James gets the second Care package, “Thanks America… AMERICA”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 12-30-50-689

11:41am Nicole alone in the Safari room

Nicole – just so you know out there” Corey… I have never met anyone out there like that before.. So so so nice, so genuine so caring so selfless… his Morals are so great.. he’s the most mature 25 year old I’ve ever met my entire life.. it’s a little distracting.. and he’s super cute… I think I would be crazy not t have a crush on him..

Nicole – he’s athletic, smart.. Totally out of my league.. but we won’t say anything about that.
Nicole – I freakin love Paulie.. i’m not going to lie freaking love him..
Nicole – I love how determined… I love how he’s on my side if he wasn’t on my side I would be scared to death.. I trust him 100% with my Big Brother life. It’s very bizarre..
Nicole – I did not think I would make jury again to be honest.
Nicole – it’s fun.. I’m literally playing Big Brother this time.. I can’t say enough good things about this game.. it’s the best thing experience..
Nicole really wants to make it to Zingbot but she doesn’t want to hear what Zingbot has to say.
Nicole goes on about she loves Big BRother and loves playing the game this time around.
Nicole goes on an inspirational speech to us down an out live feeders..

Nicole – theres pairs, Paulie, Z, Z and Michelle.. Z has got to go..
She goes on to list, Natalie/Bridgette and Natalie/James. Explaining if you are linked to more than 1 person you got to go.
Nicole says she honestly thought she would have to play with Hayden this season.
Nicole – he would have screwed me over already

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 12-32-45-686
12:56pm Nicole and Corey
Nicole telling him that they have to get the people that have more than 1 connection.

They speculate who Natalie would put up. Nicole thinks it would be two boys.
Nicel – Natalie promised me she would never put me up.. She said she would never go after girls in this game.. She said she’s a girl girl.. She only wants a girl to win.

Nicole says if Natalie put her up it would be for personal reasons.
Nicole says if Victor takes her out in this game she’s cool with that but if it’s Natalie she’s not cool about that.
Nicole – I don’t want James to know what.. If I ever get her out it’ll be as a pawn.
Nicole says she’ll tell Everyone Natalie is the pawn then get her out, ‘Victoria situation for sure”
Nicole – I don’t think Z and Meech will put us up..
Nicole wants Natalie gone this week but knows she’s not going to be nominated at least in the beginning.
Corey isn’t as convinced Natalie should go so soon.

Nicole lists off the parallels of this season with BB16
James is Derrick (WTF NO)
Cody is Paulie..
Victor is Caleb “100%”
Paul is Franky
COrey is his own person

Nicole – I’m watching season 16 happen all over again… Michelle is Christine
Corey – I don’t think James is Derrick
Nicole – he’s the best social gamer in here.. He hasn’t been on the block nobody want to put him on the block.. He’s a secret Derrick
Nicole – what do I do to stop the same dang thing from happening again.. They’re more girls in here at this point.. They used Caleb just like Victor he’ll; do the dirty work.. It’s exactly what happened

Corey how ironic
Nicole – Caleb put up me and Christine
Nicole – i’m trying to think in 16 what I could have done to make things different.. .

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 13-38-42-876

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 14-22-58-171
2:22pm James gets the care package.

James – eliminate two eviction votes at the next live eviction
Natalie – America James is wearing my pants right now

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 14-22-09-173

Michelle isn’t happy

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 14-30-43-230
2:32pm Corey and Nicole are having trouble dealing with the fact Natalie and James may be popular to watch for the fans.
Nicole says it’s bizarre to her that Natalie would be the favorite.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 14-34-43-328

2:34pm James is telling Paulie he really doesn’t see the point in using it this week.
Paulie – it’s not bad
Jame s- this is one of those you put someone up that you don’t have the votes to take out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 14-41-03-418
2:29am Victor and Paul HOH
Paul says the better ones are saved for the end they are eligible to win those.
Victor – I’m surprised James got it..
Victor – if I do some f***d up sh1t america you better save me.
Paul asks him how the Nomination speech is coming..
Paul – please do the beads.. do the beads..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 14-42-49-773

2:41am Have nots Zakiyah and Michelle
Zakiyah – why the hell did I drop
Michelle – do you thin If Paulie played Veto and he won would he save me..
Zakiyah – I would ask him

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 14-45-27-765

2:43pm Vics hands are still f****d from the HOH competition.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-05 14-46-56-420
2:44pm backyard is open.. WTF
Nicole going on about not getting the care package, ‘I’m over thinking it.. they want me out so they gave it to James”
Corey – james is the mocentral player…

Nicole now thinking that James would use the care package to protect them. James walks by .

