POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 03-33-48-505
1am London Bedroom – Natalie heads in to the london bedroom tells Paulie I just said the honest truth about you. Paulie says you and Michelle have fun in there. Natalie talks to Michelle. Natalie says he said have fun in here with you. What does that mean? He said Michelle is going home and you are right after. That’s when it all started, I said I was an honest girl and he said no you’re not you’re fake. You’re as fake as the things on your chest. Michelle says ohHHH.. why can’t I say anything? Natalie says don’t, don’t. Michelle says no I don’t want him to talk to my friends like that. Natalie says dude I got a package from America, why do I care what anyone thinks of me? Michelle says good for you. What was Nicole doing? Natalie says hiding under their blankets probably laughing .. because she makes fun of me so it doesn’t really matter. She makes fun of me all the time. Michelle says damn dude. James needs to hear what just happened. Natalie says and he said you’re going home right after. I was like I’m not threatening you, why are you threatening me? He said you’ve done enough damage and its a promise you’re going home! I’m not scared though. In week 1 and 2 I flirted hard because that was my game. I’m going to show America that I’m a strong f**king girl and I can make it far. I surpassed all my goals in this house. My only goal left is to win an HOH. (What about the goal to win the 500K?) Michelle says to the camera if you don’t vote this girl as Amercia’s Favorite.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 03-50-33-557

Paul joins them. Nat fills him in on the last blow up with Paulie. Paul says Exec (Vic) thinks this is hilarious. We just have to make it happen (sending Z home). Nat says it is going to happen. Paul says he (Paulie) is pissed at Bridgette too. Paul says he’s red, he’s pissed. Michelle tells Paul that Natalie is a bada$$ b***H! Z joins them. Natalie says I hope he doesn’t slander my name because I told him I think he’s a great guy. He told me I’m as fake as the things on my chest. Michelle says that is not a man. Fricken Calafiore’s I hope you’re proud of your son! I want to go piss him off. I want to make him snap! Nat says don’t do it. I’ve been through worse.
Nat says and my fake t!ts, I bought’em on my own because I didn’t have any. I worked f**king hard for these motherf**kers. I worked so hard for these. And I got them for 2K because the doctor gave me a discount. And he was one of the best doctors in America! So he can blow me. Z and Nat high five! Paul says Nat I love you. Paul leaves. Michelle says he’s (Paulie) been saying the one thing that gets him is guys that emotionally and physically attack women. Nat says I just hope he doesn’t physically hurt me. Like the way we joke around and throw things at each other. Michelle says he talks about how he’s a good guy and empowers women. Nat says I’m going to talk to the DR and not say that he’s threatening me but just make sure I’m safe. Z says as long as America knows what I’m doing. After I win HOH …done!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 04-01-53-774

1am Paulie and Nicole are talking. Paul joins them. Paulie tells him how he just told Natalie she is as fake as those things on your chest. Paul says no you did not!? Why did I miss that?! They fist bump. Paulie says she said I think you’re a great person, a great guy and I was like I wish I could say the same about you. Paulie says the sh*t that’s been going on with Bridgette and Natalie is unf**king believable. Paul tells Paulie to cool his jets. Z joins Paulie. Paulie tells her about what just happened. Z asks should I be nosy? Nicole says yeah. Z says I give zero f**Ks. Z heads into the london room to listen in on the conversation. Paulie asks Nicole why would Nat try and throw my name under the bus. I’m the same way with you and other girls in the house. I didn’t want Z to go in there because she is barely hanging on. I’ve been holding her together. She is scared of letting down her family. Nicole says we’re going to win, it will be fine. Paulie says if she tries to say something during the speech I will stop her.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 03-39-43-259

James comes out of the DR. Nicole fills him in on what just happened with Paulie and Nat. James says I am from Texas and I do not support anyone bashing on a woman about fake t!ts. I’ll say it ..this is a game. We shouldn’t be doing anything like that. I’ll talk to Paulie. Even if I go up on the block next week. Nicole says personal attacks suck. James says I would be a complete d-hay if I just said Natalie I’m done. I don’t think Paulie would let anyone say anything like that to Z. I’m from Texas, momma didn’t raise no b***h. James says I’m probably going to go…. you should never talk to a woman that way. James asks did Nat say anything to make it justifiable? Nat comes out and asks her if she is okay. Nat says I’m okay. James says I just head some stuff. Nat says I’m fine. James, Paul and Nat head to the bathroom. Nat reiterates what happened with Paulie. Natalie says he hurt my feelings. I told them (DR) that I’ve never been talk to like that before so I just wanted to make sure I’m safe. James talks about how they were all laughing about it and I told them its not funny. Bridgette says thank you for sticking up for her. Nat says he hurt my heart but I’m okay. Nicole hid under the blankets and then was chuckling about it. You’re (Nicole) not a nice person. They talk about going up to the HOH room to have a house meeting. Bridgette says I don’t want him to say sh*t about my t!ts! Nat says I’m prepared to be the bigger person and not let it hurt my game.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 04-24-02-914

1:20am HOH room – Paul tells Vic they might as well write that cheque to us right now. Vic asks what’s going on? Paul says apparently James has been thrown my name under the bus. If anything Nat should be mad at Paul. Always touching her thighs and sh*t. Throwing my name under the bus like that. Natalie told me this. She said James isn’t buying it. Paul tells Vic about what happened with Paulie and Nat. The girls are in the room sh*tting on him! Sh*tting on him! He is just going ham on those three. YOu and I aren’t in the picture. Vic says we don’t even have to win. Paul says Paulie is sh*tting himself. Paulie comes up to talk to Vic. They all laugh. Vic says fool shouted out the FT’s! Paulie says I know what she’s been doing this whole time. Paul leaves. Paulie tells Vic about what happened with Nat. Sliced and diced! Its so f**king funny. Lets just f**king steam roll and get all the chicks out of here. Corey goes up to the HOH room and laughs. James is pissed by the way. Paulie tells Corey about what happened. Corey says if James takes her side I am going to be pissed. Bridgette is gone in my books.

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1:45am HOH room – James and Bridgette head up to the HOH room. James asks what is going on? Paulie says he told Natalie she is about as fake as the things on her chest .. which she has lied about for 50 something days. Bridgette says it seems like it was a personal attack to me. Paulie says she made a personal attack on me. Bridgette says she was doing James a favour. Paulie says well I think we all are doing James a favour for letting him know how fake she is and every game she’s been playing since day 1. Bridgette says she’s not playing any games. Paulie says well if you’re a floater you should keep your mouth shut. James says all stuff aside I think we should realize that this is a game. That’s my thing. We got caught up with our emotions and I think we should keep it on a game level. Paulie says that’s fine but she shouldn’t be hitting on every single guy in the house and then trying to flip it the other way around. Bridgette says she has flirty personality. Paulie says so when its the other way she takes that information .. what is it a one way .. two way street?! Bridgette says I can’t speech for Natalie. I’m offended ..why would you talk about her fake boobs. Like what the f**k is that?! Paulie says it was a metaphor for her fake personality. Bridgette says nice one Paulie! Nice one! I’m hurt by that comment. Paulie says I’m sorry you’re hurt by that comment. Bridgette says are you staring me down for some reason?! James asks what does Nat have to do to keep the peace? Paulie says she could apologize for starters. I you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. It has nothing to do with male/female so if anyone wants to make it about that.. that’s the wrong way to go about it. Michelle can get it too if she wants to confront me. James says this is a game! A game!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 04-39-56-232

