Big Brother 17 Week 10 Summary – Double eviction Live Show results Meg vs JUJU

At the starts of week 10 we saw Vanessa win the grueling 5 minutes endurance competition. She nominated The goblins James and Meg, James was the target. James won the Power of veto took him self off the block. Vanessa now had a choice put up Julia to ensure Meg goes out or listen to her allies Austin/Twins and put up Johnnymac which would result in Johnnymac going out . Vanessa has put a lot of work in to re-befriend Jmac so she wasn’t keen on tossing all that out to keep someone that she’s not close to in the game, Meg. With the blessing of the AUSTWINS Vanessa nominated Julia as the pawn this week.

James attempted to flip Jmac and Austin’s vote and was able to convince an already on the fence Jmac but no luck with Austin. In a surprise by me, Steve started contemplating flipping the vote. Vanessa worked him hard last night to steer him away, but not being one to leave things to chance Vanessa laid the ground work in case the house flipped. If flip did occur she had thoroughly seeded the house with the idea that it was Austin’s doing. Weather or not this stuck I have no idea.

It’s worth noting that Vanessa has been playing a lot of angles these last 3 days hopefully this has aroused suspicions with her allies so that our final 3 weeks of feeds are as exciting as possible.

It’s Double eviction Tonight! I’m predicting Meg will be first to go to jury, whoever the second evicted houseguests is will dictate the type of season we end with. Hopefully all our favorites make it ๐Ÿ™‚

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-15-34-616_jpg

Live Show results

Johnnymac votes to evict Meg
Steve votes to evict Meg
Austin votes to evict Meg
Liz votes to evict Meg
James votes to evict Julia

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-19-30-613_jpg
Evicted Houseguests is Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-28-58-131_jpg

HOH called BBroad Trip
First HOH competition won by Liz

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-33-14-120_jpg
Nominations are James and John

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-38-59-658_jpg

Everyone but Vanessa plays in the POV. It was the game they got to practice yesterday.
Steve scored zero
Johnnymac scored zero
Austin Scored 15
Liz Scored 15
Julia scores 17
James Scores Zero
POV winner is Julia
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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-48-59-758_jpg

Julia does not use the veto
Nominations After POV James and Johnnymac

Julia votes to evict James
Austin votes to evict James
Vanessa votes to evict James
Steve votes to evict James
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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-58-11-049_jpg

Evicted Houseguets is James

Second HOH competition results will be later tonight.

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Hi Simon,
Long time reader first time questioner….
Do you happen to know where we can watch the episode on line? Football has interrupted our normal watching schedule. Thanks!

Julie Chen

House Guests! Would someone please go wake Meg up? We’ve got a show to do.

We Can Go Back to Sleep

Perfect! James & John deserve to be in the block, they said this was the easy way, easy to evict them. Why on God’s green earth would you sleep refuse to campaign, be afraid to run scenarios. James & John & Steve too afraid to talk to Austin. I hope John wins POV and Steve goes up as renom. He needs to puke some more. No one trusts him anymore anyway. Steve should get voted out. I bet Vanessa wins second HOH, anyone want to stake a bet? James Steve murdered the season by evicting wrong people and JMAC threw to many comps and floated. None of these three will get a shot at Finals.

Deez Nutz

This is starting to SUCK NUTS!!!!! Why not take out a BIG target….just a bunch of IDIOTS!! At this point, Vanessa deserves to win b/c these pansies are TOO AFRAID!!!!

right on

James, Jackie and Meg goofed when they turned their backs on Becky to evict, the mastermind,
Vanessa and totally embarrassed Becky’s wishes. They are now all evicted as a bunch of goofs. Vanessa whooped em all.


One of the two are getting America gave though….but it is definitely a toss-up


If Vanessa wins this double eviction veto comp ee will all know the show and contest are rigged and not fair to other players. My gut tells me the whole show this year is planned for Vanessa to win. Hate it, but its true!


One of the whore twins will win

Roll Tide

I have been saying/posting that all season. CBS put a poker star in the house and it would not look good for her to loose. I think she was the predetermined winner. She has bribed and lied her way to the win. Talked really bad about houseguest. Steve has been crippled by his family, absutely no social skills, not very smart. Johnnie you are the only hope. Win HOH and put up Liz and Vanesss. Austin and the twits, pure white trash.


Right before feeds were cut at 3:20 i read an update on another site that said they’d already drawn lots and that Steve shouldn’t throw the comp because he was first and James was last to throw of the six.
I thought it was for the HOH, but it sounds like it was determined hours ago that Vanessa would not play in the veto.

