“Everybody was coming to me dude.. They were telling them all sorta sh1t.. Natalie came to me”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 21-52-34-321

9:52pm Have nots Paulie, James, Corey
Paulie – Bridgette is leaking information.. Shit Natalie said to Zakiyah literally verbatim is what I said.. Girls being disposable.. Girls being disposable.. I was trying to get her hit list..

Paulie lists off a bunch of stuff Bridgette is leaking, “She’s playing all sides of the fence”
Paulie says James’ girl is falling for this.
James says PAul and Bridgette have been saying things.

Corey – Does Paul want Bridgette out next week
Paulie – PAul wants Nicole out
Corey – that’s f***g news to me
Paulie says Bridgette got into Paul’s head.

Paulie – Bridgette needs to go..
James – there’s a lot of people he said she said.. I feel like Frank’s back in the house
James – i’m trying to be a straight shooter..
James wants to call a straight shooter.
Paulie – I know who my f***g targets are so I give zero f***s

Paulie says he wasn’t planning on getting Natalie out but after what she did to him, Z and James after James has been protecting her all along.

James spills what Bridgette told him about what they were saying. Paulie says he’s 100% loyal to them 3 says Paul and Bridgette are playing both sides.

Paulie says all the information he gets from the other side he give to James and Corey.
Paulie – I’m find with Bridgette and paul and i’ll talk to Vic.. I ain’t going to lie bro I don’t like what Natalie did 1 bit I don’t play that shit.. Not just you but what she did to Z

Paulie says they are the calm cool collected part of the house
Corey – we have to make sure Michelle goes out tomorrow James.. That would be bad.. Bridgette, Paul and Vic they are going to come back and screw our couples up..

Paulie – Vic will do anything to make the 5 guys make it he’s like Caleb..
Paulie – BRidgette is lying and she’s taking a shot against a f**g guy.. I wouldn’t be surprised I won’t be sitting next to James.
Corey – PAul is on a power trip right now.. He won a HOH and thinks he won a house
Paulie says paul is going overboard with “Strategy”
Paulie wants them to go final 5 guys “I trust you and I trust you and I trust Vic.. everytime he wins a girls going up until they are all gone.. Paul I don’t know.. He’ll put 2 girls up and backdoor a guy.”
Paulie says Paul is behind a lot of this..
Corey – I’m starting to want Paul out before Vic now
Paulie – I’m fine with that.. He’s the only one that can put thoughts in vic’s mind
Corey heads to the washroom
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 22-16-12-819
Zakiyah comes in give out some hugs..
(James spilled a lot just like we expected)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 22-18-18-635

10:18pm Have nots James, Zakiyah and Paulie
Paulie – I’m about to go off.. Y’all better plan on winning or you two are going up and if Veto is used you are going up
(Paulie points and imaginary people.. He’s meaning Bridgette, Paul, Natalie)
Paulie – Paul threw me under the bus to him (James)
Zakiyah – this game is going crazy
Corey comes back..
Zakiyah says Bridgette is saying Paulie is getting the single vs the couples and the couple vs the scingles.
Zakiyah impersonates Bridgette mocking her
Paulie back to blaming it all on Bridgette and Paul, “I have no problem putting the fear into people before a competition.. If you don’t win you are going home and if you don’t win again you are going home”

Corey – they are throwing a hail mary because they don’t know what to do
Zakiyah says the girls are telling her she’s was the initial target
Corey calls that bullsh1t
Zakiyah Leaves
Paulie saying he’s like his brother he blends in to get information he teamed up with 1 guy Derrick and they picked people off, “They think they are pulling moves right now.. Who does she (Z) keep coming back to giving information to.. Me.. who keeps opening their mouths in front of me.. Everybody.. Who’s opening their mouths in front of him (Corey ) everybody “

Corey – theres 6 of us in a group now..
Paulie says they need to win both HOH’s during the double
Corey wonders what Natalie would do if she won HOH.
James tells them Natalie will do whatever Bridgette does
Corey – worst case it’s 5 on 3

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 22-07-39-223

Paulie – what she did to Z today proves she’s a f****G idiot (James doesn’t say anything like a champ)
James – I don’t think she’ll win anything.. At least not mental
James says Paul is telling him that Corey and Paulie are a lot closer than everyone thinks.
Paulie – before coming in here Derrick, Cody and my dad said link up with people you can trust.
Paulie – that’s what I did

They start to scheme how they will get everyone to target Bridgette. (James is quiet)
Corey says they need to get Paul and Vic back on track.
Paulie says the other night Bridgette and Paul were bouncing James name around.

