Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 7 Summary and Double Eviction Results


Well folks.. Here we are the Double eviction. True to form CBS is treating us to no feeds, “But it will be worth it” they say, hardly. All that juicy awesomeness that happens after the double will be missed.  I had some fun with this recap that I know will cause some of you great distress. the comments are there for you to vent at me. It’s just for fun.  Enjoy  😉 

Here’s how things went down

Jessica was evicted by a near unanimous vote. Cody, of course being her one vote to stay. In case you are wondering Jessica is not coming back, she’s on twitter. Julie also mentioned no Jury members will be returning. So hopefully this means there’s a damper on the late game twists. They’ve done enough damage already. 

Alex goes on to win the Hocus Focus Head of Household competition, barely beating out Raven. Paul’s plan for Alex is simple get rid of Cody via a backdoor. Alex is in on it 100% it’s Paul’s HOH after all. Everything is set, easy week. 

Temptation and Power of Veto Competitions

Matt throws the final temptation competition and becomes the third nominations. Alex plans to nominate either Jason or Paul along with Elena. Jason ends up going on the block because it’ll “calm Elena down” there target’s Cody. After all Alex is nominating her best friend in the house. She’s that confident Cody is going to jury (this was Paul’s reasoning) .  Matt wins the BB Adventure Tour Power of Veto and prizes were awarded to some of the competitors.  

POV “Prizes”

  • HouseGuests to join Matt for a meal from Outback Steakhouse: Mark, Elena, Christmas, Alex, and Jason (Christmas is kind enough to point out Elena’s eating disorder to Paul)
  • Elena – $5000
  • Alex –  Camp Guide costume
  • Paul – skydiving costume with Christmas
  • Mark – trip to Colorado
  • Jason – Extreme-itard costume

Monday morning Cody tosses some game out at Alex and Jason trying to get them to keep him and go after Paul. His angle is obvious to us watching the feeds, It’s the Paul’s show etc etc.. To Jason/Alex  it’s a risky proposition, in their minds they’re locked in to come in second and third with Paul winning why disturb that. Alex and Jason, while receptive ultimately take this information and run back to Paul with it.

Matt doesn’t use the Power of Veto on himself. Paul uses it for him on Jason. Jason is replaced by Cody. The die is set, Cody is on the block and going home, should be an easy week. 

Paul’s next targets to sh1t on

With the nominations set Paul begins riling up his sheep against Kevin, Mark, Elena, And of course Cody. Kevin is new, there to replace outgoing Cody. Paul believes Kevin was trying to work with Cody and conspiring against him. Paul keeps saying he’s going to put Kevin “in Check” says it all night.  Alex jumps on this bandwagon head first, going as far as saying that Kevin probably doesn’t have any kids. The stories grow and grow just like we’ve seen happen before. For some reason Paul wants to Rattle Elena and Mark now too  so they can’t perform in the HOH. Even though he was adamant about keeping Elena calm that’s why Jason had to go up. “WE can F*ing break her.. She’ll be f*ing demolished.. Then Christmas will jump in..

Fight #1 Screeching Alex Stolen Pillow

Monday Paul and Xmas ask Alex if she wants to start sh1t with Mark (to Rattle him). Alex is game,  Paul brings up that Mark stealing Xmas’ blue pillow along with pillows from Alex’s downstairs bed.  Paul and Christmas rile Josh and Alex up about this. Alex runs downstairs and freaks out on Mark for stealing her pillows. She’s screeching and screaming at him for everything you can think of.. After Mark leaves Alex laughs with the rest of them as they dance around. She tells the rest of the team she doesn’t care about the pillows she just wanted to go off on Mark. (as requested by Paul)

A bit later Paul, Alex, Josh and Christmas all start in on Mark.. attacking him for stealing pillows, Stealing Ramses food, stealing slop cookies, eating all the food, etc etc.. basically every single thing you can think of. Mark eventually walks away giving Christmas some time to say the last word of positivity ” can’t win so you walk away.. good move…” all while Alex is dancing around fist bumping. 

They continued to hound Mark throughout the day and throughout night.. 

Fight 2 Screeching Alex Stolen Cereal .. you have no Daughter

Alex finds out that Cody ate all her Cereal from her HOH basket. Cody says he asked Alex if he could have it and she said yes (Maybe she didn’t mean the whole thing.. Cody might have been messing with her don’t call me biased I don’t know). Alex screeches that he ate it all and that Cody is a liar.  The fight evolves into her Yelling at him about Lying, stealing, not having a daughter etc etc.. Xmas jumps in like she always does and starts barking about Cody lying. Cody doesn’t respond in a way they want so they keep going at it. This only makes them more angry as Cody ignores them. Even Jason jumps in with a couple jabs about Cody lying about his daughter. Kevin jumps in to try to diffuse the situation and for the love of god actually says THE RIGHT F*ING thing to calm it all down. Christmas interrupts “why are you guys even preaching to him he doesn’t give a f*..” and they all go back to it.. 

After Cody leaves Josh starts in on Elena. Alex and Xmas of course jump in. Screeching at her calling her a liar bringing up lies from week 1.. Bringing up Elena saying she needs the money even though she drives a Audi.. Etc etc.. Josh in the end tells Mark/Elena he’s drawn the line. Alex tells Elena that Cody is covering for someone and that person is her and next week that person is going home.

After the fight we get 6 hours of Paul, JOsh, Jason, Alex, Cody justifying what they did saying they were the ones bullied. Christmas, Alex and Paul seem to be the most oblivious to what they are doing, As jason and Josh have both expressed great dislike for the mob attack tactics they’ve been employing. Maybe this is standard behavior for some of them. Their conversations are absolutely cringe worthy. Doesn’t take long and their back to plotting to tear people down rinse and repeat it’s bB19 .

(Please note – Mark and Elena were wanting to work with Alex/Jason. Those two were nowhere on their radar. Now they sure as shit are. Jason told Alex to stop with these fights it’s making her a target. Alex pretty much told him no. It’s surreal what is happening this season. This Paul cult is legit. )

someone will have a hissy fit if I embed this video so I’ll sneak a link here just a 1 minute montage of the fights.
Quick Thoughts 

So here we are… Paul controls the house teasing all sorts of ugliness out of these people. I watch 10 hours a day since day one this has been intense Group think cult behaviour. It’s the biggest bunch of followers I’ve ever seen on this show after 10 years of watching feeds. (Some seasons come close thougth). basically anyone going against the grain is fan favorite. (maybe the DR should drop that hint.. well maybe Raven’s f*ed in the fan area)   Paul’s a powerful player who is playing an angle of the game that while distasteful is also highly effective especially with his set of skills, hats off to him ..  🙁 ..

Double Eviction Results

Houseguests give their speeches.

Elena fumbles her speech…

Cody – Alex, you played a dirty game this week

Cody makes up some things about Alex and Jason coming to him about a plan to get Raven and Paul out. etcetc.. Jason and Alex make farting sounds and give him a thumbs down

Matt – My goal is to eat a thousand bowls of Cereal


Paul Votes to evict Cody

Mark Votes to evict Cody

Kevin Votes to evict Cody

Jason Votes to evict Cody

xmas Votes to evict Cody

Josh Votes to evict Cody

Raven Votes to evict Cody

Cody Is evicted from the Big Brother house and will be the first person in Jury.

