Big Brother 18 Week 7 Summary and Live Eviction Results

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WOW what can I say.. This has been a the most exciting 48 hours on the feeds all season thus far. Is it the high water mark? I doubt it with with the calibre of hate going around house is going on fire tonight. We’ve documented the entire 72 hours in full enjoy :)

How it all started..

Da’Vonne is evicted with only two votes to stay from Michelle and Zakiyah. Victor goes beast mode and wins the HOH. Paulie has a heavy say in the nominations and they eventually they settle on putting Zakiyah and Michelle up. Initially at this point Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Victor and Paul are all on board to get Zakiyah out. Some showmance drama between Paulie and her coupled with her relatively poor social game plus being close to Paulie makes her the target.

Slowly Paulie started shifting the target onto Michelle (which may have been his plan all along as there is a pattern to this. Every time there’s a chance of Paulie and Zakiyah being seen as too close and going up he starts throwing her under the bus then once they are safe they are back to humping in the middle of the night) The fans vote James to have the Care package. This gives James the ability to null two people’s votes. Essentially giving him the sole power to flip the house. Early on the week James still very much on board with Paulie says he’s using the power to Null Paul and Natalie’s vote. James is on board with getting Michelle out.

Paulie wins the Power of Veto. He makes it clear he’s not using it. Telling Zakiyah he wouldn’t do it unless he was 100% sure she was safe. During the POV ceremony speech Michelle attacks PAulie pointing out to everyone how he’s won 3/6 of POV’s and 2/4 HOH’s she shines a light on him running the game. Paul and Victor find out that Paulie has changed to wanting to get Michelle out. This pisses them off because it’s bad for their game. Paul mentions how Paulie is being selfish when they weren’t selfish last week. Paulie’s douchebaggery continues and Zakiyah eats it all up..

At Tuesday 10am Big Meech starts to campaign hits up James first followed by Bridgette and Natalie. It’s Clear that Natalie and Bridgette have had enough of Paulie. At 2pm that same day Bridgette asks Natalie if James would be down with flipping the house. Natalie says he better be. Bridgette and Michelle finally bury the hatchet and they start to come up with a plan.

Tuesday night Natalie starts working on James telling him every bit of dirt about Paulie that Natalie, Bridgette, Michelle, Paul and Victor could muster. James seems unconvinced.. Natalie makes it clear that the entire house sans the two “Showmances” are onboard with getting Zakiyah out remanding him only 3 people will be pissed at him if he flips.

Early Wednesday morning Natalie continues to hammer James to flip telling him Paulie is running the house etc etc. Paul, Bridgette, Natalie and Michelle all work on James in the have nots room until 9am finally James gets their play and agrees to flip the house. The majority of fans lose their shit as something has finally happened against Paulie. Natalie tells her side she will pull Zakiyah to the side and tell her all the nasty things Paulie says about her and the other girls, the flirting etc..

Wednesday at around 8pm Natalie drops the bomb on Zakiyah, Zakiyah cries says she hates Paulie. After the conversation with Natalie, Zakiyah runs back to Paulie, Nicole and Corey mocking Natalie telling them everything she said Paulie losses his shit and goes on a 8 hours rampage of talking
Slinging mud about Natalie, Bridgette. Making it obvious to everyone he’s panicking. The showmances as a whole are panicking and lashing out in defense.

James doing what what we all expected him do to he “kinda” rats the entire house flip out to Paulie and Corey. Throws Natalie and Paulie under the bus hard. Allows Paulie to ridicule Natalie saying she a idiot, Stupid, dumb Jersey girl trash, etc.. Fans are outraged. Maybe James is just trying to keep himself safe for the next week.

At around midnight on Wednesday Natalie, Bridgete and Michelle finally get into the have nots to talk to James. James tells them he’s 50/50. Natalie gives it to him straight tells him she blew her game up because last night everyone was on board with getting Zakiyah out and part of the plan was for her to go to Zakiyah and expose Paulie. James agrees again to the flip says he’s committed.

Paulie starts attacking Natalie calling her fake like the things on her chest.. Insulting her because she’s’ from Jersey etc etc.. A house meeting at 1:40am on Thursday blows more of Paulie’s game up. He goes on a rampage in the HOH room.
Early in the morning Michelle and PAulie have a yelling match.. Read this..

