Big Brother 17 Week 10 Summary – Double eviction Live Show results Meg vs JUJU

At the starts of week 10 we saw Vanessa win the grueling 5 minutes endurance competition. She nominated The goblins James and Meg, James was the target. James won the Power of veto took him self off the block. Vanessa now had a choice put up Julia to ensure Meg goes out or listen to her allies Austin/Twins and put up Johnnymac which would result in Johnnymac going out . Vanessa has put a lot of work in to re-befriend Jmac so she wasn’t keen on tossing all that out to keep someone that she’s not close to in the game, Meg. With the blessing of the AUSTWINS Vanessa nominated Julia as the pawn this week.

James attempted to flip Jmac and Austin’s vote and was able to convince an already on the fence Jmac but no luck with Austin. In a surprise by me, Steve started contemplating flipping the vote. Vanessa worked him hard last night to steer him away, but not being one to leave things to chance Vanessa laid the ground work in case the house flipped. If flip did occur she had thoroughly seeded the house with the idea that it was Austin’s doing. Weather or not this stuck I have no idea.

It’s worth noting that Vanessa has been playing a lot of angles these last 3 days hopefully this has aroused suspicions with her allies so that our final 3 weeks of feeds are as exciting as possible.

It’s Double eviction Tonight! I’m predicting Meg will be first to go to jury, whoever the second evicted houseguests is will dictate the type of season we end with. Hopefully all our favorites make it :)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-15-34-616_jpg

Live Show results

Johnnymac votes to evict Meg
Steve votes to evict Meg
Austin votes to evict Meg
Liz votes to evict Meg
James votes to evict Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-19-30-613_jpg
Evicted Houseguests is Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-28-58-131_jpg

HOH called BBroad Trip
First HOH competition won by Liz

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-33-14-120_jpg
Nominations are James and John

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-38-59-658_jpg

Everyone but Vanessa plays in the POV. It was the game they got to practice yesterday.
Steve scored zero
Johnnymac scored zero
Austin Scored 15
Liz Scored 15
Julia scores 17
James Scores Zero
POV winner is Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-48-59-758_jpg

Julia does not use the veto
Nominations After POV James and Johnnymac

Julia votes to evict James
Austin votes to evict James
Vanessa votes to evict James
Steve votes to evict James

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 18-58-11-049_jpg

Evicted Houseguets is James

Second HOH competition results will be later tonight.

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203 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Week 10 Summary – Double eviction Live Show results Meg vs JUJU

  1. Hi Simon,
    Long time reader first time questioner….
    Do you happen to know where we can watch the episode on line? Football has interrupted our normal watching schedule. Thanks!

      1. Perfect! James & John deserve to be in the block, they said this was the easy way, easy to evict them. Why on God’s green earth would you sleep refuse to campaign, be afraid to run scenarios. James & John & Steve too afraid to talk to Austin. I hope John wins POV and Steve goes up as renom. He needs to puke some more. No one trusts him anymore anyway. Steve should get voted out. I bet Vanessa wins second HOH, anyone want to stake a bet? James Steve murdered the season by evicting wrong people and JMAC threw to many comps and floated. None of these three will get a shot at Finals.

        1. This is starting to SUCK NUTS!!!!! Why not take out a BIG target….just a bunch of IDIOTS!! At this point, Vanessa deserves to win b/c these pansies are TOO AFRAID!!!!

          1. James, Jackie and Meg goofed when they turned their backs on Becky to evict, the mastermind,
            Vanessa and totally embarrassed Becky’s wishes. They are now all evicted as a bunch of goofs. Vanessa whooped em all.

      2. If Vanessa wins this double eviction veto comp ee will all know the show and contest are rigged and not fair to other players. My gut tells me the whole show this year is planned for Vanessa to win. Hate it, but its true!

        1. I have been saying/posting that all season. CBS put a poker star in the house and it would not look good for her to loose. I think she was the predetermined winner. She has bribed and lied her way to the win. Talked really bad about houseguest. Steve has been crippled by his family, absutely no social skills, not very smart. Johnnie you are the only hope. Win HOH and put up Liz and Vanesss. Austin and the twits, pure white trash.

        2. Right before feeds were cut at 3:20 i read an update on another site that said they’d already drawn lots and that Steve shouldn’t throw the comp because he was first and James was last to throw of the six.
          I thought it was for the HOH, but it sounds like it was determined hours ago that Vanessa would not play in the veto.