MASSIVE CHEERS as Cody leaves..

Someone in the house say “What a TOOL”

Cody – I made up those plans.. (about Alex and Jason)
Julie – Are you going to marry Jessica
Cody – I will (HAHAHAHAH)

Winner of the Head of Household is Jason

Nominations are Mark and Elena

Power of veto players are Mark, Elena, Jason, Matt and Raven

Power of veto winner is MARK (Fight that Kraken)

Power of Veto Ceremony results = Mark uses the Veto on himself.. Jason nominates Matt.

Matt’s speech involves Cereal again..

Raven votes out Elena
Alex votes out Elena
Mark votes out Matt
JOsh votes out Elena
Paul votes out Elena
xmas votes out Elena
Kevin votes out Elena

Elena is evicted from the Big Brother house

Elena blames her lose on Cody, Mark, Jessica. saying that her close associations with Cody and Jessica hurt her game. Mark continued to talk to Cody and she was close to Mark so by association she was screwed. (not really the case fully)


Feeds down until After Friday’s Show. Enjoy the time off!




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Who Raven oe Elana lol

dont hate on JODY so bad. stick to game talk

10000$ says elena gives cody a bj in the jury house this week. if it was raven or alex it would be revenge sex for sure..


I truly hope when Alex walks out of the house the entire audience blows raspberries & throws pillows & cereal at her.

Awful person. There had to have been a better applicant than her.

P.S.-Mrs. Moonves….Watching you try to inject drama in tonite’s episode was hysterical. I was embarrassed for you.


Alex is a great competitor, she is definitely a contender and I hope she makes F2.


The way Cody fell for Jessica,he might just fall for that. He likes the attention from beautiful ladies. OK, I just wanna see Jessica drop kick Elena for doing that. LOL

Cheryl Mroczynski

Wwonder if Cody still feels same way about Jessica after he learns she is well known escort and celebrity chaser? Will he want her as role model for his daughter and can he live with the embarrassment when friends and family learn her history?


Yo Cheryl, rather than be a slut-shamer, hater, why not raise some money for Winnie’s Hernia surgery.


Yo Franksfart, she didnt call her a slut – you did. An escort would imply that she is paid to accompany, and give attention to whom ever is hiring her for the evening. Not a job most attractive woman would choose – unless you are desperate for money and attention yourself. So yes, a fair point. Shame Cody doesn’t understand this kind of girl. I give them a month or 2, once the after show paid appearances go away.


Jessica and Cody were not nice people and they treated other hg’s horribly. Other hg’s were also horrible.


I want to see Cody’s face when he finds out about Jessica’s past. Escort and all. Will he still want to marry her?


You need to take the advise of your chat name.

Frankfart can't spell.

It’s called advice!


That is some spot on game talk right there

Florence McSimmons

No doubt you would be getting those from another guy.


Worst BB ever! Done watching!


you were never a fan anyways


Weren’t you done watching weeks ago, lol. Don’t lie. Your watching till the end


All 317 thumbs up are Lying lol


It is the worst and the most vicious. Like Cody, I do not like anybody left. How anyone could ever like Paul!

Julie thinks Paul will win

Did anyone see the Julie Chen cooments tonight glorifying Paul!
Yeah sure sure production has nothing to do with it!


With Cody and Jessica out, the game has been reset. Its a good season. BB Dick Donato and Janelle Pierzina are moaning because Paul is playing a good game. When EDick played his season he was running the house and ppl were listening to him. Janelle also had her alliance, and they listed to each other. What is their problem. You can say what you want but Paul is playing a good game.

BB Fan

Hey guys love the work you do but I’m sure you see the eastern feeds WTF happened tonight.

BB Fan

Thanks for the info


Derrick coming in, should praise Matt for his game


I’m curious if he’ll tell Paul how America REALLY feels about him. He was wearing Paul out on Twitter!

Little Ole Me

I’m curious if he’ll tell Paul how America REALLY feels about him. He was wearing Paul out on Twitter!


I’m not sure if posting a link to another website is allowed, but this is an interesting article on Slate dealing with the sanitized CBS show versus the live feeds and reality:

I really wonder what the consequences, if any, will be for the houseguests behavior. Before I found this website a few years ago, I only watched the TV show. I look forward every year to coming back here and reading Simon and Dawg’s great recaps.

It’ll be interesting to see how much other social media outlets will pick up the reality of what happened in the house compared to the sanitized version. It just seems so over the top this year with the mob mentality.

I get that it’s a tv show and people should know coming in what they’re getting into but these are real people with real emotions and feelings and I feel that it was taken to a new level this season. (but hey, maybe I just have selective memory and wanna forget how bad other past seasons have been)


Yes, I think you have selective memory. The “bullying” on this season is small potatoes when compared to what BB hero Evil Dick dished out. Remember how Evil Dick terrorized Jen? This is just one of many examples I could cite throughout the history of BB where intimidation has been used as tactic to achieve a desired objective in the game. I agree that this can be unsettling to watch and most rational people would not behave in this manner. What you need to consider is that these contestants are locked in a house together for three months with no sources of social and intellectual stimulation other than each other. It’s no wonder that confrontation becomes inevitable. If you don’t have a thick skin then you don’t belong in the BB house.

I have watched the live feeds as well, There has been no conflict I witnessed that is higher in intensity than what past seasons have offered. The only incidents that rise to the level of bullying have come from Josh. But is anyone really afraid of him? Josh is a boy in a man’s body. Some of the houseguests have generated resentment from their own actions. Cody believed he was superior to the others before he even walked through the door. He is the most socially deviant individual that has ever been selected to play BB. When Cody made it abundantly clear that he viewed everyone as being beneath him (except for his strange admiration of Alex), it is natural that the house would be offended and band together against him. Would you want to be friendly with someone who thinks of you as an inferior human being?

Let the rain of “thumbs down” votes begin. I don’t care. It’s fair to be critical of this season as being predictable since it has morphed into “The Paul Show.” However, the cries of bullying are greatly exaggerated.

sunny dee

i doubt if anyone has lost their jobs due to their comments and actions on this years BB, and that alone should tell people that this year is different from other years, and not in a ‘worser’ way.