Natalie joins them and asks what’s going on? Why did you speak to me like that? Paulie asks why did you go around saying all the sh*t about me? Nat says because its the truth. Paulie says you’ve been flirting with every single guy in here and you decide to single me out like I’m making a pass at you. Nat says you’re the only guy that’s done those things to me. Paulie asks did you not go to this guy (Corey) I really wish I was in a showmance with you. Nat says ummm joking around. Nat asks Corey did I say those things to you? Core says a couple times. Nat says I told you in the Tokyo room that I liked you first but then I ended up liking Victor right after.. so I chose Victor. Paulie says so its a double standard. Its not a big deal if you do it but its a big deal if I do it. You said you were uncomfortable regarding this young man over here. (Vic). Nat says he did, you did upset me with certain things. Paulie asks how did he make you feel uncomfortable? Nat says With the comments he would make to me. Why are you attacking me?! Relax! Why are you attacking me?

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 05-05-45-303

Paulie brings up how she told Vic that he was disrespectful to women. Nat says we hashed that out a long time ago. Why are you bring that up? Paulie says lets go back to the word uncomfortable. Natalie says you do make me feel uncomfortable. I don’t feel like you respect Z. The way you’ve been treating Z and talking behind her back that is disrespectful. Paul, Victor, Corey, they don’t make me feel uncomfortable. Paulie asks really!? SO who grabs the inside of your thighs?! On a regular basis?! Me?! Nat says no one grabs the inside of my thighs. Paulie asks REALLY!?!?! SO NOW YOU’RE f**kING LYING IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY!! James says dude, calm. Nat says you’re very angry. Paulie asks so you’re saying me saying comments about your butt makes you uncomfortable?! You make Corey uncomfortable. Natalie says stop attacking me. Bridgette says let her speak. Paulie starts mocking Natalie when about crying to him when Tiffany went up. Paulie brings James into it and says that you run around saying you two are just friends. Nat says I am being realistic. He lives in Texas. I love him and care about him so much. At 26 years old he made me be able to trust a man. Nat tells Paulie I don’t think your intentions with Z are not good. Paulie says if you’re trying to play both sides of the fence don’t be fake. Paulie says what is being disrespectful about me saying I don’t want a hickey on my neck. Paulie starts yelling. DON’T F**KING LIE AND BE FAKE! Natalie says that she doesn’t want to be a part of this any more and leaves.
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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 05-17-32-893

2:10am – 2:45am London Bedroom – Nicole and Nat talk. Nat tells Nicole that she is sorry she made comments about her and Corey being cute. Nicole says that didn’t make me uncomfortable, the fact that you say it to get a reaction out of him .. that hurt my feelings. Nat says I genuinely think you two are cute together. I think Paulie is leading Z on. Nicole leaves. Nat tells Michelle that he is literally slandering my name. Natalie says I can’t defend myself because I get scared and can’t think. He’s a douche bag. Bridgette joins them and says I tried to stand up for Natalie and no one is backing me up. Michelle says I will. I’ll go sh*t on him! bridgette says no because they’re not respecting women. Bridgette says you don’t talk about someone’s boobs. Michelle says I want to call him out and be like your game is blown up. I need to make a new speech saying he’s game has been blown up and is no longer in the running for the 500K. Bridgette says if I get HOH, these boys better sh*t their pants. Michelle says I will too, if I’m still here. Bridgette sasy My balls dropped way before these boys.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 05-28-00-820

2am – 2:35am HOH room Paulie says Michelle’s been throwing my name under the bus for weeks… now you (Bridgette) and Natalie decide to chime in. Vic says I was disrespected on national television and I didn’t make a big deal about it. Paulie says if she is going to sit and do nothing she shouldn’t try and blow sh*t up. I don’t need to make amends. Everyone in the house knows what she is. If she wants to try and blow up people’s games. You don’t say disrespectful and uncomfortable …the way I was raised you don’t say those words unless you have something to back it up with. She is a fake individual. As fake as the tear on her face when she knows she is going to go on the block or when she loses a competition. James says this really puts me in a tough spot. Paulie says well she shouldn’t have opened her mouth. To be honest I don’t think that came from her I think someone else enticed her to do it. She can say things in jest but I can’t. James says me and Natalie are what we are .. but even I don’t talk about her butt or n!pples. Corey says I wanted to keep emotion out of it and just keep it strategy. I don’t like the way they she is using sh*t, we could have done that a long time ago. Paulie says we give girls compliments to make them feel good about themselves. Paulie says she is a f**king MORON! Vic says I don’t even want to be apart of this. Paulie says she is going to treat you like sh*t if you side with your boys. Corey says its very hypocritical.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 05-36-40-727

3am Vic and Natalie talk about her saying he was disrespectful to women in her goodbye speech. Vic says its not okay to say that in front of national tv. Natalie says I don’t feel that way. I did before.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 05-59-53-673

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Paulie is toast in NJ

Nj girls are blowing up on Twitter. Was reading @KristaKimberly posts. She’s dishing on Paulie. This is awesome! That fuckwad will be lynched when he goes home. Haha.

judge judy

it appears to me, that the NJ girls are the way they are, is because of the NJ boys made them act that way.


Well, Honey, that’s the smartest response I’ve seen in a long time!

*big granny kiss on your forehead


The live feeds were freaking awesome last night. If you don’t have them yet…get them NOW! You can sign up right from this sight, and our boys Simon and Dawg will appreciate that.


I’m throwing out my own poll. Please comment on each player. Just list them and how you feel about each person. I’ll start.

Paulie: Disrespects women all the time, but tries to play like he loves them and defends them. So annoying to watch on the feeds. Thinks he’s to cool.

Zakiyah: Who??? Lol. Paulie’s b!tch! Getting played and didn’t even realize it.

Nicole: Whhhhiiiiiinnnnnnnnyyyyyy and annoying! Needs a showmance to survive. Should be on Bachelor!

Corey: Has no brain cells left. Been hit in the head to many times. Not sure he’s even aware he’s playing Big Brother.

Paul: Playing both sides. Will be caught soon, but I still think he can go far.

Vic: I’m just amazed that he’s made it this far after being evicted. This NEVER happens. I think he’ll be around a cpl more weeks at least. Unless somebody like Nicole or Corey wins. I say that bc, they’d be to scared to go after James/Natalie. So they’ll take him out to cause less damage.

Michelle: Didn’t like her at all in the beginning. Actually, I just started liking her 2 days ago:) I’m still annoyed with all the harsh things she said in the beginning, but if Bridgette can move on, I guess I can too. Lol. Anyhow, I love that she’s not scared to cause chaos. Let the games begin. I’m praying she wins HOH!

Bridgette: Have liked her since she linked up with Frank, before that I didn’t really notice her. I think she’s sweet and smart. She is a target of a lot of people though:( hopefully she gets super safety this week.

