James – “If I wanted to save her I could but I would piss the house off ” Nat – “3 people”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

POV was not used nominations stay the same

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 20-37-50-424

8:22pm Kitchen Michelle, Bridgette and Paul
Paul has been talking about his business since 8pm.
8:38pm Bridgette popping zits while Paul continues to talk about his business. Victor and James are now in the kitchen with everybody else. Everyone keeps asking Paul questions about his business “How rich are you” “Do you make 100K a year” “how many sales a day” “How did you start” “How much money to start” etc etc…
8:44pm Victor and Paul alone in the kitchen talking about how dirty and gross the Big Brother house is. They both shower 2-3 times a day.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 20-59-35-867
8:59pm Paulie and Zakiyah
(Paulie fights with Zakiyah and tells everyone he wants her up “next week” when there’s a risk he might go up with her.)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 21-15-34-322
9:15pm Bridgette, Victor, Michelle, Paul and Natalie hanging out in the pee hot tub while Corey and James play pool. Nicole is watching Corey wondering who Taylor Swift will invite to her wedding with Corey. Nicole hopes she’s invited she would just melt seeing Corey in a tuxedo..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 21-31-00-804
9:29pm the 1 hour pool game is over. Nicole whimpers to Corey that she doesn’t want to hang out in the hot tub with the other people. They go to the hammock instead.
Nicole – I tried talking to Michelle she doesn’t say anything… she’s completely flipped sides, was with Bridgette all day. Isn’t that weird

Corey – well she’s going home doesn’t matter
Nicole – you’re abs are more defined.. I noticed them today
Corey – what jis wrong with Natalie and James
Nicole – she’s completely ignoring him .. maybe she’s getting her bode back
Corey – no she’s not.. She does not look good
Nicole – I can tell her feelings were hurt.. I noticed all day
Corey – I hung out with him all day

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 21-40-58-752
9:41pm feeds are weird tonight…
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 21-46-32-321
9:42pm Natalie and James
James says he’s been looking at the memory wall.. They start giggling away..
Natalie – hows your day
James- been alright
Natalie – that’s good
James- spent time at the pool and staring at the memory wall
James- who is going home this week
Natalie – I already know Zakiyah is staying..
Natalie – why do you ask me if you already know the answer
James- If I wanted to save her I could but I would piss the whole house off
Natalie – you would just piss 3 people off..
James – that’s a lot of people
Natalie – just the 3 people running the house
James – girl you’re making a lot of assumptions.. You got hard evidence.. I don’t think you do
Natalie – I do but these lips are sealed..
Jame s- why do you think there some mass alliance in this house
Nat – they’re is i’m not a idiot.. There’s alliances and alliances within alliances.. And i’m here floating by myself waiting to get plucked off.
Nat – why weren’t you talking to me the whole day… I tried
James – I did I told you good morning..
Nat – ohh.. Ok , I tried to hang out with you today
James- it was 150 degrees outside

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 21-46-21-320

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 22-03-18-105

10:01pm Natalie and James London room
Natalie is pissed at James.. he says she never talked to him she says he never talked to her.
James – did you want me to chase you
Natalie doesn’t want to be chased if James doesn’t want to hang out with her than don’t..
They go back and forth on this. Natalie at one point tells him he doesn’t make her feel like a human.
James is saying he thought they were friends and now she’s telling him he doesn’t treat her like a human.

Natalie – Thought we were cool.. I tried.. I felt like you were avoiding me so I was like OK..
James- why do we have to do this dance.. this has happened before three times already..
Natalie says yesterday when it was the 5 of them in the Jacuzzi and she came out and people started to trickle out. she felt weird from it.

Natalie tells him she has so much love and respect for him.
James – I know what it is.. we’re good friends..
Natalie – really.. that’s cool..
Natalie giggles..
James – what do you feel about the situation .. if you tell me to my face it’s all my fault I’ll take it
Natalie says she wouldn’t do that because to every argument there are two sides of the story.
Natalie – I did try today.. that is all I can say
Paul joins them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 21-56-37-290

10:20pm Bridgette and Michelle
Bridgette says Corey, Nicole, Paul and Zakiyah all think Paulie is their number 1 it’s f***G insane.
Bridgette agree except for Zakiyah says that Zakiyah doesn’t think Paulie will take her.

