Big Brother 15 Double Eviction Results and Discussion


Chewbacca Vs. Creepy Uncle Spencer Vs. Clownie

Tonight the Big Brother house will finally be given the shake up it needs. Even if predictable people go home everyone will start to smell the money and big players will finally be seen as targets. Looking forward to tonight double eviction is always a turning point on the Big Brother Feeds. I’m starting to feel like whoever makes a big move first will gain the lion share of fans That is why I’m Team whoever makes a move against this house.

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My predictions
Candice goes to jury with 6 or 7 votes

Double eviction results
First evicted Houseguest = Candice 7 Votes against
First HOH = Aaryn
Nominees = Jessie and Spencer
POV Players Andy, JUDD, Amanda, Aaryn, Jessie, Specner
POV winner = Aaryn (Holy crap it’s the performance enhancing drugs)
POV used = YES Jessie taken off the block.. JUDD put on the block
Second evicted Houseguest = JUDD
MVP is over


The next HOH will be played tonight. Live Feeds are going to be great fun tonight Try them free using this link or the banner above. Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

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Live stream of the episode online for west coasters? I can’t wait another three hours for this.


Thx for referring that site Simon!

All I can say about tonight is…

GM is horribly wretched and this is the WORST cast EVER!!!


Simon, Chewbacca. So Funny


As of right now the only person I could see making a big move if they become HOH is Spencer. That could all change though if it is announced that everyone has made the jury. Thinking they have reached their goal for the season you might see some people then just throwing up people just to say they made the big move of the season.


Performance enhancing drugs bwahahahaha!!


Good call on Aaryn winning both haha


sorry, performance enhancing drugs?




Hele, you know, has been talking for weeks to make a BIG move during double eviction and she didn’t do t!! No surprise there. No
w the game might get interesting again, expect the hg are nasty and hard for me to watch or even read about.


Helen made a strong move this week, by eliminating Judd it evens the playing field with Andy/Mcmanda against Helissa/Jessie. Just hoping it follows that Jessie wins this HOH and puts Mcmanda up with the option of putting up Arryn as a replacement. That places their trio on top.


Amanda made her first mistake eliminating Judd, hopefully Jessie wins this week and put up Amanda and Mc Crae. Please let it happen. That would be the best case scenario.


Amanda made her first mistake eliminating Judd, hopefully Jessie wins this week and put up Amanda and Mc Crae. Please let it happen. That would be the best case scenario.


Tonight’s show was just awful!!!!! GM was such a horrible witch (what’s new). & for one split second I thought Aaryn was going to have some balls & backdoor AMANDA, but no……of course not…they are ALL spineless sheep that cannot think for themselves! Seriously the WORST! & Helen telling Aaryn- “now you’re Janelle” um, no America LOVED Janelle, & America HATES you Aaryn. I cannot wait till these scumbags get back in the real world & find out how much they are truly hated for being such poor excuses for human beings!!!


“Chewbacca Vs. Creepy Uncle Spencer Vs. Clownie”

Good One


Simon, shouldn’t your projections read that Candice goes to jury and not home?

Thanks to Dawg and you for all the great work! You guys rock….


Does this mean there will always be 9 jury members from now on


Simon didnt say Candice goes home. Simon did say Candice goes to jury. Cant you read?

Pretty trickster

Don’t back door Judd!!


That’s what she said!


expect the “expected”. the voting with the house continues.


Judd: I have an uncanny ability to guess the day a woman was born on just by feeling their breasts.

Elissa: “Really?” Go on then… Try. “Well its been 30 seconds of you fondling and I’m beginning to lose patience.”Come on,”,”What day was I born on?”

Judd: “Yesterday?”






Hate to ask but… where can west coasters watch the east coast show? Anywhere online right now? Thanks!


opps! I see it listed above


Lmao Chewbacca!! Sounds about right.


2 more minutes and I can barely wait. I hope something good happens tonight and going forward. I don’t really want to see JUDD go tonight. Not rooting for him, but I think there are other people that should go before him.


Thanks for the link, simon.

We have to wait til 10pm because of stupid Chargers’ game.