So in summary read the posts I linked to above and you’ll have the entire house flip documented. Michelle got the ball rolling, Bridgette kept it going gave it hope and Natalie took the ball and tossed it and Paulie’s face.. Blood all over.. if you have the feeds use flashback and catch that HOH meeting from 1:40am it was eye opening. This was a real treat for Big Brother fan. I’ve just wanted to see something happen finally. The last few weeks have been slow. Smashing the side that has held like 80% of the influence was the best way to do it.

Tonight’s Double eviction will be glorious a perfect time for the knock out challenge. I cannot wait for this weekend feeds..

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Predictions for tonight

Zakiyah goes home

Results from the show

James uses his America Care package to null Paul and Corey votes
Natalie votes to evict: Zakiyah
James votes to evict: Zakiyah
Bridgette votes to evict: Zakiyah
Paulie votes to evict: Michelle
Corey votes to evict: nul
Nicole votes to evict: Meech
Paul votes to evict: Nul

Zakiyah is evicted from the Big Brother

Julie opens Zakiyah’s ticket and it is a one-way ticket. Z says she hopes Paulie wants to talk to her outside the game because she would want to.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 18-17-57-498

1st HOH competition “Statcathalon” winner is Corey

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 18-23-53-053

Nominations are Bridgette and Michelle

POV players are Corey, Bridgette, Michelle, Paul, Nicole, James

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 18-37-37-847

POV winner is Corey
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 18-39-43-294

Nominations after POV are Bridgette and Michelle

Michelle calls Nicole out for being a snake.

Natalie votes to evict: Michelle
Paulie votes to evict: Bridgette
Nicole votes to evict: Bridgette
Victor votes to evict: Bridgette
James votes to evict: Bridgette
Paul votes to evict: Bridgette

Evicted house guest is Bridgette

Bridgette has a one-way ticket and will not re-enter the house.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 18-55-53-028

Second HOH is played tonight..

NEXT FRIDAY there is another special episode!

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216 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Week 7 Summary and Live Eviction Results

    1. Mama Da knows what’s up with paulie. Hopefully she can get through her damn head while they hang out in the jury house. Unless they are all being sequestered for a possible battle back…

      1. did anyone notice when Corey won the HOH right before a commercial break, he was pulled aside by Paulie and Paulie tells Corey, Nicole and Paul to vote off Bridgette. smh….these idiots every week just hand over Paulie their HOH.

    2. everyone should vote Michelle for the care package so Nicole doesnt get it! even Paul or Victor just please not anyone from paulies side. Hopefully Paul and Victor and still ok with flipping on them after that double.

      1. yup, before i was splitting bridgette and paul, then bridgette and michelle, so i kind of feel like i wasted those other votes. if nat and mich weren’t so obviously paulies main target right now, i’d still split meech and paul, cuz pretty sure he’s planning to go after him in some way. but i only have one day left so my last day votings will be michelle

        I really cannot believe that only corey got that one answer right, it was so obvious, basic math, how many people doing it, and you know at least one got 21, so how could it be less than 100 , there is no way it could be less than 100.

        1. Will Paul and victor play dumb about the whole Z vote? Will they leave Natalie, Michelle and James twisting in the wind?

          1. Victor will play dumb and lay low. He managed to stay clean during the shitstorm and is staying out of the conflicts. I think he will take a shot at Paulie or Nicole if he wins HOH, probably via the backdoor.
            Paul will play the middle and sway with the power.

  1. Time to see if CBS is going to show Paulie at his douchecanoe finest! I saw an interview with Cody today, basically blaming Paul for rubbing off on Paulie, creating the douche we now see and loathe today. Priceless.

    Whatever happens tonight, Nat and Bridgette, you are my heroes.

    1. I too watched that interview ( and saw Cody practically blame Paul for the d bag we know today. Let us not forget his early bros before hos mentality and I doubt Paul is the one telling him to play fiddle with Z’s emotions. I get Cody for trying to save face but even he could admit Paulie ruined his game and completely effed up the advice given.
      I still like Cody (not always during his season) and need to remember that not all siblings are alike.

    2. Paulie’s on the feeds right now going on and on about how his sister is going to beat the sh*t out of Michelle and Bridgette because of their comments about him. What a jack ass.

