Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 10 Summary and Double Eviction Results


There’s still some game to be had this final 2 weeks on the feeds. Chances are with this group it’ll be more of the same mad delusions. Which are actually kinda fun to listen to at times. I don’t think it was the worst Season That still is given to BB16. BB19 was just another “one of the worst” of this new breed of show. 

How the week went down

Xmas was given the Head of Household. Paul used her HOH to get Alex and Jason nominated. Before nominations he told Alex and Jason he was worried he was the backdoor target, they bought this. They bought this even after he campaigned heavily to get people to throw the HOH to Xmas. Paul, Raven told Xmas and JOsh that the target was Jason first then Alex. Paul will tell Alex and Jason that Kevin is the target. It all worked perfectly. 

Xmas tells the house her (aka Paul’s) targets is a strong male player, pretty much says it was Jason. Power of Veto is played and Paul wins. Paul uses the Veto on Alex and gets Xmas to nominate Kevin in her place. 

At this point Josh is starting to get worried about how Paul is playing, he feels that Paul is making game moves that really only benefits Paul’s game. Josh confronts Xmas about this but she doesn’t buy it, sounds like she thinks she can beat Paul in the final 2.  Xmas and Paul continue to reinforce Josh telling him that Paul playing the middle is best for them all. The tell Josh if Alex wins the HOH Paul can manipulate her to take out Kevin or Raven instead of Josh/Xmas.  Josh is worried that Jason/Alex will be pissed at him when he votes Jason out after telling them he was voting Kevin out. Josh is worried about jury votes, he’s worried about making enemies, and he likes Alex/Jason and doesn’t want to be a dick. 

Paul and Xmas spend some good time trying to convince him otherwise. For now it seems to have done the job with Josh.

Summary of the players..

(Please take this as something fun..  a way to vent about a very frustrating season from someone that’s watched a lot of feeds this year. I suggest we all write  Summary of the players in the comments  it’s very therapeutic)

Alex continues to be completely misted by Paul. Believing everything based on some notion of “Friendship”. Her awareness of the game has suffered greatly because of this loyalty to Paul. She seems to reserve  a lot of her time to talking about Jury votes and avoiding getting blood on her hands to scoop up those Jury votes. 

Xmas is the most delusional of the people left in the house. It’s almost fun to watch her opinion of her Big Brother performance because it’s so f*ed up. I look forward to seeing some of the fans reminding her otherwise on twitter. She believes she’s seen as a real inspiration, she thinks Big Brother will ask her to come back because she was so awesome, Made big moves, was tough, strategic. She claims her moves were her own. She says this season was Cordial. Give excuses for her behaviour or flat out just revises history to her liking. saying things like sure they got into fights but they’re bada$$es.. this is Big Brother.. it was all the game. .. Xmas really has a distorted view of things. In reality she’s one of the more nasty people this season (Alex and Paul might have her beat) . She followed  Paul around like a fool. She admitted to be high on painkillers for weeks and thinks she deserves to win because of her foot. She’s the worst and I’m sad she became this.. I was excited to see she was cast until I got to know her. Seeing how she dropped in ranking I don’t think I’m the only one.  Apparently she likes Paul in a romantic sense so I guess I feel sorry for Paul.. KRAKEN

Paul is playing these people for fools, they all look like complete snowed over idiots. This season will forever be remembered as the season of lobotomized sheep. Sure it’s easy for me to say I’m watching the feeds but the amount Paul has these idiots misted is insane. No one can deny this. Never before has so many people said they know Paul will win in the end but they have no intentions of taking him out because… Friendship.. 

Josh is seeing the light but it sounds like he’ll follow Xmas even if it means his game. Josh is slowly becoming likable again but the season almost over and I don’t think time is on his side.  A interesting player even if he was unbearable for most the season. 

Raven..   The house knows she’s full of sh1t and ohh man is she ever full of sh1t..  I took some time to investigate Raven’s illnesses and the stuff she has said, there’s complied lists out there and a whole hastag dedicated to debunking her crap.  She’s full of sh1t more than I thought. I kinda kept out of the whole ravenexpossed thing early in the season as I was too busy with updates.  Frankly it sounded like cat ladies gone mad at first but after some time to poke around myself.. .UGH .. it’s f*ed, she’s f*ed and her mom is even more f*ed. Matt is even more of a moron now, I almost feel sorry for him. 

Jason, tossed his game out the door, he could have been a mega popular player but just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Time and time again he came to Alex with concerns that were 100% bang on the money and she told him not to worry because of Friendship. This is well documented, His Gut was actually bang on right many times. Instead he stuck by the potato head told r@pe jokes and ended up on TMZ. 

Kevin, Sigh….

Results from the show

It’s double eviction today 2 people gone!

Josh Votes to Evict Jason

Alex Votes to Evict Kevin

Paul Votes to Evict Kevin

Raven Votes to Evict Jason

Xmas breaks the tie, Jason Is Evicted. Josh is bawling.

Jason is shook.. Thinks it was Paul and Alex that betrayed him.

The look we’ve all been waiting for..

Paul and Josh have their fake fight…

Josh tells Jason it was PAul that masterminded his eviction

First HOH is called Fake News winner is Alex
She yells “that’s for you jason” (then goes and makes paul’s nominations the person who got Jason out)

Nominations are Kevin and Raven

Power of Veto Winner is Josh

Power of Veto Ceremony results: Josh doesn’t use it

Nominations are Kevin and Raven

Paul votes to evict Raven
Xmas votes to evict Raven
Josh votes to evict Kevin
Raven is evicted from the house. (thank the great lords of Kraken)
People cheer for Raven.. She tells Julie she played a good game and had a good social game.

