“I can cut people at their F***ing core with my words… it’ll make you F***ing cry “

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 20-07-37-773

7:57pm Safari Room Paulie and Zakiyah
Zakiyah going over what natalie said..
Zak says Natalie is telling people to put Zakiyah up with Natalie.
Zak mentions the Venezuelan booty.. “She was just talking about sh1t”
Paulie – Literally everything that she is guilty of she’s putting on me
Paulie – she’ clearly got to you..
Zak – what are you doing
Paulie – I’m going to go say something to her
Zak – don’t
Zak says she got sad she wants to talk to her mom she still trusts Paulie. Zakiyah says she doesn’t believe everything natalie said.
Paulie – I don’t like Jersey girls that is a classic move..

Paulie – I’ll bury her
Corey comes in says he’ll bury Natalie
Paulie – what is she doing with James.. Should I go say something right now
Corey – I have your back.. Everyone will have my back over hers anyways.. (LOL can’t wait)
Zakiyah brings up some information natalie had about how Paulie is running the house. Says Zakiyah is not part of the Nicole, PAulie, Corey alliance.
Paulie – Nobody talks with her
Corey – I never talk to her
Paulie – She’s got balls bro
Paulie says his booty comment was made because she was running and her booty was hanging out..
Paule goes on listing all the things Natalie does.. ”She compliments my looks all the time.. Whatever she’s typical Jersey girl”
Paulie says Natalie is going home next week.
Corey agrees.
Paulie says he’s seen thousands of girls like Natalie in his life. Paulie is now pissed that Natalie made Zakiyah cried says Natalie has no emotions.

Zakiyah says Natalie said the word disposable a lot of times.
Paulie – definition of disposable is you you (Natalie) you offer nothing you are disposable
Corey – We’ve been nice to her for so long and now she’s acting like this towards us
Paulie – Schemer now she’s going home
Zakiyah – I’m the bottom of the totem pole
Corey – what a big mouth
Paulie – Jersey girl
Nicole comes in
Paulie – do I just keep my mouth shut
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 19-58-58-404
Zakiyah continues to mock Natalie
Paulie says Natalie begged and cried to him and Paul so she wouldn’t be nominated.
Paulie – I will now put you on the block every single time I can put you the block
They now start wondering where Natalie got some of the information.
Nicole – what did she come here to do
Paulie – float to the end until the end like Victoria but Victoria never opened her mouth
Nicole – Victoria was good

They are salty because Michelle is now “BFF’s” with Bridgette and Natalie
Nicole – I’ll never flip like that . (OMFG this is too good)
Paulie about Natalie “You’re a F***ing liar you’re a F***ing schemer”
Claims that he only flirted with Natalie wht wams as he flirts with everyone in the house

Paulie – “i’ll be like everything about you is fake. The words outta your mouth Your f***ing eyeliners and you’re f***G fake t1ts get the f**k outta here..
They start talking about how horrible natalie is, Paulie keeps calling her schemer.
Nicole says Natalie isn’t as sweet as she plays says she’s dances on tables and makes out with people at bars.
Paulie says he knows Natalie’s crew from High School
Nicole – I’m confused why she did this

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 20-13-35-729

Corey – she’s a idiot

Zakiyah says Natalie was really close to her
Paulie says that’s a nonverbal technique to draw you in

Corey says natalie won’t win anything there’s no point to get emotional.
Zakiyah says Natalie is trying to bring her down before tomorrow.
Nicole leaves..
Paulie – I don’t understand why James is still up her f**ing a$$, she’s got him good
Paulie says natalie is a liar she was lying about her fake Breasts.. Adds that nobody will vote for Natalie maybe just Bridgette. Paulie wants them to take Natalie out first then Bridgette, “Peace”

Paulie – “Cody and our group of friends any girl tries to do that .. bye.. You’re outta here .. we’re not even f***G nice to her”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 20-28-29-261