Nicole – congratz.. you are loved..
James – i’m going to X all your votes.. just kidding..
They asks him to not X both of them
Nicole – I wouldn’t do that to you and Nat
James – i’m not going to X you C’mon..

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137 thoughts on “James gets the second Care package, “Thanks America… AMERICA”

      1. James gets good edits. They think because he put up Frank he made a big move. They have no idea “Paulie is his Leader”

    1. Comments like this perplex me. This is BB; they are all lie. They are all “coming after each other.” They are all “saying each other’s names.” They all “are playing for themselves.” They will all “put each other up.” They all are “talking behind each other’s backs.” Comments and thoughts to the contrary are naive at best, and just ignorant at worst.

      1. I don’t recall him or her saying james was a liar, I think he said he was boring.

        Sometimes we type faster than we think.

        wink wink…

        1. maybe you should re-read the original comment
          “This season sucks and James leads the pack.

          Who likes that lying worm?”

        2. You are the archetype of your very post. Think before you type. Don’t “wink wink;” think-think prior to keying in your, um, thoughts instead. And while you’re at it, re-read the last sentence in the original post.

    2. Happy James care package is pretty much useless this week. He doesn’t deserve sh*t.

      Can’t believe this little f*cker is probably going to win america’s fav again.

      1. I wish this care package was the 1st one so Da’could’ve potentially won it because it’s wasted now. James won’t use it and Nat thinks she doesn’t need it.
        I can’t with James any longer…to stand there while the PP crew is discussing when to evict your girlfriend and say or do nothing? He doesn’t even deserve jury.
        If PP is discussing who is the bigger threat between Z and Meech, it’s a slow news day in the BB house.
        Victor, the guys like your HOH, not you. Listen to the warnings you have been given.
        Nat got on my nerves last night in the HOH comp…fall or shut up.
        Nicole is delusional.
        Kinda glad Da’ is in jury now. I like her and this clusterf*ck is no place for people I like.

        1. here’s how useless 2 votes are. day went out 6-2. if she had 2 eliminated she would have gone out 4 to 2. if she had won that package, they wouldn’t have even nominated her as a replacement unless they knew 100% about the votes, and in this situation, they knew 100% that she’d be getting at least 2 votes, and weren’t sure about james, and if james would sway natalie. anyways, 2 votes unless there are only 5 total votes in play are pretty useless to eliminate. and how do you know who is going to vote which way, unless maybe corey is on the block, you know nicole isn’t voting him out, and maybe maybe paulie wont then you know only one vote for sure.

      1. Frank was my player during the good and bad times never changed. Right now I am rooting for Bridgette.

        I think many of the players want Paulie out they do not want the other players to hand him the game.

    3. Personally I root for people based on how much I like them as a person. I think actually getting angry at someone for their game choices is stupid. They aren’t playing for us. Sure it’s frustrating to see someone make a move that doesn’t benefit them, but everyone forgets how incomplete of a picture the houseguests have. So I save my dislike for people I just find despicable as people. I’m not going to bash someone for not making the game move that I want them to.

    4. psyched james got the care package if only because it forces him to actually choose sides and get blood on his hands, but is otherwise pretty much worthless.

      also this means that bridgette could still get super safety, which she may need.

  1. James gets the care package that’s cool because I still run this house and Zakiyah still gonna do whatever I tell her because I control her thirsty ass and fuck the fans idc what they think I about me because I’m the king bitches

    1. If Z or Mich comes off the block James might need it if Nat were to be put up. If she is not up as a replacement I wish James would use it to ensure Z gets sent out, Paul sounds like he wants Z gone but Paulie would be p*ssed. The question would then be does James have the guts to do it?