Michelle says Bridgette was the plan last week until Da’Vonne started threatening PAulie game. Bridgette says they need to figure out something so that Paulie thinks Zakiyah is a threat to his game.
Michelle says Zakiyah has told her before she’s would put Paulie up, “But maybe she’s just telling me that.

Michelle – I wish I could pull something outta my butt crack
Bridgette – Let see what your butt cracks’ got
Bridgette says there’s no way they can flip Paul he’s happy with getting evicted final 5.
Michelle says Paulie told her that Paul was a threat to him because of his social game.
Bridgette – how are you getting away with this Paulie .. HOW

Bridgette goes on about Frank telling her to take out Paulie because he’s running the house with Nicole.
Michelle – I wish you guys would have talked to me more about Paulie running the house
Bridgette – you hated me so much I couldn’t talk to you..
Michelle – I didn’t hate you it was my childish ways..
Bridgette – we f***d up
They talk about getting together Natalie, Victor, Paul together to go to James and flip the house.

Michelle says in the Diary room she was so close to using eh veto on Frank .. Feeds cut..
When we’re back
Bridgette – James is avoiding us 100%
Michelle – two night ago he said he would use it
Bridgette – in you favor
Michelle – yes..

Michelle says they would have to get James to use the vote veto on Corey a vote from each side.
Bridgette agrees saying she’ll volunteered and so has Corey. If they can get that to happen they would need to get Paul’s vote to save Michelle.

Michele – was da that big of a liar
Bridgette – yes 100% .. if we can convince Paul we have it..
Michelle – we need James
Bridgette – aye f** .. why don’t we blindside James that would force James to be on our side.
Michelle says it won’t work they need his vote

Bridgette – yo have a 1 in 10 chance coming back
Michelle – i’ll f*** sh1t up .. you’ll go far
Bridgette – i’m the target next week
Michelle – i’m not going to lie those couples are going to pick off you, Paul and Victor.

The share dirt they can use to help flip Paul and victor.
Bridgette – people don’t see that Paulie is keeping votes around him.
Bridgette – I think you were his target all the time but he said Zakiyah until he was ready..
Michelle – people are sucking his butt seriously
Bridgette says she thought they were in here to win 500K
Michele say they are all in here to kiss Paulie’s butt

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 22-56-54-055
10:51pm Natalie and James
Natalie tells him that Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah and JAmes will not target Paulie.
Natalie is bringing up game conversations from the day says Michelle is feeling betrayed by Paulie, Nicole and Corey.
Natalie – Zakiyah staying in the house means Paulie is stronger
Natalie I know I am right..
James – I can tell you right now Zakiyah is in love .. she will walk out that front door for him if she asks.. and I know why.. James lets out a big sigh..
Feeds cut..
When we’re back
James- Zakiyah comes from a single family home..
Feeds cut..
Natalie – they cuddle every night and he doesn’t use the veto on her..
Natalie says if the rolls were reversed Zakiyah would have used the veto on Paulie.
Natalie – Paulie has 1 million percent control of Zakiyah ..
Natalie – he (PAulie) talks badly about her (Zak)
Natalie says everyone is trusting PAulie and he’s running the house nobody in this house wants Paulie out.

James- you think I’m sacred to go against Paulie
Natalie – right now is not the time because you don’t have the numbers.. the only people that would be pissed off is Zakiyah went home would be Nicole , Corey and Paulie … I know that
Natalie adds that Paul and Victor wanted Zakiyah gone from the beginning of his HOH.
James asks her is she tells the DR this
Natalie – no.. they think i know nothing..
Paul joins them

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 22-55-46-072

10:56pm Bridgette wants them to flirt with Paulie to pisses Zakiyah off..
11:05pm James to Natalie “You got some good theories there.. you could be wrong you could be right.. ”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 23-22-09-948

11:11pm James, Michelle and Natalie
Michelle tells him she is not targeting him.
Michelle – Paulie is running this house
James- are you crazy.. I’ll tell you whose running his house and it’s not Paulie
jokes that it’s Natalie
Michelle – apparently the target’s changed and i’m the target..
James- damn..
Michelle is trying to sell it to James they should get Zakiyah out they have 6 people..

James – I gotta find out where everybody is at.. you’re being vague with votes..
Michelle – Victor wants me to stay
James- he needs to comes talk to me
Michelle – everyone is afraid of Paulie
Michele ls suggesting he evenly distributes the vote vetos.

