Big Brother Canada Season 2 Double Eviction Results


Just a refresher in how double eviction works. (I’m not 100% sure how Big Brother Canada will do it this year so I’m going by BBCAN1 and the BBUS format. Safe to assume there will be a couple powers given out to Allison and Adel ;)
1) Allison and Sarah are nominated the house votes to evict one of them
2) HOH is played
3) Nominations are selected
4) POV is played
5) POV Ceremony
6) Houseguests vote to evict one of the nominees
7) Sometime late Thursday or Friday another HOH is played

Allison’s Power
(Special thanks to @Bmcooney for helping clear some of this up)
First off it’s a normal Power of Veto just red. It’s valid for 3 nomination ceremonies, After tonight she will have one extra chance to use the veto (as tweeted by Arisa cox ).
If she tells someone she has this veto (PRIOR TO USING IT) she will be instantly evicted. There is some confusion about when she can use the veto.. SShe can use it after the regular POV is played but still during the POV ceremony.

This is what they said during the episode.
“This PoV is good for 3 nomination ceremonies, it can even be used after the regular Power of Veto. Telling another houseguest about your secret power, or the Secret Room, will result in an instant eviction”

State of the house
Sl**py Seconds (Yes we have to censor out those words) is running the house back to back HOH’s will do that for an alliance. 1st5 is all but gone, Arlie has jumped ship to the other side, the side he help build to combat the 1st5 to begin with. Allison has left Sabrina and Rachelle and moved to the side of the house with the power (I expect a lot of this behaviour to come from Allison). Sarah is most likely going home and this leaves Kenny with just the gremlins (Sabrina and Rachelle).
Sl**py seconds will implode very soon I doubt it will last by this time next week. At the very least one of the members will be used as a pawn waking them all up to the fact every week someone has to go home.

My Predictions
Sarah goes home during the first eviction
Sl**py second wins HOH Kenny and Sabrina go up Kenny wins POV Rachelle goes up Sabrina goes home.
Kenny wins the next HOH and the sl**py seconds is no more.

Twitter spoilers
From @hamsterwatch
Sarah evicted
Neda wins HOH nominates Sabrina and Rachelle
Arlie wins VETO Kenny goes home.

Confirmed spoilers
Sarah is evicted
Kenny votes to evict Allison
Adel votes to evict Sarah
Jon votes to evict Sarah
Rachelle votes to evict Allison
Sabrina votes to evict Allison
Arlie votes to evict Sarah
Neda votes to evict Sarah

First HOH Winner is NEda
Neda nominates Rachelle and Sabrina
Veto players were Adel, Arlie, Heather, Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina
Power of Veto Winner is Arlie he uses it to save Rachelle
Neda nominates Kenny in Rachelle’s place
Adel votes to evicts Kenny
Heather votes to evicts Kenny
Allison votes to evicts Kenny
Arlie votes to evicts Kenny
Jon votes to evicts Kenny
Rachelle votes to evicts Sabrina

Jon Wins the HOH

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115 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada Season 2 Double Eviction Results

    1. im just SO HAPPY that sarah is gone!!!…no more clown more nasty red more crying and whining..and last but not least NO MORE wierd and uncomfortable kenny love!

    2. an awesome night for sloppy seconds, it couldnt have gone more perfectly

      and particularly jon and neda

      jon gets the room and letter, and if there is an endurance hoh next week, neda is eligible, and will do well in it

      yet again neda responsible for knocking kenny out of a mental hoh

      rachelle and sabrina hopefully nominated…i hope sabrina self evicts

      team jon and neda

  1. Hoping the spoilers are true. Heather and Neda just destroyed the biggest target in back to back HOH. Really hope these two ends up in the finals.

    1. neda didn’t want to win hoh. she asked arlie to take it and answer the question because she didn’t want blood on her hands.
      neither did arlie. so I threw the question so she’d get dirty.
      she WANTED to float, for the second hoh in a row. it just didn’t work out.

