The fat one is funny & the skinny one is here to get on Sports Illustrated! Jeff “The fat one is trying to get down!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 01-34-02-367
12:20am The Jeff & Austin podcast continues. First up is Jackie. She says that she has lived in Las Vegas for a long time and is a dancer there. Jeff asks what type of dancing. Jackie says all types of dancing but says she’s never crossed the stripper path. She says BUT I have been in a topless show called “Bite” a vampire show. Jeff asks what type of guys she likes? She says she likes tall guys, have a nice body, has his sh*t together,.. Jeff asks so you went on a blinddate with me, how was that? Jackie says it was nice. Jeff asks what are the highs and lows of being on a reality tv show. Jackie says we’re going to be BB friends long after this and we are going to be the ones that help us get through this. Jeff says there will be those that love and hate us.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 02-00-59-036
Johnny Mac is up next. Austin asks are you a single man? Johnny says I’m very single!! Jeff asks how long was your longest relationship been? Johnny says 9 months. Jeff says that’s a huge red flag why do you think that’s been your longest relationship. Johnny says I guess I just don’t like being in a relationship. I get bored. I get dumped a lot too. I sent a bunch of stupid text messages. Jeff asks like what? Johnny says I sent out a text message asking Have you ever had a snot rocket shoot out across the room? Jeff asks you didn’t really ask that did you? Johnny says yes. They ask what are you looking for? Johnny says no gold diggers. He says I have a really big fear of STD’s. Audrey calls in and asks do you bring condoms on a first date. Johnny says I do have a fear of STD’s. James calls in and asks if his pull out game is strong? Johnny says correct me if I’m wrong but if you wear a condom you don’t have to worry about that.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 01-55-10-921

1am Clay is up next. Jeff asks does alcohol have to be involved in a first date? Clay says it doesn’t have to be but its preferred. It loosens people up. Jeff asks would you be against a 1 night stand. Clay says no. Jeff asks have you had a 1 night stand? Clay says yes. Jeff says that you for being honest. If you had said no we would have know you were lying. Jeff asks your idea woman is she blonde, brunette. Clay says blonde. He says one of the first things he notices about a girl is the shape of her eyes. Jeff asks what is your favourite sexu@l position. Clay says anything that is close proximity. Jeff says I don’t know if you’ve had a lot of s*x or not but typically you’re in close proximity. Jeff asks is there a potential for a showmance in here? Clay says I’m not opposed to it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 02-12-21-018

1:20am – 1:30am DaVonne is up next. Jeff asks DaVonne about her boyfriend Puter. How has this experience changed or strengthened your relationship? DaVonne says I’m not a very affectionate person and he is. Being in this house you feel like you’ve taken for granted those moments. To kiss, roll over and hug ..and those are the things he constantly asks me for. Jeff asks do you think this experience has softened you up? DaVonne says yeah. My upbringing made me that way. She says her Dad was never in her life. I still have a void for him. He has other children and to see him in their life but not mine. Its made me have this tough exterior. I don’t let anyone in. Even after 8 years with James he still isn’t all the way in. Jeff says obviously you’re a great person and maybe this will help open up a whole new side to you. Davonne tells other women that are going through the same experience don’t try to fill that void with men. They finish up the show.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 02-21-39-084

1:40am Jeff and Clay are playing pool while Johnny Mac & Becky watch. In the kitchen Jeff talks to Austin and Liz and says I don’t like how Clay didn’t answer what his favourite sexu@l position is. Austin and Liz asks what’s yours. Jeff says depends on what I’m doing to them or they’re doing to me. Austin says we should save it for the show. Jeff says I’m tired of all these showmances and I haven’t had one. Liz says you need to get on that.

2am In the HOH room – Clay and Shelli are talking. Clay says he asked Steve where he stands in the game. Steve says he thinks the house is divided.. the ins and the outs. He said he feels more comfortable with the outs. I said that we were more in the middle. He really like you and I as people. He thinks you’re the sweetest girl. He said he and I are playing a lot the same. Playing the social game, under the radar, staying out of the drama. They talk about how Steve’s voice changes when he’s comfortable. He wants to play the same way we do .. an honest game. He asked me what I like about you. I talked about how you got on my a$$ about how I treated Audrey and Jace. It showed your character and what type of person you are. I asked him who is target is and he said Audrey. He says he trusts the outsiders. I feel like he has the same trust in us. Shelli asks did he say that or elude to it. He knows who he’s talking to. Jeff joins them. Shelli tells him how great Jeff does doing the interviewing for the podcast. Jeff says it was a great experience letting DaVonne get that off her chest.

