Big Brother Canada Week 9 Power Of Veto Competition Spoilers!

POV Holder: brothers Next POV April 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: Brothers and Niki
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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brothers (phil) are the Power of Veto winners

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The votes are in.

It’s time to go… Jared!


Love that the brothers won POV


WHAT!!?? The brothers actually won something? LoL


Yes! Finally some entertainment. Kind of hope Phil flaunts it to see Tim and Cassandra cry.


They won’t care lol Opens the door to take out Jared


Perfect chance to backdoor Jared.


Sweet!! The idiots managed to win P.O.V.!

lol what?

They’ve won POV before dumb dumb


good .. now as cass sweeps the floor with her broom ..nice to watch her twist and turn as to who to replace.. interesting ..

Bubba O'Really

It’s no mystery. Cass has been planning to backdoor Jared for weeks. She’s openly discussed it with Tim and Joel pretty often. She’s just been waiting for the opportunity. She was okay with getting the brothers out this week if Jared won the POV and wasn’t an option. She holds all the power this time. She puts Jared up. Kelsey and the brother vote against Nikki. Tim & Joel vote against Jared. It’s a tie 2 – 2. Cass casts the tiebreaker, sending Jared to jury. She believes that will be the move that will win her the game if she makes it to final 2.


She knew beforehand who will go up as replacement nominee if the bros win: Jared.


I was hoping the Brothers would go home this week but I also love when the House is shaken up…. Should be fun to see who Cass nominates as the replacement and also who goes home. Joel, once again, could be the decider this week.


Read the comment above it’s been on the feeds all week. Joel, Cass and Tim are in an alliance. They are running the show. They have the numbers and the majority. Unless the house is wise enough to put them on the block and I doubt it. They will put Niikki against one and they still have the numbers.


Think it will be Jared now?


So glad the brothers won, now hopefully they can get rid of jared.

Big Brother is Life

Ok so the brothers have broke the HoH curse that had affected Maddy and Raul and Loveita. Hopefully Cassandra does put Jared up. She was hinting the Kelsey a lot that she doesn’t know if Jared is the best of trustworthy. If she puts up Jared and he goes Kelsey shouldn’t be mad as Kelsey really doesn’t have anyone else in that house other than Jared and Cassandra. She puts up Joel doesn’t do good for her as then Jelsey stays and if they both are here next week one hands down is getting HoH. Tikki stays and even though they dot act like a duo you just know they are. Same with putting up Tim. Keeps Jelsey another round in which they are threatening but no one does a thing about it. Out of all the options to renom (Tim, Kelsey, Jared, and Joel) the best person that won’t even get a lot of blood on Cassandra’s hand and would really add good to her resume is getting Jared out. People know how Cass play the game so if Jared walks into jury saying Cass got him out that would make a jury stop and wonder really how good a game player Cassandra is. For this season to be good Cassandra has to win. Her or Tim but I agree a Canadian should win because if Tim wins then this guy is just reality tv gold (Won BBAU, Came second in Celebrity Apprentice AU, potential win BBCAN). Kelsey doesn’t deserve to win. If it wasn’t for Loveita putting her up I bet we wouldn’t have seen a lot of Kelsey. She would’ve been an Ashleigh. Right now Joel needs to pull out a Steve Moses if he wants to win. Nikki (don’t even need to say anything). Brothers yeah um nope. So that leaves Jared, Tim and Cassandra and Jared needs to go this week to be the only good thing for Cassandra so yeah she needs a good resume coming around to finale night.

Also quick end up, they are really saying at some time they are gonna evict Nikki. That would be a waste of an eviction just take her to f3 or f2 but don’t waste an eviction on her just cause Tim would protect her.


Now let’s see who goes up…I’m hoping its Jared…him or Nikki leaving is in my opinion the easiest two for Cassandra to manoeuvre around….if it’s Jared she gets someone who the house “thinks” is a formidable player and if it’s Nikki she got one of the wildcards out…either one looks good on her résumé…and she only has to justify herself if it’s a tie and she decides who goes home…if she’s smart it’s Jared


yayyy take that oaf jared out

Ariana Grande stinks!

