going to. Vanessa says You, me, Austin, Shelli and Clay could work really well together. I’m going to try really hard to make that happen. If I was going to trust one more than the other it would be Shelli.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 02-38-33-813

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2:10am – 2:50am Liz asks so who is it that you heard something about me? Vanessa says I heard it came from Day. Which is why she doesn’t have your back at the end of the day. Liz says I heard it was like team america trying to start that sh*t. She had told me that she thinks I have a twin and that I’ve been switching in and out. I was like its funny you’re telling me this when you’re about to get eliminated because she is trying to be like I know this information but I need your vote. Vanessa ask is it true. Liz sighs. Vanessa says if it is true I just need to know that your sister or whoever will join us. I’m f**king fine with that if its true. Liz says I needed to tell you something. It’s true! I was too scared. Vanessa says okay. Liz says I’m going to cry right now. I know you’re not going to tell anyone but dude I’ve been dying. Vanessa says I’ll protect you then. Vanessa tells her she will help them hide it. Here is what we’re going to do. Liz says we’re going to have two votes. Vanessa says I just need to know when you guys are going to do the switch. Vanessa says one of them figured out you … or one of you has a birthmark on your back. I’m not sure which one you are. But you guys need to figure that sh*t out. Vanessa says okay just give me your word that your sister is going to be in with us. Liz says yes! Vanessa asks what week do you have to make it to? Liz says week 5. Liz says I’m not Liz. They both laugh. Vanessa says I don’t think Austin knows. Liz says I know, I was going to tell you guys. I’m dying. Liz says that Day told her yesterday about the twins theory. Vanessa asks did you tell her it was true? Liz says no. Vanessa says good, you cannot trust her! Liz says my name is Julia. Vanessa tells her one of you sleeps more than the other. I think you do it to avoid talking to people. Also one of you told a story about cheating on a boyfriend, you almost got caught with that. Liz says I know. Vanessa says your sister also says boned a lot, so start using that. Vanessa asks are you and your sister going to trust me. Liz says we’ve trusted you since day 1. You and Austin.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 02-58-36-141

Liz says I love you. I’m so glad I have that off my chest. Vanessa says you have to wear hats more because your roots are different. Liz says I feel like the whole house knows. How do I get out of this. Vanessa says because you and your sister will be two people. We make an alliance with Shelli and Clay. We can also spread misinformation to throw people off. Vanessa says you need to eat more too. You’re skinnier. Next time you talk she needs to not be eating and you need to be eating. Vanessa says if its okay with you I’m going to tell them. Liz says I don’t know I’m scared. You need numbers to protect you. Vanessa ask do you guys control when you switch? Liz says no, production does. I think we’re going to switch tomorrow. Liz says I can’t believe Austin doesn’t know because we have different bodies. We’re the worst twins. We thought we were cool until Monday. Liz says I knew that Day was behind it and she shouldn’t have tried to do that if she really wanted my vote. Liz asks you don’t think Shelli and Clay are more loyal to Jeff and Jackie? Vanessa says no. They they are starting to question Jeff. Vanessa says that she really trusts Shelli. Vanessa tells Liz she used to be a professional poker player and can read when people are lying. Liz says I hate James with a passion. I don’t know if you were raised by dogs but you are a sexist pig. I hate him. I want him out. Liz comments on how Austin has a girlfriend and its creeping my out. Stop putting your arm around me. Liz says they were trying to corner me in the bathroom. What if they ask me if I’m a twin what do I do? Vanessa says you f**king lie. Do you want to win the money?! You’re Liz, get your head in the game. Liz asks do you think we can get away with this? Vanessa says all we have to do is make sure you don’t get evicted. You’re not a big target. You’ll have an alliance behind you. Liz says I wanted to tell you and Austin.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 03-46-58-090

3:10am – 3:25am HOH room – Vanessa heads up to the HOH room to fill Shelli and Clay in on the “Liz” coming clean about being “Julia”. Vanessa tells them this is huge.. “Three’s company” (Vanessa, Clay, Shelli) is real right!? Shelli and Clay say yes. Vanessa tells them about how Day and Audrey are working together trying to flip the house. Vanessa says that she went to Liz and she mentioned the rumor she thinks people were talking about her. Vanessa says Liz confirmed she and her twin are switching in and out. She is scared sh*tless. If you could know the conversation I just had for the last hour. Vanessa says she wanted to tell Austin. And Austin has a girlfriend and he is trying to hook up with her and he is clueless. She’s been telling her sister that Austin’s been touching her in the middle of the night and she is like I don’t know what to do. It’s so awkward. Vanessa says so he is the play, if her sister comes back that’s a number for us and that’s good. Shelli says I love you! Vanessa says this is me returning the favour to you. Vanessa says its going to be me, you, Austin and them two. Meanwhile Austin thinks its going to us four. But now its us 6. It will become 6 at strategic points.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-09 04-15-41-250

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Why do they trust shelli over Da? My only reasoning is she different then them. They basically said she scares them then said they are shocked not more sassy (which is a insult people say when they trying not to say ghetto) once she’s gone I’m done with this show. Gotta find a new summer show.????