Wednesday is an eviction episode Thursday is a live eviction episode

The big Announcement..
Celebrity Big Brother in the Big Brother US house


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234 thoughts on “Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 10 Summary and Double Eviction Results

    1. I can’t believe Alex won HOH and to get revenge for Jason…SHE NOMINATES KEVIN AND RAVEN!!! What the hell is going on? Xmas sent Jason packing and Paul is behind it all. Josh admitted to her after Jason left that he voted him out. What kind of revenge is this…getting Jason’s friend, Kevin, who was on the block and couldn’t vote, and Raven, who has no power ever. JASON WILL BE EVEN ANGRIER, ALEX. You’re a bigger fool than I thought. Even when it’s staring you in the face and you get betrayed, you still believe xmas and Paul are your friends. Idiot!!!
      Unless she wins veto, pulls one off the block and nominates Paul or xmas, she’s so done. I’m so disgusted. The fans never get any satisfaction in this horrific season. FYI: Josh just won POV.

          1. Ok so I recognize those names and I have a feeling the “stars” will be people we never heard of. There is that one show “Dancing with the Stars”. Yeah, rarely do they have more than 2 actual STARS on the show. In fact usually the dance instructors are more well known than the “stars”! I am not expecting much in the way of stars so do not even think I will check it out

        1. Alex is so clueless! What about Christmas she put Jason on the block and broke the tie to send Jason home how clueless can Alex be. Alex is all talk and no action. Revenge… what revenge? I was waiting to see it….did I miss the revenge for Jason from Alex. Just give Paul the 500k and let’s all find another show to talk about like Project Runway or something. Alex tell Paul you are the only person I trust. What! I just give up…I give up.

      1. Alex is an emotional basket case. Her hate drives her to wins and will ultimately lead her to defeat. She doesn’t like Kevin, but I still have no idea why she doesn’t like him.

    2. Why is Alex going around trying to find out the person behind the plan to get Jason out. For real is Alex that clueless. Did she forget that she answers to Paul. Josh is blaming Kevin for the plan to get Jason out. Kevin the HG with no power at all…Wow for real….and Alex believe that story plan. Wake up HG. Awful HG just give the 500k to Paul and let’s get on to the next show.

    3. Simon,
      I read your summation of these characters and was so surprised. Either I am getting younger and more irrational or you are getting older and more wise. It’s a toss up at this moment.
      I didn’t care for any of this cast because most played possum all summer and some played the power game where they would convince houseguests of their convictions.
      We saw a lot of sheople this year who still do not have plan to get out Paul with only 5 people left (4 sheoples).
      What a disappointing season. I gave up on long ago but your assessments of each houseguest was dead on.

  1. I liked your insight on the players I feel the same way about most of these players im still watching ( reading the updates ) because im tired of productiom tryna make these people likeable especially Alex …… All that’s left is for AFP I cannot wait to see these houseguest face when they don’t win except for Kevin because he’ll be in the running for sure Jody, and Mark will be also .

      1. Cody=snoozefest. Terrible BB player and terrible person. Not sure why everyone hates on Raven but are so quick to forget that Cody is just as bad.

        1. Ravens a liar lol she has every disease known to man and she’s been through it all! nothing but lies! She needs professional help

            1. Well let’s see. He had to nominate 1/2 the house the first week after being the ONLY one smart enough to try to get out Paul, not knowing Paul had production in his pocket giving him 3 weeks of safety that we “supposedly” voted for. I guess that would tend to piss someone off and make him an “a$$”.

              1. That has no bearing on him being an a$$. He’s an a$$ because he Is transphobic and calls people stupid and fat. If that doesn’t make you an a$$ I don’t know what does.

                1. You are ridiculous and just looking for a way to be offended. He was not bad,at all, get a grip. Everyone wants freedom and tolerance and understanding, but only if everyone thinks just like you do. He can learn, grow and change. You act like he really had it out for people, he didn’t. You have no idea his true beliefs. The others on the house was just as bad, Get a gripand stop being so sensitive.
                  I’m voting for Cody for AFP.
                  Most everyone on that house after Dom left were horrible, ,mean, abusive, with a mob mentality, besides Cody, Jess, Mark &’Elena. Even Mark & Elena didn’t stand up for Cody when he was isolated, Mark came closest, but gives in to Paul and his minions.
                  I appreciate Cody’s service, our troops helps insure our safety and protects our freedoms.
                  But he gets my AFP votes because he saw Paul’s BB game and actually targeted him. Peace out. Stay safe everyone with the hurricanes coming.

                  1. If you’re 32 years old and still talking like this, then it’s unlikely you will grow up and “change”. You must be his mom.

      2. Cody winning will piss off every person except for Kevin, he will probably be happy for him. To piss off every hateful person from this house is why I am voting for Cody….bitter party of one? you betcha!

        1. No. Cody is the military hero who was the only player that had Paul’s number from day one and tried to get him out. Paul hated him because he could not control Cody so he sent Josh to bully and harass him constantly. He also was strong at comps.

      1. Vote for Cody for AFP. He was the only one that had Paul’s number and tried to get this game on track from the first week. He deserves it if only for that. He came back and still stood up to Paul and his harassment. Paul couldn’t control Cody and Cody was too smart for Paul to manipulate. That’s why Paul hated him and used Josh to fight and harass him constantly. Cody’s served our country in battle and Paul/Josh degraded his service, tried to make him have PTSD? Disgusting. He also has a little girl and could use the money, not like the rich, spoiled Paul. Stats from BB19 web page about Cody:
        “Cody Nickson received numerous honors… including campaign medals for his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2 National Defense Service Medals, a Good Conduct Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and 2 Navy Unit Commendations.[sic]” He served in the Marines and the Air Force.

        1. That has nothing to do with BB. Even if Paul didn’t receive safety, Cody blindsided his alliance so they probably would have kept Paul to teach Cody a lesson

          1. He nominated Christmas because when he nominated Paul, Paul revealed he had three weeks of immunity…so Cody nominated Christmas because he knew she was close to Paul. We now know that Christmas knows Paul outside the house.

  2. I’m pregnant and exhausted and your updates just make my day. I really appreciate your insights and enjoy your posts. Thanks!!

      1. Josh just told Alex, with Paul there of course, he voted for Kevin to leave(not true). She’s still buying Paul’s crap. The comic heroes, Nicole, Frankie(ugh), Caleb and two others are in the promo. Couldn’t see the other two. But the worst, wait for it, CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER…this show has jumped the shark.