James: I have waaaaaay to much to say about him. I have a love/hate relationship with him. I think he’s a cowardly little b!tch. We need his nuts to drop. He talks a big game about being a Texan and standing up for his female friends then runs straight to Paulie and proceeds to suck his D. Lol. Sad but true. I don’t like that he throws Natalie under the bus every 5 seconds. He should have her back the most! He needs to stop playing for “America” and play to win. If he says “do u think this is what America would want?” one more time I’m gonna lose it. James, America wants u to stop being a little pu$$…..MAN UP! ***if he gets America’s Favorite, I’m gonna be pi$$ed. Side note: Have u all noticed at the beginning of each episode when they flashback to someone saying or doing something funny during the week, it’s always James. All of them except 1 maybe 2 have been James. Pay attention, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Or go back and watch the beginning of past episodes. It’s pretty clear who production wants for America’s Favorite.

Natalie: Have liked her this whole time, but I LOVE her now. So glad she’s speaking up and will actually be in an episode:) hopefully production doesn’t edit this in James’ favor, bc this was all Natalie. She’s a beast! I wish she’d start playing to win though. She has this mindset of just winning an HOH and going to jury. She needs to realize that she could make it to final 2 especially if Paulie gets evicted. She’s proven to be good in comps to, so hopefully she wins one. I’d love to see her make it through tonight’s double then win the HOH right after, so she’ll have it for the week. #GoNatGo #Nat4TheWin πŸ™‚
Ok, so this is way longer than anticipated. Most ppl probably won’t even read all of it. Sorry Simon/Dawg you do have read all of it so you can make sure it’s within the commenting guidelines. I apologize for that and taking up so much of your time:(

Thinking for myself

What an utterly ridiculous thing to say! Where’s responsibility for your own choices? Dumbass response! I don’t hand over my freedom of choice, weight or wrong.


Those include his momma and his sister.

TX rar

Judge Judy – you win for the BEST comment of the day! ????

Old but Spunky

Appreciate that information. I’m a geriatric North Jersey girl so I can’t participate in the lynching, but watching would give me tremendous satisfaction. I can maybe bake goodies for the crowd and turn it into a street party. Maybe me and a few other no good girls should do a drive by first to check house for a For Sale sign. With nothing to do here except dance on tables at the senior center and make out with old geezers, some real life local entertaiment would really make our year.


I cannot wait till he gets out. I just went back and watched it on the feeds and I have never disliked someone on this show more in my life. And that includes Amanda.

He literally thinks he is running the world and being the biggest douche canoe ever seen. Paulie deserves any bit of backlash he will get.


Well, I’m sure Derrick and Cody are shaking their heads right about now. He lost his cool, never to be respected in or out of the BB house again. Dumb ass.

what Derrick says:

Paulie who? I NEVER coached someone to be a total asshat!!!

What Cody should say:

Paulie who? I don’t have a brother…


Jersey girls WILL stay far away from the psycho douche canoe! What a complete moron this guy is! Really Pauline? That’s what ya have to do? Is that what he had in his arsenal? You’d figure being he’s gods gift to us women he’d have a better strategy than to point out fake boobies … I thought he’d do better than that … Oh wait he’s from a Jersey girl … that’s all I have to say about that πŸ™‚
Simon & Dawg …. You guys are friggin the best! You keep us so entertained I had to go on and donate some US $$ to you guys! Keep up the fantastic work and let’s see a house flip tonite! Fingers crossed!!
Natalie and Bridgette for the $500k! Because who ever gets douche canoe out deserves it! πŸ™‚

Pinocchio Obama

Tonights episode is going to be epic. Let the backstabbing begin.

Oh Paulie ... LMAO

I read this on her twitter account…

KristaDeBono @KristaKimberly
Paulie you know what’s so weird about jersey girls? YOU GAVE A RING TO ONE BEFORE YOU LEFT And it’s getting handed back to u when u get home
986 retweets 1,778 likes
Reply Retweet 986
Like 1.8K

KristaDeBono Retweeted
Tiffany Chantell ?@TiffanyChantell 14h14 hours ago
Tiffany Chantell Retweeted KristaDeBono
True and she denied you b/c she caught you cheating on her with 5 different women. He Left that part out on #bb18Tiffany Chantell added

Paul's Beard

Ooooooohhhhh shhhhh******tttt! I don’t think Paulie left just piss in that hot tub. Z better get herself tested.

And Paulie is such a scary person. He has no clue about consent and boundaries. Maybe Natalie lets Paul touch her. Maybe she doesn’t want Paulie to say anything about her body because he’s a creep. It makes me wonder how many lines he’s crossed with women, and how far he crossed them.


Well thank God. That girl dodged a huge bullet. Can you imagine being married to someone like Paulie?


Lets just be honest, everyone from New Jersey sucks. I’ve never met one nice person from there. Same goes for Ohio too.

Don't want you here

Must be because we recognize a-holes when we see them. Without having met you Porn, your name is a good Indicator I’m correct.


Whoo Hooo! Gonna be great TV tonite!

For those of you in the NY metro area……….Football is on channel 2

BUT Big Brother is being broadcast on channel 10 or WLNY at 9pm.

Paul's Beard

Thanks for the info. I was wondering when that was going to happen. I definitely wouldn’t want to miss this throwdown tonight!

Powder Puff Girl

I am voting for Bridgette to get this upcoming care package she will need it. Pauline’s fans will be voting for him as he got knocked down a few notches.

house flip

epicness is imminent

loving seeing michelle get under paulies skin

michelles speech is going to be great

i just hope its a true blindside

Franks fumes

I’m absoluty floored by how scared the men in the house are of Paulie……I mean hes a little yaping bitch and the guys all cowar in his presence……Wheres Frank when you need him?……Oh yeah Jamesy evicted him!

Did we forget?

Paulie was all up Frank’s ass too! He told Bridgett that paulie was the only one to trust…

Franks fumes

Paulie was up Franks ass?


Seems like Paulie’s on “Who Wants to Be America’s Next Godfather?”

The way he talks about taking people out, the way he expects his minions will do what he says…he’s delusional. And Z is trying out for “Mafia wives.”

nicole's diary room voice

Fingers crossed that James doesn’t puss out before the show. Hopefully Z goes and a member of the grossmance gets axed during the double.


I think Bridgette has a real good handle on the game and players….and I think her role in the conflict above will force Jame’s p*ssy hand. The more she paints Paulie as a villain, as opposed to engaging in the fight, James will have no choice.

He won’t want to go into the DR and side with the “bad guy”…so I hope she can temper Nat and Michelle, at least until after Z is evicted, otherwise James will waver, trying to see who he can pretend to be the best good guy with for the audience.

James is the absolute worst….


Couldn’t have said it better myself:)


Who is the grossmance? Nicole and Corey?

Just me

To me the grossmance is Paulie and Zakiah.

Nicole's snot locker

Both couples are nasty. Z changing her maxi pad on tv and straddling Paulie with her dirty stained underwater on. Vomit. Watching Nicole and Corey in bed was so creepy. Nicole is a desperate jealous little girl trying to act relevant. She looks at herself constantly and always messing with the rats nest on her head. Can’t take much more of them. Fireworks tonight:)

Real Dude

James, the definition of “bitch” is when someone insults your woman and you just sit there. Man up dude.


