Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 10 Summary of Events, HOH/Eviction Results

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Going to keep this weeks short and sweet this week.. We’ve been waiting for something to happen all season but it hasn’t with 2 weeks of feeds left let’s hope for something. I don’t really care what just something unexpected would be nice. Earlier today it was tweeted that a new twist will be announced tonight during the show. The tweet showed a picture of a gold button.. Kinda wonder what it could be this late in the game, last time there was a button was BB14 when the coaches came into the game. Scroll down to see the picture.

  • Caleb wins the HOH
  • Caleb nominates Nicole and Christine, the primary target is Nicole secondary is Christine. No Backdoor option has been considered. Victoria is decided to be the replacement nomination if POV it played.
  • POV players are picked Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick
  • Victoria promises to fight to win the POV to save Nicole. Fans brace them themselves for something unexpected
  • POV is played Nicole feels it was a competition for her to win.. of course Christine wins it Nicole cries.
  • Caleb toys with the idea of putting Frankie up, Derrick and Cody want Nciole gone at first then switch to wanting Frankie out
  • Derrick and Cody kinda try to get Frankie nominated but don’t commit themselves enough to damage their personal games
  • At the last minute Caleb decides to not put Frankie up
  • POV Ceremony has Victoria going up as the replacement nomination
  • Nothing happens for days
  • Have Nots rooms gets closed
  • Nicole tells Derrick he’s been telling everything she say to Cody, she calls him out for having a final 4 and pretty much playing the entire house
  • Derrick denies everything spins it back on Nicole has her crying and pleading for forgiveness within a hour. Memories of Danielle BB14 come to mind

Predicted Results
Nicole is evicted

Real results
Frankie Votes to Evict Nicole
Christine Votes to Evict Nicole
Derrick Votes to Evict Nicole
Cody Votes to Evict Nicole
Evicted house guests is Nicole

Double Eviction Showdown

HOH Winner is Derrick
Nominations are Christine and Victoria
POV Winner is Frankie
POV Not Used

Cody votes to Evict
Caleb Votes to Evict
Frankie Voters to Evict
Evicted house guest is Christine
(She gets MAJOR BOOS walking out)

Next HOH will be played tonight..

The twist
If the button is pushed the game stops live both nominees will come off the block and the week is replayed.

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Julie Chen’s social media handler tweeted this earlier today “Not only do we have an exciting #DoubleEviction 2nite on #BB16, but I’ll announce a new twist! Here is a sneak peek! ”


BB16-2014-09-04 19-07-58-132

What Julie said about the twist

If That button is pushed in the coming days then next weeks live vote will stop live on the air The two nominees Will immediately come off the block The Game will rewind and the entire week will be replayed that means next week’s nominees could go from being on the block to becoming head of household. It’s a week you do not want to miss as we are full steam ahead to the finale. Tune in Sunday to see who is the new Head of Household To see this Big Brother Rewind twist unleashed on the houseguests and to witness the return of Big Brother legends Jeff and Jordan for a surprise announcement. Then to make way for the NFL we are changing our schedule for the rest of the season.

POV back up for grabs Tuesday 8/7c then the Live Eviction will be Wednesday 8/7c will another houseguest be evicted or will the game stop dead in it’s tracks.

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254 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 10 Summary of Events, HOH/Eviction Results

    1. Hope it’s an isolation room for Skankie!! If he stays in the house. Can’t believe I’m gonna say this but I hope Christine wins and sends Derrick packing then Frankie next week. I don’t care who wins at this point as long as it’s not those 2!!!

      1. Yep it’s a reset button all right. Looks like it’s going to be Frankie’s saving grace if he doesn’t win HoH tonight. Is it any wonder they spring this up this week when they know Frankie is being targeted? Just like a maze veto when they know how good Frankie is at those. Let’s just hope it blows up in the producers faces….Frankie wins HoH, somebody presses reset and Frankie loses and goes home.

        I’m sick of this crap being rigged for Frankie to win, just like I’m sick of all the laughing the live audience does when Frankie is on screen. He is the one that deserves the biggest boos, but when (IF) he walks out the door he will just get laughs. UGH!

        1. I hate to say this, but I kinda sorta felt bad for Cody at the very end of tonight’s episode. He was on the verge of tears thinking he was responsible for Christine getting crushed with boo’s. Yeah, he partly was to blame and he should have backed off with the flirting but I think he’s just a dumb kid who is used to flirting with girls and doesn’t hang around with married women so those boundaries are new to him. Christine on the other hand deserves no sympathy in my opinion. She was the one with a husband telling her not to forget about him in HoH letters yet she’s all over Cody and only him. She didn’t do that with other guys so it certainly was not a strategy.

          1. Who gives a d*** how Cody feels, lol. Seriously? I loved hearing Christine get booed and I can’t wait to hear Frankie get crushed with boos as well.

            1. And it wasn’t just the Cody stuff. She seemed to go out of her way to be mean and backstabby to her “friends,” not once in a while but consistently.

          2. Fu#k that! Cody deserve to get booed too…….zing bot warned both them…..Cody could of chilled but continued to behave inappropriate with a married women. Once he was put on notice by zing bot….he should of chilled with that behavior…..Even if Christine wanted him, he should of chilled…..Pow Pow wanted Cody…….and Cody shut that down……Even the simpleton Caleb knew what Cody was doing was wrong….Cody deserve the boo’s when he exit the house..

            1. Exactly! They were warned fair and square by Zingbot and they still kept it up. Cotex hould have had enough respect for himself, Crustine and first and foremost her HUSBAND, Tim. What sleaze bags, maybe they really do belong together.

              And I hope he gets kicked out of the final three by Derrick when he takes Victoria so he can realize what an imbecile he really was.

      2. I think Frankie is trying to be as popular and loved as gay flamboyant Gary from Big Brother Canada. He is an epic fail in that department more the trailer trash version. He can’t even begin to have the style and character and kindness of Gary.

    2. LMAOOOO @ reset button. I hope someone hits it and the house blows up and they restart the season.

      BUT GUYS, did anyone catch Julie say > in front of Nicole < "Will a member of the Detonators take this opportunity to turn on one of their own?". She just exposed an alliance in front of Nicole regardless of how apparent it was. The second she did it, I ran to write this comment because I NEED to see your responses.