Dude come on

You make a great point about the lack of social stimulation that the house guests have received except from each other. The issue that I have is how one vet that was allowed to return and given enough safety to ingrain him into the psyche of those in the house that he controls. It was obvious early on that Cody was supposed to be the villain and a role that I think he gladly took on by being blunt with Megan first & Josh second but he did it up front. Cody wanted to make a big play and did on his own and created great drama by doing so. The issue is how Paul preaches friendship and total loyalty and then the tactics he uses to go after someone for eviction. Yes he wants everyone happy and if someone questions something then he sets up the execution and isolation all while preaching friendship. Ok they are going home everyone agrees and then he encourages others to mind screw with the person going home. That is bullying period. Then the house sets up situations where they feel they have the right to verbally beat someone down and celebrates after they do it and then continue to think they are justified. Then to make it worse act stunned when the victim starts fighting back using some of the same tactics and then once again they pile on about how dispicable someone is.
Yes, Cody did not play a great game to win the money but he did not try to organize the house to constantly berate a player. Evel Dick did it one on one. Paul is pushing the house to force players to quit the game. Does everyone forget how Paul in the beginning took credit for riling up the house to go after Megan. Paul sat in APSR talking to the cameras about how he was responsible for making her quit the show. Why do you think he tried to do it with Cody he wanted to use Cody’s war trauma against him to either get Cody to physically go after someone or have Cody tap out before that happened. Production had to talk to Paul about the line he was crossing that are in the rules of playing big brother.
You make very valid points but things have happened on this show that are crossing the lines of the rules.


I think you are mistaken-Cody’s role was supposed to be Alpha Male- it is the only role he would accept. However, he did not read those in his alliance accurately and he blew up his own game!

He had multiple chances to redeem himself, but he did not. I do not know why he is so aloof- I don’t know what he has to offer. He is a big dud! Hope he goes in peace from now on.


I agree with you that Paul is the ultimate hypocrite. His “friendship” does not come without conditions. Either you enthusiastically support Paul’s agenda or he will see to it that you become ostracized from the group. You are right on in saying that Production set Paul up to be the leader of the herd by making him the only vet in the house and providing him an extended period of safety. While I agree that Paul having multiple houseguests attack a single individual is unethical, I just don’t believe these incidents have risen to the level of bullying. I watched separate gang-up (at least three or four against one) efforts against Cody, Jessica, Mark, and Elena respectively. Each one was very brief and had absolutely no impact on the outcome of the game. I can assure you that none of the targets suffered any permanent psychological scars from these events. Does this demonstrate a severe lack of character for each person who participated in such orchestrated attacks (including Paul for instigating them and standing idly by as they happened)? Definitely. Was it shady behavior? Yes. Was it justified? No. Has it been intense enough and psychologically damaging enough to meet a minimum threshold for bullying? I don’t think so. The BB game is designed to provide incentive for participants to identify tactics that stretch the limits of what is socially proper. If a person is not well equipped deal with this reality then they would be best served by avoiding the BB house altogether.


The difference is it’s not one doing the bullying as one-on-one, it’s one being bullied by a group with nowhere to go and the bullying began as a way to create violence.
Paul and Xmas were not concerned with Josh getting hurt or knocked out, they thought it would be a great way to get Cody out.

In all honesty, the best way to shut up weak bullies is a punch in the mouth. The fact that this house represents society in that the weak are in favor over the strong because the sheep are the majority who will instigate and then hide, followed by suing and claiming abuse while it is all avoided if the weak don’t start it up. It is now a never ending circle because the weak instigate these incidents because it is the only way for them to make money or get noticed. And when their shepherd is actually a weak and selfish person, the herd is led astray.


Correct me if I’m wrong but Evil Dick did his own bullying. He didn’t instigate 10 people to yell, scream and attack ONE person while he sat back safely and watched and cheered like Paul does. I don’t remember Evil Dick not allowing anyone to speak to Jen with the threat of being bullied by the rest of the mob either but I could be wrong.

You are right Cody was a jerk right from the start but still entitled to form his own relationships.

This season is interesting in that one strong personality (Paul) is not only able to control the weak willed (Matt, Raven,Josh) but also the stronger personalities of Alex and Christmas.

CBS stoops to new low

Evil did was one person NOT A GANG


Sorry, can’t compare this with Evel Dick. Evel Dick acted alone

CBS stoops to new low

Definite mob mentality and they should be embarrassed but I think they are too stupid to even realize once they are out. They think way to highly of themselves it’s grossly hilarious. Love the cheers Cody got and the positive response from the audience when he left.


The audience is made up largely of CBS personnel who are counseled on how to respond. Cody is a socially inept individual with a repulsive personality.


I think Derrick is coming in just to plug his new show. I doubt he gives a flip about who wins even tho he’s not a fan of Pauls gang-mentality tactics.


I’m sure Derrick would be proud of Paul seeing as he was hated in his season as well and dominated the game.


Derrick wasn’t hated, the show was just so amazingly boring because everyone followed along with Derrick’s course. We hated everyone else because they did so very little besides plug Instagram and ham for the camera. Derrick was benign that season. People hate Paul because he is full of hate towards his target. You can see it building with Mark and Kevin already. His name calling and insults, of course while they aren’t around, are building.


Derrick didn’t give out “Friendship” bracelets. + get 4 weeks of safety. Paul isn’t even in the same ballpark.


And Derrick was unknown and not a vet. Two completely different things, like comparing apples to oranges.


At least it’s not James or Frankie. That’s the only good thing I can think to say about Derrick.

BB Juicy Blast

this times 1 million!

Nacho Mama

hate Derrick and now he has me whining about him- BOO


Simon thank you for your recap! Spot on as usual. Enjoy your kitty time because you will be enduring a lot of abuse until this annoying and aggravating season ends!


Relax and enjoy your down time! You deserve the break !

Bug Folly

Sounds like a dream come true! HAHAHA

How Is This Possible?

Elena blames her loss on Cody, Mark, Jessica. HELLO? McFly! Paul is running the house!


Uhhh, of course it was their fault.
You paired up with a group that was terrible at this game and couldn’t do crap in comps. It’s the ultimate death sentence. What did she think was gonna happen?


What show you watching? The show I watch has Paul controlling EVERYTHING that happens therefore even if Elena was a minion Paul would decide when she gets evicted. Ask Raven and Matt how teaming up with Paul worked out for them after next week.

Brittany Lee

If Mark and Elena would have stuck with Cody and the gang and evicted Christmas, Cody could have broken the tie. Maybe it would have been a different mentality then. Maven may have come back.


I think Simon means her association with Mark and Jody is what got her evicted.


Simon, I know you didn’t say that. Although true, I can’t believe you said it.


i feel like elena missed a golden opportunity to throw a wrench into the works.. when jason selected matt to replace mark after the veto comp elena could have said something like “see where you stand matt.. doesn’t it seem like you or raven are always the ‘easy’ replacement noms/pawns? how long is that gonna last?”

although its a bit late for matt/raven to save themselves it seems.. paul, josh, alex, jason, xmas have got their path pretty well set as it stands.. the time has passed for any decent moves for them.. the only way for them to get further is to flip josh/xmas/kevin… if the mob continues to amp the pressure on kevin maybe josh/xmas might get a clue what’s happening… josh has already shown small signs about being uncomfortable targeting kevin (when he forms his own thoughts that is).. although once he gets into mob mentality any individual thought goes out of josh’s brain… maybe xmas will see the light…

this second week as HOH for jason/alex will very likely go over badly if they continue with alex’s style.. at some point someone has GOT to wake up with a conscience or some form of self preservation (“if they can do that to him why not me?”)

then again.. probably not.

sunny dee

jason & alex are going to regret not throwing that HOH to Xmas’s easy win imo
now mark has a slightly elevated chance to win the next one, and a higher chance of putting up alex and jason, over anyone else. will he take the safe bet of matt and raven, and replace with Xmas? who knows, but he must know by now that will just work into the TeamPauls plans of simply get rid of a Maven, rather than a Jalex

Big Baby

The only thing they’re interested in is making Jury, adding fans and followers, jump starting careers, making “airtime”, being invited back to play again, becoming famous at meet & greets!


