Big Brother 15 Double Eviction Results and Discussion


Chewbacca Vs. Creepy Uncle Spencer Vs. Clownie

Tonight the Big Brother house will finally be given the shake up it needs. Even if predictable people go home everyone will start to smell the money and big players will finally be seen as targets. Looking forward to tonight double eviction is always a turning point on the Big Brother Feeds. I’m starting to feel like whoever makes a big move first will gain the lion share of fans That is why I’m Team whoever makes a move against this house.

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My predictions
Candice goes to jury with 6 or 7 votes

Double eviction results
First evicted Houseguest = Candice 7 Votes against
First HOH = Aaryn
Nominees = Jessie and Spencer
POV Players Andy, JUDD, Amanda, Aaryn, Jessie, Specner
POV winner = Aaryn (Holy crap it’s the performance enhancing drugs)
POV used = YES Jessie taken off the block.. JUDD put on the block
Second evicted Houseguest = JUDD
MVP is over


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344 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Double Eviction Results and Discussion

      1. Thx for referring that site Simon!

        All I can say about tonight is…

        GM is horribly wretched and this is the WORST cast EVER!!!

  1. Some thoughts on how the votes could go tonight

    Amanda/McCrae will probably put up Jessie/Spencer with the JUDD backd**r option being taken if possible.

    Helen you know might you know make the BIG move she’s always hinting at you know. I doubt she will though I expect Spencer/Jessie with the JUDD b@ckdoor option being taken if possible.

    Elissa puts up Aaryn/Spencer with the target being Aaryn. She may short circuit if the POV is played and put up Amanda. Elissa is fairly close to Jessie and JUDD I don’t see her putting them up regardless how bad Amanda, Helen, McCrae try to persuade her. They only have minutes to decide.

    Jessie will make a power move she has nothing to lose. GM/Amanda could be the nominations and I think she has the stones to put up McCrae if POV is used on GM. If Amanda is saved I have she might play it safe and slap up JUDD/Aaryn

    Aaryn talks a lot about “Not doing Amanda’s dirty work” but in the end I think if she wins HOH she’ll put up Elissa/Jessie or Jessie/Spencer. Being as she’s taking performance enhancing drugs she’ll probably win both HOH and POV.

    Andy is playing all sides a pure social game the last thing he wants to do is make a big move and rock the boat he’ll go after the house doormats Spencer/Jessie with a plan to Backdoor JUDD.

    Spencer is a tough one to figure out. He’s told Amanda/McCrae he wants them around to help him decide the noms if he wins DOuble eviction HOH. On the other hand he needs the house in chaos to have a chance at winning. He may put up Jessie/JUDD or Jessie with GM as a pawn. There is a chance he would make a power move against Helen/Elissa


    1. As of right now the only person I could see making a big move if they become HOH is Spencer. That could all change though if it is announced that everyone has made the jury. Thinking they have reached their goal for the season you might see some people then just throwing up people just to say they made the big move of the season.

    2. Hele, you know, has been talking for weeks to make a BIG move during double eviction and she didn’t do t!! No surprise there. No
      w the game might get interesting again, expect the hg are nasty and hard for me to watch or even read about.

      1. Helen made a strong move this week, by eliminating Judd it evens the playing field with Andy/Mcmanda against Helissa/Jessie. Just hoping it follows that Jessie wins this HOH and puts Mcmanda up with the option of putting up Arryn as a replacement. That places their trio on top.

    3. Amanda made her first mistake eliminating Judd, hopefully Jessie wins this week and put up Amanda and Mc Crae. Please let it happen. That would be the best case scenario.

    4. Amanda made her first mistake eliminating Judd, hopefully Jessie wins this week and put up Amanda and Mc Crae. Please let it happen. That would be the best case scenario.

    5. Tonight’s show was just awful!!!!! GM was such a horrible witch (what’s new). & for one split second I thought Aaryn was going to have some balls & backdoor AMANDA, but no……of course not…they are ALL spineless sheep that cannot think for themselves! Seriously the WORST! & Helen telling Aaryn- “now you’re Janelle” um, no America LOVED Janelle, & America HATES you Aaryn. I cannot wait till these scumbags get back in the real world & find out how much they are truly hated for being such poor excuses for human beings!!!

  2. Simon, shouldn’t your projections read that Candice goes to jury and not home?

    Thanks to Dawg and you for all the great work! You guys rock….

  3. Judd: I have an uncanny ability to guess the day a woman was born on just by feeling their breasts.

    Elissa: “Really?” Go on then… Try. “Well its been 30 seconds of you fondling and I’m beginning to lose patience.”Come on,”,”What day was I born on?”

    Judd: “Yesterday?”

  4. 2 more minutes and I can barely wait. I hope something good happens tonight and going forward. I don’t really want to see JUDD go tonight. Not rooting for him, but I think there are other people that should go before him.

  5. good luck Jess

    if you stay, then great, if you leave, its cool you reached jury

    everyone keep voting amanda on the block for as long as 3rd nom vote is in play, and vote elissa mvp if that returns so she can put amanda on the block

    for americas favourite 25k prize please consider voting for jess

    1. You actually believe Candice has class? That is a huge joke. If you are referring to how Candice handled the conflict and racism, I think Howard is the one with all the class. Candice actually said to Spencer this week, “keep my name out yo’ mouth.” That is not classy. However, I did watch the clip from OWN where Candice meets her biological mother, and I thought she handled herself, and her mother, very well. So she is capable of class – lol.