          1. I bet they are doing this in a last ditch effort to get viewers to tune in again after this fiasco. But what “celebrities” have 3 months to dedicate to BB? They probably are all F list celebrities & Kathy Griffin (she always seems to show up). I have checked out the UK edition of BB & rarely know any of them & when I do, they aren’t people I want to watch.

          1. Simon, do you remember in BB history a move as terrible as Alex’s nominations? I mean after one player admits voting your ride or die out and another breaks the tie and sends them out? I laughed my a$$ off that whole episode! F$ck Paul but he screwing them all and they are letting them. Josh and Christmas still letting Paul do his fake fight to make himself look good!!! Alex has got to be one of the worst players of ALL TIME!!!!

        1. Simon thanks for the site. Where else can the true fans vent their frustrations. We use to be celebrating too but this season there’s been not much to be happy about.

  3. Only person I’m supporting somewhat at this point is Kevin. The fact that Christmas and Josh take the blame and let Paul look innocent is fucked up. They’re both dumb and know they’re handing him the money at this point.

    1. I don’t believe Josh one bit. He may be crying now but he’s crying for himself. He knows he was a bully and the end is near. He knows people dislike him and his antics. Boo hoo Josh they are crocodile tears for yourself and jury votes. You now win POV and STILL don’t follow your instincts and GET PAUL OUT. Way to go Production. Why don’t you just give the damn $ to Paul now. It was rigged from the start.

      Xmas crying now to evict Raven, crying for Jason, she’s is some piece of work. What a motivational speaker…she’s so full of it.

    2. Ok. Let’s try this again. Most of you are catching on. Some 30% of you at last count are still a bit slow to catch on.
      In the end, it will be as nature intended. Josh the ant will eat Paul the tiger. Are you seeing it yet?

    3. I feel for Kevin now, at least he had Jason to talk to now these morons will completely isolate him which is beyond hateful thing to do to anyone

    1. Jason should be angry. Kevin tried to tell him they were vote Jason out. Wait till he gets to jury and trades notes with Cody & Mark. It’s a shame he’s out. Except for his trying to fit in and those comments he made, he was a good player.

      1. I was blown away at how Kevin was being a friend to Jason by trying to give him a reality check about why him and Alex were nominated, and Jason thought Kevin was in on it!!! Everything gets blamed on Kevin and he hasn’t done anything to anyone. It’s insane how all logic went out the window with these people.

    2. Jason should only be mad at himself for real he had a chance to play this game the way he wanted it and he played at the way he wanted like a freaking fool he shouldn’t be mad at Josh he shouldn’t be mad at Raven he shouldn’t be mad at Paul he shouldn’t be mad at Alex for Christmas he should only be mad at himself he didn’t play it with a backbone if anybody’s a counterfeit it’s him

    3. And alex did nothing with her hoh. Not even to take out a major player like xmas said she did with Josh.. stupidest game play of the year award

  4. Jason you’re an idiot you got what you deserved…. How are Josh and Xmas okay with Paul getting no heat??? He acted like he was fooled when Jason got evicted. Obviously so Alex doesn’t blame/ target him by the odd chance she wins HoH.

  5. It is so obvious now that production has spoken with the HG. But folks, too little too late ! Had production not spoken to them, How do I think they would be acting now? The same, if not worse.

    1. Wow! So Josh votes to evict Kevin, xmas/Paul to evict Raven because now paul can say he tried to save her if he gets to F2 (who am I kidding, Production has made it so easy for him, it’s a lock). And he said to Raven make sure you have your green bracelet (friendship) when she was going out the door so she would think he still had her back. Ran to the door for Jason but Jason wasn’t buying it. Paul still has no blood on his hands and Raven thinks he voted for her to stay…another jury vote in his pocket. I hate what this game has become. Hope Kevin sticks to what he says, “If I stay in this game I’m not listening to anyone.” GO KEVIN!!!

      1. Paul covers his own behind at EVERY turn. I think they told each other who to vote for as they kissed in the hall. Josh voted differently and Paul gets credit for it! Geesh!

    2. I agree, production has clued them in in an attempt to get them to play, or maybe they have started their post show counseling early because they know they will need a lot. They are definitely more aware and more worried about how they are being viewed. I think maybe cbs legal got involved after the Kevin incident. Paul said something the night he was crying that after getting Jason out (paraphrase):he’d start torturing Raven with the tricks “STILL IN PLAY”. So they must have banned some things like the pots and pans after the Kevin incident.

  6. So disappointed that Josh couldn’t vote his conscience although I do understand that he didn’t have support to dump Paul. But I LOVED his good-bye message. He blew up Paul’s game so Jason with go to jury house with confirmed knowledge that the others just suspected. man, was he pissed!!

    1. It doesn’t matter though.

      Everyone ALWAYS says the jury is bitter and won’t vote for the person who played the best game but it’s never the case. Once Jason calms down he’ll realize Paul played the best game, and he’ll give Paul his vote.

      1. Umm Nicole Paul last season? Last year I would of voted for Paul even tho I didn’t like him that much this year no friken way. He’s is gonna have one of the bitterest juries ever after they are having fun in the jury house and all demisted now and telling stories it all starts with Jason. He’s one pissed off dude and the shit’s gonna hit the fan.

      2. Once Jason gets to jury, Cody, Mark, Elena(who calls it BBPaul) have got Paul’s number. They will compare notes with Jason and will do what they can to not have votes for Paul. Paul’s game wasn’t good, it was evil and cruel and cowardly.

  7. I’m just flabbergasted by these people.

    Plus, I’m running out of adjectives to describe their nasty behavior and stupidity.

    1. If there’s any justice and human decency left, please let Kevin win it all. PS: if I see Paul cry those stupid, lying tears one more time I’m gonna bust.

    1. YESSSSSS Helen K. This whole season is tainted by Production bringing back Paul, forcing him down our throats with a unprecedented three week safety and talking to the HGs to steer them to Paul. Remember the famous words, “You’re not allow to talk about Production…You’re not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions.” Why? Because Production interferes and steers the way CBS wants it to go. FYI: Paul is the worst actor I’ve ever seen, especially tonight and when he threw the sprint comp. He’s a nightmare.