      1. Yeah, I saw that as well. That can definitely hurt Derrick in terms of favor with the jury, especially how Nicole called him out yesterday for all of them working together and Derrick denying it and making her feel bad about it. If she heard that she could totally campaign against Derrick now towards the jury.

        1. Nicole is a moron…Devin, Amber, Donny warn her, and even Hayden told her not to trust the Pig Derrick and Homewrecker Cody…..Derrick and Cody backstabb her and sent hayden home…Nicole is a moron…Hayden or Zach should of came back….

          1. Nicole knows the ins and outs of BB game, but her failure is the fact she plays with her heart instead of her mind.What a pity…

      2. Ummmmm Nicole already knew about the detonators, shes known about the detonators since Zach told her….Actually come to think about it he told her about the bomb squad and the detonators so it wasn’t anything new..

        1. yes, but no one but Zach said it and everyone denied it, so she was told he was lying. christine could have confirmed it, and they could have seriously worked together, but she never did, which is when Nicole understood that Christine was not really working with her at all.

          I bet that Nicole is going to be ecstatic that Christine is out right after her, she warned her I’m sure that the boyz were never ever going to keep her, heck even Christine must have figured that out. not to mention that once again, the cowards were unable to put up someone they really wanted out, and of course voila, Frankie is still in the game.

          They had their chance, he is now free to continue to win POVs, and HOHs because they want all 4 of them as F4, which means they actually want to see him as F2.

      3. OH MY GOD.. WHY THE HELL DID FRANKIE NOT MAKE A BIG GAME MOVE. He completely could have said “Christine, if I veto you, you have to vote my way”. Frankie Vetos Christine, Derrick gets blood on his hand by either renominating Caleb or Cody. Frankie and Christine vote them out!

        1. Because all the people who are actually playing BB have already been evicted, which leaves only the people who are playing Big TV Personality. They don’t need to make big moves, or get themselves further in the game, they just have to continue to be on TV. That’s how they ‘win’.

          1. Who exactly was playing the game well but was evicted? Devin? Amber? Jocasta?

            Your best cases are Zach, who was way too malleable and over-the-top, and Donny, who never really had a shot at all of integrating with kids in their mid 20s. Neither of them are nearly as good at the game as Derrick.

            This isn’t Survivor. It’s not all about winning competitions. The best players know it’s best to lay low as much as possible, while still leaving yourself open to strike when the time is right.

        2. Because Frankie was too busy thinking about how fabulous he must be. In reality of course he look completely sad and pathetic. He was like a PeeWee Herman reject and someone had vomited pop-rocks all over him. What is wrong with that dipshit??????

        3. How does that put blood on Derrick’s hands? He would have absolutely no choice in the matter. Yes, the one evicted would be a little mad that Derrick chose him instead of the other one, but that wouldn’t lose him a jury vote. The remaining person would be happy with Derrick and on his side even more.

          It would have been Frankie’s best move, though. He seems afraid to do something big, even now during the endgame where big moves wins you the big money. I liked him at first, when he ran his own little side of the house somewhat free from Derrick’s rule, but since he joined the Detonators he seems as blindly faithful to it as Caleb.

        4. I agree with this. It would have been a big blow to Derek. Not only would he have had to choose between Cody and Caleb, but Frankie and Christine (who would’ve taken that deal in a minute) could have then taken out whoever he put up against Victoria. That would make it 2 vs. 2 — Frankie/Christine v. Derek/Caleb or Cody (not even counting Victoria. His chances would be great.

      4. Yes! I thought the same thing! Love it… Julie was busted!
        Also, hoping to see that Cody doesn’t sleep all week with the obvious guilt he was feeling with the booing of Christine. He should be ashamed.
        Also, as I called out previously… CBS will be surely hoping for better ratings with the upcoming scheduling changes!

      1. I think Derrick is Fake……this guy has so much balls that he thinks he can fool the live feeders….like “hey guys i did everything to save Donny…team America”….Dude!!! we see everything…you wanted Donny gone…and then gives us his crocodile tears…this guy talk to the camera and try his nice guy routine on the live feeders…Pig Breath we see everything…..this guy….that nice guy routine is stale…and Donny saw right through that bullshit..
        Derrick is full of $hit…

        1. Derrick might be full of sh!t, but the truth is he’s played many people in this game and has been instrumental in many evictions (without winning competitions) while not getting blood on his hands because he’s worked via proxies and covered almost all his bases.I don’t like the guy either, but he’s played the right game given this year’s cast.

    3. Reset button = HOH, VETO, and EVICTION the next four days then survivor starts earlier than planned. That’s the best twist this season will get.

    4. I think Christine just enjoyed her time with some attractive men that she could get cozy with and touch and cuddle, etc…
      She obviously has never had that in life I bet and it was likely just something as a girl she couldn’t control. I bet she loves her husband but her womanly urges were too much to hold back…

  1. the golden reset button all jury members return to the house for one massive HOH competition the two winners are the ones who have a shot at the 500k

    Donny and Zach for the win

    My hope anyway

    1. Ha yeah would love it to be an actual reset where the jury went into the house and the houseguests went to jury,.. unfortunately CBS doesn’t care about viewers. They made the reset button in case Frankie is on the block.. it is a twist to save Frankie and you can’t convince me otherwise.

      On another note I was not a fan of Chris but I hated that she got booed, felt so bad for her. She just got betrayed by the boys (which she was dumb for aligning with in the first place, but still) and then she gets booed by fans. No she wasn’t the nicest but she wasn’t the meanest either. If they boys don’t get booed too I will be pissed, even though I hate booing.. now that it started it better continue.

  2. At least the producers realize how big of a flop this season was… but this new “twist” will definitely not be enough to save it. Nice try.

      1. I really feel like it’s a ploy by production to save Fakie if he’s on the block. I wish they would understand that WE WANT FAKIE GONE.

    1. I bet Victoria will all of a sudden be a competition beast and win HOH. She will nominate Frankie and Cody because Derrick tells her too. Caleb will win POV and remove Cody from the block and force her to put up Derrick. So with Derrick and Frankie on the block and Derrick throwing Frankie under the bus, without any one else catching on of course, the button will be pressed and they are both saved.