  2. Hey Sarah …here’s a new term for you to learn

    Poetic justice is a literary device in which virtue is ultimately rewarded
    or vice punished, often in modern literature by an ironic twist of fate
    intimately related to the character’s own conduct
    I bet you really want to beat Heather in the face
    Now . Kicked out by the person you bullied
    Ouch that’s gotta hurt :(

  3. A lot of folks will be happy if Kenny left right behind Sarah. I won’t be one of them! Lets look at it pragmatically.

    Why “we” hated 1/5. Nasty talk, nasty actions that were mean spirited and I think the biggie was they were controllingdominating the game completely. So what do we get with slop’s? The very same basically if the spoilers are true. Lots of nasty slop talk and Neda’s syrup wasting just vile, period. On and on we go…. So next up it’s Sabby and Ratchet versus 6 players. Wow what a yawn fest that will be! Thankfully this is also the point where flip the house must happen. Those 2 are live votes! HOH and 2 noms don’t vote so 5 left 3 to evict. You take a shot next Thursday or wait til F6 when it happens naturally. You need a partner and HOH plus Roro and Sabby. Neither goes on the block it’s game on. Jon Arlie or Adel better win HOH or trust Heather to be true to the 6. I wouldn’t trust Neda as far as I could throw her skinny behind! Allison is a free agent as far as I’m concerned.

    My guess is the new HOH tomorrow will here the old “Allison isn’t really one of us” line 5-6 times before noms. Presuming no Sabby, Roro HOH I think they’ll go after her. likely the old backdoor plan and not nominated straight up. A Sabby/Roro HOH on the other hand means a probable chat with the gals about getting out the boys. Needs Allison, Neda, Heather or some combo of 2 plus Roro voting to evict. Arlie Jon and Adel are targets because they are men. Mark my words they’ll be up and out before both Sabby and Roro are evicted.

    We’ll see over the next 2 evictions whether Neda is really F2 with Jon. Allison will use that veto next week regardless. Likely after being backdoored. She’ll know she’s 6 already I think. HOH will have a lot to do with who goes home next Thursday. I’m liking one of the guys as the replacement for Allison taking herself off the block. If it’s Sabby then Roro out get ready to nap. Because with Kenny gone we may get a snooze fest the rest of the season.

    1. Mark your words? Hunny those words are now marked like a grave and I cant wait to point you out as the fraud you are

    2. I think the inevitability of the Sloppy Seconds turning on each other makes it all very interesting. It won’t be a yawn fest at all.

  4. Neda is HOH…wow, Kenny spent all that time this week counting things AND spent the whole week looking up at the ceiling of the have-not room and STILL didn’t get that question right first…

    Well, if they play it like they planned, Neda will put up Sobs and Rachelle…Adel will play his veto power so that Kenny can’t play in veto comp and then it wont matter who wins…gremlins will take them self off and Kenny will be back-doored.

    1. oops…forgot to leave my name before. Wow again…guess Adel didn’t even have to use his power. Kenny is pretty much screwed…

      He and Sarah can go cry together right on out the door…

    1. boring know this game becoms varry predictable would have loved seeing kenny and andrew and sarha thier mabe neda and hether and sabrena gone would been better for tv

  5. Arlie screw up Neda’s plan to throw the competition after Arlie threw up the competition to her. LOL. She was clearly happy when she was able to defeat Kenny but not after Arlie. :)) Would’ve prefer to see her in power for an entire week and make deals but either way I’m glad Kenny’s gone. Hopefully Slobrina goes out next.

  6. Unfair comment, Douche Hater. Sarah is the reason Heather is even in the house.

    Speaking of poetic justice. The two Gremlins on the block might eat each other alive. If Slobrina self evicts, THAT would be poetic justice.

    1. I guess you missed the point … It’s ironic
      That Sarah bullied Heather and Heather sent her out
      It’s karma at its best … She said numerous times
      That she wanted to beat her in the face . So yes
      I believe her actions towards Heather is what sent her
      Packing . She didn’t even campaign to Heather
      To stay because she thinks she is better then her .
      And hey Sarah I guess Heather does have a brain in there
      Unlike you who could see past Kenny’s dick .

