Michelle – “Do you think anyone see Paulie as a threat.. It feels like no one does.. people are dumb”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

POV was not used nominations stay the same

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 14-26-18-710

10:18am backyard James and Michelle
James – what’s up MEE-chelle..
Michelle – soaking up the rays

Michelle says she’s going to campaign today and tomorrow, “I dunno”
Jam es- well no matter what happens you’ll be in jury it’s a good experience to go to Jury.. I did it..
Michelle – I’m counting on you to win.. Get to final 2. I would love to see you win.. I would love to see natale win.. I never thought I would say that
James – she never knew about this game.. I tried to keep her under the radar.. I could leave her and she would do her own thing..

James – Took her under my wing.. Taught her the ways and released her into the BB word.
James wants someone to win that will be smart with the money.
Michelle says Paul is loaded.. “He owns a company he has no credit card bills not college bills he lives in a big house.. At home no expenses.. “
James says COrey is well off
They agree Natalie needs the money, “she knows what it’s like to be friggin hungry”
Michelle – Paulie doesn’t need the money
James- Paulie’s family is taken care of..
James- it’s who played the game the best.. We almost voted for Vanessa last season and she had millions of dollars..

Michelle says the comment she made about Nicole, Paulie and Corey always whispering is where she went wrong.
James agrees lists off a couple more things that Victor included in his speech.
James – you played a good game you made it past Frank and Da… a lot of people.. You made it to Jury
Michelle – you think they want me home
James- no telling.. I’m not going to say no because there’s always a chance..
Michelle – I want to warn people before I go.. A couple people I can see going far and people not knowing what they’ve done or said..
Meech – I could see them winning this game.
James – I could possibly go far in this game now..
James – whatever happens don’t be hard on yourself..
Meech – you hinting at something
James – no, I’m a realist I’m always expecting the worst

Michelle – I don’t think this HOH was strategic..
Michelle – Do you think anyone see Paulie as a threat.. It feels like no one does
James – everyone likes him
Michelle – doesn’t make him a bigger threat than
James – ya
Michelle – people are dumb
Michelle adds that Paulie has manipulated people to put up his HOH’s 3 weeks in a row.. He’s never been on the block as a target.
Michelle – Nicole lied to me and said he wasn’t a pawn but he was a pawn that first week
Sometimes I feel like this whole house is oblivious
James – everyone has their time in the game some people sooner than others..
Michelle says Tiffany, Frank and Da told them not to trust Nicole and now Michelle is believing them.
Michelle – none of them would have put either of us up
James – ya you’re right
Meech – should have kept them
Meech wants to start letting the house knows she’s targeting Paulie and Nicole
James says that will just sharpen their efforts to get her out.
Meech – I only need three votes.. Nicole, Paulie and Corey won’t matter

Me Zakiyah, Paulie and Nicole we were working together
Michele says PAulie called it an alliance last week, “Both of use on the block and he wouldn’t save us shows the crappy person you are.. And he knows I’m onto him”
Michelle – in my opinion Paulie and Nicole are running this house..
Michelle – I just hope this season isn’t filled with dumb people that are oblivious..
James says they can’t look back at what happened they have to look at the future adds that people’s game change week by week.

James – I’m at the mercy of the house hopefully I don’t get targeted for something small.
Michelle – be on your watch cause they can target you for something small

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 14-28-31-709


11:51am Nicole falls off the couch..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 14-21-26-816

HOH Pictures..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 14-57-40-597
12:27pm Nicole asks Victor what he wrote in the HOH blog
Victor – I said F*** paul..
Nicole – what did you say about me.. tell me the truth .. whats your relationship with me
Victor – I love her to death.. and I said.. she crushes on Corey all day Dot dot dot
Nicole – you don’t say he’ crushes on me.. I’m pissed..
Nicole going on and on about this saying the fans are going think he doesn’t crush on her.
Victor says he meant is as a cute thing. Paul agree says it’s cute

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 15-01-04-397

Natalie and Bridgette prank James putting olive oil and some other misc stuff in his shampoo

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 15-06-40-817

1:38pm Backyard Corey, Nicole and Paulie
Corey telling him about a bartender at his work that rolls his $100 bill sup so tight he has 20 grand in a little roll. (See image above)

Paulie saying that Bridgette is responding to Michelle’s campaigning. Saying that some of the points Michelle made are good points.