8:26pm Bridgette and Paul
Bridgette says Zakiyah, Paulie, Corey and Nicole were having a meeting in the safari room, “Sketch”
Bridgette – Natalie was telling me that Z really believed her
Paul doesn’t believe it
Paul says word had already gotten to Paulie yesterday so he talked to Zakiyah about it.
James comes in.
James says Zakiyah was crying to him in the bathroom, “She’s blinded by love he’ll say I’m sorry it was strategy I won’t do it again.. She might forgive him”
Paul – “Eyebrows are going to be on Meech and your girl we’re going to have to pull a W”
They agree Paulie goes first after that they decide over Corey/Nicole
James says after this week that whole side is coming after them.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 20-46-14-777

8:44pm Paulie, Corey and Zakiyah Safari room
Paulie now wanting to get Bridgette out first.
Zakiyah about Natalie – she’s something else..
Paulie – I know f***g Nicole can’t stand Natalie.. I can’t stand the girl
Paulie – I’m going to talk to Bridgette be like hey Natalie is saying all this stuff where is she gettign it from.. only 3 people Michelle, Bridgette or James
They don’t think it’s James.
Paulie is going to tell Natalie she’s going home next because she’s turning on the people trying to protect her, “that means you are a f****g idiot..”
Corey – it does.. (you go Corey)

Paulie – what do you know about a serious relationships and no the guy you lost your virginity to is not a serious relationship
(Natalie said Paulie doesn’t want a serious relationship with Zakiyah)
Paulie starts bringing up a guy that dated Natalie in high school
Cut to feeds…

When we’re back Paulie is saying we’re just going to remember Natalie for a dumb move calls her a “fake a$$”
Paulie – I’ve darted a Latin women that did this.. when I dated 1 Brazilian girl all the other ones were extra affectionate .. I was like f**ing not interested..
Paulie – they want to be something to say they can
Corey – they find power in it..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 20-46-29-782
Zakiyah – I’m not saying anymore I don’t want you to get AMPED up
Paulie says people underestimate how “F****g” sharp his tongue is “Theres so much I know, observe. I can cut people at their f*****g core with my words..”
Paulie – I will f***g unleash I’ll state facts about you you never knew existed but you did know existed .. and it’ll make you f***g cry .. like male or female doesn’t f***g matter.. shit that will stick with you for f***g years after I say it.. sorry it’s a Scorpio thing ..
Corey – I’m the same thing.. i’ll bury you alive..

Paulie says he listens to every single person every word so that he can tell the type of person people are “Zing zing zing”
Paulie – not a trait I’m proud of I only use it when I’m really pushed..

Paulie says Natalie has no idea how to play the game she should keep her “f**ing mouth shut”. Corey calls her the new Jozea.
Zakiyah says Natalie thinks she was risking her game telling her this
Paulie – what are you risking you can go home whenever someone wants you home

Paulie saying he’s got Arrows lined up for Natalie Verbal arrows..
Paulie – I’ll make sure America see the real you [Natalie] outside this house”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 21-06-58-956

9:00pm HOH Victor and Paulie
Paulie says James and PAul are sleeping. Victor plays dumb says it’s been a quiet day. (LOL love it)
POaulie – the girls are starting to play emotionally
Paulie starts to retell what Natalie did to him every second word is “F****G” Victor does a great job of playing dumb
Victor – all this happened before a double eviction
Paulie is putting a lot of Blame on Bridgette scheming and telling Natalie. Paulie thinks Natalie is dumb.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 21-10-21-964

9:05pm Have nots James and Corey
Silence.. awkward…
Corey – Have you deiced what to do with your votes.
James – you volunteered right
Corey – ya
James- and Paul
Corey – me and Paul.. fine with me dude..


Corey – what yo thinking .. what you thinking over there
James – how many days we’ve been in here day dreaming about the outside..
Corey – cool

James says him personally wouldn’t say anything about someone else girl
Corey – I don’t know what he said.. But I’ve said something to make the girls feel better about themselves.. or jokingly.. I tell Zakiyah she looks good all the time..
James- the girls are coming together they sympathize emotional with each other they’re not dumb they piece thing together .. they look out for each other like the guys look out for each other..