Simon, why do you say they are the biggest bunch of followers like that’s a bad thing? What I see is one of the closest knot groups in BB. What would be bad for the group members game is to actually turn their back on each other and keep a Cody, keep an Elena. We see that almost every year. Someone in a controlling group panics and tries to get another target out early, and the group falls apart. That would not benefit their game, plain and simple. Sticking together has ensured they have gotten this far. Also you have to admit Jody made it easy for them to stick together by isolating themselves, and not making an effort to integrate with the rest off the house for social and strategic purposes. More important than winning comps, is having a good social standing in the house, which Paul has excelled at in both his seasons. Standoffish behavior is the quickest way in BB to ensure you get kicked out. But make no mistake, the game is not over and the group will begin to splinter as shots will have to be fired.


That would be fine if they didn’t include the “tearing people down” tactics. Instead of looking like a “close knit group” as you say-they look like the popular group bullying the less popular group. I was rooting for Alex in the beginning, but now she is just a horrible person to me-along with Paul, Cristmas, Josh and Raven. Yes, Paul is excelling, but do the ends justify the means?? Depends on your moral compass, and Paul obvuisly has a poor moral compass.


Blame Paul. Blame Paul. I’ve watched big brother for years and houseguest are always act disgraceful at times. Its part of the social experiment. What I admire in Paul’s game he is one of the only houseguest to play back to back season and he has control of the house. No real break. Think how that can affect your psych. Part of the game is putting targets on another houseguest to decrease the target on you. Also, encourage other houseguest to call out other houseguest is also a game play. Do some of the houseguest take this to the extreme. Yes. Is that Paul’s fault that they take it to the extreme. No. It is not.


I think he’s said it 100 times. Right or wrong, he sees it as a game. His biggest game play being a vet is constantly painting a target on others backs. Aside from showmances, the vet is the obvious target. It stinks that it does effect people’s feelings (it happens every year and I always feel bad) but it’s worked so far, so he’s rolling with it. This is why I’d be a terrible big brother contestant. I’m not near cut throat enough.

Yes, there are times when it’s being taken too far but we have to remember they have been stuck in a house for 50 days. It messes with your mind, no matter who you are. Personally I give him kudos for playing to win. I blame the rest for so easily following. As he’s said, even he’s surprised they are following so easily.


I guess you’ve never watched big brother then. You see that behavior in every single season.


But the only one is in control is Paul this is a big difference from other seasons. We want to see the HG use what God gave them a brain to think for themselves play the game how they want to. When BB gave Paul the temptation to stay in the house for 3 weeks this spoiled the game. No HG could go after Paul for 3 weeks. What wrong with this picture. By the time Paul 3 weeks was up he had setup camp Paul style. Paul worked the house for 3 weeks too long. This one reason the HG is off balance. Paul put them in a Paul bullying comma and do what I say trance.


BB always give the vets an advantage when they play with new players. Coaches coming into the game 4 weeks later, Vets as team captains and one vet with a 3 week pass. This allows them to acclimate into the house. Give Paul kudos for being able to get almost every houseguest to be on his side. Those who weren’t or who were forming too close of links with others were targeted. Like Ramse with Elana, Dominque with Mark and Xmas. So bravo Paul.


Spoiler alert according to Reddit Paul threw the hoh to christmas and she is the new hoh


Simon & Dawg when are you guys going to write a book about the first twenty seasons of big brother US. You guys should shop the idea to some publishers and possibly get a psychologist involved. You know kinda like the guys of freakonomics did their book. It could also serve as a strategic read for players if this show can stick around that long


anyonehave the link to the live stream?


Down until after tomorrow night’s episode finishes airing on the west coast


Once again Mark and Kevin show themselves to be worthless pieces of crap. Thank God football season is starting.

Kid Rock

The biggest thing I took from tonight’s show is that Mark is a Big Pu$$y! Why was he avoiding putting up Paul vs anybody is in tbe Shuffle board (HOH) Comp…. Eliminate the strong players fool… Or at least let Paul know you not afraid to go after him…


I think he was thinking josh and Christmas have both yelled attacked him were Paul is just pulling the strings that no one sees. Well cody did. Lol


Elane can do much better than Mark. Mark has no balls, when Josh and Alex went off on Elana he did not stand up and defend her…. that is not what a man does. Mark is a little boy. Elana wants a man.

closeted mark

Am I the only one who gets the feeling Mark wants a man too?


Josh and Mark are both closeted and pretending to be interested in Elena. Funny how they both are using Elena as a cover. Both of them being closeted is what has caused the friction between the two. I don’t care if they are gay or not it’s just that I can see thru Mark’s lie about who he really is. Years ago I actually had a big muscled guy try to use me as a cover…this is not so uncommon.


you’re an idiot for even making such a statement when you have no idea who these people are outside the house, try sticking to game play a**hole!


you are as bad as paul and his minions


Really remember a couple weeks ago when Paul was laying in Elenas crotch getting back rubs in front of Mark and then she was showing her nips to Paul and Josh. I guess this is what a women does

Sir Loin of Beef

“Slut Shamer!” /sarc


Mark? I missed something then.

Not Jason's Holly

In the past, the person who gets to play the most wins. I didn’t want anyone to pick Paul so he would have one shot at it.


The only reasoning I can see in Mark doing that would be so Paul can’t practice more. Wait to pick him until the end so he doesn’t get as many shots, and then beat him. The more someone plays, the better they get. (Yes, I know they had time to practice already…however…) I’m willing to bet, that Mark wasn’t even thinking that. Lol


How good would it be to see Josh get evicted!

Canadian viewer

it will only feel good if the audience boos him because he will be coming out expecting a standing ovation.


Haha way to “upset the Apple cart” Jason. How many hohs can Paul win in a row?

Throw it to Paul

Paul can win them all when the Nerd Herd throws them to him. Just like the carnival game, they were trying to throw it tonight. Xmas tried to get it over the edge and then apologized to Paul when it stayed on. Pathetic. I’m out. I know how this ends. Big Bully indeed. Not a single likable character this year. Ugly human beings.


