“Harsh Hashtags” HOH Endurance Competition! “I’m going to go 6 hours!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH ? Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 19-07-44-469

7pm When the live feeds return – The HOH endurance competition “Harsh Hashtags” is still underway. Bridgette and James have already fallen out of the competition and are 3 of the 4 havenots as they fell off first. Paulie says my Saturday nights are rougher than this! Victor says my pen!s hurts! Michelle says I can go all day!! James says if Nat falls she isn’t a havenot. James asks who is going to go 5.5 hours on this one? Michelle says me! Paulie says I’m going to go 6 hours! Corey falls off and is the last have not. When the house guests fall off the internet trolls chase them and beat them with their hashtag bats.


Bridgette, James and Corey

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7:20pm Michelle throws up while spinning around. Soon after she falls off. The give her a bucket and she throws up some more in it. She starts crying. Paul says hashtag cry baby! Come on stop it. She starts crying and says I feel bad for whoever has to clean it up. Its not their job to clean up puke! Meech says vomit cry baby!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 19-17-40-602

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 19-25-06-734

7:25pm The trolls surround Big Meech the other house guests say Awe come on! MEECH says “No I want it! Its not big Brother with out it! I suck!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 19-26-53-690

7:35pm Nicole asks can you guys just not talk for 2 seconds. I’m going to throw up! Natalie says I’m going to too!

Paulie, Natalie, Z, Nicole, Victor are all still in it.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 19-36-32-144

7:40pm Nicole falls off. She asks if she fell in the puke? They tell her she just missed it. The trolls come over and smack her around a bit.

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7:47pm Michelle says I’m pissed because Ian won this comp. James says Vanessa won this on last season. Paulie says you can speed it up all you want… I ain’t falling!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 19-45-40-312

7:55pm Z says she is done. Paulie says you want me to win it for you. I’ll protect you. (LOL Paulie wants her out.) Paul says stick it out! Z falls off. Paulie falls off soon after. Its only Vic and Nat left. Vic says he wants a letter from his mommy. Nat says she does too.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 19-53-13-000

8:10pm – 8:50pm Natalie tells Vic she isn’t going to put him up. Vic says I’m not going to put you up either. We’re on the same page about that. I just want my letter.

Natalie says just give it to me PLEASSSSSEEEEEEE! Vic says I can’t! I was evicted at one point remember?! Natalie says but you can win comps and I can’t! Paulie sas seeing your mothers is the fun part .. putting 2 people up sucks! Nat asks can we just not play for our moms any more?! Vic says alright I just want a good bed and a nice shower. James says I know they (production) did not expect this comp to go this long. Vic asks Nat how she’s doing? Nat says I’m fine .. just dying but I’m fine. Do you think I’ll get glitter in my basket?! Natalie says I don’t think I can do it any more. Ahhh this is so friggen painful! Paulie asks how ya’ll doing? Vic says fabulous!! Nat says I’m never going to win HOH! This is the worst pain in the world!! Natalia asks Vic please let me win?!!? Vic says DON’T beg me!! Nat says I’ve got to win something! I don’t think I can any more! Nat asks you’re not going to put me up? Vic says no, not after you lasted this long! Soon after Nat drops off. Victor wins HOH!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 20-50-22-221


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161 thoughts on ““Harsh Hashtags” HOH Endurance Competition! “I’m going to go 6 hours!”

    1. Uhhh “Z is our only hope?” Bless your heart. She couldn’t hang – her legs are chaffed from humping Paulie.

    1. No victor should not have won this one. Especially since Nat made a deal to not put him up. Either way, you want to be able to play hoh for the second part of the double. That’s the most important

  1. You said Paulie, James and Brigette are down but the pic is of Corey James and Brigette. Is Paulie really out? Sorry I don’t have live feeds

  2. LOL what is wrong with Michelle ? she is way dramatic…and I hope Paulie does not win this it would be cool if Natalie could win or Z but I doubt it …

    1. What is wrong with Michelle ? Same thing as Paul and Z. Spoiled rotten would be my observation.

      It’s not normal to break out in full tears like she does, and start crying, meanwhile we all have watched how she treats other people. From day one she has been vindictive almost.

      Ever notice she always has food in her mouth. She eats her entire hand whenever she feeds herself. Literally.

      Even after saying all that, I honestly hope they can wake up, smell the coffee and see what the others are doing.

      Here’s hoping for a Natalie victory….

    1. Yes he should eat crap and die !!! like there’s no reason for him to do that and to throw Nat under the bus I don’t even get that …how is that good game she should drop him as soon as this game is over ….

    1. I never like it when one player has too much power and he does. For that reason alone, I don’t want him winning. I wish they’d all see it and not follow him so loyally.