Paulie is going to call out MIchelle for making a 8 person alliance.
Corey says James wants to tell Bridgette that Paul is targeting her next week.
Corey – if both y’all tell her she’s believe you and keep her mouth shut
Corey adds they have to reinforce that the backdoor plan was Paul’s second option he wanted Bridgette out

Paulie – she’s going to blow me up to Vic.. This f***g chick was the main one that wanted you out with Da’vonne.. I’m going to turn it back on her saying she made a 8 person alliance.. That’s all she can blow up ..

Paulie – she can blow up the 4 of us but that’s already.covered.. If Michelle never opened her f***g dumb mouth I would have been fine..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 15-22-08-054

2:13pm Backyard MEECH, Natalie and Bridgette
Bridgette – what’s your game plan meech
Meech knows she’s going home, “Technically I need 3 votes”
Bridgette – I don’t want you to go we’ve had beef before I don’t want you to go
Meech says she’s been screwed over from the people she was working with. She’s looking for more people to work with. She trust them and James she’s not coming after any of them.
Meech – I wouldn’t put you and Victor up
Bridgette – if we can keep you this week it’ll be pivotal .. I’ve been brainstorming for you .. Real talk right now
Meech – I’m starting to believe everything Frank says.. Tiffany, Frank, Da’Vonne said not to trust Nicole.. I see it now I see clearly.. If I go this week I’ll be the fourth person

Meech – I see Paulie winning this thing.. He’s won 50% the HOH’s he’s played..
Meech – no offense everyone in this house is obvious he has an impeccable social game he’s been manipulated people secretly
Meech says every other season he would be the main target because of all these comps wins

Bridgette – this is what he’s pitching about me
Meech – he knows I’m onto them
Bridgette explains that he pitches that her Victor and Paulie are the powerhouses winning all the comps.. Bridgette’s added it up he’s winning too many comps.
Bridgette mentions how pissed Paulie is at Michelle calling his comp wins out.
Bridgette – Paulie is running the house
Meech brings up Nicole lying to her week 1 about Paulie going up as the pawn.
Meech – do you think they suggested to Victor for putting me up.. Do you know where Victor’s heads at
Bridgette – people are using him I wish he would think for himself..
Bridgette says Victor is one of 3 people that wants to keep Michelle
Bridgette – where do you and James stand
Natalie me and James don’t vote together.. I do my own thing..
Bridgette says the way James is playing he won’t use those votes (Vote votes) strategically unless a group of people want him to.
Meech was hoping Victor would put Paulie on the block, “He’s (Paulies) the one that backdoored him and he (Victor) went home”
Bridgette – I know..

Bridgette – If I win during Double I’m putting him up against Nicole I don’t care.. I want Paulie gone.. I think they have a final 2 deal their families are close.
Bridgette says Frank and Da’Vonne had final 2’s with Nicole, ‘Look how that turned out”
Michelle says she’s not mad at Victor she knows Paulie got in his head.
Bridgette – how do we convince the house
Michelle – If I have you you and James I’m staying
Bridgette – james will have to use his power strategically .. James doesn’t have the balls to do it that’s not his game right now
Michelle – I don’t know how to go about it
Michelle – If I do leave I plan on blowing up their games as I walk out the door..
Bridgette is all for it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 15-41-39-442
2:50pm – 3:12pm Natalie and Bridgette
Bridgette – do you think James will be down to flip the house
Natalie – I’m hoping
Bridgette says she I talked to James before and he didn’t want to make any surprises with his Veto vote.. I don’t think he’s down to flip the house.
Bridgette – Corey volunteered to have his vote cancelled he thinks it’s doesn’t matter.