Spot on ! Obviously there stars truck about a garden gnome that can talk (Paul), also lie, cheap ,swear constantly,be inconsiderate to Mark lying between Elena’s legs breasts, manipulating ,gossip ,creating drama,back stab ,bullying and getting a group to bully. ,Calling Or saying Cody has a small man complex when in reality paul the garden gnome 100% has been told he has small man complex probably 100 or more times in his lifetime. Why else does he over compensate with fast and loud talk and excessive swearing,we all know gnomes are silent and sit quietly in the garden (possibly this gnome could be a slithering snake posing as a gnome ) sneaky sneaky u pathetic ignorant sub human mouthy }%%|{%#.gnome


How good will it be to see Mark Mark Mark Mark


No doubt. That was some statement Mark made by winning HOH tonight like he predicted huh?!?
Then again, he probably didn’t think he had to win HOH since Cody’s amazing speech was suppose to take the target off of him & Elana. How did that work out by the way?!?
I love how every season the fans “can’t believe” the houseguests don’t target the couples. But this year they target the couples and they are called minions. Well, of course they had to get the minoritys out first THEN they went after the couples.


Dumb. The rafter and the oriental are still in. Minorities always whining.


The oriental?!?!?!?
Is she a fucking rug???

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Yes, she appears to be Paul’s rug.


The house would really be boring then.


Alex has been pretty rude and obnoxious, but I have gotten to admit that she’s been playing a good game. By allying herself with Paul, she went from being the outsider to controlling the whole house, and Paul seems to have loyalty to her. Alex & Jason are insanely strong competitors too wow


If you read this sites comments most will disagree with you.
20 seasons in?
I totally agree with you.


I completely agree. This site comments and honestly sometimes the recap’s will have Simon and Dawg’s personal opinon, which makes the people who frequent here jump on the bandwagon of that. You’ll get lots of thumbs down…pretty much anywhere else…most agree about Alex. She is playing a great game.


No actually the people that “frequent here” are BB after dark , and live feed watchers that form their own opinions and are misted by Paul !! Def not Simon and Dawgs fault that they see it too, and join in with what everybody else here is already saying !!


Correction meant to say ARE NOT misted by Paul !!


The people on this site are super fans and that’s why we appreciate Simon and Dawg for their deep and incisive insight into the intricacies of BB.
Alex and Jason have both missed easy shots at Paul, took out players who every other houseguest would gun for, and everybody in the house is doing Paul’s bidding and he is going to win this game unless Kevin or Mark or Elena win HOH and take a shot at Alex and Paul!
Funny that you come to this site and make uninformed comments about everybody. Bye,bye! Get to steppin’!!!


If by allying herself with Paul you mean she gave up her own game, drank the koolaid and became Paul’s personal screeching harpy in order to ensure all of Paul’s plans are executed without fail, then I agree.


That’s some strong koolaid he’s been feeding them!
He does a lot of hand gestures. wonder if it’s hocus pocus?
Also wonder if Christmas is sharing some of her pain pills with him.
He just doesn’t seem to shut up. Has to Lord over everything ad naseum.


Right, because Alex had SUCH a strong chance with JODY and MARLENA, right? I’m SURE that if you were in the house…you would go all superwoman…say how everyone is being a complete phony, stand alone, be the hero, never lie, manipulate, cheat, and just be the noblest player of all time, righttttttt?

That’s what I thought.


They would have because Paul would become the target, the votes would be there to get him out, and the rest of the house would scramble for safety.

Paul has all the thoughts and ideas, the rest of the house cannot come up with one simple thought on their own, and even sharing their brain(s).

Look at what’s left, who targets Paul? Who puts Paul on the block? Who would be able to be on the block with Paul and be safe? Currently there are zero scenarios where Paul will be voted out, and I don’t think that these HGs will realize this. The longer he stays, the more they attack each other and he sits there watching and laughing.

The greatest trick that Paul ever pulled is getting the HGs believe he isn’t playing to win.

sunny dee

i totally agree

so many have been saying why doesn’t she target paul, she seems too into paul and blah blah blah. she’d be nuts to cross paul, look at what happens to those people, and now kevin is up to be out and he doesn’t even know it. but alex’s decision to stick with paul is why she now is unlikely to be nominated by anyone, and why any viewer should expect to see her right to the end. of course she can win stuff as well, which helps a lot but that really only helped make sure she did not get evicted when she was in trouble.

now, tell me why jason didn’t throw that HOH right now, dumbest thing ever, because instead of letting Xmas win it and then she can NOT play in the next obviously PHYSICAL COMP, now we have xmas playing and jason sitting OUT. ???? !!!! way to take a number most likely to win out of play and hand the next HOH right to mark.


I think Jason wanted and needed and deserves his HOH letter/photos/basket, whatever despite your theory which is correct.


With Cody & Elana evicted tonight that means Matt & Raven just became the new Marlena and Jason & Alex just became the new Maven. Paul cannot take Alexis & Jason to the end they are too strong of competitors.

Best Exit Goes to Cody

I can’t wait for Paul to turn on Alex!

Anti Paul Puppet

Probably the only reason I will watch the rest of the season. Alex BYE!


Worst BB ever, in every way! Not one of them deserves the money let alone the publicity or attention they get for their repulsive behaviors! Used to be fun to watch, couldn’t wait to see it again. Now I just can’t wait for it to be over!

Florence McSimmons

Why wait? Just don’t watch anymore. Don’t be a a hypocrite and keep watching what you whine about every week.


you want a house full of players like Matt and Raven?


Matt eating cereal? Raven broadcasting her medical issues? I will take that over Josh’s bullying,Alex screaming inanities,Christmas behaving imperiously,and the sight of that hairball Paul! Yes, please!


Jason, really? You should have just had Paul’s hand up the back of your shirt like a puppet for your nomination speech. Worst ever. Pathetic! Cody your exit happened to be the most enjoyable ever lol.


Zack did it first.


I 1000% agree with you!!
This isn’t your buddy’s house to go crash at for the summer. This is BB.
Cody didn’t do a damn thing this season and he needed to be kicked the hell out.

Native Texan

Would be nice if Mark or Elena won HOH to flip the house. Enjoyed Cody planting false game play about Raven & Matt. The seed of doubt hopefully works


with this short HoH, the only person I feel sorry for isn’t either of the nominees; I feel sorry for Jason

Sir Loin of Beef

Screw “Whistle Dick!”

I hope that Clown goes out within the next 2 weeks!

I lost all respect for him when he sided with the house and had the audacity to question/doubt Cody’s military service!

He’s been nothing more than a “pussy-wiped” (by Alex) coward!

I hope that Paul Alinsky makes it to final 2 BUT the HGs give the 500k it to whoever is sitting beside him – even if its its Josh! Sorry Pot Paul, “once a bridesmaid. always a bridesmaid!”

BB19 stopped BEING A GAME when it stopped being about having FUN for BB fans and several player, thanks to Paul, and more about personal and verbal attacks on your competition’s character!

I hope Cody can turn the rest of the evicted HGs’ heads in the Jury House! Show them what a “poor sport” and piece of shit Paul truly is and how he used them all!

I don't mind Cody

Always liked Cody from the start,sad to see him go. Kept it real to the end. Not enjoying this season so I’m out ,probably will check in .com time to time to see what’s going on . On a good note Project Runway is back so I’ll have something to watch. A wise persimmons said all money is not good money especially if you have to sell your soul

I don't mind Cody

Should read a wise person once said ,I’m typing too fast.


That person was also a deadbeat broke person
that lived in a trailer park….
I’ll take the money and let you worry about my soul….