  3. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope Victor wins it as long as Da’s words stick in his head. He’s not totally stupid – maybe a light will go off in his head.
    And on an unrelated note, that gif of Corey and Paulie? Yeah, they’re waaaaaay too in to it.

    1. No he’s totally stupid. The noms will be Z and Michelle. Nobody should ever think he will put up Pee Pee. That was Nats best chance to win and she blew it. I’d like to see James and Nicole go up but that ain’t happening. Wasted HOH

  4. I can’t think anyone that will be interesting if they won. Maybe Zakiyah or Natalie and even then im pushing my hopes by 1000.

  5. Big Beech is such a drama queen! STFU, nobody cares about your fake tears! The girl (no. I mean the nutritionist) that shovels food into her mouth is vomiting – big surprise!

    1. She obviously pukes ALL the time, she just happened to dump this puke during an HOH competition. She MUST puke because she constantly eats junk food and sure doesn’t exercise THAT much to work it off. Her and all those fake tears (because someone has to clean it up????). REALLY???? Just like when she hit Paul with that apple (not sure why she didn’t aim for his head – now that would have been funny), but the fake tears because she didn’t want him to be mad. Come on. . . . . . . there will NOT be an Oscar award ANYWHERE in HER future.

    2. Omg she started that sobbing again. Wth? Idk but it creeps me out. It’s literally like listening to a toddler throw a fit. So weird.

    1. I think Paulie threw it too. They wanted Vic to take it, but he wanted to make sure Z went down first I’m guessing.

    2. Someone needs to make a big move and that move needs to be Paulie the rest of the house would have a better chance. Victor should put Paulie up because he needs to get rid of some of the stronger players and then play against the weak girls. The next week should be Paul or Victor Togo home, these girls have got to start playing the game or its going to be them all gone.

  6. Dawg, who were the first four to fall off? First you said, Bridgette, James and Paulie were the first 3 to fall off. Then you said Bridgette, James, Paulie and Corey are have nots. Later in the post Paulie is still hanging on. Looks like Paulie was one of the last three people still hanging on.

    1. Happy birthday BIGKENNY51. Wishing you love, peace and good health with long life. And may all your heart desires be granted unto you. All the best today and always. Happy birthday.

    2. You’re just a youngin! I will be an official OAP next week. Hope you had a wonderful day Kenny. I always enjoy your comments.

    3. Happy birthday Big Kenny 51!!! I didn’t think that I’d make it to 50 so my hats off to you!!!! Wouldn’t it be fabulous if Big Brother had old fuckers like us playing the game and not giving two shits if we looked sexy or fuckable??? I hope you have a great birthday and party your old ass off!!!

  7. Im guessing Da’s warning went in one ear and out the other for Victor..that letter from mommy will not help him in the double eviction that he CANT play in if he wins this HOH.

    1. ….and don’t let James control your how (if she can do this)… he’ll be trying to convince her it’s best for both of them to evict Bridgette

  8. Because he is a pussy and scared to do anything.

    Please self evict James you have done nothing the whole season but ruin the season and make it more boring. Go away and stop ruining our BB summer.

  9. Go Nat go!!! This HOH is yours!!! Put up Paulie and Nicole and backdoor Corey if any one of those two win veto.

  10. Hoping the one who wins, Nat or Vic, makes a big move and puts up Nicole and Paulie! During BBAD, Vic stated for Paulie (Yuck) he will put up Z and Michelle! But, I am praying Vic took into account what Da told him, and make the move to flip the house against Paulie as oppossed to doing his every whim. Not sure if Nat will make a big move, although she said at one point she would put up Nicole and Paulie. So…here is hoping the ‘strong minded’ person wins!!!

    1. LMFAO What exactly is the point in putting up Nicole she is one of the WORST players possibly ever, she talks like she was a comp beast in her season which she was not….She hasn’t won ANYTHING period since they started besides being the first HOH because her team were the biggest losers and she was just barely the best loser of her team……Shes worthless, all she does is whine and swear that everyone is going to come after her cause she’s such a “strong” competitor

      1. Putting Nicole and Paulie, one from each showmance. One comes down, backdoor Corey. Paulie’s alliance losing a point/player. Starts toward flipping the house against the showmances.

    1. But what is he supposed to do? They’re all just doing what Paulie wants, so where’s his play? Does he nominate him, backdoor him? So who can’t Paulie beat?

      I get that you want him to just go right at him….and I doubt Vic is bright enough to do it any other way….but there’s nobody showing they’re on board to take him out, so it’s pointless to go after him. The smart move is to plant seeds, but we all know that will get right back to Paulie from one of his rats, Paul and James.