If day leaves, I’m done also.


Ok, bye!

It's HoH

I don’t think they trust Shelli more, it’s just that Shelli won HoH. It’s early in the game, Day didn’t have a strong alliance with anyone other than Jason, and Day isn’t them so that means they are safe for another week. In a week or two these little alliances should make for some good viewing as the numbers are smaller and things can really flip.

Butters Mom

One reason to trust Shelly over Da is that Da can’t keep her mouth shut. She immediately blabs any information she gets to Jason who blabs it to everyone. The other reason not to trust Da is she wears her emotions all over her face. On the show last night they showed her facial expressions when something happened or was said that bothered her and she reacted with her facial expressions… she can’t help herself… she does not have a poker face. That doesnt make her a bad person… it makes her a bad bb player and probably a bad poker dealer lol. Shelly doesnt over share with people who over share information. Clay slips up every now and then but she checks him when she catches him. I think Vanessa has a good read on these people… I think Vanessa is right.


Da is not the only one blabbing and Da is only telling one person. everyone in here accept for Meg Steve and Austin blabs every bit of information to someone and it all gets back to Shelli. Vanessa took confidential information and within a few seconds of hearing it went and blabbed to Shelli and Clay what Liz just told her and do she THINK Shelli is not going to use that but of information to her advantage if she ever feels her or Clah may be going home or for that matter on the block? It amazes me how you can only see that Day blabs but at least Jason HAS Da back, Shelli is loyal to one but Clay yet these dummies BLAB everything to her. So Da is not the only one blabbing. And if blabbing was the reason for sending someone home then I think Audrey won that battle because no one blabs more then Audrey and she blabs to EVERYONE!


I think you are missing the genius that Van is. To understand it fully you need to go back to when the 8 person alliance was outed by no other than Jeff (even though Van pretty much already knew). Yes Audrey outed who those members were, but Jeff told everyone else about it. Part 2 Van knew she was on the outside and didn’t have the numbers, the only people in her real alliance were Austin and Liz. Johnny, Steve, Becky were all on the outs but have shown little to no motivation to change their position (or in Steve’s case the inability to change it). She saw Day turning on Shelli and Clay due to their relationship with Audrey and saw her in. She worked her butt off to get Shelli’s trust, using information, emotion, age, and a little guilt. Also she knew Shelli and Clay still had ties to the original alliance so they would have information from that side of the house. Part 3 turn Shelli and Clay on the people from the other side and all of the sudden Van has the numbers in the house. Telling Shelli and Clay the truth about the twins strengthens their trust in Van and pulls them closer to her. We know how this house talks, if it got back to Shelli and Clay somehow that Van knew she would be in trouble.

Van has set herself up in an alliance with strong duos.. to some this may seem stupid, but it is genius because if their alliance gets found out who do you think they are going to target in that alliance first? The PAIRS, leaving Van safe. Van is just counting the days until Clay is evicted. She told Austin she doesn’t trust him and doesn’t like his gameplay but knows in order to get Shelli they need to work with Clay.

As far as trust goes, Shelli trusts Van way more than Clay because she realizes Clay is not that smart. However, Clay still is her closest ally. If Clay goes (which he will if he is put up against Shelli because Van will make sure it happens) who do you think Shelli will pair up with? Yup, Van.


Bingo! I am not sure where people don’t see how she sat back, read the players and has made what I consider a great move. By far the best player (so far) this season.


Vanessa didn’t run and “blab” to shelli about what Julia just told her. Vanessa and Julia PLANNED to tell shelli and Clay in order to have the numbers to protect Julia/Liz.


You are the closet racist for for drawing the line that if you call someone’s attitude ghetto, it is because they are black. You can have a ghetto attitude if your black, white, hispanic, latina. It has nothing to do with skin color.

How about this. If I say James has a redneck hillbilly attitude. Is that racist towards asians. Think about that one.


I totally agree with you! I am a 55 year old white high school teacher that is ghetto proud. I work in a district that is the second poorest in the nation and choose to live 1.5 miles form my site. Ghetto is not a culture, but an action of sorts of all peoples. Ghetto is a verb and not a noun.