2:10am In the bathroom – DaVonne tells Johnny I still want to work with you. Will you vote for me? Johnny says yes. Davonne says you don’t talk to me!! Johnny says I’m not as good at this as other people are. I’m still trying to learn. I just get confused so I stay out in the open. DaVonne says I need your vote 100%! Johnny asks who do you have? DaVonne says I’m trying to solidify them not but I need you. You would be the swing vote. Johnny says okay lets do it! They shake hands. DaVonne heads to the bedroom and tells Vanessa quickly I need your vote. We should talk more tomorrow.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 02-48-06-013

2:30am – 3:10am Backyard – DaVonne is out in the backyard talking to herself. I have Jason no question. John you’re so damn questionable. I know you threw that competition and you’re connected to Becky who wants me out of this game. Vanessa is connected to Shelli or maybe that will die when Shelli is dethroned. Maybe I can get her vote now in preparation to her getting dethroned. Liz and Liz .. the two Liz’s are in an alliance with Austin. F**k Austin is not going to give me his vote at all. I need to convince them I am going after Audrey even though I’m not. I’m going after Shelli and Clay for putting me on the block. I am going out for blood! But if I do that, that gives Audrey more time. I need to win HOH with someone that would put Shelli on one side and Audrey on the other. Then I would backdoor Clay. That would gut punch Shelli. That would send a blow to Shelli for putting me up on the block. She is going to pay the expense for Audrey getting another week. I need to get these damn votes. Sh*t man, I’ve got to figure it out. Or maybe they will get Meg out of the house. Maybe they will have more control over the guys once she’s gone. These people are not going to vote for me! Stay positive what you put out is what you get back. Jason joins her. Day says I don’t know if Johnny is close to Becky or not. If Clay is bullying Steve then I can convince Johnny to vote for me so I can stay to get Clay out of here. Jason says the only time I’ve seen a house flip is when everyone is in the room together. So they all see each others face. Day says but James wont do that. Day says that she talked to Vanessa and she said I have a tool, find it and use it. Why the f**k is she talking to me in riddles. Jason says she is thinking you have knowledge. Information that you have and they don’t. Jason says maybe you can get Shelli and Clay. Shelli was touched by your story. I know that Steve and John are a pair. Jason says it comes down to whether or not John is ready to do them (Shelli & Clay) dirty. Jason asks how sure are you on Liz? We could plant a seed. Day says I am trying to think of what to say that doesn’t slander Meg. Jason says they want to remove you so they can scoop me up. This is not a season of pairs its a season of armies of three. DaVoone says in my journal (Diary room) I got asked if I would go with them (Shelli and Clay). But it was continuous. Jason says some times they’re trying to tell you something without telling you. Jason suggests Day make a fake final 2 with Vanessa. Jason heads inside. Day talks to herself and says maybe I can convince Audrey.. No I can’t, can’t trust her. That would be the ultimate test. Last resort, last, last, last resort. Day says I keep saying I have Liz’s vote secure. I have to make sure the right damn twin votes for me. I need to get Liz and Liz number 2. I need to convince James that Meg has the votes so that he will vote for me. That’ll mean his vote sends Meg home but that can’t be on my conscience.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 03-03-06-560

