Big Brother Canada 4 – Double Eviction and HOH Spoilers!

big brother canada 4 april 28 double eviction
Last week ended with Maddy being evicted and becoming the third person in the jury. The fate of who would be the next head of household was left up to the house guests family members. Cassandra’s Dad won the HOH competition for her by being the one to his his buzzer when the rocks dropping into the volcano had reached closest to 1000. As head of household, Cassandra then nominated The Brothers and Nikki for eviction. In the power of veto competition, Phil was willing to risk it all to stay in the house and ended up winning the veto because Jared wouldn’t cut his hair. During the power of veto ceremony the Brothers used the veto and removed themselves from the block and Cassandra then put Jared up as the replacement nominee. For Jared to stay he would have had to pull off a miracle to swing the votes his way. Predition: Tonight’s vote will end in a tie with Kelsey & the brothers voting to keep Jared and Joel and Tim voting to keep Nikki. Cassandra will then finish what she started and vote out Jared.

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  • First Evicted House Guest: Jared evicted 3-1 (Kelsey VTE him!)
  • Additional info: HOH was roll ball & knock down pins
  • First HOH Winner: The Brothers
  • Nominations: Tim & Nikki
  • Power of Veto Winner: Cassandra (veto was who said what..)
  • POV Ceremony: Cassandra used it on Tim, Joel was the replacement nominee
  • Second Evicted House Guest: Nikki evicted 3-0 (on her bday, ouch)
  • Second HOH Winner: ? HOH will happen later

Jury house segment with Raul and Mitch before Maddy arrives. Raul says that he’s glad Maddy is in jury because she got him out. “Its perfect revenge for me.”

Next up – Nikki and Jared give their eviction speeches.


Kelsey votes to evict: JARED
Joel votes to evict: Jared
Tim votes to evict: Jared
Philippe / Nick vote to evict: Nikki

HOH tie breaker: Not needed
First Evicted House Guest: Jared by a 3 – 1 vote
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-28 17-27-37-503
Arisa busts Jared balls on how he could have won the veto if he had shaved his hair. Jared says Joel used his head instead of his heart so he can’t fault him for that. In Kelsey’s goodbye message she says when I win we’re going on vacation.

HOH Competition – “Bowl’d Over” – They each have five pins in individual bowling lanes and have to wait for ball to return before they roll again. They have to knock down all 5 pins. Nick wins.

First HOH Winner: The Brothers

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-28 17-34-52-155

Nominations: Tim and Nikki

– During the commercial break Cassandra says if she wins the veto she won’t use it. Nick says because if you win it and don’t use it, you’re so good. Phil says if you save somebody, you guys are going down.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-28 17-41-02-696

Power Of Veto Winner: Cassandra

(Who said what competition)
Phil asks Cassandra to not use the veto. “Just please don’t.”

POV Ceremony: Cassandra uses the veto on Tim.

The brothers want to nominate themselves as the replacement nominees. (WTF?!) Nick says we would rather go out with integrity. Kelsey begs them not to do it. The brothers then nominate Joel instead.
– Tim votes to evict Nikki
– Cassandra laughs her head off in the diary room and then votes to evict Nikki
– Kelsey votes to evict Nikki

Second Evicted House Guest: Nikki

On her way out the door Nikki says Joel you are the winner and I will shout the loudest. Arisa tells Nikki that it sucks she got evicted on her birthday but that she’ll get a birthday in the jury house with vodka.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-28 17-55-46-590

Second HOH Winner: Kelsey

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i wish u wou;d addthe freak show alliance to the guide!


ya there dominating this house now


Of course they are dominating NOW there’s little no one left it’s easy for a alliance of 3 to dominate NOW over an alliance of 2 (Kelsey, bros)


Thank You!


go freak show alliance f3


Jared stays petty. He told Kelsey to vote him out after Joel told him, so Cassandra has no tie to break. Probably straightened his hair to make a joke about having flawless hair when he leaves.

Yikes…… I don’t know how Nikki is going to end up taking her eviction. She coild be a good sport, or poison the jury against them.


How is that petty that he didn’t want to giver her the satisfaction? You should have heard the speech she was preparing to evict him…. now that was petty.

My nuts are sweaty

Pretty likely we’ll see freakshow as F3, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see production pick the comps that favor the brothers talents to ensure their wild cards have a better shot of making it to the end.