  7. Game play …low down
    Kenny … Rode on coat tails of Sabrina.
    That’s it lol .
    Sarah … Rode on Sabrina’s coat tails . Threatened
    And bullied Heather, and Arlie and we all
    Know that’s how you win people over.

    Now that the wanna be players are gone lets get
    Down to some good game play .

        1. 1/2 sure rachelle threw her vote. weak move, but she’s attempting to add feul to the fire that one of the sloppy seconds isn’t loyal stuff similar to what Sabrina was saying with allison . haven’t watched the feeds or the videos… but I doubt it was out of kindness to Kenny so he wasn’t landslide voted out. I could be wrong. easily.

  8. I have been saying for awhile now if they were smart no one would trust Arlie and they would get him out as soon as they can! He is the only one that has been always looking out for #1 and not just playing a game for his alliance. The gloves will be coming off soon and it should get really interesting!

    1. I think she voted for Sabrina to try to sow some distrust on the other side. As if someone in sloppy seconds didn’t go along with their plan so therefore not everyone in sloppy seconds can be trusted because one of them voted for Sabrina when they all should have voted for Kenny. I mean, that’s the only reason I can think of. They are obviously going to wonder who the lone vote for Sabrina was.

      1. I think the only person paranoid enough to worry or care about who voted for Sabrina will be Sabrina. She’ll be such a psychotic mess, the SS will take RoRo under their wing to protect her, which was maybe her plan. Maybe I’m giving her too much credit and she was just voting for the person who drives her insane.

  9. Yes! For all those that said Neda was useless, she just got the most dangerous player out of the game! Way to go Neda!! So that means that the two players that made the biggest moves in the game (besides Canada’s week) were Heather and Neda, the two that seemed to be the least threatening players. I predicted Jon to go home, so I don’t care about not getting the points, I am glad my girl Neda stepped it up and got the job done!

    1. I think it goes back to when Sabrina told her she’s loyal to 1st 5 first and Wallpaper second. I can see Wallpaper holding a grudge for that one.

    2. Because she came to her senses.

      She knows if it was between Kenny or Rachelle, Sabrina would vote out Rachelle….she even said it to her face.

      That was Rachelle’s moment of decision, and we found out the truth.

      Rachelle is playing Sabrina…..and rightfully so.

    3. Because Sabs to Rachelle if she had to pick between Kenny and her … she would pick Kenny to stay , sorry …. but we are still best friends right ?

    4. Two possible scenarios as to why Rachelle would vote to evict Sabrina: 1, to show the others she is washing her hands of her or 2. to add paranoia to the alliance, hoping everyone will be wondering who voted for Sabrina, meaning they have a mole in the midst. If that is the case, it may work provided she doesn’t tell anyone she is the one who did it.

    5. My opinion: Rachelle voted for Sabrina to be evicted because last week when Kenny had a potential of going home (before he won POV and took himself off) Sabrina had told Rachelle during the puppet challenge that she “loved” Rachelle *with all her heart* but she had already made an alliance and was staying true to it (the First Five), so she would choose Kenny to stay over Rachelle…
      That was clearly a stab in Rachelle’s ribs, so why not add in a vote to get Sabrina out..For all she knew, they all could have been voting Sabrina out..Rachelle didn’t discuss with the other houseguests who to vote for.
      I do believe Rachelle wants to show loyalty to the other side…(that she’s not Sabrina’s puppet…could have fooled me, however)
      And I also think that Rachelle would have honestly preferred having Kenny around rather than Sabrina..Sabrina’s really starting to bug Rachelle with her constant dumb exaggerated stories and such… I’m a big live-feeds watcher..and Sabrina’s constant need for attention and approval is even sickening Rachelle…
      I do think the theory of Rachelle wanting the other side to doubt one anothers loyalty votes on who actually wanted Kenny to stay…could be valid…but I honestly doubt it..I really don’t think Rachelle had the brains for that……My opinion = She’s sick and tired of her “IN House BFF”
      I don’t blame her, I’d want the biotch gone long ago……she better not win..ffs

  10. well kenny is used to being backdoored in his daily life so if there was ever a method for him to go out im sure he would’nt have it any different.