PAulie says Victor and Paul have a final 2.
Paulie says Paul grabs natalie’s thighs and she’s pissed at Paulie
James – i never heard about that
Paulie says people are getting played.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 22-51-39-587
James – A lot of them trying to use me to get shit started cause I have the two votes..
James- they are trying to come at me so i’ll get pissed and to crazy shit with them.. Everybody was coming to me dude.. They were telling them all sorta sh1t.. Natalie came to me ..
James lists off all the people last night. (LOL great)
James – I feel like they were trying to f** with me

Paul comes in chit chat goes back to bed..

11:00pm Paulie going on and on that Paul is worse to Natalie than he is and James sits there’s and eats it up
James – i didn’t want to be in any f***g showmance coming in here..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 22-25-03-726

10:25pm Nicole worried

Don’t forget page 2 link here

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My 7 least favorite Big Brother players:


Well it’s official…..James is an idiot! He’s right back to drinking the Paulie kool-aid. And Z is right there fighting for a drink too. I can’t understand how 2 people could be more blind. James just Effed up the whole plan. So much for an exciting eviction episode. Back to the same old Paulie running the show….Snoorfest 2.0


Seems like James made up his mind and Z is going home. I didn’t see an update here but after the latest post shit went to hell up in the HOH room and I think it sold James that Z has to go and now Paulie is the number 1 target of James, Natalie, Michelle, and Bridgette. I hope Paulie goes to jury tonight in the Double.

Canadian Kev

Oh the gig is up. It hasn’t been posted yet – but at 4-5am you had Bridgette basically telling Paulie his comments to Nat (about her being as fake as her chest) were way out of line, and they’re voting him out.

He’s currently engaged in a shouting match with Michelle through the wall, between London and Tokyo. With all parties just laughing at their argument.

Paulie actually seems convinced that Meech is going to Jury.

I think he’s gonna be pissed.

Oh and Nicole is just a shitty person this season


Why did we waste the slop pass on natalie we should have gave that crap to Paulie best hope is that Bridget or even Michelle gets the next package


Hopefully James will follow the lead of The Texas Gentleman and stand by his woman Nat. Acting as The Texas Gentleman, Z is evicted. Nat, Bridgette, Meanchelle, James, Vic, and Paul link together. On 08/11, Bridgette or Nat wins the first HOH and is able to evict Paulie then Bridgette or Nat win the second HOH and evict Ratcole?

Really hope Nat and Bridgette can win HOH for the double eviction!

Paulie leaving during the Double Eviction would be wonderful! No more listening to him recite lies. Viewing Big Brother will be more entertaining minus Paulie.

Thursday’s 8/11 Live Big Brother Double Eviction Show is not airing in my area (East Coast Virginia) until 2am.

Is Big Brother delayed for anyone else?

I will keep updated by reading onlinebigbrother — if the events of Big Brother go horribly (i.e., Paulie wins HOH and is not evicted during the double) — I doubt I will even watch the episode when it airs at the delayed air time of 2am.

Hopefully, great Big Brother Game moves will happen during 8/11’s show: James completes the flip; Nat wins the first HOH; Bridgette wins the second HOH; Paulie is evicted during the Double Eviction (if Paulie has the RT ticket “expect the unexpected” comes into play and Paulie can re-enter the Big Brother House but not before the HGs vote on it).


Texas Gentleman? That’s really funny. Let’s put aside his spineless and guileless game, his desperate need of approval, and just generally being full of sh*t. When people expose themselves over any length of time, character gets exposed. No matter how much they deny, claim otherwise, people’s true nature is revealed.

