“The Board” meets “dude you can never b*@t off again.. “

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 01-28-57-858

1:15am HOH PAulie, Paul and Victor
Paulie saying during the HOH it came down to Vic, Natalie, Zakiyah and himself in the HOH competitions. Victor wanted to win something for the “Executives” to show his worth.

Victor – man I was pissed trying to give me the sympathy card.. (Natalie wanting to win for a family letter)
Victor – everyone was cheering nor natalie.. f** that I don’t need the cheers..
Victor – I told Z you’re good if you drop
Paulie – She stayed up
Victor – If I tell you drop and you’re good with me and you don’t drop for another 10 or 15 minutes offer is Null and voice..
Paul – oh 100%

Victor – I’m kinda salty James opened the gummy bears.,..
Paul – I opened them.. I asked you
Victor – ohh never cared..
Victor – we got to start cutting these ties.. Like Natalie and Nicole..
Paul – we have to move strategically
Victor wants them to be final 3
Paulie – we have to mask that how do we CLip people
Paulie – outta Corey and NIcole .. Nicole is stronger.. I want to keep Corey.. Are you worried about that
They agree Nicole is the stronger player Corey is pathetic at competitions.
Paulie says out of James and Natalie, James is the strong player.
Victory – get the executives to final 5..
Paul says they might want to keep Natalie instead of James in final 5. Paulie agrees says James is the only “Wrench in the tire” to their final 5 dominance.
Paulie – me personally I don’t think James can beat all of us.. Maybe physical..
Paul says Natalie can’t beat them in anything
Paulie – she went beastly
Paul – his (James) intentions are shady.. He doesn’t think for the grander scheme he thinks for himself..
Paulie – this week Z goes next week bridgette or Michelle
Paulie – if it’s a double…
Paul – maybe James..
Paulie – we can take a shot at James
Victor – we could

Victor – we are the strongest players in the house
Paul – you can’t have people know that.
Paulie saying they have 9 out of 12 wins this season.

Victor wants them to win out this season. .
Victor – Seashell where are you at..
Victor – I’m HOH can we finally give us a f***g name.. Like the three bro-meegos..
Paulie Smash brothers .. banger bros..

Victor – you have the executives but you also have the board.. The board appoints the executive..
Paulie – we’re the chairmans..
Paul – I want to be CFO, Chief Friendship officer..
Victor – I can be CEO
Paulie – COO .. or COOO or CUO

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 02-51-42-403

They fist pound their alliance call it “The Board”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 02-53-58-638

Victor shows them his f***ed up hand
Paul – dude you can never be@t off again..

They plan to put up Zakiyah and Michelle with Bridgette being the replacement nomination. The target is Zakiyah then Michelle.

Victor asks Paul to sleep up in the HOH tonight.
Victor – I got the HOH now I want the Veto..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 01-34-29-854

Paul says if Victor wants to be a big brother legend after he nominates Michelle and Zakiyah throws some beads at them..
They freak out about the greatness of the idea
Victor says Zakiyah hates him that’s what Meech said Zakiyah hates Victor/..
Victor – they both talked sh1t about me right
Paulie – 100%
Victor – I told America when I came back I was going to be mean and pissed..

Victor – i Had to win 3 competitions back to back to back to get back into this house.. Your cries will fall on deaf ears.. This nomination ceremony is adjourned.
Paul saying if Zakiyah wins the Veto they can put up Bridgette. Paulie agrees says they can send MEECH home.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 01-42-38-846

1:15am Have Nots Michelle and Zakiyah
Zakiyah I still feel betrayed.. My head hurts.. It’s pounding..
Meech – the one thing they didn’t tell me is why James, Natalie and Victor flipped.
Meech – Natalie turned to me right before the HOH comp said Sorry..
Zakiyah – I was like I don’t want to hear that sh1t..
Meech – does Paulie know who Victor will put yup
Zakiyah – no neither does Paul..
Meech – I’m for sure going up
Zakiyah – Victor doesn’t think I like him ..
Michelle – Apparently Nicole said Da threw us under the bus to Nicole
Zakiyah – I’m not buying that.. She’s trying to get to your guilt strings..

Meech – Nicole said that Victor might put up Bridgette and send her home..
Meech and Zakiyah believe that Paul was blindsided with the Da’Vonne eviction
Zakiyah – he’s got a good heart.. He genuinely does
Meech – I want to cuddle him
Meech – I don’t trust James at all I cannot stand him.. He’s getting on my last nerve.. He plays dumb he sits and listens..

Meech – do you and Paulie have a final 2
Zakiyah – hell no
Meech says Paulie probably has a lot of final 2 deals.
Zakiyah says PAulie couldn’t look her in the face..
Meech – there was a late night meeting last night.. James pisses me off the most.
Zakiyah says James doesn’t like the fact she’s close to Paulie and Paul
Meech – he’s gone before Natalie
Zakiyah says if Victor is smart they would convince Victor to take James out. She hopes the boys are trying to convince him.
Meech the pranks and now he stole his girls
Zakiyah – he has options.. I see three clear ones.. (Options to her are James, Natalie and Bridgette)
Michelle – are you going to kiss butt?
Meech – are you going to go up they’re an talk to him
Zakiyah – no
Michelle – i’m not either.. Corey and Nicole seem to think I’m good I have nothing to worry about.. What do they know they lied to my face before..

They don’t believe Nicole

Michelle asks her if she will continue to cuddle PAulie. Zakiyah says she will
Michelle – we should get really close to Paul
Zakiyah – he’s got really good intentions
Michelle – weird how this game changes.. I should have known with the votes.. The voting order..

Meech i’m at my wits end.. He’s (James) is just annoying and super cocky
Zakiyah – I hope to god both of us don’t go up….
Michelle – worst case we both go up on the block.. Worst case.. But I’ll never throw your name under the bus.. He’ll never do that
Zakiyah isn’t sure anymore
Zakiyah – I think he told Paulie that Da whispered in his ear that he needs to win because they are going to try and get him out on double eviction..