      3. I hope & pray Twins win evict Van & Austin who used them entire season, never getting their opinion, treating them like imbeciles and have to watch these bitches on their own CBS spin off the Twins Take LA dumping Austin & Van who cry like babies. Liz is winning and fucking someone else at Wrap Party, and loses Van’s telephone number. You think they want to hear her crazy lectures for another minute out of the house. Steve can vomit his life as super fan was total waste when these 2 bimbos can beat is ass and stuff Van’s game theory down her throat. They won’t get strategy Austin crows. I would watch if Twins send them all home.

      4. Ya Meg wake up you and James are now gone. So mad at Meg and why did james listen to herfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffu

  2. So sad, one of the biggest nights of the season and im on a buissness trip in china. About to go into work where I have no wifi access and therefor wont k kw results for about 10-11 hrs.
    Oh well. Have fun all….

    1. Meg, Meg You are so cute but you still think the Austwins were with you…said you were a whoop, ,no they didn’t care about you at all. Thanks for you not going to make deal with Johnny mac now you , Johnny or James may go home BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


      1. I totally agree. I have never seen such poor play. I guess bb can get anyone to forfeit the money for ratings. Won’t watch any of them any more. Every season gets worse

    1. Damn football, and feeds are screwing up? Production fairies at work?! Tonight might even be a good night to watch BBAD, it’s been excruciatingly boring…I’m predicting Meg & Steve evicted fun! If it’s Meg & James, it will be hard to watch who’s left.

  3. One question. It’s been bothering me since last night.
    Didn’t James find the veto card in the duvet cover (Austin)?
    If so, why was it called a nail biter by James in the d/r coverage?
    Didn’t he find that one? Maybe i am mistaken.

      1. Thank you ava.
        I was confused. I appreciate the answer because I was really scratching my head why he’d think it was a cliff hanger.

  4. We have pre season football on here, so no Big Brother :/ Looking at the guide, it looks like it will show after midnight sometime. So glad I can follow on this site! Thank you!!

  5. It’s official, Season is now officially on Auto-Pilot – Twins & Vanessa to Final 3 – boring as ‘ell, lost interest in watching now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. I don’t think Vanessa wants the twins and Austin in the final 4 with her. It’s the reason she kept John and Steve around. I think she wants one of them to win HoH and take the first of the threesome out. As that will leave her as everyone’s third wheel. She’s playing it so you have Steve and John and Austin and Liz or Liz and Julia. Neither will target her until the other side is gone.

      I can also see Austin realize that Vanessa has the resume’ for the win and targets her.

      We’ll see who gets this HoH and hopefully someone decides to wrest control from Vanessa.
      Sad, but John and Steve are the most likable of the remaining ones…

      1. I think she wants to take Julia because she has done nothing and betting that people will respect Vanessa’s game over Julia’s. Maybe Austin if they are splitting money. Definitely not John ..he has too many friends.

  6. Why are these gutless wonders handing that troll Vanessa $500,000! What a bunch of losers…Whomever casts this show should be fired!

    1. Grodner should be let go. This is the second season she’s brought in a strategist whose job is to read people. And the twin twist was rank and so unfair to the other players, but BB wants them in the finals. Austin does AFTER BUZZ show for BB and many of his friends are BB winners or alums.GET NEW PRODUCERS AND CASTING PEOPLE CBS. This looks fixed. And it’s a wrap for me and many other former fans. And you cut off JAMES’ applause to cut to the HG’s small talk. BYE BYE, BB. Who cares anymore.

  7. Steve and Jmac is pussy hope they win hoh and nominate austin and liz. So so stupid to not get rid of julia. Steve and John are Sheyld 2.0 from canada season 1 where they will end up 6th and 5th.

  8. Why would you evict Meg who will never win anything, when you can evict Julia and break up the three person alliance? STUPID. The fact that JM, Steve, and Vanessa are so stupid and cowardly makes me now want them to lose. If Steve, JM, and James would have voted out Julia the three of them and Meg would have been four strong going into the next HOH against only two people, Liz and Austin (Julia evicted and Vanessa previous HOH) AAARRRRRRGGGHHHHH! Worst houseguests ever.

    1. I knew it… Evicting Meg was the stupidest game move. Austwins are in power until the end of the game. Fu@&$$k) vanessa for making this happen.