James is desperate to be AF and everything he does is meant to appeal for our votes….yet he still can’t tell which “side” we’d be on. He knows that much of what Paulie has done/said has been revealed. He knows Z is expendable, despite her loyalty, knows he mocks Vic, draws in people he plans to soon evict like Bridgette, and now is going at Nat is supremely personal and derogatory terms.

I consider myself a gentleman and my guiding principal is simple. If I would beat the sh*t out of a guy for treating my wife, mom, sister, friends a certain way, then I don’t do that. And if James can listen to Paulie, then Corey jumping in, and not only stay silent but ultimately go along….even if Nat is just a friend….he’s certainly not a gentleman, he’s a rolly polly, a potato bug; you brush up against him and he goes fetal….


Nice to know another Virginian is on here. I just told my niece in the Tidewater area to DVR it. No matter what happens, I think tonight will be must see television. If James does Paulie’s bidding, he deserves to go out in the second eviction. Paulie’s comment to Natalie about her breasts is just plain crude. PLEASE let the door hit him where the good Lord split his egotistical, Jersey boy butt!! Simon and Dawg, you two are the absolute bomb!!!

Franks fumes

Watching King Paulie having his HOH rant at Nat and Bridge intimidating the Girls into submission. …….All the guys in the room sit by silently …….What a pack of gutless cowards!


Frank would have ripped into him

Derrick says:

Paulie who? I didn’t coach an asshat like him!


I’m with you. I can’t believe a player would actually be this stupid. There has to be something more to all this. Maybe it is what another poster was saying and James/Paulie are kinda playing for each other because Paulie’s dad is their manager? Idk but either way I’m 100% done with James. I hope Paulie and/or Nicole are out on the double and James is right behind them.

Also why would production or casting allow all these people that are tied together on here? It’s like conflict of interest imo. If cbs wants to keep big brother going, they better make some changes in their production.


Face palm

James is the most pathetic weakling of a player, who the hell voted for this wimp to win this care package?


Before I start I want to say I don’t like Paulie as a person, and don’t like Natalie either.
But they’re not playing a personality contest.
Paul and Paulie are playing the game.
James isn’t playing any differently than last year (I didn’t like him then either and he got AF). He rode the middle then and was just as obnoxious.
Why is everyone upset with Nicole? Well for her winny voice and insecurity maybe, but she hasn’t personally attacked the others as much as they have when they had control. EVERYBODY is selectively trading information, so shouldn’t use that reason.
Natalie was coming on to the other guys. Then she finally latched onto as a last choice James and even then she was flirting. She wouldn’t kiss James but now she’s bribing him with kisses if he will cancel the votes her way. Sort-of like being paid for her favors.
Congratulations to Bridget for surviving. But I think she and Michelle are really mean spirited people especially when they have any power.




I am thoroughly disgusted. I thought Paul would be the one to throw a wrench in the plans. But James, well he is just a real piece of work. I guess he’ll finally get the message when he’s walking out the door.


Luckily for James they don’t have America’s Least Favorite Player. Gutless whimp.


watch them edit James as this conflicted BB hero who is struggling with the decision of who votes to cancel out. they will not show James as the little coward who’s embarrassed himself on the live feeds tonight.

Canadian Kev

I think James will go through with the flip – if only because Nat Nat said she’d be appreciative, and he likes her a lot.

But he’s still an idiot for swaying and talking to Corey and Paulie.

That said, i hope they vote Z out, and paulie goes in a double.

All this shit with the generalizing about Jersey Girls, and BJ’s – the dude is trash.

Canadian Kev

Oh and the – you’re as fake as those things in your chest are?
Paulie is disgusting. The fact that Z is staying with him says a lot about her too (after all she heard – and will be able to verify when she gets out – about what he said about Z).

He needs to go.

Franks fumes

Amen to that! Paulies Throat ( that is always swallowing his own snot! )


I knew it. James is gonna screw this up. I hope he gets more boos than Cristine got when he is evicted!