James says if Paulie really is running the house and he wins HOH they will both be nominated.
Meech – I will be the target.. either way I’m the bigger targets..
James says all these people taht want to team up need to come talk to him because nobody has come to him.
James Natalie what do yo think
Natalie tells Michelle to get everyone to talk to James.
Meech says she doesn’t want to do this unless they have the numbers.
James- if I mess up bad Natalie.. they’ll take a stab at her. .But i’ll be happy in secrecy

Michelle tells them that Zakiyah and Nicole are very jealous of the other girls. Says Nicole was pissed at the 1/2 way party saying that Natalie was flirting with Corey.
Michelle says Nicole was twirling her hair mocking Natalie.
Natalie is sick of these catty girls and being treated this way.
Michelle says Paulie told her he has stories about Natalie, “i bet you have stories about him”
Natalie – I know the girl he dated
James – sweet girl
Feeds cut..
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-09 23-35-50-179

11:34pm – 12:00 Natalie is pissed that Paulie is telling people he’s got stories about her..
James – I ‘ll find out.. he’ll tell me
Natalie – I’m a good person.. what did he say they’re too bad for television..
Feeds cut
Natalie – you’re friends party?
Natalie – I am not a partier ..
Natalie is pissed “You’re attacking my personal life..”
James bring sup the “you know how Jersey girls” comment that Paulie had made.
Natalie – You know how Jersey girls are.. I’m not from New Jersey I’m from Venezuela.. I was raised by a Venezuelan women..
James starts talking about the type of girls Paulie probably dated and he’s just comparing her to one of those
Feeds cut..
Natalie says Paulie has flirted with her a lot. Brings up Paulie saying they should make out but Zakiyah and James would be pissed
Natalie – he called me wifey materiel he was going to wife me up.. that’s your friend..
James- why didn’t you tell me
Natalie – he was your friends I didn’t want to upset you..

Natalie he said he wanted to bite my butt..
adds that Paulie told her she’s got the nicest butt in the house..
James- he wanted to bite your butt
Natalie – something along those lines.
James- he’ll just say he was playing with you..
Natalie – he told me he was going to take me out on a date..
Natalie says he was talking about her butt today
James is disappointed that she never told him . Natalie says she tried and did tell him the guys were flirting with her.

Natalie – I shouldn’t have told you it’s not a big deal
James- It is a big deal.. I never said any of that to Nicole or Zakiyah cause it’s outta line..
Natalie mentions this is the main reason she doesn’t trust Paulie and she hasn’t trusted him in a long time.
Natalie – how do you think I feel Nicole making fun of me because I was having a regular conversation with him.. I don’t look at him he doesn’t look at me..

James is going to talk to Paulie about this.
Natalie says Paulie will target her.
James doesn’t think so. Natalie says if James talks to Pualie she’ll be upset with him.

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Bridgette popping Paul’s back zits. I almost threw up on their table through my IPad.

Toe Cutter

Every time I see it, it makes me sick too!

Knight Rider

Maybe you rather Josea !!!

Powder Puff Girl

i do not find this topic newsworthy makes me sick to my stomach just to read about it. (pimple popping)


I don’t understands why ppl love james?!?! He throws almost every comp. He’s a snitch. He’s a puppet. All he even does is childish pranks, fight w nat like he’s a teenage boy, and creeps around acting like he doesn’t know anything when ppl see him in everyone’s business.
Crazy how ppl hate Paulie bc he runs the house but love james who isn’t even good at playing the game. If your opinion is shit click thumbs down.


As to why we like James: we know him from last yr, he is a sleeping giant in stealth mode–waiting for the right opportunities to pounce. He has experience to know what goes down. He knows pissing people off is the excuse they are using this year to put people up so he is being cautious. He uses the pranks as a time waster and to deflect his serious side IMO. He is definitely in game play and it is different than last yrs play.

As to wins, he served 6 yrs in the army–he has strength and will pull it out when needed.

Last yr he did say some gross stuff, but he has really shown maturity this year. I like how he knows how to handle Natalie and is man enough to apologize unlike Paulie who is crass and using Z.

If that’s not enough, how about this from his bio,”James spent the first part of his life being raised in a boys’ home in South Carolina after his mother passed away from cancer and his father was unable to care for him. “


I don’t understands why ppl love james?!?! He throws almost every comp. He’s a snitch. He’s a puppet. All he even does is childish pranks, fight w nat like he’s a teenage boy, and creeps around acting like he doesn’t know anything when ppl see him in everyone’s business.
Crazy how ppl hate Paulie bc he runs the house but love james who isn’t even good at playing the game.