Zakiyah – I hope one of us gets a package tomorrow..
Michelle – Oh my gosh.. I hope you do..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 01-47-02-850

Zakiyah calls Victor a idiot, “He a damn fool”
Michelle – He’s Paulie’s b1tch right now.. Him and James.. I saw James massage his head yesterday
Zakiyah – I have my back against the wall
Michelle – we’re f***G smart we see past it..
They both agree Paulie is going to win.
Michelle – I just don’t like his attitude.. He was so cocky..

Michelle – we would have done better (in the HOH) if we weren’t so shocked..

Michelle – are you still going to cuddle with him
Zakiyah – oh girls I’m going to use him for all he’s f****g worth

Zakiyah says last night her and Paulie were acting like ‘Old times”
Meech – do you think Nicole told Corey about the fatal 5
Zakiyah – if she did i’ll punch her in the face.. I’ll get evicted..
Zakiyah – she wouldn’t shoot herself in the a$$ this early… what benefit do you get for telling that..
Michelle says if she gets nominated she’s blowing sh1t up everywhere..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 01-42-00-847
1:36am Nicole and Zakiyah Have nots
Nicole – I want to tell you why I did what I did
Nicole – you know the night where I asked you giys if she would put me up, that morning she pulled me to the side safari room.
Nicole – she admitted saying my name.. Basically she’s been talking bad about me
Nicole ads that Da’Vonne told her she knows Nicole talk shit about her and she’ being told this by someone very close to Nicole And it will be hurtful if she told Nicole the person name.

Nicole says it must of been Michelle or Zakiyah that Da’Vonne was saying was suggesting Nicole putting her on the block
Nicole – once she told me that I knew she had to go for putting a wedge
Nicole says she’s closest to Corey, Meech and Zakiyah.
Nicole – She’s trying to drill a wedge between me and them for a vote.. I realized she’s got to go.. .I’m not going to let her put a wedge into everyone.

Zakiyah says she knew Da’Vonne was shady with a bunch of things.
Nicole – da was constantly in people’s ears.. She was continuously trying to stir sh1t

Zakiyah – I’m not going to betray you
Nicole – i don’t want you to think i betrayed you it was a strategic game move.. She could have had the round trip ticket I could have been in trouble.

Paulie comes in
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 01-40-52-849

1:41am Bathroom Paul and Paulie (Bevis and buthead are back)
Paule – We just convinced him to throw beads at the nominees..
Paulie – he lost it
PAul – he’s crazy
Paulie – dick jokes in the corner.
Paul – oh my god .. dude..
Paulie – ayay aya ya ya man throw beads.. .
Paulie – pulling pranks all f**** day..
Ehhehah aah aha ah
Ahaheeheh ahhah

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 02-29-41-499

1:45am Paul, Bridgette and Michelle
Paul – I was invited by exec for a slumber party… I tried to ask him about tomorrow he told me not to worry.. He’s literally drinking all his beers right now I’m going to let him finish and see if he will tell me anything.. He’s literally just wearing his had.. I’m positive he’s lost his mind.. If I go up tomorrow i won’t be surprised
Paul – all I know is we’re up for some sort of surprise
Michelle – No hint a ll all
Paul – Literally shut down.. He told me BRO don’t even worry about it I know what I’m doing.. We literally have no idea..
Paul – I thought I would be able to crack him ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 01-56-34-349

1:50am Paulie and Zakiyah have nots
Paulie bringing up parts of his conversation with Victor – “I know what I’m going to to do.. don’t badger me.. I told America I was going to be mean and I gave them they wanted”
Zakiyah – it’s scary..
Paulie – scary reign of HOH
Zakiyah – my a$$ should have stayed up there..
Paulie – Imagine Devin but the first week into Jury
Zakiyah – ohh man … sh1t

Zakiyah – I’m not going to panic… I shouldn’t panic.
Paulie – no panicking.. the only time panicking should set in is sitting on the block Thursday night..
They talk about getting James put up,
Paul comes in “Exec wants me to spend the night with him.. He told me don’t worry bro I know what I’m doing..”
Paul – he told Corey in the Storage room laughing.. nobody knows then walked out..
Zakiyah asks him if he has any idea.
Paul again saying he has no idea would think Natalie and James
Paul – I’ve been stressing that this man has lost his mind
Zakiyah says they are very influential they can change Victor’s minds
Paul doesn’t know. brigns up sleeping with Vicotr and Vicotr is getting drunk maybe he can get in Victor’s head. “Maybe he’ll try and F*** me”
Zakiyha tells him to take it for the team.
they laugh..
Paulie – He was on a mission to win the HOH
Paul – I’ll try my best tonight..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 02-33-49-076
2:30am Natalie and James

Natalie saying she’s not afraid to make a move against Corey and Nicole.
James telling her that the house will target Nicole and Corey over them so they can use them as a shield for awhile.

Natalie says she almost threw up after seeing Michelle throw up during the HOH
James – she would have put Bridgette and Paul or Paulie 100%
James says Michelle is on his shit list, “She can dish it out but she can’t take it.. ”
They talk about Michelle talking a lot of sh1t about other people.
James – I told Victor you put her up she’s going to cry..
James says some people just cry all the time and hope people feel sorry for them. Points out that Vanessa and Michelle do this.
They agree Michelle needs to be put in her place.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 02-45-39-407

2:38am Victor roaming around having drunken 5 out of 6 of his HOH beers.

2:42am Tipsy victor and Corey

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 03-29-16-702
3:28am Victor telling them that tomorrows nomination’s are going down in Big Brother history.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 03-42-23-150
3:32am James and Natalie kitchen
Natalie – whatever you tell me I will do .. I’m just saying I listent to your advice all the time becuase you are always right
jame s- so far I’ve been 100% with you..
James – I haven’t led you astray babe
Natalie – and then I go on the block tomorrow..
James – maybe.. he told me I was part of the ceremony tomorrow..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 03-34-01-688
3:40am this might stop this week..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 04-01-40-365

3:46am Paulie and Victor
Giggling away at the nominations plan to throw beads at Zakiyah and Michelle.

