Natalie drops the Paulie BOMB on Zakiyah! “I hate him! I HATE HIM!”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-10 17-41-06-115

5pm – 5:45pm In the London bedroom – Michelle is packing her things in preparation for the eviction tomorrow. In the kitchen the rest of the house guests are chatting, making food and eating. Paulie and Vic reenact the Titanic scene.

In the bathroom – Natalie says I tried to get her to come talk to me but she’s not coming. You already told Paulie so he already did damage control with her. Pualie’s not going to let her talk to me. James says I’m sorry man, its rough out on the streets. Nat says he told Paul that Nat is coming after him. I’m not coming after him. James says its good that you nipped that in the bud because now he’s not coming after you. The only person that is coming after us is Paulie. And we can control that because if he doesn’t win .. he is going home. And he’s actually going to be a target. Nat says she is avoiding talking to me. What do I do? James tells Nat that he booty is hanging out. Nat says I’ll let me a$$ and my t!ts hang out if I want! It’s my body! I don’t like it when people tell me what to wear. Ex-boyfriends used to be controlling and I hated it.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-10 17-55-29-979

5:55pm Storage room – Meech and Vic. Vic tells Meech I told you I didn’t want you to go. I’m so happy! Meech asks did Paulie have anything to do with Noms. I knew it!

6:15pm In the bedroom – Natalie talks to James about how she’s tried to talk to Z but she’s avoiding me. She asked to wear my skirt. Paul says you can get it in jury. Natalie says I don’t even care. Paul tells Nat to go out there and ask Z to help you with your dress. Nat heads though the kitchen and then comes back and tells James that she’s (Z) not budging. James tells Nat to just ask her to talk. Nat says I’m not scared. I’m more scared of hurting someone’s feelings. Like how you were hurt yesterday. But she is in love! James looks at Nat as if to say and were not!? Nat says she’s brain washed by him (Paulie). Like how Bridgette was brainwashed by Frank. James tells Nat to just too Z the facts. Paul joins them. Paul says they’re all sh*tting their pants. James and I just need to play it cool until she drops that bomb. James says she is going to come back and tell him. I think he knows he has this coming. Nat says Nicole, Corey and Paulie are working her (Z) today. I know Paulie’s already talked to her.

6:25pm Nat goes and get Z and they go back to the London bedroom. They kick James and Paul out. Z says I really want to stay. Nat says I want to be honest with you. I told James this yesterday. Paulie told me a few things that made me uncomfortable. …it was kind of crossing the line. I heard him say things about you that aren’t nice. I don’t want to hurt your feelings. Z says its okay. Natalie says I should have told you and James this awhile ago. Yesterday he was talking about how you get too jealous and possessive. And he said a lot of things to me. He (Paulie) said to me if we made out James and Z would kill us. I was like AHHhh.. yeah they would. And he’s been making comments recently… I was laying down by the pool on my stomach and he said put that away! You know I’m very flirty but I respect your situation. He told me to put my booty away. Then he said you have the kind of butt that make a boyfriend want to bite it. Z says oohhh…

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-10 18-29-24-409

Nat says I’ve told him after like are you going to invite me to family dinners. I’ve told that to everyone and I joke around a lot. The first two weeks I was very flirty but after relationships were established I stopped. One time up in the HOH he told me that you and Da better pray you win HOH. Z says WOW. Nat says he is part of the reason you’re on the block. If he’s not the main reason, he’s part of the reason. Z says I know. This next week I’m going to be put up as a pawn with you and I’m going to be the one sent home. Z asks how do you know that? Nat says I’m not an idiot, I hear a lot of things. Yesterday they asked him if he was going to marry you and he said no. He makes it sound like you’re the one that want him. Nat says ALSO found out .. PISSED AS F**K that I asked him to come sleep with me in my bumper car. I swear on the my life I never said that! I found a lot of this sh*t out recently and I’m like f**k you. When I found out that he said I asked him to sleep with me in the bumper car I was like F**K YOU! Z says I really really appreciate you telling me this. I want to know .. because I don’t want to be sitting here like in love on the damn camera. Nat says if me and you were on the block do think James would take me off? Z says yeah he would. Nat says You’re on the block. You’re disposable income. Paulie should have taken you off the block. He makes you seem like you’re nothing. Z says I don’t want to look stupid. Nat says in the last HOH he waited until just after you dropped. If he trusted you… He is playing the whole house dude. Z says I feel so stupid. I really needed to hear this. Z starts crying. Nat says he keeps saying that you aren’t anything to him and that he’s just holding on to you because its good for his game. Z says that hurts. Nat says as of yesterday Paulie was fine with you going up on the block with me. Z says if he wants to play with me ..I’LL PLAY! Nat says you’re too good for him! You’re perfect inside and out. Any guy would be lucky to have you. Nat says I asked him when you guys where going to get married and he gave a look. You can tell him whatever you want .. You can blow up my game. Z says no I won’t. Z asks why wasn’t he keeping it real with me? Nat says because people are fake in this house. Z says I hope you win. In my mind I’ve checked out. Nat says I’m really sorry. Z says its okay. I knew he told Vic to put me up. He winked at me after he won the veto like he was going to take me off and then he didn’t. Nat says if he was really protecting you he would have taken you off. Who has he used the veto on? Paul.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-10 18-36-30-769