  11. Both Sarah and Kenny were pretty nasty and both deserved to go. They also were pretty stupid in their gameplay. Kenny pretty much threw Sarah under the bus when he used the Veto on himself, he knew she was going up and he knew she would be sent home- him trying to pretend otherwise is pretty much a joke. Sloppy Seconds were very smart, they didn’t nominate Kenny at first so he would not be able to play the veto. If he was picked, Adel would have used his power to keep him off, so he was pretty much toast as soon as Neda won HOH.

    If Allison was smart, she would throw this HOH competition because she can take herself off the block anyway so she is safe regardless so she shouldn’t waste a chance at being HOH because she would not be able to compete the next week when she no longer has the veto power. And let’s face it, she is going to be one of the first ones put up now since only Sabrina or Rochelle are the official enemy. I am hoping Sabrina goes next because she is an awful person and I am sick of seeing her face in the house. She’s a nasty troll of a woman.,

    Tonight was very exciting.

  12. If Sabrina survives this week – I think she may have an argument to stay. I see the alliance turning against each other after Rachelle…. Sabrina could argue that no one will give her votes if she goes to the final 2. It would be a sad a weird twist since she may actually win if she makes it to final 2 – key puppet master for 1st5 and final 2 after being one of the key targets… Thoughts?

    1. I don’t see that happening. Too many people hate her, I don’t see her personality changing any during the second half of the game.

      1. IF (big if) she had a moment of clarity…. Sabrina would tell a couple of players ‘everyone on jury hates me. take me you win.’
        because she suffers a lack of clarity, she’d think it was a manipulation and not the truth anyway.
        if jury were to look at strategic moves and award her for getting an alliance to turn on itself, without emotions getting in the way,
        she could actually get more than one vote.
        big if. don’t see it happening.

  13. Can’t wait for marylin manson to get put on the block again so she can cry like a baby, like she did last time she wss nominated.

  14. Maybe she thought the others were all voting out Sabrina so, to show the rest she was on board, she voted her out. Too bad it didn’t work out that way. Now Sabrina is going to go crazy trying to figure out who the lone vote was and Rachelle will deny, deny, deny.

  15. Whoever said that the game will get boring now is wrong. The house will start to turn on each other. Thinking Jon, Arlie and Ned stay tight …. the rest will go with the flow of eliminating Rachelle and Sabrina. Allison is up to something ….. she will be the one to ask questions, probably to Healther who I hope bring Adel in. What’s all the hate with Neda ………….she had the F5 firgured out from the get go …. but like mentioned girls can never keep an alliance. Ika wouldn’t listen and nieither would Rachelle. GO NEDA

  16. allison told kenny about her veto before the comps and told him he had to win and that she is with him 100%. hate her so much now. FU*K YOU ALLISON !!

    1. No Gregory, Allison did not tell Kenny she had a veto. She told him they planned to backdoor Kenny and that Adel had the power to prevent Kenny from playing in the POV. So Kenny needed to win HOH. She also told him she had his back. Meaning…she would flip back to Kenny’s side and they would then have the votes to oust an SS member.

  17. I have a feeling Rachelle (loyal lap dog?), was a bad dog and didn’t think people would vote Kenny out. Who are Sabrina’s ‘friends’ now that are left in the house? I’ll wait…..

  18. No way will Sabrina win if she makes it to the final two. She had good game play for a little bit (1st 5 had her do their dirty work) but all that stopped once Andrew was evicted. She has done absolutely nothing, no game play in 2 weeks now. All she does is cry and manipulate and believe her own lies. Hope once out of the house she gets the help she needs.