  9. Season 16 was better than this shit. WTF is wrong with the production?
    I would rather watch Frankie then any of these fools and he made me want to gouge my eyes out and poor hot lead in my ears.

      1. I think it comes close to a tie here. I’m done for the season – Can’t stomach any more of the remaining twits. Will continue to read here till the rap.

  10. What are Steve & J-Mac thinking?? Do they really think there is any way that they will make it past the final 5?? Keeping the Austwins together is one of the dumbest moves I’ve ever seen in the history of Big Brother. Everyone know you break up the pairs (or in this case triples) Why go into the house if you don’t want to win??

  11. That’s it. I’m officially switching to rooting for the bobble headed lizard twins I want jmac and Steve gone. The only redeeming thing left is watching Vanessa get destroyed by the austwits and then watch them devour each other. It’s official. This season is trashed.

    1. I agree. Stupidity from Steve and Johnny Mac now makes me want them to fail. I want the twins to burn Vanessa and Austin and show how stupid everyone was to keep them alive. Screw season 17 cowards

    1. Well this is the first year I have followed BB obsessively, I am so over it!
      Maybe, we the audience are the real social experiment. I will DVR and only watch after I know all the results. Luv ya James! Classy!

  12. I hope CBS knows that ratings are about to take a HUGE dive if James doesn’t win POV right now. Done watching if he gets evicted.

    1. We can only hope, they both(Johnny/Steve) messed up, ow James and Johnny are on the block, the true colors of the others are showing. Can’t believe Stave and Johnny didn’t take there shot. Now those three are going fast. Boring!!!

  13. Once again another idiotic move that benefits the twins and Vanessa (more so the twins ). Leave it jmac and steve to screw up simple elementary game move. Now it might cost them their game. james is our last hope.

  14. If James goes home. I’m done for the season. I can’t image watching the twins and Austin. They disgust me. See you next season!!

  15. Lol, way to go Julia! The second lizard twin does it! Exciting! And don’t worry, Nessa cleared everyone’s balls a long time ago!

    1. Of course they didn’t throw it. That would be an extremely difficult comp if you’re nervous. It requires so much precision and any nervous energy will completely screw you up. It caused JMac to throw the ball too hard. James was worried about throwing it too hard, which made him throw it too light both times.

      The only ones who did well at that comp were the ones that had nothing to worry about.

  16. Yeesh.
    People are going to go insane on here.
    That’s what my brain said when Steve, Jmac and James all got 0 in the power of veto.

  17. Thanks Big Brother for another crappy season! At least I don’thave to torture myself having to watch for the remainder of the season.

    CBS, pat yourself on the back for losing a large audience/rating share for the remainder of the season!

  18. The only way to redeem this tragedy (Now that James is doomed) is for Vanessa, Steve, and JM to get net HOH (against Liz and Austin) if those three join forces then they might make final three.

  19. Pretty clear James is gone. I read all the time people saying they are done and I know they aren’t, but for me, James leaving ends the season. Simon and Dawg, I thank you for all your hard work. I appreciate what you do. I no longer care who wins so I am truly out.

      1. Of course they would vote to keep Jmac ! They are all scared James will kick their asses if he wins HOH. Lol probably the only smart move for saving themselves.

  20. goodbye james. See you later. John will have to win no matter what because austwins will get him to the curb to bad for not taking the risk. James is gone goodbye. Thanks for the memories hope to see you in all stars.

  21. Over it. Done watching this season, will just check here for updates, can’t stand the twins, Austin, don’t even get me started on Vanessa and Steve. This has been the worst season ever. I can’t believe a four-person power Alliance has been in charge for so long and nobody has done anything to stop it I would rather watch Brenchel. At this point Vanessa deserves to win. Everyone just cowars down to her, just another version of Audrey

  22. If James leaves the house tonight ‘THE DESTESTABLES’ aka “scampersquad” minus JM can now start officially devouring one another. Yum!! Only person worth watching if James leaves, although he is an idiot for voting out Meg, is JM. Sadly! Gosh, what a pathetic season this turned out to be.

  23. I never did get Johnny Mac and now I don’t want to. What can I say that hasn’t been said about JMAC and Steve? Except that I agree with all of you that these two are probably the worst F-ing BB players. So weak, I hope they get what’s coming to them- and soon!