Franks fumes

His fans will probably cheer him wildly….I dont get it……

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

I moved this post here. I’m watching James right now at 10:20pm with Z and Paulie. I cannot stomach how big of a pussy James is. He not only spilled the beans, but he is oblivious to his own status with these jocks. What in the FFFFF? Does his have a head injury? He would not last five minutes as a prisoner of war. A f…cking disgrace. And Z; what can you say? She is the world’s perfect victim. Her mother must be very porud of the doormat that she raised. DISGUSTED.


Get Paulie out of the house yesterday! Puhlease!


So wait, ya’ll hate Paulie so much that you’re willing to put up with another week of Michelle?!?!?! As far as I’m concerned, we’ve already got the break in the power alliance that we’ve wanted – Paul/Victor vs. Paulie/Corey. Sending Michelle home won’t change that. Plus, let’s be honest – are we all gonna act like Production didn’t tell Natalie to flip against Paulie?!?! Let’s be real folks, BB is giving us the drama we’ve been wanting. If Michelle (the person we’ve hated the most up until this point) goes home tomorrow, this isn’t going to change. Plus, even if Zak goes home, it’s not like anything real has happened to Paulie’s game. Paulie will still be able to flip James back, and likely will be able to flip Paul back since Paul will sense he can be Paulie’s real number two.


It’s called having an extra number that won’t bow down to king Paulie.

Nailed it

It so obviously productions doing! Well said.


Thank goodness if production actually stepped in! This season FINALLY got a bit interesting!


This is production interference I can deal with they aren’t protecting a golden boy or allowing a single group to ride herd over the house. I want to be entertained! I want figurative knives in the back or the front. I want conflict, I want to seem everyone scheming because they could actually be the next one out. I hate when half the house feels untouchable no matter who’s up on the block and they just throw comps like an athlete at a strip club throws cash.


A week of big Meech actually playing the game compared to Z brushing Paulies teeth for him is reason enough for Michelle to stay. Z literally brings no value to anyone but Paulie, so her leaving will impact him

Why do you bother?

Why do people that think production “set” everything up to happen the way they want watch the show?

Play or get Played

I’m sure…I’ll rant tomorrow!


Pisssssed @ James


I sincerely hope that James is setting all this up for one big come back (which isnt gonna be the case 99.999%). Or else he has turned himself into the biggest piece of shit in BB history.

Flared Hemerroids

Wow…unreal read. Way to go James.


Paulie is as crooked as his line of sight.

Franks fumes

James yellow streak is strong and will flip flop two or three times by thursday nite……probably
Siding with his slimy leader as usual……this is maddening! ( as usual )


Wow, no words for James, absolutely no words. Smh


What the fuck James, do you want to date Natalie or Paulie? Why the hell did people give him a care package? God dammit I hope Bridgette gets the next care package. I am going to be pissed if Nicole, Corey, Paulie get the next package.


I think America knows that anyone who gets a package is more likely to catch hell for it in the house. This is a package that only makes somebody mad. I think America is calling him out and forcing him to choose sides.

Paulie won already

I wish I thought the voters had that much strategy. I think when most people vote they are just wanting to give a treat to their favorite. They don’t think about how it may put a target on their favorite’s back, or that their favorite will now not be able to get another, better care pack.
The never not should have gone to Paulie so that he could not win another (imagine how big his head would have got if he thought America loved him)
Th eliminate two should have gone to anyone with balls (apparently Natalie)


It would appear to me that Paulie is reeling in the Douche bag club tonight. Getting the boys all back in line. I’m not sure the coup is going to work cause James appears to be back under the Paulie Mist unless he is putting on a great act. Looks like Paul, Bridgette and Natalie are now public enemy number one. Paul is now officially on Paulie’s sh!t list. So the whole thing is still up to James and I think he is buying the whole sh!t storm that Paulie is selling tonight. I sure hope that’s not true but he keeps agreeing with Paulie. I hope its a smoke screen but James has more or less been a pussy all season so I’m skeptical about him.