Team Jess

good luck Jess

if you stay, then great, if you leave, its cool you reached jury

everyone keep voting amanda on the block for as long as 3rd nom vote is in play, and vote elissa mvp if that returns so she can put amanda on the block

for americas favourite 25k prize please consider voting for jess


Candice and Elissa have held the most class out of the whole house

Rio Seven

You actually believe Candice has class? That is a huge joke. If you are referring to how Candice handled the conflict and racism, I think Howard is the one with all the class. Candice actually said to Spencer this week, “keep my name out yo’ mouth.” That is not classy. However, I did watch the clip from OWN where Candice meets her biological mother, and I thought she handled herself, and her mother, very well. So she is capable of class – lol.


The thing is when people-of-color (or anyone who is the victim of racism) remain quiet in the face of racist comments, the only people that benefit are not the people-of-color , but the racist people who feel absolutely no stigma or shame about what they say….especially when they are surrounded by other White people who refuse to step up as say, “Hey, that’s racist. Don’t say that.” You’re focused on Candice, but you don’t seem concern about people who see racism occurring but refuse to confront it because it will “affect their game.” Talk about misplace outrage….


A smart player isn’t going to break up a fight. If some idiot wants to shoot themselves in the foot by making racist comments, a smart player is going to let them.


im here to tell you the only class in this act is jess and her soul is intact


Wait, Candice goes to jury? how could she be jury? she’s 11th place


Look at all the CBS staffers in that audience!

I thought I saw Jeff Schroeder!


Wow they just showed Judd and Jessie kiss (shit looked so awkward)


Oh look at those faces when Julie made that announcement. PRICELESS


OMG! Amanda’s face was priceless!


Candice’s speech and GM talking over her proves tonight is live


not necessarily – they might not have edited it – but since they have no idea how long either comp would go it had to be taped just in case. So glad Candice is gone & looks like Jessie will be right behind her.

Some guy

They are all sheep

This Season Blows

Wow, Candice literally cannot stop causing drama and throwing pity-parties for herself. Good riddance.


Candice had every right to say what she said. GM, Aaryn and Amanda have been saying at lot of crap to her face and behind her back. I’m glad she did it. Now they need to wonder what it will be like one on one with her in the jury house.


Candice would get beat down, that’s how it would look.


Typical of Candice to give a low-rent speech…. Not sure why anyone liked her.

This Season Blows

Seriously, I thought I was watching Jerry Springer for a minute there. She stooped to GinaMarie and Demanda’s level this week.


Julie just said that, “Just because you are going to jury doesn’t mean that you are out of the game.” I think that the jury will vote for MVP going forward.


She also said MVP is over and only 2 people will be on the block from now on


ROLMFAO Candie went out with a BANG… I’m Lovin’ it.


GM really proved how low class and trashy she is, but Candace will have the last laugh after this season seeing GM is unemployed and will def be in her mid 30’s living at home, no job, no prospects and going down in TV history as the worst and most racists reality tv show cast members. GM knew Candace was going home, she could have sat there and let Candace say what she wanted, but she showed herself to be the worst person.


Wow! Fireworks from Candice!!


Damn couldn’t MC Wear something other then that nasty shirt he wears all day everyday!!!


Hey Simon/Dawg,

Is there a better program to watch the live feeds on as opposed to going on CBS website?

Thanks as always!


Not a single fuck was given from Candice tonight


What happened?!? I can’t watch!!


Great eviction!!! So much fun


Aaryn has all the luck


I can’t watch so I’m only responding to what you said GM said. I wish Candice would have screamed back, “At least I’m not delusional thinking Nick wants me!”


OMG, DID GM really say that bout her mother before she went out of the house? If she did I may dislike her more now than Amanda!! Oh lord that was awful if she said that to her. Hope she goes soon!!


Yup, she said that!! I want her and Aaryn gone the most..


Candy’s mom did love her enough to get her a better life. Adoption is an act of love GM. The way she was raised to speak as trashy as she does. I would normally never say anything about someone’s lack of writing grammar, but it was GM choice not to improve and go to college. She made the choice to not better herself.


During GM’s nomination speech where she called Candice a rat, Candice let GM speak. GM shouldve STFU during Candice’s eviction speech. For GM to add as Candice walked out the door, “At least my Mother loves me,” was so low. GM has no class. How this person worked for a pageant company where women in pageants possess qualities such as grace, poise, elegance, and refinement is so beyond me. She could go to etiquette school for years and wouldnt beable to adopt those qualities. Nick needs to go hideout at the Moscow airport with Snowden to hide from that disgusting bit¢h.


GM = GUTTER MOUTH. She proved it yet again tonight.