Between him clearly on playing to be America’s favorite, and Michelle, this season’s superfan who spent the season being the chief mean girl and playing the game for other people until now, when it’s close to too late….and no strategy to sell, no idea how to translate motivation into action (she knows James lacks balls hence him wanting to follow the leader, but she advocates him turning on those he trusts to lead those he doesn’t trust…never going to work).

If James wins AF (or Nat for that matter, or anybody there to just fake showmance and be cute to the camera hoping to become famous) then it just shows BB is right in it’s casting choices….the audience like “floaters” who mug for the cameras if James or Nat wins AF, so why wouldn’t BB cast 2-3 players and the rest just superfans who want to be on TV and/or be famous.

Bolt Uprite

At the kitchen table yet.


does anyone else hate victor like i do. hes a piece of dog doo. so full of himself.. typical douche bag. total hater and womanizer. he is going home in the double for sure. he thinks he’s going to final 3 ya right buddy. all your gonna do is salsa your way to the jury house. what a tool. thinking hes gods gift to women. loser. he should of given hoh to nat nat. i love nat and her 2 big pig tails hanging. out. takes the attention off of her enormous personality and that way we don’t focus on her set of big lips. and she has a nice back thats stacked on the rack

Janelle fan

I don’t have the feeds, so I can only read about it here. Wtf is up with these chicks doing that? So gross! And why do these guys have so many pimples?!? Barf.


The things guys will do to have a woman’s fingers on them! There is no proof popping zits is helpful, actually it can leave scars. The girls do it for their own pleasure.

Fuzzy Num Num

Well, it’s their own fault. As soon as Not Cody started in on Tiff is Vanessa’s sister, ect ect, they should’ve been well, your Cody’s brother. The rift between Meeh and Bridget could’ve worked in their favor, ala Alison and Jun. To little to late. James isn’t gonna flip. He’s to under the “house”.


Cody was a lap dog though who only got as far as he did because he hooked up with Derrick.

All I Need is Some Tastey Waves.

Why cant these idiots just flip it already. I just cant stand James. Not because he’s not doing what I want (well A little bit ) but he has this power he doesn’t know wtf to do with and he is going to waste it to not piss anyone off?
Maybe the next package they can send to Paulie with a golden veto and block pass for himself.<<—sarcasm in case you didn't get it.
Im so annoyed!


I don’t blame James, I blame the voters for giving a useful advantage to a useless player


Too bad James’ care package did not have a pair of testicles in there for him.

Getting Exciting

This is the greatest article I’ve read! I can’t believe they woke up from their Pauliecoma.. I hope the others wake up soon. I think Paul would vote out Z but not go against Paulie at this point.. Two more days until we will see


Yes, thank God they’re finally starting to see thru Paulie! It’s so frustrating though cause they are saying its Paulie and Nicole…I think the girls keep saying Nicole mostly out of some kind of jealousy. I think they see her spot with the guys and want her out of the way so they can claim that, mostly nat and Bridgette. Why can’t they see she’s as expendable to Paulie as they are…its Paul and Corey they need to worry about!! Mostly Paul. They’re so close to figuring it all out! And James, please grow a set! Although I think his hesitance is more because he actually believes the all guy alliance and thinks that’s his best chance to go the furthest. And seeing as though none of the girls can seem to win anything, he’s hedging his bets on the guys, for now. *sigh*


I do not think the girls are jealous of Nicole at all….they see her gameplay. She hangs out with the girls, gatehres info and runs right back to the guys with it. She spends the majority of her time with Corey, so everyone knows where her allegiance lies. Nat, Bridge and Meech know Nicole is not a number for them, much less an ally.
Nicole is firmly aligned with the guys (and Paulie) and it makes sense to take her out if they can’t get to Paulie.
James is so frustrating this season…he needs to get that dumb look off his face and use this power to make a move for his game, not Paulie’s. If he goes to Victor with Meech, Nat and Bridge and explain what is going on and their place in the pecking order, he has a good chance of keeping Meech; Paulie’s side is down one person (essentially a vote) and with it happening during DE, they may catch them off guard. and have a chance to put up a true threat.
Barring that, hopefully Nat votes on her own and not the way James wants to because he is making it obvious he is not on the same game page she is.