And of course Ratcole walks in!!!!! Ugh! These 4!!!!

I CAN'T.....

I stopped following politics, staying away from the news, and now I have to stop watching BB or I’ll need therapy. Paulie is a chest thumping, knuckle dragging class A dickhead. James is a joke. No words to describe Z. I’m gonna start watching reruns on ME TV. F this shit.


I think my hubby is about to leave me because i watch the news networks nonstop over the election. And im frickin canadian!!!!
Im gonna havta quit my politics obsession and just focus on drinking/doomsday prepping for if trump wins.
What the actual F&$K is wrong with james. Mr im not ready to make big moves yet. Its not time yet. Blah blah blah. For weeks hes been spewing that garbage. IT IS TIME. NOW. NOW IS THE TIME. THE MOMENT YOUVE BEEN WAITING FOE IS RIGHT FRICKIN NOW!!!!!
Holding onto hope that hes just getting as much info as possible right now. Laughing at the paulie side in the DR and still on board with the plan.
Hey. Maybe hes trying to play both sides so when eviction happens he can play dumb and avoid the crossfire? One can only hope.
I hope nat or bridge get hoh during double and stick it to em. Then bridge get safety so they have a fighting chance for the rest of the week to follow. I dont even care if the flip turns into a flop after the fact. If paulie wins during double and then corey wins after and the entire plan is shot to s!&t. I just want the drama amd excitement. Just for one gd hour. Pleeeease.
Going to bed. Please simon and dawg. Give me some hope in the rest of the nights posts. Make stuff up if you havta. Just keep the dream alive for a few more hours.


Simon (and Dawg),

God bless you both for enduring this mess. Paulie creates a dreadful affliction. Regardless of the various types of “Big Brother Mid-Life Crisis Behaviors” Big Brother Game Players have displayed, I have always been able to watch Big Brother on CBS, The Live Feeds, and Big Brother After Dark. Watching now – because of Paulie – induces nervousness, uneasiness, and agony. If Paulie was playing the game during BB14, I don’t think that Dan would have allowed Paulie to speak to him (Dan) in reference to Danielle Murphree the way that Paulie is speaking to James regarding Nat. I think that is “saying” a great deal. Perhaps the dreadful affliction Paulie causes via viewing is amplified inside of The Big Brother House. Perhaps these HGs are walking around feeling nervous, uneasy, and in agony – they want the pain to stop and believe giving Paulie his way will accomplish this. Perhaps these HGs are experiencing a type of Stockholm Syndrome and perceive Paulie as being more “captor” than “an equal Big Brother Game Player.” Perhaps Ratcole is experiencing some type of high as Ratcole believes with her entire heart that she has the attention and affection of the best looking male that has ever lived and will ever live — in other words, Cory’s affection has given Ratcole some type of high Love Potion Endorphin Dopamine High. Production needs to start minding and handling The Big Brother Game Players (without breaking game contest rules). There is a reason for production – that is to produce an entertaining game show.

Simon & Dawg,
You both are awesome! This community that you guys created and maintained is the best part of Big Brother. It is easy to imagine you both pulling out your hair watching this nerve racking nonsense. Wish you both the best because the pair of you are the best! Your hard work and dedication is valued and appreciated – as are you both as individuals.


Thank you for saying that. We appreciate it.

Franks fumes

Nah I think their just Chickenshit……but nice post:)


I sure hope the flip is back on. Not sure what James was thinking in telling Paulie everything. Maybe to see what he would say/do in reply?

My girl Natalie had it right when she said “everyone in this house needs to stop playing this game like f***g babies”.


Oh thank you for putting this comment Simone idk why but my blood was boiling that James did that like for real?!?! Idk why but rverytime it gets to this point of the season I ask myself why are we still watching this show lol. Thanks for all your work Simon and dawg, I honestly would of punch the computer monitor at this point


Wow, I have never had a more incredibly urge to reach into my computer screen and slap someone, as I watch James tonight….smh


Glad I’m not the only one with that urge.