I didn't mind Cody that much

The happiest people are not necessarily the richest and ill just let you worry about your own soul because I don’t really care to.


Worst BB ever, in every way! Not one of them deserves the money let alone the publicity or attention they get for their repulsive behaviors! Used to be fun to watch, couldn’t wait to see it again. Now I just can’t wait for it to be over!

Anti Paul Puppet

What happened to the cereal fight? I hate Alex’s edits.


With double eviction they do not have time to show all of that


Really!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where was the film of the screaming banshee??? My pillows!!!! My cereal!!!

Please……someone get rid of her.


If you talk to anybody that’s watches the edited version cbs puts on tv, they have absolutely no idea how evil these people are , all they know is that Paul is running the show, and it’s the same old shit week after week ! Pisses me off that not only do they not show the abuse , even Julie makes them look like saints ! Sickening cbs , you should be sooo proud of yourself !!


I agree with you. I watch the show with my daughter but she doesn’t watch any of the after dark. I’m always telling her how mean and hateful they really are because she sees none of it on the actual show. Tonight they didn’t even show one bit of Alex acting like a lunatic, she came across as all nice. Nothing of Paul, Christmas and Josh either. They are all massive assholes and no one sees that if they don’t watch bbad or the live feeds.


they sure have shown how much of a massive asshole Cody has been this whole season!


They have to protect their ratings. They think people can rally behind Alex so they can’t show her true colors. What the public doesn’t know the can’t protest about. Just like them not showing Halloween jumping in every time to get her jabs in….not to mention her mentioning codys kid since old felon Kevin couldn’t keep his mother fucking mouth shut.

Big Baby

So disappointed in this season! No one wants to play! The goal for the majority of them is JURY! They talk about how many fans or followers they’ll gain; how their meet & greets will make them famous; and how BB will jump start their careers! Every season, I always wish there would be a “Reunion” type of a show, like Survivor and The Batchelor have. Where Julie would bring up things like the fights and their behaviors. If some of these people had just an incline how BAD they’re showing up to America, it would be a nice dose of reality!

Mrs W

Anyone know what Friday night’s episode is about?

BB Cat Lady

Simon … I gotta say that IS the BEST comment I’ve seen ALL season! Thanks for the updates Simon and Dawg you guys rock!

Cat Nip

No Simon, the cats own you. : ) : )

By the by love your site. Good job guys.

The Dude

Taking cats for a walk are you going to live stream that? That actually sounds more entertaining than watching the bull turds edit they keep giving Paul even during the double eviction.
They can no longer hide why nobody congratulated Mark after he won the HoH. Or how as soon as Paul started talking to Jason they immediately cut to Marlena. The final was after Mark won HoH and Paul was in the kitchen holding Court but they still played the sound for Marlena. Total bull turds!!!!

The Dude

Oh and Xmas apologizing to Paul for not losing to her Master. Let’s see if she gets the Ramses treatment after that. Cause Paul is about the game and not taking it personally.
Let’s see who is left in the house who has gone against Paul? – Mark


When did Mark win HOH, he never won HOH, he won POV?

Ah man

True, he just talked about going after Paul and trying to get people to see it.


I was hoping Derrick was there to bring Zingbot in. I am beyond ready for these houseguest to get ripped to shreds.


Nonsense. A concert….blah, blah,blah.


Right. An Ariana and Frankie concert.

Min O'Pause

If Ariana Skankass and her dingbat brother are the musical entertainment i shall skewer out my own eyeballs and superglue my ears shut.

Helen K

Mark wins veto!

Helen K

Mark won veto!

Min O'Pause

I think Josh rode the short bus to school…..




That was supposed to be the laughing with tears emoji….it came out as all question marks.

The real CAMERON

Let’s not stoop to the level of BB 19 HG’s, please.
You have been watching the live feeds too long your catching what they have in the house.
Paul Minionidis!! Only treatment is turning off your tv & the live feeds until next season.


As dumb as Josh appears to be, don’t forget Matt said “Extreme-Eye-Tard”


Tan dam!!!!


Mattard and Miss Mensa couldn’t even complete 1 puzzle! Of course, their wrists are probably really, really sore from “other things.”


Can someone explain Jason’s appeal? He’s been nothing but Alex’s bitch this whole game, making fun of Cody’s military service and blew raspeberries during his eviction speech like a toddler.

Min O'Pause

There isn’t any.


You read my mind.

Mrs W

Only chance to keep this game interesting is if Mark wins HOH this week. If anyone else wins it will be Mark on the block against either Matt or Kevin. Borrrrrring.
I wanna see Mark win and take a shot at Xmas, Josh and Alex. All of them have attacked him multiple times well beyond what is game play.
Would love for Paul to go, but no way would Mark have the votes to evict him.


It would be great for Alex and Jason or Alex and Christmas to be on the block … Christmas wins Veto… Paul goes up and Alex goes!!!! No one would evict Paul. Let’s see if Mark wins HOH and has the balls to do it . He’s such a pu&!y but maybe he can grow some now? If anyone else wins , Mark will be the new Cody same ole pile on BS


and the problem will be next week when someone else gets HOH and retaliates on Mark. Good think Mark wins a lot of things to save himself.


Oooooooor if mark wins and put some up Paul and Alex… and if anyone takes them off put up Josh or Christmas.


I sooo want to see a Mark HOH now, with Paul and Alex going up and Mark winning veto. Maven would vote for Alex. Jason would vote for Paul. Would Xmas get a clue and vote Paul out? Josh would vote with Xmas (and probably have a nervous breakdown in the meantime). What would Kevin do? OK so these lemmings would probably all vote Alex, except for Jason. It would be very satisfying to Alex walk out the door though. So there’s that. The most interesting scenario imo would be Mark alternating HOH and veto wins so the Friendsheep are forced to finally turn their bullying ways on one another sooner than later and he is the obvious choice for the win after making it to the finale. I’d love to see a Mark/Paul/Matt or Raven (equally good goats) final 3, with Mark cutting Paul before the finale and winning it all.

Also I wish BB would put half the feeds on the Jury house now because I’d rather watch that.


Not sure if it’s true, but I read the second hoh will be endurance. Mark hasn’t proven to be very good at those at all, so I don’t expect him to win hoh if that’s the case. But maybe what people are posting is wrong.


Watch Cody slurp huge spoonfuls of cereal or make himself a dozen eggs and Elena flirting sinfully with him, who needs to see that, not I glad they are both in jury.

Misted Zombies

Well at least I can still hope that Paul gets second place again. That will be the only exciting thing that happens with Pauls Zombies.

Min O'Pause

Is it genius game play when you are put in a house with a bunch of stupid immature sheeple?


Let’s ask Derrick.




Why as soon as Paul started talking game to Jason did they cut the edit to Marlena doing nothing. They are doing whatever they can to save Paul & Xmas butts on prime time tv. Totally bull turds


I think xmas is pauls girlfriend


NO WAY…YOU THINK? If so…I did not see that coming. That would be the interesting twist the show needs.