Bridgette – my brain is working..
Bridgette – You, me, James, vic and Paul all on the same page and MEECH that’s 6 people, 6 against 3 for next week.. But Vic can’t play HOH so it’s 5 people against 3
Bridgette – Paul won’t turn again Paulie..
Natalie agrees
Bridgette – how do we get Paul over here..
Natalie – I’m thinking the same as you

3:35pm Backyard.. Pooltable .

Nicole – I feel like Corey you are Taylor swift’s type
Corey – oh ya
Nicole – I feel that she would totally date youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Corey – I plan on hitting her up after this
Nicole – I honestly think she would 100% date you .. like you’re 100% her type (Totally her type but not his type)
Paulie – she had all kinda types

Michelle turning up the social game.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 16-03-26-889
4:00pm RBidgette and Michelle
Michelle saying that when the house calls Victor exec it’s a insult
Bridgette says Vic thinks it’s a compliment.

Michelle adds that Paul knew about the plan this week she doesn’t think they can pull Paul away from paulie.
Michelle saying maybe they should tell Paul they have 5 votes they

Bridgette says it has to be solid before they try to flip the house because if it’s not it’ll blow up her and James’ game.
Michelle – they are afraid of Paulie.. You Think
Bridgette – maybe.. He makes everyone think he’ll take them along with him
Michelle – that’s how I felt

Michelle says Corey told her Zakiyah was the target..
Bridgette – you close to Nicole
Michelle – not anymore
Explains she drifted apart 2 weeks ago
Bridgette – that’s when Frank left.

Bridgette wants to shake it up say the worst thing that can happen to them is they end up in Jury.
Michelle – he knows I don’t want him in the house

Bridgette says the only girls that are close to Paulie are the showmance girls because he controls them.

Bridgette – we’re independent thinking women and he’s intimidated by independent powerful woman.. He’s afraid of us
Bridgette lists off all the strong girls that have been eliminated.
Michelle says Paulie is lying to Victor about the comps wins.
Bridgette – be careful what you say it’ll go Vic to paul then Paulie
Michelle mention how funny it is that all these people think he’ll take them far, “he’s not”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 16-40-12-761
4:40pm Chit chat all around the house
Paul mentions how he had s$x the day before going to the show because he knew he would be “Dry” for awhile.
Paul – I had to say my goodbyes
Bridgette finds red heads a turn off because her dad is a red head and she always thinks of him
Paul thinks bad teeth is a turn off and smelling bad
Michelle says smelling bad under “There” is a turn off.

Bridgette – to be honest I made out with a guy with a beard and it was too soft for me.. (AHHAHAHAH)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 16-45-57-580
4:46pm -4:55pm HOH Nicole and Corey
Nicole – right now it a good time to make a final 4
Nicole wants a final 4 with Paulie, Corey and James. (So you can get evicted at final 4 and cry)
Nicole – if we make a final 4 we control the votes from here on out
Corey – unless two of us go up
Nicole – Paulie will have z, James will have Natalie’s vote.. we gotta get Bridgette or Paul out..
Corey – ya
Nicole – Michele hasn’t asked me for her vote
Nicoel wants to cut Natalie at final 5

Corey claiming that Michelle has been sleeping all day and hasn’t been talking much, “there’s not much she can campaign with”
Nicole – I’m shocked she’s not fighting harder.. this is a dream for her she needs to fight harder..
Nicole says she’ll respect Michelle more if she fights hard to stay.

Nicole – I don’t thin kit’s cool that James is going to use it on Natalie.. that’s really lame..

Nicole says Michelle thinks she has James and Natalie’s vote.. that’s really bad for me he should veto mine and not Natalie what does he think she’ll make final 2 that’s bull crap..
Nicole wants both Zakiyah and Michelle’s vote in the final 2.
Nicole is having trouble voting Michelle out
Corey won’t have trouble says Michelle has a big mouth
Corey asks why she said that about Taylor swift..
Nicole – I honestly think you are 100% her type I feel like I know her.. she wants a good guy that’s humble and good looking and not too famous.. she wants a family.. i dunno you’re her type..