  3. still at work…. thank you for keeping this updated all the time…you do a great job

    I hope the house finally flips and we see a calab/frankie vs derrick/cody

  4. Now they are going to announce some special twist tonight ? Why just in case Frankie is put up on the block, he can save himself!! I’m so sick of this group, at this point I do not really have a favorite that I want to win. I am ok with anyone except Frankie, I do not even want Frankie to be in 2nd place, I do not want him to get anymore money. If they are stupid enough to take Victoria to the end, then they are stupid, Victoria can say that she has been on the block more than anyone left in the house, and they still brought her to the end. If it it Victoria and Frankie at the end, I’d give the money to Victoria before Frankie !

  5. The twist is if the producers find out that they are out to evict Frankie, they’ll tell him to go and push that button for an immediate spot in the finals. Who cares about the twist? Either way, it’s going down as the two obvious choices leaving. Nicole first then Christine. Expect the expected!

  6. hopefully its a reset button, but they wait three-quarters thru the season for a twist smh the game is already ruined. Shouldve been a twist along time ago to shake things up, anyways i hope Frankie or Derrick goes right out the door after Nicole tonight.

      1. It’s going to be a tight race between Sock Monkey and the Toaster!!! I will put my money on the toaster!

        I really want someone to push that button and in walks Zach and Donny. Boo this season blows.

  7. Grodner must think she’s real sly, putting that golden button in the house to save Frankie’s ass, as if we all don’t know what it’s for. Between this and the rigged MVP for Elissa last year, she’s not even subtle about it anymore. Pathetic, and an insult to everyone’s intelligence. And let’s not pretend the other houseguests will have a choice to not push it if Frankie’s in trouble. Porsche found out the hard way that there’s no going against a rig when it’s in full gear.

      1. Thanks for the live stream site. My CBS station isn’t available due to carrier/local station dispute. Love this site & made a donation.

    1. I know eh.. we got a twist during the premiere and the start of week 11.. We could have used that twist 3 weeks ago or better yet no twists at all from day one.

  8. I would rather hear Jocasta speaking in tongues than Frankie and Cody speaking in the English accents. They are horrible. Thank God for the mute button and fast forward. It’s almost over and back to my scripted sitcoms. Yea for the end of a Bummer Summer.

    1. Dedede, Dadada, dedede dadada, dedede, dadada
      Dedede, Dadada, dedede dadada, dedede, dadada
      Dedede, Dadada, dedede dadada, dedede, dadada
      Dedede, Dadada, dedede dadada, dedede, dadada
      Dedede, Dadada, dedede dadada, dedede, dadada
      At this point the bowtie has had it with Jocosta and
      chokes her to death.

  9. Hey Skaggy, your sister just bombed out singing the national anthem before
    the Seahawks/Packers game. She sounded horrible, sorry Skag, there is
    no auto-tune when your in front of a stadium audience. Your sister sings
    worse than Britney Spears. You’re a skag and your sister is a hag.

    1. Your ears must be tainted…. Ariana actually has talent along with four octaves and a whistle register. You probably don’t know what those are. In a world full of other non-singing pop tarts, Ariana actually has the pipes. Lets be real. Don’t make her pay for her brothers mistakes….

      1. She has very low lung capacity… Takes deep breaths in the middle of lines, very distracting and kills the flow of the tune.
        Also, you must be a genius using words like octave. Next thing i know you’ll be tossing out works like osmosis.

      2. I agree, Frankie is responsible for his actions it has nothing to do with Ariana. I’m not a fan of Ariana as in I don’t enjoy her music but whoever does, good for them. Different tastes, I guess. But she’s not Frankie and should never be punished or criticized for what he does, just like what I do my family is not to be blamed.

        Just because I can’t stand Frankie ( and I truly can’t ) doesn’t mean I should bash the sister. It’s not her fault he plays the game the way he plays. It’s not on her that he’s hated. I hope he never makes it to final two, but as for Ariana, I wish her well because the person I loathe is Frankie not her.

      3. just because she has a decent voice doesn’t mean she’s worthy of half the attention she’s been getting, Also, her new single is just trashy…everytime it comes on at the gym it kills my buzz.

      4. A tone deaf weasel could be made to sound like Celine Dion in a recording studio. So it is obvious that you did not hear her “TRY” and sing the National Anthem because she bombed big time. Just like her Skankie brother a FAKE!

        First of all it’s called The National Anthem.
        Second, it’s sung at the beginning of a football game.
        Third, I have some bad news for you, clueless,
        I think I even saw the beerman guzzlin a few, just to get through that long, drawn out, hot mess…

        1. I know exactly what they were talking about. The national anthem wasn’t bad I’ve heard much worse. Coming from a music major, Ariana has major chops. I’m going to use some big words for your miniscule brain so get ready. She has melismas, octaves, whistle register, and runs for days. She is a lot better than a lot of the other pop-tarts out in the music world today. And newsflash ARIAN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BIG BROTHER! She isn’t on the show he brother may be complete trash but that isn’t her keep her out of it. I am a Ariana fan but a Frankie hater. BTW if she was so bad WHY IS HER CD number 1 on the Billboard 200 this week. And why does she have no less than 3 singles in the top 10 of the US right now? Clearly people like her and her brother isn’t stopping anybody else from buying her album lol. Chill out and be happy that one of the detonators was finally sent packing tonight.

          1. She’s been performming since she was a child. There is no question she is talented Is she going to last long term, like other teen Disney kids (or Nickolodean kids) , there is no way to tell based on one CD. She is going to be heavily promoted in order for the company to find out tho, and they will promote her in a way to take advantage of any publicity as possible, but that still won’t make her an actual star.

            The music libraries are filled with one hit wonders, and manufactured pop starts.

        2. The Star Spangled Banner is a notariously hard song to sing well. About 25% fail horribly (remember Rosanne Barr) and 5% are spectacular (think of Whitney Houston). I think Ariana Grande falls into that vast 70% who are just so-so. Just because she is Frankie’s sister doesn’t mean we have to bash her unnecessarily. In five years she will be a “Whatever happened to Ariana Grande” subject on on some show.