Julie Chen Says Twins Win BB & Get a Spin Off

I hope & pray Twins win evict Van & Austin who used them entire season, never getting their opinion, treating them like imbeciles and have to watch these bitches on their own CBS spin off the Twins Take LA dumping Austin & Van who cry like babies. Liz is winning and fucking someone else at Wrap Party, and loses Van’s telephone number. You think they want to hear her crazy lectures for another minute out of the house. Steve can vomit his life as super fan was total waste when these 2 bimbos can beat is ass and stuff Van’s game theory down her throat. They won’t get strategy Austin crows. I would watch if Twins send them all home.


you should not call your friends a bimbo. because we all know only a friend or family member would say these things


Ya Meg wake up you and James are now gone. So mad at Meg and why did james listen to herfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffu


In SoCal you may watch The show at 9 pm on KCAL channel 9


I’m watching at Stupid football!


So sad, one of the biggest nights of the season and im on a buissness trip in china. About to go into work where I have no wifi access and therefor wont k kw results for about 10-11 hrs.
Oh well. Have fun all….

April in Paris

Go Dr John Big Mac and Jamezees!


Meg, Meg You are so cute but you still think the Austwins were with you…said you were a whoop, ,no they didn’t care about you at all. Thanks for you not going to make deal with Johnny mac now you , Johnny or James may go home BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO





Old bb fan

I totally agree. I have never seen such poor play. I guess bb can get anyone to forfeit the money for ratings. Won’t watch any of them any more. Every season gets worse


Hope Steve.gro


Are you doing power rankings after double eviction?

Min O'Pause

I’m hoping for a big can of whoopass to be unleashed but I won’t hold my breath for these wusses to do anything.


Don’t feel to bad Henry, I’m in New York and we won’t get the show because of Thursday night NFL football. Bummed

Min O'Pause

I’m lucky. Watching the show in Illinois!

Tell Us Tell Us...

Damn football, and feeds are screwing up? Production fairies at work?! Tonight might even be a good night to watch BBAD, it’s been excruciatingly boring…I’m predicting Meg & Steve evicted fun! If it’s Meg & James, it will be hard to watch who’s left.


I have a feeling James will be the 2nd evicted houseguest tonight !!!


I knew it !!….James is gone…. At least he may win Favorite Player!!


One question. It’s been bothering me since last night.
Didn’t James find the veto card in the duvet cover (Austin)?
If so, why was it called a nail biter by James in the d/r coverage?
Didn’t he find that one? Maybe i am mistaken.


Vanessa found Austin’s card. James found Meg’s.


Thank you ava.
I was confused. I appreciate the answer because I was really scratching my head why he’d think it was a cliff hanger.


Damn you Steve and JMac!!!


We have pre season football on here, so no Big Brother :/ Looking at the guide, it looks like it will show after midnight sometime. So glad I can follow on this site! Thank you!!

Min O'Pause

Goddam pussies! !!!!

Used to love the show

These guys are idiots.


lol bye meg


ARGHHH Steve and JMac suuuuuck

Austin Has Ugly Feet

It’s official, Season is now officially on Auto-Pilot – Twins & Vanessa to Final 3 – boring as ‘ell, lost interest in watching now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Let’s make sure James get America’s favorite


I don’t think Vanessa wants the twins and Austin in the final 4 with her. It’s the reason she kept John and Steve around. I think she wants one of them to win HoH and take the first of the threesome out. As that will leave her as everyone’s third wheel. She’s playing it so you have Steve and John and Austin and Liz or Liz and Julia. Neither will target her until the other side is gone.

I can also see Austin realize that Vanessa has the resume’ for the win and targets her.

We’ll see who gets this HoH and hopefully someone decides to wrest control from Vanessa.
Sad, but John and Steve are the most likable of the remaining ones…


I think she wants to take Julia because she has done nothing and betting that people will respect Vanessa’s game over Julia’s. Maybe Austin if they are splitting money. Definitely not John ..he has too many friends.

Min O'Pause



Sissy cowards!

Jo Jo

They checked their balls at the door when the game started.

Such a bunch of pussies!

Why are these gutless wonders handing that troll Vanessa $500,000! What a bunch of losers…Whomever casts this show should be fired!


Grodner should be let go. This is the second season she’s brought in a strategist whose job is to read people. And the twin twist was rank and so unfair to the other players, but BB wants them in the finals. Austin does AFTER BUZZ show for BB and many of his friends are BB winners or alums.GET NEW PRODUCERS AND CASTING PEOPLE CBS. This looks fixed. And it’s a wrap for me and many other former fans. And you cut off JAMES’ applause to cut to the HG’s small talk. BYE BYE, BB. Who cares anymore.