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I really hope Michelle has the round trip ticket because she seems to be the only one willing to shake up the game even though Nat and James realised Paulie is a big threat too.


Was down on Meech but at least she is coming around. SOOO disappointed with James Paulie is Van from last season and Meech is telling him how it is like the dentist did disappointing. This is the time you need to line up your peeps James. I also think I actually like Paul at least way more than Paulie. He(paul) wants he girls put but he doesn’t make it personal and I cant stomach the Paulie and Z thing. She just looks so bad. I do wish she would go because this is going to really affect her mentally outside of this house .. please pleas BB gods

Almost gets it...

Just when it sounds like she gets it…aaaa she doesn’t. Nichole isn’t running anything. She is more focused on Corey than being able to co-run the house with paulie.


james is chicken and wont dare use his voting nixing power for his own benefit

nat does as she is told

michelle winning the round trip would be good tv, the only one there not bowing down to paulie

Cat lover

I think that Paulie and his little up tight Zakiyah go and take a hike down to the jury where they belong!!! BB contests- GET THEM OUT!!!


I am now officially a Bridgette fan. I like that she wants to save Meech and go after Paulie and Nicole. She might be able to pull it off if she can get Vic on her side along with James. Paul would be in the middle banging his pots and pans.

house flip

if theres a house flip, the double eviction ep will be epic

this could get really interesting

i want to see paulie and nicole panic and see how they react under the pump

grow some balls james, we want real gameplay entertainment, not your silly pranks

lets do this

Powder Puff Girl

We now know where Bridgette stands – I am voting for her to get the care package this week. If she can get a strong foot hold, reel in Victor, Paul. It always comes down to James holding 2 votes – there will be no movement with this p@ssy!

Cat Lover

Ikr I so hope the others see he is a way bigger threat then Bridget!!!


The unhinged mean girl who only decides to play for herself once one foot is out the door deserves no credit. That’s like crediting a person who was carried up a mountain, then as she begins to fall, begins scrapping to hang on. That’s survival instinct…not a willingess to flip the house.

It’s just such a shame that James is such a coward because he could make a big move that wouldn’t even come back on him. Bridgette goes to James and tells him to go to Nicole, Corey and float the idea that he wants to give them the vote veto, so Michelle isn’t as mad at them. Then James, Nat, Bridgette vote out Z. Bridgette promises to cop to her vote, then James blames his on Paul in private and Bridgette backs him up…if they really wanted to be devious, they could talk to Paul right before they go live, and say he told them Paulie changed the plan at the last minute and since everybody knows Paul does what Paulie says they believed him.

Regardless, for James, Paulie gets put off balance and Michelle, Bridgette, Paul, and Vic are bigger targets than him and Nat.

An Apple A Day

With Michelle, I still can’t. She’s such a baby, she’s been loyal to NO one, and she’s just a bitch.


Get over it, its a tv show, we want some entertainment


At first I wanted Michelle out, now I’m starting to rethink that. I feel like without her in the game Paulie is gonna steamroll the competition bc nobody has the balls to go after him. And Nicole, my gosh, she’s dumber than I thought. She literally just said let’s make a final 4. Now’s the time. You already have an alliance with Paulie and Corey in it, so the only person you’re adding is James. You don’t think Corey and especially Paulie will find this shady? Even if she makes it they’ll just take her out at 4. and what would be the incentive for James to say ok let me toss Natalie to the side and join a 4 person group where 2 of them are in a showmance. So dumb.
Back to Meech. I wish her campaigning wasn’t falling on deaf ears. It would be sweet if James, Natalie, Bridgette(& even Paul) voted out Zakiyah. James could use his void vote’s thingy on Nicole, bc she really wants him to, so that can’t make her mad. He could say, “look you asked me to use it on you.” Lol. He could use the other on Corey or even Paulie. I know I’m just dreaming thou bc James doesn’t have the ball$ to do it.


I never liked Michelle but I am starting to really want her to stay. I feel like she has massive jewels in the making….But I wonder, will she do what she states if she is hoh.
Z is such a downer in so many ways; completely useless in the house not eating so she looks good for Paulie – wow such fun (clapping noises).
I really hope Brigitte gets the double eviction hoh so that her super safety is valid.