Corey – I don’t think he’s the kidna guy to flirt with Natalie.. to be honest with you.. he said her booty was hanging out.. he’s saying it in a way that is like .. almost like a sister..
James- the girls are saying he shouldn’t say that because of Zakiyah and how jealous she is
Corey – Hmmm mhhh yes and no..
Corey wonders why Natalie is looking after Z now they never liked each other.
Corey – Natalie going to Z and saying stuff is stupid
Jame s- Z likes Paulie a lot
Corey – this is not a dating show.. that’s ridiculous.. Nicole likes me a lot are you going to run off and tell Nicole that I told Z I was pretty.. what’s the point of that..

James says Paulie was making her feel uncomfortable
Corey – bull crap.. Natalie had been doing this stuff since day f***g one.. remember when it was me..
James – theres a lot of inconsistencies with things Paulie is telling people

James- I thought it was me you and Paulie.. but other people are saying it’s Paulie Victor and Bridgette..
James says PAulie is trying to get the other side Victor, Paul, Bridgette to take out the couples.
Corey – not even close that’s bull crap
James says theres so much sh1t about Paulie there’s now way they are making it all up.

James- i’m tired of getting lied to I’m tired of getting played.. f*** it
James says what is happening with Paulie is the same thing that happened with Frank, ‘People are coming together’
Feeds flip to the bathroom

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 21-28-35-537

9:25pm Bathroom Natalie Meech, Zakiyah and Bridgette
Zakiyah saying she believes what Natalie said to her.. Adds that Paulie is calling Natalie a Jerseu Girl..
Natalie – how does a state say who I am..
Natalie about what Paulie said – “she’s such a Blowj that’s how Jersey girl are they are liars.. cause I’m a Jersey girl i’m a liar.. f*** you”
Natalie – he was actually born and raised in Jersey.. I am from another country..
Zakiyah says she has a headache had to take 2 Advils.
Natalie apologizes to Zakiyah
Zakiyah thanks her.
Natalie – he called me a blowj
Zakiyah – my mom is from Jersey
Natalie – I live in Jersey.. he’s from Jersey.. that doesn’t look good

Natalie says Paulie was the one that got Zakiyah on the block.
Zakiyah – wow
Bridgette – he was playing us the whole time

They tell her Paulie is trying to get the single to go after thee couples and the couples going after the singles.
Bridgette says that Paulie wanted Zakiyah nominated saying if she goes he’ll be more free up his time. Bridgette adds Paulie was telling them he wantted to join up with teh single.
Zakiyah – WOW
Bridgette – Paulie told James that I told Paul I was going to put James on the block if I won”
(I don’t know what BlewJ or blowj are)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 21-42-31-080

9:41pm HAve nots Corey and James
James – Natalie wants to f** some sh1t up..
Corey – are they flipping on Paulie
James – I’ll still veto yours and PAuls vote..
Corey – I’m going to be pissed
James says he doesn’t want to be on the side where one person is doing dirt..
James mentions that Victor and Bridgette can win competitions.

Corey – Paulie’s not like that.. he loves you he does.. he’s not on Paul’s or Vics side at all
James- he covered his basses?
Corey – why wouldn’t he
Corey says Paulie wants it to be their group of 3 guys.

Corey – I guarantee Paul went and told Bridgette
James – you think he just made everything up.. the group Victor, Paul, Paulie
Corey – yes, Paul wants to call the shots.

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Bridgette's Denim Jacket

Here we go; Jame’s will fold like a paper airplane. He is the weakest link.


James just sold Paul out. It’s done. Damn.

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

Yes, I am replying to my own post. I’m watching James right now at 10:20pm with Z and Paulie. I cannot stomach how big of a pussy James is. He not only spilled the beans, but he is oblivious to his own status with these jocks. What in the FFFFF? Does his have a head injury? He would not last five minutes as a prisoner of war. A f…cking disgrace. And Z; what can you say? She is the world’s perfect victim. Her mother must be very porud of the doormat that she raised. DISGUSTED.