    2. I would normally be of the opinion that family should not be held responsible for reality show contestants behavior, nor should they be judged for that behavior.
      of course, most family members don’t have commercials for their new cd running during episodes of that reality show.
      vicarious self- promotion. he uses her celebrity to behave as if he’s a celebrity. she pens a deal to have her record promoted during the prime time television show he is on.
      if each is going to try to benefit from the other, then both should be held responsible for the negatives as well.

  10. In a ‘twisted’ season of firsts that was very much lost on this cast…. I’m excited for the button. I’m thinking they don’t tell them what the button is and make it some kind of punishment. The first person to push it is locked in and can’t play competitions or something. That would be fun.

  11. A Grande just ruined a football game for me too!!
    His sister just sang the longest Star Spangled Banner that I’ve ever heard.
    Not to mention, she was just God AWFUL.

  12. I’m only watching tonight for the very slim chance this reset button saves Nicole! And I guess I kind of want to see Frankie’s face if he gets evicted…

  13. CBS needs to fire Grodner and hire whoever’s producing the Canadian, UK or Australian versions, because they all do a much better job than this production team. I can’t decide what’s worse, the obvious stunt casting (Russell Hantz’ brother, Rachel’s sister, and Ariana Grande’s brother in three consecutive seasons) or the even more obvious rigging.

    1. Unfortunately BB Canada wasn’t much better. The host is a trainwreck. The quality of the set/house and competitions was surprisingly top notch but the casting was not great either.

      Season 1 ended with a jusry vote that was 4-3 (or whatever the count was, it was a one vote difference). When one contestant, Topaz’s vote was read she interrupted the host to say that’s not what she voted. They threw to commercial immediately and checked the footage to revealed the moron voted for the wrong person to win, so the wrong person won the entire thing because of one idiot housegues. They also had a producer’s favourite, Gary Glitter (who made Frankie look like the butchest guy you have ever met) who was voted out and brought back with Canada voting but was brought back very late in the game. He was the one that eventually lost because his friend Topaz voted for the wrong person.

      This same Topaz was really screwed over by producers. I believe she was HOH and had to do an instant eviction or instant nominations without consulting anyone. She was told to go to the HOH room and figure things out but wasn’t told that the other houseguests were watching on the screen downstairs. She ended up talking out loud to herself about each housegues, screwing herself over by revelaing her thoughts on each houseguest.

      In Season 2 they had a large alliance dominating early. One older guy was calling people racists for no reason whatsoever (in his DRs he admitted he just made it up and didn’t think the guy was a racist) and when the alliance seemed unstoppable they made Canada the HOH and voters chose the two nominees. Of course two members of the alliance went up, alliance lost its numbers and the season was a snoozefest until the end of the season. At least the nice guy won but he ended up dumping his gf afterwards and hooked up with the skank that was throwing herself at him all season but pretending they were friends and constantly talking to his gf on the camera saying they would be friends outseide, etc. (and her nose make Christine’s look normal size)

      Season 2 did have a great situation where one houseguest had letters from home for all the houseguests, was in the backyard and had the option of shredding the letters in exchange for some cash. She hated them and reveled in shredding them, not knowing that they were all watching on a screen inside. She was already on her way out so it didn’t matter anyway.

  14. Nicole is going to be evicted tonight, who is next? Depends on who wins HOH, hope Frankie does a Lawon and volunteers his pink streaked skaggy A$$ to go on the block. If he gets evicted now, Hayden won’t put up with his sexual assaults, he’ll bust the skag’s front teeth and blacken both his pervert eyes.

    1. I laugh every time I hear her say that. Maybe she’s as gullible as the HGs and actually believes this really is the most twisted season ever.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Does she even believe the crap she says?

      Honestly, I don’t think she watches the show. She just reads the teleprompter.

    1. Makes me so suspicious that all of the others went out in the first round. But then again, look at the edit Derrick is getting tonight. CBS has picked their winner by far. Did Derrick seriously have to keep mugging for the cameras all night??? Smugness isn’t sexy!!

    1. Well, production wants him to win, too bad. Production also made sure to pack the house with attention Who*es and psuedo celebrities that they knew the audience would hate, so that mediocre derrick would be more likable by comparison.

  15. Derrick won HOH it looks like. No way he puts up Skankie for eviction. He wants Christine out. I really hope this golden button is not a way to save Skankie. I do not get why BB would protect him unless they know he is disliked by America it helps to him so America keeps watching waiting to have him evicted. Kind of a reverse psychology.

  16. HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im standing up shouting at the TV lol hoping that Christine doesn’t win the pov and take herself off the block!! I CANT WAIT TILL THIS UGLY BITCH GOES HOME!!!!!!!

  17. Golden button: turns tv on where the packers/seahawks game is playing. Caleb gets a glimpse at the real beast mode. Cries. Regains composure and states, ‘I could take him.’

  18. Frankie won…big surprise. Pretty soon you’ll need the sheriff to evict him from the BB House. Big mistake not backdooring him with Caleb’s HOH.

    1. Frankie wins again. It is impossible to get that guy out. If he thinks Christine’s boos are bad, wait till he leaves the house. Cody has to win HOH, that is the only way to get out Skankie, but it is looking less likely going forward. Derrick made a big mistake and he is going to pay for it very soon if the Skank wins HOH or POV.

  19. Skankie won POV. Damn…I hate that guy…and he is going to freaking win the whole damn show…should have dusted him when they had the chance.

    1. Nope, Derrick. Wait and see. Between the naive kids he’s playing with, and his Team America shield, Derrick’s had this since day 1, thanks to production.

  20. HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im standing up shouting at the TV lol hoping that Christine doesn’t win the pov and take herself off the block!! I CANT WAIT TILL THIS UGLY BITCH GOES HOME!!!!!!!

  21. Hopefully with Frankie winning Veto they will at leat vote Christine out, unless he takes her off…then the guys will really be scrambling…

  22. So far…BS CBS! Derelict’s new image after the boards lit up yesterday with disgust for him. (going to face the jury) No goodbye messages for Nic so she couldn’t hear about the alliance. And NOW, Derelict wins HOH! Who’s your golden boy CBS? So predictable! Now you can brag about your “great” game player and this terrible season will just be a figment of our imaginations!