      1. The thing is when people-of-color (or anyone who is the victim of racism) remain quiet in the face of racist comments, the only people that benefit are not the people-of-color , but the racist people who feel absolutely no stigma or shame about what they say….especially when they are surrounded by other White people who refuse to step up as say, “Hey, that’s racist. Don’t say that.” You’re focused on Candice, but you don’t seem concern about people who see racism occurring but refuse to confront it because it will “affect their game.” Talk about misplace outrage….

        1. A smart player isn’t going to break up a fight. If some idiot wants to shoot themselves in the foot by making racist comments, a smart player is going to let them.

    1. not necessarily – they might not have edited it – but since they have no idea how long either comp would go it had to be taped just in case. So glad Candice is gone & looks like Jessie will be right behind her.

  6. Wow, Candice literally cannot stop causing drama and throwing pity-parties for herself. Good riddance.

    1. Candice had every right to say what she said. GM, Aaryn and Amanda have been saying at lot of crap to her face and behind her back. I’m glad she did it. Now they need to wonder what it will be like one on one with her in the jury house.

    1. Seriously, I thought I was watching Jerry Springer for a minute there. She stooped to GinaMarie and Demanda’s level this week.

  7. Julie just said that, “Just because you are going to jury doesn’t mean that you are out of the game.” I think that the jury will vote for MVP going forward.

    1. GM really proved how low class and trashy she is, but Candace will have the last laugh after this season seeing GM is unemployed and will def be in her mid 30’s living at home, no job, no prospects and going down in TV history as the worst and most racists reality tv show cast members. GM knew Candace was going home, she could have sat there and let Candace say what she wanted, but she showed herself to be the worst person.

  8. Hey Simon/Dawg,

    Is there a better program to watch the live feeds on as opposed to going on CBS website?

    Thanks as always!

      1. I can’t watch so I’m only responding to what you said GM said. I wish Candice would have screamed back, “At least I’m not delusional thinking Nick wants me!”

      2. OMG, DID GM really say that bout her mother before she went out of the house? If she did I may dislike her more now than Amanda!! Oh lord that was awful if she said that to her. Hope she goes soon!!

      3. Candy’s mom did love her enough to get her a better life. Adoption is an act of love GM. The way she was raised to speak as trashy as she does. I would normally never say anything about someone’s lack of writing grammar, but it was GM choice not to improve and go to college. She made the choice to not better herself.

      4. During GM’s nomination speech where she called Candice a rat, Candice let GM speak. GM shouldve STFU during Candice’s eviction speech. For GM to add as Candice walked out the door, “At least my Mother loves me,” was so low. GM has no class. How this person worked for a pageant company where women in pageants possess qualities such as grace, poise, elegance, and refinement is so beyond me. She could go to etiquette school for years and wouldnt beable to adopt those qualities. Nick needs to go hideout at the Moscow airport with Snowden to hide from that disgusting bit¢h.

    1. When Nick sees her again, I pray he tells to her face that he does not a person like her in his life. Her mother must be so proud.

        1. I am sorry but I am adopted and if GM said that it was way beyond mean it was beyond cruel. She is a real piece of work!

          1. I was being sarcastic. TBH, I really don’t know how these ppl ended up the way they’re with their parents cheering them up. I’d have disowned each of them a long time ago and apologized to ppl for giving birth to that kind of kid.

          2. Sorry Name but she said that to Candice. During the eviction speech that Candice tried to give but GM yelled and spoke over Candice the entire time, Candice called out GM for still living at her Mother’s house at 33 years old. As Candice walked out the door, GM said, atleast my Mother loves me. It was the last thing yelled at Candice as she walked out of the BB house. I agree with you…. That it was beyond cruel. I hope she is next to get out the house.

    1. It’s nice to know that people-of-color are trashy when they confront racist and classy when they stay silent and take abuse.

      1. It is not Howard’s silence that makes him classy. And Candice is not trashy because she fought the racism. That is a very simplistic way of interpreting what some of us are saying. Candice is trashy because of her behaviours. She would yell and scream a lot, and would end up looking no better than the people making racist comments. Howard is classy because he kept his eye on the prize, and rose above the bullshit. That is not only classy, it is mature.

  9. Gina Marie went way to far using the adoption bite! Just as A-slime-da went to far in the Veto comp. Don’t these people realize that these things aren’t funny, but severe? I don’t care how amusing GM is, she just lost me 100% with that disgusting display.

  10. Candice left like the trash she is. It would have been better not to give GM any forum. Oh well – proves what I thought all along – she is just like GM and that’s why they butted heads.

  11. CANDICE is a BITCH and she walked out with ZERO CLASS!!! and now it seems like ONE of the NINE in the JURY will be coming back!! BS!!!

  12. It appears amanda is untouchable. Why are they all scared of her? She hasnt won shît and I would be very surprised if she wins anything in the future of the game….
    I wonder if McCrae had not won the first HOH would they be together?

    Aaryns mouth looks like Mr.ED

  13. Welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2013. Let meet the fourth inductee! Adria & Natalie Montgomery. Congrats on inductee.

  14. GinaMarie said to Candice while leaving “at least my mother likes me unlike yours” disgusting. I do not care how hard it gets you do not say that to an adopted person. Worst Casting ever

    1. I did not mind Aaryn winning HOH tonight at all as long as it was only for 15 minutes.
      I would have loved to see Amanda get quick matching orders but I knew it probably was not going to happen.
      So earlier on before the show, I settled for Judd. He refused to send Amanda home tonight. It is poetic justice
      that Amanda orchestrated Judd being booted tonight! And he has been saying the meanest things about Jesse
      the past couple of weeks and especially today during their fight. I wanted him gone tonight so bad and Aaryn
      accomplished that. I am not a fun of Aaryn but she got the job done tonight since Amanda is untouchable.