    1. Simon and Dawg make appearances in the polls so we have an alternative choice from some of the morons in the house. Sometimes you can’t pick 2 or 3 favorites or maybe you don’t want anyone to win, etc. there’s a lot of reasons to pick a non-house guests. It’s cathartic.

    2. I often vote for Dawg as one of my top 3 favourite players because I cannot find 3 players I like in the game.

    1. It’s just a game and Cody has played it. He saw how the girls were doing his brother. CODY BE PROUD OF YOUR BROTHER. Ignore the haters.

  2. OMG Meech made the best speech of the season…

    LOL at Paulie’s scumbag face

    This is what I’ve been waiting for all season!!!

  3. This flip has been amazing, and can I just say you guys have totally ROCKED documenting it all the way through. Well done both of you, and thanks as always for your level of awesomeness!

    1. Julie said we will see more on Sunday’s show. Hopefully they will show more of the women’s role instead of trying to push their favorites on us. And they should show more of Paulie’s behavior. It is getting more and more obvious that Paulie and James had an alliance before the season started. Production needs to stop trying to make them look good. They are both a$$holes. I used to like James but he has lost alot of the fans he keeps talking about.

      1. James is pathetic. I used to think the thumbnail photo at the top of all these Online Big Brother posts made him look so stupid…. now I realize it’s not the photo.

    1. The one good thing with Corey winning is that it’s 5 vs 2 in the next HOH with one being Nicole.. Unfortunately the other one is the comp beast of the season in Paulie.

      1. Paul, Victor and James are not gonna throw Paulie, Nicole and/or Corey on the block. They don’t have the guts that Nat and Meech do to stand up to bully Paulie.

  4. Yesssss! James pulled thru! As. a self described former fan of James-I’m glad, that when push came to shove, he stood up and made a move. Now, whatever happens – let it go down!

  5. I am sorry I was rooting for someone to evict Paulie but this is too funny to watch. I hope James gets evicted because I can tell he’s shitting his pants. It sucks but it’s too bad that none of the others can win a comp…

  6. Love it!!! Paulie responsible for getting rid o his number 1 fan. And why? Because he thought he was SO clever…having Vic nominate his that the guys thought he was just for them. But ..Paulie was going to take Z to the end….ahhhh..the bravado. Not taking Z of the further cement the idea of his *loyalty* to his boys. Meh.
    Of course….believing he could control everything. Have the boys think they were doing their own thing..and Z thinking he was the hero….pulling the wool over the house…a master plan….with an epic FAIL!

    1. Yes!! This is why he and Nicole were so concerned about all the sh*t last night. They can’t make decisions without their leader. He looked like a lost puppy. “Guys, are we doing this?!? Guys? GUYS?!?”

    1. Unfortunately with her now outta the house, the safety package is going to go to Nicole.
      Paulie, Corey & her are gonna feel like ‘Merica is on their side.
      James is gonna $hit the bed because he’s gonna think he’s on the wrong side of the house and flip back, along with Vic & Paul.
      Well done to all you douchebags throwing that snake votes…

  7. UGH!! I was so excited and happy right up to the point that moron Corey won HOH! All of a sudden all of the air went out of the room.

      1. Now that Michelle has made amends with Bridgette I can give Michelle my blessing and forgive her past sins.

        Thou Frank who art in heaven.

  8. Remember that feeling you had during the best night of your life and you guzzle that drink… and then the bartender shuts you off?? That is exactly how I feel right now.

    1. I know right. Whilst I’m mad that Paulie is still in the house I’m now more mad that the side I’m rooting for is not winning any competitions so it’s partly their fault they are being picked off, therefore they will never get the chance to implement their strategy.
      My guess is one of the execs wins HOH and Paulie wins veto as usual.
      It’s clear to see that the most important thing in BB is aligning with the right people, the ones that WIN competitions.

    1. That would be the sex. Probably knew she was going and figured she’d give it up to him. But yeah, he diss’es jersey girls.

      1. Supported through PayPal.

        Paulie said less than an hour ago he had sex with Z many times in the house and yes last night

    1. True! Again! And surprise, surprise the 6’5” guy won easily whereas the women were jumping and falling all over the place. CBS stop putting the men at an advantage. No wonder only guys have won BB for the last several years.