Have I followed this correctly? Putting a hand on Nat’s leg or a flirty comment about her butt is a big deal and something James will confront the guys with. But trashing talking her body, insulting her intelligence and basically verbally assaulting her … he just sits there.


He’s the Texas cowboy when his target isn’t around then he shuts up once he walks in. Asking if Natalie said anything to Paulie to justify it. James summer of just lying around is over, he’s gotta go to work now. He has to choose sides.

Powder Puff Girl

James saying did she do anything to justify the comment was worst than the comment! Did she hear that?


Also…”James asks what does Nat have to do to keep the peace?”


It suggests to me that James is a really shitty father. He has a daughter who lives in the same world as men like Paulie. Prove you got assaulted. Prove your date went too far. Prove you said no. Thanks Dad πŸ™


Did anyone read the above update? James got mad and said it was not cool to talk about Nats body. He then went to confront Paulie about it.


I watched the whole conversation live. No, James didn’t get mad at all. He meekly stated that this is a game and we shouldn’t get personal. That’s it. From there the rest of the conversation basically entailed James kissing Paulie’s butt. It was Bridgette who stood up to Paulie, telling him that she finds him offensive and calling him out for trying to intimidate her with a stare down.


…geesh, that’s not butt kissing, it’s acting, playing the game, staying under the radar, protecting his own game. He’s NOT in a relationship with Natalie for real outside the house. She initiated this relationship and he treats her with respect. He’s not there for a girl, he’s there to win a game.


The follow-through (or lack thereof in this case) is what matters


Let’s all come to terms with the fact that James was castrated before coming on.


I don’t like that it has to be “man up.” This is the 21st century. He should defend her just to be a good partner; it doesn’t have anything to do with being a man. I just hate phrases like “man up” or “be a real man” because defending someone else and being brave rather than cowardly shouldn’t make someone a “real man,” it should make them a “good person.”

Team PV

Paul and Victor are in a great spot! Avoiding the drama and letting the others take each other out. It’s crazy how far they both have risen from the dead lol


I agree! Definitely Paul out of those two because to be on the block 3 times and being hated by everyone to being liked and more quiet. If he made finally two vs Paulie he has a strong chance of beating him especially now that everyone is figuring out that Paulie has made everyone his puppet lol

Natalie FTW

This girl, is smart! She chose the perfect time to strike and the perfect weapons to strike with. She played on James heart strings perfectly and added bonus of getting Paulie to blow himself up! How’d she figure all this out?!


I am so happy for her. Everyone thought she was the bubble head of this year. She was the one and only to open these peoples eyes to Paulie. I love Natalie and I love James, they are so cute together. I cannot wait to see Paulies (DB), Nicole – trashy stupid beatch, and Corey (the real bubble head duh?) tonight!!!!!



she deserves a bit more respect regarding her intelligence.. intelligence manifests its way differently for all people.. some translate it to facts.. some become good athletes.. and others use it to understand people and relationships.. she didnt get to where she is because she is stupid.. she used her own intelligence with people to become what she is.. she had everybody’s game locked down a long time ago.. unfortunately james never payed attention.. now he’s forced to.


Holy Fuuuuuuuuuuuuqqqqqq!!!!! This is the MOST exciting feeds ever, ever, ever!!!! I literally, cannot BELIEVE the stuff that is flying out of Paulie’s mouth!!! He is disgusting! At first I was PISSED that James wasn’t standing up for Nat, but like Paul said, he needs to remain calm. Paulie is literally self-destructing before our eyes and I love it!

Gotta hand it to Simon and Dawg!!!!!!! Thanks for staying up!

TX rar

What is WRONG with these people! Paulie makes personal attacks on Nat and then bows-up to Bridgette (who stood her ground!). I’m hoping not all NJ guys are like this. Jeez

Paulie tells Jameshow he just told Natalie she is as fake as those things on your chest. Paulie says she (Nat) said I think you’re a great person, a great guy and I was like I wish I could say the same about you. Nicole hides under covers and laughs bc Nat flirted w/ Corey weeks ago.


I just can’t wait for Nicole to realize she’s on a sinking ship. LMAO! As of right now she still thinks everyone is on their(her, Corey, Paulie) side and Michelle is going home. She’s going to be in the same situation as Michelle and Z……… BLINDSIDED! Lol. She’s going to be kissing so much butt(remember when she said she’s not a kisser butter? LMAO). I can hear her now, to Michelle, Natalie, Bridgette, I love you girls…. Blah blah blah. The only thing that sucks is, I have a very strong feeling Nicole or Paulie will win this HOH:(
And Paul. He’s gonna get caught playing the middle. He better throw HOH. If he wins Paulie will expect Nat and Bridgette nominated and Nat, James and everybody else will expect Nicole/Cory nominated with Paulie as the backdoor. So he’s pretty much screwed. He can’t win. He straight up comforted Nat when Paulie called her fake as her chest…… Then seconds later walked in a fist bumped Paulie. If he a Vic stay out of this though, they’ll make it pretty far. I’m seeing Paul in the final 3 for sure. Maybe even final 2.
So tired of James being a little coward. Talking about how he’s a Texan and defends his woman then runs to Paulie and throws Natalie under the bus. Big bark…… No bite! He needs to man up, stop thinking about America and what we want and start playing the damn game! That’s what we want. We want your nuts to drop:)


I don’t know, I’ve never found it too hard to calmly and rationally confront somebody who is neither. It’s not too hard to shut somebody down who’s crossing the line without inviting that person to turn on you…but you have to be smart, have courage, and more concerned with what right than having everybody like you.

I’m sure James buys Paul’s patronizing excuse for James being worthless, but we shouldn’t.


as much as hated this season, the live feeds last night without a doubt was BB entertainment. hopefully James cancels out the right votes tonight to save Michelle, and we see Z and Paulie head out to jury with double eviction.


I love this site! Drinking my coffee, an almost choked reading Paul’s comments about sucking his own D, lol. Can’t wait till tonite to see the fireworks!!!!


HAAH thanks Cheri, it’s getting good now πŸ™‚


Yes. The feeds are insane right now. And if you don’t have them, get them! Too much fun. Oh and btw please click the link on OBB to get them πŸ˜‰


Paulie is a dick! He is just pissed because he got called out and can’t controlled everyone anymore. James better side with Nat! Get the game rolling…


I find it interesting that Michelle goes on and on about how disrespectful and mean Paulie is, yet she said awful things about bridge, Nat and victor behind their backs….she’s the worst…. I want her to stay for drama, but she is a really mean person…..Natalie better be careful because she will turn on her in an instant


James has never been this “character person” that he claims to be…on his season he openly shook hands and pledged allegiance and then went back on his word and put them up, and he did the same this season (and even said it a few weeks ago that he needs to stop going back on his word) and then he said he was going to stand up for Nathalie tonite about the chest comment (and got all upset to others about how he’ll go off on Paulie) and then he never did. Nathalie can do much better.


This was the best post yet!
Dude I cannot WAIT to hear Michelle’s speech and see Z walk out the door!
Fingers crossed she doesn’t have the return ticket. She has seriously got to be one of the worst players ever.
I kinda hope she gets booed for choosing Douchebag McDoucherson, bi*ch is getting played like a fiddle.


