Shelli – “If I put up liz, liz could go home .. if I put up Meg, Da’s going home”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 17-04-56-658

5:01pm Audrey and Shelli
Audrey says her loyalty will be unwaivable she hopes she gets to show them.
Shelli says Audrey deserves a chance.
Clay joins them.

Chit chat… Austin joins more chit chat and speculation about what is going to happen tonight. They think they’ll get drinks and get to watch the fireworks.
Shelli doesn’t think there’s many feeders watching right now.
Austin – “They’re watching”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 17-16-49-669

5:16pm Steve, Vanessa and JohnnyMac
Talking about digital music. Vanessa and JohnnyMac have been chatting in the bedroom for the past hour.
Vanessa brings up “Side chain bit reduction”
Steve – WHAAAT
Feeds switch ..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 17-20-43-185
5:19pm Jeff saying he wishes he had more information for her if they wanted her out why did they put her up in the first place.
Da doesn’t see a reason for them putting Audrey up because Audrey is close to Clay and Shelli
Da can tells Jeff is outta the loop she can tell who spends the most of the time in the HOH room.
DA says there’s people that can’t look her in the face she knows there’s a plan a discussion that has been made
Jeff says he doesn’t feel as comfortable going up to the HOH anymore.

Austin and Becky walk by Jeff follows them “Now the party room is in here”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 17-40-54-450

5:24pm Bathroom Audrey and Shelli
Audrey says it’s best for Shelli’s game to work with Vanessa and Austin
Audrey saying the only two people that will take her to finals is her clay and vanessa.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 17-29-11-722

5:26pm Jeff, Austin and Clay
Jeff brings up his conversation with Day. He told her he doesn’t know what is going on he’s out of the loop (Jeff doesn’t leave anything out) . They start talking about gyms.
Jeff says it’s hard to concentrate at the gym “the girls wearing spandex with her v@g!na hanging out”
Jeff – Dude I was solid and my body fat was Looooow.. I did the pinch method the calipers.. at my lowest I was 7.3
Austin – wow
Clay – my lowest was 6… my lowest was 4
They start talking about methods to get shredded.
Clay says Protein and Sprints.. “Long cardio steady state burns muscle”
All Clay does is ‘HITT cardio’

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 17-28-23-718

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 18-14-36-343

5:46pm HOH Clay and Shelli
Shelli – have you heard the latest.. instead of Liz i’m going to put up Meg
Clay – Have you talked to Meg
Shelli – If I put up liz, liz could go home .. if I put up Meg, Day’s going home
Clay doesn’t know how credible Austin’s story is that the house is talking about getting out Liz.
Clay knows Austin and Liz are close so it’s obvious they will try to keep her off the block.
Clay says Audrey is trying to spin it like they should backdoor Becky
Shelli knows that Audrey is worried because Becky is targeting her.
Clay – I don’t care about Meg… I don’t care who you put up honestly
Shelli is certain the only way to get out Day is if she’s up against Meg.
Shelli adds Liz has their back more than Meg has their back.
Clay agrees tells her she should do what she thinks is best.

Sheli says if Liz is up against Day they could turn Jeff to vote out Liz
Clay disagrees
Shelli thinks Becky would turn
Clay now saying there’s a possibility Day could flip the house is thinking maybe she should put up Meg.
Clay warns if they put up Meg he has no idea where Jeff will stand.
Shelli – Meg is saying her, james and Jeff are super tight
Clay thinks putting up Meg makes more sense now they need Day out.
Shelli hates there’s a side that has Clay and a side that has Jeff.
Clay thinks it’s good to stay close to Jeff for now.
Shelli – Should I talk to them together, James, Jeff and Meg about Meg going up
Clay says that would keep the story the same.
Shelli says Vanesa is a for sure(To vote ou day), She’s close to Austin. Shelli says she’s getting closer to Liz and Liz is tight with Austin.
Clay – John is in between
Shelli – Steve flies solo
Clay – I can get steve, steve likes me
Clay says Jeff, James and Meg will never turn on them
Shelli – they will if I put up Meg
Sheli wants to have a conversation with Meg, Jeff and James to let them know what’s going to happen.. Not too early otherwise they will tell Day.
Shelli is a bit pissed that nobody has come up and “talked” to her. Nobody has tried to make deals because they all think they’re “Sitting pretty”. She’s made is obvious she’s targeting Day.
Shelli is trusting Austin, liz, Vanessa more because they are talking to her more. Shelli doesn’t trust Jeff, Meg and James very much right now. Shelli tells him the people who have been making connections are Liz, Austin and vanessa they have a bond forming.
They both Like Becky and Jackie. Clay points out that Jackie is connected to Jeff, Jeff is connected to James, James is connected to Meg and Mef is with Jason.
Shelli stressing to Clay he needs to win the next HOH.
Shelli – it would be great if Audrey won HOH she would just GUN for the other side of the house

Clay saying worst case is Jason and Meg winning HOH next week.
Clay – I don’t see Meg winning anything.. She’s not that intelligent.. to beat out Steve, Vanessa or Jason.