Disgusted! 1 more week of Imbeciles in the Grand BBCAN house :- (

Bye bye Jared.

sunny dee

well well


SOOO happy for the brothers!! Jared BETTER be the target


Phil and Nicks hair looks so ridiculous HAHAHAHA


I hope Jared gets backdoored! Too bad it will be Nikki since Cass is Jealous. Happy the Brothers won!! Now time for more drama.


It’s NOT a back door b/c Jared played in Veto but refused to take any of the major punishments choosing to just shake his chips b/c he was so certain he’d be safe. He’s still acting like he’ll stay (though you can tell he’s a bit
worried). He’s ego was his undoing. Saying he would help Cass win POV and then not even trying showing her he just expects her to protect him.

Meanwhile all his antics did was prove he’s with the Bros, had no intention on helping Cass and most
importantly if he really felt safe with Cass why not take any punishments? Because he was too good to shave his hair, trust others to keep him safe by missing out on POV, too cool for a costume, to sweep the floor all night or give up his cloths.

Jared has NO ONE but himself to blame! He could have won POV or TRIED to and he could have avoided this outcome! This is ALL on him!


Really. That sucks


Ugh I can’t believe I have to watch these dipshits for another week. All their gloating & thinking they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Grrrrrr Well…see ya Jared?????


Jared replacement nom. Only chance to get him out.


way to go pax bros…’s time again to shine…..


So Jared (who has done nothing apparently) will beat Tim, Joel, Cass, Nikki and the brothers in the end. This is the consensus in here? Meanwhile everyone is suppose to not like him. Or is that just the commenters?

I hope the Brothers take this whole f*cking game! With Jared as number 2 bwahahahahaha.


Good for them that they won something. I cant wait to see how they did it and hope they didn’t embarrass themselves whist doing it .


Nice – So happy The Brothers won the POV. Looks like Cass may indeed back door Jared after all. Was watching the live feeds and seems that Jared may have seeled his own fate during the comp. – As he didn’t even try to win the POV. He was more worried about losing his curly locks of hair, rather than winning the POV. Should have taken a chance like Nick and shaved his head BB style and he probably would be safe this week. Even more of a reason to send Jared packing.


If Cass was smart she would put up Kelsey. Kelsey wants Tim to go. Get Kelsey out !!


No doubt Cass will NOT put up Tim because he is still a vote for her so in the end she will nominate Jared and the vote of Joel will be key…. I fully expect Joel to support Nikki in the end vote and next week we have a House that is one less Jared….


Mcdowells…….Good for them that they won something? They now have 3 Vetos and the Canada HOH. Why can’t you give some credit where credit is due? They may not be your favourites to win, but they have done more than most in the house right now, and weren’t given them like Raul did with Jared.


Pretty sure my comment was positive. Why don’t you go troll the Little Debbie forums.


Cassandra has hands down played this game the best. Somewhat non-threatning, has made some genuine friendships, isn’t too shady, reads people very well has the most self awareness of the players left in the game. If she doesn’t win, I absolutely would like to see Tim win this show. One of those two deserve this season. I have ranked how I think the remainder of the season will play out:
7th: Jared
6th: Kelsey/Brothers
5th: Kelsey Brothers
4th: Nikki
3rd: Tim
2nd: Joel
1st: Cassandra


7 left and what do I say season after season….BB is a social game. Poo isn’t winning accept against Kelsey/Nikki IMHO. Based purely on social the order they win is;
1) Tiny Timmy
3) Joel
4) Bro’s
5) Cassie Poo
6) Kelsey
7) Nikki

Jared is the correct backdoor atm. Then they need to get out Timmy next. That’s the tough bit as I think several HG’s think they got Tim F2. Tim is beginning to look like a lock. If Kelsey is production they have to figure out how to keep Kelsey around.


I really like Cassandra’s game. She isn’t a tala or Victoria! She always knew what she was doing. I find this is always the case with HHS who go up on the block earlier in the game.