      1. Icons to stand Paul last season and he is worse this season – cocky and fake! You are right, he is a horrible actor, why can’t Alex see it? Just makes no sense that she is still buying his BS.

        1. FYI to CBS and Julie Chen:
          If Paul wins this season, it’s a travesty to anything decent out there. I better not see any stories on The Talk about bullying/harassing being wrong Julie, when CBS let these people act like animals towards one person each week attacking them personally and almost physically. It’s the season of “LORD OF THE FLIES.” (a book/movie about stranded characters trying to rule themselves and descend into savagery.)

  8. Wtf? Why would Alex nominate Kevin and Raven? This makes no sense! Is the whole season tainted by production/Paul? I am done with this fake show!

    1. She has such a hate on for Kevin that’s all she sees. Don’t know why maybe jealous of his and Jason’s friendship but it clouds every decision she makes. Yeah this is for you Jason in what friken world would Kevin have been his choice. She really is becoming one of the stupidest players ever.

  9. Jason….hahahahahahahahahaha
    It was actually worth it to see the look on your face after you were sodomized by paul. And yet you were still too fuckin stupid to figure it out! You were clueless cowboy. A retarded meatball named Josh had to tell you. Then your ride or die proves she is as dumb as you!!!!! She nominates the 2 weakest players in the game. After she knew that Josh and xmas voted to evict jason. WTF!!!!

      1. knuck
        Yep! At that point alex had to know that paul was in an alliance with josh and xmas. She could have put up any of those 3 and break it up. Yet she thinks she can get table scraps from paul and he will protect her???
        WTF was the point of her winning the hoh to make that move??? SHE KNEW how josh and xmas voted!!! They both confirmed their votes!!!

        1. And Alex said in her goodbye speech to Jason, “If you’re voted out, I’m next to go.” Yet she still didn’t nominate two of the THREE STOOGES. Josh, in his goodby message to Jason, that he, xmas/Paul were in an alliance not out of guilt, but so Jason would know the truth about Paul and xmas…garnering a jury vote from Jason for Josh if he’s in F2.

        2. But Josh didn’t vote for Jason, he voted for Kevin and let Paul act like Paul didn’t vote for Jason. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Josh would stand there after the eviction and let Paul fake argue with him acting like it wasn’t Paul that voted out Jason.
          With all that being said, I agree that Alex must be completely stupid to not see what is right in front of her face.

    1. I think you people are idiots! Jason knew all week something was wrong. Especially after POV & Josh crying in the hot tub to him. You could see it in his face & how he was acting. It was killing him. He just couldn’t do anything at that point. It’s Alex fault he’s gone anyway. How stupid are you to let a one legged woman beat you at a leg race?! Freakin idiots! No way in hell Jason would have threw that comp! And Paul is good at this cause he is a liar in real life. No way can you lie so easy to people’s faces & his stories suck as bad as ravens!

    1. The thing is, he was exposed to a jury member.. Not a hg who actually has the opportunity to take him out.

      If he makes it to F2 and all of jury knows his strategy, that just means they’ll probably give him the win out of respect for his gameplay.

    2. All Paul has been exposed for is playing a good game. Every house guest who has been evicted has said they are voting for Paul. Once the houseguests calm down, they’ll realize this and vote for Paul to be the winner of BB 19.

    3. And they should take notice, he’s playing the game the way it should be played. Cry baby Josh should go off next. That a boy Paul , take them all down. Lol.

      1. Paul’s playing the game the way it should be played? What, by being cruel. personally attacking people, sending Josh to degrade and physically confront other HG’s and not letting up until they’re evicted, trying to activate PSTD in a veteran by smashing pots and pans in his face and others,calling grown men pussies that have served this country, making crude and rude comments about the elderly, women etc. What has Paul done but be spoon fed in a rich family and playing on people’s fear and insecurities to hurt them. Have you watched the live feeds? Why do you think the majority of the fans are disgusted and call this the nastiest, dirtiest season.

  10. What a bunch of idiots!!! Why does no one take out Paul?!?! This was the perfect opportunity! I see no other scenario where Paul does not win this! What a waste of a season!!

    1. She would have but up his number 1 way in hell was Alex going to put Paul on the block..if he would have done it Xmas would have stayed and everyone would be out to get him. He made the smart move. Would be different if he could name the replacement and even the these asshats would not send Paul home.

    2. With everyone under Paul’s spell even if he was put up, the voted just wouldn’t have been confirmed to be there. Best case to get Paul out. Kevin puts up Alex and Paul (eliminate Allexs vote) Josh voted Paul Christmas voted Alex Kevin tiebreaker and he votes Paul out, That would guarantee a victory for Kevin (seeing how the jury hated Paul) and btw I dont understand just how people like jessica and Cody, Jessica was just a snotty mean girl who latched onto Cody so he could defend her. If Cody didn’t win the first HOH I doubt she would have jumped into bed with him so fast(if at all) for those claiming that the houseguests are bullies, the biggest bullies actually were jessica and Cody. Josh had to start defending himself against them, (Then he went into overdrive attacking everyone due to Paul using him like an attack dog) I have no sympathy for the “VIP hostess” (ain’t that kinda like being a high quality escort, a job where she has to whore herself for money. I can see you all claiming that people pay her because of their personality, she doesn’t have a personality, other than mean girl.

  11. Josh just had a chance to change the outcome of this game and blew it! Not surprised or shock! Just hand the check to Paul, just a bunch of pussies!

  12. Did Josh just take the blame for Raven’s eviction?! With his apologizing and her saying hes not sorry. Josh is a fucking moron.

    1. yep….that was revenge for sure! Oh god poor Elena Mark Cody and Jason… they have loud mouth raven and lazy ass mike or matt …wait what was his name? anyway, throwing food all over the place and being sick! ugh….

    1. OMG! I just saw Raven on the Gong Show. Standing on her head while her white rat ran across her outstretched legs right over her vajayjay. Unbelievable how much it looked & acted like Raven. With her talent for dance I can see her ending up in a 3rd rate carnival act.