Victor says he really likes Bridgette thinks she’s a great girl and can see why Frank attached himself to her. Paulie agrees but adds that she’s dangerous.

Victor really doesn’t want to keep Natalie around but will if it’s good for their group

Paulie says Nicole isn’t bad to keep around.
Victor agrees adds if leaving Corey and Nicole in the game is dangerous because if Corey has a person that’s 3.

Paulie thinks Natalie and Nicole will both be ‘Chill” and not win anything, “I don’t see either of them doing damage to us.. MEECH, Z and Bridgette… “

Victor – to be honest.. I wouldn’t even mind.. If we can get Bridgette on our side wholeheartedly and bring her down to 6 we can use her to take a shot at corey and James
Paulie – if she wins..

Paul joins them… “The DR loves the board”
Feeds cut..
When they return.. Paul is saying they should not keep Nicole and Bridgette deep in the game. He wants natalie.
They are agreeing to break up the Corey/Nicole, James/natalie showmances.
Paul says putting Michelle on the block she’s going to sh1t her pants..
Paul says he’s not sleeping up in the HOH tonight he doesn’t want Paulie, Victor and Paul to be seen as too close right now.
Paulie – we need to keep ourselves fanned out

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The three douche-bags make me want to puke. I think I am gonna sit this week out and tune in next Thursday for the double. The problem with what’s going on is there is no scheming and nobody in the house seems to want to play Big Brother. It makes viewing and getting involved dull and emotionless. None of these people have a backbone. To sum up this season perfectly is to look into Corey’s vapid vacant serial killer-esque eyes and get lost in all it’s blandness.


So they got rid of Day for suggesting to do what they are about to do which is break up the showmances that makes sense


If Da’ would have been a formidable competitor, they may have kept her to help eliminate those in their group that they made mad promises to. Get the blood on her hands and ensure them the jury votes that they covet. However, she told the wrong people of her plans.
Back fire.


I think it’s deeper than that. She threw it out there without specificity, so when it was ratted, coupled with the proposed girl alliance, the guys had ever reason to assume she would break up the showmances via the guys….and since the guys (Paulie) have the power and the girls do what they want, Da screwed up big time. She either needed to be subtle, with a soft sell, waiting until others come around to her opinion, or she needed to pick off the girls.

The biggest thing I don’t get about these people is how they don’t see through Paulie’s playbook. They know that in past HOH’s he drives opinion, so when he claims to be passive, that’s a tell. They know how he treats targets (isolates from game talk and tells them what they want to hear), yet are blind when they’re recipients of that treatment.


Her biggest problem was she couldn’t get any power. She couldn’t win anything so she tried to flip the house by getting others on board with her targets. Everyone she told though took that information back to the power couple. Paul and Paulie. She needed others to do her bidding.

Big Sister

For the first time, and I have watched every summer starting with Dr. Will’s first year, I have no favorite and it is a real chore to watch this show be ruined by lousy casting among other things. I am going to campaign for Glenn to win AFP because none of the people who are left in the house deserve even $1. So disappointed and see no light at the end of the tunnel for next year if the past 3 years are any indication.

Silly Sister

I think it’s funny for someone who is willing to give a way AFP to someone who was there for 5 seconds shows exactly why people like you shouldn’t be in a game like this or even watching it. (even though Glenn was sweet)
People say all the girls play emotional and what not. DR Will won his first season because he was playing with sheep who were entertained by the man child. Yes he was entertaining BUT Hardy should have won that season then. He was nice to everyone and a good competitor. Man child was just entertaining, that’s all.


Big Sister

You are the north end of a southbound mule. Frank was a bozo and deserved his early exit. Girl, bye!

sunny dee

except she always seemed to want to take out the wrong kind of showmance. real problem people aren’t combo of nicole and corey, paulie & zak, it is paulie and anyone. she got so focused on nicole, she was blinded by the fact that nicole was not a threat to her until she turned her into a threat. even now she doesn’t blame the ones who actually engineered her exit: paul and paulie. she blames nicole.

Powder Puff Girl

Da was focused on taking out the vets. She should have used that time wisely making alliances, deals, making friends with the other HG’s. Da reaped what she sowed. Her mistake was to go after the vets.


Paul is smarter than he let’s on. He has managed to remain in the house against all odds. His days were numbered week two. If he makes it to final two, he will win the $500K. And Paulie will get the $50K, the exact same as his brother Cody in Season 16.

Double D

NO Victor…nominating 2 weak women and throwing beads at them is not how you make BB history. Nominating PP is.


Not on any planet, nominating two weak girls will constitute as a big move by a strong dude.
He won battle back and the only one in that house that can beat him is Paulie. So…..
if you want to make history, get out Paulie. EZPZ.


Now that James knows he will be on the outs no later than 5th, he needs to get to Victor and let him know what Paulie said about him. They will have at least Nat and James and then can pull in Bridgette. Or even Paul … He doesn’t sound like he likes that Paulie has more power and influence than him, that may come to a head soon as far as them having different targets.


James head is stuck in Nat Nat t*ts. James had the opportunity to flip the house if he would of voted for Da. he could of easily talked Natalie in voting for Da, and as it turned out Paul was the tie breaker. having Paul breaking the tie on live tv would exposed PP and made them the #1 targets for everyone in the house playing the game. the problem with this season is, no one is strategically playing for themselves. this season is a major disappointment, especially the embarrassment of these so called vets. Vic has to know with the talk of double eviction, he has no choice IMO to place Nicole and James this week. if one comes off due to POV, the replacement has to be Paulie (as the backdoor plan). big moves is how you win jury votes. Vic’s mindset is now on his nomination speech throwing beads at Z and Michelle. Vic needs to clear his head, because has told multiple people about Nat’s goodbye message about how he treated woman. so now Vic is going contradict his behavior and defend it by throwing beads at Z and Michelle? those are two jury votes he will be flushing down the toilet if he goes through with this…smh.