For once I think James is being tactical taking in all the info he can to keep Nat off the block and still take out Zee on Thursday, I’m 99% certain he will target Zee this week as he and Nat have a close relationship and he is doing all he can to not only gain info but keep his girl off the block if Paulie/Corey/Nic win..

For once, James is thinking strategically…

Powder Puff Girl

if he does not flip, he will loose Nat’s trust. Does he think ” sorry I did not tell you honey I did it to keep you in the game, the less you know the better off you will be” I do not think this will pass the sniff test 2 times in a row?


smh @ no game James. just cancel the votes and flip the house. Michelle is more valuable as an asset for James than keeping Z around. you want to take a shot at Paulie, you start by taking out his security blanket (Z).

the plan will be successful

everyone be calm

james is just trying to stay on paulies good side as paul/vic will be doing in case paulies side win hoh

michelle will stay

Powder Puff Girl

I was so excited on the previous OBB post then come to this page and see James faltering! The group has shared too much of Paulie’s plans with each other there is still hope.


So corey is an idiot.
Z is an idiot.


How about 95% of this cast are idiots

About to upset people

Just how stupid is Zakiya? While we’re on the subject how stupid is Victor? Paulie backdoors him and he sides with him immediately.

This cast seeems to have been constructed of the kids licking the back window of the short bus.

If Paulie survives double eviction they might as well give him the money. Please tell me they are at least smart enough that James will cancel Paulie and Corey’s vote to keep Michelle over Z.

Nicole's crusty vagina

Yeah because words is all you can use considering you’ve probably gotten your ass beat all your life you little douche.




Nicole (about Natalie): “What did she come here to do?”

Okay, that is hilarious coming from Nicole.

Only can wish

Sorry, Nicole…. Natalie came to play BB, not play with Corey’s balls.


James doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut tbh. If the flip doesn’t work, I blame him because he is very weak minded.


If James ruins the plan to flip the vote I hope Natalie never speaks to him again and votes him out. I love Nat Nat that girl has more balls than James ever had.


If James flips now then Paul will rat him out to the guys and he will be screwed. He already told Paul he would do it so he can’t go back.


Why was it necessary for Natalie to speak with Z about Paulie? They had the votes to evict Z. Now she’s a bigger target.
And Z still believing in Paulie…ugh.


That was the STUPPIEST thing ever, having Nat tell Z!!! They all decided last night to have Nat do it in the event that Z had the Round Trip Ticket and came back so she wouldn’t be back on Paulie’s side. They should have just kept their mouths shut and none of this drama would have been happening today and nobody onto their plan.


Because as much as they talk about girl power they just run and tell their man everytime it’s like a disease

An Apple A Day

Both Z & James are just USELESS.


Wtf!!! James!!! Are you kidding me!!! Cory will run to Paulie in 5,4,3,2,1!


“(I don’t know what BlewJ or blowj are)” just a wild guess but blowj = blow job O_o

Natalie's rock hard implants

If James ever motorboats me he’ll get a concussion.


Why do people vote for James in the poll as top 3? He stinks at this game. Nice guy but not a game player.


Shut the hell up Jameeesssss. If u blow this week you are fuxxing done.


I am disgusted that I ever liked Paulie at the beginning of the season.


The look on Victor’s face in that picture and the comments about him playing dumb. Priceless! I couldn’t stop laughing.


I feel like James is bout to fuck n ruin this plan to get out Paulie
If he does then wat Frank said is true
“He dont got no back bone”


I feel like James is bout to fuvk n ruin this plan to get out Paulie
If he do Frank was rite about him he don’t have no bavkbone


Omg Z is hugging Paulie now. Sad how desperate she is. The writing is on the wall. Everybody sees it but her. Paulie will have to go into hiding after bb. Can see her stalking him. Hoping that she is going to the jury house tomorrow.