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6:45pm – 7:05pm Z says I’m keeping my distance. I don’t even want to wear his shirt any more. I hate him! I hate him! Nat says don’t hate him. He’s just playing strong. Derrick told him no showmances. He throws your name out all the time that he doesn’t care if you go home. Nat says he lied about giving Vic a nasty message. He didn’t he give the nicest message to him. I was the only one that had the balls to say what I wanted to him. Nat says in your mind you might be thinking its my fault but its not this motherf**ker has been like this since day one! Z says I believe everything you’ve said. I just want to call him out. Nat says you can call him out if you want. People will have your back. Z says If I don’t call him out he will continue to think he is playing a good game. This makes me angry! Nat says it should ignite the fire inside. Z says it make so much sense now. oh my god! Nat says make sh*t up with my name in it .. you’re done! Dead to me! Nat says every guy in this house wants you. You’re perfect inside and out. I know Paulie thinks you’re wifey material.. but he also thinks all the girls in here are wifey material. Z says don’t tell me you’re going to take me out on date and sh*t. Nat says he said he wants to take me out on dates. Z says I feel like I can’t even say anything because as soon as I do .. uhh ohh… red flag on her. Nat says no. this is the info I wanted to give you. Z says everybody in America knows and I feel like I didn’t. Nat says he garbage talks about you a lot! Nat says you do what you want with this info. I love you very much and care about you a lot a lot a lot. They hug. Z says I was being too gullible and stupid. I know my mom appreciates you. Nat says now you can play a better smarter game.It will take forever to get over. It took me forever to get over Vic and I knew him for 2 weeks. Z says So I shouldn’t trust Nicole and Corey? Nat says thats up to you. If you do decide to go off on him.. I would love to too!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-10 19-01-01-399

7:15pm – 7:25pm Paul asks whats the plan this week? Paulie says one of us has to win it. After what I told you about Natalie. She is scum. Paul says I don’t know why she would do that? Paulie says because she’s a Jersey Princess D-HAY (D!ck head). Paul laughs. Paulie says I’m sorry but if you don’t win sh*t .. you should pretty much just keep your mouth shut! Don’t f**king scheme! Paul says she tries to blow you up. Paulie says I already talked to Z and said this is what she is probably going to talk to you about. Paul says little schemer. Paulie says I say we steam roll the rest of this.

Z and Nat come out of the London room. Z heads straight to the bathroom. Nicole says Z didn’t look too happy. Paulie says NEVER CARED! I’m just going to call Natalie Schemer from now on. She’s literally a rag. She said she is going to make sure everyone hates me. Paul says I’ll win and do sh*t. Paulie says I think every time I have a drink I will just sit and stare at Natalie. And when we’re alone I’ll whisper ..James won’t save you now!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-10 19-14-35-777

7:30pm James comforts Z in the bathroom. Z says I trust ya’ll a 100%! Z leaves. James and Nicole talk. James plays dumb about not knowing what’s going on with Z and why she’s upset. Maybe its something to do with Paulie.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-10 19-28-21-911

7:35pm – 7:55pm Bathroom – Z tells Nicole about the conversation she just had with Natalie. Nicole asks how would Natalie know he was going to put you and her up? Z says I don’t know. Nicole asks was it about Paulie. Z says it was all about Paulie. Z says that Nat said he (Paulie) offered to take her out on dates and stuff. Nicole asks is she a secret schemer or something?! They want you to blow up so Michelle stays? Z says I don’t know. She says he said he dropped after I did because he was afraid I would put him up. I would never do that! Z says outside of the game I have have feelings .. I’m a woman .. and just feel so stupid. Nicole asks are you going to talk to him? Z says no because I don’t want him to think that I’m feeding into it. Z says I just feel alone. Nicole says I have your back. Z says I have your back. Nicole says I would never put you on the block. Nicole says I also think she (Nat) flirts with Paulie. Paulie come though and asks what are you crying about. Z says lots of stuff. Paulie says even after I warned you about it. I about to call her a schemer and say you’re next! Paulie says she must have sunk that in deep!! Z says not it was just too much for one day. It wasn’t even all about you. Paulie says I know how to handle Jersey girls.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-10 19-34-08-847

7:40pm – 7:55pm Outside the HOH room – Natalie relays the conversation she had with Z to him. James says if Paulie wins he might put us up together just to drive a wedge in between us. Damn! Natalie says if we win we have the numbers. Nat says I want to control my own destiny in this game. I want there to be a reason why I am taken out. James says I think I should try and win this one. Nat asks James are you f**King kidding me?! James says yeah of course I will try an win. Nat says I’m over here trying to f**k sh*t up! Nat sasy I’m going out with a vengeance. James says I’m going out with a girlfriend.