3:20am Backyard – James, Jason, Jeff, Jackie, DaVonne and Meg are talking. Jason tells Jeff they have something to tell him but need Meg out here. We figured out the twist. Meg joins them. Jason says Day came to me and said check this bit*hes face! (Liz) Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back. Jackie joins them. Jason says I am 100% positive. Jeff asks are we just being conspiracy theorists. Meg brings up how they were sitting in the room and she made the comment about the bread story and Liz said I don’t get it .. the bread story? Day says Liz is the one that repeated the whole story because she heard it but this was the “thick” one and not the “shinny” one. Jason says it is a fact! Jeff asks do we have a sharpie …lets put a mark on her. Day says you have to pay attention to her features. That one has a nose that is more pointed. Her face is thin. Her eyes the skinny one.. Jason says the skinny one is here to day, that fat one was here last night. Day says the thick one has eyes that are the colour on that memory board. Meg says my mind is blown. Jason says we were questioning her asking who she was in the podcast last night and she was like ummm, ummm. Then Jackie told her .. you were Ellen. Jason says I wanted to choke the bit*h (Jackie)! Jason says the fat one is funny and the skinny is here to get on Sports Illustrated. Jason says that fat one is friendly. Jeff says the fat one is trying to get down. Jason says he is just trying to think about who wants to screw him! Jason comments on how the clothes are tight on one and not on the other. James says I noticed a little mark on her right foot. We need to keep an eye on that. Jeff says one likes Austin and the other does not. The one with the cat hat hates Austin and the other does not. Jason says every time she gets called to the diary room someone needs to wait there till she comes back out. Jeff says they do act different, this one today doesn’t even know I’m friends with her. Steve comes out and they all fill him in on the twin differences. Jason says this was the most popular twist.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 03-49-48-084

3:50am Up in the HOH room – Jeff tells Shelli and Clay about the twins. Jeff says we have to keep quiet about it. Don’t say anything to anyone she is close to Austin, Vanessa. Shelli says I knew she looked different yesterday. Jeff leaves. Clay says Audrey might stay if this is true. Shelli says that’s okay. They talk about getting Jeff to ask this one to play pool because this one doesn’t like playing pool but the other does. Day says she drops F bombs like its ridiculous!

4am – 4:20am Jackie, James, Jason, Shelli, Steve, Jeff, Meg and DaVonne are all in the living room talking about all the differences between the two twins. Jason explains how in 5 weeks if we don’t get Liz out then both of them will come in here. Jeff says lets cut her hair. Clay suggests putting a mark on her ear. Jeff says no this one is mean, I’m not touching her. Day tells Clay when you made that fake alliance …that was with the mean one. Day says remember one couldn’t remember throwing a pillow at me … thinkems threw the pillow at me. Jeff says I’ll bring Liz on as a special guest tomorrow and think up some good questions.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 04-06-40-780

4:30am – 4:50am In the HOH room – Shelli tells Clay during sequester when I was doing my first interview I was talking about my family and my twin brother and my handler asked for my twin brothers number because they wanted to fly him out to be on the show. So they definitely wanted a twin twist. Big Brother switches the feeds to the backyard. Jason says if we don’t get her out in the next few weeks then we’ll have both of them in here. They name the skinny one “Cruella Deville” and thinkems “Helga”. They talk about hiding Skinny’s shoes and then telling her where they are. Then when the other twin comes in hide the shoes and again and when she asks where they are you tell her the same place we hid them yesterday you hoe! James asks when we get them out will they tell us? Jason says yeah. Or at the finale. Julie might come on with them there. James asks will they put in another twist? Jason says no we beat it. Big Brother is all about beating the twists. They continue to figure out ways to catch the twins. Jason says thickems sat here and said I was going to be alone and pretty much said she would look out for me. The other one has never said hello to me. Jeff asks Who keeps dropping the B972 pills? (dextroamphetamine treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy).

Up in the HOH – Shelli and Clay talk about how this twist info coming out is perfect for their game. Clay says now Audrey will stay and take out James and Austin.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 04-32-54-347

5:15am – 5:50am Day says I am about to become her best friend. Before she is about to take her leave I’m going to get to know her. Jason says we’re about to set a raccoon trap. Jason says they were thinking they would distract us with the phone calls. Big Brother keeps blocking the feeds. When they come back – Meg says Austin’s mind is going to be blown. Jackie says I think Audrey goes next week and then investigate this twins thing one more week. Jeff says I don’t need another week, I just need 1 more day. I’m going to figure this out. They head to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-07 05-43-02-715

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Once again Day’s big mouth has screwed her up. Had she kept the “twins” theory to herself, she might have had a bargaining chip to bribe Liz for a vote. Now that EVERYONE seems to know about it, she can’t use that for a vote from her. I bet now she wishes she hadn’t told Jason about it. He is worse than her as far as shooting his mouth off. She is so damn smart yet so damn stupid!!!