  15. I didn’t think I could dislike GinaMarie anymore, but she definitely changed my mind. She is by far the dumbest person I have ever seen! She harps on Brooklyn but I wonder if she can even spell Brooklyn…She’s so dumb, she would probably spell it with an “i” instead of “y” It’s sad when people are ugly and it just makes her even more ugly. Her family should be embarrassed. Run Nick and change your name quickly.

  16. couldn’t you guys tell that Aaryn was trying to throw that comp?? UGH SNOOOOOZE. up go jessie and spencer

    1. Aaryn is such a damn follower. Do whatever the HG say? Are you kidding me? You are the HOH dummy! You hold the power for a few minutes. Next week she will be on the block again. Because if Amanda has her say, and she will, Aaryn is gone.

  17. I know Jeremy and Kaitlin are like where was all this winning at when the game changed and everybody wanted us out.

  18. GM is sooo trashy. I was hoping she would go, but no way Aaryn will put her up. My guess is noms are Spencer and Jessie

  19. Aryn wins again. I am sure Elissa is going up. If the jury is the new MVP that means Amanda will still go up every week

  20. WOW! I used to feel bad for GM but she is trash a totally useless person. I hope Nick tells her to fuck off right after she finds out she has no job.

  21. Look at them hounding her? GODDAMN let a HOH make their own decision for ONCE this season..

    Ah she said the magic sheep words “I want make a move that causes the least amount of waves.”

    1. I’m actually surprised she didn’t put up Elissa, she went safe with Spencer. This is a boring Double eviction

      1. @ Mangochic, Aaryn did not have time to consider putting up her enemy Elissa.
        Helen was in Aaryn’s ear you know and her face you know and her head you know. wow ok ok ok ok ok

  22. And the went the last chance to get rid of Amanda, well played Amanda, you now deserve the 500k, I can’t believe these pple aren’t smart enough to get rid of her or Helen.

  23. a live double eviction night and Aaryn wins HOH. this idiot places Jessie and Spencer on the block. what a waste of an HOH.

  24. NO MORE MVP!!! FINALLY!! HOWARD and JESSIE on the block!! JESSIE better hope she wins VETO or she will be joining CANDICE!! But one of the nine in the JURY STILL have a chance to come back!

  25. dude…. I thought Aaryn wanted to WIN!!! that bitch can win any competition they throw at her but she will lose this game as the biggest sheep of them all. She has power that she only uses for bad.

  26. Absolutely pathetic! No one has he balls to go against Amanda?? MC and Amanda up together on the block would have been perfect!

    1. seriously! that was the first thing I said when she won the POV. she may not be likable, but no one can deny she is a beast at comps…

    1. You don’t know anything about this game. If winning competitions was the only thing that was important, then why the f*** is Amanda still in the house! She hasn’t won shit! The only thing Aaryn did tonight other than keep herself safe was put a bigger target on her back because she keeps winning competition.

  27. Sooooooooooooo predictable and boring!!!! I am such a huge fan of this show, and it saddens me to say but this cast is full of annoying people that just do as told and make noooo waves. By far the most boring season ever!!!! No one in the house has any balls at all, except maybe Spencer, but I dont like him either. Just soo dissapointed this year is what it is.

  28. Damn, since when is Aaryn a beast in competitions? At least she’s actually earning her spot in the house.

  29. I foresee another boring week. At least Aaryn won’t be HOH not that I think it will matter. They will all do what “the house” wants. These people suck

  30. Seriously! Jessie is going to be evicted too?!? She’s the only one who will stand up to the house. This is so annoying.

  31. Well at least Candice and Jessie will be together in the jury house!!! But as Julie said, that does not mean they are out of the game :-)~

    1. Jessie is SAFE, JUDD went home when Aaryn used POV to save her because the house wanted it. CBS better shake things up or ratings are about to go downhill. Get Helen and Amanda outta that house ASAP.

  32. Most boring Double Eviction in history…. Same ol weak moves made that was made all season. Why is nobody trying to play for the 500k prize?

    1. BBCAN had its debut this year, and after this season so far, I REALLY miss it. It was so great compared to this years BBUS…

  33. Well, that couldn’t have gone any worse. And Judd is still blissfully unaware his “alliance” was ready to cut his throat.

    1. Holy Shit! Obviously typed that last one after the veto. That’s funny as hell, didn’t think they’d be able to get Aaryn to pull that.

      1. Judd had realized for a while that Amanda was onto him because she thought he was MVP and kept nominating her.
        But instead of running for the hills and going with people like Jesse who would do anything for him, he became mean
        and uncooperative to them and kept trying to hang with the people he considered as the “cool kids” He deserved to leave

  34. I really need to get some Adderrall. Aryan Nation ran the table. She has these special (white) powers that she can’t contain. Wow. She is CBS’ WORSTEST nightmare! Maybe Candieland’s special power is to single-handedly boot Aary(a)n at any point in the game.

  35. Wow! This couldn’t be more horrible. Can’t anyone except Aaryn win anything???!!! What a waste of a double eviction. And do u see Helen kissing Aaryn’s ass like the great politician she is??!!! The only thing that will change after tonight is there is nowhere left to hide now. Everyone is gonna be panicking. I’m done until next Thursday. :(

  36. GinaMarie is the biggest gutter rat in the history of Big Brother! She’s a classless, ugly, shameless obsessive racist slut that ever graced Channel 2 NYC.

  37. Aaryn will have to keep Amanda now. She put a huge target on her back by blowing everyone away in the comps. She’ll need a bigger target than herself in the house.