  13. Fake tears during the evictions !
    And Raven’s comment about Kevin?
    Glad Julie called her out on it !
    And from crying to laughing coming out on stage – wtf???
    And how com Xmas was playing in a comp that involved running? She should have left when she got injured.

    1. Christmas was in a comp that involved running because she has never been medically banned from running comps. She has only been banned from comps that have involved the possibility of falling because it could cause further damage to her foot. This is why should couldn’t do the wall comp or the hot dog comp but was able to do the ball pit comp and the Ready, Set, Go comp. Also, her foot is not currently in as severe of a state as when she first got her surgery. You all complain when she can’t play and then you complain when she does.

  14. OMG!!! Josh you truly are retarded. This game is completely rigged and these people are being payed off to carry paul to the finish line. You could have taken out paul and teamed with kev xmas or anyone else! You could have actually gotten Jury votes by taking paul out. You could have been AFP for taking out paul. Then you lose another opportunity to flip the game next week by back stabbing kevin??? WHY!!! Do you seriously think you got ravens jury vote with that lame move? Watching this season is frustrating. Its like watching a chimp trying to f@ck a bicycle tire. I cant take this…………..

  15. Josh, you played yourself!!!
    Alex, praise the lord you put Raven up, she is gone and I’m pretty sure she would have some after you if she could. And I love the daggers Julie gave to Raven when she said, Kevin had nothing going on! Lol

  16. I found it really revealing when Josh referred to himself as a ‘misfit’. I’ve felt all season that he was so easy for Paul to manipulate because he likely has felt that way through his growing up. Then he arrives in the BB house and for the first time, he has been scooped up by the cool guys! But his moral compass has left him so conflicted by his choices throughout the season. It was really a sad moment of honesty in an otherwise disgusting season!

  17. But will they really blame Paul in the jury? I think Josh did Paul a favor by outing him as the mastermind. Paul is going to detail all his competition wins, and he will mention that fact that he orchestrated almost every eviction, and he will use that as a badge of honor. Jason has way too much time to cool down. If he was betrayed at the very end, he might be bitter, but he will forgive Paul by Finale time.

  18. I spoke too soon earlier. Another good thing that happened tonight is Raven was evicted and Kevin survived!

  19. Simon you should poll who people think will be on the Celebrity edition of Big Brother. Personally I think one of the Baldwin brothers will end up on it

      1. That’s why I said one of the Baldwin Brothers. Alec & Adam won’t be on it but either of the other 2 could. Laughing that the internet is freaking out saying “Frankie better not be on it” when he would not be a part of it to begin with

        1. Adam is not a Baldwin brother. Alec and Billy are still A & B list stars, and Daniel is too badass, but you’re right, I could see Steven doing it.

      1. Some guy who sang the national anthem at a 1986 NHL playoffs, the javelin throw winner at the 1996 Olympics, Steve Urkel. You know, those types of celebrities. I’m willing to take anyone except Frankie from BB16.

  20. Alex is simply a lost soul at this time, she’s clueless. Josh is the only one who’s thinking with his brain but unable to act on his judgement. Paul and Christmas are snakes and unfortunately will be sitting next to each other on finale night.

    1. Pretty much. Paul wants to go to the final with a girl with a crippled body, and brainless head. This cast just leaves me speechless.

  21. BB Revengers? LAME! Did you see Frankie? DISGUSTING!!!! BB Celebrities?? LAME!!!!!! I hate it all! At least Raven was evicted. Sigh.

      1. Obi-Wan, very cute and a good analogy. I think Kevin would like it too. Poor guy, he is the oldest in the house having to deal with these idiots who were so disrespectful to him. Do you realized that Paul, except for Raven who I think is 22, and josh, 23. is the youngest in the house at 24. What a joke this season has been. GOOD LUCK KEVIN, YOU’RE THE ONLY DECENT ONE LEFT. WIN BB19 FOR US.

  22. Paul told everyone how to vote to evict Jason/Kevin.
    Paul told Christmas to break the tie & evict Jason.
    Paul told Alex to nominate Kevin/Raven.
    Paul told Josh not to use the veto.
    This game has been 100% controlled by Paul bc the mindless hg’s are allowing him to do it.
    As much as I dislike Paul, he deserves the win solely based on his ability to make everyone give it to him.

    1. That’s another problem with BB. They have a double eviction and give the HG’s a second to run back to the couch, enough time to whisper in someone’s ear on how to vote.

  23. Feel so bad for Jason – he has to deal with Raven and Matt in the jury house. Since it was Alex that evicted Raven, Paul still looks squeaky clean. Amazing.

      1. Celebrity Big Brother will be cast like The Love Boat or Fantasy Island was.
        Kathy Griffith, Heidi Montag, Pauly Shore, etc………..

  24. And she (Alex) is again proving how dumb she is. Stevie Wonder could see who is behind the blindside but she puts up the comp beasts RAVEN and KEVIN! What a perfect spot for her to be the top dog by putting up Paul and Josh with Xmas as a replacement. She could mop the floor with the rest of them

  25. Alex = clueless. Oh, I forgot she thinks Lexus makes Audi. Never mind! She doesn’t have a clue above anything in the game or in the real world.
    Josh = Wow! No courage to do what would save his game. What is he crying about? He didn’t disappoint his cult leader Paul.

  26. The minute I saw Paul get the 3-week safety temptation I knew this game was rigged, just like it was rigged for Nicole to win last season. It gets people’s blood boiling, and that’s exactly what it takes for ratings.

      1. I never said that about any of the BB seasons except for BB18 and BB19. Production is in their ears and God knows what they tell them in the DR. Production also manipulates comps, just like the MacGyver comp that was obviously rigged last year. All we had to do was rewind the tape and there it was, everyone saw how they rigged it in Corey’s favor!

