Paulie “I would put up James & Natalie. I’m sending James home for what he did!”

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7:10pm – 7:25pm When the feeds return – In the kitchen – Natalie tells Corey thank you for not putting me up. Corey tells her she’s welcome. Nicole says there is something I would like to talk to you about that Z told me. I promised Z I wouldn’t bring it up prior to.. Its been bugging me all day. Meech tells Nicole that I shouldn’t have said it. Nicole says its okay you wanted to out with a bang. Nicole says I didn’t make a deal with you. Meech says I consider you saying you won’t put me up and I won’t put you up a deal. Nicole says I said I wouldn’t put you up. Corey says that’s a dumb question.. please don’t put me up. Meech says you’re not a snake Nicole. Meech says you didn’t talk to me all week. Nicole says you’re on the block and you didn’t even ask me for my vote. Meech says because you were close to Z. Nicole says so why even bother talking to me!? They head into the havenot room to talk. Nicole says you threw away Bridgette’s cookies a month and now you’re friends with her. Nicole says I have nothing personally against you. Meech says I just felt so screwed over by you guys.

In the Safari room – Paul tells Paulie is going to try and win the HOH. Paulie says thank you. I will too. Paul says we had your back. I just wanted to stay out of the cross hairs. Paulie says I would put up James and Natalie up together and I’m sending James home for what he did. He left me up there to be blasted. In the kitchen – Corey says I disagree with everything they did. I want America to know that they’re in the wrong, not Paulie. Paulie says I have a personal vendetta against him. (James)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 19-18-24-816

7:25pm – 7:45pm Corey talks to Natalie about last night. He says that everyone is confused about why it happened and how it was done. I just don’t understand why Paulie was singled out? And why wasn’t it said weeks ago? Natalie says I should have. Corey says I am just worried that you might do the same to me. Nat says we don’t converse. Corey says I’ve told you’re wifey material. Nat says but he’s said other things that have made me uncomfortable. Corey says Paulie is a good guy. The reason he is so worked up is because he is so passionate. Corey says a lot of things Paulie has said to Z are for game reasons. Its not right for you to go and break Z heart. I don’t think it was fair that he had to go through that. Moving forward I would like for us to be cordial and hang out. Nat says maybe I should have done it in a different manner. I just would want someone to do it for me. Corey says I just want us to play a clean game. Natalie says I do feel bad about it. Paulie joins them. Corey says we’re just talking about life. Paulie says one person that was starting sh*t is still in the house. What you did isn’t cool!! Nat says I’m not trying to fight with you. Paulie says everything that you said to Z … me and her talked about it one on one. Paulie says I told James I gave him my word I will not do anything .. and I will stick to that. Nat says I apologize for what I said and for hurting your feelings. I was just doing that because I care about her. Paulie says adults talk one on one when they have problems. I don’t appreciate what you and your friends did to slander my name.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 19-41-06-693

7:45pm Corey and James continue to talk about Paulie. James says Paulie is still heated. Corey says yeah. He’s more concerned about how he’s being portrayed. James says that’s how I was feeling like I was coming from two sides. I was trying to protect her (Nat) and trying to say out of the drama. Corey says Paulie just needs to pump the breaks. James says I was worried he was going to come in here an mow down Michelle. Corey asks do you think I made a good move by putting up Bridgette and Michelle. James says yeah it was good. Corey says I was thinking these are the two problems and one of them has to go. Corey says I hope you don’t think I have anything against you because I’m with Paulie. James says I would never try and put Paulie on the block or back door him.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 19-56-07-892

8pm Havenot room – Vic, Paulie, Michelle, Paul. Michelle and Paulie are talking about DaVonne and past events of the house. Michelle says I wasn’t working with Da. Why would I want to work with someone that was lying to everyone and hated by the house. Michelle says that Z made it seem like you didn’t care. Z was playing both sides. Paulie says she played the hell out of me. Michelle says she was saying that cuddling you last night was strategy. She said I have to force myself and have a fake smile. I had to fake it. Paulie asks really?! Because we BONED last night! Michelle asks really?! Vic asks ya’ll boned? Paulie says lets drop it in case the live feeds are on. My feelings for that girl are 100% .. the things I wouldn’t deal with in the real world was the jealousy and her being territorial. Meech says she said he only trusted me. Paulie says that’s what she told me. Michelle says she (Z) said basically said it was painful to cuddle with you last night. Natalie says Z said you cursed at her saying you better not play a f**king pitty party. Paulie says I never said that. She tried to paint me in a bad light. Natalie says I do think you’re a great guy. Paulie says I’m sorry for saying all that bullsh*t. Nat says I should have come to you first. Paulie says she (Z) inhibited my social game. James joins them. Paulie says apparently I was getting played the whole time. I can’t believe all that sh*t happened and she was sitting there playing me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 20-02-18-161