I’d like to echo what BigBrotherViewer has said. Simon & Dawg – your hard work and dedication is really appreciated. Not only do I love coming to this site to read the goings on in the house (with all the great parentheticals/side remarks) but also for the comments by the posters – it really is a great community of people. Thanks!


It has gotten to the point it isn’t Big Brother without OBB. I have the live feeds and would rather come here and read, catch up and commiserate with Simon, Dawg and you guys than watch!
Not sure what I am going to do with BB19 without having you guys around.
Simon & Dawg….thank you for everything, love you guys!! Fellow commenters and armchair strategists….thanks for making this place a home and a haven.

Powder Puff Girl

James is jealous the Natalie got the care package. I think he wants to America’s favourite and worried Natalie may be his competition.

I will vote for Natalie for America’s player (whatever it is called). Nat and Bridgette had the balls, took a risk to pull off this coup against Paulie/alliance. If James does not vote Nats way I hope they put him on the block.


OMFG just like last season when he screwed up getting rid of Vanessa. Like why?!?!?! Why would you throw that all away just too please king douche closet case and coin slot nostrils?! Damn just when things were getting intresting, I hope bridge, nat , or Paul or Vic mostly the girls cuz I feel these two will be easily swayed back to the douche side ugh I can’t

Joe Kerr

I facepalm ed so hard my hand went through my head.

I think, deep down, we all seen this coming.

Franks fumes

Shits his pants as usual ! James fans rejoice………


Why is James talking with them? What I mean by that is what the hell is Natalie not with the snitch? Why are Paul and Victor NOT walking in to the conversation?


So which ones of you boneheads were the ones who voted to give James the care package?? ????

Powder Puff Girl

not me he took out Frank for Paulie! I voted for Bridgette, will again vote for Bridgette.


Ariana Grande stinks!

GOD James what are you doing?! Working hard to slip down to the bottom of the AFP list?!

What a despicable PoS all 4 of you are: the vacuous ahole – Corey, the most disgusting woman on Earth – Ratcole, the misogynistic egotistical fugly prick – Paulie, and the ballless buttkisser – James. Someone should send a drone with a dildo for Corey and Nicole, a pack of excrement for Paulie and James.




Just ripped up my Gizmo beanie I had in honor of james! RIP Kittie beanie

Ariana Grande stinks!

Z is hopeless! Airhead with no morals…


So true, just watching Zakiyah take “ONE” for the road. I can’t believe she’s having sex with him after telling the girls she believed everything they told her. What an idiot.

James is a Garbage Person right now


All these ppl yall fell for it

I didnt have single doubt about James flipping, ofc he went to spill some beans coz he needs Paulie to be more mad at Natalie /Bridgitte/Paul then at him, he needs to look like he was just listening to orders of Paul or Natalie… but he is gonna flip and vote out Zakiyah….just trust James, he socially was always on point ..let him do his playing the middle shit

Franks fumes

When James was called to DR Big Meech said something to the effect going to lock in your votes James. This was before the big fight took place…..So I think the 2 cancellations have already been set with production…..so maybe he can’t flip. Hope so!

Flared Hemerroids

James is setting himself up to be a traitor to at least three people on both sides by promising his vote. I hope the CBS edit shows how much his game play is lacking.


I guess the flip is a flop. Thanks James….you dumbass!


I hope Mercy says that speech!


Meech* stupid spell check

An Apple a Day

Ok, Paulie is pretty straight forward about being a douche bag. He has only given Z about 100 hints that he’s not that into her. Not to mention, throwing the HOH right after she falls off, runs the veto, doesn’t take her down. So Whatever Z gets, she deserves. She’s mocking Bridge’s voice again???

So screw both of them, what you see is what you get. But JAMEZZZZZ????

Snake, no balls, a lying two time loser, get that little twerp out of the house NOW! I’m disgusted.


I’m amazed by the lack of balls. Thank you so much James for putting the final nail in the BB18 coffin just when it was about to get good. I knew bringing him back would be a waste, he’s more useless than Victoria. Hope you enjoy not even making the top 3 for America’s Favorite this year dumbass.