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Hillary for prison 2016

I wish there was a way to reach the incurabilly stupid people in that house, mainly James you would think he would try harder this time to not be seen as a floater but to him just being included in the “cool kids club” is enough. I’m sure he is doing this “for his daughter” so why not try and win instead of making the $500,000 $25,000 at a time.
The way Janelle, Evel Dick and Rachel (last one made me gag a little) played is far more fun to watch than this “with the house BS, pick a side and battle it out you fame whores.
You would think after the last few years of this the people would decide that it’s better to win than to give up your summer to help someone win the prize.
What I really wish for is Simon and Dawg to advertise OBB on Big Brother maybe the more casual fan would check this site out and realize the careful edits some people get and then quit wasting effort on people like James. It’s for this reason I don’t think BB would let this site be advertised, it would take control away or at least let viewers know it’s not reality but scripted.


yeah simon and dawg why dont you guys just advertise obb on big brother i mean im sure it doesnt cost very much 😉


Excellent! May I borrow your Mazarati? We could race to who would get there first!

By the way, it’s not the car that makes Granny sexy, sweethearts! It’s Granny that makes the car sexy ( and fast because my right foot is actually a titanium walking cane.) 😉


Id wifey up both nat nat and z
with 5 or 6 kids
and treat’em with respect and be very giving on the daily


Z is a DUMB ASS!!! She’s not believing Natalie and is listening to Nicole! Glad you’re leaving tomorrow see ya!


Yep as I’m writing this comment she is telling Paulie everything. Paulie is just calling Nat a “jersey girl” 4,952 times and saying how scummy jersey girls are. Oh and he’s doing the whole “hold me back” bit like he’s going to run and go off on her. *rolling my eyes*

Franks fumes

Paulie is first rate scum…..and by the way isnt his Mother a Jersey Girl too?


As I was reading this post I just kept thinking about how Paulie is absolutely murdering himself in there. The way he keeps referring to “Jersey Girls” is pretty much gonna have the whole damn state not liking him:) Lol. And I love when he shows his true colors. The little glimpses of his true self when he says things like I’m just gonna stare at her and say James can’t save you now. The same way he yelled at Tiffany, the same way he said he was gonna “rattle Michelle and make her cry”. These are little glimpses of who he really is. But in there, well on the CBS version, he tries to act like he’s a good guy that cares about women, yady yada yada. It’s nauseating! I bet he’s making Derrick and Cody real proud. *Wink wink* LMAO! Bye Paulie. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya 🙂

Roll Tide

Z is not the brightest bulb in the box. Sure wish we could see her reaction when she watches the show. Girl is going to cry a river. Rubbing all over a guy who is using her. Z is in for a world of hurt.


Checked a couple sites and seems the going rate for 30 seconds of Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday show in prime time is between $80K and $100K. Survivor was 125K. But I don’t think Big Brother commands that cash. Sooo…buy those feeds and drop some coin for Simon and Dawg to get a commercial on CBS!

Donald Trump is a racist, reincarnated Hiltler.

I agree


You are a DUMBASS!!!!

Jatalie Fan

Looks like James did pick a side and that’s with Natalie. Let’s see if he sticks to it on Thursday.

Trum image consultant

Really like how nat leveled with z


I will laugh my as off if this blows up in America’s face and James/Nat are on the block after double evict.


Oh well. Paulie was going after Nat anyways. She may as well try.


Who cares if they are on the block? James is worthless and Nat is awesome! She where’s the pants in that showmance and she’s right. She’s going out anyway and might as well be on her own terms. James was in no way trying to win this game. I might try and win this one he says. Idiot! Nicole trying to do damage control instead of hoping on the bandwagon to get the biggest target out. No matter what happens it was worth it for the fans. At least Nat tried. Pu$$y James

Roll Tide

I think James is trying to play Derrick’s game. Lay low on the comps, be friendly to everyone and put hints on who you want to go home.
It is not going to work.
Nicole and MaxZ have not won anything. They sit around and talk about howNat has not won anything, so she needs to go. I use to really like Nicole. Not so much any more.


Ugh, I think you’re right. Watching BBAD and James is slowing selling out the flip to Corey…no info to him yet on the flip itself, but defending why he thought it was ok for Natalie to talk to Z. James’ ego may be the downfall of this power shift – he doesn’t like to be questioned. Couple that with Paulie having at least the last half hour alone with Victor. I can’t believe I’m typing this but Paul, where are you? You need to reign this back in!


“She ‘where’s’ the pants”?!?! As illiterate as many of these posts are, that’s gotta win something.


I tend to think this will be the case after this dumb overplay…all on the longshot Z comes back, like she’s some powerhouse even if she does. The smart move was to play the shell game with the 2-3 vote, keep Paulie off balance, ideally stunned heading into HOH, blind with rage so he screws up.