Totally agree. Never liked Michelle or Z. But for entertainment value I want Michelle to stay. Can’t believe i just said that.


love him or hate him hands down paulie is the greatest player to ever step foot in the bb house period


You mean cockiest?
oh yah – for sure.


Yes his Cocki is certainly ginormous.

A Girl Has No Name

Paulie’s a bitch with bitch-ass tendencies who is so entitled he thinks he is the only one who should be allowed to play the game. “Best player….” ….. Hell NO.

Only can wish

Paulie, The King AKA THE DING-A-LING is about to get knocked off his throne…….Hopefully!!!


He’s made everyone his b*tch.

Please stop the madness

Paulie sucks.

Simple enough for you.


Nobody has or ever will touch
Dr. Will or Dan them two is by far
the greatest to date to play this game!!!


Or Derek


I actually think Evel Dick was the best player. Dan was good in Season 10, then he just turned prick in the last one he was in. Dr. Wil was definitely an original mastermind in this game.

Ghost of BB Past

Obviously coming from someone who only started watching this season.


oh yes to be the ring leader in the village of idiots . Dan , Dr. Will and the hideous Rachel would have convinced a few of these short bus riders self evict already . THATS HOW PATHETIC THIS SEASON OF BB HAS BEEN ! NEXT !

Uncle Teddy

Short bus riders!

Ghost of BB Past

Spoken like a true New Jersey resident who just graduated from Rutgers and just started watching BB this season.

Ghosts of BB Past

Spoken like a true resident of NJ who is a Rutgers grad and just started watching BB this season.


For sure he is..if you’ve never seen any season ever. He would not even make jury on good seasons.


There have been 18 season of BBUS, not counting season 1 where the format was completely different that means 16 winners of this modern version. Each person who won used a different strategy to get there. A few people will say that some had no strategy. If you have seen every single season you would know that not only is Paulie not the greatest player but he’s probably not even as good as a few people who didn’t win the game (Danielle BB3 comes to mind). Paulie is a bully, he’s no where near as good as Derrick was. He has used people and intimidated them and he got very lucky b/c he was put in there with a bunch of hamsters who cannot think for themselves. He has run the house since Frank left and just like Vanessa (who played a better game too but she was just so unlikeable), he should win if he gets to the end. BUT, that doesn’t mean he is the best player in BBUS history. He’d never have lasted with a different cast of characters.


What are you, 12?

A Girl Has No Name

I would love it if Paulie’s plan backfires and Meech stays. Z is HOPELESS and when she looks back on the way this pig is dogging her behind her back she is going to be heartbroken. I can’t excuse her behavior but I honestly believe she believes he likes her too and he is wrong for that. Gameplay is one thing….what he is doing isn’t gameplay and I really would like to see karma eff him up in true karma fashion. In a perfect world, she would wise up, win something, and be the one to give him his walking papers. Omg!!!!! I would be hooping and hollering in my living room!!! Reality says I’ll be sitting the eff down somewhere, still Smh!

I hope the DE is true/false or something Nat can win. She’s the only one who I think would NOT do Paulie’s bidding and I don’t think Vic would be her target simply because if their HOH exchange and the way he tried to cover her when the trolls came out. We’ll see…


James makes me mad like dude, Michelle is telling you DIRECTLY to your face what’s happening in this house yet you are STILL 100% clueless. wat da fack. .-.


James knows exactly what is going on. If he agrees too much or says what he feels Meech could run to Paulie and say “James said bla bla bla”. You have to hold your tongue in that house. James is calculating. He has to wait for the right time and have the right people behind him. This week is still too soon for anyone to go against Paulie. Numbers still have to be broken down or else fallouts between alliance members or winning the second HOH in the double eviction.

house flip

“still too soon”

you remind me of helen bb15 poo pooing potential moves

the right time is now, you get paulies submissive loyal queen out now while you can so he loses a number

no fear…perfect time

even the girls arent scared…will james grow a pair before its too late?