  11. I gave Corey my 20 votes today. I think he is a nice person compared especially to the others in that house.

    1. News flash, did you forget what he said at the start of the season? He bragged about him and his college buddies being bored one night, paying a goat – poured lighter fluid on it, and started flicking matches at the poor think in order to set it on fire! Production must have stepped in at some point, because it was never mentioned again, and Corey toned it down after. But, that is a story I can not let go. Prior to that, I thought he was a typical all america nice guy! So wrong!

      1. I think the story about the goat has been stretched and changed… from what I remember, Corey said that a guy he lived in a frat house with told him that when he was really drunk one time that the friend.. not Corey poured lighter fluid on a goat and tried to set it on fire. Corey was just repeating what the friend had told him. How did the story change to Corey being the person that did this?

        1. Corey stated he was there watching, but did not flick any matches. Point is he watched and did nothing to stop this stupid and cruel act on an innocent animal! What type of character does that demonstrate? Check/pull/sca the internet for verification of the story.

          1. I did just google it and read some of the posts … I love animals and I am sad that he would just watch something like that happen and not help the goat. I didnt realize he was there when it happened. I thought he was repeating a story he had heard.

    2. Um, trying to light a goat on fire. Disgusting. Unforgivable. I hope he gets charged with animal cruelty after him and his 2012 faux hawk gets voted out.

  12. The problem with either one of them winning is that James (Nat) and Paulie/Paul (Victor) will just tell them what to do and who to put up. And that will be Bridgette and probably Meech as a pawn. Literally unless some disaster happens, Paulie and Paul are coasting to the end.

      1. Bridgette will also put up whoever Paulie wants. Oddly enough one of the few that did not do exactly what Paulie wanted was Zakiyah when she voted to keep Da’Vonne. She knew Paulie wanted her out.

  13. Vic will solely do what Paulie says. He just wants to “belong”. Even though Da warned him, Paulie wants to “clip” Vic.

    1. Victor James know they will be lucky to even get 2nd place. Paul is big headed he thinks he would win over Paulie as he made many comments how he took out Frank (his plotting did the job). This would be a great time to make a move not waste it on Natalie Nicole or Z. Michelle would be game for taking out Paulie Paul.

      1. Yeah but that’s not the only reason… Her weight definitely plays a big part because Victor still didn’t spin much at all when he was crouched down

  14. If Vic is worried about the double eviction …. he should lose this HOH. He’s not bright enough to realize winning this HOH is not to his advantage and safety next week.

    1. If Nat guns for Victor, it works in Paulie’s favor because Vic was on his future hit list. Therefore, I hope she puts up Nicole and Paulie. They are not loyal to her and she is next on their (Paulie’s) hit list. Lame James knows this as well, so here is hoping a smart move toward flipping PP power is successful.

  15. So…. production knew to build the HOH comp for 9 people AND NOT 10? Clearly neither Day and Bridgette had the the round trip ticket.

    1. According to a previous post, the dr hinted to Corey that Nicole has the round trip ticket – YUCK! Hoping that is not the case.

      1. Of course they would know. The envelopes were numbered right? Even if they weren’t they would have it on camera which house guest picked the return trip, and as stated they can’t switch envelopes with other guests.

    2. Well I mean they know what number it’s in and who has it. Doesn’t necessarily mean Bridgette doesn’t have it bc they knew she was getting voted out.

    3. Plus, the whole thing is a circle so my guess is all they have to do from year to year, is adjust where the chains attach based on the number. It would be simple to make the spacing between connections adjustable.

  16. Come on Nat! Victor could possibly be the biggest douche bag in BB history! I think Nat will pretend to listen to Punk-ass James, but do what she wants! Paulie has Victor in the trick bag! If they were outside Paulie would have him shaken his wares on the corner!

    1. Nat NOT do what James says???? She sure voted Da’Vonne out didn’t she? She’s floating along with James floating along just like Corey is floating along with Nicole floating along. This is the WORST SEASON for people actually playing this game in several years. I just declare, seriously, like him or hate him – if Paulie weren’t in there thinking – I don’t think there’d be ANYONE in there thinking. This is a sad, sad season.

  17. Z are you kidding me. You fall off listening to Paulie then get pissed when he falls off right after you. News flash Ms Clueless Rachel would STILL be holding on for dear life.

  18. So Obvious that Paulie threw this competition to Victor once Z had dropped I mean give me a break, it’s obvious that PP want Vic to take out James after their talk last night… Can’t stand Paulie with his two faced game and James has been loyal to him since day 1..

  19. Victor won. Great effort by Natalie. If Day hadn’t opened her mouth, Nat would have had her coveted (1 & only HOH). Like to think Day’s warning won’t fall on deaf ears. But, 99.9%…Vic will put up whoever PP tells him too. Most likely Bridgett and Meech with Z as a backdoor option. Another boring a** week in the BB house.