First: someone mentioned above about the HOH jinx but Tim already broke it as he went up 3 weeks ago and didn’t get evicted the following week nor last week while on the block.

Jared and Kelsey signed their own fate this week by pushing so hard for Tim to go. The Bros sold out everyone but really lobbied for Jared NOT to go up giving her dirt on Nikki, Joel & even Kelsey.

Next the Bro’s will go into HOH & tell Cass NOT to put up Jared/Kelsey. Plus let’s look at the facts:

*Maddy believing Cass was the one solid vote that would keep her told her the Bros had a deal with Jared/Kels

*This was verified by Joel aka the guy she literally trusts the most (and probably believes she can beat) when the Bros went to Joel telling him he could be in a final 4 with them/Kels/Jared. AND her Dad told her he LOVED Joel but didn’t have much to say about Jared or Kels by the sounds of it.

*Factor in that when Kelsey told Cass she would rather Tim, Nikki or Joel left it turned on a light for Cass.

*Jared followed by going in to say be careful of Tim

*What occurred just prior to Maddy’s eviction pinpointed the Bros/Jared/Kels wanted to take out Tim which she learned b/c Jared went to Joel to try to get his vote. This is notable for 2 reasons: 1) Jared & Kelsey kept their plans virtually hidden from Cass & 2) Jared/Kelsey NEVER told Cass she was in any danger UNTIL she became HOH. So if she was really aligned with them why did they wait until then to tell her?

*When the last minute Tim back door plan didn’t work out the Bros were mean to Cass calling her snake, etc, etc which they immediately regretted when Cass won HOH

*The Bros, Joel, & others have confirmed with Cass that Jared has wanted her/Tim out for a long time.

* By the sounds of it neither Jared or Kels tried for veto which means they didn’t want to have to be put in a spot to use it b/c they have a deal with the Bros & if they had won they would have had to show their cards. This won’t go unnoticed by Cass (or Tim/Joel)

So… this means one of Kelsey or Jared must be the replacement and Cass is an extremely logical game player, add to that she has Joel & Tim to help her walk her way through this.

Her strongest alliance is with Tim & Joel so they will NOT go up and she promised Nikki safety. She may be open to losing Nikki but not on her HOH as she wants to make a big move AND she senses the impending Dbl Evict where she needs Nikki as a number. Further she knows Nikki is unlikely to win HOH & will also most likely target the Bros/whoever remains between Jared/Kels long before she targets Tim, Joel or even Cass. Especially in a double eviction.

Further she knows Jared AND the Bros both remaining in the house would mean 2 strong physical players & likely seat on the block in the most vulnerable (and expected) upcoming double eviction where Tim could win and she would walk out the door.

Plus this would be a GIANT check mark on her resume as she will have evicted the one person the house deemed as the most difficult player to get out … OUT. Further it will likely be by her hand as Kels/Bros will vote out Nikki and Joel/Tim will vote out Jared leaving Cass to break the tie.

This is the exact type of move where games are won.

And as much as Kels will want to work with the Bros to seek revenge in the event either won HOH double evict they would then enter the next HOH 3 against 1 & she wouldn’t be able to afford not working with Cass. If Kelsey did isolate herself that way it would mean her/Bros would have to win back to back through to game end. Not ideal.

This is Cass’ best move PERIOD. She would stay sitting beside either Tim or Nikki & possibly even Joel.

For the first time in weeks I’ve had interest in the game b/c I feel the trio of Cass/Tim/Joel are playing the best game & Cass IMO has done all the little things that win you BB. Joel is also playing great. I want a Cdn winner so those are who I’m now pulling for.

So this long story leads to Cass doing the following:
1) Put Jared up
2) Vote him out at your hand
3) PRAY Joel/Tim win Dbl Eviction HOH to take out the Bros
4) PRAY Kelsey wins the following HOH to take out Tim
5) Take out Kelsey and then go to F3 with Joel/Nikki


So, if you’re that crazy fan of Jared and Kelsey what do you want them to do?
There’s one thing that is similar to the lies Tim is asking Joel to tell to the brothers Kelsey and Jared.
As a threesome, the brothers, Kelsey and Jared could go to Cassandra and say go ahead target one of us. Next week if we win the noms are going to be Tim and Cass. And we’re going to give Nikki the choice of which of you gets voted out. Wonder who she’ll pick. Turn Nikki into a Cass liability.