Uncle Teddy

Totally agree. It’s time to pull the trigger. I’m not sure what waiting any longer would accomplish. I don’t think James is brilliant but he’s not an idiot. If he doesn’t go for it this week, flip the house, and gun for this guy, he’s just too tentative. Cmon James. It’s time! IT’S TIME dude! You have this power America gave you! Don’t waste it


He said too much last season and Vanessa took it, used it and got him out. I think he knows more than what people are willing to give him credit for.

She's making plans

Bridgette is trying to rally michelle, Nat and James to get Michelle to stay and Paulie out next week! Just wait for the updates from simon

Go get 'em

Simon I totally agree with you! Paulie/Nicole/Corey HAVE to feel the heat, get up on the block and YES cry … Let’s see Nicole cry us a river! She deserves it more than any other HG! What’s up with her saying Taylor Swift would totally date himmmmmmmmmmm!?! She’s truly clueless!
I’m extremely happy to see Bridgette is trying to DO something, at least there is hope! Thanks for helping us with our BB addiction Simon and Dawg! You guys rock it!!!!


If the house flips there’s hope for the season, not because Michelle is leading the charge but because it’ll mean people are willing to challenge Paulie.


Paulie put himself on the block remember he could have went home week one but he knew he had to trust the house he didn’t flip out . The kid is playing a good game not saying he’s the best ever by no means however he is definitely playing the cards he’s been dealt well


Oh Hey Michelle. Welcome to the game. You were too busy throwing fits and making sure people don’t talk to Tiff all first weeks to notice there was a game going on around you.


What’s Paulie’s problem with women? Is he scared of them? Gosh i would just love to see his ass on the block next to Corey. Corey is the only one that would be safe if they are on the chopping block because no one would vote him out. In fact I think Paulie would have the numbers to stay no matter who is nominated, except if it’s Corey. So Michelle, come back, win that HoH and took him OUT.

Pinocchio Obama


By chance does your medication have a sticker that says do not mix with alcohol?

I don't understand

On another bb website Nicole is tied for the favorite player of week 7 with nat. Can someone tell me why?

Ha! A million thumbs up

So true.
Simon, you’re the best!



Misty Beethoven

OH HELL NO SHE DOESN’T! My cat either hisses or yaks up a hairball everytime she hears her voice.

Powder Puff Girl

she has the “Bachelorette votes” the love sick women who need a man.


No she doesn’t. I’m a cat lady and I can’t stand her.


So let me get this right, u lie to your alliance and take 0 people off the block when u win pov because u say u wanna keep it secret but if they call u out for being shady then they r the butthole I’m confused!



Please stop the madness

James you little wuss. Never never NEVER invite him back to BB.

What a waste.

Bolt Uprite

YES. He sent Frank packing. James ruined your little season. We get it. Get over it. Wuss.


Stupid pranks. Not entertaining, just stupid. Are they 12?

Oh lighten up

Getting mad about other people pranking each other is silly.


Who said I was mad? Pranks are stupid. That’s all.


Why would anyone vote to give Nicole that package, the girl is an Idiot! She is so annoying along with Michelle and Z. Please vote for Bridgette to get it, maybe she will shake shit up, Someone needs to…


Polly is such a douche canoe, he is pissssed that Meech is exposing him, like she is in the wrong SMH.
Anyways I don’t like what Meech has done/said in the past, but she has changed a bit, she does not hate Bridge as much and is at least improving. So I do hope she stays because Z is seriously the worst, she is practically willing to get beat on by Polly, while Meech is willing to make a move.


Gnat’s childish act does nothing for me. Jaaaammmmmeeeessss! I’m skeeeerrrreeedddd!

We know!

This is like your 500th post on the subject.