Velvet Rose

I stopped watching, but my husband is hooked. Davonne has already warned Z about Puke Paulie Pissy Prick, and now Nat is spilling all of his crap, yet Z can’t face the fact that she got played on national TV……in my Whoopie Goldberg voice in Ghost….umm Zakiyah you in trouble girl. I’m hoping when Z is evicted her mom run up and slap the sh-t out of her for being so stupid and weak. Deep down Z knows the truth, but some girls won’t believe it until the door is slammed in their face. The first episode Z and Da talked about not allowing the boys to control them, well I’m hoping Da give her a big fat I told you so, when she enters the jury house. Z I really wanted to like you, but I can’t deal with stupidity.

Zin Love.....

Apparently he ( Paulie ) has a Golden Penis….I’ve seen it happen to many smart beautiful girls who end up with Bad Boys ……..you sit them down and say “What the hell is wrong with you? He hits you, cheats on you and says horible stuff about you”!! “Why do you stay”? And the response is “He’s the best sex I’ve ever had”……(Right Bellamy)?????

production rigged it

James is the biggest waste of space i’ve ever seen in my life. Now he’s throwing Natalie and Paul under the bus.
What a moron, all he’s accomplished now is putting a target on his back from the other side when he doesn’t follow thru with the plan, because now they will come after him and if he survives that then he will just get cut by Paulie in final 4 or 3. Then maybe just maybe he will realize how big of a moron he really is but I doubt it though. At least if nothing else we know Natalie won’t have anything to do with his dumbass after the show.


Damnit James! Fail fail fail! How was this guy AFP? Weak as hell!


james I don’t know why he came on big brother 18
it seen to me he do everything pulie tells him
if bridget goes home tomorrow before she get her
America packages 3 im be real mad an cancel everything bigbrother
im a men I will not let another man tell me what to do about my women
I do not think james in nattile will work after the game in I was rotting for them after the game
I know women when nattile see how much james was about pulie in not her that much she done
james you are playing for your daughter not pulie


When the hell is James going to stick up for Natalie? He is being such a wimp! Corey is a D-bag too!!


James has chosen Paulie and his bros over Natalie. Done with him. At least Paulie is there to win.

Paulie Game going downhill

Even though zak doesnt go home nat unravelled a can of worms that will cause people to go after him like paul and Bridgette. At least hes on peoples radar!!!!


Literally, Paulie is such a douchebag. At the end of the day- whatever, hope that idiot gets the boot and his little dog (Corey) too. Never cared.

We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy

Literally, the douche has several lil dogs…Corey, James, Nichole that need to GO!

Hal 9000

I can’t believe how scared James still is of Paulie. Is this the same guy who got in Clay’s face and told him off last year?

And there it is

James and his pea brain strikes again.


Someone needs to tell these people, throwing people under the bus doesn’t mean that person is lying !

Paulie Game going downhill

Even though zak doesnt go home nat unravelled a can of worms that puts paulie on peoples radar. Paulies game is exploding. Hopefully paul Bridgette james victor nat and meech join forces and take him out.


Thank you Natalie for the entertainment! If she manages to survive and win a few comps she deserves to win. Also the way Paulie is flipping put about Natalie is ridiculous. I understand she blew up your game but have a little bit of respect man.


F James

James ruined the season

Hey James fans and those you idiots that said the house has flipped.

Your bitch boy James is following Paulies orders like he has done ALL season!

Go vote him your fav again b*tch james fans. Fan of one. You are one!

James the sheep

James is the kind of person that whomever was the last person to speak to him he believes….he is weak-minded and so-so easily manipulated. You know it’s sad when CORY can manipulate you and change your mind….


What’s up with James? I want to believe in him but dam, he is really stupid or he is brilliant. Tomorrow will reveal all. Literally. At the end of the day- I may be ranting!


James has spilled to Paulie, Z is still following Paulie around like a lost puppy dog. Looks like Bridge, Paul, Victor and Nat are going to have to pull this off.
Nat wants to leave with a vengeance and James wants to leave with a girlfriend. That sums up James’ gameplay perfectly. Hopefully Nat cuts ties with James so she can play the game these last few weeks.


We can vote for Obi-Wan?

TX rar

Simon – who do you think should get next ACP

ACP3 Super Safety:
ACP5 BB Bribe :


People James its covering his ass so when michelle stays, they won’t come after him…… they will target each other over this Nat shit that went down……




James….you little shit!!