  24. Oh lookie. Asstin wants to give Liz a consolation poke….what a bunch of phonies. I’d love to see Asstin and Liz alone in the house and watch her try to get away from him…he’ll be all over her like a monkey on a banana tree!

    1. I vote to evict the producers and casting staff! Please find REAL PEOPLE for next years show. Average people like James and Meg make this a great show. Finding millionaire poker players (Vannesa) and wealthy celebrities (Frankie) change the integrity of this show. Let’s have REAL people or ever REAL SUPERFANS on the show. Who cares if a rich person wins! #theyalreadyhave500k

  25. Watching james go broke my heart I don’t think I will keep watching anymore I rather just come and read spoilers on this site and I’m good

  26. Win the hoh jmac or steve because if you lose one of you are going home 100% and honestly austin or julia is not stupid they will come and get you. Jmac will not nom steve or van same with steve so the twins and austin are not stupid. Jmac poor gameplay my vote will go to james for afp that guy made me laugh, service to army, daughter, and was very good guy.

  27. I’m DONE with this season. They are all idiots in the house!!!!! Even Vanessa…. How could you possibly leave a TWIN, part of a now unbeatable trio, left in the house??? No other season in the world would have ever tolerated or allowed that. Will go down as the worst season and gameplay in bB history!

    And to Steve, grow a pair you sissy! Get some of Austin’s wwe washout hair and glue it on.

    And JMac is as dumb as his laugh.

      1. Van and the Austwins have a deal to split the cash if any of them win. They made the deal ages a go. This is what we are seeing getting played out. It doesn’t matter who out of van or the Austwins wins because they will split the cash. BORING. This was a cheat IMO and made the game shit.

        Next season they should get the public to vote like in BBUK because now that you can make deals with the cash its bullshit.

  28. All the rest left in the house are creepy in one way or another. I don’t “hate” any of them like I did Gina Marie, but they all just creep me out. I can’t stand watching them. And now that James is gone I couldn’t care less what happens: who back stabs who, and who finally wins. Thanks for another season that I can’t finish watching, BB. I’m out!

  29. This is like the year Jun and whatsherass were final 2. I didn’t give a shit which twat won then and I don’t give a rat’s ass which twat wins now.

  30. So upset at the leftovers in the house. I have never disliked the last ones standing in the bb house more than in this season. Last rant of me not watching again till next season if there’s even another one. The last players here are probably the dumbest ever. Everyone is playing for their own game. I feel like no one sees that and they don’t even have a mind of their own. You are choosing sides and wouldn’t flip when you already know your place on the “totem pole.” It’s just ridiculous that Steve and John couldn’t see that. It could’ve been a mako game changer.

  31. I wonder if the reason Liz looked so constipated tonight was because someone in the DR room hinted tipped her off that America hates them.

  32. I am so over it. I don’t wanna watch Vanessa, Austwin, Steve in TV anymore. They make me sick.I hope Steve regret his move to keeping Twin in the house.

  33. this is such bullshit. Fuck the twins. Hopefully John wins hoh but let’s be honest it’ll probably be Austin or Vanessa. again.

  34. I just cancelled my PVR future recordings for BB, there is no longer even a reason to watch! JMac and Steve had so much potiental, what a bitter disappointment!

    1. Honestly though is Steve and jmac flipped one of them would have walked out the door. So some people may think it was stupid of them but looks like they made the right choice. Now hopefully one of them (preferably jmac) wins hoh

  35. What a sad DE. I could stand behind the twins for the win if they had any clue or thought of their own. Julia says she doesn’t want to get any more blood on her hands! LOL!!!! She had the chance to backdoor Vanessa, which would have been the biggest move in the game so far, something to take before a jury for the win, but she figures that she has gotten enough blood on her hands by not winning anything before tonight and wimps out. And don’t get me started on Steve and JMac not taking Julia out instead of Meg. It was the only chance for both of them to win the game. I have to hand it to Vanessa, but I just can’t stand her histrionics and paranoia. There is really nobody left to root for, maybe Johnny, but I can’t stand any of the others. Even though the end is probably going to suck, it’s the best season since season 11, which also sucked at the end.