Jealous of Ratcole is a joke! Get that ‘itch outta here!

James and the Jersey Peach

James has been such a useless pussy so far in this game. I hope Nat win’s HOH next week and backdoors his sorry ass.


LOL. I don’t see that happening. How does NAT of all people have everyone figured out? James is a huge disappointment. Dosn’t want Paulie to target him. Even if Paul and Vic told him they want Z gone(Paulie has told James they want this) he still won’t flip. He knows Paulie is running the house and thinks someone else will flip it on Paulie eventually . Those people are leaving 1by1 and James will realize it when hes leaving like everyone else has. Nat for AFP. Talking logically to James to flip the votes won’t work, but saying Paulie is hitting on her might. lmao.


Calling James a pussy is an insult to pussies everywhere.

Franks fumes

Wake up James heres your chance at redemption! And gain a little respect back!

Reality Check

James is absolutely USELESS.

Nat, Big Meech and Bridgette are giving you clues about Paulie. Sadly Jamesy is nothing but a complete idiot. I’m voting for the house. I’m voting for the house. That is his stupid stupid strategy.

Wake me up when this season is over.

Bolt Uprite

So he has to screw his game and follow Zakiyah out the door during double eviction just to gain your ‘respect’?

Brad Hamilton

I always thought it was a mistake to vote out Frank when they did. He could have taken out these dicks if he had the help he has now that hes not in the game haha. Too bad him and Michelle didn’t team up and strayed from each other. I think together they would have been the ones to take the righteous flock down.


I just can’t handle freaking james anymore. Your cheerleader girlfriend has more balls than you! Grow a pair you idiot and finally do something in that game! Doesn’t he realise that america gave him a power to do something with it, why is he always waiting around to get picked off?!

TX rar

That’s why I didnt vote James for this ACP. He doesnt want to get anyone mad??? People complain about HG not seeing what is in front of them but the people that read the boards see ALL the conversations & comments and STILL gave it to James. Some people are just as clueless as HG and just as bad at ‘playing the game’. SMH


How was James America’s Favorite last season cause right now he’s got no game lol. America gave him the null 2 votes package n he’s scared to piss off 3 people lmao. It’s big brother james grow a pair and veto Paulie and Nicoles vote.


Just because he was the underdog and was nice to Meg.


IMO he got a pity vote last year because everyone else was so bad.
Same as the people saying they are voting glen this season.


James is the biggest clown in BB history. Guess America has a soft spot for useless fools


Every time Paul says *friendship* I want to flick him in the forehead. Didn’t we have that before. Maggie Chappy Yvette and the rest of those lemmings. My god he has to change that stupid name.
*For the friendship* …….Pulls own hair.

Powder Puff Girl

Natalie needs to look out for herself not look to James for future advice. He is going to flush her game down the toilet with his.


Damn props to Natalie she has the game figured out!! It’s frustrating to see James talk to her like she’s a 5 year old, when she’s so much smarter than he is! It’s just sad she has had to align herself with a pansy like him. If he saves Meech he could redeem himself, but I don’t see that happening…yet. I really hope Meech blows Paulie’s shit up Thursday!!!! I would love to see the look on his face!


I love seeing this play from Michelle and Bridgette, I have been waiting for this. James on the other hand is another idiot in the house. I was hoping he would come around but he is either more PARANOID than Vanessa or just has no f*cking clue how to play BB !!!!
Surprise, surprise another fight with Z and Paulie. James do the right thing and get on board with Nat, and Bridgette. Besides Paulie said it himself he wanted Zak gone next week anyways. From his lips to your ears. It shouldn’t matter who goes this week. James can always use that excuse. or blame the Rat.
If Michelle stays she should blow Paulie’s game up anyways. He needs to be put in his place. Then he has every reason to be peeing his pants – and not in the hot tub !!!


House needs to flip


The problem with that is – Michelle is too annoying to keep in the house. I swear if she starts crying over absolutely nothing 1 more time I’ll lose it!!!


The problem with that is – Michelle is too annoying to keep in the house. I swear if she starts crying over absolutely nothing 1 more time I’ll lose it!!! She needs to go


Yes, James you’re scared of Paulie or you would use the power for what America gave it to you for, not waste it.. I hope meech got the roundtrip…


james is the wrong person to comeback for the vets it should off being any vet but him
if their an alstar season james should not be back at all this should be it for him big brother is not his type
of game

Beatrix Kiddo

I agree with you. I don’t even know why they went for that season the people were terrible. Maybe Johnny Mac or Clay because they were nice but other wise hell no.I did like Jason but they would have booted him first thing. 16 was brutal too except maybe 3 people. Nick from BB 15 would have been better. Man that cast was awful too though eh. Remember this is just the choices of who to bring back from who there was to choose from….Slim pickens I tell ya. The Vets…yipes.