8:15pm London Bedroom – Nicole and Corey are talking alone. Nicole says I like to make people sweat a little bit. Nicole says literally everyone was gunning for me, you and Paulie. Corey says I’m not worried about them. Nicole says I’m not either. Nicole says that Michelle told me that Tiffany, Frank, Jozea all said that I’m a snake and not to work with me. Corey says I hope we should have gotten Bridgette out first. Nicole says no I can deal with Michelle. Corey says Michelle or Paul because Paul is playing everyone. Or Maybe we should get Natalie out. Nicole says I know, I can’t believe you didn’t make her sweat on the block. Nicole says James is protecting Natalie to death.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 20-16-53-785

8:25pm Kitchen – Paul, Vic and James. Pauli says Corey’s never won anything in his life. James says oh yeah he beasted it! Paul says we nominate Corey and Paulie. They’re both playing. If we put both those boys up they have to try to win. Vic says I would much rather the backdoor. Paul says then you run the risk of one of them winning. This way one of them is going. James says I was thinking put Michelle up as a pawn. Paul says its the same as Frank and Bridgette. Paul says if we put up two strong players they don’t have a choice but to win it.

8:35pm Safari room – James and Paulie hug. James says no hard feelings. Paulie says I literally just learned that she (Z) was going to put me up on the block. James says she was hyping up both sides of the house. Paulie says I know I get heated. I’m sorry. James says I know, you’re a competitor. (LOL everyone is making nice before the HOH comp)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 20-33-39-998

In the kitchen – Paul says I want Zingbot to come in here and sh*t on me! Michelle says if you put me up I’ll sh*t on you!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 20-46-54-739

London Bedroom – James says I literally threw everyone under the bus. Natalie says I liked the last 48 hours of drama. James says no more drama. Nat says we needed to spice things up. James says you did your sh*t for the week. My little pitbul. You destroyed an alliance. A relationship. James says I never threw your name under the bus. Nat says I’ll never throw your name under the bus either. Nat says I’m done for a bit. James says as long as I don’t get voted out next week, I made it past my goal. I got voted out 7th place.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 21-09-11-165

8:55pm – 9pm Nicole and Paulie. Paulie says fucking Christ! What is happening the last 48 hours. After watching your season, I did not expect sh*t like this would happen. Nicole says me neither and I’ve played before. Paul says I though people were done blowing up my game and then Paul walks in and James is like by the way Paul I heard you were coming after me. I was like alright cool! Nicole says apparently Z was going to put us up but I don’t believe it. Paulie says after this last week, I’m not saying a damn word. I’m not saying anything but to you and Corey. Nicole says Corey can’t play. You or I need to win HOH. Its going to be a mental comp. We need to win and then mend relationships. Paulie agrees. Nicole says she wasn’t playing you. Paulie says I know but right now I actually have to make them believe I think that. When in reality James f**ked us. Nicole says I didn’t make a deal with her (Meech) that really pissed me off. Paulie says I don’t believe it. I don’t know what to think about James. He literally left me, you and Corey out to dry. He literally teamed up with Michelle, Bridgette. If he (James) wins this comp we might be in trouble.. Nicole says I know.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 21-19-48-434

9:03pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the HOH competition..

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187 thoughts on “Paulie “I would put up James & Natalie. I’m sending James home for what he did!”

  1. Did anyone see Douchebag Paulie try to slam the diary room door shut when he went to make his Bridgette eviction vote tonight? Hahahahaha he’s so pissed at Michelle for spilling the truth it’s hilarious.

    1. It does look like Paul and victor will be leaving James and Natalie to the wolves. That’s a dick move if they really do!

      1. LOL, you expect anything different from Paul. He is a flip flopper from the beginning. James damn well knew that. James chose Nat over $500k last night.

        1. Like I said before tonight’s double eviction, James was on cruise control until all the bs that transpire in the past 48 hours. James had this game easily to final 4. Now, James is target #1. James chose Nat over the game. Nat will 90% fuck him over or get with him and he will be miserable putting up with all her shit. James fucked up. He deserves to get evicted with Natalie as a pawn.

          1. Lets be real. Nat and James’s relationship is faker than Liz/Austin relationship last season. Once Liz realized her relationship wasn’t getting her on Amazing Race, she dumped Austin. Nat will not even give James a taste of of a real relationship after the show. She does like him as a friend, but she is 100% using him in the game.