(Shelli wants to break away from Jeff, James, Meg. Clay and stick with Austin, Liz and Vanessa. Clay seems fine with it but is favouring they try to play both sides)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 18-49-03-755

6:47pm Jeff, Meg, Jason and Austin
They’re laughing about not being able to picture what Austin wears outside the house.
Apparently Austin did bring clothes to wear yet in the house he has never worn a shirt.
Jeff – can you go put an outfit on
Austin leaves to put on some clothes.
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 18-50-54-753

Austin comes out wearing a shirt. Jeff thinks he looks great with a shirt on.
Jeff says if he wore that shirt around people wouldn’t look at Clay anymore.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 18-58-29-769

6:55pm HOh Audrey, Steve and Vanessa
Audrey says she wanted to call her child Jupiter, ‘Production gave me shit for that they said That kids will get bullied”
(They were talking in other languages, Vanessa and Becky knows some German and Russian, Some Spanish is known by other. Production told them to stop and only speak in English. They have to know what is being said)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 19-11-21-968

7:03pm Vanessa and Steve having a audio discussions
Vanessa saying things like Compression, limiter, increasing gain, increase perceived loudness, Bit depth reduction works by taking each individual audio wave and reduces the number of audio waves.
Steve – how is it reducing the number of waves
Vanessa – it’s only taking a sample of a wave
She apologizes she has trouble thinking this late at night. Steve questions some of the things she’s saying but follows along.

Vanessa – Bit rate.. bit reduction what it does on the extreme essentially,. umm… it it .. reducing the fluctuation in pitch… it reduces the amount of fluctuations in pitch.. that reduces over time..
Steve says he understands what she’s talking about.. “100%”
Vanessa – I never read that I just made it up …
Vanessa says she took one computer science course during her undergrad she thinks it was c++ but now she just does ‘HTML’.
Vanessa says she loves recursion asks him to explain that.
Steve starts explaining recursion but has trouble..
Vanessa goes back to talking about Compression and amplitude.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 19-16-07-143

7:15pm Becky and JohnnyMac
Becky talking about spraying the “Ant Highway” “They fry up.. they didn’t move after that”
She goes on to show him all the places she was spraying

7:19pm JAmes talking about Sleeping with his buddies mom he knows about it. it’s a big joke back home.

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Glad Meg is going up now, even though Day is probably going home, the laugh last twist could flip things.


I’m so down with a clay shelli Austin Vanessa lizia alliance

and james.. ew that’s disgusting
you probably shouldnt say something like that on the live feeds


I’m more down with the Vanessa, Steve, and JM convo. I like those three, and they could easily work to save Day; none of them are misted by Audrey and I don’t think any of them are solid with Shlay. I just can’t warm up to Austin; I liked him in the beginning, but I think he has a bit of an insecure ego.


Shelli stop being so difficult and put Audrey up. What is wrong with you? I think it’s petty for you to even be targeting Day just because she had an altercation with your man!


Using Audrey as a shield might piss people off but it’s still good move. Now that Audrey has lost it all she’ll be loyal to the people who are still willing to work with her. Honestly this is what they should’ve done with Devin last season.


And say what you will (and I want Day to stay), that was a pretty solid, strategic conversation Shlay had.


Audrey won’t target Shelli they are close. Maybe there is something wrong with you?


Camille you know she can’t read this , right

The Hammer

I don’t care who the replacement nom is as long as that mouthy Hood Rat Day goes home Thursday. Awful player, awful attitude, way to go Shelli and GOOD RIDDANCE.


she’s not a hood rat. if you’d look past her skin color u might actually see she’s smart and perceptive


I think he was calling her a hood rat because of her attitude, not the color of her skin. Nice try tho. Let me know how getting a job with the NAACP goes lol, you’d be perfect.


Can someone please diagnose James?