    1. I’m so glad others are seeing it, I’ve been saying it for over a month. Derrick has been their golden boy, and production’s choice to win, since day 1. Frankie was a major distraction, but it was Derrick they were really pushing.

    2. Nicole will get to here the messages, but when it is double eviction they sometimes do not have time to show them. It would be nice to see her reaction to Christine’s message though. Christine will also get messages from the remaining houseguests. They will probably be called in the tape them tonight.

  23. Well she fell into the Detonators because she was conveniently in the room…..
    Just as easily she is discarded when they are conveniently done with her………………..

  24. I honestly don’t think I’ve despised anyone on this show as much as I hate Frankie. And that says a lot considering some of the past house guests. He literally makes my skin crawl. I want to slap his smug face into next week! I can’t stand that he won the POV. I’m seething right now.

    1. If you noticed Derrick totally did not try in the POV since he had told Caleb and Cody that if Christine came down he was going to put up Frankie.
      Cody certainly did not want to vote his gal pal out.
      Poor Victoria thinks she is so special…if she only knew.

      1. Cody looked so depressed and sour when he had to vote off Christine. Caleb and Frankie could not give a fuck, and seemed happy.

    1. Why don’t they just call it “Team Production.” Personally, I am not voting at all – not that I did before (except about that ridiculous play – OVERWHELMING NO.) I think if it is Team America then AMERICA should have been able to vote last week as to whether we wanted to keep them or disband. Is this a way for Derrick to be convinced to keep Frankie and vice versa – $$$? Just like Frankie said a few days ago that America is giving them a week off. What a way to prove him right in his own mind. Thanks CBS.

      Sorry again for the rant.

    1. i am disgusted that there is another TA mission. I think everyone should just not vote at all, make them have to choose one, it’s disgusting that they should be given this chance. NO wonder they rigged it so that no one put up Frankie for a back door eviction.

  25. Damn did she get boooooooo’d!!!!! Has that happened before like that? I don’t remember hearing it that bad before! Even Aaryn???

    1. In all the years I have been watching those were the loudest boos I have ever heard. With aaryn it was just faint but not Christine how humiliating – now what does the cuckold (Tim) think all America is completely wrong. His 15 minutes of fame whoring of his wife are almost up!

    2. Can anyone remember a house guest getting booed louder than Christine? I’ve been watching BB almost from the beginning (missing a few seasons) and I don’t remember someone getting booed that LOUD!!!! Let me know if I’m missing someone…

    1. Hoping there’s just boo’s from here on out.

      That was the most boring double elimination night ever IMO. Evem the houseguests looked bored waiting to vote.

      Whatever, I’m bored. Thank God for Simon and Dawg!!!

    1. ????? She was a horrible person while she was in there kiddo….. she constantly talked about how she hated everyone, made horrible things up about Donny and made her husband look like an idiot. She deserved more boos

    2. Oh CBS will make sure it doesn’t happen for Frankie they have got to protect their investment. Whoever made the decision to cast him should be FIRED!!!! I am assuming it is the same person that thought Andy, Amanda and Aaryn would be great casting.

    3. I hope they do it for others too, especially Frankie. And YES she was that bad and deserved it! In what is called the most twisted season ever, it’s sad that the biggest twist we got was to let the audience have an honest opinion!

    4. Have to disagree with you Rpbox……Christine WAS that bad and IMO was getting worse. Karma finally caught up with her ass and put a smack down on her. I’m sure she is crying her ass off on her way to the jury house and I hope no one there gives her the time of day. Bitch got blasted by the viewers and she deserved it. Keep trying to placate your husband with the insincere shoutouts; you only made yourself look like a BIGGER fool. AND then the coup de grace….. Cody votes your ass out!! How you like him now,……..HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Not bad??!! She was AWFUL – hateful, jealous, and two-faced, not to mention totally disrespectful. You reap what you sow, and now she gets to sit in the jury house with all the people she said she hated at one time or another. She got EXACTLY what she deserved !

  26. Elbow jobs for all the boys – what a bunch of cowards not wanting any competition so they’ll haul this ultimate barnacle to the end to ensure a win. Cowards. Victoria is gross, and tacky.

    1. Since there are four guys left all of whom will beat Victoria who will definitely be one of thepersons on the block, what difference will it make? It will be a repeat of tonight’s strategy and Vic will leave the game. Final four all guys. :(

  27. Those boos were music to my aching ears, but that rewind twist yuck…where was that 3 weeks ago when all the actually likeable people could’ve used it!? Clearly there to save Frankie or Derrick…

  28. Hey Caleb touch the reset button and reset it so that Skaggy doesn’t win the POV and she goes home!
    Nice thought, oh well, at least Adulterous woman went home to a chorus of boos.

  29. The big twist needed to be played when Nicole and Donny were on the block. Whoever is on the block next week I want to go home and whoever is saved next week I want to go home. I REALLY dislike these people. How bad of a season is it when I’m actually pulling for Victoria to win?

  30. I’m gonna be the only one who says it, but I felt bad for her getting booed. She was totally shell-shocked. I’m glad she’s gone,but the booing was a bit much.

  31. Depending who is on the block – I bet production clues them in that it would be to their advantage to press the button. I was thinking I’d hate to be the HOH if they rewind, but does that mean the HOH can or can’t play in the HOH comp or will they allow everyone to play for HOH if they rewind. hmmmmm – guess they have time to figure that out. LOL!

  32. So after weeks of not watching I tuned in tonight against my better judgment. The only good thing about tonight’s episode were the boos Christine rightfully got as she left the house.

    Ok, wait, one other good thing, Nichole’s parting words about everyone in the house playing Big Baby, not Big Brother. Totally true and needed to be said. I rolled my eyes thinking about all the crap the houseguests are saying about her right now as they nurse their egos.

    The golden rewind button is a bunch of garbage. I don’t care about the rest of these people, and I don’t care if it saves any of them. Could have used that when Donny or Zach were still playing. Big swing and a miss, CBS.
    $crew you Allison Grodner, still not watching the rest of the season, tonight reminded me why I stopped and cancelled my feeds to begin with. This cast is the worst.