Steve and Jmac is pussy hope they win hoh and nominate austin and liz. So so stupid to not get rid of julia. Steve and John are Sheyld 2.0 from canada season 1 where they will end up 6th and 5th.


Why would you evict Meg who will never win anything, when you can evict Julia and break up the three person alliance? STUPID. The fact that JM, Steve, and Vanessa are so stupid and cowardly makes me now want them to lose. If Steve, JM, and James would have voted out Julia the three of them and Meg would have been four strong going into the next HOH against only two people, Liz and Austin (Julia evicted and Vanessa previous HOH) AAARRRRRRGGGHHHHH! Worst houseguests ever.

Cut from honey

I knew it… Evicting Meg was the stupidest game move. Austwins are in power until the end of the game. Fu@&$$k) vanessa for making this happen.


Were r the power rankings I really enjoy them


Season 16 was better than this shit. WTF is wrong with the production?
I would rather watch Frankie then any of these fools and he made me want to gouge my eyes out and poor hot lead in my ears.

Watched every season

I think it comes close to a tie here. I’m done for the season – Can’t stomach any more of the remaining twits. Will continue to read here till the rap.

Jody H.

No. Despite how annoying they can be, NOTHING is worse than BB16.

I survived last seasons BB

A Twin won…ctap


James and John as nominees is not a surprise

Min O'Pause



What are Steve & J-Mac thinking?? Do they really think there is any way that they will make it past the final 5?? Keeping the Austwins together is one of the dumbest moves I’ve ever seen in the history of Big Brother. Everyone know you break up the pairs (or in this case triples) Why go into the house if you don’t want to win??

Jo Jo

So no one has grown a pair yet? Sad sad season….


steve thrown that hoh and jmac too. Well goodbye james thanks for the memories. I thought meg was going to kiss him.


Wellington done Steve and jonnymac… You left the austwins To run the house! WELL FRICKING DONE!

I survived last seasons BB

James is out unless He gets POV, if so JMac is toast

Amy N

I hope John wins veto or James….something happen please!!


Steve and Johnny Mac no balls. Hope you go the hell home


bye james!

Pee Wee Herman Twins

That’s it. I’m officially switching to rooting for the bobble headed lizard twins I want jmac and Steve gone. The only redeeming thing left is watching Vanessa get destroyed by the austwits and then watch them devour each other. It’s official. This season is trashed.


I agree. Stupidity from Steve and Johnny Mac now makes me want them to fail. I want the twins to burn Vanessa and Austin and show how stupid everyone was to keep them alive. Screw season 17 cowards

Down and Out in Milwaukee

This has become too painful to watch so I am sadly/gladly self evicting from the rest of the season.

Min O'Pause

Oh my I’m so surprised! James and JMac on the block!


Well this is the first year I have followed BB obsessively, I am so over it!
Maybe, we the audience are the real social experiment. I will DVR and only watch after I know all the results. Luv ya James! Classy!

Dude Bro

i hope John feels stupid right now. If James wins POV, he is gone, and if John wins POV, James is gone.

Brad H

I hope CBS knows that ratings are about to take a HUGE dive if James doesn’t win POV right now. Done watching if he gets evicted.


Steve and jmac are going to feel really dumb when they end up on the block next to each other, when James win the veto.

top gun

We can only hope, they both(Johnny/Steve) messed up, ow James and Johnny are on the block, the true colors of the others are showing. Can’t believe Stave and Johnny didn’t take there shot. Now those three are going fast. Boring!!!

Pee Wee Herman Twins

I also called it that Liz would win. Worst fing bb season EVER.

April in Paris



The men should all be flayed….just keeping with my theme lol


Unless James wins POV and follow up with HOH, then we may as well be watching the football game

Colorblind James

James can’t tell the difference between a black woman and a white woman? Why the hell did he put false?


Once again another idiotic move that benefits the twins and Vanessa (more so the twins ). Leave it jmac and steve to screw up simple elementary game move. Now it might cost them their game. james is our last hope.


If James goes home. I’m done for the season. I can’t image watching the twins and Austin. They disgust me. See you next season!!


I agree 100 percent


The twins are gross. Austin is a fool. Done with the season.

Hey Arnold twins

Done watching BB until next season

Min O'Pause

Watch Steve vomit all over the board from nerves.


Well season might as well be over Liz is gonna win it all


Idiots. Idiots. Idiots. John deserves to sit there-awful player.

I survived last seasons BB

Bye James