    1. True, but I think the Co-HOH would benefit her most. Especially if the next HOH comp is mental, she stands a good chance at winning it. Then follow that up with the week of co-HOH, maybe she could wake a few people up to the real threat of the house. She stated in her DR that she trusts no one, good time to make a move if she has one of the next two care packages. I’d like Vic to get the bribe money to see if he could get Corey to finally admit…..

    1. Simon could you tell us if James can use the veto this week on either eviction vote.
      Since it’s a double eviction on same day and they are both next week.
      Rules only state “in next week’s eviction”.

  2. Who the heck am I gonna vote for next week now that James and Natalie is ineligible? Next is Bridgette for sure, but after that? I don’t like anyone else :'(

    Who would you vote for for the upcoming weeks? Week 3 is super safety, Week 4 is co hoh, and Week 5 is bribe

    1. i will be doing bridgette, nicole and possibly vic, in no particular order, just because i want to send the message that michelle, zak, & paulie are not going to get advantages ever. anyone that paulie/paul/other guyzzz target are the ones i want to have a package, in order to mess their plans up for who they are getting evicted.

      as you can see eliminate votes would be wasted on nicole, she’s fully backing paulie, and we know paulie is happy to get her out next, never cared. if she has super safety he won’t be able to put her up. if she is co HOH he won’t be able to put her up then either. i dont’ think the bribe package is worth anything, just as i didn’t think the 2 votes would be worth anything at this point. i suppose james is forced to use it or not, but there isn’t anyone worth saving, unless bridgette is up then he should make sure those are eliminated, but then what, who exactly would he eliminate, and can he guarantee there just wouldn’t be a shift in how others vote to ensure the proper outcome, and if zak and michelle are up there and zak goes out, is she blaming him for eliminating her safety votes (not that she might have any, but whatever)

      altho i would have liked to see if zak actually did follow thru on her idea that she’d get paulie out, i think she is all talk no action. maybe if she’d gotten it for the instant or double eviction the really fast one, but there’s no way anyone is going to let him sit on the block for an entire week. even if backdoored. i’d like to see james and natalie do it, but think both of them also too focused on nicole. nicole isn’t winning anything, she didn’t in her own season and she isn’t throwing any of these either. paulie is, victor is, bridgette is, if anything they should be aware that as numbers drop, so is their own chance of beating a paulie/victor/bridgette combo

      not a fan of this power anyway, didn’t even remember that they’d used it before.

      I did notice that all the comps seem to be exact duplicates of other comps, not even much variation of the style. I kind of like that.

      1. Zak hasn’t & won’t ever do a damn thing in this game. She is just an insecure child who follows Paulie around like a groupie.

    2. Week 3 super safety = Bridgette
      Week 4 co-HOH = Victor (if he makes past DE and smartens up by then)
      Week 5 bribe = Paul (since I wouldn’t put bribing others past him if his butt was on the line anyway)

      1. i’d be tempted to give the co-hoh to paulie, because he’s gonna run the hoh anyway. plus it may mean he can’t compete in the following week’s hoh competition (not sure if this has been clarified, but it actually turns the advantage into a disadvantage).

    3. Can’t decide who to vote for on the next one because I am having trouble figuring out who Paulie is really after next. I want Brig to be safe so do I vote for her on #3 or wait for #4?

      I have almost considered voting for VIC this week. Not because I like him but because I want to screw up Paulie’s plan to get him out and watch Paulie get ticked off. So tired of Paulie’s confidence that he will call the shots each week!!!

  3. great job now hope pov nom stay the same
    in bridget stay safe for America packages 3 im voting for bridget like crazy if she hoh next week
    im vote the rest to Nicole in give bridget the America 4 ether way bridget I belive will win next one or after next
    thank you America for give james this one in save bridget for the next one

      1. This commenter is contributing to the conversation I understood what was said. It is best to encourage one to write than to discourage. The more they write the better they get.

  4. I think Michelle, Nicole, Z, and Paul should not receive a care package. I would say Paulie and Corey as well but I know there are too many packages left. Thus, someone undesirable will get one.