        2. k, so i don’t agree with everything Paulie said, don’t really agree with any of it, but how is it not hypocritical for Natalie to say she flirted the first few weeks as part of her strategy, but then when Paulie apparently flirted with her she runs to tell James and says Paulie made her uncomfortable… how is that not a double standard….? I like that Natalie was on to Paulie’s game and wanted to target him, to make things interesting, and I didn’t like what Paulie was saying about Z, but I lost a lot of respect for Natalie for playing the victim…

          1. I think what ticked Natalie off was finding out that Paulie lied and said she asked him to sleep in the have not room with her, when she was in there alone and also that she came to him crying, saying she did want to go up as a pawn, a couple weeks ago. She started going off, telling James about all the flirty things Paulie has said to her, since her and James have been together.

        3. James name has been on Paulies lips for some time he made a good move! If Corey had not won HOH you would be agreeing!

      2. Paul stopped James as they passed before he voted, which I think was him ready to vote out Michelle, but James had already folded like an accordion. Why would Paul think James and Nat are a good bet?

        James was wishy washy, ratting stuff to Paulie, while Nat decided to blow a perfectly good blindside by having that pointless talk with Z. Neither was ready to play after Z walked out the door. James looked like a deer in the headlights, while Nat was nowhere to be found. One word, even just mouthing “keep Bridgette”, somebody plugged in, who can win comps, valuable and Paul grabs Vic, and it’s still game on. Instead there was nothing, Paul has no choice but to go back to CYA with Paulie because the status quo is unchanged. Everybody’s still terrified of tiny, little Paulie.

        And watching James try to get back into his good graces, Nat essentially apologizing, and Michelle grasping for excuses should tell Paul to cut all 3 of them…but play nice if they somehow win and help him eliminate Corey/Nicole.

    2. I totes saw that and almost peed my pants. He has to know he’s in trouble. Lil boy throwing a silent tantrum on national TV.

    3. Classic spoiled little boy tantrum. Too bad the door wouldn’t slam and he ended up looking stupid…again! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    4. Even if they decided to BD Paulie he probably would have had the round trip ticket……thats the story of this season and why its so difficult to watch…..can’t take Paulies smug face anymore still calling the shots in every HOH ….whats wrong with these sheep!

  2. Safety for Victor and Co-HoH for Meech? I think she’s safe for right now and unfortunately there isn’t anyone left who will really go at Paulie who can get anything.

    1. smh…only option now for safety vote is Big Meech. giving it to Vic is like giving to Paulie, just a waste. Bridgette being evicted just monkey wrenched everything going into next week. I have no idea WTF Corey was thinking in not using the POV. that was a perfect situation on backdooring Paulie and he basically handed over his HOH to Paulie. even Paul at that moment would of voted off Paulie tonight. now the house is a cult again, and we are back to this season returning to it’s awful self again. the douchebaggery of Paulie is through the roof right now on the live feeds. everyone is now worshiping their fake God Paulie. I can’t take it no more…smh

      1. and just to add on, James cancelling the vote tonight was great in having Z evicted, but he did not plan out the continuation of executing the overall success of his move. what James should of done was bring in Corey and Nicole the night before or hours before the show. explain to them and sales pitch his reasoning of why BDing Paulie tonight would position them in control of the game. I don’t understand why no one has challenged Paulie all season, especially when they have either the HOH or POV in their control. this is by far the most frustrating season watching these HG’s just making the dumbest moves and game excuses ever in BB history.

        1. the simply answer is…both Corey and Nicole are top three with Paulie.
          There’s no way they’re going after him. Not while there’s still players in the game.

          1. james was trying really hard to get corey to see what was going on, and i think at some point he realized that corey does see, and that what is going on is actually what corey and nicole want, and need to progress. i think that is when he also realized he’s alliance adjacent, not alliance inclusive. corey did a coaching rah rah speech sure when he won HOH, but at the end of the day, paul, vic and james all know that nothing has changed, and that they have to have seen how paulie operates often enough to know that they’d better win, and when they do, they’d better take the shot. they have 3 people to put up, any of the 3 goes, and they have rebalanced, nic, corey and paulie, one goes out, we have a two legged stool
            i think whoever said put them both up, no backdoor, is right, one wins the veto, and takes themselves off. one is off the block they are both safe. if nicole wins the veto, and remember she was 2nd or 3rd after corey in tonights veto comp, she takes corey off, and just about anyone can go up, and paulie will go home.

            me i’d put james up just because you really can’t rely on his vote. but could put up vic as a well if he goes he goes kind of thing, since he can win stuff, wouldn’t hurt to have him gone.

            like how nicole is doing damage control with michelle, now that zak is gone, she still needs a girl friend, and what better than to lure michelle back closer, as in take away from natalie.

            i’m voting michelle for supersafety, if she doesn’t get it then co HOH is a good idea. since we can’t vote anything for james/nat.