  27. My head is literally spinning trying to figure out what made Alex think nominating raven and Kevin was any kind of justice for jason. she literally heard josh say he voted jason out. And Christmas could have saved him but she made the decision to vote him out. Where am I right now ? There is nothing about that makes any sense. When Paul came back to the couches and was covering his face, then Josh’s speech about being alone. I thought he blew Paul up and Paul was going next to Kevin. But then again my head was still spinning from Alex getting justice for jason. I had such high hopes for her in the beginning. Wonder what Jason’s game could have been without Alex giving him all the wrong information. And you know he’s kicking himself now for throwing comps.

    1. She nominated Kevin and Taven because that was Paul’s plan before her and Jason got put up! She was pandering to Paul like Jessica did with her HOH…. trying to get in the house good side…. I noticed Alex ask Paul n Joshwhy he didn’t Vote out Kevin over Raven…Josh said I voted Kevin out and then Paul said I did it because Raven was coming in second place a lot so I voted her out… Alex looked like Huh? What? Alex thought Paul still wanted Kevin out that’s why she put him up! Cause he just voted Kevin out over Jason….. That’s the only reason her nominations went that way…. To please Paul by gettting his original target Kevin out… She got played TWICE TONIGHT

  28. Everyone will now call Josh the ball-less Cuban.

    He had the chance to go after the silly little gnome-man but alas, his lack of balls stopped him.

  29. I honestly hope Paul wins at this point so this can officially go down as the worst BB season to date and these idiots will also go down as the biggest sheep in BB history.

  30. Please let Alex have a single moment of clarity and backdoor Paul. Please let the others have the same moment and vote him out. For Kraken sake!

  31. Raven is going to jury and will tell Jason that Alex won HOH and put Kevin and her on the block. Jason will feel betrayed by Alex for not putting Christmas on the block. He may think Alex and Christmas were working together to get him out.

  32. I really didnt think that Josh would do anything BIG but, I really hoped he would. My thoughts about tonight… Even though Josh flat out told Jason that it was Pauls idea…. Jason is still confused about what happened because Paul said he was riding to the end with Alex and he had no idea… so… basically Jason is probably still believing Paul. Alex is so damn dumb… I seriously thought in the beginning of this game that she had some perception of what people were doing in this game and as time went on… I started realizing she was just too narrow minded to see anything other than what Paul told her but… COME ON GIRL… there is no way she can still not see that the smart choice to go on the block would have been Christmas who broke the tie and sent Jason out the door and Josh who straight up said that he voted out Jason. But, I guarantee you, Paul whispered in her ear to put up Raven and Kevin… and thats what she did. And…. Clearly Christmas is playing for Paul to win.. there is no way she can go along with his bs any longer after he made it look bad for her and Josh and made himself look innocent to Alex unless she is a total production plant to help Paul win! And my last gripe about tonight… WHY WAS ANYONE CHEERING FOR RAVEN????? I do not understand why she didnt get crickets just like Matt!

  33. What a waste of HOH at the least she should have put xmas up she did not get revenge for Jason she just gave Matt a two eeeker sucker lol. If josh tells Alex it was Paul all along will she listen? I would avoid jason at the finale if i was paul

  34. Wife talked me into watching tonight and glad I did, already thought Paul was a POS but now feel he is a bigger POS. Couldn’t believe he started yelling at josh, ” you would have voted me out”. Glad josh had the sense to blow up Paul to Jason on his farewell message. Jason was the maddest and most stunned person I have ever seen evicted.

    Couldn’t believe Alex nominees, she has such hate for Kevin she forgot about Jason, hopefully Josh fills her in but she will probably be gone next week. Only good news is raven is gone, she truely felt she was going to win.

    Ha, wonder if Gary Busey will be in the celebrity game.

  35. I appreciate the great updates!!! This season has been horrible to say the least. If my daughter wasn’t so obsessed with BB, and insist on watching this as a family, I would have stopped watching weeks ago. I still love to read this blog of the show, it is way more entertaining than watching these MOrons on this show. I can honestly say that once Jody were gone, the entire season was lost. They would have made the show way more entertaining at least by keeping Paul on his toes. Too many sheep this season, such a sad cast.

    1. I agree with you that once Cody and Jess were gone, there went the season since they were the only ones trying to get Paul out and play the game. I’m so disappointed about this season and this cast full of dumb players.

      1. They did NOT play the game. Sure, they might not have liked Paul, but they certainly did not play the game. How could they, in bed all day and not socializing? Jessica was only there to become famous. Big brother actually requires that you at least try to get along with people, and know when to bite your tongue, even if you don’t like others sometimes. If you go around all day hating people and isolating yourself, then you are a terrible big brother player. When you think about it, those two only did one thing in this game: and that is dislike the very guy who We dislike. That doesnt make them good players. I don’t like Paul, and I want someone to get him out, but Cody would not have done it. He HAD the chance to do it and he didn’t. He chose to keep noms the same and evict Ramsey. And…He had just as much help from production as Paul did with his second chance and Jessica’s hex. Terrible. Not changing the noms goes down in history as one of the dumbest plays in big brother (along with Alex’s HOH noms last night).

  36. Thank God that Raven got no end money. Hopefully her and her family get a really big check when she gets out. It’s called a reality check and I hope it is public.300zx

  37. Raven: “Julie, I played my game to the best of my ability. I bl** Matt as much as I could what with this Rough Knee Syndrome. BB stands for Big B**wjob doesnt it?”

  38. Raven tells Julie that the houseguests probably voted her out for game play because of ‘her story?”
    That scammer never gives up. She really thought she was going to win BB. First time I smiled watching that show in awhile.
    Bye bye Trailer Trash. lol

  39. Holy crap, Raven’s thighs are thunderous… I’m so glad she is gone to jury, we don’t have to hear her voice for two weeks, fingers crossed…..and normally I wouldn’t judge some one by their looks, but her saying there is nothing going in there in reference to Kevin, uh hello, he is a 50 something year old man, not a spry…ahem… dance instructor

    I feel really bad for Josh. I know, I know..he was such an @$$ for the first 70 odd days, but I guarantee you he is not that way out in the real world, Paul and Christmas saw he was a vulnerable 20something and they fully took advantage of it.