I feel like DA is going home this week…I think she will only really get Jason’s vote i just have this gut feeling Audrey played that whole thing so DA didn’t cancel here vote so she can personally vote out DA… But this alliance with Clay/Shelli/Austin/Vanessa/Liz/Julia could work and you already know most Audrey is next to go(hopefully) and then Clay and Shelli can find a way to kinda trick Jeff into getting out Jason and Maybe James out the next two weeks because your keeping a list of houseguest that haven’t really won anything yet in and then they all turn on Jeff because he thinks he is running the house because he has made deals with everyone… Thank God for Vanessa pointing that out and making Clay and Shelli realize that…It could work out where Audrey goes then James and Jason and The both twins get to play cause I want to see that

Twistin' for the win

Vanessa for the win! She is smart and playing the hell out of her hand. She’s got Liz/Julia on deck for the rest of the game. Smart.


Vanessa is such a fucking bad ass! Just when u think u can’t like Nessa more than u already do…she makes you! She already up there with the best players to ever play this game. Yes Ive loved her since day one..and maybe already putting her up with the best ever is a little much..but honestly I feel that. I mean even you cats that don’t like her can root for her because she is saving Lizia the only eye candy in the house. Julia telling Vanessa was such a smart move on her part..though Vanessa skillfully got it out of her. Ok. Can u tell I love Vanessa? LMMFAO!

Nessa owns BB!

Walt Kowalski

I’m with you on Vanessa. Since night one I wanted her to team with Austin, and they joined. They are also probably the most educated people in the house, and I sensed both were down to earth. Although I have read things from Austin I don’t like. I find it satisfying to have two people with their intellect, likeability (for the most part) be able to use it to outsmart everyone else. I said it early on I wanted Vanessa to play this house like a fiddle. I would rather she not put so much trust in Shelli & Clay, Shelli has to check that toolbag frequently. Nor do Shelli & Clay deserve credit for the Meg idea!! I hope Vanessa she can sustain it, great read on everyone, who is doing what. Not aggressive at all. GO VANESSA!


But shelli and Clay really think they’re running the house when they just got bamboozled by Vanessa. Why would those two be so happy to make an alliance with Vanessa Liz/Julie and Austin? That’s two against 4 if they keep the twins until week 5? They’re going to help Vanessa and the twins get rid of everyone before they realize they’re at the bottom of the totem pole. To keep it interesting it would have been nice to see Day stay tonight and watch everyone squirm for the HOH. I’m tired of having to wait for BB to get interesting. Another season of voting with house to keep people from being mad. What does Meg bring to the table? And Vanessa was dumb to spill Liz/Julia secret. She’s playing a heck of a game but did she not stop to think if Shelli or Clay is in jeopardy of going home they wouldn’t use that against her to keep themselves save? That’s the only thing I disagree on her with. She may like Audrey and Day but one thing is for sure EVERYONE knows Audrey is a liar but no one knows Shelli is a manipulator. I’d rather see my enemy coming. She knows what to expect from Audrey but I think in the end Shelli is going to be the one to turn on Vanessa and may be her demise. Think about it as good as Vanessa is playing no one fears her, but they’re all running and spilling their guts to Shelli and I don’t think it’s because she’s HOH I think she’s like Dani D they’re just afraid to go against her and Clay is along for the ride. He’s smarter then everyone because he’s using her to get to the end.


They are setting themselves up to be like the Friendship with Shelli as Maggie.


It’s still too early to say that Vanessa is one of the best players dude.


Meg irritated me. Sweetie you did not get backdoored. You played in the Veto and you threw it. You can’t cry sour grapes now.


Vanessa will be running this game by week 5


Greta season so far. I hate the BOB and twists so I thought this season would suck but the cast is making up for it in a big way.

I`m surprised no one knows Vanessa from poker on TV. I barely watch it, just when there is absolutely nothing else on TV, and I know her from just watching a very small amount.

EZ does it

I think alot these people would be too busy watching cartoons on TV !!!


Pretty clear Jeff and James are watching a lot of Family Guy.


Clay and Shelli are so fake. . Those two are in so many alliances.. When will they make an with alliance with the fish?


But yet everyone trusts them. What has Da done to anyone in the house? Yet the houseguests are getting her out because she wanted Shelli out. They’re getting people out for Shelli not for themselves! Shelli and Clay as much as I DO NOT like them they’re smart in the sense that they have aligned with everyone yet know one goes back and tell they’re in an alliance with them. They’re dumb because they get information and run and tell Shelli and Clay and Shelli and Clay don’t really trust any of them yet the others trust those two. Shelli and Clau will never get voted out becaus everyone believes they have an alliance with them and Shelli and Clau have now set themselves up for the others to take each other out because the only person that has mentioned taking those two out is Da. Once Da is gone who will nominate those two beside Jason and the house will work hard to save them. Everyone else in the house is a target for someone except those Two so as good as Vanessa is playing right now, Shelli and Clay may be the first showmance to make it to the end because as of now no one has mentioned getting them out but everyone as mentioned getting out each other.