  38. This double nomination is the worst EVER! These people are too afraid to make any moves! And too dumb.they should have got Aaryn out when they could because she’s winning every competition so now she’s in for another week *pukes* AND to top it all off they had the opportunity to take out Amanda bu they didn’t!! Jessie is now probably going to leave and I’m not going to have anyone to root for anymore because the rest are wimps. :(

  39. Well when Aaryn won the HoH, I was like fuck. But now that she has won the POV, I’m cool with it. Because she just put a huge target on her back now. Bad move for her. Good move for me.

  40. For just a hair of a second I thought she was going to put up Amanda. Dammit!! Too bad JUDD, you should have listened to Jessie.

  41. Oh my god, I cannot handle watching them backdoor JUDD. this sucks so hardcore!! I don’t know why they all think JUDD is out to get them!!!

  42. Darn it – they’re gonna backdoor Judd! Jessie is so much more a problem. Will be interesting to see the vote split – but I think the “house” will be satisfied with a guy going. LOL!!

  43. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookay and I AM BACK…. WTF AaRYN??? thats your big move?? put up a semi floater?? AWESOME… at least it isn’t Jessie.

  44. On the real, I’d be embarrassed if I had to help write another person a 500k check. I would go hard for the money, or go home, with my head held high, that at least I tried.

    I think everyone here will agree.

  45. WOW!!! HELEN promised to save AARYN for two WEEKS if she SAVES JESSIE and puts up JUDD!!! If they ONLY knew the MVP was AMERICA JUDD would have been SAVED!! NOW he will be joining CANDICE

  46. Damn, did not see that coming…they just back-doored Judd…He should have listen to Candice and Jessie. Judd the sucker!!!! Kaboom

  47. Now she puts up Judd because that is what the house wants????? After the next HOH comp, she will be on the block with GM.

    1. I wonder if anybody will pick up on her speech where she acted like HOH is powerless and she had no choice. If I’m in that house and I want to win, then I’m annoyed how she acts like her arm was twisted, so Judd will not hold her responsible, and go into jury supporting her. She pulled the same thing with Howard and Spencer. If Spencer is savvy, tonight he goes to Andy, McCrea, and Amanda and plays this up to the hilt. He needs to go full rat and talk about how she is playing every angle, throwing everybody’s name out. Spencer needs to get them to see that Aaryn is anything but pliable and will cut anybody.

  48. What the Hell??? Does anybody have any balls in there to put Amanda’s ass up and out. Come on people wake up….

    1. It makes you long for the old days when a fan would hire an airplane with a message to fly over the Big Brother back yard. This message would be very simple, “PLAY THE DAMN GAME AND VOTE OUT AMANDA!”

  49. Did anyone else feel themselves dying inside when Helen referred to Candieland as “boo”. She is either more racist than Gina or just as dumb…

  50. OMG!! AAryn continues to listen to all of these moronic people. Judd was the only one left I actually liked. All because that Disgusting person named Amanda thinks she knows Judd is voting her in as the MVP. Im now even more disgusted than i was 10 minutes ago with this cast. Aaryn keeps voting what these fools “make” her vote, but if she had any brainsa nd balls she would align with the rest of the outsiders and start to get rid of all of these annoying people.

  51. This is ridiculous I just hope Jessie wins hoh she is gonna be the only one left with the guts to shake things up. How the hell are all these people so damn scared of “the house” ie Amanda. But for the first time all season I actually feel bad for Aaryn

    1. If by Helen and Amanda, you mean Amanda, then we’re in total agreement. Helen just does Amanda’s bidding and puts herself out front, because she’s so desperate to be in control. It’s the control freak in her that causes her to flip the f**k out whenever she hears of some non-existent threat or when somebody calls her on the nonsense she talks.

  52. Well this is me officially not watching one moment more of this petulant, unwatchable, hateful disgusting pieces of crap on this show. See ya next year!

  53. I’m really confused as to what Judd even did. It’s laughable that he’s called out for “playing” aaryn or anyone else for that matter. How many different ways can Helen and Amanda claim the person of the week is controlling the game. Spencer and GM are floating to the end while no named players do what the house wants.

  54. Poor JUDD. Doesn’t Aaryn realize they will do the same to her? I can’t stand her so I really don’t care, but I’m just saying.

  55. It’s soooooo weird how they all vote unanimously…. I don’t remember so many unanimous votes on previous seasons.

    Maybe they really are sheep….lol

    1. All their boo hoo crying! How disgusting! If you don’t want to vote someone out just don’t do it, what is wrong with this cast??!?!? Other seasons there was always someone that was likable or funny but this year they are a bunch of deadbeats!

  56. I want to see Amanda take out Helen and Jessie to take out Amanda but this entire season would be sooooo worth it if McCrae is the one to take out Amanda. I REALLY can’t stand Helen.

  57. Did Elissa just vote to evict a good “friend” twice in one night?

    The entire friggen house are floaters. If I have to hear one more time “it’s what the house wants” seriously. What happens when it’s final two? How does the house decide then?

    1. It’s not banned in the NFL – players just get in trouble if they don’t report to the league that they’ve been prescribed it by a doctor.

    2. Gotta love how when someone the Cat People doesn’t like wins a bunch of competitions, there’s always an excuse. Last year, everyone whined that Frank cheated and the competitions were rigged for him. This year they’ve topped themselves by actually claiming Aaryn is cheating with drugs to win. (Funny how there were no outrage from them when Rachel really was handed a ton of rigged competitions and twists to make her win though.)