      2. What?? Victor got Z up and OUT. That weakened Paulie without a direct hit and PISSED him off. Lol (feel like Ive gotta throw in a “Never Cared” here).

        Victor, James,& Paul, came through but got stuck on the DE HOH Wait to see who wins this next HOH. This is NOT over yet.

    2. My votes are going for Meech this week. Never thought I would be a Meech supporter but it sends a clear message to Paulie that America is against him. Also despite her crying fits she is blowing sh*t up calling people out and giving us quite a show.

  3. Pauline has his panties in a wad. I think NJ girls will have a surprise for Pauline when he gets home. Pauline was the stupid ass that wanted Z gone. James said all along he will x out Corey and Paul’s vote. Now Pauline is on the rag again. I hope James goes for the throat and wins HOH and noms Panty Paulie and Sexually Confused Corey.

    1. Me too! I really like Bridgette and thought she was the underdog. I am not sure why they kept Michelle especially since she blew up Paulie’s game.

      1. They originally said Meech but I think it changed the minute Bridgette spoke about only having one target. Nicole didn’t know vote changed until Paulie kissed her cheek in the hall and whispered Bridgette. That’s why Nicole was confused when she voted. They’re all a bunch of sheep.

        1. Nope. When Corey gathered the guys it was what now and they all decided to stick with their plan, which was Bridgette. There was no last minute change…there could have been but James and Nat had ZERO plan post Z leaving and both deserve to go next.

          If you’re going to play, then play. Don’t make a play, make massive drama around it (Nat) and choreograph it with ratting (James), then have no contingency plan. Michelle even told them she’s fine going after making the move on Paulie, both in private and public….yet James never thought to pull Paul and Vic aside to say “If Paulie wins and sticks to his plan, we go the other way if Michelle’s the pawn”

          Poor Bridgette had to assume she was finally playing again and they’d back her up….but she lost on plan A and plan B was populated with unreliable allies.

      2. They kept her cause Paulie is a sociopath and knows Michelle will crumble. That’s why he and Corey were talking to her at the end.

        The dream of watching Paulie leave is over. Everyone is back in their roles. Was awesome while it lasted.

      3. Because the big 3 realized Leech and Boobjob were just puppets executing Bridget’s live-in-the-moment drama. None of them thought past Thursday’s vote.

    2. I’m with Meech and Nat but if the houseguests continue to trust Paulie and let him slide and if the Nat side fail to win any comps then I will end up supporting Paulie because well, he’s winning and has allies that don’t seem to see him as a threat. So if they let him slide it’s on them. Unless if they’re waiting for the right time to strike him down.
      And Meech better stop all this crying I wanna tell her to get her sheet together and be strong, it’s probaly why they kept her coz she can’t win comps and is falling apart every two seconds.

    1. Very crazy, Paulie is so upset he just admitted on camera, that he had sex with Zakiya 5 times. What an upstanding guy.

      1. What a dirt bag. And he’s got Natalie apologizing to HIM? He’s going to really be hating life when he realizes we saw the real “Paulie”, a domineering bully who treats his “girl friend” like a THOT. I’m just disgusted. Bridget had more guts than all the guys put together. James, America thinks you’re WEAK. You’re not even woman enough to wear Natalie’s socks, Brah.

        1. Now that Paulie is weakened why did James and Nat p***y out after all those comments he made. They lost my respect after that. Vic grow some balls and take the win. I was rooting for Bridget out of all even at all the s*** talking she did when their alliance was golden, I love that statement she said about her having bigger balls then the guys. Damn them for keeping crybaby Meech.

      2. He most likely had sex with her to secure a jury vote the night before evictions. He played her the entire game took advantage of a love-sick girl. He lost out, Z his number one supporter, vote is out of the house.

  4. Paulie said he is going to have his sister beat up Bridgette and Michelle. This guy is a piece of work. Disgusting is an understatement. I hope he gets booed when he gets evicted.

    1. Of course she’ll fight them, she’s a jersey girl after all…right?!? So she’s a classless piece of shit? Right paulie?

      1. Even worse, she’s a Califiore! (SP) Growing up in that family I’ll bet she does whatever Paulie tells her to, YUK!!

        1. Cody wasn’t an a-hole. He seemed to have a pretty relaxing season with Derrick doing all the heavy lifting. And Nichole is totally Christine! For sure!