    1. Paul just told Michelle he likes to shop and all of the shirts he is wearing is urban. Question: Whats wrong with his store they don’t have shirts or do he really have a store. am just saying Lol

    2. I am thinking of voting for Paul for #5. Crazy reasoning but I think that maybe if he really does all that volunteer work like his mother said that he might choose to give that bribe money to someone that he feels really needs the money versus someone he is teamed with.

    1. WTH America?? James wont use the ACP2 to help HIS game or Victors HOH He didnt play his own HOH and didnt want to get his hands dirty last week with DA. Wasted vote.

    2. You got that right! If people like James that much they gave him the lamest package. If you like him, you give him a power package, like co hoh. Now, the power will get the power packages. I don’t understand the thinking.

  5. wow nicole quickly became super annoying vic if your too much of a pussy to put up pp at least do us all a solid and send nicole packing this week

  6. Now that America screwed up everything by giving James & Natalie the worst care packages… Hopefully Michelle or Z gets the week of safety since they both suck anyway. Then hopefully Bridgette gets the co-hoh & Corey gets the bribe care package since he’s as dumb as a box of rocks anyway. I can’t see any better outcome…

  7. He has to use it this week. What a stupid, wasteful vote, AMERICA!! I’m so mad. People are NOT THINKING AHEAD!!
    From what I see, America doesn’t like paul, Pauline, most of the HG left. Who is going to get the better ones?
    James is the LAST person who needs this! we all know, Nd he knows, Natalie isn’t going up, this was such a dumb vote by America.
    I did have something political typed out about Americans in general…….but decided, not.

  8. Nicole is going after the girls as if she is a guy, she has low self-esteem. She feels threaten by the girls. Nicole wanted Day out and Zakiyah WHY because those two girls would get with her told if they really new what she was saying behind their backs. She came for Day but hid behind other HG. I can’t wait until she meet up with Day in the jury house where she cant run or hide. I know Zakiyah will tell Nicole off in the jury house… in other words get with that chick and this would be just what Nicole needs. NICOLE IS COBRA SNAKE! Dirty to the CORE…

    1. That’s a little extreme. I think Nicole is a nice girl. Ppl bash on these house guests to the extreme. They r all ppl with their flaws put on blast on live tv. Give it a rest u r not perfect.

  9. James is the worst person to receive those X’s . I liked him last time , he was the underdog and fought and fought. This year so lame, Not thinking about the game ahead but only week to week. Imo he got wrong getting out Frank and got wrong staying true to Da and then turning back to Paulie. Bouncing from one side to the other. He’s not gonna use those 2 for his own good. If he were smart he would def be the power on this week. Nicole? Pathetic, thinking why James/Nat are been granted the care package. But again we see that some people inside always think they must be loved outside when its the opposite.

  10. Too bad that we can’t vote to give no one the care package to show the houseguests that we think they all suck.

    1. I know.. it would be nice if we could give a package to put someone as an eviction nom instead of saving a person. Then the HGs would really see who we don’t like!

  11. James is so bad at this game his people will still get voted out . he will be told to use it to cancle is own vote and ants and he probably will do it . he is a complete moron . The same thing happened last time he sat around and watch all the people he trusted get picked off one by one and never did a damn thing to try and stop it . just like this year . he is useless and I hope he gets voted out soon

  12. If Victor was playing BB he’ d break up the most dangerous alliance, Paulie and Paul. Put them up . But Victor thinks he a part of the PP team. Even though Da warn him he’d be out if there’s a double eviction. He could use her as his excuse. This week is a double eviction, and Victor can’t play for the HOH. If James doesn’t use his advantage, he should just volunteer to go to jury The high school peer pressure games instead of game play is BS.

  13. Nicole is falling hard for BiCurious Corey. I wonder if Corey feels the same or is just using her? Good that James won care package, Bad that he won’t use it, unless Natalie is on the block.

    1. Sorry but millions of people didn’t collectively agree to save packages for certain people. Stop overthinking it. People voted for their favorites. Bridgette will most likely win next week.