Dude, I am going to both watch AND dvr the live eviction tonight!! THIS is going to be the show that pulls in the ratings and maybe give us fans new life.
All the good stuff happens late, late night!! .I am sitting at my desk with deadlines to meet and presentations to prepare but I am about to rewind these live feeds and eat some lunch first. This post has me on the edge of my seat and wondering how CBS will fit all this into the recap segment, will MEECH give that speech and who does have the round trip ticket??


Tonight’s eviction should be great, but nothing will top Austin’s eviction last year barefoot and all….still makes me laugh pretty hard.


I guess we should thank Paulie for blowing up his game and alienating his allies so much (including cowardly James) that the flip is now almost a certainty.


Now this is why we tune in! All that lovey dovey crap and what the house wants. Pot ball and soda bottle bowling. After all of this I would be very surprised if James puts his votes towards Con Corleone. Not only does he amaze me with the crap he says but even after all that has been said Max-Z is all in his arms and in his bed.
Wow she is going to look back on this and see what a damn fool she allowed herself to be.

How much do I love Bridgette when she says “my balls dropped a long time before these BOYS” ZING!!!

Franks fumes

Being a Texan ………James are you f#cking kidding me….James you embarrassed all your fellow Texans tonite…. for all the feeders I’m sorry about James! (Actually hes from N.C.)

Hal 9000

Actually he’s from South Carolina. Yet he pretends he’s a Texan because he moved there. So he’s not really a Texan since he wasn’t born there. That has to make the people of SC happy. Just like in the house how he can’t choose a side. Looks like he can’t choose a state either. This guy is such a phony and a pussy and I’m ashamed I voted for him for AFP last year.


Hell no! James is not from NC. Those are SC tattoos (State of SC and Clemson Tigers). NC got enough trash to get rid of, don’t need anymore. He wish he was Carolina blue!

Paul's beard glitter

LOL – Being from SC isn’t the problem, its the fact that he is a Clemsux fan. Poor fella.

TX rar

Most guys in TX would be a lot more forceful if a man bows-up (texas slang for stepping up to) at a women. They would say a LOT more then “this is a game”. James cant get physical in any way with Paulie wo getting thrown from BB but he could be a LOT more forceful by getting some bass in his voice and telling NJ Paulie to “back the F up, step away, and calm down.”
James (and the other HG) should be walking out of any room that Paulie is in right now. Jeez.


Loser. how can you let someone talk to your gf like that?

He will fold…. guaranteed.

This Season Needs To End

I hope all the women on this show go and find guys that treat them better. James doesn’t stick up for Natalie when other people are criticizing and insulting her. Corey doesn’t treat Nicole she has any real importance or is any kind of a priority. When Zakiyah is upset and sad Paulie just completely disregards/ ignores/ blows her off instead of being a real man and immediately going to comfort her and do everything possible to make things better < those are all HUGE red flags & I hope they understand they deserve much better than being treated like that and MOVE ON & cut these guys off. I tried my hardest to give Paulie the benefit of the doubt for most of the game but found I can no longer do that. I'm actually ready for this season to be over.


James really did not take up for his woman I had my husband shut down production because a man insulted me please don’t insult Texas

Derrick's still playing

Just heard Paulie reveal that he knew James would be in the house BEFORE the game started. Theories of conspriacy coming true


Mr. Paulie Califiore is unbelievable. Probably my least fave HG of all time just a lil above Frankie


Paul is actually starting to grow on me a bit, it would be great if he actually turns on Paulie.

Oh Hell nah

Time to fly over from Australia to the Big Brother house to SLAP THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF PAULIE AND HIS NASTY ARSE SIDE BURNS. Do NOT disrespect NatNat, or you will disrespect me. πŸ˜‰

Keeping it Real

I’m sick of the James hate (all the hate on all of the hg’s, to be honest).
Many of you guys are just underestimating James.

I totally believe he will follow through (maybe not this week…just depends on how comps go) and that he is just covering his bases with the guys like he’s done from the beginning. James isn’t stupid. He knew Paulie’s girl would tell Paulie everything….all part of the plan. He knows what he is doing.

Regarding tonight….I don’t think James would keep Z in the long run, but he may keep her tonight to keep up his front with Paulie. Why would he do that???? So he can make an effective move to scicy Paulie later. He feels Zak has Paulie’ s back, only. So he feels Zak is P’s final two regardless of how he talks about Z to his boys. But, he still feels either girl going tonight could benefit his game in one way or another. James is true to NatNat, but in the end James wants to win. I think he suspects Nat is now AFP since she got the first care package and feels the message America was sending is, “Nat is your girl James”, confirmed with James receiving the second care package. James knows Paulie won’t stick to his boys’ so-called alliance unless it was his only play…he would surely take Z to final 2 if things work out. James has no interest in working with Nicorey.

Yet, James won’t make a move until the right time. He said himself to Nat that you can’t make a move until the time is right. There are still a lot of comps left in this game, and Paulie is a comp winner. James would be stupid to blow his cover with Paulie. Many are saying James is a wuss and plays for Paulie, but that’s not true. Paulie still claims allegiance with James to Corey, so James has done his job well to convince Paulie he’s with him. And James has now secured Paulie’ s targets as Beidgette, Paul, Nat, and Meech….basically everyone but Nicorey and Zak, maybe Vic, too.

Speaking of Z, her DR stssions prove she is aware of Paulie’ s deception. She has to keep up appearances to protect her game. She is telling everyone what they want to hear…..Z is playing the game, too.

I truly think James will do what’s best for his game. He did so with Frank’s eviction and still doesn’t get the respect for that. James plays a lame duck well, but he’s the one who has made the biggest move thus far.

This is a game, you guys. Don’t make it personal. Most of what these houseguests say to each other is pure BS for the same of their individual games. Don’t be so gullible. A winning player tells all others what they want to hear in order to maintain calon esters before the storm rolls through. James and Nat just do this without making it nasty and personal (everything Nat told Z is true).

Nat and James for the win.


Interesting theory. What excuse do you have for him sitting quiet while Paulie trash talked Natalie in front of him? Why was Bridgette the only one defending her? F**k game play, trash talking another female’s appearance because you got called out is weak and childish.

I don’t understand why Paul and Victor didn’t put Paulie in his place [in front of Zakiyah]. He has trashed talked about Zakiyah in front of them. The only people he has are Corey and Nicole [ two absolute idiots ] . 3 against 6 and lets be honest, Corey sucks at competition (watch the first competition the rocket). Nicole sucks at competitions (This season and last season). Thus unless Paulie is going to win every single HOH and POV, he is going home.

So once again why the hell is everyone walking on egg shells around Paulie?

Keeping it Real

He did not sit quiet. He told Paulie it is just a game and not to make it personal. Did we watch the same conversation? James doesn’t have to yell or raise his voice to make a point. In the end, Paulie will apologize to James. Just wait.


What the hell have you been watching? James sucked last season and he sucks now. You make it sound like James has made some massive strategy. Wake up dude all the moves he is making are Natalie not him. Trash talking about someone you like is not strategy. Explain to me how all this is not going to backfire on James once Zakiyah or Michelle are evicted?