      1. I thought the same thing. Bridgette appeared to have all three clocks. It looked like she had her second one in her hand and the third one resting on top of the ball pit. But everyone had to climb over the bump, while Corey just had to step over it. Definition of rigged. Corey has done jack sh*t this whole game.

        And is it me, or did Corey have an extraordinarily long amount of time to come up with his nominations after winning HoH? Julie didn’t call them back to the living room until after Corey — I mean Paulie — decided what the nominations would be. Rigged.

  9. Why can’t they cast another Rachel or Janelle?? They may have cried a bit, ok, Rachel a lot, but at least they could beast it out it comps. These girls this season can’t do anything, but cry and whine when their boys are mean to them and then attack one another. WTF??

  10. I hope Bridg or Meech has the round trip! If they come back in, Game On! That would be epic! Line has definitely been drawn!

    1. Anyone else notice how Corey pulled up two clocks at once. It looked like those clocks were stacked on top of each other to make sure the HOH would win,

  11. People are salty their favourites didn’t win. This is just too funny. I don’t care who you support but you have to admit that this is so anti-climactic and funny. WORST DE EVER LOL! CBSFLOP! POWERSHIFT! TWISTOSTWIST

      1. His game is nothing like Derrick’s. It’s not even like Cody’s! And, Cody’s wasn’t that great! For all that he maligned Vanessa, he’s overplaying and overtalking just like her!

  12. Bridgett please have the round trip ticket. Well either one of them. PLEASE. I think there are two tickets in all of those envelopes. We want who ever goes back in!

  13. I wonder if there will be a pic of Nicole jacking Corey off when her time comes……doubt it. Anyway, they took all of the excitement out of the double eviction for me. So predictable. As soon as I saw Corey won, I knew he would put two weak women up like a pussy. He is determined to have a sausage fest in that house and I’m over it. I’m bored and I’m done watching a bunch of childish boys running over the girls. I’m also tired of the foolishness on this site. Goodbye and good riddance!

  14. OMG the real blindside was for Michelle and Bridgette. This is gonna be thumbs down because of a lot of salty people but this is seriously hilarious. I am literally LOLing at the situation.

    1. the real blindside was for Paulie to learn that James, Victor, Paul, Bridgette, Natalie were not playing for Paulie to win 500k. When Corey was looking for input on HOH noms he kept it shut. To afraid to mention Natalie his would be target. He now knows to cool his jets else he might get cooked.

      Corey could have scored big putting up Paulie he would have gained everyone’s vote. He chose to flush his game down the toilet he will not win BB up against Paulie. This was the time to make a big move.

  15. What started out as a great night … crud. Nicole will probably get this Favorite with Bridgette out. Man, what a letdown.

    1. I am giving Meech all my votes. I also have access to my brother’s and both my parents computers. Meech is getting 80 votes a day from me. Save the Meech!

      1. THIS IS WHY THERE’S SO MANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT GOOD PLAYERS (Paulie, Cory, Nicole, and it was Victor, Paul, amd James until they threw it all away tonight) AND SO MANY POSITIVE COMMENTS AND THIMBS UP ABOUT THE BAD PLAYERS (Natalie, Michelle, Da…)
        If the player is good, they’ll win no matter how many times people try to stack the votes and comments. America will see past all these nasty comments that are posted repeatedly by the same people under different user names.
        I also noticed these articles are written how the writer wants someone portrayed…. Natalie repeatedly attacked Paulie, Michelle attacked Paulie, Bridgette attacked Paulie. Paulie didn’t start any of this. He comes back at them and you want him to shut up. Z shuts up and you want her to speak up. It’s all about who you want someone to like or dislike. Write the truth, we watch the feeds to.

  16. This is my first time watching BB and I was totally into it but if P doesn’t go home next week, it’s just another scripted show and will probably win the $. Ill be done watching it next week if he’s not on the block.

  17. I’m sick to my stomach. All those votes wasted for Bridget and now probably Nic will get it. The thrill of victory to the agony of defeat.

    1. BB better make this right! I really thought James, Vic and Paul woke the f up. I am voting Meech for care package. Paulie and Nicole need to be voted out! James piss me off one more time. Team Nat!

  18. So now what that Bridget’s gone? I put all my votes for her! I swear if Nicole gets it I’m done! Iguess I’m voting for Paul or Victor now.

    1. Or Michelle because it would be oh so sweet to give Paulie and Nicole the message that America loved what she had to say about them.

