Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 10 Summary of Events, HOH/Eviction Results

Going to keep this weeks short and sweet this week.. We’ve been waiting for something to happen all season but it hasn’t with 2 weeks of feeds left let’s hope for something. I don’t really care what just something unexpected would be nice. Earlier today Julie Chen tweeted that she will be announcing a new twist tonight.. kinda wonder what it could be this late in the game. Scroll down to see the picture.

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Big Brother Canada Season 2 Double Eviction Results

Just a refresher in how double eviction works. (I’m not 100% sure how Big Brother Canada will do it this year so i’m going by BBCAN1 and the BBUS format. Safe to assume there will be a couple powers given out to Allison and Adel ;)
1) Allison and Sarah are nominated the house votes to evict one of them
2) HOH is played
3) Nominations are selected
4) POV is played
5) POV Ceremony
6) Houseguests vote to evict one of the nominees
7) Sometime late Thursday or Friday another HOH is played

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Big Brother 15 Double Eviction Results and Discussion

Chewbacca Vs. Creepy Uncle Spencer Vs. Clownie

Tonight the Big Brother house will finally be given the shake up it needs. Even if predictable people go home everyone will start to smell the money and big players will finally be seen as targets. Looking forward to tonight double eviction is always a turning point on the Big Brother Feeds. I’m starting to feel like whoever makes a big move first will gain the lion share of fans That is why I’m Team whoever makes a move against this house.

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