Sask fan

I think they already have

sunny dee

i think nikki will be glad to be out to start working the jury lol. also, noting that the brothers still kind of doing the wrong thing, again. their focus on the internationals, resulting in getting rid of nikki who wins nothing and literally never even tries to win anything, is priceless, as well as completely useless. they are left with people who actually try to win, and still outnumbered by those who actually try to win.

couldn’t have been better than to have cassandra win the veto, pull tim off so they can’t get their vote (they wouldn’t have been able to get tim out over nikki anyway, the votes were still on his side, obviously they would not have thought that far ahead. now they can’t compete for the next HOH, so it is down only to kelsey to try again. also cass’s move forced the brothers to choose between kelsey and joel, and after they told joel they promise never to put him up and/or they always have his back. exposes them, really, now they cannot say that at all. they should have been confident enough that if they put up kelsey, no one would vote her out (which of course they would, but i guess even they figured that one out finally)


Is it not possible, that by putting up Joel as the replacement, it had nothing to do with betraying Joel; choosing Kelsey over him or even going against their word not to put him up and actually proved they still had his back because they knew he was never going to be the one going home and also was actually true to their stated goal of eliminating the foreign players. The only way a foreign player was going home was if they were sitting next to Joel.


fuck yes, jared is out, finally.


I heard the brothers wanted to go up as the renom, but Kelsey had to talk them out of it. I don’t know if that’s true or not but if it is……………their stupidness just went down new a new level.


Kelsey should have just shut up and let them put themselves up. An HOH nominating themselves just because things didn’t go their way……never witnessed such idiocy, this move would have beaten Marcellas’s by a mile.



I actually liked Nikki 🙁 Hopefully Kelsey or the brothers will be next


nope, unfortunately the douchette Kelsey won HOH…


the brothers are a pair of cowards


…that’s being to nice.


Nice to see Cass finally won something on her own.

This game and the boards are very interesting the way each and every person distorts, manipulates and interprets everything according to their own person bias / beliefs. People creating their versions of reality which they then experience then spread their tainted version as truth to others. Example: Cass claiming even she tried harder than Jared to win the POV. Not that I am a fan of Jared and it serves him right for choosing vanity over the power of veto.. but factually speaking, although Cass won two bids she technically finished dead last in the POV since she earned 7 points for the chip pickup but gave up 10 points for the strategy session with Sarah… so she finished with -3 points to Nikki and Kelsey’s 0… Jared actually finished 3rd of 6…. to suggest he did not try at all is untrue. Clearly he did not try as hard as Joel and utterly failed to prioritize himself winning the veto at all costs (which just as easily could have been twisted around on him if he had fought extremely hard as him not trusting his relationship with Cass… this has also been described in BB past. Basically, it does not matter what anyone does, people will exercise their right to interpret every single move, word or action to justify their own beliefs and actions regardless.

Buddy The Elf

Totally agree. I kept wondering why no one was calling Cass out for her performance in the POV. Everyone knows that if you are the HOH you play your very hardest to win the POV so you have total control over who sits on the block on eviction night. She blamed Jared for not shaving his head but I didn’t see her bidding on it either. Anyone who didn’t bid on the head shaving themselves was just being hypocritical to call out Jared.


yess thank you!!!! I was literally saying that but viewers are so blind to whoever they like. Everyone hates on Jared like its their job but no one calls out Cass. such a joke.


What a smart move by Cass. Brothers can’t play HOH so it’s freakshow against Kelsey.
Producers will probably throw in an endurance comp to give Kelsey a chance to win.


Holy shiii! I was was wanting Nick to win just to keep it entertaining, but wow what a fail. They nominate Nikki and Tim, WHAT? After knowing those three are together. Good gah between that and Maddy backdooring her own ally this season is making history. Not in a good way.


At first when Nick won HOH I was like OH NO.. but although the Bros/Kelsey didn’t leave in this Double Eviction it worked out as perfectly as it could for the Freak Show: (or should I say for Cass)

1) Now Tim will take her over Joel to F2 should he get the choice.

2) By forcing the Bros hands Cass forced them to show Joel what they’ve told him is a lie (that they would take him to F2)

3) B/c the Bros are so blinded (and Kelsey) they still won’t see Joel/Tim/Cass are together & STILL won’t see the Freak Show are together

4) Now entering the next HOH it is just Kelsey competing against Cass/Tim/Joel for HOH so it likely ensures 1 of Kelsey or the Bros leave next week.

I’m thinking it will be the eggs in a cage HOH.

We’ll see but other than one of the Freak Show winning this went about as good as it could

And, what the heck was Jared’s speech? I know he was being sarcastic, but it seemed like he was saying someone who would have come 2nd will win???