Da is smarter to try to use the twist as leverage to get a ‘twist’ from Big Brother. What good is 1 vote going to do her at this point?


Agreed. It’s not like one of those votes where the house is divided and there’s a wildcard that will determine the outcome based on which side they pick.


One vote will do her a world of good. She needs 5 to stay, She has 3 from the phone call, She has Jason, now she only needs one more.


The phone call doesn’t give her three votes it allows her to cancel out 3 peoples votes. With the twist there’s 9 people voting, She needs 5 votes to stay one of those could be Jason.

I don’t see Da being able to get those 5 votes especially up against Meg. If it was anyone else I think she would have had a chance.

Double D

But Liz doesn’t know that others know, so Day could still bribe her. If only Day knew she gets to eliminate 3 voters. She could turn this. Too bad meg went up instead of Liz.


Jason is the one who told the world. Day never stood a chance of staying though. Nobody goes against the HOH this early in the game.


Day got too cocky, too fast! My exit speach would blow up Clay and Shelli…


I like Day and want her to stay but she can’t keep her big mouth shut! I want her to leave now and Liz/Julie to stay.


Day needs to tell Liz that the other side of the house will be gunning for her next week cos they know she has a twin.. Day should tell Liz this and promise her that Day’s side will keep her safe if she vote for her to stay


its not going to work.


Fuckin Jason man !!!



I don’t understand why Jason had to tell the others.I’m so annoyed right now.


The way I see it, it’s one of two things: either he is a gossip that couldn’t resist being the center of attention, so he spilled it as soon as possible because it doesn’t hurt or help his game not to. Or, by getting the house to agree and confront her…having the twist revealed might get Jiz evicted instead of Da this week…which saves his closest ally in the house.

Whichever his reasons are, I am finding his constant need to label one fat/nice and the other skinny/mean a little nasty and mean-girlish.


How does Jason know its five weeks? Is that what it was in bb5? If so, production should have changed that.


Yes, it was 5 weeks the first time too.

Ms Steal Your Man

So Da’Vonne doesn’t want to stay…really. I hate people who lay down a die. What happened to HG’s having a strategy. Man, there have been hated HG’s who have made it to the end. Like can we have the evictions days back when we were actually surprised who is leaving?

I bet Kathy Griffin is sitting lsomewhere mad that her twist is going to waste.


She does want to stay, on the feeds she was sitting outside alone about who to talk to and how to stay. She knows James will only vote for her as a sympathy vote and wont to keep her if she has a shot. So she wants James to think she is going so he can vote to evict Meg.


I think it’s time for production to do some DR manipulation.


I hope this season gets livening up after this week. so far its been like the last two seasons vote with the house don’t upset the HOH know backbone ppl. I would like to see Steve and John win HOH because the house wouldn’t know who they would put up. also Vanessa has no game plan she’s doing wat Christina did last year watch and listen to ppl and run back to Clay and Shelli to report wat she saw and heard.


Van is not the Christina of the season! If anyone is the Christina of the season it is Meg. She is going to ride with James/Jeff/Jason and they are going to cut her really quick. Van is better at reading people than Day, the problem is she is social awkward so people don’t talk to her about game- more like Donny last year. She trusts Shelli, and right now she is not wrong too because Shelli has her back (for the meantime). She doesn’t tell Shelli everything. Her biggest mistake is trusting Austin because he opens his mouth too much. I think if Clay goes Shelli and Van will team up, which is why I really hope Clay goes soon. Also she finalized an alliance with Steve, probably the first real alliance of the season besides Day/Jason and Shelli/Clay. I think she should get in with Becky too.

Becky has proven to be a strong competitor but she is shaky with gameplay. She made a good talk with Austin/Liz about the outsiders needing to team up and how she was using Shelli to get in with the so called insiders but at the same time was willing to sacrifice another outsider during her HOH (Steve). She doesn’t believe Steve and Johnny Mac will win comps, or even try to but getting rid of them only hurts her game and helps the other group so her logic doesn’t make sense.