    1. Why not vote for Michelle?? I don’t understand.

      Vic is so far up Paulie’s ass… giving the ACP3 to Vic is like giving it to Paulie.

      I say ACP3 goes to Michelle and ACP4 goes to Paul…. not sure about the final ACP (but that’s a silly one that doesn’t come with power, so that could go to Vic if he’s still around).

    1. Nope, our only hope is Natalie or Michelle winning the competition. If Paul, Victor, James win the competition, Natalie and Michelle will be on the block.

  19. God dammit Paulie got his way in the end. I just don’t understand why everyone voted out Bridgette out. Michelle wanted to go home, and was okay about going home. So what the hell Victor, James & Paul, you quickly ran back kissing Paulies ass?

    1. It appears, at least to me, that James made a deal with the Devil. If Z goes, you vote our way for the second eviction. Victor seems to have been given the same orders, but Paul seemed genuininely upset about Bridgette, but went with it anyway.
      The only bright spot, and I do mean only, is that the seed has been planted about Paulie. And I think Paul is gòing to make it his mission to get that swamp donkey out. Oh, and Nicole, you suck.

  20. CBS was actually Epic tonight!!! Chaos running supreme!!
    Funniest line …………from Nichole ………..surprisingly I am voting Bridgette. Meech saying all of those things and the look on her face when she staying………….started crying…………Paul……..”suck it up Meech” LOL this was great!!

  21. As much as I didn’t like the results and Bridgette going home, there is FINALLY some action happening!!! Meech needs to get her shit together you can’t call out Rat-Cole and then cry about the fact that you stayed and have to bathe in the awkwardness. It’s her time to step up and be a true big brother super fan and own your moves with pride. Here is too hoping Nicole and Paulie don’t win HOH!!!!

    1. Except right now michelle and Nicole are apologizing to each other and Victor is telling Paulie he will put up ! Michelle and Natalie…

      And this is not rigged? I guess the next few weeks will really show

  22. I am sad that Bridgette went home. Nicole was so upset being called a snake. Lol she is a snake at night with Corey.

  23. That was the worst Double ever…
    Couldn’t be more disappointed.
    Only good part was everyone including Julie telling Meech to shut the Hell up!
    Nat Paul Victor James Meech (and honestly cant 100% trust Vic or James anyway) but if one of them ddon’t win HoH, from this night on I can say…BB18, Never cared!
    Paul Nat for the win!

  24. Well, that was enjoyable.

    Thankfully, with Bridgette’s eviction, the last bit of Frank has been removed from the game.

    Literally everyone I disliked from the early part of this game is now gone. Except for Paul. But, he’s going to win and there’s nothing I can do about that.

  25. Confirmed: Paul, James and Victor are wimpy WEASELS!! They voted Bridgette out for one reason – Paulie wanted her gone!!

    And James, OMG – you are truly spineless!! When it was time to nominate 2 people for the 2nd eviction tonight, you gave Corey permission to nominate Natalie. You are f*ing pathetic.

    For the past 36 hours, I was truly excited to see the show tonight, and to see the house totally flipped. It looked good for a while – then seemed to return to status quo with Paulie being their leader. I can only hope that the anti-Paulie clan will get their shit together and actually do something bold!

    Michelle or Nat for the HOH? They are the only ones with balls big enough to do something about the Paulie train!

    1. Paul wanted to stick with the plan….
      In the hallway to the DR he asked James if they were sticking to the plan and his entire body language dropped when James told him no….

  26. Sadly, I did not see anything surprising in tonight’s episode. Z and Bridge gone and Paulie still seems to be controlling house. Hope this changes soon.

  27. We should vote for michelle for acp3 even because she is most likely to go after paulie… paul james and victor will just sway with the power

  28. Did Paulie just seriously say on the feeds he was gonna have his sister beat up Bridgette and Natalie?!? WTF dude are we like 5?

  29. Man….tonight just blew! Now what? We have a bunch of spineless as$holes up Paulie’s a$$ competing against a cheerleader and a crybaby? Ugh…

  30. 0.Paulie laughing while Michelle called him out for what he is on National TV-digging his own grave.
    1.Z still acting a fool on national TV, even on stage. Did I hear a boo from the audience or was I imagining it?
    2.Seeing Paulie go out on the first round of Head of Household-priceless.
    3.Corey winning the 2nd head of household-biggest shock. Who would’ve thought Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy could think
    4.Nicole being the rat up in Corey’s business asking him if he was sure on what they had decided? Typical Nicole.
    5.Michelle floundering after the 2nd nomination, but redeeming herself by outing Nicole as a snake-hilarious!