  20. Interesting that Bridgette has a messed up leg and the contests have been running and balancing on a rope.

    Not saying they want her gone but wow

  21. Vic’s so stupid I bet he puts James and Nat up not knowing that he needs them as allies to stay in the game past double eviction. Here’s hoping he wises up.

  22. But honestly don’t care to see a week with James as HOH and that is exactly what it will be. So hoping Vic paid attention and remembers his first eviction and who he said he would come after. He will need some support for sure. Just Vic winning is the only chance I see for something exciting to happen. If it wasn’t for James, I would totally root for Nat to win it.

    1. I would love to see James out of the house, and Nat start stepping up her game with the girls (Bridget & whomever, can’t stand Z & Meech). Win an HOH & not have James in her ear. She hang great tonight and is slowly starting to see way more than James “allows” her to know. Plus, him out of the house, maybe people will STOP voting for him as AFP (ewww).

  23. Vic will go against them. He has just be playing along until he got some power. He will go after his own target.

  24. Here’s hoping Vic makes a big move this week.

    Barring that it would serve James and Nat if he put them up. Karma is a bitch and James would get a taste of his own medicine. And he’d get Nat back for her goodbye video.
    Then even I one of them wins veto, he could back door Nicole, Z, or Meech. Or maybe Paulie.

  25. Pretty sure Vic is going to put Nat up for the goodbye message. Not really sure if he believes Day. This might not have been a good time for him to win HOH because DE is real soon. I wish they would have back to back DE like they did in Season 10

  26. Vic and Corey are the only 2 left that could shake things up for p/p if not all boys final 4 and battle it out. Since when have they been Goin 99 days for the finale? this gonna be one of those seasons they should just shorten it back to the 70s

  27. Another “bro” for HOH, guess it’ll be a girl to go again next week. This starting to get far too predictable.

  28. I sure hope Vic doesnt turn his HOH into a PP and Vic HOH. This is his chance to take out who took him out. I hope he has the balls to go for it!

  29. Vic could literally put up anyone and still be in a great position to backdoor Paulie or Paul. Flip this house Vic or else the rest of this season is doomed to be even more of a RAGING SNORE FEST

  30. The P.P twins already think this HOH is theirs! Victor get a clue that you never have a say, it’s always what they want. Any opinion you are going to have they are going to knock it down.

  31. Well. Sounds like Vic promised Nat he wouldn’t put her up. But he didn’t say anything about James. I don’t want to see Nat on the block but it would be a well deserved payback to go back on his word and it affect James game. I kind of want to see that. And see if he takes it as well as he expected frank and Bridgette to.

  32. Good try Nat. I think you gave it your all and did not throw it like your wussy b/friend. I hope Victor has the sense to put up the wee wee kiddies ( PP boys) . I don’t imagine he will though as he would miss cuddle time with Pauline and would be frightened of The Momma’s Boy. To paraphrase Rachael, nothing comes between me and my Mummy’ new Bentley.

  33. Please put Zakiyah up and vote her out. This way she can stop embarrassing herself for someone that is clearly using her. I use to like Paulie but every time he cuts something on his body he becomes more delusional. First he said Z wasn’t doing enough then she proved she could stay up there long and now he is like “we have to cut her.” This fool is crazy and I think he will definitely win this game because everyone has been so mesmerized by him. It just sucks that he treated her like complete crap when she was nothing but loyal to him.

  34. Nooooooo Vic, you were suppose to make a deal with Natalie and let her win. You would have a chance to play in the 2nd HOH. I don’t think he heed to Day’s advice. Did Day whispered any names of who was targeting him? I asked because he may think it’s the girls since Z was telling Paulie she wanted him out. I think he’s going to put Z and Michelle on the block. I will be shock if it’s anyone different. Paulie is going to be all in his butt. Here we go again….(Eyes roll)

    1. Never thought of that–Vic thinking it’s the girls not P&P that Da meant. He’s so lame chances are he won’t clue in. Yes, he could still go 2nd elimination. Oh how I want him to put Paulie out now! Paulie is just pulling too many shots.

  35. Laughed at Nicole saying this season is so much harder–too many playing the game. Her season was one of the boring ones. While I appreciated Derrick’s game play, the season was predictable.

    I used to like her, but I think this Corey protection is going too far. Something about it all and her lies and cover up bothers me.

  36. If Paulie didn’t want a showmance with Z he should have sat her down like he sat Frank down. He should have kept his hands off her and stayed out of her bed!!

  37. Now another week about “Your boy, the Puerto Rican Sensation”. Victor is a putz and now he can’t battle to be HOH in the Double, He should go back out.

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