Perhaps he is advancing the possibility of Tim in final 2 that (if he were not a foreign player he would win but because he is a foreign player) who ever is sitting next to him will win because the jury will vote for a Canadian to win it over him… even if he deserves it more than the person sitting next to him.


That cackling cow needs to hit the road ! Come on Kelsey win something for Christ sakes and send her packing !


Just when you think the brothers can’t get any dumber…
I loved how conniving and unapologetic Cass is though


idf tim wins would see in bb 18 house go for the grand slam?




again the stupidity of the houseguests is mind boggling. with tim and nikki on the block to be voted out, tim stays and nikki is out. tim is a far better player than nikki and if anyone is in a final two with tim then the jury will most likely vote for tim. if anyone was in a final two with nikki then that other person would have had a better chance of winning than nikki as nikki has done very little to play the game.


Arisa should have called the dimwitts bluff and put them up….true little boys, we can’t win now, so we’ll take our ball and go home. Integrity my ass!

another name

Kelsey. HOH.
Cass. Saying she screwed up her game alone.
If she hadn’t used the veto on Tim, she and Joel could have saved him. She promised not to use veto if she won it. She didn’t promise to vote Tim out. Neither did Joel.


Well that sucks……………apparently Kelsey won HOH.
The only thing that can keep The Freak Show together now is if one of them win POV so the Bros go up, which would be awesome as then they’d get voted out on Kelsey’s HOH reign.

Cross your fingers Freak Show Fans

Oh my....

Who’s everyone routing for? I’m team joel and Cassandra for top 2. Ahhhh tin needs to go


You got it wrong. Kelsey didn’t beg for the brothers not to nominate themselves, it was Arisa. If Arisa didn’t ask the bros to confirm (never happened before) than they would’ve been on the block. That would’ve made a great episode, but once again BBCAN producers are rigging it for the brothers


the underdog from down undedr sliding it in winning circle!


You got it wrong. Kelsey didn’t beg for the brothers not to nominate themselves, it was Arisa. If Arisa didn’t ask the bros to confirm (never happened before) than they would’ve been on the block. That would’ve made a great episode, but once again BBCAN producers are rigging it for the brothers…


i think tim winsd and goes on to bb 18 now win be triple winner!


KELSEY IS HOH !!!!!!!!!
i just heard nick say on the livefeeds!!!……cass is mopping in the pink room…. oh cass how does humble pie taste like?!


Shows ya how dumb the Bros are even asking Cass not to use the Veto on Tim, Like Cass will listen to what they say?? LOL These idiots Bros need to go for Brain Surgey after the show


cass is the dumb one. she didn’t need to use the veto, with her joel and kelsey voting, nikki still would have gone home and she could have kept the veto and her promise that she made with the bros.


Actually actually, you are right. She didn’t need to use it at all and look like the serpent that she is. Big moves are not just stabbing people in the back and then laughing about it. She will hopefully have her head on a platter with Tim.
G’day for a Barbie mate.


Tim is one lucky kangaroo!!


sorta hope that bb usa watch tim now


Addendum: Actually the Freak Show member not on the block would have to win POV in order to remove one of the two for the Bros to go up…. a little trickier, but not out of the realm of possibility


brotyher are just 1 player so if goes other 1 out to!unlike with bb 17 twin twist


this aint like liz and julia where the played seperate lol


kelsey won hoh


I love love love that Kelsey just won HOH….Yes girl friend, tear it up!

Big Brother is life

Apparently Kelsey won HoH and I have no idea what she will do. Pretty much with Jared in the house she was close with the brothers so it seems they are f2. Brothers already don’t think she will win in final 2 with them so yeah they would stick by her side. So pretty much Tim and Cassandra are going to be nominated and then they decide who is a bigger threat if veto isn’t used which if Joel, Cass, or Tim don’t win it then its most likely won’t be used. Pretty much brothers would evict Tim for not being Canadian (wtf first off BBcan is a very international season for example: Pilar and Raul was originally from Mexico and then came to Canada and Ramsey was from Jordan) and Joel might evict Tim cause he knows Cassandra has his back. Pretty much anyway Tim or Cassandra goes this week. Joel found himself in the position that it doesn’t make sense for him to go home but there is still a good shot he can win even if he is that position as a easy nom. Also seeing Kelsey won’t be next HoH there is a very good shot Brothers win HoH next week and if these kids get more ego cause they won 3 back to back HoH’s I will have to hang myself. I said BBCAN4 was good and now I look at the f5 and who is HoH and I take it back. If Joel was HoH or Cassandra then yes perfect as it gets out the brothers or Kelsey horrible players but cause they are in power it means they are f4 and at least one will be in f3. So yeah season is ruined. It got ruined when Loveita was not voted back in. Loveita wouldv’e worked with Mitch and Maddy in fact. We would not have predicted Ramsey’s departure but also if he was in that house he would have best shot at the win. At this point I am hoping Joel, Cassandra or Tim can win. This will go down as the worse season ever if Kesley wins or the Brothers.