Please tell me James is just trying to put the target on Paul if paulie/cor/nic win hoh ? And he’s still flipping


Welp, Paulie is no longer my most hated. James takes that trophy now.

The Roach Coach

America gave this clown the power to veto 2 votes…uhhhgh
I cant wait to see how he handles the fact that Natalie wont talk to him…
Cant wait to see his reaction when Bridgette wins super safety, that will be the moment he realizes what he has done!


James doesn’t say anything like a champ…..You mean like a Chump!


What I hate is the guys feeling that they can comment on girls bootys in the first place, and Natalie said it best “ill let my ass and my tits hang out if I want”. How is Natalie’s ass coming out of her shorts any different then Paulie walking around with no shirt on basically pea-cocking his chest to everyone. No one has ever said “oh your abs are hanging out” because it shouldn’t matter! Girls do squats for their asses, guys do crunches for their abs therefore all should be shown without comment regardless!

Ps- Paulie grow the fuck up.


Corey and James cannot read body language?

Paulie’s fear is elephantine.

Paulie has lied to Paul, Z, James, and Corey. Paulie has also told lies (in Paulie’s words “planting seeds) to everyone in the house.

James needs to stop talking to Paulie. James needs to get with Paul, Nat, and Bridgette and figure out a way to use his (James’) Care Package that will benefit James’ game the best. Obeying Paulie is not best for James’ game.

Paul needs to talk to Corey. Paul has to remember the time that Paulie told Paul in front of Corey “Z is coming after you Paul.” Before and after Vic’s nominations Corey wanted to vote Z out.

Paul needs to remind Corey, “you were there when Paulie told us that Z said she was coming after me. When Vic first won HOH you wanted Z out. Corey you changed your mind after being blinded by Paulie. You know that Nicole cannot stand Nat has complained about Nat forrrr the longggesttt timeeeee. Corey are you playing the Game of Big Brother, or, are you playing ‘how can I assist Paulie advance?”

Z’s “gut” has to tell her that she is making a fool of herself when it comes to Paulie. If The Diary Room offers HGs helpful words of Big Brother House happenings — The Diary Room needs to tell Z, “you have said that you are a wise girl …. Z you have said that you do not trust Paulie …. the reason you feel as though you should not trust Paulie is because Paulie is bad news, Paulie is not on your side, you are allowing Paulie to make you look like a fool. Are you doing this Z because you are choosing to ignore all of the Red Flags that you see in regards to Paulie, or, are you really playing Paulie the way that Paulie is playing, using, and abusing you inside The Big Brother House and during his (Paulie’s) Diary Room sessions.”

Z is making a fool of herself. Z must have low self esteem. It is sad and scary. Big Brother Producers should want Z out of the house so that Z can heal. Z’s mental state once she is able to watch her season of Big Brother and see/hear Paulie talk about her (Z) may completely break. It seems as though Big Brother Producers are allowing Z to become more and more unstable. Z is on a perilous collision course.

Get it together Big Brother HGs and discontinue choosing to be under Paulie’s spell!

Paul does not seem shy or unable to talk nonstop. It appears as though Paul realizes the truth about Paulie. Paul needs to call a house meeting and confront Paulie with all of Paulie’s misrepresentations, distortions, fraudulence, and deception. Nat can help Paul with this. Paul can remind Corey in front of everyone that Corey wanted Z out. Paul can remind Paulie in front of everyone that Paulie said “Z goes this week.” During this house meeting everyone can point out to Nicole that Nicole has invented a tale of fiction regarding Nat as Nat has NEVER been interested in Corey. They can tell Nicole that Corey may be the best looking man that has ever talked to her, however, pretending Nat wants Corey is an invention in Nat’s mind. Paul and Nat can tell Nicole in front of everyone that Nicole does not need to count her F2 Jury Votes if Nicole continues to “play” the game as she is – the only thing Nicole is accomplishing is working to give Paulie a check for a half million dollars.

Paulie is panic stricken. It does not appear as though Paul, James, Corey, Nicole, Z are using rattled state to their advantage.