    Glad to see Kenny and Sarah go. IS it just me or do you think these two are gonna hook up for a night? The attraction between them is more than emotional. If Sarah wasn’t married, those two would have had a showmance. Kenny used to be bi and only recently came out he was gay. Anyway, I hope Sarah’s marriage doesn’t fall apart over this. She said it, when you connect with someone, you can’t ignore it.

    Go Sl**py seconds!

  19. Did any one else see Sarah’s hugging/cuddling/kissing/hand holding of Kenny and find it to be a bit inappropriate behaviour for a married woman. Without actually coming out and saying it, she’s basically saying she’s in love with Kenny and is dying to sleep with him. I find it hard to watch and she just weirds me out.

    1. You obviously don’t know women or how emotional and affectionate we can be.She knows he is GAY she openly spoke about the love she has for her husband. You are obviously a closed of person. Must not have been given many hugs as a child.

  20. Does anyone know why Rachelle voted for Sabrina to leave? Did they have a fight over something today? If so I guess u missed. Any ideas anyone?

  21. Did anyone else LOL today, when Arlie screamed, “WHOOOOOO!! I LIVE FOR THIS!”

    Arlie is such a crazy wild man! As Paul would say, “he’s insane dude”.

  22. Aww Jon just went to the hot tub room to tell the gremlins that they are welcome to his HoH room anytime and can use the shower and bathroom without asking him <3 so nice.

    1. yeah… right after the alliance discussed in the hoh room that they should be nice to Sabrina and rachelle because they’re on jury now.
      just saying.

  23. Neda sucks…quit this not trying shit…BBC is the worst. Why don’t you vote Gary back in….so fixed. Such bullshit. Done watching

  24. great show tonight….however the numbers don’t add up for jury…it could be a tie…betcha Canada is deciding vote if it is

    1. Allison does not have to use the veto on herself. She can use it to save another player…so it depends on how the dealings go this week. She may figure out a different alliance potential.

    2. Neda’s already planting seeds with Jon to make sure Allison’s the replacement nom if one is needed. Sabrina has also convinced herself that she and Rachelle can make a deal with Jon that they’ll have his and Neda’s backs if he targets Allison (Rachelle doesn’t think it’ll work, but she’s willing to play along). So Allison could conceivably end up using the redPOV this week.

  25. @Mellow Yellow,

    I’m still here! It’s just been a busy day! (And I’m trying to avoid spoilers so I can watch the show without them for once! The negative folks that get on me here don’t bother me at all. I just shake my head and wonder what happened to them in their lives to make them like that.

    I’ll be back tomorrow late afternoon. I volunteer at a food shelf on Fridays.

    Happy Live Feeds everyone!

  26. Jokers just announced Jon wins HOH. He will play it safe and put up Rachelle and Sabrina with plan to backdoor Allison. Could be Allison or Rachelle going next week. Than let the games begin!!!

  27. Are Sarah and Kenny the first one’s in the jury? Can someone please let me know – Thank you! I am stranded on a tropical Island at the moment with Typhoon Slobrina on track!

  28. well i guess sabrina and rachele are going up wow this game is getting way too predictable and boring NHL Playoffs next wed thank GOD !!!!!

  29. Why would Rachelle vote to evict Sabrina when its obvious Kenny was going to be backdoored by the rest of the house, I’m sorry but she really is off the charts stupid.

  30. THE GAME IS TURNING TOO BE AN absolute snoozefest once the NHL PLAYOFFS COME ON i might consider taking big brother out of my nightly programs too watch

  31. read a big brother conspiracy theorist friend’s email basically saying guess we know now why only sarah and Kenny were called in to the diary room for ‘warnings’ during the hot tub character massacre. so they could go out at their pre-appointed time saving face.
    I choose to believe that the game isn’t quite that scripted by production even though I have complained about production interference… probably complaining somewhere between A LOT and TOO MUCH.
    but it did make me laugh. and think that i’m not the biggest conspiracy freak about fixing.
    go ahead and dislike, it’s not my theory, lol.

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