James is a waste of space! He really is too scared and too far up Paulie’s ass; and wouldn’t use the power to nullify Paulie and Ratcole’s votes. I’d rather see Rachel Reilly come back in the house because she’d lead the charge to get Paulie out, get Zakiyah and Big Meech heads on straight, call out Ratcole, annihilate James, Paulie, Paul, and Victor!!! And to add insult to injury…she’d yell out, “Floaters better grab your life vests.”


I want new people.
Im sick of seeing the same lame cast they are picking every season.
The whole game needs to be changed up its getting boring.


Rancey pants would’ve been amazing back! Then again might have made the Paul’s even more extra!


I had lost hope for Bridgette but listening to her and Michelle I see she still has fight in her. Hoping they can flip the house and keep Michelle then we will have a game ! It depends on James. I hope he grows a pair and gives us something to cheer for.

Hairy Red Eye

They just said it…..Paulie will be stronger with Z in here. OMG they are saying what needs to be done so why not do it. How don’t they have the numbers. The only one who wouldn’t be on board would be Paul if Z leaves. They can tell Victor to shut his mouth and who to vote out and if he doesn’t like it tell him it will be him up there. I mean come on. James uses his thingie and there’s nothing they can do about it. Except of course he’s a big ole puss and wont do anything and we will be talking about this same thing next week how they should have gotten Z out because now Paulie is HOH and it will be Victor and Bridgette up there.

Powder Puff Girl

and if Victor or Bridgette comes down I hope they BD James.


First James will have to find his thingie. Maybe he should ask Pauli.


I’m wagering on James knowing he is going to use it and he’s just not letting on because, heck, it’s only Wed. It’s too soon to spill the beans. If it gets around, he gets bullied by Paulie potentially. He knows that. He is letting people come to him with their info which is smart.


I didn’t like her before, but you have to give her credit she is blowing up the house on AD. March.

Powder Puff Girl

I am voting for Bridgette for this package I think she will be on the block next week. Please post suggestions if you have a better plan. I am running out of people to give packages to. We can thank America for voting Nat to get the useless first care package they should have strategically given it to Paulie or Paul.


I’m not a fan of Michelle, but please please PLEASE let this flip happen!! I’m so tired of watching everyone play Paulie’s game for him…I used to like him but so cocky now!

Mel C Sick

Flip. Dat. HOUSE!!


I’m so frustrated with James this year. He was voted America’s favorite last year but this season he is either throwing comps, hanging out with Nat, pranking everyone, or kissing Paulie’s rear end. He seems to be happy to just make it to jury. He gets voted by fans to void two votes and he just wants to keep things the same. It’s beyond frustrating. It apparently never occurred to him that fans wanted him to shake up this house. Gah…end of rant. I think I’ll go bang my head now.


James is a spineless loser and an idiot. The only reason he got America’s Favorite Player last year was because he was playing against a bunch of chumps. Do you really think America was going to give it to someone like Austin? or Clay? Vanessa played the game the best but drove the people watching mad in the progress, and Johnny MAC was boring on the feeds and only his only schtick was making weird noises in the diary room (insert stupid Johnny MAC laugh). It was a layup for James, all he had to do was his little pranks. Up to this point he’s basically been playing the same game as last year (he even copied his move on the endurance challenge making a promise and immediately breaking it claiming “this is what the house wants”). America has given him this care package to finally do something for once and he still isn’t willing to do it. Natalie is literally spelling everything out on the table for him to see and he still doesn’t get it. It’s all correct information, and he’s just like “well, we’ll see pretty lady.” It’s driving me nuts. He better make this move or he’ll be an even bigger chump than he was last year, where he waited, and waited, and waited until it was too late and WHAM 7th place.