On the plus side, now if Paulie wins HOH, James and Paul will claw to be the 1st to rat and save their skin. Either way, Bridgette and Nat have cemented themselves as the best chance to get invited back.


I just really like Nat


BOOOOM!!!! This shiz just got good. Bye bye PAULIE!!!

Dont Count Your Chickens

before they well you know.. dont really get everyone acting like some kind of flip has happened and its a done deal.. we are talking about bb18 here and 24 hours is an eternity so ill save my excitement till thursday thank you


Watch Zakiah run right to Paulie to confront him then apologise about it afterwards. She needs help. If Corey catches wind of an impending flip he’s going to try to jump ship and leave Nicked-HOLE to drown.


Too late Z, you’re far past looking stupid.


Yes Z, that stupid ship already sailed while you were dry docked, I mean dry humping Paulie the other night…


Dry humping?

Oh, no, Honey! We call that sealing the deal, letting the cat out, or a home run.

Dry humping is what my neutered poodle does to gramps’ leg.

(Oh Lordy! I’m definitely heading to Hell now) :-0


Dayum. Miss a couple of days and the house is a mess.

Scarlet Nicky


Every game needs stats, and here are some:

In the last 5 years since Rachel Reilly won, men have won 44 HoH’s, women 23. PoV: Men 47, women 17. Add in Roadkill (3-1) at Battle Back and men have won 95 of 136 contests, or 70%.

I think the comps are just too physical for the girls now. BB is becoming an athletic contest. The earlier seasons weren’t that way.

Maybe they should just admit it and put in some handicap rules, such as having more women than men next season to make it harder for the bromance alliances who inevitably take over the seasons.

Cross eyed Paulie

The physical HOH and Veto comps need to be gender neutral. Men and women do not have the same athletic abilities, it’s reality! Just look at the Olympics, men and women do not compete together. So why is it that some of the comps in the BB house are made to give the boys an advantage???? just remember the sprint veto comp a couple of weeks ago, it was custom made for Paulie to win it. It’s rigged 100%.

Scarlet Nicky

Agree with you on the rigged part. I remember when CBS was in love with that pop star’s brother and he was about to get evicted. His partner was even going to throw the veto comp. So they set up a game that was easier for 1 person to play than 2 and stopped his partner from interfering with him, guaranteeing he would win.

Why they think the He-Man Woman-Haters clubs winning all the time is good for the show I’m not sure, but there are some comps they have to know a man is going to win, and yet we see more and more of those every year.

Only can wish

OMG, I was thinking the same thing with these physical comps, especially that sprinting one. Paulie look just like he use to run track.


I agree it seems unfair they have physical comps for the guys. But you also have to take the endurance comps into account which seem much more suited to the females. The thing is it would be a shame if they had to remove endurance because it sometimes makes for an exciting battle. So maybe they purposely try to balance it out by offering a physical comp every now and then.


YES YES YES!!! That’s what I’ve been thinking. The comps are made for men. I bet they are designed BY men, FOR men. 95% of the time, men are just physically stronger than women. Especially in things requiring upper body strength. Their legs are usually longer thus they get further faster. There are many comps where females absolutely could have (and would have) won if the physical part of the comp hasn’t prevented them from winning. It’s been clear to me for years now that honestly, this entire game is geared for men to win. Any females who DID win, were either super bad-ass (think Janelle or Rachel) or it was more of a fluke (think June)

Keeping it Real

Nah! I’m all for girl-power but wouldn’t want to win as a female “given a handicap”. I feel all the comps thus far have been fair and that anyone could have won if giving it their all.

My game would be to go in and play hard then be proud that I beat the beefcake who were all underestimating me.

It’s a lot easier for females to play the traditional damsel in distress. I’d rather play the damsel in dis dress who can power up and kick some asses (as in, mules not buttocks)

Yeah, that’s in my dreams because BB is not really my type of game. I don’t like hurting feelings, lying, or scheming. It’s fun to watch, though….almost like a summer long episode of “What would you do…”


DO YOU THINK THERE MIGHT BE SOME MISOGYNY AT PLAY IN THE PATRIARCHY? The executive’s attitude toward women borders on psychopathy.These are the guys are why your mother warn you to stay away from frat parties.


DO YOU THINK THERE MIGHT BE SOME MISOGYNY AT PLAY IN THE PATRIARCHY? The executive’s attitude toward women borders on psychopathy.These are the guys are why your mother warns you to stay away from frat parties.


Man, Natalie I think I love you! That lady is like your local funeral director; last person to let you down! She has done exactly what everyone has been asking someone to do in this season! I don’t know if she can take it all the way, but she has cod locks on America’s favorite!


I feel bad for Z, she’s a sweet woman. Paule was my favorite until this last week when it started to show what he’s has been doing to Zakiyah.