Victor appears to always think with his dick. The girls could easily influence him but he has no self control and that should be a concern for them.
I agree that James needs to confirm that it’s PP that Da was talking about. It’s the last chance to change control in the house. Targeting the girls or Nichol and Corey won’t do a thing.

sunny dee

vic is the guy who wanted the HOH simply because it added to his comp win count. and because it ensures him to play in the POV. the fact it also makes him safe is irrelevant to him i think. he could have made a deal with natalie, she was the only one that he would know for sure would have put him up, he didn’t because he wanted to win, not necessarily because he wanted to make a move, or for safety sake.

and still to this day, with natalie only dropping due to agreeing to do that, they still don’t consider her someone likely to win any competitions, still saying ‘oh she’s pretty useless’. ok, paulie, and corey (tho corey doesn’t say that), she’s useless but she outlasts you on a few different comps so far. and not cuz you were throwing them.


James make a strategic move? Doubt that!


Someone has to get desperate and maybe even accidentally make a move. Too much laying in the weeds and yes men/women. Maybe the care packages in the proper hands will give enough power to someone that will make a solid attempt at a game move. I wish we knew the noms for sure before we had to vote. Otherwise the packages can easily be wasted.


Yes the care package can help a little.
But don’t vote till after the double eviction! That way you won’t waste your votes on an evicted HG and you’ll probably know the next HOH. If you wait you’ll then have a good idea about who’s going up. And make them safe for the week.

Paulie's sideburns

what the heck is up with Paulie’s sideburns??? that is one stupid look….


Didn’t think Paulie could look any douchier but this new look is the douchiest. What a knob!!! What a cocky knob. I want him evicted so badly but I’d settle for a third place full of nothing.


Yes sir! just when you think he can’t get be any more of a douche he takes it to another level. Now shaving off his 1/2 a$$ beard and leaving those 1970’s Elvis sideburns he looks even dumber then when it was just the rat on his head. Of course Max-Z will be rubbing all over him and telling him how good he looks (please Jeebus not in her hoochie outfit and not on TV)


Victor during the episode of the Battle back: My target is Paulie
Ok, all right, mmmmm you’re a Douche!!!!!!!
Right now Z and Meech can’t do anything. When James and Natalie will realize they are on the minority it will be too late. I just can’t stand those three idiots. Paulie Paul and Victor togheter are a big fat ZERO.


Let’s say today Victor decides to live up to him promise and begins working on Paulie’s eviction. Who’s with him? Who can he put up next to Paulie that will get the votes? Who has reached out to him, been friendly and included him back in the game, that will be his sounding board and somebody he can trust to help orchestrate the evict Paulie plan?

Victor is a doofus, but he’s playing the only cards he has….and even if he suspects Paulie is using him, nobody else is presenting him with a better option. Even if he still wants to take down Paulie more than anything, he needs the votes and the morons left will almost surely evict anybody who sits next to Paulie….in other words the shot at Paulie simply is not there. Michelle and Z are all personal, no game, James and Nat are just dumb and cowardly, Nicole is all survive and advance, while Corey does as he’s told. Who exactly is Victor going to see as a better option than Paulie and his court jester?


If he backdoored Paulie, he could sway the votes. Paulie is, no doubt, the biggest threat in the house and once the biggest threat in the house is stuck on the block, people can easily be convinced to vote him out because it would be better for their game and it might be the only shot they’ll have at him. However, I don’t believe for a second that Victor will do that. I do wonder who he thinks is planning his double evict demise. Can he not figure out that it’s Paul/Paulie since he knows they’re running the house?


Victor has to be smarter than that…right? If Zakiyah can figure that out, then surely he can.


But Victor is not a smart player. I don’t think it has crossed his mind that, in the event of a double eviction, his not being able to play in the next HOH comp leaves him totally vulnerable to being evicted. He’s so much of a lame-brain that he freely told the peepee twins the information that Da passed to him, most likely because he thought it was a lie. And this may be the only chance or the best chance the house will have to back-door Paulie. What a waste of play. What a puny effort.

sunny dee

there isn’t anyone who would legit vote out paulie tho, there isn’t anyone you could put on the block next to him that people would save over him. you’d also have to take away one of his for sure votes, and any of those people are going to be a preferred target. sad to say i just can’t see anyone following thru on it even tho they may know that is the fact. it’s the old, he’s a bigger target we need to get him out oh but he’s also a human shield because he’s a bigger target and not only that but we can get him later, on a double eviction, ok,

zak might actually vote him out, but some might think she won’t so would put her up next to him, people would get rid of her i’m sure. be interesting to have someone spin him a ‘you are just a pawn, we want you to win the veto, we’ll put up victor, repeat of when he went out” story but i doubt anyone would. what i would have liked to have seen is paulie legit final 2 or 3 with someone, anyone, and still get there and make it to the end. but i don’t see him as having true loyalties with that. It would have been more interesting, and appealing to watch, if that 2some was with Nicole. but he’s so myopic about women, that he would just dismiss that out of hand without even considering it a possibility.


Victor’s only choice is to back door Paulie. Whoever makes that move will win BB18.


Exactly, Hate him or despise him, Paulie is playing a great game. IF Victor wanted Paulie there is little chance it can be done because the rest of the House is sooooo stupid. I think Nicole would be the only real threat to Paulie if they’re on the block this week and even that is slim odds.

Voting Nicole out: James, Nat, Paul
Voting Paulie out: Meech
Swing Votes: Corey, Z, Brig

Corey would be put in a situation where he had to chose between his bros or his hoe. Cant really tell where his loyalty lies. Z might finally see what Paulies been up to (doubt it). Brig is working with Paulie but could vote him out if it shakes the house and makes her part of a group where shes not at the bottom. And James and Nat would join if the majority is taking out Paulie.


I think it has to be Corey and Paulie or James and Paulie up… I think James/Nat/Paul/Bridgette will be able to or should be able to see that it would be the only opportunity to get out a strong player that they cant beat in comps. If Corey is up Nicole will automatically vote for Paulie. If it’s James.. he will have to spill the beans to sway the vote. Tell them ALL EVERYTHING! In BB history if a strong player is up.. YOU get them out.. But then again, these people are stupid.