      1. Has to be fans that only watch the show that voted for James. Anyone else that knows whats really going on in the house would never vote for James at this point. Unless they’re just confused like some of the houseguest and think this is a popularity contest instead of big brother.

        1. Well I’m going to completely pull a number out of my ass here, but I would guess that only watching the CBS show is over 90% of viewers.

        2. Right! People watch the show and vote for their favorite. They don’t know James is a rat . They will vote for Nicole next .They don’t know she’s a rat. Wh knows after that. I’m Team Cabbage Patch, hoping B gets the4th one.

  14. PLEASE put NicHole on the block! Nasty nasty NicHole needs to stfu … Tells James not to “X” them … “I’d never do that to you and Nat”. That’s the very first thing Nasty NicHole would do. She disgusts me more every time I read these posts even though I think she couldn’t disgust me more than she already has … She does. Nasty girl … YOU shouldn’t read anything after you get out of the BB House otherwise you’ll “melt away” just like the wicked witch of the west “I’m melting … I’m melting” now that I think about it NicHole looks like the wicked witch!

    1. I really, really don’t understand the level of hate for Nicole. She’s holding her shit together better than Michelle, z and day did. And she’s not playing any dirtier than the rest, but the amount of absolute hate towards her is wild! Bridgette has gone from hiding behind Frank to now doing the same with PP! The whole house is awful. But, you seem to really be going in a bit personal, don’t ya think?! Take a breath, relax!!

  15. I literally laughed out loud reading Nicole being upset not being Americas favorite. DUH! Haha I hate how she plays this game lookig for love instead of $500,000 you would think she learned the first time -_-

  16. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for Nicole to understand that America likes a nice girl more than a mean girl. I love how jealous it’s making her.

    1. And since when is a goat burning bastard a person with morals? I hope PETA is waiting for him and dumps a bucket of fake blood on him. Texas A&M , he’s one of yours. How proud are you?

  17. they should be allowed to save them for at least another week or 2….or not have so many care packages to begin with!

  18. This is the week to get Paulie out. Some little birdie in the Diary room needs to converse about long term game with Paul and Victor individually, so they can see that there isn’t enough room at the end for the 3 of them. Back door Paulie if he doesn’t win the POV. They would have James and Nat on board for votes going forward, and Nicole/Corey haven’t exactly shown themselves to be comp beasts yet. Victor, think about it…you, Paul, James and Natalie vs Nicole, Corey, Michelle, and Zakiyah. You have to like those odds a lot, right?

  19. “Nicole says it’s bizarre to her that Natalie would be the favorite.”

    Nicole, you hate Natalie for petty reasons. America does not give a shit about those reasons.

    1. Isn’t it amazing that Nicole’s most significant relationships with men occur in the bizarro world of the Big Brother house, where nothing is real? Maybe it is because said hunk can’t run away.

      1. I believe at some point Corey is going to have enough of her whining and bitchiness and lead the charge to have her evicted. He better put restrictions on his Facebook and Twitter, because that girl is going to stalk him like a dog after a steak.
        And you’re right, Nicole – America doesn’t like you. Bet your Mom and Dad are so proud.

    2. Nicole acts more like she’s in Rehab than the BB house. All she does is complain. Wear clothes suitable for cleaning the basement. Her hair is a mess. etc….

    3. Why do you guys like Natalieeeeeeeeee? She’s prettier than meeeeeeeee. And has big booooooooobs. That’s meeeeeeeeeeean.

  20. god I am so tired of listening to this whinning 24/7 ! does this chick really believe what she says over and over ? how can I make her stop talking and being so stupid . she loves a gay man and thinks a little lying troll is the greatest thing and trusts him 100% . America hates you Nicole because you are to dumb to see whats in front of you . Stop playing the game with your twat and open those eyes to see clearly . for heavens sake stfu for 5 minutes your not that cute . you are making me long for Victorias’ voice Dingus !

  21. Vic said he hopes American will save him if he does something stupid………….this makes me wonder….could it be, Vic actually knows what is going on in the house, and knows he is powerless to stop it?
    Paulie is jealous of Vic…………..he won’t give Vic his 3 comp wins to get back in the house……….LOL Paulie is such a jealous girl!