      Newsflash: have you SEEN how this cast does in competitions? It’s pathetic! You can literally throw a competition and still win it by accident this year! Pretty sure nobody needs special drugs to beat the likes of Demanda and Rachelissa in competitions.

  58. Well if somebody gets to come back – I hope it will be Judd. Now I want Amanda or GM to win & this time get Jessie out. I truly think Jessie set him up more so than Amanda.

  59. This show is a float fest. Why is it that almost every vote is unanimous? Why cry, if you want to do it do it. Helen is awful and she is running show. I hope she falls flat on her face. Good lord this is painful.

  60. I hate all this hugging after the eviction. It is such crap. You voted to evict now you want to hug, kiss and say I love you. Uggggghhhhhhh

    1. Well he didn’t do anything but refuse to listen to Candice and Jessie. Candice warned him that they were thinking of backdooring him while Jessie was telling him they need to vote out Amanda it they will be the target but he didn’t listen.

      Amanda came up with this idea he was MVP and she wanted him out while Helen/Elissa just wanted to evict him because they didn’t want a mythical guys alliance.

      I need Candice to laugh at him when she sees him, he could have helped flip the house but instead he helped send himself to jury.

  61. Helen’s politick control borders on that
    once held by the SUN KYNGE LOUIS 14th!
    a gal and a guy went, i had a feeling…

  62. I take back my earlier comment I hope elissa wins hoh JUDD not hugging her will make her realize someone is running the house and make her step up her game

  63. Oh god, here come GM pathetic whining, is she trying to get an award for the most psychotic person in Reality TV history???

    WOW Judd figures who’s running the house 3 weeks too late…

  64. Jessie is laughing at Judd now. Judd should’ve flipped and went with Jessie, Elissa, and Helen to vote Amanda out.

  65. Nothing to surprise about Judd and Candice lbeing evicted. what was all hyper about resest button? Did I miss part of it? OMG it is too easy predication and boring HGs. It will be dark day for me when one of racist HGs get a half million.

  66. im done with this season. can not watch this weak game play any longer. there is no player in the house. thats boring.

  67. First of all: I am a woman. Second: I am about to call another woman something vile because I feel she deserves it.
    Helen is a C)#T. If she grabbed me by the arms and said you know you did the right thing, you know, we love you, ok? I would want to slap her across her face but I don’t know that she would feel it because she seems dead inside – there is nothing behind her eyes. Notice that – dead eyes.

  68. Simon or Dawg, do I have wax in my ears or did Helen call Aryn “jjanelle” as the live episode was going off the air

  69. Are you serious?! I had a glimmer of hope Aaryn might nominate Amanda but that came crashing down and now Judd is bye bye….He should have listened to Candicd and Jessie. Oh well what do you expect from a bunch of people who can’t think for themselves….just give Amanda the check to spare us from getting more angry at their stupidity.

  70. So, they’ll try to bring back players from the jury house?

    Well, i hope the person comes back with a backbone and flip the house against Helen or Amanda.

  71. “Just because you are going to jury doesn’t mean that you are out of the game.” This is CBS way of being able to make a jury member go back into the game twist in case Jessie won HOH & Amanda was evicted.

  72. I must say this is the first night I finally kind of disliked Helen.

    I have to say her social game is probably the best in the house, everyone seems to adore/respect her! But she needs to grow some balls and distance herself away from Amanda who I wish would go home next week! WHY DID THEY HAVE TO GET RID OF THE MVP TWIST? (Starting to believed the rigged rumours)…. I mean, I hate Amanda more than Aryan now!!!

  73. I feel like I really need some Adderall in my life! I’d be snagging promotions left and right. The competition wouldn’t even see me coming, lol.

    Man. Well at least we’ll get to hear some juicy conversations tonight. And now we can watch and see where the cards fall from this point forward. Poor JUDD. Hopefully Candice will fill him in once they get to the jury house. Maybe he’ll believe her this time.

  74. Congrats everyone. Putting Amanda up two weeks straight cast enough suspicion that Judd was the MVP, ending his game. Hope we’re all proud.

    P.S. Not one vote for Amanda, not a single time. Does everyone finally understand how stupid of a strategy that was now?

  75. Aaryn said she has to put Judd up or she is going home LOL. She is so pathetic she can’t even take responsibility for her own actions!

  76. Getting Judd out is actually a good move by Helen (bad move by Amanda). Amanda, McCrae and Andy on one side. Helen, Elissa and Jessie on the other side. Aaryn, Ginamarie and Spencer in the middle. The next HoH could be the one where somebody has to finally make a move. Because if somebody on team Amanda or team Helen wins they could risk losing the numbers by nominating 2 people that are in the middle. Other side would prey on that and say they put you up work with us to take them out.

    1. Are you kidding me? I would like to agree with you Janelle but these people are so wishy-washy that they will vote with “what the house wants” to try to be the lowest nail. The only one playing like Stalin is Amanda and let the beating continue until morale improves!

  77. That was intense…….
    Freaking Aaryn. Well I hope she’s considered a threat because she keeps winning. Maybe people would get her out now.

    I didn’t really care about who went home. Candice is eh and Judd annoyed me, so. I was freaking out when Jessie was up there though! So glad Aaryn took her off! Finally, a sort of big move there. Even though it’s still what the house (Helen and Amanda) wanted.

  78. This was certainly a pivotal moment for me in “Big Brother” history. Tonight I went from being 90% certain the show is rigged to 100%.

    The last question round for HOH–EVERYBODY got it wrong except for, naturally, The Adderol Witch f/k/a Aaryn. Allison Grodner will seek to keep AW in the game knowing that she can control how many HOH and POVs she wins because of her memory and concentration. Just keep pouring those Adderol pills down that witch’s gullet.