Everytime I start feeling bad for Z she just keeps getting more STUPID I can’t take any more of her. She will never get it. Oh and did I mention Paulie is a Jackass. Please let their be a major blindside and get his cocky ass out!!!!!

An Apple A Day

I’m shocked Z actually listened to Nat. She’s turned such a blind eye to Paulie so far. As much as I dislike Z, I do feel bad for her. Turns out, Nat really IS the one with the biggest balls in the house!


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow’s eviction will be the best!

Natalie for AF!!!! Girl deserves it big time! Hope she wins it all!


Still voting for Glenn!


Why? It doesn’t make any sense.


A vote for Glenn who’s had about 7 minutes of air time is telling the Big Brother producer types that I hate the cast. I can’t stand the types of idiots they pick to play. I don’t want to watch a bunch of fame whores vie for air time. I want a bunch of people who really want that $500K and are willing to put in some work to get it. James is pathetic, Zakiyah is trashy, Jozea was a moron, Da’Vonne was a caricature of black attitude, Nicole is also pathetic. Natalie is likable enough but I can’t stand the fact she’s a fame whore, she turned down the Bachelor because she was committed to Big Brother which tells me she’s just trying to get air time. I forgot Corey, who seems fine just occupying space.The only ones playing are Victor, who completely misses the social aspect of the game, Paulie, who’s a douche and a half and may have something shady and underhanded going on with James/Nicole/production, Paul, who I can’t stand because of some of his comments but at least he’s playing, Frank, who was playing but did some very questionable things with the butt slapping and titty talk. Michelle has said some truely disturbing things about things she’s done and about other house guests. So out of the last few seasons there really hasn’t been very many people who wanted to play Big Brother more than they wanted to just be on TV.

So I vote for Glenn because he never had a chance even if he stayed in the house.


See, the thing is, that’s not telling Big Brother anyways. 99.9% sure that they will just assume it’s a troll, as it is inevitable when internet voting occurs. Your reasoning is admirable or whatever, but it’s not gonna come across as any kind of message to anyone but yourself. So vote for someone who actually deserves it instead of wasting your votes on nothing for a vendetta that won’t be seen by anyone but yourself.


Voting for Glenn does accomplish one thing. It makes you look stupid.

Roll Tide

Voting for Nat!

Peace out Z

I don’t feel sorry for Z. Hope she goes home and Paulie follows her in the double. No re entry tickets either. Staged if they come back, especially Paulie.

Cross eyed Paulie

At this point, I am 80% convinced that the show is rigged to put Paulie at an advantage. The nature of the comps are putting the men at an advantage. Also, there are many other ways of manipulating the show, we don’t know what happens in the DR, producers might be feeding Paulie information. Heck they could have told Paulie where to hide that veto card! Anyway, if it turns out that he has the return ticket, then there’s no question about it, it’s rigged!

Only can wish

On point about where he put his VETO CARD at…who would know to move the table top, if it was never moved before? Did you all see everyone else’s reaction when he pulled it out? Come on now, they really think we are stupid!!! SMDH

Trump is a bafoon

Z has no will power, she will tell Paulie everything


Did Z really just ask, at the end of the conversation with Natalie, if she should trust Paulie now knowing what she knows? …And did James shortly thereafter ask Natalie: Now, do we keep Z and have her go after Paulie?

I feel dumber by the minute listening to these people. And Natalie says Z is avoiding me, because you (James) already gave Paulie a heads up. He’s done his damage control etc. James ‘Sorry, it’s tough out here on the streets’..What the hell is that? James is a wishy washy as they come, and every time Nat tries to engage him in a serious conversation he deflects with some stupid drivel. Useless!


Seriously, I was hoping there’d be something real with Nat & James outside the house, but he seriously doesn’t even deserve her. She’s figured out everyone’s game all through observation and with NO help from James. And she’s proven she’s a girls’ girl by having the guts to talk to two Mean Girls who never gave the same consideration when the other girls were on the outs. Good for her! My vote for AFP and if she can survive, take it home, Girl!


Nat figured out everyone’s game, alliances, Paulie’s scheming not only with no information from James…But total misinformation at times from him. Not to mention, his continually going behind her back and selling her out to Paulie. Not sure how this will all play out…But The Girl is a superstar! She can do way better than him. Just lacks substance, no real personality other than being a JokeSter.

An Apple A Day

Agreed! He really hasn’t been loyal to her #1 not sharing info with her #2 not keeping their conversations confidential. Would LOVE to see him evicted soon and see her outlast him and at LEAST kick him out of running for AFP. He’s playing a coward’s game.


Yes, James is an idiot! Don’t know why he was given the chance to return. Waste of BB space!

Johnny Depp

Oh gosh…The Chronicles of Zakiyah and Paulie-Pt.36
It would be sweet if they both were evicted in the double-eviction

The Roach Coach

I saw this coming but so glad it was Natalie that had the only pair to go against him!
I knew that there was too many groups of 2 and something had to give and I also knew Paul was smart enough, really smart actually, to turn on Paulie because he would feel on the outs with all the strong groups of 2!
What I never expected was this could happen BEFORE the double!