  22. enough with the idiotic tricks and gimmicks. giving someone the power to remove two eviction votes at this stage of the game is ridiculous i don’t care who it is.

    1. Everyone whines and moans every year about Battle of the Block, Diamond Power of Veto, Coup ‘d Etat, and every other twist that Production introduces to make it different and a bit more interesting. I have whined and moaned myself. Let’s at least see what ensues from these Care Packages before we decide that they are stupid or irrelevant or whatever. This could turn out to be game-changing if the package recipients use a bit of strategy, it and could be fun for us to watch the hamsters scramble in confusion.

  23. Freakin Victor is such a dumb ass. He needs to put up PP. his brain is the size of a pea. Nicole please stop complaining cause you are not getting a care package, you are gross, Corey is gross and you for sure are in a grossmance, nobody likes it! Gross

  24. I hope Vic comes back down to earth and remembers that Pukie backdoor-ed him. It’s time to return the favor.

    1. The care package voids two votes for eviction which isn’t until Thursday. He won’t get to make a choice until after the POV ceremony. Then he’ll have to ask who Paulie wants not to vote.

    2. Technically he can’t use it until next Thursday but yes. Wish we could have longer to see who is eliminated before we have to vote

    3. This doesn’t defeat the purpose at all. It could instigate some strategizing and influence who gets nominated by causing HGs to start considering bold moves they otherwise wouldn’t attempt at this stage. A courageous individual or minority could now try to orchestrate the back dooring of a Paulie or Nicole, knowing they need only persuade James to work with them. Oops! Forgot there are no such HGs this season. Sorry. My bad.

  25. If this week is a DE and voting is soon to be open for next week’s care package, would the person receive it during Thursday’s show? I suspect that the care package of safety will be awarded the full week after DE.

    1. Well the popularity poll at jokers is 1. Natalie, 2. James, and 3. Bridgette.

      So yeah. Pretty safe bet if things stay the same.

  26. Paulie told Zackiyah that he wants to get rid of Victor soon. If Zackiyah is put on the block she should let Victor know this. I’m sure that she realises that Paulie influences who is put up on the block. Da”Vonne and Zackiyah both telling him this might give him doubts about Paulie.

  27. Simon do you know if James can use this package in the double evict since the next care package doesn’t come out until after the double eviction? This could save him or Natalie from DE.

  28. Can’t wait to see meech’s reaction and Nicole’s as well when Bridgett gets an even better care package. Such jealous girls. Why shouldn’t America love Natalie. Because you don’t like her ? These girls do not need to put themselves in the public eye. They are way too insecure to take the criticism they will see when they come out

    1. I think Natalie should be America’s Favorite this year. She is a nice person and has a big heart – hopefully she stays until final 4 or all of the way until the end.

    2. I’ll try not to go overboard on the psychology here, but it’s actually pretty simple. Everyone naturally thinks they are the good person. These people get in groups and the idea that they are the good people is being constantly reinforced among them, and those outside the groups are the bad guys. So when they find out the public feels differently it’s a shock to them.

      1. I look for the people that are REALLY being themselves as my favorite….I always vote for the one that ends up winning too.

    3. no girls have really been talking just nicole michelle really only talks shit about bridgette. right know the boys have been talking shit the girls havent till like week 5

  29. These tres amigos pp plus victor are such douchebags. Please get rid of all three. Dang it Natalie…wish you would not have fallen off. Victor is so full of himself.

  30. OMG the look on Nicole’s face when Natalie wins AFP. The other girls too. I kinda wish I could just fast forward to that moment.

  31. I don’t understand why ppl like James so much? You like the dude barely playing; riding on others coattails and in a whatevermance?! He’s basically playing for America’s fave… This isn’t a popularity contest.. The best players of this game don’t play to be liked! Why is everyone so upset at watching Paul and Paulie kicking ass?! that’s what makes this game fun to watch; I don’t wanna see a bunch of whiners who win zero comps…. Nicole may be boy stupid but she’s in fact the smartest girl in the house right now, she has clung on to the strongest player and she doesn’t cry and cause drama..she is also well aware of what is going on in the house …. I’m looking fwd to seeing James leave soon, even before Nat…

  32. God Paulie is sooooooooo sexaaaay!!!!!!! I’m not a homo or anything, but i can see why Z’s loins are burning such passion for him!