Where to start. These chicks so stupid if they believe the PP version of “I tried to talk to drunken Vic but he is out of his mind with power”. Vic so dumb he doesn’t pick up on the fact that he is being played. And finally Vic wasting his return from evicted HOH on getting out Meech, Z or B. If that is the case than he deserves the crap pie he will get crammed down his throat during DE. I HOPE he is playing the court jester so that we get a Paulie backdoor.


Yes Michelle…you lost because you were so shocked. Throwing up everywhere from being spun around wasn’t it I guess…excuses…excuses…


Poor Z and Michelle are so screwed =( hope they send bridgtete out instead because let’s face it, she’s doing nothing in the house right now and wouldn’t target any of the guys. If she won hoh she would just follow their bidding and put 2 girls on the block


So you feel bad for the 2 that chose to be sycophants from day 1, chose to play for other people while being stereotypical mean girls in the process….but you blame the girl who tried to play, lost, and is in survival mode with no leverage, no allies, but is just waiting for some to get back in the game?

Now I know who BB casts this show to please…superfans who relate to HG wallpaper….


James and Nicole are brought back flops do nothing know big moves also. James game is the same as last year but 5x worst survive week to week kiss ass vote however they tell him to vote. and don’t rock the boat u know classic floater game. and I hope BB get rid of that damn AMF cause all James is doing is playing for it by pulling pranks that sucks . I swear I don’t even think he playing the game let along want to win 500,000 everybody watching the feeds& TV know he would rather win AMF 25grand than win BB half a mill I hope Nat wins it over him too swift kick to his ego.and I’m glad Paul, Vic, and Paulie notice that he just threw the comp and how he want them to do all the dirty work while he sit back with his feet up and float on by.

Franks fumes

James has Frodo feet.

Franks fumes

I’m BORED! …thats it the new name of our alliance! The BORES..and the feeders are the CHAIRMAN OF THE BORED!


Paul looks at Vic hands “Dude you can’t beat off anymore” Lucky Paulie says “wow that is pretty bad dude so I guess I will do it for you this week” Paul ” Now that is Friendship” FIST BUMP!

An ornery mouse

Ha — there could never be a greater name for a P, P, & Vic alliance than “The Bored.” But I have to admit, Paul’s title of CFO (Chief Friendship Officer) did crack me up.

At least this week we can take solace in the fact that the two people (Z & Meech) who’ve talked the most crap and have been the worst about shunning others are getting their comeuppance. I just hope Paulie and Nicole eventually get their’s.

Reese Piece

Omg VICTOR has to be one of the dumbest players lol
How are you going to align yourself with the person who back doored you &sent you home !?
+ Da gave him a warning & he can’t even compete in the DE HOH
If he is PP’s sheep I have no sympathy have fun on jury ????


Unfortunately VIctor chose the wrong week to week. He needed to win the double eviction HOH and he talks about winning this veto. He needs to win next week’s veto and whatever happens happens in his HOH. He has no allies and no way to guarantee anyone goes home but the people at the bottom of the totem pole b/c none of these idiots will flip and target Paulie or vote him out. Right now Victor’s only chance is to beast it out and hope he kinda disappears while other targets emerge. With these winnings it will be hard for him to disappear though.

Last Chance

This is Vic’s one and only chance to win the prize. If he does not see through these fooligans than he deserves to have them laughing at him all the way to jury.


oh boy, another “what the house/paulie wants” HOH. not that victor should have immediately believed what da whispered on her way out but sheesh, did you forget that paulie backdoored you?? Victor, you have options! But go ahead and waste your HOH on non competitors like Z and Michelle. Gosh these people are horrid. Honestly he could put up and James and I wouldn’t even care anymore. I have lost so much respect for him as a game player. I know it’s easy to judge while watching at home, but he could have given Da a vote to stay, and let Natalie keep her vote for Bridgette. He’s so far up the “bro’s” butts and everyone sees right through it. You might sit with them, James but you’re low low low on that totem pole. PLEAASSSEEEE LET SOME FLIPPING HAPPEN THIS WEEK!!


Party of three for the douche canoe …..

Franks fumes

Lol…James faking credit for Nats safety this week…He’s such a piece of shit…Hope he goes real soon. This season is like sandpaper to the brain!


Ok dude… you can dislike someone but there’s no need to call someone a piece of shit, it’s just a tv show bro.

Franks fumes

Your absolutely right bro he’s a HUGE piece of shit.


hey, I’m a piece of shit, one great big, lumpy, vomity piece of shit and I’ll cry if I wanna.

Franks Farts Are Juicy

I disagree with Mr. Fumes. Paul is a piece of sh!t. James is a pu$$Y


Munchie says ” we are F’in smart we see right through that sh*t” ” We know everyone in the house is Paulie’s bitch” Max-Z says “are you going to go up there and talk to Vic?” Munchie “no are you” Max-Z “no worse case scenario is we are both on the block” Munchie ” yea that would be the worst”…………….What a couple of clueless clowns and meanwhile Max-Z I believe at that point had already talked to Paulie and knew he was going to push for Munchie to go on the block. the only two not in the loop about the vote and they think Vic will target Bridgette, James and Natalie. WOW just WOW.

As predicted no game Da also had a feeling she was in danger and talked to nobody, worked nobody besides telling James and Nat it would hurt her feelings if they didn’t have her back. Again in the DR talking about how she wanted to tell Paul to his face she knew he was lying but………………..nothing. At that point knowing you have nothing to lose and at worst you go home I would have said “yo stop blowing smoke up my ass” do you really want to be Paulie’s girl?” for 500K it would be time to lay it out get the fights and back stabbing going. Tell Vic everything they have said. Tell him how they want to use him to target James, Nicole, Corey so they look good for jury votes. You know Play the F’in game!!!! Someone, anyone!!!!