I can’t wait to watch Nicole squirm when she finds out Paulie is on the outs!
Also… I wouldn’t be shocked at all if the house starts to feel really bad for Z and Michelle leaves now instead, but it is pretty risky keeping Z around even if she actually hates Paulie because 2 days later there’s always the possibility of her forgiving him if he shows her the attention she craves…
Go Nat! Go Paul! Go Vic! Go Bridgette!
…final 4!


Somebody needs to put duct tape on their mouths and put them in seperate rooms. Otherwise they are going to keep talking , thinking and someone is going to f#€k it all up. Just go to bed, wakeup in the morning take care of this shit and don’t mess up our good time. Please!

The Roach Coach

Couldn’t agree more…
When I was watching the veto ceremony tonight it dawned on me….
Not one houseguest didn’t know ahead of time that Paulie wasn’t going to use the veto on Z…
Everyone already knew!
Which I understand happens occasionally any given week, but when the entire house knows the outcome of an eviction or ceremony before it takes place…. chances are everyone runs their mouth about everything!
It’s really rediculous…
But Z is a smart girl and she honestly felt the distance between her and Paulie, all Natalie did was ensure that her gut was right all along… Z won’t be running into his arms this time, it’s finally dawned on her that she could be looking really bad on TV…. although she only looks bad for throwing a giraffe a b day party and shooting dirty looks to people, Paulie comes off like the D-head he truly is… and if all the people who could have blown up his game, a Jersey girl did it, that’ll be a tough pill to swallow for sure…the sexist ass…

Big Jim

Tomorrow is the perfect time to take a shot at Paulie. Not expecting it but one can dream…


August 10th – BB18 season starts


Woooo. Shit’s about to go down tonight. I won’t be surprised if Z goes to talk to Nicole, Paulie and Corey, and then they’ll blast Nat to her and she’ll believe that Nat made it all up because she’s jealous and wants Paulie just like she wanted Corey. Z seems easily influenced by those 3 and it makes her look stupid. Nat… Great things comes in small packages. Good for her. I don’t care if you evict me but I’ll blow your game up before I leave. God, pls let Nat win the HOH in the double eviction. That would be the best part of this season.

Butters Mom

What I dont understand is why Nat and Meech are feeling bad for Z and trying to help her see what Paulie is doing behind her back and not interested in helping Nicole and telling her what Corey is saying behind her back? They all hate Nicole and she hasnt been half as nasty of a girl as Z has. Nicole was actually nice to Bridgette when Meech and Z were still being mean…. yet they hate Nicole. Its still girl jealousy. Those other girls are jealous of Nicole being on the “in” with the “cool boys”. They are all MEAN GIRLS… all of them. Can’t get behind any of them. I think Natalie enjoyed taking Z down a notch while telling her all of that stuff too…. she still plans on sending Z to the jury house.

The Roach Coach

Natalie isn’t telling Nicole that Corey is in the closet and not into her because :

A: Corey didn’t openly hit on Natalie continuously
B: Nicole hates Natalie, not the other way around, because of Nicole’s insecurities and is jealous of Natalie even though Corey pays no mind to Natalie
C: Natalie knows she is Rat-cole’s #1 target
D: Corey doesn’t hold all the power in the house like Paulie and outing him to Nicole doesn’t shake up the game to Natalie’s advantage
F: How could Natalie even know that Corey isn’t in to Nicole
And finally…
G: Natalie is playing Big Brother!

(I could have gone through the entire alphabet but you get the point by now)

Nicole is more worried about cuddling than Big Brother, and if you look up her definition in BB Dictionary… (well, you know the rest)

Butters Mom

LOL… I almost blew my drink out of my nose … didnt I tell you to not drink energy drinks this late at night…. btw… you forgot E. 🙂

Butters Mom

Also….. Corey told Nicole several times that Natalie was hitting on him… this is why Nicole doesnt like Natalie. Corey caused that problem initially.

Nicole is desperate

Butters mom is a hater. She was a hater of Vanessa all last season and posted hate on several sceen names this season hating on Tiff and Vanessa.

She is jealous of most women and loves Nicole. We all know Nicole is the biggest jealous girl in that house.

Anything Butt Mom says is based in jealous hate.

Butters Mom

lol… I ONLY post under Butters Mom… sorry… not that opinionated to have to post under many names to get my point across.