Butters Mom

I dont think everyone trusts Shelly and Clay. I think Jackie and Jeff will try to take down Shelly and Clay and I think Vanessa went to Shelly about the information about Liz/Julia because she thought Audrey was going to flip the vote to keep Da and blame it on her/Julia/Austin and she wanted to put a stop to that. Vanessa is smart… I think she has the upper hand on Clay and I wouldnt be surprised if Shelly picked Vanessa to go to the final 2 over Clay because he keeps blabbing things and it irritates Shelly. She’s 10 years older than he is… I dont think shes really naive enough to think there is something lasting between her and Clay. I think she’s playing the game. I want a woman to win this year and I like the dynamics between Vanessa, Shelly, Liz/Julia and I’d like to see Becky with them as well maybe? Im ready for Jacki to go… she can take Jeff with her. Audrey won’t win this season… she is a platform for bb and production will protect her for a bit and then she will self destruct her own game. Im not sure if Vanessa will go with Shelly and the girls to the end or if she will go with Johnny Mac and Steve or with the twins and Austin… but one thing I see happening is Vanessa being a lasting competitor this season. I dont have a favorite yet… but so far I am liking Vanessa and I think Shelly is playing a pretty good game as well.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Shellie straight up tell Clay once that “Big Brother isn’t the only game I am playing”?


Fake? Isnt this Big Brother?

EZ does it

Get rid of that butthole Jeff asap! He is an irritating twit !! His voice makes me cringe DUDE…BRO… What a master of the english language ,dude..bro…


Agreed. He is the only guy that really annoys me so far. He talks way too much. I find Clay a little cocky as well but he doesn’t flat out irritate me like Jeff does.


Jeff annoys me but so does Steve.


You’re calling him a butthole? lol wtf are you British?


Do you guys like this season better than the last one?


Personally i dont like this season’s cast, too young and its basically a copy paste from other BB seasons. maybe its just me but im getting tired of the showmance couples, they have been doing that for so long its almost become the new norm. shelli/clay just made it worse for me, its just awkward and i dont see that working at all.


Would you rather have last season’s cast back on?

Vanessa Fan

Donny, Nichole, Hayden, Zach and Caleb are the only HG from last season that I would like to see on BB. That’s right, I included Caleb..! He was so entertaining with his far fetched stories.



Dee (New Vanessa Fan)

frankie ruined last season for me almost singlehandedly so any cast without him is a vast improvement. the only two on this cast who annoy me are Day and Audrey, and Audrey only annoys me because she’s such a horrible player. but Day is a horrible player also.


By this time last year I knew Derrick was going to win – this year I’m saying it’ll be Vanessa – she has the social game that both Derrick and Andy had that made them win, mark my words!


Oh wow watching Vanessa play this game is like watching Angels sing lol that girl is going to go down as the BEST player to ever play big brother hands down what’s she’s doing with the twins a is exactly what the tool
Box day should have did but she’s a tool box do she didn’t my hats of to you right now Van your sick


Vanessa is feeling out Shelli and Clay still. When she brings up Jeff and Shelli says trust him…This throws up red flag to Nessa about Shelli. And Clay doesn’t like not feeling like he is in charge. Nessa says “I have a strong relationship with Steve”…right away Clay knocks her down and says “everyone does”. Nessa will watch Clay close because she knows he will feel like Nessa is running shit which she is..but he will soon try to sway Shelli to knock her down because he wants to feel and be thought of as the boss of the house. No worries though..Clay is dumber than dirt and has no chance to bring Vanessa down if he gets more jealous than he is starting to.

Nessa owns!

Walt Kowalski

Vanessa has bonded with Steve on a brainiac level. I don’t believe the others have. I cannot stand Clay, d-bag acted like an immature BOY because Shelli referred to them as a “flirtmance”.


I just don’t see the twins making it because there going to get put up as a pawn by Jason, Jeff, James, and Jackie. right next to Audrey cause all that talk by Vanessa we got to save her. nobody from they alliance is going to volunteer to go up as a pawn in Liz place. if anybody outside they alliance wins we know they go throw up a mix of Clay& Shelli and Audrey& Liz


Actually last night Jeff, James, and Meg were talking about how Liz was their number 1 target and Audrey was their back up. However, James is the only one that will try to win HOH (and Jason).. but I’m not convinced Jason won’t go after Audrey and Clay/Shelli first. With Shelli and Van’s manipulative skills they can easily talk the others out of going after Liz saying they still have plenty of time to get her out and their are bigger fish to fry. Also with Liz being a so called outsider, Becky could be persuaded to see how having another outsider will help her game.

Just saying,

Wouldnt it be interesting if the twins were both on the block?


Jeff’s face seriously bugs me!!! He has one of those
agressive mattress store salesman kind of face. His
whole demeanor and attitude just rubs me the wrong
way, He seriously needs to go soon!

Still laughing!