  33. Well at least they got out Christine. However at the end of the day they wiil regret not backdooring Frankie this week. He like a barnacle that stuck on tight to the ship. Literally.

  34. What? Frankie won POV so he can’t be evicted!? I bet CBS is breathing a huge sigh of relief. Unless of course they somehow knew he’d win. Maybe they just had that much faith in him? Or is something diabolical in the works? CBS YOU’RE A DAMN JOKE!

  35. For those who have complained about Andy and others from past seasons, I think we can agree that the “worst floater” award goes to Victoria.

    1. I gave a thumbs up, but the problem with Victoria is she doesn’t understand how to play the game. A floater floats to power, she goes to Derrick only. We need a new term for a player like her… Any suggestions?

  36. We only hate on Derrick because of who he’s aligned with. You can say he should turn on them, but he is only using this alliance to his advantage. They are taking him far by not putting him up, and he can plead to the jury house that he was loyal to that alliance, a big point for him. He is the only smart one thinking about how to play the game. He got nicole to apologize to him, that’s brilliant. He can get a jury vote right their. Hate this or not, but you know he’s the only one you want to win.

    1. Derrick is NOT the only one we WANT to win, it’s just that the others are a bunch of jerks, wussies, BB babies. Yes, he’ll probably be able to talk the jury into voting for him, but it’s only because all others are SO unlikable. The only possible person to beat him could be Victoria, but doubt that as she didn’t display game play, just stayed under the radar & was friendly to Nicole. I think we all know who Crustine will vote for, though!

      And – as far as Team America, I agree that both choices were idiotic & I’m hoping (but know it won’t happen) they disband & discontinue the whole concept. UGH – who wants Derrick or Frankie to pocket any more money?!

  37. I loved the fact that Christine got booed. I wish Julie would have asked better questions, like…do you think your family will approve of rubbing on Cody’s balls all the time?

  38. I don’t really get the booing part. I didn’t like her but she sure as hell didn’t deserve that did she? I had to laugh at Frankie at the end of the show. He’s gonna get way worse boos than Christine.

  39. I almost felt bad for Christine when she got booed, then I came to my senses. She got what she deserved all the way around.
    This latest “twist” is asinine and it’s too little too late.
    At this point it’s Victoria for the win as she is the one I detest the least.

  40. Push it, push it, come on, ya know ya want to, just one little push, think about what you could win, can’t you hear it calling your name, “ooooh Caleb my beast mode, I need you to just give me a little push” so puuuussssdhhhh iiiiiittt
    Fame and fortune are yours, just push it

  41. gee, another completely expected episode.
    I note that the players heard the boos, and it never occurred to them that their alliance is hated. they just figured it was her. as delusional as thinking this is the most twisted season ever. the rewind premise at final five is ridiculous. if it were a twisted season, the twist would have appeared before the other side was completely removed from the game. as much as I hate production interference, if they’re going to do it, do it with conviction.

    1. sorry, forgot to mention that I somewhat felt that even the boos were production scripted. the producers’ way of trying to win back support: see, we know you hate them so look at the response they will get, so keep watching and tell your friends.
      yeah. probably just conspiracy theory. but really, would you put it past them?

  42. YESSSS this just made my night!!!!!!!!! I clicked rewind 5 times to listen to my HERO boo chrstine lol I loved it , just awesome! did a little happy dance and everything hahah * high five to the guys in the audience!!

  43. Sitting around talking about why Christine got booed by the audience – Frankie says it’s because of all the mocking crap Christine said to and about Frankie. Yeah that’s why she was booed – because she was mean to Frankie. Uh no Rose – that’s not why at all. It actually had NOTHING to do with you. Get over yourself – we are!!!

  44. Allison GROSSner, you’ve done it again with fixing it for your personal ass licker, Fakie Grungy…you’ve fucked up another season with blatant cheating, you fucking gross Sammy Hagar looking jagoff!

  45. I hope nobody votes for team america..I am glad christine went home and got booed little do they all know they would be booed too…so annoyed don’t like any for the win…

  46. Needed to be used several weeks ago.

    At this point it will just exchanging “creepy crawlers” if someone hits the button.

  47. Thought good old Crusty was going to cry when she was booed and when Julie was questioning her. Pity the jury house having to put up with her.
    Was I hearing things or did DePrick say that anyone who hit the button WALKS? Caleb is like a kid on Christmas morning — he so desperately wanted to press it. That was when I believe DePrick made the remark.

    1. Given how shocked and upset Christine was to be so coldly dumped by the boyz, she will have plenty to tell the jurors. She knows where all of the bodies are buried. I just hope they listen and believe her!

    2. How quickly did Derrick shut down any thoughts of hitting the button? They weren’t even off the air yet and he was already laying down the law telling them nobody better press that button. He knows he has everyone in his pocket and the prize is his to lose right now. He’s not going to take any chances. Expect him to be talking about that button and how nobody is pressing it non stop.

      Christine sure had a bad night. She was voted out unanimously by her own alliance, including gropemance Cody and was so po’ed she made a beeline for the door, not looking at or acknowledging anyone. She couldn’t get out of there fast enough and she went from the frying pan right into an inferno of boos. Ouch! I have watched every episode since the beginning and I don’t ever remember a reaction like that. Much deserved. At least she got her ring back from Cody in time to kiss it when voting (what a joke) and to take with her to the jury house.

      Who’s going to step up now to grope the dinodunce non-stop? Frankie or Victoria the Virgin (yeah right like anyone believes that).

  48. Hey Frankie, they didn’t boo because Crustine talked shit about you. In fact, that would be grounds for applause!

  49. Christine got exactly what she deserves. I booooooed from my living room. Karma….how sweet it is. She dogged out every single female in the house…every one of them. She got used and thrown out like old trash. All that trash talking about Victoria and pawn or not, she watched her walk out the door. Buh bye Christine…see ya never! Totally giddy right now. Only thing sweeter would have been Flakey burning the road up!

  50. Did Victoria always look like a streetwalker or was it just that I didn’t notice before?
    Pucker up Vicki – you’ll be giving major he*d to Derrick for saving you again.

  51. Wow finally they wanna insert ONE twist and it’s for Frankie I’m afraid – why we hate Frankie we hate Derrick
    Why didn’t they do something for zach or Donnie I don’t get it!!!!