Powder Puff Girl

I think Paulie would be scared of Paul calling him out big time he saw, egged him on to do it to Frank. Do not think Paulie will confront Paul on him switching sides.

Evel Dick

I’m so mad I could spit my HIV infected venom in James’ face right now.


Seriously why is this pussy of a man SO AFRAID of Paulie? I really don’t get it, I mean they could have the numbers Nat,Bridgette,Meech.Paul(who can bring Vic because he will go where the power is). It’s 6 against 3!!! I think there might be something wrong with this guy, the way someone can sway him with a 10 minute conversation is unreal! America gave him a golden opportunity to make a big move and he pusses out. Natalie has bigger balls than James could ever DREAM OF HAVING. She figured everything out in this game without help from anyone, I really hope she and Bridgette can find a way to save themselves, because they deserve it.


James frustrates the hell out of me. Why doesn’t he STFU!


I love that paulie’s eyes were watering cuz his bitch a** got caught and ppl are spilling and guess whos at the center of all of it —> Paulie the douchebag!!! James your right up there with him if you dont flip the vote… Nicole cant wait to see your dumba** find out once again the guy doesnt want your whinny a**!!! I knew it was too good to be true to see the house flip and actually see ppl have to play big brother instead we get more of the same sh*t show and watch ego trip walk to the end…


Z was praying to GOD that those were tears for her


This is unwatchable!

“August 10 7:15pm – 7:25pm Paul asks whats the plan this week? Paulie says one of us has to win it. After what I told you about Natalie. She is scum. Paul says I don’t know why she would do that? Paulie says because she’s a Jersey Princess D-HAY (D!ck head). Paul laughs. Paulie says I’m sorry but if you don’t win sh*t .. you should pretty much just keep your mouth shut! Don’t f**king scheme! Paul says she tries to blow you up. Paulie says I already talked to Z and said this is what she is probably going to talk to you about. Paul says little schemer. Paulie says I say we steam roll the rest of this.

Z and Nat come out of the London room. Z heads straight to the bathroom. Nicole says Z didn’t look too happy. Paulie says NEVER CARED! I’m just going to call Natalie Schemer from now on. She’s literally a rag. She said she is going to make sure everyone hates me. Paul says I’ll win and do sh*t. Paulie says I think every time I have a drink I will just sit and stare at Natalie. And when we’re alone I’ll whisper ..James won’t save you now! (quote from OnlineBigBrother.com)

When liars/cheats are caught isn’t their go to trick is to bad mouth the person telling the truth?

Paulie has been caught so he is trying to discredit Nat (Nat’s a crazy New Jersey Girl).

How can James allow Paulie to speak of Nat this way?

James needs to shut Paulie up!

It would be nice to see Paul get involved and not allow Paulie get away with such scum behavior.

Production needs to intervene to give the house guests the confidence, reassurance, and “push” to neutralize Paulie.

Feeling sorry for Simon and Dawg. I cannot watch Paulie embark on his fear motivated hate rhetoric.

Paulie is the worst BB house guest ever! Amanda was horrific but at least Amanda was still watchable.

This has become unwatchable and uncomfortable. Production is supposed to provide a watchable entertaining show.

In closing, Paulie is the worst BB house guest in Big Brother history. James is disappointing. Z is painful to watch and needs to leave the house before she is broken beyond repair. Nicole is consistently annoying and not entertaining.


Jesus H F*CK, James!


James, has no balls hand down…. i hope james gets back door


I hope everybody at home can watch how pathetic James is tomorrow. At the end of the day if he votes Z off, Nicole, Corey and Paulie will tell Natalie what James told them and what he thinks of her. And if he votes Michelle out, Natalie, Bridget, Paul and Victor are going to be pissed at him.

I don’t understand why people are surprised at James and trust him? He made a promise at Bridget and broke it. And wanted Bridget going home this week. I would be pissed if he get America’s Favorite Player.

Cocky Califore

James, you are one pathetic little dick! Hope your ass is on the block tomorrow, dipshit!!