    So what do we do guys and gals? We can’t let the Super safety go to the next in line, Nicole this week? What’s the best, worst, option? Michelle? I’d hate to do it because she still irks me, but who else will have the balls to take Paulie and Nicole out?

    What do you think?

  31. Don’t even think I care anymore, but who is everyone giving their remaining votes to? Not even bother and let it go to Nicole whom I despise and safe anyway so gets wasted? Give em to Meech and for sure Natalie goes up with probably James as a pawn? Reward Paul who might get the hint that America liked his participation in the flip? Any ideas?

    1. Don’t reward Paul. If you give Paul anything, give him the co-HoH, and give Paulie the bribe to make him look like an even bigger sleaze ball (providing they’re still there). Michelle getting the Super Safety will be a boost to her game and remind Paulie that this isn’t 1950 anymore and America actually likes women. And it will probably scare/piss off the evil side of the house. There’s no reason not to give it to Michelle.

  32. What a letdown James has been! Natalie is the only one left to really root for. I hope somehow she makes it all the way and wins. Z needs to have therapy to develop a sense of self, and I hope to never see Nichole again.

  33. Natalie knows she was the only vote for Bridgette – her bestie, James went off with the boys to make the nom picks, l wonder how this is going to play out? Is Paul, Victor, James only placating Paulie/Corey to keep off the block? Props to Meech for throwing Nicole under the bus unlike Da not stating names making it a big mystery.

    Should be an interesting night on after dark.

  34. What a sh!tty season of bb!!! Here we go back to the same bs with paulie running the sausage fest of pussy guys licking his a** for the rest of the season… Wow bb all time low of entertainment. James already back to sucking paulies titties… Im soo over this season! Veto comp was staged for a guy to win n keep paulie on top for the 500k…

  35. There seems to be a lot of physical comps. Paulie was a collegiate soccer player, Corey ran track and played.coached baseball, Victor is a trainer. It seems to skew to athletic types winning comps and they aren’t really casting athletic girls at the same rate as the athletic guys. maybe some of those American Ninja Warrior women could be enticed to audition. There are several attractive ones that could physically mop the floor with every one of these people.

  36. go vote for michell super safe packages don’t let Nicole or pulie get it
    thumbs up if you voting for michell super safe
    thumbs down if you voting for Nicole

  37. I used all my votes to send Michelle safety this week. I don’t really like her, but I’d love for this group to start turning on one another and finally having to put one of themselves up. Granted, they could still pussy out and throw Natalie and Victor up on the block, but it would at least be entertaining to see what Michelle does knowing she’s safe. And how the others react seeing her get the care package!

  38. We thought something unpredictable might happen, but of course it was same old.
    D-bag Paulie got his way again and the He-Man Woman Haters Club claimed 2 more female victims.

  39. Paul, Vic and James should had flipped that last vote would had been better for their game. Especially if they want to take a shot at Paulie. If Paulie or Nichole does not win HOH good time to smack his ass with the backdoor.

  40. So why did we see James as the one swaying Paul? I think that part was after the girls had already gotten Paul on board and just needed James to know Paul was on board. Because James is a gutless wonder. Although now it seems better for James to have canceled Paul and Corey’s vote because it made a slightly smaller target for him. I think Natalie will be Paulie’s next target over Meech. Safety for Meech and Co-HoH for Paul? What happens if the co-hoh thing is given to the HoH. I guess they don’t have to share. We’ll see what happens in the HoH.

  41. Just put my 20 votes for Meech. Paulie and Corey will stay true to the “guys alliance” so I feel like Meech or Nat need the super safety! Can’t wait for HOH. Bet it will be questions. Hope Meech or Nat win it!!!!

  42. Eff this season.. Just hand it one of the jerks and start new. For God’s sake Allison and co get players whonwana play and know the actual game. Clearly it doesn’t pay off to hand random idiots
    Meech is a fan but clearly the house gets to u and she can’t figure where she went wrong…soo there’s a dud. She needed support from others. Do a fan vs all stars. Minus the fools picked for this season
    Jenelle. Brittney. Kaysar. Dr will. Rachel. Evel d. Danielle donato. James season 6. Danielle season 3.