  52. I have TA as much as everyone else but we should all vote for option A because there is no possible way they will be able to convince the rest of the house to FAST! No more money for Derrick and Frankie!

    1. I really didn’t want TA to continue. Don’t want to give either of them any more money. If I do vote then I would be upset if the remaining 3 ppl agree and don’t eat while our low life team eats would crush me. Let me know whos voting and whos not. Not gonna cast any vote till I hear from ya’ll

  53. Frankie is so dumb he knows he’s the biggest target in the house and he didn’t make a move. If I were him I would’ve taken off Christine and Derrick would have been forced to nominate Caleb cause he’s so tight with cody. Then Frankie and Christine vote to evict Victoria and it’s Caleb Frankie and Christine vs. Cody and Derrick. This move would’ve kept the target off of Frankie keeping him longer and it would’ve exposed that cody and Derrick are closer than Caleb and Derrick and it would’ve shown that Derrick is the true snake. If Frankie mad this move Christine would be back on team Frankie and Caleb would be with them too thinking Derrick’s a snake and that he can beat both Frankie and Christine in the end

    1. Totally agree but Christine was a total idiot who wanted Frankie gone even though he was one of the few people who she could beat at the end. He knew she was clearly no longer on his team. This was Christine’s mistake, not Frankie’s.

  54. Horrible time for this twist. Production knows Frankie is the next target. He just walked his way into final 2 with this stupid “twist”

    1. Jeff and Jordan are coming to make an announcement on Sunday.

      Are they finally getting married? Pregnant? Or returning next summer for an All Star Tag Team Season?

  55. So glad the audience greeted Christine with a loud chorus of boos. If and when Frankie ever leaves, you can bet CBS will do everything it can to prevent a similar response to their pink haired, full of himself, camera loving, filthy, disgusting golden gay boy.

  56. Frankie just said he thinks Christine got boo’ed cause she said bad things about Frankie. Is he really that self centered? C’mon Frankie! America would have given her a few more cheers if she said bad things about you. They boo’ed her cause she wasn’t all over Cody she was personally attacking the other HG’s behind their backs.

    1. When I heard this I just about peed myself? He really is delusional. Hope that he is evicted soon and hears the boos himself.

  57. This is such bull. twist my a$$, this is just a lame ass way to save frankie if he goes up on the block this week. i bet big brother already got the cheque written out in frankie’s name.

    1. Yep. It’s in the contract that Frankie has with someone in BB production. Maybe not too brass, but funny money’s been exchanged under the Table.

  58. Predictable…. Knew Frankie wasn’t gonna win 1st HOH but win the POV he flew through that comp like he knew how to play(HINT HINT, he DID) No doubt he’ll win 2nd HOH and make the 1st big move of this boring season.. Anybody wanna bet who this twist is designer to protect? FRANKIE if he somehow don’t win this HOH

  59. She didn’t know what to do. The bad thing about her going to jury house is she will continue with her laughter and bother the Donny and the others. They are having a good time and now she goes in the house with her stupid laugh.

    1. Leaving aside the aspect of booing for a moment (because I am part of the minority that feels bad for her) … Christine is very hurt and from that bursts forth anger directed by the betrayal. She has inside knowledge of various betrayals her former alliance pulled on all the members of the jury. This may provide the jury with a clearer picture and not be snowed… especially after Derricks misting of Nicole.

  60. So happy Christine got booed. Hope frankie gets the same. And that twist is stupid, no one cares at this point with the crew left in the house. It won’t change the dynamic, if they had done this when Donny, nicole, zach, or hayden were on the block it would be a different story. But alas it is not. :/. I disagree that this twist is to help frankie though. BB is tired of frankie and has even been showing him in more of a negative light in the cbs show instead of twisting things to make him seem positive. They would have no excuse trying to protect someone who makes a “rape joke” and wouldn’t take the chance.

  61. Knew both Nicole and Christine were going as soon as Donny left.

    Nicole’s eviction, well there is not much to say, but with Christine’s, OH DAMN. She did not even say goodbye to any of them, or give them a hug. Bolted right out that door without a second glance, and right into the UNANIMOUS BOOS (and I highly doubt that this is the only unanimous boo of the season). Such a sour eviction, but entertaining to watch.

    I hope Victoria does not win HOH (or anyone NOT Frankie or Derrick), because the twist to save those two will be used. All the other girls MUST feel that slap in the face that she lasted longer than all of them.

    Won’t make predictions about Week 11’s eviction until the HOH is revealed.

  62. Glad Cristine went out. With no class to a chorus of boos. Sweet music!

    There’s no way Caleb will be able to stay away from that button lol.

    I just want Frankie to go. He’s so over the top I can’t stand it. And one seriously vile excuse for a human being.

    Thanks again Simon and Dawg…you rock!

    Bring on the new HOH! (Please not Frankie!!!)

  63. alright 1 gone, 5 to go!!!
    Christine= we just lost the biggest piece of trash with a deafening laugh and big head thinking she was queen “run the house” while disrespecting a man at home who loves her.
    Cody = unbearable to watch as he is such an immature little child.
    Frankie= this guy needs someone to pop his bubble and lower him back down to earth. another primadona!
    Derek= had the potential to be a loved player if only he had a personality and took ownership of his actions. ass kisser and phony boloney.
    Victoria= well we all know she doesn’t do much except look in the mirror lol but shes actually growing on me!
    caleb = you guys know he still thinks he has a date with amber? haha so besides being an obsessive weirdo with women and his enormous ego : he also proves he’s just like every other guy in the house : a pansy! I do find him funny lately though.
    so that’s what most of the world is left with in our choosing for who we want to win lol seriously casting needs to take notes from this season and pick it up a notch with some personalitys that will win over America next season cause this one has been embarrassing

  64. Derrick should have sent Frankie home during the double eviction. In fact, Derrick should have encouraged Caleb to put Frankie up as the replacement nom. It would have been better for viewers having to endure watching Frankie’s pole stuck up his behind gait, his abuse & overly touchy mannerisms, and horrid topics Frankie discusses. It would have been better for both viewers and Derrick to get Frankie out during the double eviction.