In week three, I think Steve and Johnny would make the safe move and go after Audrey. Don’t see either making a big move.


Da could have easily used the twins to her advantage to stay. Such a poor game move for her and Jason to tell everyone about Liz/Julia.

Walt Kowalski

Is there no end to the James perversion, “James calls in and asks if his pull out game is strong?” He has used this phrase on more than one occasion. I’m a believer of, if you’re constantly talking about sex and various related stories(The mom story, the roofie story) trying to make yourself look like a stud and spewing garbage like this regularly, you’re not getting anything or is very limited(unless he pays for it). He technically maybe 31, between the ears he’s maybe 20. Does he think he’s charming? Does he think women like this talk? Little man syndrome, Grow up!


can we stop calling day a “perfect” player. I seriously have seen people saying this, and I just don’t understand it. this right here was a total mistake that should earn an exit, I hope a stupid twist doesn’t save someone from an eviction they have earned. you figure out a twin twist and you don’t use it? disappointing.

train is match for superbecky

“Jeff says there will be those that love and hate us”…..o’h jeff,jeff…pretty sure the ones gonna give ya some love only if you win the money…and I don’t see that happening…or the showmance jeff…nobody in there has that low self esteem


DaVonne needs to realize she can get Liz’s vote if she and her side of the house promise to keep her safe while the other side wants to get her out because of the twin twist.


Anyone else upset that now that Lizia is outed and their days are numbered there goes our eye candy for the summer. Jackie has nice butt but the face is offpoint and she is a female douche bag

Why is it all the sudden they are a-holes for being in house as twins? Everyone was chosen for some reason and that is theirs. These houseguests. “How dare they try to fool us” Umm Lizia was brought in by the show. They didn’t do anything wrong. #SAVE Lizia!


It kinda sucks for the twins bc they are always a big target once the secret it out. I can’t imagine trying to keep all that stuff straight during the switch off — it’s a no-win situation. Also, don’t see why the house guests think they should mark her or hide her shoes or something bc production could very easily tell the twins what’s up.

I guess it’s (being a target) no different than those with a prior relationship like Jeff/Jackie.


Hmmm, okay. If Day TRIES, she can get the votes.
1) Threatening Lizulia that her side of the house would come after her if she didn’t vote for Day could get Liz’s vote, and possibly Austin and Vanessa’s, if Lizulia helped out.
2) If Jason tells Day what Jackie told him about Jeff talking smack about Steve, they might get Steve’s vote.
3) Highly unlikely but she already has John’s vote, that could help Steve.
4) If she could campaign to Becky about how Shelli betrayed their original plan, that could get her vote.
If all of those work, she has 7 with Jason, and blocking 3 people to vote means Shelli, Clay and Jeff. So then it would be 7 against 2. Oh please work out


are they seriously calling one of the twins “the fat one”


mannequin of misery

Right? That is so ridiculous. She might have a few pounds on her sister but she is far from fat. smh


“Fat” in relationship to the other twin. Liz has spent more time in the house. And being a HG puts on the pounds. Last year when they had to wear the fitbits, you could see lots of them gained more than 10 pounds.


Calm down. They are just using that as a way to describe which one they are talking about – think about it…


BB US sucks big time compared to the Canadian BB. BB US has had the same house for 17 seasons & the decor theme they have each year sucks too. They need to do another house with secret rooms etc… Chang it up!! So it doesn’t become repetitive. BB Canada’s house is leaps & bounds above, state of the art equipment & looks, the twists are different, never repetitive.


Last season of BBCAN3 wasn’t very good at all


Simon, I disagree, BBCAN3 was awesome if you were cheering for Sarah & Britt. I loved it


For me the show was a scripted mess. I doubt I’ll be watching as much BBCAN next year.


No, BBCAN3 sucked ass. The cast was total bore, with idiots like Pilar and Bobby.


Too many twistos twist to help Brit and Sarah…


Too much production messing with everything period.

Walt Kowalski

I’ve said the samething about the house! Not only change the house but use ideas from some other BB’s. I’m a fan of Aus. I enjoyed the 2012 season. They had a Captains quarters for rewards, punishment area behind glass(everyone could see) for breaking rules, their kitchen was across the backyard(70’s look, was cool set-up), Surly the fish secretly giving tasks to people, they brought in a dog. Such a different show, the evictions are done differently as well.