    Expect the unexpected? Judd being backdoored and then evicted? Nah. No surprise there and certainly not a “power move” on AW’s part. She was just doing what The Red Queen commanded her to do. Now that “Big Brother” has officially ended America’s voting for the MVP, and America doesn’t have the opportunity to put The Red Queen up for eviction, The Red Queen will be convinced that she conquered her enemy (Judd) who must have had the MVP all along. Smooth move, Allison Grodner.

    And, as usual, Elissa gets the blame for Judd being evicted. He wouldn’t hug her goodbye and I heard her comment to him. It was as though he held her responsible. Elissa had absolutely nothing to do with Judd being backdoored. Of course, The Red Queen and her minions will be only too happy to let people go on believing it was Elissa who masterminded it. As I said before, she’s damned if she does; damned if she doesn’t.

    C’mon, Allison Grodner. Throw the viewers a fricken bone. If we are to have several more weeks of watching The Red Queen NOT get nominated by anyone and coast all the way to the end, watch your ratings drop sharply.

  79. I wish they would have told them who the MVP was for the last 2 weeks after they all voted and before Julie told Judd he was evicted so that they all felt like dumb asses and that troll Amanda would now know how much America doesn’t like her. the house guest might have gotten a clue that they are being played by that skank, probably not because they don’t seem to catch on to anything at all except for Jessie.

  80. Once again another suckass episode. More of the same crap. Don’t know why I was expecting something good tonight….just ask them who they want to give the money to and end the season. Put BB15 out of it’s misery!!! PLEASE….

  81. Great exit Candice. So proud of you calling that biatch GM out. GM is trailer trash on top of a bigot and racist. Sweet revenge on live tv!!!!

  82. Not Judd!!!!!! Ugh I actually liked him. I’m so irritated that Judd got evicted based on the false assumption that he was MVP. Not that I wanted Jessie to go obviously, I want some BIG moves made. But I almost blame CBS for not telling the houseguests that America had been MVP the past three weeks when they mentioned that the twist was over. Wtf!

  83. So why the Judd backdoor, is it just because Amanda thought he was MVP and nominating her?? I don’t get it? Everyone was like in tears and didn’t wanna do it…?

  84. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AMANDA STILL IN <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
    She controls this game…
    Without a doubt.

  85. Well I was skeptical of the Amanda conspiracy theory but tonight everything seemed to fit perfectly to what has been rumored around. AG has ruined the game for good now……this game is officially dead now. If and when Amanda gets evicted we all know she’ll be the one to magically come back. Only thing I wished is if Candice grabbed the hat from GM and ran out the door with it….that would’ve been great to see how GM reacted….lol

  86. Hahaha. These people are frigging idiots. Get one of their own out thinking he was the MVP and a threat. Amanda’s own narcissism will hopefully destroy her in this game. C’mon Jessie, win HOH, team with Spencer and take out Amanda and Helen!

  87. The way its shapeing up it looks like some of the most hateful, racist, homophobic & discusting people weve ever seen could very well win the money. If hellen or elissa dont win hoh they will become targets number 1 and 2 . and they will deserve it for doing exactly what jessie said turning on the people that supported them from the beggining. i cant even say how bad it will make me feel to see aaryn, gm, amanda or spencer walk away with the money and say oh america cant stand me so what i have the money.

    1. sorry, quick rewind she bent down and opened her bag I think to put it in there, and Spencer snatched it up and foiled her plan, good for him !!!

  88. Going to miss JUDD =(
    He was fun on the feeds.

    He will probably be back soon though, it seems like someone from jury will
    get their chance.

    Makes me sad because he really WAS loyal to goof troop.
    Thank gods MVP is gone, I hope if JUDD comes back it can be made clear he was not MVP.

    And that Helen was the one in Aaryns ear right before he got nom’d….That will not go unnoticed =)
    (Yeah I know it was Amanda too, but Helen REALLY ran with it….which shows that Amanda
    is a great player, no matter how you feel about her personally….thumb me down now, TY).

  89. Anyone else catch what Julie said about being part of the jury doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of the game??? Could they potentially go back into the house??

  90. This is how most places in America work. You get the bullies and the r@cists and the homophobes, and the people who try to blow the whistle get booted out. If the leadership at work sucks, so does the rest of the people. No difference here.

  91. I love this show so much. But this season has gotten to an unwatchable point. The fact that every vote is unanimous, says volumes about how BORING and predictable this season is. I really cant stand all of these people. But in addition to the obvious Gina Marie low class, and Aaryn addreall taking racist that i dislike. I absolutely cant stand Amanda and Helen. Helen look s like someone who can do no wrong. But she is the biggest snake in the house. telling everyone what they want to hear to their face. disgusted with this cast of sheep this season.

  92. GM thinks she’s better than Candice because she’s got blue eyes and blonde hair. The things that come out of that woman’s mouth proves that her stupidity is incurable. If only she could make herself scarce forever at the end of BB… Only a man as vile as her would ever date that thing.

  93. The only twist now is if McCrae decided to wear pants before the seasons over. I hope when he is booted he at least has a clean pair of men’s underwear on.