That is hilarious! I am still laughing at this comment. Keep bringing em 🙂


This is the most boring season thus far… All the twists have been predictable, this week’s special power seems completely useless in this house made upis spineless, scared, & socially very awkward people… “I do t want to step on any toes” ” I don’t want to upset the house” “I’m scared” “I dont want my hands dirty, I’ll just throw the competition” I’m sick of this! The only people with any kind if personality are going home or will be going home very soon. If Da us out this week & Audrey out next week, Clay & Shelli will be killing fish in a barrel. What did I miss? Why are they all loyal to these two?? Vanessa just showed all her cards to them & for what?!?! Bad move. On another note, I feel that the convos Shelli & Clay have had about Da are borderline racist. “She’s so aggressive, gets into people’s face…” Just because she doesn’t fall into line like all the other boys & girls doesn’t make her an angry black woman. And just because Da called out Shelli & Clay, she might go home this week. What a drab season so far…. Bad casting, bad & predictable “twists”, & a house full of scared cowards….


Well she IS aggressive, she DOES get in people’s face and she DOES appear to be quite an angry woman (who happens to be black but so what?) I do not see them two clowns as racists. What does bug the hell out of me is that every time someone (not only in this game but everywhere these days) goes against someone or in this case targets them for eviction someone always plays the damn race card. In my opinion they are targeting her (Shelli is) because she knows Da does not trust her, is not aligned with her, and is a “couple” with Jason who will target her and her little boy toy. I have not seen one instance of racial comments or undertones. Now I do not have the feeds so please correct me if I am wrong. I just get so tired of people making it about race just to stir sh*t up. Just like I am sure this alliance will target Jason since he in not in their group and I am sure it is not because he is gay. I am sure someone will cry homophobe when that happens as well. (I personally would target James myself……….. because he is Asian you ask? No, because he is a “redneck” you ask? no because he is a dirty sexist pig who has no respect for women? BINGO!!!!)


Day has been no more aggressive or angry than Jace,or anybody else who’s been actively targeted for eviction by the majority of the house. It’s all about levels of perception. Whether we admit it or not, there’s always a racial component to this game when there’s a mixed cast.

Audrey clearly has been the seat of most of the drama in the house, yet she gets a pass. Why is that? Similarly Clay has approached people in an aggressive manner, which a guy his size, automatically gets labeled ‘scary’, yet nothing has happened to him either.

Day came in automatically branded an outsider (whether it was spoken or tacitly accepted). The only thing I fault her for is not working harder to dispel the myth by engaging other HGs with comedy or some other non threatening medium. As this is a game for $500k, pride has to take a back seat. Some HGs will always have bigger challenges to over come than others. I’m surprise she didn’t know this coming into the house and adjust her personality/interactions accordingly.

She also lost control of her own game when she didn’t win BoB (part of that wasn’t her own fault though) or POV.
I hate to see her go, because I think she could’ve had some successes in the game, but as prior seasons are strong indicators, her days were always numbered.


Well JAce is no longer there is he? Not only because he was loud and aggressive (his streaking did NOT help either) he was also considered a strong player who could go far in the game. That puts a target on his back. Much like Da, she is a smart woman who could see through the “mist” and didn’t take no BS.

Last year people were complaining about sending the weak players and floaters home early on if I recall. “Why don’t they target the strong players”? Now this year we hear “why are they targeting her? Because she is a strong black woman? I guess there is just no pleasing the masses 🙂

Audrey is not getting a pass. She is clearly on the outs and can be taken out at any time as she is a target of almost everyone. Why waste your HOH to get rid of her now? Leave that for a “weak” or “floater” who wins HOH and has no balls to get out a strong and/or physical threat.

What and when have you expected something to happen to Clay? It is only the 2nd HOH and his star crossed crush is HOH this week. I expect or at least hope that if James or Jason win HOH they would target the strong players on the other side who are not in their alliance. Maybe Jeff if he can see that Shelli and Clay have lost trust in him and he is on the outs but I do not expect much game from that twit. Becky, Meg, John, Steve these are the ones I expect to target Audrey as a safe choice.

I have heard tales of some girl named Jackie in there but I don’t see her.:)

Walt Kowalski

I would target James for the exact same reasons! All the perversion coming from a man in his 30’s is ridiculous. They do their podcast and most everything out of this LITTLE MANS mouth is some sexual related nonsense. Austin doesn’t like him for this as well.


I do agree with you about the same old boring predictable “twists” and comps. As I said in an earlier post I would love to see MUCH more variety in cast members ages, backgrounds, religious and cultural differences and so on. If this is supposed to be a social experiment to see how people get along and work with other people why put a bunch of 20 somethings in there that will all go along with each other? The format needs a shake-up and the house and comps need a makeover.

The Inscrutable Skidd Marks

I dont know…last season was pretty damn boring….