Victor you dumb shytt motherphukker…

Marvin Gaye

Is this guy Vic really gonna waste an HOH ON Z OR MICHELLE? Also why would you tell PP what Da said? These folks are clueless and I blame production for casting folks based on looks and age…. Wayyyyy to many young folks playing this game . I’m sure the demographic for BB is 30-45 yr old people.


I hate all these bro alliances that dominate the seasons. No on wants to watch that! The only thing I’m looking forward to is the reactions of the houseguests when they don’t get the care package.

Curious BB

I can’t watch Nicole anymore, it’s so annoying. How does evicting Z benefit Victor? What a wasted HOH, but he will realize it soon. Corey is just a fixture in the house. James will be blindsided, when he does not get AFP again….Natalie probably will. Natalie and Z say they are smart, independent, blah, blah….but yet, it’s always whatever you want me to do I will. At this point, I don’t know if anyone in that house has the balls to challenge Paulie, at any opportunity. Those two people are gone. IMO, the house has conceded to Paulie. Maybe Bridget will get a clue, because she is definitely not the meek and innocent person she portrays.


So many people left and no one to root for. I hope the season tanks so much that production starts to make major changes to how they cast these people next year. I don’t watch the feed anymore and can barely watch the actual shows.


Hopefully when they do BB19 on cbs all access it will encourage them to cast real players since it’s not tv and it’s a different format. Plus Robyn Kass tweeted that she isn’t doing the casting for BB19, so hopefully it will be better because she clearly isn’t doing good at it.

James ruined the season

It’s to the point now that I will stand and cheer loudly when James is evicted. I would love to just have one swing at James and end him. I’d have to bend down to throw the fatal blow.

Michelle and Zak both have said Paulie is going to win the 500k but seem content with it. Zak keeps trying to imply to Michelle she is just using Paulie. Yeah right. The girl is so desperate for him to like her she would self evict if he asked her to.

Well at least there is a plan to get James the rat pussy little turd out soon. For that alone I am happy with the current state of house.

Bye Zak. Maybe u will win veto. Yeah right. LMFAO:-)

Franks fumes


Mister pickles


These people suck

Really Victor? Lmao omg there are no words for how dumb he is. First of all I would’ve remembered what day said to me and let Nat win the comp that way I could play my ass off in DE. Dumb move on his part. I’m looking forward to them sending him out the door now


I agree totally. Vic should have at least given it 5 mins of thought before he opened his mouth. He already knows who is pulling all the strings in the house, it can’t be thay hard to figure it out.


Bye Max-Z!! Don’t trip on your way out!

Wake Up, Z!

So, Z, have you windered why Your No 1 ally, Paulie, who said he would be up on the rope for six hours, dropped mere seconds after you dropped? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. He trusted an HOH run by Victor or Natalie more than one run by you. Duh.


I could root for PP if they had some A) real competition and B) a lot less douche baggery. These guys truly suck if the were a fraternity it would be GammaFU.

Here's what's great TV

How about we take out Bridgette and Natalie out of this house and have ISIS bomb this place.


such a piece of shit you are.


I’m not watching anymore. No cbs, I don’t think it’s fascinating to watch someone almost identical Cody (a flop of a player) play the game. And I don’t think it’s fun to watch these men be so disgusting towards women, but get a perfectly fine edit. Say what you want, but Da’vonne never came for these people personally. And now that the one person who hasn’t belittled anyone, is gone, so the fuck am I.

Coreys 2006 Faux Hawk is so lame

Day never belittled anyone? That is laughable at best.

People voting for James for the care package are clueless. They claim they want him to get it now and Bridge a later more important one. Why let this no game fool get it at all? He deserves nothing ever.

Give Bridge it now. If for nothing else to drive Michelle even more insane. I’m sorry but watching Michelle suffer gives me great pleasure. Ok. I’m a bad person. But she is still worse. Ever notice when she cries there are no tears? And she snaps out of it in a split second? Yes give Bridge the care package because it will make Michelle realize we all hate her with a passion.


I kind of think this care package is a waste but it depends on who is on the block, I’m hoping Vic has different plans and is just hasnt spilt them yet. The care packages need to go to people that won’t be influenced by Paulie. This week may be a punt and a waste though. Whoever is on the block if this plan goes down it won’t matter about about not letting 2 people vote.


I had small hope that Victor would be smart about who to nominate and try to get someone strong out. He obviously have no balls, he maybe should pick of the ones Paul have cut off and play the game. Da gave him the heads up and he didn’t listen and told PP as fast as he could. Its Especially dumb since he cant play in the comp next week. And they know he’s good at comps. With Da gone and NO ONE playing this game I’m giving this season up, start watching some new shows on Netflix or Hulu I haven’t seen.


The only hope for this week is if Victor has a secret plan to lie all week and then backdoor Paulie (after all, turnabout is fair play).

Even then, Paulie vs either Michelle or Zakiyah means at least 4-3 vote for Paulie to stay (Paul, Nicole, Corey, Bridgette). So not only would Victor have to make the move, America would have to give the care package — eliminating two eviction votes — to Michelle/Zakiyah or Natalie.

But it won’t happen. Victor might be fairly book smart, but he lacks the street smarts to know he is the next guy out. Somewhere deep inside, however, he remembers that he was Paulie’s target all along in the week he was evicted.

Help Vic

Vic… come on man! This is your chance to take Paulie out. Paulie is by far the smartest player. He walks around giving the right people praises to the HOH and keeping the weak in limited numbers. He talks about all the strong players, but he never talks about himself. Everyone needs to pay attention to that. He is always right there, not really cocky, and wins a lot. They need to take him out or I’m positive he’s going to win.


If Victor nominates PP instead of Z and MEECH and throw beads at them…that will be one of the top moves in BB history…oh come on, I can dream can’t I.

BB fangirl

I actually think paulie is playing a good game, im not a fan of his but he is playing more than any of the rest of them. Nobody should feel sorry for Z or Michelle, Had they played a better game maybe be more social and inclusive they wouldn’t be in this position. I’ve watched BB since season one and I definitely prefer the manipulators over the puppets, but as far as this season I was team Frank so I don’t really care who stays or goes home. I still love BB so I will continue to watch.