    When I was in my late teens and dating a guy, I became friends with his other friends girlfriends and they were bullying one of the girlfriends who didn’t fit into their clique… I took part in the bullying at first as I wanted to fit in…. the girl in question phoned me one day close to Christmas and asked me to please stop the bullying, she wanted to enjoynthe upcoming parties …it was then I saw who I had become, and I told the other girls it had to end or I wasn’t going to hang out with them any more….the bullying did stop, but I tell you I hated leaving a room leaving them alone because I knew I was instantly going to be talked about.

    As far as Paul goes, he is a pr*ck and I wish Josh would go to next HOH and tell them everything he has done so his sorry ass goes up and he is evicted.

    Rant done.

  40. I just cancelled my All Access subscription and told them the reason is the most BORING season of BB ever. Giving Paul so many advantages from the outset was the beginning of numerous mistakes by the team managing the show. I’ll check back in here on the OBB site in a couple of weeks to see who won, but I’m done with watching, it’s just a waste of time at this point, not even remotely entertaining. And I have every season to date …. oh well, hopefully next year they won’t bring back any ‘veterans’.

  41. Chenbot’ level of savagery never ceases to amaze me. That Raven game comment was a ruthless mic drop if I’ve ever seen one. It was the best part of the night.

      1. R……I understand why they would keep Kevin around…..hello not much going on there….with my story and everything probably wouldnt want to take me to final 2..

        Julie…well we just heard you criticize kevin not being the best competitor…let’s talk about your game.

        Raven…let’s go there

        Julie…we saw you cuddling up with Matt the whole summer, I presume you came here wanting to play the game,but honestly we didn’t really see you PLAY the game.

        Raven…I played the game very well, I had Paul in my corner, I threw competitions for Paul, I thought Matt and I were doing our best, we had a great social game, I feel like everyone liked us, so I feel like I played the game to the best of MY ability.

        The look Julie gave of disbelief ..incredulity….so many looks while Raven was blabbering was priceless! You missed a great part of the show.

  42. So all those that said they will never watch BB again will be first ones to flip on Celeb BB.

    I gotta run I’m working on my marketing for my ‘I survived watching Season 19 Big Brother’ t-shirts.

    Just please don’t put Kathy Griffin in the house this winter and I’ll watch.

    1. Oh god forbid they put her in as a celebrity…you know they are all going to be has been, but it will be interesting if there is actually any B …even C list celebrities that would be interested in playing. I will watch though, much as I hated this season and bored easily with the last few, I love Big Brother and pray they finally go back to the earlier seasons concept.

  43. So….what do we all think Celebrity Big Brother will look like?

    Double the size of the house (at least)
    1000 count sheets on Tempurpedic beds
    Food from Whole Foods…not Kroger
    Personal Chef in the kitchen
    3 extra bathrooms with saunas
    Glam Squads and Barbers for the men
    Stunt doubles to play in competitions

    Should be a HOOT to watch.

  44. OMG!!! What the hell did I just watch??

    I actually felt bad for Josh in the beginning of the episode… He is starting to see through Paul’s BS but isn’t smart or strong enough to do anything about it. Josh doesn’t have an original thought, they are all Paul’s. I am connivence that he will NEVER do anything big. By the time Jason was evicted, my normal distaste for Josh had retuned. That fake fight with Paul and Josh was such a joke and didn’t make any sense. I can’t believe that Alex couldn’t see how staged that was. And Christmas just stood there saying NOTHING. Come on, Josh wasn’t the HOH – Christmas is the one that sent Jason home and yet it seems that Josh is taking the blame for everything. Paul went after Josh NOT Christmas….These people are a bunch of idiots.

    Then Alex wins HOH and puts up Kevin and Raven? ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME!!! What is wrong with this girl….I really thing that SHE is the worst player this season. She had NO idea what she is doing. Does she think that Raven came up with the plan to get rid of Jason? What a dip-shit …. I guess the positive out of tonight is that Raven is GONE and Kevin (my last hope) is still in the game.

  45. AHAHAHAHA Whistle Dick got betraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed and stabbed in the back! Awesome! He deserves it for aligning with such morons and also the way he trashed Cody. Hey you dumb fucking hick, go back to the barn and shovel up the horseshit you goddamn hayseed.

  46. Coming soon…big brother headline…”in a first for the game…at the final three the HOH requests to.nominate themself to avoid putting up Paul. Grodner agrees”

    Stupidest group of players ever…

  47. This years HG are the nastiest ever. Can’t like even one of them and they are so stupid to let Paul run the game. He made fools out of all of them. Dummies.

  48. Simon….love that you included the pic of Alex that I’ve been waiting for! It was even better when she sat down alone at the dining table after they voted out Raven instead of Kevin (whom she hates). What goes around, comes around…..and it’s comin’ around for Alex finally.

    She is really rattled. She wanted to send Kevin out right after Jason to get revenge. WTF??? She couldn’t even figure out that Xmas voted Jason out & Josh was running around apologizing & crying. Staring her in the face & she couldn’t see it!!! Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I think her bulb has burnt out.

    Like that Josh ratted out Paul in his goodbye message to Jason. Not sure Jason got it though. Want to see jury house on Sunday.

    I still think Paul is dragging Kevin to F2. Kevin’s done nothing. Pretty easy to win against. Paul seems determined to keep him around.

  49. Love him or hate him, Paul has played the best game this season. Most of other houseguests haven’t even bothered to play the game. Sure, Paul had the advantage of being the only vet in the house. You can argue whether production rigged it by things like the three weeks of safety. BUT THE OTHER HOUSEGUESTS GAVE THIS SEASON TO HIM. They were happy to ride his coattails to keep themselves in the game, but then they’ve gotten all mad when they get voted out. They knew he had a great social game, that he was great at comps, and that he was a very strategic player. He seems like he’s probably a likeable guy, so they knew they would get sucked in by friendship. Even when they can see that he’s manipulating things, they still go along with it instead of thinking for themselves. Paul probably is SHOCKED that they’ve kept him this long and gone along with almost every move he’s made. They all gave their games over to Paul weeks ago and still are doing it with two weeks left until finale. I hated Cody but he was the only one who even bothered to take a shot at Paul. All of the houseguests have done this to themselves, and they all deserve to lose. Paul for the win.