Dee Dee

I really like Big Brother Australia. The houseguest nominate who is on the block and the public votes on who leaves. The houseguest are not allowed to discuss how they voted, or who they want gone. Their house is very nice. A lot bigger than ours.


When I saw the twins together on the live show I am not shocked at all the house guests found it out so fast, they have tons of physical differences! Come on BB you could’ve done much better


If the twin twist is exposed maybe neither Meg or Day will go home, it could be Liz/Julia leaving instead. Maybe if the house exposes the secret the eviction will be cancelled and the twins go. In any case, this is great news for Audrey. I think Day should be talking to Becky. Shelli told her that the target was Audrey and Becky based her nominations on that. I would be pissed if I was Becky and I would gladly vote against her just to get even. Becky might be talked into voting to keep Day but nobody seems to want to pull Becky over and work with her, which is dumb. A free agent that doesn’t cause drama and can win competitions is someone that I would want to work with. I also wonder if the other calls got something like prizes or secret powers like double vote. In any case, Day should have used the twin info to flip Liz and get her to try and convince Austin and Vanessa to flip too.

Twin Twist

Wouldn’t it be funny if Day and Jason are telling everyone about the twin twist because production told them that Liz would automatically be eliminated if the house came to a consensus that it was true? That would explain why Day isn’t really campaigning so hard. That would be hilarious.


Not smart! My goodness, production is handing Da a way out on a platter. Why did she not see that?? All she had to do was keep it to herself, then approach Liz/Julia with the info and use it to her advantage. I mean she’s a couple days away from going home, and she’s not utilizing any of this gold mine info. Also what is with them calling one of them fat? Holy crap, if she’s fat, I must be obese! Lol


Vanessa and Steve for the final two! Vanessa for the win! Hand her the check now! I don’t trust anyone here who doesn’t like Vanessa:-)

BB Bombshell

While its true that Da would have been smart to keep this information to herself for a few more days, I dont think blackmailing Liz would have been the smart move. People dont take too well to blackmail and that would have either set Shelli and Clay on a smear campaign. Not to mention Liz has no intention of working with Day, they barely speak to each other. By creating this chaos a few days before the votes it gives people a chance to think about who they want to keep in the game and affords Day more opportunities to sway some votes in her direction.


Which surprises me because Day saved her last week.


Totally reaching here, but with Production already having a hand in pot, does anyone else other than me think it is possible that the power will be altered to reverse three votes (of Da’s choosing versus nullify them?


It’s unlikely production would alter the twist after it was announced to the viewers last week. It would be different if they hadn’t already told the TV viewers exactly how the twist works.


Fat and skinny one really??? While one of the twins might be a little heavier they are by no means fat! I wish Jeff would just self evict. I can not stand his attitude and he can take preppy Clay and Shelli with him they are seriously the worst. I’m glad that after this week targets will be on at least Shelli’s and Clay’s backs! I am rooting for Johnny Mac all the way!!


My two least favorites are Jeff and Jackie but at least Jeff is playing the game hard. Jackie is just there. She actually was complaining that Vanessa doesn’t do anything WTF !


Even though I think Da’vonne should have been more strategic in outing the Liz twin knowledge It probably wouldn’t make much difference in the end. As of right now I don’t see the house voting out Meg. If Liz was on the block beside Da 100% Da would have something to work but unfortunately Shelli picked the correct replacement nominee to evict Day this week.

Jeff, James and Jason, Da’s closest allies are closer to Meg than her. Da might have had a better chance if she tried to flip to Austin, liz, Steve, Vanessa and ???? . She could have told them she has the power to nullify 3 votes and knows about Liz’ twin. maybe say “Hey I’ll keep this liz twin thing a secret you guys save me this week and next week I’ll go after Clay and Shelli” That would leave two big targets in the house ‘Audrey and Day’ Doing this would mean Austin’s side has to turn on Shelli/Clay something that might not be in their best interest.. Just a thought…


yeah, while i can see da getting steve’s vote and maybe liz’s vote depending on how she played the twin info, she’d also need three more votes.