Just updating in case it’s not been listed:
It was a how bad do you want it comp and Jared & Kelsey basically did what they’ve done all game (looked after their OWN self interests).

The Bros won POV via taking punishments of having to shave their heads, NOT PLAYING IN NEXT POV that’s a big won with Dbl Eviction Thursday, and wearing a costume.

Joel has to eat slop for the remainder of the season

Cass has to sweep poker chips? off the floor whenever the alarm goes off (to which Jared made a really snide

Not 100% sure but sounds like Kelsey/Jared didn’t bet (or only Kels bet very little) on no POV or shaving hair and I’ve yet to hear of a single punishment either took.

Also Cass had a strategy session with Sarah and ???

Phil apparently went to Cass immediately and said no hard feelings, you made a mistake WHICH HE HAD TO in case the Bros don’t win the next HOH (b/c they can’t play in POV)!

One of Kelsey or Jared will go on the block (likely Jared which is the right move)!

I think Tim also got a costume and not sure about Nikki.

I’ve yet to hear ANY punishments taken by either Kelsey or Jared to which Cass isn’t very happy about given they were ‘supposedly on board to make sure the Bros didn’t win” AND someone overheard Kelsey say she was waiting for a trip to come up as a reward … don’t think it came up.

So… Tim has already said to Cass make a deal with Kelsey “if I don’t put you up you keep me safe this week” which I believe Kelsey will accept.

That’s all I’ve heard so far & apologies if it was already posted 🙂

** Can’t wait to see the strategy session & whether Sarah pointed Cass in right direction (take out Bros then get someone else to get out Tim!)


Tim did not play in the POV…so, no costume.

Ariana Grande stinks!

I would pay to punch Phill in his cocky, smug Fface!
Sadly, instead of Imbeciles, Jared will be giving his exit interview next Thursday.


Correction: Tim was the host as the lone house guest not selected to play veto AND the Bros PICKED Jared with house guest choice which was VERY telling!


Another update so Jared DID bet on and get some punishments:

His clothes (I think just the ones he was wearing) and has to swim with eels

Joel on Slop REST OF SEASON poor guy

Cass: has to sweep up poker chips as they fall (assume 24 hours)

Kelsey .. Nothing from what I can tell.. (she was waiting on winning a trip)

Bros (who won) Can’t play in next POV, have jacked up haircuts & Phil is wearing a skunk suit. Phil apparently went to Cass & said he knows she messed up & made a mistake & then said elsewhere “worst HOH ever!”
Really Phil she’s going to get out your man crush.. I’d say BEST HOH of the season!

Now Jared/Kelsey/Bros are going to work on Joel to vote out Nikki. That should go over big (NOT) given
1) Bros & Kels tried to get Cass to put up Joel
2) Kels & Jared didn’t try to win POV
3) Joel took slop rest of season knowing Jared/Kels didn’t even try

Cass will ultimately listen to Joel who’ll tell her Jared is the right move though she is already saying Jared is the right move. If Joel/Tim (or Nikki) win Dbl Evict HOH Bros will leave Thurs as well b/c they can’t play POV.

Cass will also claim ownership of the move & Kelsey f—ked up by telling Cass she was okay with Jared leaving at some point to try to win Cass over.

The desperate actions of the Bros (and their unnatural man crush on Jared) will be their undoing. And Jared/Kelsey’s the lack of trying to win POV EXPECTING Cass to just keep them so they could cut her next was their undoing.

Cass will talk to Kels & Kelsey will realize that aligning with the Bros to just target Cass is also stupid (one would think) as Kels could actually last at least 2 more weeks if Bros don’t win HOH this week.


Nick looks like Ko-Ko from The Mikado.