  36. Welcome to the Vanessa invitational,
    The rich get richer.
    Vanessa will win it all.
    the Skank Stank Sisters are going to finish 2-3
    Steve 4
    Austin 5
    Johnny leaving next week

  37. Time to move on. No more feeds for me! I cant take this. So gutless for jmac and steve to not break up the twins. Vanessa or Liz will most likely win. That will be lots of fun to watch. The only good news is Survivor starts pretty soon.

  38. All the haters are out in full force tonight. Please do us all a favor and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. No need to post that you are done with the show, just go away. No one cares

    1. No one wants to be a hater but when you see idiots do stupid shit it just happens.
      The only reason people are angry and hating is because they care.

  39. All the haters are out in full force tonight. Please do us all a favor and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. No need to post that you are done with the show, just go away. No one cares.

  40. With the Goblins in jury can we agree that the new underdogs that everyone will most likely be rooting for are Steve and John?
    If i were going to predict given the conversations of the last 24 hours:
    Austin thinks John will nominate Steve and Vanessa if he wins, that’s what John told him. So he’ll be feeling pretty safe. He also thinks the twins have to broken up some time. but he won’t do it himself. I suspect he will throw hoh.
    Vanessa has a final two deal with everyone in the house except Liz. But Vanessa likes power and thinks either herself or John is best to get power (from what she said to Steve yesterday).
    Liz can’t play in the next hoh.
    Steve seems to want to avoid hoh as much as possible.
    Julia. just… Julia. I never have much to say when it comes to Julia.
    I can’t help but feel that the Austwins will be split apart next Thursday, if not by the first eviction, then definitely by the instant eviction. Unless the landscape changes DRAMTICALLY over the next six days.

    1. I want Steve and JMac out next for fucking up the flip. Idiots. Now there’s absolutely no one left to root for (for me). I either can’t stand their game or their personality, and in some cases both. What a waste of a season.

  41. I’ll miss you James! You made BB interesting-hope you get AFP. Loved the unrequited crush angle-just enough drama and flirting. I’ll also miss Meg, loved the way she was always protective of James. A sweet girl and a good friend.

  42. julia was not stupid she is better than victoria and can win comps. Everyone thinks she is good pawn not necessarily julia can win hoh I say in both double eviction she was close not even victoria can do that. Meg was the victoria of the season but oh well know john and steve must fight to survive or one of them will going home. No kidding I do not win comp well you have too because it will john and steve and either will be going home.

  43. Big Brother you ruined my Summmmmmmer. Who ever picked the cast besides James he should be fired
    . I think for a twist next year is the viewers get to choose two people for eviction. the twins ruined it this year for me there voice goes right through you.

  44. Austin is not stupid vanessa convincing to throwing it. Anything can happen. Well I felt the double eviction is a week too early I kind of wish was next especially with the football. But what can you do it was lame double eviction of the season. Twins are idiots taking vanessa is not a good idea because she can win comps. If she makes it final 4 she will win a 100% and no one can stop her.

    1. Next week is instant eviction. so double makes sense this week imo.
      Vanessa has been planting seeds in Austin’s head for days that a time will come that a twin has to leave if Austin wants to win. He’s been agreeing but doesn’t want to be the one that puts them up. It sounds like a pretty compelling reason to throw the hoh. If she’s able to manipulate him well enough.
      If it’s a physical comp hoh, all bets are off. Austin throwing a physical comp to say… Steve would look ridiculous and not be believable.
      If it’s a mental comp i think Austin might throw it. Or just suck at it.

  45. But if I had to choose…..

    Jmac…..only because he’d get bragging rights for being evicted and still winning the game.

  46. Vanessa right back to work. Convincing Austin to throw the HOH. This is way too easy for her, probably cause she is the only one playing the game.

  47. Thank you Simon and Dawg! I officially cancelled my feeds after this. Im just gonna get my updates from here. In Johns defense tho, I think he knew Steve voted to evict meg so that was the only option for him. Thought Steve actually grew a pair the past day, had me fooled.

  48. I’m done. Worst season ever. Idiotic move after idiotic move. This year the producers just phoned it in. The twins had an unfair advantage from day one, but who cares now. I don’t feel any of these losers deserve the money. I have enjoyed this blog and all the comments. Maybe next year…..

  49. They are really not paying attention this year to us viewers. Remember the advertisers want a “happy” audience for shows that they are promoting there goods with.

    1. They are so damn annoying to look at with their eye spacing all far apart like that. And now a message from our sponsor. This season of Big Brother has been brought to you by Hefty trash bags.