i don’t think she can get james, jeff, clay, or jackie’s vote.

jmac’s vote depends on somehow getting the info back to jmac that jmac likely would have gone home had he not won the veto, info da doesn’t even have.

getting audrey’s vote would require more butt-kissing than i think da is willing to do.

and the rest of the house knows they screw their position in the game should they flip. right now the biggest targets in the house are audrey, clay, and shelli; but if da stays it appears clay and shelli have no power and they fall off the radar to be replaced by da and whomever’s flip is viewed the most egregious (vanessa and austin’s egos such that they’d believe it’d become them, becky in a spot where as she’s probably the closest to those she’d betray which may make herself a target as she’d hurt them the most, and jason outing himself as an ally to da who’s already a target).

maybe da can use the twin information to make it appear liz would take that third spot, but i think people would rather focus on the couple they know is in the house (clay/shelli) than the couple they don’t know and at least for austin and vanessa’s game could also give them a much needed ally.

but i don’t know the pieces are there should da be able to put them together. i just don’t have a ton of faith. my assessment is that the most likely five she can pull in are steve, liz, jmac, jason, and either becky or audrey (and if she rallies five of these she maybe picks up austin and vanessa as they will stay with power and at that point da will have rallied an eight person majority, though this possibility is much stronger if she pulls in becky than if she pulls in audrey). but it requires her getting information she does not have or finding a convincing enough lie that doesn’t get uncovered as a lie, as well as throwing liz under the bus while simultaneously keeping her vote; tasks that would be hard to do if you only had to one of them but da has to do both.


Couldn’t that final vote be for Becky? I missed the first week of feeds recap, so maybe there is bad blood between her and Da that I’m not aware of. But Becky was gunning for Audrey and Shelli lied to her about Da being her target. I don’t know who Becky is close to since she seems to be nonexistent on the feeds. Is she still in the house?

I do think that if not Da…since it probably won’t help her…but at least Jason should have kept the “Jiz” revelation to himself, for now at least. But, he seems like the type who would gossip about anything for the attention…so there was no way he was holding onto that secret. Although, if the house calls them on it, does Jiz get immediately evicted? And would that cancel this week’s regular eviction? If so, then maybe Jason is trying to save Da with his big mouth. On a side note, aside from the seemingly obvious differences in Jiz’s appearances…the fact that supposedly production slipped something about a twin to Audrey, which got her started on a twin twist in the first place…production should have reduced the five-week deadline. Jiz didn’t really stand a chance after that.


Becky could be flipped..

I’m not 100% sure how the Twin twist goes I think if ‘Liz’ is evicted within the firs 5 eviction they both go home. But if she survives until then they both enter the game. Maybe it doesn’t matter if the house knows they have to actually evict her.


I’m done for the season.


LOL it just begun.


Why? Just because this week wasn’t as exciting as last week, now your just gonna give up? SMH


I tend to think that these twists are just intended distractions to sway their eyes off of production’s other twists Audrey AND Jeff/Jackie TAR couple. Audrey was promoted publicly and then fed the twin twist soon after by production. TAR came in as a team and should be treated as such regardless of them separating to get farther. These HG’s arent the smartest bunch – that’s for sure!


Yep. Except for when they first arrived, Jeff/Jackie seem to be doing a good job not being seen as a couple at this point. Too much other stuff distracting the players and Clay/Shelli are taking their place as the couple threat.


Won’t be long until the word gets around to lizulia about being a twin. Word seems to travel around that house fairly fast. Wonder how she will approach it? For the sake of staying in the game 3 more weeks deny deny deny and win win win!


I agree, Liz/Julia need to deny the twin theory. No matter what evidence they give she needs to just laugh it off and then fight to win HOH.


Same old same old. BB really need some spice to their casting choices. I would love to see more differences. In age, culture, lifestyles. Year after year now we get “the stud” “the cheerleader” ” the over the top gay guy” “the one black guy/girl” “the nerd” “the skater/surfer dude” I doubt I am the only one who is getting bored with the format of the cast. Maybe I am just getting too old for BB? (48) Are they just targeting the “teeny boppers?” And dare I say it is no surprise with all the Jenner publicity that I just knew we would have a trans houseguest this year? Not that there is anything wrong with that but it was so predictable CBS would try to cash in on it. I also agree with the lack of changes to the house over the years and the lack of new exciting twists and turns. I doubt the BOB was really such a fan favorite.