Aj Hollering

Wow can’t say I’m surprised, I was at the fence about GM but after that just no


GM that was fucked upppp when u said ur mom doesnt like u wow


I really hope GM will have the worst nervous breakdown a person can ever have once BB is done, She’s a POS


GM, proving once again how much gutter trash she is…


When Nick sees her again, I pray he tells to her face that he does not a person like her in his life. Her mother must be so proud.


Aaryn, GM, Amanda, Jeremy, Spencer, Kaitlin… That’s a lot of proud mothers out there:D


I am sorry but I am adopted and if GM said that it was way beyond mean it was beyond cruel. She is a real piece of work!


GM, Aaryn and Demanda have been saying all sorts of nasty things about Candice being adopted.


I was being sarcastic. TBH, I really don’t know how these ppl ended up the way they’re with their parents cheering them up. I’d have disowned each of them a long time ago and apologized to ppl for giving birth to that kind of kid.


Sorry Name but she said that to Candice. During the eviction speech that Candice tried to give but GM yelled and spoke over Candice the entire time, Candice called out GM for still living at her Mother’s house at 33 years old. As Candice walked out the door, GM said, atleast my Mother loves me. It was the last thing yelled at Candice as she walked out of the BB house. I agree with you…. That it was beyond cruel. I hope she is next to get out the house.


Exactly Julia. Nick needs to just bring his girlfriend plus security at finals. Yep.


GinaMarie is a disgusting person.


Howard = Class

Candice = Trash


It’s nice to know that people-of-color are trashy when they confront racist and classy when they stay silent and take abuse.

Rio Seven

It is not Howard’s silence that makes him classy. And Candice is not trashy because she fought the racism. That is a very simplistic way of interpreting what some of us are saying. Candice is trashy because of her behaviours. She would yell and scream a lot, and would end up looking no better than the people making racist comments. Howard is classy because he kept his eye on the prize, and rose above the bullshit. That is not only classy, it is mature.


Aaryn’s mom is that you? Glad to see you took off your white hood.


Wow. You’re a fool.


Bye Candice!


Candice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Howard

Dan's Mist

Gina Marie went way to far using the adoption bite! Just as A-slime-da went to far in the Veto comp. Don’t these people realize that these things aren’t funny, but severe? I don’t care how amusing GM is, she just lost me 100% with that disgusting display.


Candice left like the trash she is. It would have been better not to give GM any forum. Oh well – proves what I thought all along – she is just like GM and that’s why they butted heads.


CANDICE is a BITCH and she walked out with ZERO CLASS!!! and now it seems like ONE of the NINE in the JURY will be coming back!! BS!!!


wow looks like candice’s mom has multiple accounts!!!! fooling no one.

Amandas house

It appears amanda is untouchable. Why are they all scared of her? She hasnt won shît and I would be very surprised if she wins anything in the future of the game….
I wonder if McCrae had not won the first HOH would they be together?

Aaryns mouth looks like Mr.ED


If she was larger she would look like the mother on the show Hone Boo Boo. Lol


Welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2013. Let meet the fourth inductee! Adria & Natalie Montgomery. Congrats on inductee.




GinaMarie said to Candice while leaving “at least my mother likes me unlike yours” disgusting. I do not care how hard it gets you do not say that to an adopted person. Worst Casting ever


Tonight’s episode is awesome!

This Season Blows

GinaMarie is trash too. That whole catfight was embarrassing for all involved.


GinaMarie is an asswipe! I hope the twist is Candice comes back.


Aaryn new HoH!…. suck on it, Haters!



I did not mind Aaryn winning HOH tonight at all as long as it was only for 15 minutes.
I would have loved to see Amanda get quick matching orders but I knew it probably was not going to happen.
So earlier on before the show, I settled for Judd. He refused to send Amanda home tonight. It is poetic justice
that Amanda orchestrated Judd being booted tonight! And he has been saying the meanest things about Jesse
the past couple of weeks and especially today during their fight. I wanted him gone tonight so bad and Aaryn
accomplished that. I am not a fun of Aaryn but she got the job done tonight since Amanda is untouchable.


ru kidding me i dont want arryn as hoh wtf she so damn lucky wwtttf


I didn’t think I could dislike GinaMarie anymore, but she definitely changed my mind. She is by far the dumbest person I have ever seen! She harps on Brooklyn but I wonder if she can even spell Brooklyn…She’s so dumb, she would probably spell it with an “i” instead of “y” It’s sad when people are ugly and it just makes her even more ugly. Her family should be embarrassed. Run Nick and change your name quickly.