Big Brother Canada 4 Week 9 Nomination Spoilers

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: Brothers and Niki
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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Cassandra Nominates Brothers and Niki

Videos before Nominations

Videos after Nominations

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Kyrie Bryants

It’s official, Cass will lose bros, Nikki and Maddy and probably Mitch jury vote ( cause he’s gonna vote for the best strategist or Joel ). That’s how you play BB kids !


Now how would Cass lose their votes??? Lol you must’ve just started watching big brother or you dont even pay attention


LOL, bad decision.
Cass is the most pathetic player this year. She let her dad won it for her. urggg


Omg just seen this comment as well. You must not pay attention either or just started watching

Ariana Grande stinks!

Burn Imbeciles, burn! :- )
Let’s hope for Tim to win the POV and the Imbeciles disappear from the BBhouse.
Joel or Cass to win BBCAN4!


The schadenfreude from the brothers being the target this week is great. They were so arrogant last week and desperate to crawl up Jared’s ass and now unless they win veto they’ll be leaving this week.

Maddy was so disliked in the house and a comp threat that if the Brothers went after Jared/Kelsey last week, she will still be the main target even without Ramsey. At least they were finally Bro’d it up with Jared for a couple weeks. That’s almost worth the $100,000 itself.


The HOH curse continues! HOH last week? You’re evicted next lol

SamCro..say my piece and be done!

Tim 2 win! If u watched his Aussie Season you would know how intelligent the dude is! …
I am Canadian…I would be happy if won…if Cassandra dont make it…cuz shes playing 2nd best game.
Jared? wow pathetic…needs counselling or something..
he did it to himself…Brothers? wow…ya dummies who think need Jared to be cool…i would have went for Nick..tho..if they separated…he has clearer head sorta
Nikki…lol…watch her season with Pete…if u wanna understand being split in half and why she was turned on by what the guest umafighter said…
lol…for the most part…this Jared i would hope no young kids in Canada are thinking of him as a role model ! and hope their idiot parents dont encourage!
Ramsey maybe…but Definately JOEL is!


Oh no, not a role model at all. Good smart nice looking, hard working kid at his age. No not a role model at all. Maybe you’re better.


Good, smart (?), nice looking, hard working kid at his age… jealous, possessive, entitled, know-it-all, tells Kelsey to “shut her mouth”. Is he the worst person? No. But a role model? 4/20 was the other day hun quit smoking the ganj

Nice Rack

His haters either want him or want to be him. I love it when people pretend to dislike him on Kelsey’s behalf. As if she can’t keep her hands off him every time he puts her in her place. 50 shade of J–that’s what the girls want.


Knows when 4/20 was yet tells some one else to stop smoking lolololol. Dumb lil shit.
I agree, they either wish they were him or know someone like him who they want to be friends with.
“tells Kelsey to shut up” oh boo hoo and I am sure you have never used any harsh words when frustrated in all your years of holiness. Get over yourself.


If the brothers want to Dr.Will there way to veto, stupid but in for a penny in for a pound.
They should keep doing it.
They shouldn’t just flap their yaps at Tim, to be truly effective they should go to Cass and say they don’t blame her for the nominations, after all she’s always been Tim’s puppet. Even when he throws her under the bus she’ll still follow behind him saying yessir anything your say sir. Everyone sees it, the audience is seeing it, she looks like a fool for chasing after Tim and kissing his ass. Really hit her where it hurts. Destroy her self image. Tell her for the same reason, if she succeeds and they go to jury this week, they’ll make sure the jury knows Tim controlled Cassandra’s hoh just like he’s controlled the rest of her game, she’s just the puppet so she doesn’t deserve to win. Every one of them thinks it too anyway. Now go and tell Tim so he can reinflate your fragile ego while he manipulates your game some more. Better go get him quick, wouldn’t want to have a thought of your own.
Hit her where it hurts. Perception. If playtime is over and you’re going to go the uber-douche route, Go ALL IN.
The brothers don’t have to believe it. The brothers just have to say it to Cassandra and let her own paranoia eat her alive. It will.
But no, the brothers will just stupidly blow up at TIm and cause a rift with Joel, a vote if they need if they don’t win veto. Dopes.


I’m not saying it will actually accomplish anything for the brothers game.
I want them to go all squirrelly on Cass so that Cass goes paranoid nutbar furless bat crazy for entertainment value on feeds. It would be one million percent better than watching her hoh air time performances. Those are painfully contrived and insipid. If she’s going to be speaking in tongues and rolling around on the floor being an idiot, it might as well be because someone has pushed her button, instead of the quest for camera time. over it.


The brothers are delusional…. and I love it!


I just love it that prior to the game Phil was fearful about trusting or aligning with the girls in BB, and knowing he’s about to be taken out by a girl this week will be glorious <3


This is a good move for Cass. She wants the brothers out and Nikki too. I think it would be better to get Nikki out and split her and Tim up.


i still think Casandra is a nightmare and Tim up himself. He actually keeps going on about not lying in the game and how he can’t understand those who do. Mate, Cass is the biggest snake of them all and you want her to win! And to call Cass an outsider/underdog is so wrong. She is the mean popular kid at school who oust other girls. She was horrible to Loveita and tarnished her name to everybody and Tim followed her in that. I just can’t take it anymore. The fact Tim decided to support Jared and kelsey in the end is patethic.