My 18 year old niece would agree with you! She talked about this a few weeks ago,that the cast is too young and need to mix it up She is a big brother fan and loves people like Dan who play with strategy.


Twins were doomed from the start. They have very different personalities which is hard to hide when you are with people 24/7. I also noticed the difference in the faces and the legs (not that either one is fat that is for sure)


I noticed the weight difference early on it’s slight but noticeable when you only see the same people day in and out.


Yes it is very slight for sure but like you said if it is noticeable to us it is bound to be noticeable to those you are with day in and day out. another BB fail. With so many twins out there you would think they could find two who are indeed identical in both looks as well as mannerisms. It sounds like these two are like night and day as far as their likes/dislikes, taste in men, and the way they talk. Someone said one swears like a truck driver. I don’t have the feeds or BBAD this year so I have not seen that much for myself.

Twistin' for the win

What is it about this group that they tell EVERY single bit of intel they get/find out???? Keep a “bleepin” secret! I mean…this is BB! This group has to be the most blabber-mouthin’ dumb-asses around. Meanwhile, back in the kingdom, Queen Shelly and King Clay are already trying to figure out how the twin twist is going to best benefit “our” game.

DA can stay

Actually DAY HAS a chance to stay if she plays really smart. Evaluate NO ONE is I sending on telling Liz that they know of her secret, she should do it first. Even cope to being the one who’d been suspicious first and told Jason. Then she could let her know that she needed Liz now as much as Liz needs her because there’s NO way in hell they’ll keep Liz in the house now until week 5 where Julia will join her. Liz has no option at this point- she basically has 2 weeks max in the house. Which will make her scramble to Austin and Vanessa to get DAY to stay and join the alliance. Which should make sense to Austin as well. He gets to have Liz and Julia in an alliance. If she promises to keep Liz safe( is she ever won HOH) just to make sure Julia joins then and gain numbers in their alliance, Liz would do it. That’s 3 guaranteed votes( Liz, Austin, vanessa). She already has Jason. She’ll just need one more!

DA can stay

Damn autocorrect. What I meant was (Actually DAY HAS a chance to stay if she plays really smart. Since NO ONE is planning on telling Liz that they know of her secret…)


Why does Da’Vonne get a pass for lying about being a teacher? Day always says ” oh I can’t be fake. I just can’t do it” If that was Audrey that lied bout being a teacher Jason and Da’Vonne wouldn’t shut up about it. But Da’Vonne became dead to me when she played the “Im here for my daughter some of these people don’t deserve the money” card. Everyone who is there deserves to be there and if they win deserves the money. No one deserves it more cuz they have a baby or a aunt that needs a surgery paid for. U play that card. I’m done with you.

Delta 231

could that little rat Jason and that blockhead Jeff be any more annoying? The way they are referring to Liz and her sister is just plain nasty. Da isn,t much better, according to Jeff every girl in the house wants to “get down” with him. Give it a week and they will all want to get rid of you snaggle toothed grinning face, and lying tongue. What a bunch some of these people are.

Eric CA

Damn… D’Alene and Jason… tell everyone why don’t you. I have a question: Since Vanessa and Austin spend the most time with Liz/ Julia, How haven’t the noted the differences???? It was Da’Vonne that noticed first? I know Houseguests can be self absorbed but come on. Clay at least has the excuse that she would have to be in in his mirror for hi to notice anything.

I still say I would Evict Meg and keep Da’Vonne especially now that she has exposed Liz/Julia.
I have a Question: I thought that the rules on a Twin Twist is that if they got found out, they twin (Julia) could not enter the game? Most of the House has noticed that they are different so doesn’t that mean that Julia can not enter the game. Are they saying now that it requires an eviction?

Evict Meg people, it is the smartest move. D’Alene gives you cover… targets are good going into weeks 3-5.


Who is D’Alene? Does Da’ Vonne also have a twin?


I’m surprised they all accepted the twist so quickly. I really thought they would question themselves out of believing it. It is going to be fun watching them try and catch her.