I swear you’re more jealous and catty than any of the girls in the house.


michelle only doing this as last resort…if she stays and wins hoh..she would still target bridgette
don’t fall for her $hit…too little too late..she aint smart..or she would have used veto on frank…it was clear then about paulie!


im starting to like michell now its all on james now come on james brdiget an natille want to keep her
if she do go out I hope she got the return ticket in win hoh


I never understand why they feel ratting each other out on past alliances would sway anyone. They have all had & still have multiple alliances. So what if there was a 8 person alliance a month ago Paulie!! How is that relevant to today? Paulie “calling out” Michelle….big fucking deal asshole! Hopefully Michelle stays and convinces the other dimwits that Paulie is actually a THREAT and not an ally.


They tell on past alliences to break trust and show that Paulie has been lie to everyone.


Michelle is seeing the light too late. Even if she has the R/T ticket back, she has a huge uphill battle. None of these people will work with her to get rid of Paulie,although the stunned look on his face of him being voted out is worth the effort to try.


Yesss!!!! New development !!! Let’s go bridgette rally the troops and get z out on Thursday !!!


Zakiyah is so sexy. If she goes there will be no reason to watch. It will just be a giant sausage fest with a few ugly girls.


I think the DE will be the turning point in the game. You would think people would start realizing that you can’t wait too long to take out a strong player like Paulie. Hopefully when they get him out, it’ll flip the house upside down and new alliances will form. One can only hope.


I bet Paulie wishes he can put a muzzle on Michelle right now! First time he doesn’t have control over someone. Loving Michelle right now!

house flip

big meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech


I don’t want Michelle to go ughhhhhhhhhhhh ;(


I can’t believe I am hoping for Meech to stay and that I am glad Bridgette is still in the house. I would love to see the two of them with James and Nat and maybe even Victor clean house! I don’t think Victor will ever catch on to the big picture though. Who does everyone think Paulies “real” final two player is?


C’mon! This is just a ploy to get our hopes up. Happens every time – just about this time of the week. James will most likely void both Bridgettes and Natalie’s votes. The end.


It’s time for a power shift I’m sick of Paulina running the HOH when he’s not even the HOH!!!


Would love to see it flip.


Oh yeah I’m sure Taylor Swift is longing for Corey. Smh

Taylor Swift

I can’t wait to burn a goat.


I always chuckle whenever I read the enunciated words in Nicole’s dialogue… good job guys,


I don’t liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike iiiiiiiiiiiiiit. It’s meeeeeeeeeeeeeeean. Whateveeeeeeeeeeeeeer.


Thank goodness for the voice of reason Michelle and Bridgette. Keep it to yourselves now.


The DR has the big influence this week. Clueless Natalie and Bridgette suddenly know something about the game. If Bridgette pushes for Michelle to stay, she will become a target at DE like Frank pushed for Tiffany to go and he became the target.


Nat has had some pretty good insights into the house dynamics for a while now. This isn’t something new. She’s a pretty good observer.


That is the truth , clueless people suddenly have a clue ,hmmmmmmmmmm????????


Actually Nat and Bridgette have been saying for weeks now that Polly is running the house. Nat and Bridge are very observant believe it or not.
Also Bridge should fight for Meech to stay because the guys are targeting her for DE or Vic anyways. So Bridge needs Meech. She is screwed regardless of what she does.

Powder Puff Girl

Bridgette is in game mode she has not let Michelle’s past behaviour get in the way.


This game from the beginning hasn’t been about integrity, everyone has lied to everyone else. Getting one over on the other person is what this game is all about. For people to get upset that one person is playing THE GAME better than the others is hysterical.


i think people want some unpredictability, putting some spark into a pretty lifeless season

paulie losing his sh!t if things dont go his way and nicole in full paranoid panic mode will be hilarious


It matters when you have an entitled, condescending, disgusting asshole playing the game as opposed to someone a bit more enjoyable and entertaining to watch.


I don’t think people have an issue with Paulie playing THE GAME. They have an issue with his sense of entitlement and his ugly character. It’s actually very nauseating.


His sense of entitlement and his ugly character, is no different than anyone else in the house, especially Meech, Z, and Da when she was in the house. They all are liars! But that’s how the game is played.