Paulie is an asshole but not an idiot, once Zakiyah is gone Paulie will reveal what James said about Natalie. Furthermore what strategy does he having throwing off competitions? The guy cant win competitions so he thinks hes smart throwing them. What an absolute idiot.

I know a lot of people criticize Nicole for coming to the show for another showmance, but whats James excuse? How is strategy any different from last season?


Oh please – James looked liked a scared little kitten. Saying it’s just a game is not defending Natalie against Paulie’s attacks. James was so timid talking to Paulie that it wouldn’t have surprised me if he got down on his knees and kissed Paulie’s hand. A real man would have told Paulie to keep Natalie’s name out of your mouth and if you attack her on a personal level again there will be consequences. Paulie left the conversation believing that he still had James in his corner. Nice job James!


James standing up to Paulie would definitely have weakened Paulie. It would have sent him a message that yet another one of your presumed allies is questioning you and your moves, thus making Paulie doubt himself. James saying nothing makes Paulie think James is still in his pocket, thus keeping him that much more confident in himself.


…and good strategy on James’ part because we know Paulie’s trigger is people that criticize or challenge him. James challenging him to a higher level than he has would put him on Paulie’s hit list–move him up a notch perhaps over B or N.

Bolt Uprite

James used to be a prison guard. He can handle himself, he’s not afraid of a guy like Paulie. He’s no frightened kitten. He’s just giving Paulie enough rope to hang himself. If James was straddling the fence before, Paulie just made the choice easy for him.


Paulies ego is way too big to apologize. James said a few words but basically was acting like a quiet timid little mouse. It was so disappointing. James definitely holds Paulie in high esteem unfortunately!


If you think Max-Z is playing the game it is not us who is the gullible one. And James, if not this week when should he star playing the game? when he makes his jury vote? No after this post it is clear NOW is the time to decide where you stand, what you stand for and who you stand with. No I don’t think Munchie should win the game and yes she has been quite the catty biotch, but I would rather see another week of her actually trying to play the game then another week of Max-Z playing house and being a door mat for that turd Paulie. Another plus is seeing that rat Nicole scurry when she realizes she is now in the minority. Corey is just clueless and a waste of space. Someone mentioned they have never seen him in the DR talking about how much he cares for Nicole. I can’t remember them ever even showing much if any of his DR sessions. They know he is irrelevant as well.

Keeping it Real

Okay, Dan. Calm down. You’re beginning to sound like Paulie.

This is just a game. Why is it so hard to believe that Z is using Paulie rather than the other way around?


LOL where in there was I not calm? Gullible and delusional as well. Pass the bong my friend I believe you have had enough. NEXT!

Keeping it Real

Yep. You’re as calm as Paulie. I digress.

James didn't help clean up the kitchen

Delusional James fan above alert.

He is just laying low waiting for right time to make huge moves. Ok.

He has been waiting two seasons now. You all can wait alone. James been dead to the rest of us since early on last season. Good luck with your “wait”


Delusional? Nah, that’s called perspicacious.

Look it up.

* goes back to her knitting pretending he needles are weapons

Keeping it Real

that’s funny, keep it coming

I’m loving this! πŸ˜€


Everything is funny after so many bong hits. It will wear off in a couple of hours. Eat a cookie.


To be fair to James. She doesnt need a man to stick up for her. The issue with SOME men, is they have a hard time using words, and go straight physical or verbal assault. Most go from 0 to 60… So that’s exactly what I expect a man to do, is sit there and make sure nothing physical happens, while she gives the tongue lashing… She can take it if she dishes it. Nobody wants anyone hurt or go to jail, but some words need to be said.

However, that was the really the ONLY instance I understand… BECAUSE… Woman should expect the man to defend his woman when shes not around, and vice versa… James threw her utb… so he is spineless..

All GIRL F3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for this post. Finally someone who gets the game and how you have to play it to survive. No wonder so many clueless players are cast. Only the best players know how to effectively play both sides, and also when to start winning comps. This game never really gets started until after the first double eviction, then things really come to light for both viewers and players.


So when is the right time for james to go against paulie. I say its now if you wait to long its gonna be even harder to get paulie out. He wins most of the comps and with each person leaving its gonna be easier for paulie to keep winning theses comps. I wanna see z go then james wins hoh and backdoors paulies ass and i hope paulie dont get picked for pov also james should nominate cory and nocole. Thats how i hope it plays out tonight.


Wtf is wrong with you James? This entire time Nat’s been loyal to your dumb @ass. Now when she needs your help you come out talking about how you weren’t raised to accept abuse against women… then you start shaking in your boots the second its time to confront Paulie!

Bridgette’s balls have definitely dropped before yours that’s 100% clear.


nat is using james to make her game better. everyone comments about the guys using the girls, nat is using james. she has no long term interest in him and she uses intimacy promises to keep james in line, that is calling the kettle when badmouthing the guys. james falls for it thinking sincere yet NOT. nat and meech are the snakes not Nicole…nat and meech are worse than paulie AND nat lets whatever guy in there do whatever to her but if pauli she gets upset for him doing same shit…America nat is a backstabber and doublestandard player to get what she wants any way she can. sweet my ass

James isn't worth discussing

Paulie: “James if you have something to say to me..say it”

James: “No I have nothing to say”

Tell me James isn’t a pussy now James fans!

Bridgette: “My balls dropped way before any of these guys”

Bahahaha. Now you see why to me at this point she is the only acceptable winner of this season from hell.


James is not a pussy. He was coached by Derrick. I just listened to a podcast by his best friend in Texas. James was taught keep it 100% social. That’s what he’s doing. He is being diplomatic from what I can read as I don’t have feeds.


wooow,paulie’s mout h got out of control, if he can just keep calm, i believe he would be in the final 2,he’s really great at the comp, but his social game geting messy day by day, if z go homw tomorrow, we know that the table has turned ,and i don’t mind to see that happen, i’m team nobody,this is my first comment in this site btw. #TEAMNOBODY #TEAMBIGBROTHER #TEAMGAMEPLAY


It’s official…James and Paulie, you’re both shitheads!!!!

Everyone is TOO Sensitive

When did the world become so sensitive. If a woman slanders a man… it’s justified somehow. If a man slanders a woman… it’s disrespectful, rude, low… etc. Everyone needs to have a drink, relax and roll with the punches.
Paulie said Nat is fake… isn’t she? Nat has flat out said she liked Corey then Vic THEN James… and when Vic gave her attention, he was disrespectful to women… now that he doesn’t “she doesn’t think that way anymore” give me a break girl…. she thrives on this shit. I haven’t been much for team Paulie this season… but he wins this round.


You nailed it!

Only can wish

Vic and Natalie had talked and squashed it. Natalie admitted the first 2 weeks she flirted, everyone did. They were all getting to know each other. The problem she have with Paulie is that he is flirting with her while they are close to James and Z. He’s disrespecting her, James and Z. She’s letting him know she’s not as “easy” as he thought she was. He’s just mad that she isn’t attracted to him. Nicole flirted with Vic when he won HOH. Corey didn’t get mad because he doesn’t care.