The Roach Coach

Lol… 5hr energy before bbad was a bad idea…
I’m sure Nat did flirt with Corey, but that was so early on, like Natalie told Z, she is a big flirt but when relationships were established she respected Z, and by all accounts she did the very same thing with Nicole…. I have never seen Natalie flirt with corey… ever.
But if corey tells the truth that she put her hand on his leg that was so early in the game, Nicole and Corey didn’t become a full on flirt mance until after week 3…
Also, Natalie did tonight what Nicole should have done for Z if she was actually a good friend… Nicole is not a girls-girl like natalie, Nicole is jealous very easily…. Nicole only cares about herself and guys and has no interest in any other girl in there…
That being said, I can’t blame Nicole for not telling Z like natalie, it made no sense for Nicole’s game to blow up Paulies spot… but it is sad and pathetic to hear Nicole tell Z not to believe what natalie said knowing full well Paulie is using her on national tv…

Butters Mom

I agree that Nicole should have been honest with Z tonight if she cared about her on a friend level. I am watching after dark and it is clear that Paulie James and Nicole all talked prior to coming into the house. I think Nicole is going to help Paulie and not do anything to hurt his game because they are friends outside of the house and she trusts him to help her get further in the game. She has been talking a lot about 2nd place and final 2 possibilities where she couldnt win against this person or that person because the girls wouldnt vote for her. Im actually not a big fan of Nicole… I dont think she’s played a very good game and I had high hopes for her in the beginning … that being said, I dont think anyone has played a very good game this time .. Paulie is playing but he had help prior to going in so he has an advantage. Frank over played … I wish he was still in the house. I dont really care who wins this season.. I just have opinions about people I would rather not win this year. At least they are now playing the game. .

sunny dee

nat’s plan was discussed late last night: they decided the best way to proceed with voting Z out is to have paulie on board with the idea, and the best way to do that was to get Z to do one of her epic mad at paulie bouts, which he finds annoying, and exhausting, and at the end of it or middle of it, the idea was, ok, paulie now on board with evicting Zak (thing is would never happen, he thinks all women are dumb as stumps, and that Zak would still come crawling back to him and do whatever he says, so the move is wasted on him probably. other normal people thought it was a good idea because if it happened to them they would care (see recap of Nat and James having a little miscommunication and how it mattered to both of them but they still cleared it up )


“Fasten your seatbelts it’s going to be a bumpy night.”


I am not surprise James has joined the girls, he is playing like a little girl this time. Was so happy when he returned, now wish they had brought in a real man, someone with balls.


Hope this finally wakes Z up to how Paulie has been using her. One thing is for sure there will be fireworks tonight. Hoping this won’t be like every other fight they have had where she ends up jumping right back in his arms. Natalie is playing hard right now and I love it! Who knew? James could learn a thing or two from her. She should just tell him to leave it to her and that he can just sit back and look pretty lol

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Ew. Now Rat-cole is talking to Z and feeding her lies. She is no better then Pauline. They both suck major balls.

Cross eyed Paulie

Poor James, he will go down BB history as the guy with missing balls.

Only can wish

Sh!t just hit the fan and blew in Paulie’s face. Damn, Natalie laid it all out on the table, without sugarcoating it. Now what is Z going to do with it? Who knows?


She’ll do her makeup for 5 hours then maybe think about the next step.

Victor's Missing Facial Hair

OMG! got to wonder how involved production was in this? I have always thought Nat was just a hotter version of Veronica and Meg! OMG she might actually be actually playing and dragging don’t show your cards James along. This is getting good!


Z spilling everything to Paulie. Saying Nat attacked her. Weak, weak woman. Smh


Thank you Natalie. I would HATE to see Z go to jury and pine for Paulie without knowing how much of an ass he is. I sure hope she believes it all. She has had enough red flags. Her expression when he said he’d be keeping noms the same, showed her shock. Yes, Z feel the shock and dust him out of your life. Hope they get separate jury houses to stay in.


Michelle wins HoH and I can see Paulie on the block next to Paul who will be a pawn. James, Natalie, Bridgette and maybe Victor vote out Paulie, Nicole and Corey vote out Paul. Even if Victor tries to save Paulie it’ll be a tie and Michelle sends him out the door. In my universe that’s what happens, your mileage may vary.

Threatened much?

Paulie is so pissed off at Nat. This is hilarious…


“Those damn jersey girls”… Lmao what a TOOL

Can someone say psycho?

Polly pocket is all “I’m gonna go tell her what’s what” then just bitxhes about it instead…


I don’t see the point of natalie doing this.

Cross eyed Paulie

I’m rooting for Nat, but I see what you mean. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite her. If one of the douchebag PPs wins HOH this week, she could be in danger. Nat, James or Bridgette need to win comps this week and get rid of that asshole in the house.


She believed it for 10 minutes and now the target is clearly on Natalie’s back.

Nicole Pure Michigan

DUH? Maybe she’s trying to flip the house with the help of some of her BB castmates! It will be epic!


See, she doesn’t like that Paulie fella’ cause he’s been dictating like a cult leader this whole time and no one else has done a dadburn thing about it. And she’s not too keen on him using Zakiyah the way he has and trying to get rid of Meech.

Natalie is a smart cookie. I just hope the others back her up.