Totally agree. People are claiming Paulie is a bad guy for treating Z like crap. She deserves it, she’s a leech who can’t take no for an answer. Should a woman accept all offers from males that are interested to avoid being labelled ‘cruel’?

A Girl Has No Name

Oooohhhh, the dynamics of stupidity. I’m sorry but I’m the type, if you cross me once, you don’t get another chance. If Vic puts up the girls instead of PP (telling them he has a backdoor plan for Meech or something), his HOH reign is a total waste and will be followed by his biggest regret. I simply don’t understand the logic of keeping the biggest threats in the house until the bitter end. It’s just stupid game play. The girls are clueless and I didn’t like Vanessa at all but they could have learned something from her cra-cra ass.

I will admit this though, I think Paul has some genuinely good qualities and if forced to pick someone for the win right now, it would be him. The jury, however, is still out.

Last point: yes Paulie, backstabbing all the emotional girls and sending them to the jury where they make the final decision is a sure way to secure the win. They will compare notes and vote based on emotion. Good luck with that.

At the end of the Da

Does the person who gets this care package (probably James who will be controlled by PP) have a choice to use it in either of the double evictions happening this week?

Up In The Clouds

I love unicorns <3


I’m confused who Paulie really wants out if he told Victor/Paul he wants Z out, then he told James he wants Michelle out. What is he up to? Also this week it seems like a waste of a care package with 2 votes being voided. Seems like everyone is on the same page again this week.


He is more than likely lying to James, he doesn’t want James knowing that he is going after the showmances and that will also be bring Corey closer to Paulie. Leading James to know for sure he is even lower on the totem pole.


I guess Paulie saying he wanted Z gone at first was just a front so he guys won’t think he wants to take her to the finals. Paul is probably smart enough to see through Paulie’s actions( I hope). If everyone is smart they will vote Z out anyway.

Paulie the pussy

Again Paul doesn’t get who he wants out. Paul wants Zak out and of course Paulie wants to keep her because he controls her more than he does Michelle.

Paul has to see that Paulie is only looking out for himself and not “PP”

Our only hope is that Paul pulls a Steve in the end and doesn’t take Paulie to final 2. And whoever he does take gets the votes and wins the game.

Hey we can dream. My main goal is to make sure Paul or Paulie don’t win even if that means some idiot like Corey winning. Ideally Bridge wins.


since when did BB fans start rooting for terrible players?! Youre suggesting that Nat win, last year people wanted james and johnny mac. Thats crazy to me

Paulie the pussy

Where in my post do I say I want Nat to win? At this point in the game there is a house full of vile people with no clue how to play and Paulie the pussy leading them.

I said ideally at this point Bridge wins the game. Do I think Bridge is master game player or do I even like her? No. But someone has to win and with the annoying useless crew left Bridge winning at least keeps any of these other losers from getting on a All Star season as a former winner.

I don’t know about you but I never wanna see any of these annoying miserable twits again.


Ugh, fans like you are terrible. If you were to be in the house, you’d be one of those girls that vote based on emotions.

I know Paulie is a douche, etc.. but he (and Paul to an extent) are the ONLY players actually playing the game right now. I don’t know about you, but I would rather see someone win based off of how they played, and not a floater like Bridgette because she “hasnt done anything wrong” This isn’t My Little Pony. Why on earth are you cheering for the girl who has been nothing but a lost puppy since Frank left. I have, and always will, want the best GAME player to win, regardless of whether or not they did it cleanly or not. #gopauliethegameplayer

PS. He is the furthest thing from a pussy. He’s the only one actually getting anything done. If anything, its the rest of the house that are pussies for not getting him out when they have the chance. He should have been on the block every week and he’s not. It’s ridiculous.


There are two things I am confused about. 1-Why do the exec’s keep saying that James is selfish and that he only thinks of himself and doesn’t plan for the grander scheme? How can these idiots not realize that the ‘grander scheme’ is for Paulie to win so, in effect, isn’t Paulie the one who is being selfish? 2-Victor has had two warnings now, one from Tiff and one from Da. Add to that the fact that Paulie was responsible for his original eviction. Shouldn’t he be starting to wonder just a tiny bit? Wouldn’t it have been smart to make a deal with Nat and then drop so that he could have played next week in the DE?

Paulie would be a terrible poker player. Maybe that is the real reason he hates Vanessa. When he tried to rattle Tiffany and she called him a scared little girl he tried to convince everyone that his breeding prevented him from being rattled, but his face was red and his veins were popping and his lips were twitching-sure signs of being rattled if you ask me. Now he keeps trying to downplay Victor’s comp wins saying that they don’t count as real comps. I guess they don’t count to Paulie because he didn’t see them. However, the viewing audience did see them and yes, they do count. It REALLY is obvious how much it gets under Paulie’s very thin skin.

I’m still rooting less for someone to win than I am rooting for someone to lose. I feel the same about Michelle possibly leaving as I did about DaVonne. Michelle is on the outside of the inner circle and she realizes that now. I would like her to stay because if she won HOH she might make a move to shake up the game. However, I can’t feel bad about her leaving. Da made game choices that led to her being a target, Michelle made personal choices that lead to her eviction being karma.