Vanessa Fan

I really need to be careful not to ever say someone is “so aggressive” or “gets into people’s face” because I did not realize that was a racist comment. Wow, there are so many words now that people have deemed racist. Pretty soon we won’t be able to speak without being called racist. This is just getting out of hand…whoops, is “out of hand” racist. Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. Oh no.! Is “I didn’t mean it that way” racist? …… I won’t belabor anymore, but you get my point.

Better than Last Year

I’m still hoping that Johnny Mac wins the next HOH so he can demand Shelli & Clay go up as pawns & throw the BOB! Would love to hear that conversation !

Agree with everyone that Vanessa “knows when to hold em & knows when to show em”. I think her alliance to Shelli & Clay is temporary…just for numbers now. But real to Austin & Lizia. She is rockin this game !


This is a great season so far.


I know that it’s probably Vanessa’s smartest move but I already hate the Sleeper Cell alliance on a personal level. Although game wise it’s not that bad.


once day is gone, if shelli/clay alliance win HOH they will target jason/james next, if jason/james win HOH, they will target clay/shelli. this game is so predictable. audrey and the twins will make it to jury for sure. i still don’t like this cast, but it could be worse.


LOL at Clay thinking he has strong relationships with everyone in the house.

Johnny Mac’s impression of him last night was perfect.

Walt Kowalski

Douchebags are usually oblivious to their own douchebaggery. Clay, Jeff & James all come across as they’re some special gift to the world, NOPE! You’re just douches boys.


In the traditional sense of the BB word “backdoor,” someone who was backdoored was never nominated and never got to play in the POV before being named the renom.

Meg clearly doesn’t get this. She was not backdoored. She had the opportunity to win the POV and THREW it! If she goes home, she’s wrong: she had a chance to fight and blew it. And if throwing the POV costs her her BB life, then that’s all on her.

There’s a time to be strategic, and there’s a time to save yourself. I am no longer a fan of Meg’s.


I have a question: Is it still a twin twist if people know about it, and Julia admits it? I’m confused on exactly how is this now still a “twist” when everyone is just waiting for each twin to pop back up.
Any predictions on what will happen in the production room?


I have the same question. Not only that, since they didn’t switch in/out without being discovered by the HGs and now that Julia has admitted to another HG, how is this ‘twist’ still in play? Shouldn’t Liz be allowed to continue playing solo now, no more Julia?

I don’t think they both should be allowed in the house after Week 5 since their cover has already been blown.


I think it only ends if one of them is voted out before week 5. Not 100% sure, but I believe that’s what I read.


Can anybody keep a secret in Big Brother anymore. I wouldn’t trust anybody in that house to keep something to themselves. It is going to make for weeks of sloppy game play.


Hey guys sorry about this long comment. 🙂 Oh well… now that Day most likely leaving, I have to pick a new person to root for. I like Jason but he is like a Big Brother encyclopedia along with merely hanging out with Day even though she is like dead woman walking. That might be his downfall even though I like him. Plus he doesn’t seem to be building a plan B or C by making strong ties, in secret, with someone on other side of the house. Steve is also an encyclopedia/ historian. He has no one but Vanessa that is willing to work with him so that will help him get further in the game. James is just nasty. Ugh. The things he says and does is just plain nasty. Jeff not far behind. Jeff thinks he is the head man in charge but he sucks. His voice is terrible. Jackie may go further being friends with Becky but only after Jeff leaves. Half the time I forget she is even on the show. She is definitely laying low. Meg smiles and laughs soooooooo much Omg please stop!!! She laughs at every lame joke even stuff that’s not funny. She may go far because of her likability but she wont win. John is liked by most according to polls but….why?? He is a follow block and talks extremely dorky. He stays out of most drama so hopefully he will wake up later in the show. But for now if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it. The problem with John is that they will continue to use him as a pond. Clay is irritating with a big head being all arrogant. Shelli is just in love with Clay. Austin really need to keep a shirt on and that beard…. no comment. Also, he polish his nails more than the girls do. Multi color too. A man with multi color nails? Yuk!!! Audrey was great until she became Devin part 2. Love her long hair. She will be leaving soon. She just ruined her game when she was sitting pretty. Even with her second chance she blew it again. Liz / Julia….. I can’t wait until they both are in the house. Vanessa see the positive in them by using them. She is not paranoid like Jason by saying they have to be voted out before week 5. I like Becky but she seems to be without real team and I think she will be voted out before Jury. Now let’s talk about Vanessa. She thinks game 24/7. She sometimes appear to be a follower listening to Shelly and Clay but I take that as her being a good listener. She can play the part with her poker face but that woman is a leader big time. She is calculating. She showed some vulnerability by crying at the start of the game but she quickly bounced right back on track. She thinks ahead like a chess player. It almost look like she may be the female version of Derrick from last season. What I am hoping is that she will get down to about the final 7 or 8 and use Steve, Liz, Julia, and Austin to go after love stricken Shelli and big boy on campus Clay. Break them up big time. She is capable and most likely the only one with guts to do it. Plus she is my hope for the season for a woman to win for a change. Vanessa may win this game. Go Vanessa!!!!