  50. I did not know why james threw the veto can someone ask him that I know he could one of it but his head was not in it. Well jmac has to win or steve because from right now austin and twins are not throwing the hoh because they are not stupid. Its 3 vs 2. And vanessa is on the side watching the blows.

  51. Just deleted my dvr scheduled recording. THANKS CBS FOR SHOWING FOOTBALL. can’t bare to watch this disaster episode. Seeing the horrible twins win make me wanna puke.

  52. I am not a superfan, but I enjoyed the last 6 seasons. This one started out ‘sketchy’ b/c of the cast selection and the whole transgender emphasis which was a cheap CBS ploy for ratings. But I actually enjoyed this middle part when Clay got evicted. Now though w/o James and Meg to keep it lively this is going to be so dull and twins bull..t, I know this is just a big Borether finish. Too bad I really like Big Brother and hopefully CBS will revive it next season with an overhaul and new executive producers. Thanks Dawg and Simon for all your work.

  53. It’s good you brought all your game trivia with you,
    but you probably should have brought your balls.
    All of your game moves could have been made from the couch in your moms basement.
    Don’t hold your breath hoping for Americas Player.
    When you watch this season at home,
    I hope your mom has the smarts to keep you on suicide watch.

  54. Good god I hate the twins. I hate them, so much. Flames…flames, on the side of my face. Burning, heaving…breathless…breat…flames…

    Honestly, if those two end up as the final two, or even one of them does, the only thing that would be great about it would be them walking out of the house and into the studio to absolute silence. No boos. No jeering. Just absolute silence, the audience literally turning their backs on the stage, or hell, forming a single file line and walking out. Because oh my god those two are the worst. Just. The. Worst.

    Have I mentioned I hate them? Woof.

  55. Well BB 17 is over for me. Never understood why twins were kept from the beginning. I honestly never got into any of the players this year like in previous seasons. I do know that I do not care for any of the remaining players so will not watch to see who wins. I love this site and thanks for all your hard work.

  56. The only thing I’m hoping for is that Vanessa gets caught in all final 2 deals with everyone.Like to see her talk her way out of that one. James took the heart and soul of big brother with him. John is the only likeable one left.

  57. I have watched all of the BigBrother seasons, and this is the best season ever!

    Those twins are so cute. They are down to earth real peeps who so sexy to watch???? and I hope Hollywood signs them up for a new project. They are 10 times better than those Olsen twins, who were cute as children and then grew up funny looking.

  58. Is it me or has the phrase “Blood on my Hands” been thrown out waaaaaayyyyy too many times this season. Shish I vomit everytime someone says it. God is anyone there playing BB, heeeellllllloooooo, aren’t the ones who always win it the ones who have the most blood on their hands in the end, man grow a pair people or why did you ever come on the show in 1st place, too get a free vacation. Just proves how much of cowards these people are.

  59. Why is everyone mad about the twin twist? They all knew about them and easily could have prevented tJukia from coming in by evicting Liz. Everyone loves underdogs who sit back, sleep, and dont win like Meg? Or sad about James who hung out with the sloth Meg ? And isn’t Meg friends with someone who know Frankie, who we all hated? Wasn’t she recruited? I get rooting for underdogs, but not Meg! She was a hinderence, not a help and James was too lame to realize it so he is gone!!

  60. Time for Vanessa and Austin to throw HOH to Steve and JMac and have them nominate Liz and Julia. Veto played and its whoever goes up, but a TWIN goes home. The twins are insipid. Insufferable. And of course the they ruled the DE tonight. But in order for Van and Austin to truly have a chance without bloody hands, get the other two guys to be the executioner. Austin can’t be apart of this and neither can Vanessa. Vanessa, you are unfortunately and fortunately incredibly smart. You’ll probably win, B/c juries aren’t necessarily bitter when they recognize great gameplay. The jury will put on their gameplay hats and know Vanessa killed it. Only way she won’t win is if someone doesn’t take her from 3 to 2 on finale night.