Paulie is fucking psychotic, seriously… and i thought Amanda Zuckerman was nuts.



James is great

He knows and expressed that what Paulie is doing is wrong, but he is NOT in real life, he s in the GAME and tomorrow is DE and all the mentally capable ppl are team Paulie , so it would be idiotic to have an argument with Paulie. Yall want this revolution to succeed, but if James goes out tomorrow it will be dead, Paul and Vic will crawl back to Paulie and Nat&Meech will be on the block with possible backdoor Bridgitte…so however you feel about James…U BETTER PRAY HE STAYS !

Keeping it Real

Thank the BB Gods I’m not the only fan to see and say this! I think it’s so hilarious how so many so-called fans can’t keep their own emotions out of this, yet they throw poo at the houseguests…like monkeys in a zoo when they don’t get their way… for “apparently” being affected by emotion when they could actually be just telling everyone what they want to hear for the sake of their own personal game.

The BB game isn’t near as exhausting as some of the fans’ ridiculous perceptions.

I’m not afraid to state my opinion even when I KNOW the thumbs down WILL outnumber the ups.

I can’t decide what’s more entertaining….the feeds or the response to the feeds on sites like OBB.

Thanks to the OBB admins for providing much needed fun and laughter! I’m adding well deserved $ to your jar!!!!!!


Thanks yo!


Hey Simeon have never even thought about donating to you guys honestly and have been reading the updates on this site for a while now, after reading these last updates, and how I feel I’m actually watching it as I read I will for sure send you guys some cake. How do I do it and great job. I love the post so much the only episode I watch now are the Thursday ones cuzs you guys paint such a great picture I feel I don’t need to watch the other ones.


If you want to support the site there’s a tab at the top, support this site, it’ll tell you everything you need to know.


I hate Paulie as much as the next guys but I think it’s bull crap how Natalie keeps playing the disrespecting woman card. Especially when she’s been going around flirting with all the guys.

Uncle Teddy

You are correct. HOWEVER…
Paulie handled that so poorly. It was awful. Just apologize in front of everyone, diffuse the situation, and bank this in your mind to use at the appropriate time. If you’re going to have a showmance with the worst comp player in the house, you better keep your emotions in check. Quite frankly, I can’t wrap my head around anything Paulie has done all week. He ok’d the Z nomination, won the veto and then didn’t use it, and now there is severe backlash from some of his allies that the girls used to rally a house flip behind. This blowup on Nat in front of half the house was the cherry on top of a large turd sundae he built all week. Poor game play, period


Paulie’s reaction shows he isn’t as confident as he pretends. He freaked out over Tiffany because he was scared she was going to be like Vanessa and challenge him. He was stable while he thought he was on top but now that he’s challenged he’s lost it. Everything went as Derrick, Cody and he thought (James may have been in some of that). Now that a wrench was thrown in he doesn’t know what to do and he’s melting down. Contrast it with Paul who thought he was in control the first week and was the next on the block but managed to shift his game and now he’s a contender for the $500k. Not a fan of Paul but he’s handled the game pretty well.


Notice how Bridgette was the only one to face Paulie’s yapping because she sees it for what it is – all bark and no bite – whereas the so-called men are still sucking his butt in fear of a guy who bullies women to feel tough. He was clearly agitated when he heard Paul & Vic were plotting his downfall yet who did he blow up on? Nat-Nat.

Wonderful casting CBS, did you think Paulie was going to be another fan-favourite like Elissa? FAIL.


You can always tell when Paulie gets nervous or upset because the f bombs start flowing faster and faster. He dropped so many last night on BBAD that the scroll at the bottom of the screen said it was exhausting. I hope he isn’t expecting a warm homecoming, because those Jersey girls are going to freeze him out, because well, you know how Jersey girls are.

Derrick's still playing

Also, count the times Paulie finishes sentences with, “You know what I mean?” He’s running scared now.


“Because you know how Jersey girls are…”
You mean rational? In this case, you must mean rational

Keeping it Real

Best comment of the season:

Bridgette “my balls dropped way before these boys”



I totally agree Bridgette delivers the EPIC line of the last several seasons of BB. I lost my drink when she said this…classic stuff. Now this is Big Brother. This is why we are fans.

Keeping it Real

It was the first time this season I was brought to immediate, non-stop, hysterical laughter! It was almost like she was reading my mind. Love it!!!!

I understand why James remained non-confrontational, but love Bridge put herself out there…took a huge risk. She has completely changed my opinion of her and is now in my top 3!

My husband’s demeanor is similar to James (but he’s a 6’2″ muscular Marine, so he LOOKS intimidating). He’s always calm and collected. He doesn’t believe in confrontation, especially in a group setting. He doesn’t ever make or take things personally. He will calmly state his opinion, but won’t add fuel to a fire, especially if it’s self ignited and destined to burn to the ground. His karma approach counterbalances my feisty persona (5ft petite female who can verbally defend on a dime). Yet, there is a moment when someone can push him too hard. He would completely have my back. I’m sure James will defend Nat when she needs it!


Natalie has turned Big Brother into Jersey Shore

TX rar

Paulie did that. He can’t seem to deal with ANY women that calls him on his sh*t without blowing up and running to his boys. He had zero come backs to the girls last night (Nat, Bridgette, Meech). Hahaha!


Nat didn’t , Paulie did


Wow James way to stick up for Natalie when someone is yelling in her face…you shouldn’t be expecting to many cuddle sessions going forward ..Mr. I’m from Texas and we don’t put up with that.


Paulie is a user,hope momma c is proud of him (thinking she has a lot of work to do) woman bashing and the only word he knows is f oh and paulie keep ur hands off ur dick and balls yuck , Nicole is such a WHINNEER , OMGOSH ANNOYING.. CORY, what a wuss…. Paul and Vic can out do each other. Mines bigger no mines bigger please…..Brigit cabbage patch please,Z ,WHY ??????.James , love ya man ur the man of the house,,, meech please stop crying u getting on my nerves girl,,, THIS HAS BEEN THE MOST ANNOYING BB THAT HAS BEEN YET !!!!!!!

Franks fumes

Lurch……I mean Corey jumping to fellow douchecanoe Paulies aid backing up his attack on Nat made me sick to my stomach ……Gaining a new asshole to loathe! Paulie needs some meds asap seriously….did you see his purple face and trembling hands all because of a couple of little girls……what a mental case!


Ok just to Say: in All these conversations Nicole never said something bad, but the fact that she’s the only one Who still talks to Paulie will make her look terrible. So Please be rationale and don’t be mad at her. She probably agree with Natalie but from a Game level her best move is to stat with Paulie, Who i consider a PSYCHO. I mean, dude CALM DOWN.
I’m rooting since day 1 for Michelle and Nicole final 2

Bolt Uprite

Nicole was laughing with Paulie and Corey at Nat all night.


Ok just to Say: in All these conversations Nicole never said something bad, but the fact that she’s the only one Who still talks to Paulie will make her look terrible. So Please be rationale and don’t be mad at her. She probably agree with Natalie but from a Game level her best move is to stat with Paulie, Who i consider a PSYCHO. I mean, dude CALM DOWN.
I’m rooting since day 1 for Michelle and Nicole final 2

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Paulie did just blow up his own game. Say good bye to the $500k. Say good bye to PP. Even Victor has a better shot than Paulie after all of this. It is unrecoverable. Who is going to trust him now? Paul may even start growing his hair out to make sure they don’t look alike anymore….