I love her game so far. She sat back to get a read on people (like all good poker players and if you have never seen her she is very good) and then set herself up in a pretty good position to make it deep into the game, Someone said “why trust Shelli and Clay and blab to them about the twins?” I don’t think she trusts Shelli that much and stated herself she is cautious of Clay. right now 5 (in reality 6) is a pretty good and strong # to try to control things. Her core alliance or final 3 deal will more be with her and Austin and maybe Shelli if she can get rid of Clay. It is hard to believe she would want to get down to 4 or 3 with Liz/Julia since it is obvious their loyalty and final 2 lie with each other. Very smart and calculating player. At this stage of the game you need a fairly strong 5 to try to control the votes. I knew she would be the one to calculate the win-win of having the twins on her side and at least for now helping them stay in the game. Mad props to her!

Freakie and Airy Gran dee Suck

I am Lady Maverick all the way. First time I have someone I root for in three seasons. Hope production doesn’t screw this one up. I hope Da goes. Not a fan of her, Jeff, Jackie or James. Audrey will be her own demise. Shellie is too full of herself. The rest just need to play the game and win comps or go home.


Anyone want to bet that Clay tells Jeff about the Liz/Julia admission before the day is out?


As soon as the house discovered the twin twist I was waiting for them to see how valuable the twins could be as an eventual extra vote. Thank you Vanessa for using your brain!! Hoping they can keep their mouth shut and pull this off for our entertainment.


Seriously! Day figures it out by talking it over with Jason but never tells Jason not to say anything.. as a result the entire house knows. After the whole house knows THEN Day tries to use it to her advantage.. too little too late yet again. Everyone else seems to think they have figured it out and what do they do with the information? Run around like little giddy school kids waiting for BB to give them a lollipop for their discovery. Van finds out and what does she do? Sits back, ponders the intel and then finds a way to use it to her advantage!

Shelli's Chompers

I think if I was JohnnyMac, I would’ve told Shelli and Clay I wouldn’t use the veto and then at the meeting, I would’ve blindsided Shelli and used it. She would’ve had to pick someone on the spot. She might’ve had someone in place just in case though. Might have been a fun thing to see though.


How would this have helped Johnny Mac’s game??


vanessa is playing well but I do wonder if she is almost playing to similar to Derrick from last season and the other house guest will catch on and get her out at some point? I do like her though and hope they don’t! I can’t stand clay! I hope they vote him out soon! Have these people not learned that showmances never work


Why do they trust Shelli more than Da you ask? Firstly Shelli is more behind the scenes, where Da is right in your face! Secondly Shelli has more compassion for people. Da is just dowright nasty and says terrible things to people. Noone wants to be on the receiving end of Da’s rants. They have all seen them. Using the line that she has a baby to take care of at home is not going to fly with anyone. They all know that. I think Da is the smarter one of the two by far, and would like to see her stay, but she has not shown anyone she can do well in comps, where Shelli is sitting in the HOH. Bottom line is that Shelli set it up (thru Austin and Vanessa’s planning) that Meg was the only other person on the block. Who would you vote out? Da’s own alliance has picked Meg over her, so at this point her own alliance has abandoned her. Her only vote is from Jason, unless some of these others that are stringing her along give her a vote.


Vanessa is playing Shelli and Clay very well at this point, and has them bamboozled. Hopefully Clay can keep his yap shut, and not run to Jeff with this information. I find him very bad for telling information to him. I agree with Vanessa, keep the twins in the game for their benefit, then when the numbers start getting down, get rid of one or both of them. Vanessa is too smart to keep that couple in the alliance. She knows it and so does Austin. They are both smart. I do think though that Austin might be confusing Liz/Julia’s friendship for flirting and can’t understand why they are keeping this twins thing from him. If I was him, I would be extremely annoyed when he does find out that he was the only only without that information. He seems to always be the last to know in that group what is going on, and it could bite them in the ass if they don’t tell him Jeff is coming for him.


Definitely a Vanessa fan. Derrick was a great player, but he was in the house with a bunch of dummies, so it’s easy to win when there is really no competition. This year the cast is overall a lot smarter than last season. I bailed on the last two seasons because the level of game play was so depressingly bad and the end result was so predictable. I hope this season keeps up the momentum and keeps me tuning in until the end.

Vanessa with a V

Good to have you back this year Chloe. Like you, I am loving Vanessa’s game. She is proactive, not reactive, and is very aware of all that is going on around her. She will need to win a couple of comps to control her fate. I can’t help but think that had Cody said “I’m evicting you Derrick” then Derrick would have been another third place finisher that could not win when he had to.


I think the smartest thing to do now is to keep Da. It could make Shlay not to trust Vanessa and Liz, so even though I like them, it could keep a good war between the two sides of the house.