Vet Tech

need to get into Vics head Paulie going to take Z to finals. He’ll go ape shit and become the biggest target . The rest can hide behind him and get Paulie out. #PuertoRicanBeastmode


Love to see it “flip” but is it really a flip because Paulie has said he’d like Z gone. That’s where he started and is playing it up should he be in final 2 or she come back and he needs to look like a nice guy. He probably doesn’t really care who goes. But that being said, he gets his dopamine from seeing how much power he has over people and if is tricked he might just flip out on everyone. Hope James is strong enough to handle him. ‘Paulie, simply a game move.’ The end.


YASS Michelle & Bridgette oh how much i am loving that conversation and it’s possible ramifications right now!! Now if CBS shows this we might get Paulie and Nicole down on the Care package polls because it would be a shame that these two start thinking they are beloved and get advantages in this game….Too bad Michelle’s wake up call is sooooo late in the game but it’s not over till its over, yes for a flip, yes for a Bridge/Michelle/Nath alliance ( but good lord stop talking to James, I beg you, he is a complete lost cause, repeat mistakes of his season and even worst game this year, he robbed JMac of AFP on his year anyhow…)

Jake K.

Been saying since the get-go Meech is my favorite and knew that she would always have a fighting chance after that Bronte flip. She’s mean and she cries, and loves to stuff her face, but no one is more interesting, willing to attack PP, and more real in that house then her. If she pulls this off she has a chance to save BB18. Cmon Big Meech!!! Keep chipping away! You can do this!

I'm pulling for her this week

But I’ll never be a Meech fan. All of her bad qualities are still there. I’m on her side now just so Paulie doesn’t get his way for once.


You will be pulling for her next week too if she stays, wins HOH and puts Paulie and Nicole on the block. Even if she stays and doesnt win HOH, she will be against them, and hopefully clashing with them, providing some good entertainment.

Aretha Franklin

I hate when people say that “I would respect them more if they fought for it” Well if its not going to make a difference in the voting then who cares about getting your respect. “They were fighting but it still got them no where”…GREAT RESPECT. Yet when Frank was fighting to stay he was called and idiot and to stop bothering. Pftt.


Can someone tell me what did Paulie lie to Michelle about?


Bridgette – “james will have to use his power strategically .. James doesn’t have the balls to do it that’s not his game right now”

WOW Bridgette figured him out. This guy is playing for jury. Very disappointing. Lol

Marvin Gaye

Wow I have a new found respect for Bridgette! She knows a lot but is keeping quiet…. I love it when she said Paulie doesn’t like strong women that’s why he targets them….. I really loved it when she said James will not Use his votes strategically and is I much of a wuss….. He just told with the house and she sees that….. Then she sai I you tell Vic it goes to Paul them Payl takes it to Paulie!!! Bridgette gets the whole house now we need James weak ass to use the votes on Corey, Paulie or Nicole

Side Show BoB

Lets see Paulie and James up on the block and see what happens. I hope Michelle stays and lame snore fest Zak goes. If she pulls herself together I think she could do some damage and still blow up their game. It would be awesome to see.


Nicile is a toad mad because Nat is prettier than her. Mad that james wont use the veto vote on her to help her win the gane wtf?

The Roach Coach

4 days in a row Nicole talking about having babies…. sketch….




Has Corey ever spoken 10 words in a row??? Whenever i watch BB after dark he has this idiotic face, looking up in the sky with crazy eyes. What’s his purpose in this show?

Crayzee Eyez Killa Corey

I look skyward for Santa, I love Christmas time

(less than 10 words)


Michelle knew all of the stuff that she’s talking about for a while now. She didn’t care or try to do anything because her butt was not on the line. (Or so she thought) now that she’s on the hot seat she has an ” epiphany.”
She should have put in more work a lot sooner. Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer she stay over zakiyah but it might be a little to late now.

We know!

This is like your 500th post on the subject.

I swear you’re more jealous and catty than any of the girls in the house.

Morgan LaFay

Who are you yelling at?

It's ironic

Michelle’s last resort is the girls she referred to simply as “those girls” for over a month.


Good to see both girls are mature enough to put any bad blood aside and potentially work together to help both their games.