I think James thinks Paulie is the whole house…


Goddammit James quit bein a pussy and play the freaking game. America gave you the vote cancelling power because they want the stupid power to shift not so you could play it safe for the millionth time this season. Meech was right, America’s favorite my ASS


Victor and Paul would be in board. They want to keep Michelle. The girls need to pitch the same logic to V/P that they’re pitching to James. Victor has been out of the loop and kept in the dark. If the girls shine a little light on things for V/P I’m pretty sure they would be very interested. I don’t under stand why James insist on running things by Paulie and if he does say something Nat has every right to not trust or work with him.

Wow James

If he doesn’t turn on Paulie after what Nat told him (which is true btw) then he’ll lose all my respect. I was one of the last hold outs still giving him the benefit of the doubt. Ideally he would punch Paulie in the dick. But I realize this is BB so just evict him.


I never liked Paulie. Now he’s proving me right.


This is most likely the last chance to flip the douche parade to the F2. James is holding all the cards. At least some of these people are trying to play the game. James has been so disappointing all season. I dont have a clue what he is trying to do by sucking up to Paulie. If James doesnt flip the votes then the only other chance is if Michelle holds the return pass. Otherwise the numbers just are not there to stop the douche train. These people will all be talking shoulda coulda woulda in jury.


Finally! Paulie might actually be a target. Yes I’m well aware that it’s way too soon to get hopes up, but at least it’s something. The thought hasn’t even been spoken by anyone, except maybe Nat, until now.


Although I am not a huge fan of Paulie’s, I do NOT want Michelle to stay. Most of the game she has not done anything but be a mean girl, cry for no reason. And now she is saying she is going to blow up Paulie’s game..how? Telling everyone how many comps he has won. I am confused have they all been in a coma, minus her. How is telling them something they already know that big of a deal?

Keeping her over Z, what would that do, nothing.


So Bridgette and Michelle plan to flirt with Paulie in front of Z. Bridge has already started. I love it! This could work.


I love that they found something out of the butt crack! Yes, that is Paulie & Z’s weakness. She gets mad, he gets pissed off at her. He can’t stand emotional girls. They need to get her really mad and jealous. Genious!


James seems to be doing absolutely everything he can not to interfere with Paulie’s plans. He keeps deflecting about Paulie running the house, he’ll piss of the whole house even after Natalie, Bridgette, and Michelle talk to him. That’s half the house, you freaking freaking moron. (I originally hadn’t intended to write that twice but it fits so I’m leaving it.) The girls need to get Paul and Victor to tell James they are fine with Zakiyah going. James will freak out and run to Paulie to get stroked. Paulie will get his way and James will have done his job.

The conspiracy:
Bridgette says she thought they were in here to win 500K
Michele say they are all in here to kiss Paulie’s butt
It fits quite well with James’ gameplay and things Nicole has said. She agreed to vote out Frank even though it wasn’t good for her game.
I’m also curious as to why James would ask her if Natalie told the DR these things…”James asks her is she tells the DR this
Natalie – no.. they think i know nothing..” Hints of collusion? Where’s the Zapruder film?! We gotta check the grassy knoll! James seems to be panicky and desperate to change the subject to something non-game related. Could the fix be in?

Bite This

This is why we cant tell you men anything. We want to tell you but you will go say something and embarrass us. Even James himself just said that “Paulie will say he was just messing around”…Okay well if you think so, sit on this information don’t go to the guy with it and make her look stupid. If you’re just friends it shouldn’t bother you anyway…..Right James! HA. got ya. He loves her. 😉


Lemmings do not commit mass suicide. It’s a myth. They may accidentally fall off a cliff but it is not in their nature to follow each other off one to their own detriment.
Documentarys were staged.


WTG Nat, convince James(Troll) And gather Bridgette then rebutte Paulie(not Cody)

hernanday oleary

A big clue your partner is in a major alliance is that you raise the point three people are running the house and there is a big house wide alliance and you are floating by yourself and their only response is you “don’t have any hard evidence”. Naturally anyone not in such an alliance would feel really threatened and probably speculate with you. Guess natalie isn’t as dumb as she looks, but if you win nothing, you can’t do nothing in the BB house.


LOL SIMON @ PEE HOT!!! That’s why they are appropriate named The PeePee Twins.


Sooooooo disappointed in Nicole and James this season. They were two of my fav bb players. Can’t stand Nicole and her winey ass voice now. She is so rude and mean this season. I can’t believe how obsessed she is with Corey. Natalie hangs out with other house guests but Nicole is up Corey’s ass the whole time. She probably has no girl friends in real life. I find it so rude how she’s always going on about Corey saying he’s the sweetest guy she’s ever known and he’s the hottest guy she’s ever known when I’m sure she knows Hayden is watching. I know they are broke up but what an insult to him. She needs to learn to have a little class. She’s just making herself look like a total loser having another showmance this season, how desperate.