James is an idiot!!!!!! Verbal diarrhea … spilling it all to Paulie. What a dope. Cory is actually looking like a master player in a convo with James. How bad of a player do you have to be, when Cory can convince you of something!!!! He was handed a golden opportunity, and a care package and he still can’t manage to make a move. Weak Weak Weak!!!! Nat def hitched herself up to a waste of space with James. It’s a shame because she is proving to be very perceptive and if she actually had a ride or die with a brain she might have had a shot.


Natalie looks roadhard without makeup.

Powder Puff Girl

Natalie is very beautiful without makeup she does not need it. None of the girls in the house need it. Paulie could use some eye concealer.


Too good to be true. One conversation with Paulie qnd James is reeled back in. Sad. The dude is scared of his own shadow. Nice try Nat & Bridge, you girls tried to shake the game and knock some common sense into James. But, he will follow his fearless leader right into 5th place at best. And will personally get both girls excited in the next 2 weeks, due to his lack of backbone or any real desire (or ability) to play the dam game. This dude is the worst.


This weak ass James! America send him some f—–ing guts!! I have never seen such a weaker man in my life. He had a hot girl who included him in one of the greatest moves in BB history and he has jacked it off because he is a jock sniffer. Well there you are America YOUR favorite. What does that say about you?


simon I think big brother fans be mad if bridgets goes home tommrow
without recive her America 3 safe packages tomorrow will be the day
if big brother loytal to their fans or pulie what you think


I love Nat!!! She’s under estimated and I love that she just blew up Paulie’s game.

Paulie is such a major Dbag. He’s a Jersey boy that came out of a Jersey mom….so I think that makes him a double dbag.

I don’t think he realizes how much he has damaged his reputation and image. his behavior is really hateful.

Yes BB is a game ….a SOCIAL game. You can play without having to go on the personal venomous attack he’s doing to Natalie. Glass houses.

Nat is the only one in the house who’s played the most honest game without joining in the mean boy or girl behaviors. She’s no sheep. She’s a smart wolf in sheep’s clothing.

TX rar

Paulie thinks he’s going to get paid for meet & greets after the show. I’d like to know WHO would want to see him. What an asshat.


Paulie and Corey have James cornered right now. They need to bust that up. James vote cancelling power is crucial to their flipping the house. Don’t they know by now that James needs a babysitter?

lol hey

im so happy I’m not watching this season, I’ve given up since episode 2

can’t believe Paul is still there O_O


I can’t believe how James is playing. How does he listen to the bull coming out of Paulie’s mouth? If I was Nat I would be so mad at James! Is Corey in love with Paulie? He does run that way doesn’t he?


I am eager to see how James reacts to Paulie saying this shit about Nat and Bridgette when he takes this info back to them. I wouldn’t,t take it well. Besides he is now caught between the two sides.


With a double eviction tomorrow (today) they wont be able to show all this drama. Ugh.
Im actually pvring after dark for the first time all season.
I dont think nat shoulda said anything to Z. If the flip fails i think it will all lead back to their convo and people blowing up. Bridgette is getting the next care package yes? And then after that i imagine its gonna be victor or paul. If they actually stick to their plans.
Last post where they were saying nat isnt even playing the game. Lmao. She is the only one besides paulie playing the damn game. And shea rallying the troops as best she can. Only hope is they got enough brain power to think things through and realize she is right.
And OMFG. SHUT UP JAMES. Why dpes he keep talking!?!?!?!?!

Derrick coached Paulie and james

Did everyone just hear Paulie say Derrick coached Him and James before the show and told them not to get in a showmance?? WOW! Guess Big Brother really is fixed to let paulie, James or Nicole win. No wonder James is such a coward when it comes to standing up to Paulie. The flip will never happen tomorrow. They got us excited for nothing. Paulie is such a piece of crap, he’s bragging he’s going to make the girls cry tomorrow. Big bad Paulie! I hope after the show no jersey girls ever date the lowlife.