  94. Physically ill after listening to GM and her nasty hair extensions! “Atleast my mom wanted me!” So cruel!

  95. this is by-far the dumbest BB house guests as a whole I ever saw. are you kidding me on what just happened tonight? Aaryn HOH nominations was flat out embarrassing, and an insult to all the other live double evictions in BB history. WTH Aaryn…can’t you see how voting with the house is gonna kill you next week. you can’t even play for the new HOH and you could end up on it in a few days. you have take advantage and place up either Helen & Elissa or McCrae and Amanda on that spot. placing Jessie and Spencer and then throwing up Judd for the backdoor was dumb. these idiots crying while voting off Judd was f**kin’ comical. Helen and Amanda actually think they are masterminds by getting rid of Judd. Amanda and Helen have been WRONG about EVERYTHING and these fools continue to let both these lame gamers dictate everyone’s HOH. Helen saying Aaryn is now the new Janelle was a fu**kin’ an insult. Janelle will eat these idiots alive this season.

  96. This is NOT Big Brother this is Big BULLY — bullies (Helen and Amanda) lying and threatening people to do all of their dirty work — and the rest of them following along like little kids on a playground with no self-esteem among any of them — terrible –terrible

  97. God Helen annoys me… Probably more then anyone, though I despise Aryan, Amanda, GM and Spencer.

    Her saying to Aryan tonight, “That was so Jenelle!! You did so great.” Like shut up Helen. I’m getting so annoyed with her calling herself a power player but kissing ass to whoever is actually in power… She has Elissa behind her now, that’s it. Like you dumbass Helen! Amanda has everyone (you included) doing her dirty work for her, and she’s going to take you out before the rest of the house even has time to consider voting her out. How the hell are you a power player?? I’d venture so far as to say it’s McRae, Amanda, and Aryan who are the real power players, Helen is just a sheep like the rest of the house. Her saying, “You got rid of Judd for the house!!” Yeah, no. You all got rid of Judd for Amanda. She thinks she’s so smart, which I think makes her stupider then anyone there. I had high hopes for her, but all she does is kiss ass, pretend to have some strategy about getting “big players out”, and kiss the asses of everyone around her. Can’t stand her. Was so hoping Aryan was gonna put her or Amanda up tonight.

  98. I am not a fan of Aaryn whatsoever, but she is a fierce competitor and I don’t think anyone in that house can beat her in challenges! Of course Amanda will go on A hate campaign against Aaryn now! Amanda is brutal and I hope they get her out but not likely to happen, they lost their window of opportunity I believe. This season is so disappointing! This cast is so vile!

  99. JESSIE just found out from HELEN that everyone knew about JUDD!! and that the house USED JESSIE!! by letting her kiss and sleep with him HAHA Now she will still be leaving NEXT week unless the girls decide to take the BOYS!! out lol

  100. Amanda, McCrae, and Andy in the cockpit @ around 7:20 p.m. — congratulating each other that everything is going according to their plan, every step has been exactly what they wanted. Come on, people! Wake up to that crap going on… Helen is going to feel like the biggest idiot when she watches this, unless she is a CBS plant to move Amanda along in the game, like others have suggested previously… Glad Jessie is still there; hopefully she will win HOH, and use her brains to put up Amanda and Helen. Then if someone uses POV to remove a nominee, her “person” can go up, if possible.

  101. Seriously, did anyone see the look on Judd’s face when Aaryn Nation said she was using the veto to remove Jessie and then lower the boom on Judd (that deer in the headlights look)….Simply priceless, since he refused to listen to Candice and Jessie.

    Well Judd at least now Candice can explain to you in the Jury house what was actually going on in the house behind your drug-addled brain.

  102. I am completely disgusted with GM. Okay, there have been all of the racist comments, which have been unacceptable, but GM’s last little snippet was the lowest that you can go. Telling Candice at least my Mom liked me was going way below the belt. It is a vile and disgraceful attack that is beyond anything that has been said this far. I can not believe those words came out of her mouth. She is whale shit, the lowest thing on the face of this Earth. I can’t stand the sight of GM, she is a scumbag!

  103. I can’t believe they did Judd like that! This has to be the most retarded group of people I have ever seen on Big Brother. No one has any backbone this season at all. Helen is just a straight up b***h who thinks she owns the house. I am so ready for someone to grow a pair on this season. I hope they bring Judd back in the house because I got a feeling after tonight he would tear everyone a new one!

    1. I don’t mind the b*tch word but please don’t us re**rd. That is really offensive. Even the American Medical Association has pulled it.

  104. what is this bs about a 9 person jury, and possibility of coming back? What, so if Amanda goes to jury they can conveniently get her back in the game? wtf! FRIGGIN’ RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Happy, Judd got the boot tonight he had a chance to help save Candice. GM is such a horrible person hoping she will be next. Amanda I really don’t like how you treat others but right now you are the best player in the house if you win that money you deserve it cause the others players are idiots.

  106. Sad to see Judd go, but it’s a good move on Aaryn’s part. One less vote for Amanda, McCrae and Andy alliance. Plus one less vote for an all boy alliance. I don’t really care who wins now…but it’s going to get b*tchy. Just hope they get off the bash Candice and Judd kick soon and on to other stuff.

  107. I don’t care anymore, I guess Elissa and maybe Jessie, if she can stick around, can’t stand andy’s game (it gets my tipsy) I think mcC will win, but hopefully after breaking up with Amanda, realizing that she is not worth sharing the money with-everyone is so annoying. I don’t watch the live feeds-omigod- thank G-d for Simon and Dawg, an eveyones comments, so my ears don’t have to hurt. I hope they all feel stupid when they find out all the truths

  108. For Candice’s sake I wish Howard had stayed in the game. He kept her calm and I don’t think she would have embarrassed herself like she did in the veto competition and during the live show. I understand her being upset, but now it’s out there and everyone will see her losing her cool.