Kelsey won HOH?? HA! Damn what a night. I don’t like any of them I just want to keep it interesting. They could of took them down all in one night if the brothers didn’t screw that HOH up.

another name

what happened to Cass telling everyone Big Brother said she could take Joel’s slop punishment?


First off, super proud of the Brothers for winning that HOH! They killed it! Reading these comments just blows my mind of how stupid a lot of people can be. The brothers have NO one but Kelsey to work with now, so obviously she wasn’t going to go on the block. They said they wanted to get someone international out of the house, so it really only made sense for Tim and Niki to go up! Casandra is a lying snake and I’m pretty sure more than half of you thought so for the last several weeks, it’s only until she won HOH, and got rid of a huge target (which I was super happy to see Jared go) she’s legit handing the winning prize to Tim, when she saved him. I think I can speak for everyone that we do not want to see someone from another country win the game. I am very sad to see Nikkii leave, because she was such a great character to watch, but I mean it had to happen at some point. I didn’t like Kelsey at all this entire game but the brothers have been my absolute favourite. So I guess I’m happy for Kelsey because that means the brothers will be safe!!! Cassandra, Tim or Joel will be leaving this week, and in all honesty I hope it’s Tim. (Buhbye Mate)

I digress!

You call Cassandra a snake but I say she is a genius puppet master! She was able to get everyone to believe whatever she need them to believe for a large portion of the game. She did not allow others to bully or bullshit her.

Awhile back she went to bat for Kelsey and got the whole house to flip in her favor. She convinced her enemy (Maddy) that she was best friends with her etc.

So many people revealed their strategies and/or critical information that would help Cass down the line. Suddenly Kelsey forgets about all that Cass did for her and misuses her kindness as weakness and tries to expose her game. Kelsey against the boys in F2 is a risky move!

Cass is a smart cookie so we shall see if the cookie crumbles under pressure OR it’s all out social warfare! She could be besties with her & somehow “bury” the hatchet for her “long term gain!”

Kelsey knew that Jared had been an asshat to Cass on many occasions! Cass had been attacked many times by Jared! He would personally attack, discredit or threaten her in order to get her in line with his self serving needs!! He does the same to Kelsey but she puts up with his BS CRAP! Cass is too smart to let a man treat her or discredit her in that manner! Kudos to her and bye bye king douchebag! He is somewhat a good looking guy with a douche bag & controlling personality.


I cant believe the brothers were about to make the stupidest move ever and put themselves on the block. Like WTF were they thinking? I don’t know why they thought Cass wouldn’t save Tim…DUH pretty obvious. They try hard but DAYUMMM they really need a boot in the pants eh.

Hockey Puck

Well lookie lookie lou who just won the POO!!!! Now she can shit in piece cant she! Good stuff Kelsey. I actually thought Cassandra was going to win this because it always works out like that. Yayy not this time. If she makes it (Kelsey) I really hope she brings Joel. I know he would win against her but I would be happy about that.
She has survived the block 3 times and a shit load (no pun) of hate and he has survived the house haha.

Butter my Parsnips Joel and Kelsey.


This is total rubbish. Once the bros nominated themselves, that answer should have been final. Why did they get the chance to switch their nomination????


Arisa did ask them to rethink it, but rewind and listen to Kelsey saying “No, don’t do that.. etc etc”.

Funny Nikki said they never meant it, I think they prob didn’t want to tip their hand to Joel to show their cards (i.e. Kelsey was ahead of Joel).

Also did anyone else catch Nick saying all the time at the Bowling Alley paid off? lol Well, if this one was geared to Nick I’ll hope the POV is geared to WHOEVER (likely Joel) of the Freak Show isn’t on the block as that’s the only way all 3 remain in the house.


Tim called it last night that production was going to gear the competition for the brothers. Nick is on a bowling league. Also usually the HOH is mental and the POV is physical. If the HOH was the mental one Nick probably wouldn’t of won it. it’s like they switched it for him to win. Neda also mentions this on her twitter.