Jared admits to Bros he had 8 chips left saying it was to help Bros win (Bullshit… he didn’t want punishments)

AND Jared tells Bros “I can convince Joel to vote how I want” ummmmmmmmmm Not so much Jared. Say Bye-Bye … He deserves to leave for being so cocky


Sorry I’m posting so much tonight 🙂

But listening to Jared’s delusions of grandeur and the Bros talking is hilarious.

They really believe they are final 3 and Joel will be influenced to do whatever they want to be what fourth in their group? Right … these 3 have zero clue how smart Joel is and how strongly attached he is to Cass/Tim. Kelsey is the only one who has a clue they are f–ked.

She knows how close Joel is to Cass.

Jared says to Bros so you guys have been super close to Joel too we’ll get him no problem. Um no Joel knows they ALL threw him under the bus.

I can’t believe how the Bros, Jared/Kelsey are so wrapped up in their own self worth that they’ve read the house so poorly. They have no clue Cass, Joel and Tim have been the ONLY ones playing this game.

For one of the first times ever I’m going to enjoy when Peter Brown strips down a player. Can’t wait to see the Bros get dressed down. I do like them as people BUT how they have had zero empathy for people on the block and then how they acted like children today in their first foray up was like a child throwing a tantrum.

Phil specifically is so obsessed with Jared it ruined the Bros game. I think Nick could have done better on his own.

Unless Bros/Kelsey win out the Bros will follow Jared out the door! And it’s ALL their OWN FAULTS!


Correction again it was JOEL (NOT JARED) who had to get rid of his clothes and he lost almost everything and is on slop for rest of season. Jared only bet on one thing swimming with eels and then shock his chips pretending to bet.

Sure Joel is going to vote to keep you Jared when he knows you are working with Bros & took one small
punishment proving you (Jared) had NO INTENTION on trying to win POV but you were really working with Cass.. okay yeah right!

The Bros and Jared plan on saying nasty things about Nikki to Joel but meanwhile it was Kelsey/Jared/Raul who used to make fun of him for hours on end. #KARMA


The more I hear Jared & Kelsey talk about what they plan on doing I’m in awe of how far from reality their
perspective of the house is.

Kelsey/Jared plan on telling Cass how they have her back and are looking out for her/protecting her … this just
after Jared only took a meager punishment & Kelsey took nothing waiting to win a trip.

They ALLOWED Joel & Cass to take all the other punishments the Brothers didn’t take and Joel SHOWED how loyal he is by taking slop the rest of the season & giving away all his clothes! So why would Cass or Joel believe anything they say?

These two literally expect to be handed the game and I for one can’t wait for Cass and Joel to send him

Buzz Cuts

Please tell me Jared has hair still.


I love how they are all sitting around saying what liars Cass & Tim are when Kelsey & Jared are literally spitting out lies to the brothers constantly! Kelsey’s entire convo with Phil was a lie & he is so dumb..he just ate it right up. I hope Joel sticks to his guns & doesn’t flip this week. Take out Jared then Dumb & Dumber.


Ok! Everyone has to stop saying “literally”! Can’t take it no more! Sounds so ignorant and stupid. No one even uses it in the right context.


Let’s hope Jared and Kelsey and the brothers don’t decide to be creative and honest with Joel when they talk to him.
It would really suck if they were to tell him they all plan to nominate Joel or Cass with Tim next week, and then let Nikki decide who goes. It would really suck to tell him as well that if either of them comes off the block, then they’ll have to put Joel up against the remainder, and they’ll still let Nikki decide who goes home. Heck they could even say sorry, man, but Joel’s been spending so much time with Tim and Cassandra that they’ve come to realize Joel isn’t interested in being with anyone else anymore. If he doesn’t want to be with the brothers and jelsey, he must want to be with Tim and Cass, and hey that’s his choice and they respect it so, hey no hard feelings. Just leave it all up to Nikki next week. Tell Joel they hope she’d keep Joel over Tim; or over Cass because they really want to be in the final four with him. If they were to say, “Too bad, we all wanted to work with you Joel, and we hope that Nikki decides to keep you.” They could close with they really like and respect Joel, and really wanted to work with him, but they understand, and hey, since Joel doesn’t want to work with them they know he’d put them on the block next week anyway, there’s no harm in telling him how the week will play out next week if any of them win.
I know, it is completely doubtful that any of them would consider this move. So we won’t have to endure a large dose of the truth mixed with a bit of paranoia without strong arming. Instead we’ll have to watch the ‘come on, be our friend’ game play out for days. That should be….. fun too i guess.