Captain Obvious

I’ve clued in that the “positive, funny, sweet” editing must be in their contracts. Big Brother/CBS pimps out these people in meet and greets after wards, so they want likeable people that already somewhat had a decent size of “followers”.

I can guarantee people with followers already (aka Christmas) probably have stipulations in her contract to not be cast in certain ways on the tv show. Unfortunately live feeds don’t lie and you get the broader spectrum of these people as human beings, not just some character on a tv show. This is why you get a big discrepancy in live feeds/tv show and for CBS to try and hide this in this era of instantly being connected via social media….they are only fooling themselves and sinking their own brand. Look at how many former cast members are laying into this cast, this season, production. Its obviously scripted/edited beyond belief, but you can’t fool people anymore and CBS is taking Big Brother right down the toilet and killing it and its house guests with all the misrepresentation this season.

This season is just a huge FRAUD….and we all know they cast someone as a fraud too.


I like how Julie asked Cody “Why didn’t you do that during the game?”


Cody’s interview was so funny esp when he is honest and said he cant stand those people…..American agrees!


I didn’t find Cody’s interview funny at all! It’s just the usual Cody, full of hate, hate, hate! Production screwed up by inviting an angry and totally socially inept guy to participate in this BB game.


Because he thinks he’s better than everyone else.
And, an idiot. Marrying Jessica after 50 days in a locked environment on TV.
What a tool, indeed.


I almost feel kind of sorry for Cody if he really thinks Jess will marry him. She is not going to give up her LA lifestyle to move to rural Texas , drive a old pick-up, and be pregnant for the next 4-5 yrs giving Cody those 4 babies he wants. Sure she will hang onto him until she has milked all the attention she can from their summer fling but after that she will dump him.


A little bit of month, but Jody time spent together would roughly be 8400 hours (24 X 7 X 50).

How many months of dating would that equal?


I need someone to explain to me why Matt is focused on eating cereal.


You know, after watching tonight’s show, I felt Matt was genuinely funny. He’s just a friendly, roll of the shoulder kind of person. On another note, the aura in the house changed completely now that Cody and Jessica are gone. I just felt it was so cocky and disrespectful for him to walk on the living room table and exit so quickly and then tell Julie he hated the house guest, yet never once took accountability for any of his actions!


Cody walking across the table, not speaking to anyone and being brutally blunt with Julie about how he hated the house guests and also telling Julie, she “messed that up” when she said, ” I bet you are looking forward to some time by yourself.’. .. was awesome! To even call Cody disrespectful after what he has been put through from the rest of these imbeciles is laughable. There were no actions for Cody to take. Have you not been watching what has been going on?… It didnt matter what Cody did or said, Paul wanted Cody gone, so the sheep were going to send Cody out the door. Once he wasnt allowed to play in the POV it was over for him. Matt is a waste of space.. he isnt funny, he isnt attractive, he isnt actively participating in the game.. he’s eating cereal and having sex with Raven … thats it. The man cant even change his dirty shirt. His message about gastroenteritis was pretty funny considering he’s clueless that we all know Raven is a fraud and he’s bought her bullsh*t hook line and sinker. Sorry for the rant… Im salty. This season is painful to watch. Im just glad Christmas didnt win HOH. I really want karma to get her … she’s the worst!


I too was glad that neither Xmas or Raven won HOH. Can only hope they they don’t win tonight’s either or the week will suck even worse.


I’m guessing you haven’t been following this site. This guy has been through an incredible amount of abuse by literally everyone in the house, and never in a 1 on 1 situation. They have ganged up on him and didn’t even have the decency to back off when we all knew he was going home. I’m surprised he didn’t engage in a physical fight with his enemies in an attempt to get them kicked out of the game as well. I would have absolutely engaged Paul and Josh in a fight if I was Cody since he had nothing to lose and they singlehandedly tried to make his life a living hell.


At least knowing he was alone in the house, they tried to make him comfortable by trying to get him to join them. They asked him to come up to HOH to sit and talk etc. Cody would not have done the same for any of them.


They wanted his jury vote


They only did that to send a message to Elaina. It was a strategy and had nothing to do with being nice.


Oh please, he’s a marine, served in Afghanistan, and importantly a grown ass man, he’s been to hell and back in Afghanistan and this game should have been a piece of cake but his only defense when things didn’t go his way or Jessica’s way was to whine and say they’ve been picked on the whole time. He clearly has an anger problem and it wasn’t till Jessica was willing to kick him to the curb that he got himself under control. I think it has something to do with the contract they signed when he wanted to self-evict he would have to pay money or something so he stayed.

Anti Paul Puppet

Cody’s exit and interview were the highlight of the season for me. I just had to watch it again.

I Agree

It has been the highlight of the season for me too. Tonight’s episode other than Cody’s great exit was nauseating.


In his last speech before the votes Cody should have said, Paul, I have been curious about your sexual orientation. Seems you have had a hard on for me since the beginning.


Disrespectful to those people? Are you seriousl? They deserved no respect from Cody. Have you been watching the last 2 weeks? Maybe you haven’t seen the feeds so you don’t know the truth. I maybe would think that too if I only watched the fake edit shows .

Misted Zombies

Cody is the only one who wasn’t ready to hand 500,000 to Paul (Kev also but he got misted shortly after day 1) and he has been hated as public enemy #1ever since. I promise you when the Mist wears off you will feel just as stupid as the rest of the house guest. At least Alex has Ben smart enough to play for second place. Sheesh, the Mist is strong with this one!


They cast a robot for TV.
Might as well have been Zingbot.
Oops, Zingbot has more personality than Cody

Captain Obvious

Watch the eviction again, Paul being so petty that he is puts his feet on the table to block Cody, so Cody being the realist he is simply walks on the table to not let Paul and his petty pawns get their satisfaction.

I love that Cody got a big cheer….the minions are so clueless.


If you watch Cody’s exit nobody but Mark started to get up. All the others just sat there staring straight ahead and waiting for Paul to get up first and then followed.

Same with the veto, nobody congratulated Mark. So afraird to do something their leader doesn’t approve of. I just wish Jason and Alex would of teamed up with Cody, Kevin, Mark and Elena.


Sorry but geeze Matt is just a dope

Cat Nip

Hahahahaha…Matt is looking for a shot to be the “athlete” picture on a Wheaties box. Wheaties the breakfast of champions.

Sport – “athlete” who got laid every night on BB. Now that’s stamina ; ) ; )


No. Alex told him that his cereal eating was one of the question she got on her HOH blog.

Grape Nuts

I have yet to see him cook anything,pretty obvious that he cannot cook.He is one hell of a preparer of cereal though. Without question,probably has the cleanest bowels in the building with all of the fiber he is downing.

Sir Loin of Beef

Matt may have the “cleanest bowel,” but his gf, Craven is “full of shit!”


Paul isn’t controlling the house. Matt is. If you watch closely he’s directing the house through his cereal eating. For instance, the color of fruit loop in his beard determines who is evicted or who the replacement nom is. If he eats one kind of cereal, it means one thing. If he eats another kind, it means something else. Same thing with which hand he eats with, how he chews, where and how he sits, etc., etc.—the combinations are endless. Once you catch on it’s like watching a great maestro direct an orchestra. A thing of beauty.