Being on a bowling league and THROWING a 5/10 pound ball down a 60 ft lane is a LITTLE DIFFERENT than flinging ping pong balls down a 10 ft lane to touch a tiny little bowling pin.
It was not GEARED for Nick because he’s a bowler.
These comments actually made me so mad this whole argument is ridiculous. If Nick had to go head to head actually bowling or even the dizzy bowling in BB17 MAYBE this argument would work.
Good grief.


Complete rubbish. Why were the brothers able to change their minds on nominating themselves? Once you name a nominee the should be the end of it.


Why is everyone complaining when an HOH can’t nominate themselves anyways?!

Beatrix Kiddo

I think it was a good idea for Jared to ask Kelsey to vote him out. I wouldn’t want Cass to have the last word on me in a tie breaker either. If you know you are going out, try to make it as painless as possible. Im glad Joel told him though. Better for him to remember that in the jury for a vote.


Kelsey should nominate Tim and Cassandra and if one of them wins pov put up Joel ….. Let them squirm …..payback is a peep peep peep


Its a beautiful thing that Nikki is gone. It’s funny how just as you’re the most irritated with someone, that’s the week they act “normal and bearable” before they leave. Dallas did it too that when he was leaving I actually liked him and forgot what a sloppy hg he was. ie farts burps butt picking ect.
Hope they have a good time in the jury house. To bad Ramsey cant join them. (being his father be well n all.)


Hopefully Kelsey nominates Tim and Cassandra. If one of them take themselves off the block, the other one will be kicked out anyway. I don’t care who between the two leaves. Cassandra should go because has an ugly personality and Tim because has been and arrogant and bully lately (see especially the episode between him and Phill by the hot tub few days ago when Tim called Phill an idiot because Phill revealed Tim’s strategy in the game.)

over it

Cassandra is such a snake, pleads with the brothers saying she won’t use the POV (before she won it) so everything between them would be good again … she makes me sick. Of course she thought she wasn’t capable of winning so tried bargaining again for her safety. She needs to leave next.


Couldn’t agree more , that cackling fool needs to go !


Nice job PRODUCTION… Of course Kelsey wins HOH. That’s always how it goes. She’ll most MOST likely put Tim & Cass up. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEASE BB GODS TIM JOEL OR CASS WIN POV!!!!!!!


I was thinking the same thing!


Omg stop production did not make Kelsey win hoh she hasn’t won all season and finally pulled through by herself…
No one likes seeing one alliance rule the game so it’s refreshing to see the brothers and Kelsey fight back a little (even tho the brothers are actually quite naive, I mean Jared wanted them out for weeks lol)
It’s anyone’s game in my eyes, suddenly getting very interesting.


its annoying the minute someones favorite doesnt win…… suddenly its production interference.


great time backdoor brotrher now!


The brothers didnt put cassandra and tim on the block WHY??? What a bunch of dumb asses! She just put them up on the block, they had a perfect excuse if thats what they were looking for. Now they’ve pissed off everyone joel included. There DONE next week, bye bye unless chelsey wins and keeps them safe. #Morons


Kelsey* did win dkm


No doubt the brothers wanted to backdoor Cass, there is no doubt in my mind that was their plan and their so called deal with Cass to not win POV was just BS…. We will find out the truth next episode when the have the diary room sessions…


honestly know most people dislike jared but I thought it was so sad/sweet of kelsey to vote him out so cass would not have the satisfaction.


Funny how nikki inadvertently f’d Joel on her way out the door by saying he should win and she would vote for him, and try to convince others to also LOL



Canadian for BBCAN Winner

Pax Brothers: WHY DIDN’T YOU PUT UP TIM + CASS? Nicky has a far less probability of winning a POV than Cassandra. Tim could have gone! Leaving Cass without a life-line (Kelsey’s done with Cass) and Cass + Nicky will never be that close without Tim.
Cass completely blew up her game for Tim: she’s blown trust with Joel and the Brothers, and confirmed how much of a snake she is with Kelsey. She’s put all of her chips into Tim. Her penchant to be conniving and far too excessive just got the best of her. Also, psychologically, her profile is different and she’s blown. She is now the least likely to get to the end.


Cass did that on purpose so the Bros/Kelsey would still think Joel is tied to them and to isolate her with Tim since the Bros said they want a Canadian to win. The problem now with Kelsey winning is she will want to take out Cass prior to Tim and she has the tie break vote.

The only way Cass stays is if she or Joel win veto. The best case being Joel wins and removes her forcing Kelsey to put up the Bros who Cass and Joel would vote out. It’s an uphill battle, but we’ll hope Joel wins