  61. First time poster but an advid reader of this site. Tonight was just … A let down. True fans of this show want to see strategy, house shifts and blind sides. This entire season has has none of that. Instead we get V’s none-stop bullying, jm’s dumb laugh and worse, his dumb moves, S’s either crying (awkward) or asking V’z permission if he can play the game and last A, L & J – all boring and dad when L is the strong one in that bunch. I agree with others that last season was not great but at least Derek was likeable and Cody was fun (and cute). I miss the Rachel and Danny’s feud, a competitor like Janelle, Dan’s “funeral” and yes, of course brittany’s hilarious personality. That was what bb was suppose to be … Fun, a summer guity pleasure. Well hopefully james will get favorite player and V gets to the final two (with anyone left, I don’t really care) and doesn’t get one vote. That is the only thing left to redeem this season. One more thing … Simon /dawg – you guys are awesome, this site is a lot of fun and all your hard work is appreciated by so many fans. I wish you could do this for survivor!!!

  62. Steve is the dumbest one among the HGs. He did not have a gut to do anything on his own. Everything Steve does is that he needs to run by his mommy Vanessa. He deserves to vote out after James.

  63. James was my favorite, but he spent more time with Meg than playing the game. The rest are an embarassment to the game. Where are the great player types that want to win? I have not seen so many HGs not play to win but instead throw comps, obey a woman who can cry on que and be persuaded to play her game to benefit her to win not all the sheep she controls by intimidation. There are so many floater in this game, just not as obvious as Meg. None of these players know how to play this game. Vanessa is lucky she is the smartest of a bunch of incompetent players

  64. Is truck driver another occupation on Vanessa’s resume? The hobo mask she wears for her raging case of acne would really have completed the look… Maybe that’s her hoedown DJ attire. Can I get a yeehaw!!!

  65. I’m more or less a newbie to big brother having only seen the last three seasons. I’d like to know which seasons Simon and Dawg consider to be the top three to go back and watch

  66. Dang! I was hoping James would win the whole thing. I guess I’ll have to go with Vanessa since she’s the main reason most of the people in the house are still there.

  67. Big Brother Hall of Fame 2015 w/Presenter

    -Rachel Reilly-Villegas (BB12 & BB13) presented by Elissa Slater (BB15)
    -Simon & Dawg ( presented by Captainwedgiearchnemesis (
    -Erika Landin (BB4 & BB7:All-Stars) presented by Allison Irwin (BB4 & BB7: All-Stars)
    -Jordan Lloyd (BB11 & BB13) presented by Jeff Schroeder (BB11 & BB13)
    -Joshuah Welch (BB9) presented by Chelsea Hart (BB9)
    -Sheryl Crow (BB3) presented by Danielle Reyes (BB3 & BB7: All-Stars)
    -Sue Hawk (BB2) presented by Gerverse Petersen (BB2)
    -Curtis Kin (BB1) presented by Eddie McGee (BB1)
    -Jason Guy (BB3) presented by Danielle Reyes (BB3 & BB7:All-Stars)
    -Jessica Hughbanks (BB8) presented by Eric Stein (BB8)
    -Otev (BB11-Present) presented by Mike “Boogie” Malin
    -Lisa Donahue (BB3) presented by Danielle Reyes (BB3 & BB7:All-Stars)
    -Keesha Smith (BB10) presented by Dan Gheesling (BB10 & BB14)

    1. Big Brother Hall of Fame 2015 w/Presenter

      -Rachel Reilly-Villegas (BB12 & BB13) presented by Elissa Slater (BB15)
      -Simon & Dawg ( presented by Captainwedgiearchnemesis (
      -Erika Landin (BB4 & BB7:All-Stars) presented by Allison Irwin (BB4 & BB7: All-Stars)
      -Jordan Lloyd (BB11 & BB13) presented by Jeff Schroeder (BB11 & BB13)
      -Joshuah Welch (BB9) presented by Chelsea Hart (BB9)
      -Sheryl Crow (BB3) presented by Danielle Reyes (BB3 & BB7: All-Stars)
      -Sue Hawk (BB2) presented by Gerverse Petersen (BB2)
      -Curtis Kin (BB1) presented by Eddie McGee (BB1)
      -Jason Guy (BB3) presented by Danielle Reyes (BB3 & BB7:All-Stars)
      -Jessica Hughbanks (BB8) presented by Eric Stein (BB8)
      -Otev (BB11-Present) presented by Mike “Boogie” Malin (BB2, BB7:All-Stars, BB14)
      -Lisa Donahue (BB3) presented by Danielle Reyes (BB3 & BB7:All-Stars)
      -Keesha Smith (BB10) presented by Dan Gheesling (BB10 & BB14)

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