The can’t support liars crap is sound byte for the episode edit.
None of Tim’s bullshit has been put into the episodes. None of his outbursts, none of his cruelty, none of his ignorance about other people, none of his panics. None of that will see light of day on an episode because Tim is a brand ambassador for Big Brother with a separate contract.
Anything that doesn’t portray him as a witty, above it all mastermind of the game won’t be shown.


I don’t hate a favorite this year but love how these hgs altered or reassess their game each week. I do like Cassandra she played social game. I think Tim consciencly distantant himself from Nikki and cass these last couple of weeks (good play). Love it that the middle has the numbers. If they don’t win next week one is going home. Against Kelsey and Jared they have a good chance. Jared was handed all his wind. Joel and Tim could beat them!!!


Omg Phil!! I think he tried way to hard to copy past bb players. He is no Derek, dr. Will or the brigade!! I think he wanted to come in and play that game. Jared wouldn’t play alpha alliances with him. He always kept his game to himself building really no trust with anyone (disadvantage to have a sibling there), this could have been an advantage but he won’t listen to nick. The were 2 people to be in relationships and collected info. I can’t believe he thought he was the leader that was abandoned by his followers.


Tim isn’t supporting Anyone only himself !! Believe me Tim knows what he doing hes the smartest in the house ! Mitch was NOT the mastermind everyone says he was Tim has him beat by far that’s why Mitch is gone lol. At this point Tim could take any of theses nitwits to F2 and win his social game is better than anyones.


I agree. I wish Cass would put Tim beside Nikki, he needs to go. Cass can’t be that stupid to think that Tim will keep dragging her along. He has already shown her what he thinks of her, if only she would open her eyes. He voted to get her out, he talked negatively about her to everyone – she was told a lot of the crap he said to others. I really don’t want to see either of the ‘wild cards’ at the F2-get them out already. I am just so tired of Tims’ arrogance, all he does is try to bully people into putting people he wants on the block (think of what he said to the brothers, when he wanted them to put Jared up) – when Phil ‘NO” Tim lost his mind..telling them ‘don’t ever ask me for advice again – I will never talk game with you again) Then when the brothers called him on trying to tell them what to do, he denies it…says I have always said I would never tell anyone what to do..BS!! He insults all the HGs – telling them they are hiding behind people, that they are scared to make big moves..he didn’t make a big move with his HOH, so he is in NO position to say anything about anyone else. He said he made the biggest move of the game because he volunteered to go on the block..IDIOT, that isn’t a big move – that is just stupid. Can’t wait to see his arrogant ass walking out the door and going to jury.


Kelsey is so far up Cass’s but this week that’s why she keeps looking at her butt in the mirror to see if Kelsey is still there!


This is a game of luck. Production is not letting the house guests play the game. There are s lot of outside influenced where production allows outside influences to make or break a house guests game. Flip hoh family members playing the game, allowing them give input. Not really a fair game but then no reality show is.


Nick you kind of drew a line in the sand first when you said you wanted a Canadian to win. Also saying how can Tim wear a shirt that has the United States logo on it into the Big Brother house .Have you seen the shirt Joel was wearing today it had France on it, I guess he doesn’t deserve to win either.


I’m sorry but Tim is doing exactly what Phil accused him of. I bet you that Tim will not take Cass to the end, no matter what he has told her. At this point she can beat him, hands down. She has manipulated everyone in the house, and if the houseguests vote for Tim for entertainment value, they are crazier than Nikki. What else has Tim done. He was a bright, shiny new toy in the house. Due to the fact that he is Australian and won Big Brother before, I would certainly vote for Cass. He knows he has to do something that would put him a step above Cass at this point, and sorry, but volunteering to go on the block against Maddy won’t do it, and almost got him voted out of the house. Jared, Kelsey, & the brothers won’t be voting for him. There is too much bad blood between them now, and we know that they all will hold grudges. Joel and Nikki both have been a big disappointment, especially Joel. Unless he picks up his socks and starts doing some major winning, he falls short. You don’t win the prize for running around like a 5 year old, telling on everyone. So Tim getting angry at Phil for saying “good move, surrounding yourself with weak players” hit a nerve with Tim, and say what you want about the brothers antics, they got much further than most of the haters thought they would, and are the first to expose Tim to his face, about his game. The brothers HOH may have been weak and scatterbrained, but they did expose Tim and weren’t afraid to put him on “blast” with K/J.


Personally I love these nominations from Cass. – She is appeasing Jared and Kelsey at the moment. Kind of the calm before the storm. I do believe her whole intention is to back door someone if the Brothers come off the block with POV. She still has Kelsey, Joel or Jared to choose from – none are a bad option to back door at the moment. Though Jared would be the ideal choice. So I am hoping Tim wins that POV and takes someone off the block.
Watching the videos above and Cass talking with Tim and Nikki I can honestly see her playing the game well and am impressed. Not only is she interacting with everyone socially she has managed to lie to all their faces and they still haven’t caught on. Not only that, but stories ( lies ) have managed to filter through the house that she started BUT they have been blamed for other people creating – which is utterly BRILLIANT. The way she plays Joel like a flute is just one example and his music has filtered throughout the house and everyone thinks it’s his music. LMAO.


Have they played POV


They’re playing it right now