Now about James. Another disappointment. He was a lot more fun to watch last season. He’s being such a wimp letting Paulie control the game. I still really like him he just needs to step up his game. Also I don’t know what his problem is with Natalie. Like does he honestly think he’s going to get another girl as hot and sweet as Natalie? He needs to stop acting like he doesn’t care for her as much as he does before he loses her. She’s so happy all the time and sweet, he needs to appreciate that and start kissing her butt.


Watch James go and tell Paulie what Michelle and Nat said. If he cancels out Nat’s vote, that should let her know where she stands with James, and she should let him find someone else to share a bed with.

Pauls beard

I’m hoping Frank gets voted America’s favorite player. This is one of the worst casts in a long time. Z and Nicole look like weak girls who have no self esteem it’s so sad to see Nicole this pathetic. Come on Nicole at least Hayden was into you.


I’m voting for Glenn.

BB Fan

I would love to see a tie between Frank & Tiffany for AFP. They both left way too soon. That idiot DaVonne thought she would set them up to get evicted but it blew up one her and she went the next week. I was singing “Ding Dong, the witch is gone–the wicked witch DaVonne”..!!!

Ghost of BB Past

I wish James’ Care Package contained a brain and a set of balls.


There is a double eviction coming up! Be serious, if you were in the house, do you really think this is the week to show your cards or tick off the one who is running things? James is not clueless. If he makes the wrong decision with his power he is the number one target during the double, for sure. He has to play Paulies game this week. There is no one on the block worthy of saving that is powerful enough to help him during the double eviction. Meech is not going to win an HOH. She is only good as a number. I do hope she can stay because her vote will help during the double if Paulie is on the block. For this reason, James has to figure out the safest way to save her or else do nothing. That is why he is asking for people to come to him. He can NOT initiate it. It is a very risky week for him. That power may be hurting his game right now.


Not true. There are ways he can do it to get around all that. What Michelle said is right. All he has to do is cancel one from each “side” then play dumb.


These folks are beyond pathetic especially James n Victor… I only watch on Thursday nights now cause for reading the feed post I know nothing exciting is going to happen. Still on Thursday nights I know who THE HOUSE IS VOTING OUT… Nat is damn near begging James to flip the house but JAMES DUMB ASS THINKS HE IS PLAYING WITH PAUL, PAULIE, VIC AND COREY…. Smh… He is loyal to a final 5 boys alliance but little does he know they will cut him before then…


I guess james thinks he can beat all the guys at the end that’s the only thing that makes sense. I do get his dilemma right now the girls don’t win shit and can’t save him so he’s rolling with the dudes in case it’s like him an nicole on the block


As a black man I usually root for the black folks on the show to go far but this Zakiah chick is embarrassing to watch…. Get her ass out the house asap so she can go get some hardcore Therapy from Momma Da…. I’m rooting for Bridgette n Michelle to flip the house. They both have a lot of info….


Goddamn this has been the slowest week…. Victor …tsk tsk tsk what a total waste of a HOH.
Natalie/Meech and Bridgette are the only ones actually playing the game.

One can only hope they can flip the house this week.


nobody gets it?
Nat just wants Zak out so she could get closer to Paulie!


MrJWall, I don’t know which rock you’re living under. By the way just because a woman is strategizing, it doesn’t mean that she wants the guy. She’s actually playing the game, but unfortunately she’s alligned with a spineless and nutless person. Oh and also, just to make it clear Nat IS 100% out if Paulie’s league by a mile.

Big Sigh

Even if that were true and I don’t think it is, better strategy would be to align with the top dog vs low dog, along with “keep your enemies closer”.


has anyone noticed the significant drop off in comments on this site lately, seems its not just me that’s losing interest in this farce of a show. I am no longer asking for someone to make a big move…I am now asking for someone to simply make a move, any move….please. Also James seems to be there simply to play pranks with Natalie…that’s he’s main focus…what a moron.


Yep – and It’s not just a lack of comments – there’s only like one update per night. This season is so lame, there’s not much for Simon and Dawg to post — and not much for anyone to say. Lame lame lame. They just sit around fanning Paulie’s ego and feeding him grapes.