      1. I don’t like Paul as much this season as I did last season. But I’ve hated it when floaters won on past seasons, and I would hate to see a floater win this season. I think Alex made a stupid move tonight with her noms and is a little too trusting of Paul, but she’s also the only other person left in the house who actually has played the game. Was sad to see Whistlenut go tonight.

        1. I’m not a fan of Paul’s, other than Cody and Jessica he’s the only one playing the game. The rest just walk around Paul and ask him to tell them what to do. As much as I dislike Paul, he deserves the win because he’s manipulated everyone into playing his game.

      2. Paul is a disgrace, cruel and loves inflicting fear. He said this himself in his bio. It wasn’t for game play, he enjoys the control and power to go after someone’s insecurities. Makes him feel like a big man. And he doesn’t stop there. He does it with such fervor and contempt of others, it’s very sad and infuriating to watch.

      3. Paul is a disgrace, cruel and loves inflicting fear. He said this himself in his bio. It wasn’t for game play, he enjoys the control and power to go after someone’s insecurities and screw with their minds. Makes him feel like a big man. And he doesn’t stop there. He does it with such fervor and contempt of others, it’s very sad and infuriating to watch. He has no respect…I give no respect.

  50. The nastiest most hateful bunch of people ever. Except for Jason and Kevin. CBS ruined BB this year by bringing back Paul. Hated Paul last year, hate him more now. What a conceited prick, sick of hearing him brag, brag, brag. And that stupid cast hangs onto his every word. Probably lost me as a viewer so turned off by this group.

  51. Soooo…Josh’s BIG game move this season was to try to poison the jury against Paul?? Josh, the time to tell Jason about Paul’s “plan” was while Jason was STILL A HOUSEGUEST!!! By definition, a BIG MOVE is something you do while the pieces are STILL IN PLAY!!!

    Paul even had some “prepared” emotional responses to events of the evening. And with his farewell “pep talk message” to Jason, he may even have succeeded in further confusing Jason about his role in getting rid of the cowboy.

    Now then, with both Jason and Raven kicked to the curb, is Alex ready to remove her blinders? OR, does she still think she’s playing with Paul as her ride or die “friend?”

    Oh, and what do Josh and Christmas think of Paul’s “performance art.?” They’re finally getting to witness (first-hand) his interaction with Alex, who is too upset right now to conceal her doubts AND what she thought was her alliance with Paul.
    You will notice that, part of the reason Paul has gotten away with so many manipulations was because EVERYONE accepted his “second-hand” accounts of what was happening with other HGs. The different “groups” were so lazy and never actually spoke to one another. Before, there were enough people in the house for Paul to run from sector to sector, hatching plots in secret. There are no more sectors. Wherever Paul goes, his entire entourage will follow, even if it is just to get further instructions!! ( Dumb monkeys that aren’t even the kind that can fly!!!– Disappointing on EVERY level).

  52. Celebrity BB? Who the fuck would go on that show. Reality TV people or wanna be like Christmas and Paul. No REAL celebrity in their right mind would want to be a part of this shit show I guess unless they are on some other CBS show that requires them to as a condition of their current contract. CBS has fucked up this show so bad they are now scrambling to get back on track. BBOTT last winter was total flop think this will be also. Go back to script when this show was original and fun to watch.

  53. Yoo ”hoo !! Alex!!! “You in danger, girl.”
    Let’s see now… You said you “trust Christmas’s decision-making,” but that was before she put the final nail in Jason’s coffin. And, of course, Paul is your everything. And Josh, well he’s nobody and his opinion doesn’t count, oh EXCEPT for his vote to evict Raven. Gee, is there some sort of trend here, a pattern of behavior, perhaps designed to leave you alone and stripped of “friends?”

    OMG, Alex!!! The only person left who has never really done ANYTHING to you, except in your imagination, is good “old” KEVIN! Kevin the Terrible, Awful, Creepy, Weird, Monster, etc., whose major crime is that he is “old” and, for whatever reason, that bothers you. You blame Kevin for arguments you had with Jason. Well, Jason was simply trying to figure out if there was some “legitimate” reason for your hostilities toward his friend. You never came up with any reasons except ones either planted by Paul, or fiction of your own creation. The really funny thing is that Kevin is the only one who had no clue what was going on and was as surprised as you, BY BOTH EVICTIONS!!

    And so, little mean girl, it is time to re-group. They took the wind out of your sails, but you must have figured out that nothing happens in that house without Paul’s express “permission.” You are able-bodied and (now) motivated. You wasted both of your previous HOH wins b/c, despite your big talk, you were afraid and played it safe with your nominations. And, of course, you had Paul in your ear.

    Last chance to go after your TRUE enemy. And I don’t mean KEVIN, you naïve, unimaginative, misguided little twit. Grow a brain!

  54. I never bought into this “production is rigging it” until Paul set up the one HOH comp for Xmas to win… I mean, how’d she get medically cleared for that? Paul had done the “leg” work beforehand so they let that go to waste.
    Jury will (or should) vote for whoever gets Paul out. That’s what id hope the other HG still in the game would think. I’m still hoping josh cracks (and I think he may under pressure/paranoia) and does something impulsive and erratic that ends with Paul leaving.
    Also, Christmas confessed feelings for Paul with explains why she’s protecting him

    Two highlights tonight: Josh’s goodbye message, Julie’s exit interview

    1. She was medically cleared for it because there is no medical reason why she can’t hop her little ass to the buttons. It’s not dangerous and it doesn’t damage her foot in any way. It’s also almost time for her to get out of the boot so it’s not as bad off as it used to be. Although Paul’s first plan was to throw it to Christmas, had she not been able to play, the second plan was to throw it to Josh instead. Would have been the same outcome either way. I agree that production likes to steer things but having Christmas play in that comp is certainly not a good example of that. I agree that Julie’s exit interview was the bomb though. :)

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