Easy he has a Sex addictions


That would require him to walk the talk and well….


James is a big disappointment; I liked the sounds of him; he seemed funny, and he was pretty chill at first, but…yeeeeeeeeesh. Could he be any more crude?

Doran Martell

He’s just trying way too hard to seem like a player. But he is extremely inappropriate tho, I mean some of the things I’ve read and heard him say, even some of the titles to these updates. Yea he’s gross or he’s trying to act like a stud, or both.

The Hammer

Sexually abused as a child?


I don’t get why everyone likes Day. She isn’t even really playing the game and she makes the littlest things into drama that’s why she is going to get sent home because she made a big deal out of the Clay incident when she really didn’t have to. SMH

Because we want to

We like Day because we want to! Every thread it’s someone asking the same question “why does everyone like Day?”…each player has their own uniqeness that appeals or doesn’t appeal to the fans…just because you think she’s about the “drama” and don’t like her doesn’t mean other people don’t like her as well! I for one like Day because she reads right through crap and is not afraid to call you out on it!


Exactly, she sees through stuff, not afraid to call people out on it, and while you’re on BB that second thing might not be the smartest. Besides once you get on her shitlist there is no coming off


Why couldn’t Shelli put up James? idk lol


why would it be good for shelli to boot one of the few numbers she has? just because you don’t like Audrey or even if Shelli didn’t….its not a good reason to ruin your game in week 2 by “appeasing the house”…when you can’t play HOH next week and suddenly have only clay as an ally…

Smelli Shelli

Meg stays-(James, Jeff, Jason, Becky, Steve, and JohnM) win HOH they will backdoor Clay because Audrey will win Veto. Audrey knew she was safe this week.
Austin and Vanessa are smart and will not go for HOH until the midway mark
Clay or Shelli


I wonder how they are going to feel when they find out Liz is the twin? How long did the last twins last?


They revealed in week 5 first twin evicted week 7 the other week 8


Came out in week 5 one twin evicted week 7 the other week 8

Eric CA

The twin won their first HohH nd they backstabbed their alliance and sen BB Best Gay Man Ever Will Wilkie o the Jury House.. Nakomis demanded a Pinky in retaliation because of a legally binding pinky swear. The Twins went one after the next two weeks as punishment for the treachery. Personally I wish the Twins was Drew and his Twin… but Drew won that Season


Ewwww! James just lost me. He has got to go. Pervie to much!


Shelli and Clay are the Jordan and Jeff of this season. Not convinced that is too smart.


No they are not!!!! Jeff and Jordan were wonderfully stupid and you could tell they really cared about each other. Shelli and Clay are just stupid and are just a showmance. I loved J and J. Can’t stand these two.


uh, no, lol

borderline Brenden & Rachel. big meat shield who says yes and fully supports her stupid decisions, which are, of course, based on ‘she was mean to my man, so she has to go’ game plan

Bunny Slipper

Is there some rule that an icky troll of a man has to be on this show?
James is just the latest in a long line. And they know they are being filmed all the time. And that we, the feedsters at least, are always watching. Why do they do what they do? Where is the decorum? And why doesn’t Big Brother make them clean up?! They used to have to.
I realize I’m not really ranting on subject. It’s just that I have yet to really care for any of them. They all seem like rats in a maze with no cheese. Big brother please give them some cheese. And some soap, they all seem really dirty.


Oh man James is vulgar, just when I thought he couldn’t get any more gross.


It would be so fun and great to see Meg up on the block. Clearly Shelli is drawing the line on what side of the house that they choose to align. Even if Day goes home this week, I could see Shelli and Clay following through the next time the high rollers get the HOH. Hopefully Vanessa can turn things around and save Day, keeping her is more beneficial to her own game in comparison to Meg who she has no connections with.

The Hammer

Oh for God’s sake, please get Day out of there! Do we really have to wait till Thursday?? Maybe she will pop a gasket and self-evict, I sure hope so.


I can’t wait till Meg finds out she is going up. She will act like it doesn’t bother her but it sooo will! Haha. What’s funny now Meg? LMMFAO.