Here’s the problem with that thinking:

First: the Bros/Jared/Kelsey are going to go out of their way to trash Nikki this week trying to convince Joel to vote her out. He in turn will be able to go tell Nikki what the trio say about her.

Second: Once Nikki remains, why on earth would she choose to play with the people who just sold her down the river and have been trash talking her all week. Nikki holds grudges and will want to play with the Freaks over Kels/Bros

Third: Joel/Cass/Tim will make sure Nikki understands they only need to take out the Bros in an HOH comp since they can’t play POV. In a double eviction it is highly likely the comp will be a knock out or a picture True & False, Q & A. If the former, guess who Tim/Joel/Nikki will put up to face each other? Kelsey & the Bros and it’s likely Kelsey would win that showdown. Then they only need to take her out for one of them to win HOH and send the Bros packing.


cant wait to see kelsey flirting with brothers when jared in jury!!!


The most valuable player right now…drumroll is joel. If joel votes out jared (if he does get on the block) then he has no more shield. If he keeps jared in the game, then both sides will go to war, jelsey and the brothers vs. cass and tim. Poor innoncent joel, in this scenario, has an greater chance of sliding to the f2, because both sides are fighting with each other.

But I doubt he will keep Jared though.


Where is Tim & Nikki? I don’t see them anywhere in these videos.


Jared leaving could possibly be bad for the brother, unless Kelsey leaves right after. I think that Kelsey would probably be able to (and would if Jared left) manipulate the brothers, at least Phil.
Eviction predictions:
Who do you think is going to win?


I love all the comments everywhere about Jared not wanting to shave his head.. someone even said, guess his hair isn’t worth 100grand..umm no, that wouldn’t give him a hundred grand it would give him ONE WEEK..yet didn’t say anything about joel not bidding on a head shave or the girls…girls can shave their heads too, if cass really wanted the brothers out as bad as she claimed..she could have bet on it….not just a guy thing. you know if Timboy was playing he would not have shaved his head either. Yeah she took one punishment, sweeping up chips (who showed her how to use a broom or did she just figure out from watching others when they did it?)..doesn’t sound like she fought as hard as joel did. She got a session with Sarah, hmmm doesn’t sound like a negative count to me.. and what exactly did nikki do? anyone know? anyone

Cass claimed that after her session with sarah she is looking at her game differently…i am truly hoping this means she will actually put up Tim and get him out. Waiting/Expecting someone else to get Tim out is nuts. If Tim doesn’t win next week cass/tim will be on the block, so far cass hasn’t been able to win anything – her saying she’s thrown all the comps is as much BS as the brothers saying they have. Jared/kelsey/brothers just have to convince cass that they will take out nikki next week and cass will be all for it. Tim is one person..we know nikki does less than cass in comps, so she is no help there and nikki wants cass out. Figure DE for voting will only be 3 people. anyone but tim wins HOH..up goes cass/tim…2 vote out tim – now who will she depend on, joel? After Tim is gone, she will have a better chance of trying to convince others not to let an international win BB and vote out nikki (not that they would fall for it, they all want cass out more). Not a cass fan by any means but she has played a good game – hate to see her taken out by Tim and he would do it, he has shown he will vote against her. better to take him out before he takes her out.

cass and the brothers share a delusion – both think they won HOH. neither of them won anything. If not for Canada/family, neither would have had their HOH. I love how all the HGs are trying to read into what hints the families were giving off… soNso family told them they loved us – soNso family hugged me – yeah cause that was their way of telling that HG who they should keep or get rid of..rolls eyes.