?? Um no wouldn’t work. This is exactly what Audrey was trying to do but Van picked up on it. That is why she immediately when to Shelli and Clay so if there is some weird unaccounted for votes they can’t be pinned on Van and Liz. Keep up.


It’s still so early to tell anything for sure, but Vanessa is definitely setting herself up for a long run to end of this games. She doesn’t just want to win, she came here to win. She’s set herself right in the middle of the house, and then further set herself in the middle of her alliances. So when the shots starts flying, everyone else will be taking hits for her.

She just has to get rid of a few people to be golden. Jeff, Audrey, and Meg are the biggest threats to her right now (they might not be targeting her now, but down the line they will be problems).

JohnnyMac and Becky can also have a good road to the end layed out before them I just don’t think either of them see it yet (maybe Johnny). This week actually worked out a lot better for them than it could have. They just need to start talking more game with each other and thinking about things more long term. For sure are only playing for jury right now.

This HoH and week 5 HoH will be the most important. If production manages to save Audrey that long then and predictions I could make from now until the final 3 are pointless.

My predictions on who will go
Week 3: Jeff/James
Week 4: Audrey/Jeff or James
Week 5: Audrey/Jason/Steve
Week 6: Audrey/Steve/Meg
Week 7: Audrey/Meg/Jackie
-double 1: Audrey/Johnny/Austin
Week 8: Audrey/Meg/Johnny
Week 9: Audrey/Meg/Becky
Week 10: Audrey/Meg/Juliza
-double 2: Audrey/Meg/Juliza part 2
Week 11: Audrey/Meg/Clay
Week 12: Meg/Clay/Shelli
Final 3: Vanessa/Meg/Shelli


There’s so much negativity going around every season its great to be able to finally say.

I love this season so far this is the best cast in YEARS.


Amen sir! Best cast in some many good years. So excited for things to play out. Even though will all pretty much know who won already 😛


I agree Simon, only I wish the house would stop this stupid “we have to vote the way the house wants!” Which is really vote the way 1 person wants and that person then goes around telling everyone this is the way the house wants to vote…

Freakie and Airy Gran dee Suck

Can’t wait till Audry is have not and is not allowed to shower and use hoh bathroom. She is using tweezers that belong to Shelli. Ewww. Obviously not a fan. Those glasses are hideous. Yep, I am hating on her. Hope they keep her around to pick on. Don’t understand her sense of entitlement.


Vanessa is a smart player and she just proved it! Aligning with the twins is a great idea! I wish she had a different alliance than Clay and Shelli though they are not my favorite. Shelli is growing on me though and I can see why Vanessa choose her to align with she seems pretty trustworthy and not all over the place like Jeff, Jason and Audrey but Clay needs to go!


I don’t like sheli and clay but as long as they save Liz/Julia till week 5, am fine with them. But I hope Liz and Julia get them out after haha

Dee (New Vanessa Fan)

I think it is quite smart to work with showmances and also in this case, twins (if they pass the 5 week mark) because it’s 2 votes you can count on so I think that is a big reason why Vanessa is working with Clay and Shelli. I doubt she would let them both make it all the way to the end but working with them early on is such a smart way to play it.


1. James is disgusting.
2. Audrey is psychotic.
3.Clay and Shelli are gross.
4.Meg is a floater.
5. Steve the worst social player ever.
6. Jeff full of himself.
7. Austin not as bad as some but doesnt act like he knows the game. His game is personal. Plus he needs to keep his shirt on and quit painting his nails.
8. Johnny Mac everyone loves him and thinks he is genius the way I see it he is doing Shelli and Clay’s work for them and they are not going to keep him. How can he be so blind.
9 Vanessa is playing good game but hey she doesnt need that money she wins Millions playing poker.
10. Becky does she have a relationship with anyone in the house?
11. Jacki does nothing but yet stays?
12. Jason blabber mouth (but funny)
13. Da speaks her mind but is getting eliminated for it.
14. Im over the whole twin thing.
15. Jace was a bully.
Why do these people like Johnny Mac, Steve, Becky, Jacki, Jason, not get together do they not see that the power players are going to pick them off one by one? They are all scared of Clay and Shelli and Austin and its going to get them eliminated.


Twins, Vanessa, and Austin final 4!


Another twist that is worthless. Da has a worthless power. What is the point? Why didn’t they give a twist that could actually twist the game around. Why make a huge deal about “BB Takeover”, when it reality it is not taking over anything. Even last weeks take over didn’t do much because the house already agreed not to nominate the people who sat out. And the two people that was saved were not targets….. So again I ask why WHY WHHHHHHYYYY is production so incredibly dumb. This only confirms my reasons for not buying the feeds this year.


Vanessa has officially become my favorite player in the game for that conversation with Liz and genuinely wanting for both of them to stay.