  33. Oh how I wish they would lock Nicole in the Paris room for one hour with a hair dresser, to teach that girl how to put that damn nest of hers up the right way, drives me crazy. Is it just me that she is looking uglier every pic I see of her, maybe be cause I’m just tired of the girl. Come on Vic and surprise the hell out of us make a BIG move please.

    1. I am so in agreement. This morning she got up and was doing her hair. What a rats nest. She does that on purpose. For live shows she straightens it. Don’t like all the pairs this season. Still want Gnat gone first.

  34. Does anyone know how this ACP is working this next week with the DE coming up? I assume the one James won is only good for the first of the two evictions. We are voting on number #3 now, will they take the time to award #3 prior to the 2nd eviction or will it be for the following Thursday?

    1. #3 voting starts this Sunday and ends Friday the 12th after DE. Will have no impact this Thursday other than wasted votes for 2 HGs.

  35. Nicole telling Corey she wants Natalie out just shows how jealous she is and ironic that she says it would be a strategic move and not an emotional move as it’s totally just due to emotion. I really hope James and Natalie get her out before she can do the same to them.

  36. I loved the hashtag #grossmance which of course is for Nickery and Nicole getting the hand jobs under the blankets…. If you do a search on Twitter 90% of the #grossmance are about them.

    1. I think that production used Glenn as a pawn from the day he was cast. They realised he would be the ideal person to evict on the first night and it would not upset the Glee Club. Glenn is at least 20 years older than most of the hgs and was not as physically fit. I don’t imagine he could have kept up with some of the physical comps, although many in the house have not kept up. CBS should do another version of BB with slightly older hgs, bring back Donny and try to find guests that can actually string 2 words together without inserting the F bomb.

  37. I feel the care packages are pointless because the HGS are too intimidated by Paulie to use them. They are too scared to make moves because they keep comparing themselves to past BB HGS. STOP WASTING OUR TIME & PLAY THE DAMN GAME!!!

  38. America made the right call…
    Everyone should relax, of course James doesn’t need to make waves (he’s a floater, why would he want to), he is in a good spot for this week, and America didn’t screw up the vote…
    While the majority of America’s votes were taking place, NatNat was hanging on for dear life in the final 2 of HOH that EVERYONE wanted her to get over Victor…
    So while Natalie looked to be the potential HoH, who were you voting for? If you are a fan Nat I would hope you were voting for James… or Bridgette…

  39. So let me understand this, Nicole first tells Corey that Natalie will never vote a girl out and will always favor a girl over a guy no matter if it’s James. Then in the same conversation Nicole says she is worried that Natalie will put her on the block. Finally Corey goes and tells Paulie only the comment that Natalie will never vote a girl out and will always target guys but of course leaves out the part that Nicole is worried that Natalie would put her up…. Typical BB BS at it’s best in the House and Nicole is becoming a master…. :D

  40. What a waste of the care package. In case anyone doubted it before, James has made it Official that he is the worst player in BB history.

    He gets the power to eliminate two votes and says he doesn’t need to use it? Well, he’s right, he doesn’t need to use it since he’s not trying to win. I always thought Asians excel at math… there are only 7 people voting this week. That mean eliminate 2 votes and you only need 3 votes to evict someone.. and him and Natalie are 2.

    A real player goes to Vic with that and works with the HOH to get out a big target (I’m looking at you Paulie). Remind Vic that Paulie backdoored him and confirm what Da said that Paulie wants Vic out in Double Eviction.

    Vic puts up 2 pawns(Corey & Paul would be ideal, since they’d try to win and take themselves down), which reduced the chance of Paulie playing in Veto and the only way you don’t get Paulie out is if he gets picked for Veto and wins. If he does, Vic “clips” Corey and only needs 3 votes to do it.

    But since James is the ultimate p@$$y, I think Vic should put up James and Natalie. That way even if one of them wins Veto, James has to use his power to save his one sided showmance or himself.

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