    Now does anyone know the plan? The next HOH will get Frankie out, correct?

    Cody, Caleb, and Vic will all be working to be HOH so they can send Frankie home, correct?

    I do not know if the new HOH has been named – however, I hope that it is not Frankie.

    Also, does Julie Chen seem irritated with Frankie. Is it me – I admit I am not a Frankie fan – or does Jule Chen seem to try her best to ignore Franie??

    I now find myself rooting for Victoria. I think that Victoria winning is the best way to surmise the house guests’ game play during BB16.

  65. I just really cant stand Frankie. So let me guess this “button” is there in case this little shit head gets put on the block so they can take him off and have a restart. How f*cking stupid!!!!

  66. I think it was pretty shitty of the audience to boo Christine as hard as they did. If you like her or not it was wrong to do that. I don’t care who thinks it was appropriate because it was soooooo not .

  67. I knew it !…They couldn’t backdoor Frankie!! …Unfortunately, he’ll end up in the final 2…They should have kicked him out when they had the chance!!!They will never be able to get rid of him now…

  68. I will NOT vote for a mission for TA why would anyone want to give them anymore money, after shakie said he hates America and they blame Donny for not get that $5000. CBS people are not interested in giving your two golden boy’s anymore $$

  69. Frankie will you please STFU! You think Crustine’s boos were loud wait until your ass is evicted…but wait that may not happen now thanks to Mr.Oink, Cotton balls Cody should’ve put your ass on the block when he had the chance, now here comes bb with a golden button im sure it’s to save the pink pansy..there’s no need for the season to continue just give those 2 jack asses Mr. Oink & Frankenstein their checks!!!

  70. I did not like Christine. But booing is low class. Just don’t applaud. Let her and hopefully Frankie walk into a silent audience.

  71. My sources tell me Christine isn’t going to the jury house. She left the studio and demanded to be taken home. Producers can’t hold her against her will and she doesn’t care about the stipend. She bolted off the stage and said take me home.

    1. Did she really. That’s terrible all the booing. Doesn’t matter what she deserved, its not right what the audience did and Cody has nothing to feel anything about.

    2. That sounds like a move Christine would make in anger and haste. Why stick around when you know the HGS,Production, the audience and the general public despise you. Life in the jury house would be caustic and depressing. Maybe returning home to Tim will be her saving grace. Can and will he forgive her. It sure is her only hope for a happy ending to her messed up BB experience.

  72. I agree that the button of bullshit is there to save precious Frankie’s smug ass WHEN he gets put on the block. Its not right that this person is the “favorite” yet hes nobodies favorite. How the hell does that work. When I see his fake smile I want to smash his face in, and I am not even a violent person lols.

  73. Definitely one is written out in Derrick’s and the other in Frankie’s name. Sick and degraded degenerates the both of them. Hope the reset blows them right out of the house and into the jury, and the jury back into the house as that is the only hope this season has for saving. HOPE BB DOES NOT RIG THE AUDIENCE WHEN DERRICK AND FRANKIE AND THE REST GO OUT AND THEY GET BOOS JUST AS LOUD OR LOUDER THAN CHRISTINE’S BOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. I really don’t want TA to get anymore money. I don’t want the other 3 to go without food and have them to eat. and the rat one, well doesn’t make much sense since they stay up most of the night anyways. Only once in awhile they are all in bed by 2:30-3:00. Let me know what you come up with and I will vote with you guys. Make it one they can’t win because I really don’t want to vote just so they get 5K more.

  75. woah whats up with the next twist and TA mission???? to me that’s the clearest sign of big brother favoring Frankie! he more than likely has a secret contract with them. saying even if you don’t win we will make sure your paid accordingly through easy missions and try to get you to the final 2 with this stupid twist where if your on the block we will erase the whole week lol like wtf is that about? I think this show is gonna go downhill very fast if they continue with what they have been. by the looks of these comments im not the only one who thinks it already has! what a disgrace of what once was an amazing show :/

  76. Damn! I was hoping that Frankie would take Christine off the block and force Derprick to evict his “wife” Vacuous or one of his boys. At this stage even though I hate Frankie just as much as anyone else here, I would like to see him win the money. That’s how much I dislike Derprick, Caleb, Cody and Madame Vacuous.

  77. Loved that Christine got that kind of response from the audience. The reset button thing should of been a long time ago. I vote no more TA missions. If a vote must be made, make it the one with not eating. Someone will eat something and screw it up for them. Press the reset button and Hayden and Donny come back, now that would be good. Double evict until the end. They all want to take Victoria to the final 2. They think it’s a guaranteed win. If that happens, I hope the jury gives it to Victoria. Poetic justice in a way.

  78. Prediction.. Cody will win HOH and put Frankie up, the button will be pressed, and Frankie will be taken off the block only to win the following HOH… C’mon Production throw something at us we can’t predict… I double dare you.

  79. there’s no way frankie would have taken Christine off the block, it was already decided by all of them she was next to go. She would have gone before Nicole except she won her POV to save herself. Victoria was never in any danger of being evicted at that point. She must have known when she was put up AGAIN.

    Like someone said, there aren’t 5 winners.

  80. You people are brutal saying the audience was right for booing her. It wasn’t right and totally childish. How would many of you feel if you were booed like that in public for playing a game? Look how most of you react to a comment you don’t like….imagine being booed. Pffttt I didn’t like her game and maybe most of the things she did, but this women did not deserve the boos she got.

  81. In all the shows I have seen throughout the years(reality) Frankie is one of the most unlikable people I have watched in a long time. I didn’t even mind Russell Hantz(sp) and he was a total prick. There is something about the arrogance of Frankie (no not confidence) arrogance he has like he is self important and so self involved its sickening.

    Yes Frankie, its because of you and you being Gay this is why they have “parental guidance and viewer discretion advised. Has nothing to do with it being an Adult show, its just about you being Gay? Like anyone gives a shit.

    Grrrrrrrr with this reset button BS!!!!

  82. Frankie just blew a giant chance of getting out cody or caleb he should have pulled christine of the block and derrick would have had to put one up and frankie and christine would vote them out tehen with victoria it was 3 vs 1 cause derrick could not play in the next hoh

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