Misty Beethoven

Z’s hurt; I think Nat confirmed things that she had suspected. But now I want her to get MAD, really angry, and just fucking unload on that asshole. She’d scare the crap out of him!
I know I’d go full Compton on his ass, and I’m a 62 year old woman on the East Coast.

Oh James

Nat has you wrapped right around her finger.


I can’t stand listening to Paulie talk about how he “hates Jersey girls.” We get it dude, you don’t have to mention that you’re from Jersey and that you don’t like Jersey girls every time Natalie looks at you the wrong way.

Cross eyed Paulie

Paulie’s used to dating trash and he knows that Nat is out of his league, 100%. He can’t stand it. Scumbag.

Fuzzy Num Num

I know a girl from work. From Jersey, lovely girl. So sweet and helpful. Why, sugar wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Well, except for that one time. She rolled an old lady down a hill into traffic. But, that old bat totally deserved it.


did I miss something? Did Paulie really hit on Natalie? I know that she is flirting with every guy in the house. Remember her crying that the guys weren’t hitting on her? And… For real? She is on her way to tell Z that Paulie said something about her butt and James said that her butt was hanging out of her shorts and she got mad at James saying that it is her body she can throw it out there if she wants. It looks like Meech isn’t the only crazy one in the house this week.


Who knows whom will be the pussy of the group. Nat may just have blown games up. Hers also.

James never does any cleaning EVER. Not even his own dishes.

Yeah Nicole will have Zak hating Nat and loving Paulie again by the time BBAD starts tonight. Nicole worships Paulie nearly as much as she worships Corey. Only diff is Corey decided to use her for his game and Paulie chose Zak.

I can’t wait till Nicole is on the block and she cries for real rather than her constant fake whining. No matter what happens to anyone Nicole says she has been thru worse. I hate people like her. God I hate her. Haha.


I tossed a penny into a fountain today (ok, it was really just a toilet) and wished for the senior citizen version of BB.

Imagine that?!?!

Put past winners on with their grannies and cramps….watch the glory unfold.



*gramps not cramps (why can’t this dadburn thing read my mind?)

*sighs ( then coughs….too much spittle mixed with air)


I don’t know if I agree with past winners but I would love to see Big Brother played by a house full of adults. Ones who want to play the game instead of land a showmance or make a few bucks over the summer. The junior-high crowd is too frustrating, predictable (most times) and just plain dumb. I realize grownups have to work but it would be nice if some could get a few weeks off to play. It won’t happen but it would be interesting.

Bless His Heart

Paulie: I just think everyone’s against me for one reason or another and I don’t get it.

because you believe your own bullshit slick

Backseat Driver

Tonight’s show STUNK……

The End


I knew Natalie was wasting her breath… Z is so BLIND. I’m sure I’m not the only one that said she would go right back to Nicole & Paulie with everything Natalie just told her. Really hope this plan sticks & Z walks out that door tomorrow night because she definitely doesn’t deserve to be in the BB house.

This I can respect

“I want there to be a reason why I am taken out.”

Better than sitting around waiting to get picked off.

Morgan LaFay

Z says to Paulie she trusts him, that’s why she told him about her conversation with Natalie. I am beginning to think she’s even more pathetic than Michelle, in some respects. Z must have had a screwed up childhood or some real bastards for boyfriends to mess her up this badly. I hope she isn’t counting on that invite to the Califiore house for Thanksgiving, because I highly doubt that will be coming. Wonder if Mr Califiore will be trolling here again tonight?

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

Zakiya has got to be the dumbest human being ever created in a nut sack. The other night she volunteered for domestic abuse on TV. She gets the facts, runs to her abuser and asks for more. I can’t even.


Natalie is missing on the super safety poll


Oh I’m glad z knows the truth but it’s not gonna help as she does a million run back into pauli


Lmao watching and listening to Little Smurf tuff guy Paulie. Hahaaa “I can use my words that cut so deep it will stay with you forever male or female!” Hahaa red face little boy acting like he’s Mighty Mouse haha somebody needs to punch him in the face. Please


Happy z knows the truth but all she is going to do is run back to paulie’s arms again… like a lost puppy ugh.. .


All I can say is WOW!!! Is Z that daft? She goes and tells Paulie what Nat told her? She doesn’t get it?

Paulie is so vengeful. He is out to slander Nat on public TV?

He needs to get it in his head that he’s letting America know his slimy side. He’s already alienated the entire Jersey Girl population who may be watching. He’s going to ‘out’ who took her virginity!!!??? Wow. That is low.

When he says “If James was smart he would tell her to shut the F up!” and “he can cut someone to the core w/ his words. He can say something that will haunt you for years. It isn’t a trait he’s proud of but he only uses it if someone is really asking for it and pushes him to that point.” —–Those IMO are signs of a friggen abuser. Just how has Natalie “asked for it?” She only told the truth! He’s scary.

With all the FT comments he needs to rewind the tapes and replay his conversation with Frank…seems to me it was “I wouldn’t say that to my sister…”