I am no Da or Audrey fan, but shelli needs to put clay up lollll she’s shooting herself in the foot, she’s going either next week or the following
the houseguests won’t tolerate another brenchel, jejo, drew diane, showmance
her days are numbered, just get rid of your showmance


Vanessa is going to win the show

Eric CA

Don’t say that… the is a BB Curse that if we choose the winner the don’t win


Does James talk about anything besides sex! Lol and I’m so confused with who Shellie/Clay trust or want to work with it…it changes like the wind. I don’t even think THEY know who they want to work with!


dang, i kinda liked meg. why couldn’t it be jeff? considering the backlash bb has been getting for its portrayal of race on the show and the ridiculous last laugh “twist,” i have to imagine production will be rigging this so da will stay.


Shelli, why the heck does Audrey deserve a chance and Day doesn’t?

Shelli's thought

Day made it clear she will not work with Clay/Shelli. Audrey will at least go through the motions. Everyone knows you can’t trust Audrey so diffusing whatever lies she says will be easier. Day is in a group that can act together and dispelling their maneuvers will be harder. It’s actually a good move for Shelli even though I prefer Day.


James is a little perverted troll. I get sick just looking at him. He looks filthy and needs to shower.


Someone please Evict Jeff! If I have to hear DUDE one more time I’m going to take more Xanax than prescribed just to deal!

Doran Martell

Just saw on after dark where jeff is talking to clay in one of the HOH rooms. Jeff said that jackie has been acting weird, says she won’t even say hey to me.. “I think it’s because I haven’t given her any attention at all”. Well no shit Jeff, I’m sure she thought that she could count on you for a friend and you’ve just been giving every girl attention except for her. Jeff is an absolute idiot.


hi DRs and their private conversations make it quite clear that they will not spend much time together, and that they are not that close. they make a good nomance couple target as two who worked together on the outside, so an easy target. as it is, no one even seems to consider that they should go up together or be ‘broken up’.

Doran Martell

So you’re saying that they are staying away so they won’t be seen as a threat/couple? Or do you mean they aren’t that close in general? Maybe a little bit of both but that is smart. Also smart for jackie bc while there may not be much going on w her, like at all, she can do way better than that jackass.


Jason said that Steve is a snitch. Does he snitch on people or are they saying that because he reminds them of Ian Terry?

Brad H

Shelli is a lot smarter & much more of a gamer than I thought she was after the first week. Breaking away from Meg, James, & Jason is genius. Stick with people you can definitely trust like Austin, Liz, & Vanessa. She has good instincts, she knows Jeff is sketchy.


Shelli is sticking with Audrey
How is that good sense?


Liz, Steve, Austin and JohnnyMac should team up.


Well done Liz/Julia getting yourself out of Shelli’s head! If they make it past five evictions I’d be super happy to see them both play.


Anybody else see how vennessa kisses up to shelli and Audrey? Sometimes I forget that she’s in the game and when I notice, she’s kissing ass

Doran Martell

Well from her place in the house so far that’s not really a bad way to go about your business. She’s telling people things they want to hear until she can strike a blow. Also I get the feeling she’s waiting for some of the dust to settle and lay low. From what I’ve seen from her on the feeds and after dark tho she seems good. If I were in that house she would be a great person to communicate with and share bits of info. But that’s just me.


Putting up Liz would be a mistake since Day has alliance members. Shelli has promised too much to too many people. She’s like the politician of the game. You can’t promise everyone safety except for one person lol


Shelli has become the politician of the house. Promising too much to too many people. You can’t promise everyone safety except for one person, and then realize that person may go home.

Eric CA

I do not care for Shelli or Clay…. sort of boring. Meg is a better choice than Liz to put up against Da’Vonne… I can see why Shelli is closer to Audrey and Vanessa… pre HoH there were the only ones that really talked game with her… the others just wanted to talk to Clay.
I can see why she would trust Liz, Austin, Vanessa and Audrey over James, Meg, Da’Vonne and Jeff…. they were what my mother used to refers to as Cordially Dismissive or Polite Arrogance… meaning they were never rude to her they just dismissed her as being just pretty. So it is fully understandable.
Perhaps she does not want to put up James or Jeff because they say crude things and the women and Austin may be tempted to evict them…. She really has a thing against Da’Vonne. I don’t get it… but speaking from experience there are just people you meet and you never trust… of course I’m a Cancer and that is just how we are… moody with a tendency to read things unsaid and feel other peoples emotions.

Doran Martell

Does clay remind anyone else of Stifler from american pie? Def not the voice but..


Production seems like they are taking forever to have the Veto ceremony..I guess they’re waiting till the person they want up is selected.Its so funny how everyone has been saying to put up Meg in these post and then Meg is brought up..Meee Thinks Big Brother reads the blog post : x