    1. But on Candice’s behalf, I have to admit that she did try. Did you see the live feeds. Amanda, Aaryn, and GM were horrible to her and behind her back. As a minority myself I understand the struggle one can have to be calm when your always attacked and at that point she had enough. CBS didn’t even roll the part where Amanda was talking about Howard’s genitals during the POV competition to get under her skin.. Candice had to deal with a lot so I can sympathize with her and her blow up.

      1. I get what you’re saying – only half way. Since she didn’t hear or see what they were saying, how can you justify her behavior?
        She did not exactly have the ‘gift of gab’ or ability to make a deal with anyone who others may not expect her to be allied with (ie. Aaryn or GM). This is a crucial part of Big Brother. The short end of that stick (unfortunately for her), was she had nothing to bargain with, being incapable of winning any comps at all and having about 0% sway on anyone.
        I’ll repeat – it was not about her color but about her lack of wanting to really play Big Brother.
        Being fabulous means never having to say ‘I’m Fabulous’ BTW. I hope she does one day become the person she professes to NOW be.
        She acted more like a drag queen on her exit than a lady IMHO. :)

        1. I understand what you are saying but GM and Aaryn hated Candice to much to try and bury the hachet and work together. I don’t see either one of them biting the bullet and working with Candice, so I agree with her desicion to call them out, why swallow your pride and work with two of the most ignorant and immature women in the house if you know they are gunning for you no matter what.

  109. Can someone tell me if the evicted houseguests that have a chance to come back will they be sequestered? I am thinking the first 3 to be evicted will have to compete or hopefully voted back by America (like they did in Canada). I thought it was weird last year on BBCanada how they did it so late and let all the evicted houseguests compare notes, great advantage to glitter gary. So glad it was Judd and and not Jessie …. this is really Amanda’s first mis-step. She got someone out that isn’t on board in voting her out and instead left Jessie, who has been trying. Thinking Spenser is going to take offence to this. Helen really is doing all Amanda’s dirty work with the help of Andy. Little does she (helen) know that Andy is more loyal to Amanda than her. Helen is more loyal to Andy than she is to Ellisa. So glad it wasn’t Jessie ……… now maybe the house will have to pick sides. I understand the this season by going by what the house wants “they all remember what happened to Howard”. They use their HOH as a bargining tool. AA just put a big target on her back winning everything tonight …… she should have let someone else do it!!!!

  110. Just imagine the final four coming down to these people:

    “The Red Queen” f/k/a Amanda: She sat on her ass throughout the whole game and barked nomination and eviction orders to her minions…which they meekly followed.

    “The Adderall Witch” f/k/a Aaryn: Dumb and racist but she managed to win some competitions (due in large part to her use of Adderall).

    “Stoolie The Toad” f/k/a Andy: Flew (rather crawled) so far under the radar no one took notice he was around. Did nothing; won nothing; didn’t have to as long as he told everyone else’s secrets. Practically guaranteed a spot in the finals because of this behavior.

    “The Moron” f/k/a GinaMarie: Too dumb for words and totally racist; but she proved herself capable of winning a competition. Just might win enough competitions to keep her in the game until the end.

    I can see those four ending up being finalists. Who would you choose to win $500,000.00 out of that sterling bunch of misfits?

  111. OMG….Helen: “Now we all have a chance” WTF? NO ONE has a chance as long as Demanda and her lapdog are in power. CAN’T. STAND. THIS. SHOW. Wish I could quit you, BBUS.

  112. new rule for next yr…no more discussing who yu would vote for with each other. this “what the house wants” mess is awfully boring and weaksauce.

  113. I wish the next nominees are McCrae and Andy the Rat. That will split the vote and weaken aMANda and McPizza. I now think McPizza will win the game because he can win competitions and he is at least sincere in not treating people like toilet paper. If I were head of household now I would put those two up and say if anyone wins POV and takes them off the block, their closest ally will go on the block to replace Andy the Rat or McPizza. That would hopefully keep the nominees the same and keep the house split so we can see where each houseguest’s loyalty really is.

  114. BAHAHAHA! Amanda evicted one of her loyal slaves because she was on a witch-hunt for the MVP. What a dumbass! Judd would have never gone against her. Hope Helen can find an oppurtunity to put a knife in this loser’s back and turn this game around. Atleast Helen isn’t racist.

  115. What a waste of a double eviction (…. and cast…. where did they get these amatures??… but thats besides the point) I thought that Aaryn was about to put up Helen bc she is super lame/cocky….. but she puts up Judd?? Why? Nonsense

    1. This is the worst cast ever. They are all spineless. Comparing this season to any other is like comparing a 10 year old baseball team to the New York Yankees.

  116. Poor mccrae letting Amanda’s annoying and cocky self ruin himself if he gets rid of her he’d have game in the bag . Poor Judd so sad to see him go .. Get Amanda outttt and annoying Helen tooooo

  117. I think people need to call out bb this year for having people on there that is racist and that is a child malester i am going to start a boycott on this shit

  118. GM is pure trash……I couldn’t believe she told an adopted Candice that her mother doesn’t even like her……that hit WAY BELOW the belt, that was even worse than the racist comments……if I was Candice I wouldn’t have hugged anyone………I would have cursed each one of them out one by one, and pulled out GM’s dirty ratty extensions on the way out……..then twirled out the door…………Those idiots should have voted Aaryn out when they had a chance……now SHE is becoming quite the competitor……….MANda is ALL MOUTH………I haven’t seen a MAN suck so bad in competitions…….

  119. GM is the worst trash ever………to tell an adopted person that their mother doesn’t like them was WAY BELOW the belt…….that was worse than the racist comments………If i was Candace, I wouldn’t have hugged ANYONE, I would have told them off one by one…….then pulled GM’s ratty, cheap extensions out as I twirled out the door……..

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