I still want very much to see Paulie evicted but know the chances are slim. Most of the hg’s believe they are working with him or being protected by him. The few that know otherwise are afraid to make a move against him. The best scenario, and maybe only scenario, I see working is in the upcoming DE. If Paulie wins the first HOH and decides this is a good chance to take a shot at Victor, possibly Vic could win POV and go into the second HOH with a sour taste in his mouth. Best scenario-Paulie wins, backdoors Vic, Vic gets evicted with the round trip ticket, (2nd time evicted by BD on Paulie’s HOH). Paulie can’t play the second HOH and hopefully ‘your boy’ Vic can pull it off and at that point he will know that he is not Paulie’s CEO and nominate him and everyone else will bust ass in POV because no one wants to be a replacement nom in a DE.

skeptical onlooker

Paulie working to save Z. You can tell he’s feeling as guilty as shite.
BUT…IF…Meech …on the block with Z…tells Paulie that Z said she’s just using him….well then…
Things are going to change. of course…if Paulie goes at Z with that info..Z will prolly say she didn’t want Meech to know how close they are.
So…who will be convinced? Because I think Meech WILL throw Z under the bus. She’s desperate to still be in the house so that she can experience Zingbot. Heh.
Paulie thinks he can be Z’s knight in shining armour by *saving* her. Is he real? That she’s adorable? Quality? His parents are going to love her?
All because of some kind of nookie last night? I guess..(sheesh).
I think Bridg will get the care package. Paulie will talk her into using it against Meech..which she will happily do.
Personally…I can’t stand Meech or Z. Both do nothing…are bitchy…and damn moody.
I don’t know what to think about Corey. I think he’s a good guy…but…hopeless at comps…no personality…he has 3 expressions in total. The happiest one when close to one of the boys. I could care less…and it’s possible that he just likes hanging with guys. That’s plausible.
James. Wow. He really is playing a scared game. He may step it up…perhaps his strategy is to wait until 7 or people left.
Something has to happen. Because it’s a snooze fest. I’ll give it to Paul and Paulie if they can dodge bullets.
Otherwise…shut the door. P&P need to be shaken up. They need to sweat a little. Then we’ll see how they handle stress…and if they’re REAL gamers.
Victor…although thick as a plank….is talented. I’m not going to be surprised if HE dodges the bullets.
It could be Victor and Bridg final 2. Bridge is smart…and should shine in the mental comps.
It will drive the HG’S NUTS!!!


Holy balls I don’t know if I’ve ever found anyone more annoying and vomit-inducing as PPV.

PPV sounds like an STD…how apt.

Poor Michelle my a$$

Michelle needs to come up with a plan instead of crying all the freaking time and at least try to convince Victor. Is he supposed to come up with another plan by himself? PPs are the only ones trying to make him feel comfortable so who is he supposed to align with???? If she goes this week its her own fault!

tea leaves

I love turtles

Maybe just maybe

Just an observation and seeing if anyone else may thing this….
Do you think Paul is playing the best game? Hear me out before any of you go crazy and rip my head off. Yes he is arrogant and loud and all of that stuff but take a look at his game play…..
In the beginning made an alliance with Jozea, and Victor. They both got booted and he had to sink or swim to survive. He latched himself onto “the in-crowd” and now him and Paulie are morphed into one. BUT WHAT IF- that was his plan all along? Rise to power and then boot Paulie. The ultimate sneaky but smart move. Maybe he will take his buddy Victor to the end after all.


I think Paulie is playing the best game so far. He has been able to control Hoh every week. Wasn’t he on the block the first week. And he seems to be able to manipulate anyone and knows what to tell them to keep them on his side. This is like watching one of the greats Dan or Dr. Will . Relax and enjoy this very good season. Can’t wait to see what Paulie will do next ( or get someone else to do)


I don’t understand why everyone loves James so much. He is playing such a bad game! When he put up frank and Bridgette and was like what r u doing! I hope someone takes a shot at Victor Paul and Paulie. I cannot stand those 3. Nominating 2 weak women ooooooo such a great move. It’s not looking good :/ those 3 r in a good spot.

Look I get it

Most of you dislike PP and I’m not a fan of theirs either. That being said I enjoyed watching Da get hers and I can’t wait to see Michelle/Z get every bit of what they’ve got coming! Bottom line, they’re unlikeable and they’re being completely outplayed and I for one am going to enjoy this!!


Hahaha Paulie really is running this house, he’s learned his tricks from Derrick I am sure(step 1 blend in aka dress like Paul step 2 get super close with someone in the house aka Paul and Step 3 take people out from behind the scenes by influencing people so not to get blood on his hands)…Its more surprizing The houseguests have not caught on since this is a very simular stradegy to Derricks not so long ago….Vic should backdoor Paulie at the end of the day but he doesn’t see it…While I can not stand Michelle or Z what will they ever win anything…Paulie is the biggest target….If Vic does not have the b*lls to take out Paulie he should take out James or Corey who are in showmances come on Vic your next after these girls! Also of course Paulie wants to see Michelle out before Z he somewhat likes Z.


I wish you could switch places with the Nicole that is in the house now. You’d be a definite improvement over her.


Why Thank you! I would love to be on Big Brother!


Haha at Z and Meech hoping to get the package. I would say they’re way down on the possibilities to win anything from outside. They were mean with no reason. Meech was so mean to bridgette just because Frank choose her over her. And Z who was very promising to me at the beginning became a nothing in the house who all she wanted was Paulie’s attention.


I’m interested to see Victors DR sessions on Sundays episode, maybe he’ll tell he wants to win the veto to backdoor Paulie. Or maybe he really just is stupid. Who knows.


My money is on “He’s just that stupid”.


Not sure it’s been commented on yet but I hope DR tells them not to throw the beads. I mean how incredibly disrespectful and misogynistic can they be? Victor is awfully excited about his beads…must not see a whole lot without them….


James is a horrible game player. If he actually formed some kind of alliance he could possibly win the whole game rather then “doing what the house wants” his tombstone on his grave will read “well i just doing what the house wants” Dude has zero backbone.


the guys dream of no girls in the house and lots of sword fights

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

I love that fencing is an Olympic sport! I wanna coach Slick Vic on the fine art of “sword play.”????


The weakling boys taking pride in; and acting like it is an accomplishment, ganging up on; and steamrolling the girls.
Women please. Women behave like best friends within minutes of meeting. Guys take a long time. Women turn on their best friends and cannot even work with them against a common enemy. Guys play the bro facade ready to cut their friends at any moment but work together against common enemies. Every season, same thing. The girls could have steam rolled the guys this year (they had the overwhelming numbers) but, in the end, the guys steam roll them… again. The girls are in control of nothing. At the mercy of the guys in a comp against the other girls to appear the least threatening. Hoping they will be the one carried to the end and some combination of miracle and sympathy will hand them the win.