Also, through all of this, James is being exposed to everyone as being one of the weakest players in the house. Sure he can win a comp if he wants, play pool with everyone, and pull pranks. But for the first time he is in a power position (given to him by America no less!) and he is tanking…..who knew a few weeks ago that the most interesting thing about him would be his alliance with Natalie?

Kudos to Natalie and Michelle (and anyone who in the DR who coached them) for exposing Paulie and getting under his skin. It worked. Now things are finally getting interesting.

In other news: Ian is a 3 tissue a night guy on the feeds when Z is getting her armpits waxed and there is talk about anyone’s boobs…..


Simon and Dawg…do you know when finale is? And, do you think if round trip ticket isn’t used, if there will be a possible jury comeback?


No idea i haven’t looked and the Numbers vs the days left.

Just are reminder for people if you want to ask questions about my personnel opinions etc.. I do a weekly talk segment questions can be posted here.

Uh Oh Paulie

Paulie is the type of guy that is oblivious to his own Ego and on many occasions forgets what he is saying is broadcasting to America. He is a generalist and labels everyone under the same blanket. Paulie it is 2016 and a lot of the stuff you say is going to end your career. It amazes me that some people like Paulie are so oblivious to their own Ego. In reality Paulie is a scared man living with values from the prehistoric days, no respect for women, I don’t care if Big Bro is a game, you don’t treat a woman like he does…..even if this woman is crazy and it is her doing, no man should take advantage of a woman like he does Z.
My new fav is Meech, I love what she said to Paulie blowing up his own game because in the end, Paulie did and I think even Paulie’s Ego realized it.


Zakiyah is possibly dumber than Veronica from BB16. Zakiyah is a skank who should have been on basketball wives or some other tacky show. She’s going to be in for a lot of shock after going home. No job, living with momma (who taught her to disrespect herself this way). This girl is just repulsive.


You mean Victoria.


He meant Veronica. Or maybe it was Valerie?


Who the hell are valerie and veronica??


There was a dark hair girl who dropped by the house and got to watch the comps and sometimes she got to sit in the nominees chairs.


Zakiyah’s so-called job. These people make up their resumes so I never believed she was a ‘kindergarten teacher’ from the jump. She doesn’t speak English clearly or properly. Go home girl.


I heard she was an aid to pre-school teachers, not an actual teacher, as she claims. Also, she said when she quit, her boss told her if she wanted to come back, she’d have to go through the hiring process again. (Which, to me, means “don’t bother”.)


Now that sounds more like it. I, myself had even said before on this site that Z didn’t seem like a college graduate with a degree in education.


I get it now- James’ sick loyalty to Paulie, it’s because of the Derrick connection and the pre-game strategy between the four. (Including Cody) Stupid James-this is an evolving game, you have to be able to adjust your strategy. Nat needs to dump your ass. Bridget for AFP

Ulterior motives

I recall reading somewhere that Paulie’s dad is James’ manager. Could that be holding James back because of being worried about dealing with his family when he gets out. It doesn’t mean he agrees with him but these incestuous BB relationships makes it hard for them so be “aggressive” when they need to be.


I think Z will go home tonight, because James knows Corey and Nicole will float over to him. The only problem is making sure one of their side wins HOH tonight- you’d think with 3/4 of the house they would win…

Paulie the pussy

Paulie constantly refers to “Codys season” “On Codys season everyone got along and he and Derrick just chilled and coasted to the 500 grand.

Paulie you sat with Cody and Derrick for a year and learned their game. Ok that was the right game for THAT season. You are trying the exact same blueprint in a different season. You have to adjust your game at times not just get mad and whine.

If Derrick and Cody didn’t tell you this then they as dumb as you are.


They got along in Bb16 because they didn’t have an asshole of Paulie’s record-braking caliber.

Bolt Uprite

They did, but he was gay.


Of course this happened last night!.. bc I deleted the After Dark episode thinking “probably nothing happened, this season is boring.” Of course this happened! Glad I can still come here for the scoop. Thanks Dawg!!


Okay, children. It’s my turn to talk.

This is a television show. Nothing is real. Don’t you understand that?

No? Oh, is it because you think these people are all supposed to do what YOU want?

Oh Lordy! Stick a fork in it and call it done! That Paulie boy’s game is over. And I give credit to everyone but that silly Nicole and confused Corey. Even Paulie, because I give credit where credit is due.

Now you all simmer down before my girdle bunches up again!

*shakes finger at laptop and grabs her biggest wooden spoon


Love it when a plan comes together!

Like many of us, I voted for James to get ACP this week. I did it to put a target on his back — and it looks like that is exactly what will happen:

If James eliminates Cory’s and Paul’s vote, as he promised Natalie, Bridgette, Vic, Paul and Michelle, and if he votes out Z as he promised – MaxZ will go home and Paulie, Nicole and Corey will be angry with James.

If James eliminates Paul’s and Natalie’s or Bridgette’s vote, as he promised Paulie and Corey, then the other side of the house will be angry with him (and Vic and Paul will scurry back to the other side).

Let’s hope the realization that if James does not help to get Michelle out, Natalie will cut him off from any future romance. Perhaps that’s why Natalie gave James a kiss ON THE LIPS before he retired to the HN room for the night; she wanted to remind him of what’s at stake!

Either way, James will have a target on his back, and I do not mind him getting evicted by either side because his pathetic, spineless existence is impossible to root for. I also can’t stand to listen to him talking about “what America wants” him to do, or what his fans want or will think of him for doing something (anything).

Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer to see MaxZ, Paulie, Nicole and Corey out before James. I’m just saying I won’t be mad if James left sooner than later. Sooner if Michelle is evicted tonight, or later if Z is evicted tonight.

Leopold Stotch

This “Anonymous” post is mine. I’m not afraid to put my name on it, just too ignorant!

Leopold Stotch

Yikes – I meant to say:

Let’s hope the realization that if James does not help to get ***MaxZ*** out, Natalie will cut him off from any future romance. Perhaps that’s why Natalie gave James a kiss ON THE LIPS before he retired to the HN room for the night; she wanted to remind him of what’s at stake!


I liked James, but not anymore. And he can’t redeem himself in my eyes. He could only make me hate him even more if he keeps Z. And this egotistical shrimp thinks Natalie only got the 1st package because of HIS fans??? Can’t wait until NatNat wins America’s Favorite Player. You suck James and you have lost a lot of your fans.



Sensitivity Killed The Cat??

Destroyed a marriage?? Are you referring to Cody and Christine? Wouldn’t that responsibility fall onto the married persons back in that situation? Destroy a future marriage?? If people didn’t get married because they acted irrational and rude PRIOR to even meeting the person they were going to marry…. no one would ever be married.

I find so many hypocrites on this site… saying such stuff like you did because Paulie is saying derogatory things in the house… I hate to break it to you, but it is NO different… perhaps your mom should read YOUR comments?


You need to back away from the internet, relax and play some spider solitaire or just get some bud from Colorado and chill.