Here are some of the signs that I have picked up on:

Count Chocula reps Kevin
Shredded Wheat is Mark
Shreddies were for Cody
Lucky Charms equals Paul
Christmas is the Frosted Flake
Kelloggs Just Right Jessica

Once Matt reaches 1000, he will then switch to Pop Tarts and look to get rid of Raven

Cat Nip

LOL. To add…Fruit Loops equals Josh


Tomorrow’s episode and Derrick’s appearance is to re-win his fan base and that of those who enjoyed season 16, nothing else.

Production knows they are losing and now are clawing any way to get back in the game. They hope that we are to them as the minions are to Paul.

This site to read updates is all that’s needed for this season. Watch again at 20.


Derrick has a book coming out.

Paul the Punk

I love Curious George.


When will next HOH start?

Kid Rock

It’s probably an endurance Challenge…

Cody for AFP

Of course it will be an endurance challenge. Cody is gone.

Anti Paul Puppet

Oh man I was just getting ready to change my name to that 🙁

BB Juicy Blast

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Julie announced that Derrick the pig face will be on the Friday episode. So they are officially linking this lame season to the previous lamest season.

It’s just updates on this site and live evictions from here out for me. The only good part of tonight’s episode is I didn’t have to hear Paul’s big mouth.


Are they bringing Derrick in to tell the other houseguests to stop drinking so much kool aid?

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

I believe he is going to use his police skill in body cavity searches to retrieve everyones head out of pauls ass.


Hahahahahahahaha That was an awesome comment LOL

Kathie from Canada

Much ado about nothing. Everything went as scripted. Great edits to all the usual suspects and they remain totally sanitized from revealing the type of people they really are.


Countdown to Paul’s getting his $500k is getting closer. Hopefully Mark can stay strong and win HOH and get out a big target. If Mark gets voted out next week, it’s only minionville left in the game:( Boring!!!


Except that we can watch the minions eat each other. Only one I’ll feel bad for is Kevin.


Paul already tagged Kevin….he’s behind Mark if Mark doesn’t win HOH!


Come on mark win hoh!

Another disappointing double eviction!
It’s clear cbs doesn’t want Paul to be evicted, otherwise why would they have done an elimination HoH, knowing it would Elena and mark vs the house! It’s such BS


Not to mention, when was the last endurance competition ? Definitely not while Cody was still there !! Production def wanted Cody gone


Riiiiight, that’s why he got to play a comp vs Paul right after he had completed it and Paul hadn’t to get back into the house.
They SOOOOOOOOO wanted Cody outta the house.
Or could it be he was the worst player ever in BB history. I take the obvious answer which is the latter.


The thing is when Paul lost it had no major impact on his game. The comps this season certainly seem less physical that in years past.

Tetti Dew Korti

Who knew you could play a month in the BB house with a broken foot? Not one comp that requires two legs, not being targeted for being weak, it’s just a miracle!!!!


She’s playing a better game than Cereal Killer, and Meryl Streep.


Christmas’s two pushes were exactly on the furthest line. On the third time, she clearly gave away HOH to Jason.


I think Paul did not try to win either. Mark and Elena were both out by the time he played, so he had no worries of being evicted by whomever won HOH. Christmas, Matt, and Jason were not going to put him up. By not being HOH, he gets no blood on his hands, and because he is the master of the dog pound, he still got to determine who the nominees would be.

A Christmas Miracle

Play a month in the BB house with a broken foot? Surely you can figure out why Production has kept Christmas in the game?


They did have Otev remember and doctors would let her compete.


I hate that we can’t watch live feeds till tomorrow night.?


Why can’t we watch the feeds until tomorrow night? ?????


As it stands, Paul is guaranteed final 2. Even if anyone tries to backdoor him, there are no possibilities where the majority will vote him out. No matter who sits beside him, the house will always vote the other out; unless they begin to wake up.


What’s worse is that he will dictate all actions until Final 3 (Paul, Josh, Christmas; Paul wins by vote against either…he also beats Maven).


I hate that we can’t watch live feeds till tomorrow night.?


Loved Codys exit… was awesome and Paul is probably jealous of that too and lets see how long they talk about Cody this week. Poor Mark is going to be tortured by these assclowns who will continue to damage themselves and their reputations.


Cody who ??
He Gone !!

Butters Mom

With the remaining house guests left, Paul has the win in the bag. Any of them other than Mark would give Paul the win if he is in the final 2. None of them other than Mark will vote him out…nor would they nominate him, so just give Paul the check and call it a day.


Give Paul the check in front of an empty studio because no one would want to attend in the audience due to the laimosity of this show.

Paul: Hey Julie, where is everyone, where are my fans? Where’s my friendship?

Annie Ominus

So freakin glad Mark is still in. I only hope he takes HOH too and puts Alex up with a Pawn, then sneaks in Paul, the votes and house would split in two with Alex against Paul and things could get real ugly when both of them have to suck up to the very people they have talked shit about for weeks. I like when Humble Pie is on the menu, it would be so sweet. An Alex Paul fight would be epic, Paul would call in Josh to pots and pans her and her side while Alex would send in Jason to wrestle Josh and make him cry. it could be fun to watch the two meanest people in the house have to fight each other for a change.


Paul would stay out of Alex/Paul on the block. He has Matt, Raven, Xmas, Josh and Kevin’s vote that this point. Kevin isn’t liking Alex too much lately.


I think xmas is pauls girlfriend


In all seriousness….Could she be?

Min O'Pause

My vision of hell: Yoko Ono’s cat yowling from the”Double Fantasy”album one one side of me, Alex screeching on the other side of me, and having my eyeballs taped open so I am forced to watch Paul’s fungus face bobbing in front of me and his piehole repeating “friendship” throughout eternity. And Josh banging pots and pans.

Wow Jason No Apples dinging Cory’s daughter. Class Act No Apples


I used to watch this show religiously . Now I just come on OBB to read the comments so I can feel better that I’m not the only one who thinks this cast is so vicious and such bullies. And to be quite honest just so delusional about how it’s the right thing to do.

Jimmy 64

Come on Mark win the next HOH shake up the house .
If they take Mark out next then they will. Have to turn
on each other.


What the hell is wrong with these people? Is making it to jury their only goal or is winning the game? Cody I’m glad that table didn’t break when you walked on it…..because that exit was sooooo cool !


Does watching paint excite you too?


No… a@hole…..but watching someone leave an atmosphere that was nothing but hell on a daily basis without giving then what they wanted….which was to have a break down. ..was COOL…..and he didn’t look back!


Welp! Now we are down to Mark Vs. Paul. *sigh

Go Mark!


Doesn’t all these cast remind me of the wizard of oz characters?..who’s the lion? Tin man? Toto. Dorthy. Witch? Scarecrow ?


Paul is clearly the Wicked Witch of the West.

Mark is Zeke (better known as Cowardly Lion).

All the others are WWW’s flying monkeys.

*Somebody fetch a pail of water,