  43. Yes, I will vote for care package for Michele just to irritate the guys. Paulie is a BIG disappointment with his
    behavior. He is threatening the girls that his sister will beat them up. He is a total tool and we are finally seeing the real him. New Jersey gals should be hating him right now and he threatened to have his brother’s social media tear the girls up. As a high school teacher, his behavior and anger is suspension behaviors. He is a bully and can not control his anger when he was called out on his stuff. I wonder if his Italian mama is proud now. If it was my son, i would be embarrassed because I know my son was raised better and to respect women on a game and personal level. Paulie will need the PR person this season and he has bragged he can afford it. Nichole is a snake and just trying to impress the boys. Too sad….

    1. You sound worse than Paulie. Give it a rest.
      It’s just a game so get over it Natalie, I mean Tomasa.

  44. So it’ll be funny to see how far this feminist movement goes now lol, Does Nat Nat ignore the fact that James voted with the house while she voted Bridgette???? Does Michelle show girl power by Ignoring the fact that Nat Nat voted for her to leave???? Michelle is lame BTW

    1. Michelle knows Bridgette was Natalie’s bestie and will not shake a stick at her for that move.

      It is not a feminist movement to make a move against Paulie, it was a BB strategic move. Too bad the boys do not have the balls to play to win for themselves to win. They just want to be part of Paulies sorority. Corey could have made the biggest move of the season and blew it! He would have gained respect and support if he took down the Godfather!

  45. Michelle for the care package the least worst of the bunch . anyone but ratcole even victor would be better . then again he has an huge ego problem already . scratch that idea . Michelle laying it down HARD ON THESE FOOLS and still staying in the house is EPIC ! I STILL CANT STAND HER NASTY MEAN ASS. Z nice interview with Julie you had . not one complete sentence or thought . Shows you truly are as ignorant as we all saw on a daily basis .YOU WONT BE MISSED OR REMEMBERED .

    1. Yes you will be missed and remembered Z, I was proud of you for the way you reacted each time. Wish you would’ve stood up for yourself some, but you didn’t act like Natalie, Michelle, Bridgette, or Da. I thought you did awesome. Ignore the haters, they have nothing better to do. Be you.

  46. I’m really curious to know what Nicole & Michelle were saying to each other during the live eviction. Between Michelle’s bawling & Nicole’s whiny voice it was hard to make out what was being said. I heard Nicole complaining about Michelle offering deals or selling Nicole out?

  47. Screw this show and screw CBS. I’m not watching BB or BBAD or any CBS programming until Paulie is gone for good. They’re placating Paulie and showing his sexist behavior after the care package has been decided. So everyone is going to give Paul the care package. I bet Bridgette would have gotten it, so the person with the second most votes will get it. So if you know people who watch the show but don’t watch the feeds or read spoilers, make sure you tell them to vote for Michelle to get the care package. Otherwise another douchey guy will win this whole game. And then that’ll really be the end of it for me.

    I’ll be rooting for Natalie and Michelle without watching.

    1. My guess would be that he said something to secure a Jury Vote ” i will make them pay for this and I cannot wait to date you outside of the house” “I love you” – he is so slimy would not put it past him to promise a future with her.

  48. Meech Speech(es)?


    * currently knitting Michelle a new hat (and a gag….why’d she have to go and ruin a great moment with her gawdawful bawling???)

  49. Why did James and Paul vote Bridget out. They shoulda made it a split vote and make Corey decide.

  50. James’ and Cory’s ladies didn’t get evicted… Paulie has a right to vent. He was attacked first by Natalie, Michelle, and Bridgette, not to mention his 3 bro’s turned on him.
    They’re all calling the kettle black and James, Paul, Victor, I was rooting for you but you showed your true colors tonight. You’re no better than Natalie, and the other catty snake girls.
    I hope Paulie, Cory, and Nicole take it to the final 3. They’re the only true game players that don’t have to step on heads. Even if they don’t they’ll always be remembered as the best players in the house.

  51. Natalie no one saw your little choking incident at the table to ask if you were ok. You’re not the villain. Stop…..

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