    2. Paulie said also his parents would slap him for having a hickey on his neck. But I guess they don’t mind you bullying and yelling at woman in the tone you do cussing at them. Not sure who would be interested in Califiore family or seeing them again ever after how this fool of a son is representing them. He is so proud of his family but I would never be proud of him if I was them.

      1. Maybe that’s what he lived at home. Who knows what kind of family dinamics exists in the califiore(sp?) home?

        I’m disgusted by mostly everything that comes out of his piehole

  5. after watching tonight and hearing paulie calling meech a jerk on national tv .. and now he has the nerve to boo hoo poor me.. it is my opinion that paulie is the biggest GOOF on big brother history .. and there have been a few .. and nichole is one sickening gotta have a man player ever… what in the world is she even doing there .. does she think she could win this.. sickening is all I can say about her ..

    1. Nicole has her head so far up Paulie & Corey ass that she can’t breathe. This girl needs to not dat ANYone and see a therapist for the next uear. Would you want someone that is incapable of thinking on their own without a MAN telling her what to do, being your nurse??

    2. Nicole is playing the game – she hasn’t used or talked trash like the other girls left in the game. And Nat, what you are saying in regards to Paulie/Z showmance – Nat is worse. She is using James and James cannot see it. Nat has done nothing but flirt and flaunt and talk trash (through James) but now the real Nat opened up on how she feels instead of “hiding” behind James. Nat is furtherest from being Sweet, watch out girls, a girl who uses her body and then picks and chooses when to call “wolf” She should not be a fav…. she is the worst…

      1. Nat took an inordinate amount of pleasure in telling Z all the crap that Paulie ever said about her. As soon as Z is gone, now she is throwing Z under the bus to Paulie. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her start flirting with Paulie before long behind James back. I just don’t get the Natalie love and the Nicole hate on this site.

    1. They’re validating stereotypical jock talk–locker room idiots who probably got hit in the head too often.

      Paulie started out so calm. He’s shown his other side for sure. The real Paulie, has emerged now that his coaching has worn off.

      And Paul’s answer was priceless “Did you watch my brother’s season.” Paul, “Ya but it got boring so I quit watching.” ha ha I like Derrick but yes it was soooo predictably boring.

  6. Did anyone else see the title of this post and think that Paulie won HOH? My heart dropped. But then I read it. Phew. Come on — anyone but Paulie or Nicole. Then again, anyone want to bet that Paulie a) gets the care package and a week of safety (big surprise) or b) has the round-trip ticket? He is certainly production’s chosen one this season. Puke.

    1. Isn’t it strange how production always favors the guy the fans hate the most? Like that pop star’s brother and how they used to fix things up for him. Not sure what they like about a woman-hating POS like him.

      1. Production trying to get Paulie to the end?? No way. This thing is going to go down to Paul, Victor, and Corey – Final 3. Production is going out of their way to make it as dramatic as possible. Production helping Paulie’s game? No. Every time Bridgett went into the diary room and came out, she would start talking game. The other day (I think Tuesday) she went into the diary room for a spell and when she came out started filling Natalie with all kinds of ‘Paulie is running this house talk”. Then, Natalie was called into the diary room for the loooooongest time. When she came out, she bee-lined it to Bridgette and they began scheming and, “Paulie is running this house and has to go”. They then brought Michelle into the equation and there it all went. Production was 100% behind the past 72 hour “BLOW UP”; no doubt about it. Don’t worry, i’m quite sure they have more planned that will very dramatically get Paulie out for you people since (despite his douche-baggery) you all want him out so bad. Just be patient, Paulie will be out soon enough, but let production get their ratings first. ;-)

        1. Have you watched the show, “UnReal?” Sounds like it, as you have a great understanding as to how “Production” drives/nurses a “Reality Show” plot line… It’s a 3 tiered chess game.. ;-)

  7. Praying that Natalie or Michelle somehow comes through with a win here. Didn’t think I’d ever be saying that a few weeks ago…

  8. Here we go again! Let’s hop on the Paulie train! Nicole hasn’t done sh$t this season! She was following Corey around during the DE like she won. She’s a POS! And nasty looking for a man who wants to play Finger Butt!

    1. Nicole wasn’t following Corey around during live evictions. After the the first eviction she sat across from Corey and next to Victor. She also sat down during Pov norms staying the same and Nicole sat next to Victor.

  9. Why is Paulie mad? He had Z put on the block in the 1st place intending on sending her out, then changed his mind then winning POV and not saving Z. No matter how you slice it Z was going. Paul,Nat,James, Bridget was voting Z out. Nicole, Paulie, Corey was voting Meech out… Z never had the votes to stay anyways…

    1. James, remind PorkyPaulie he gave James his blessing for Z to go up. Remind him he didn’t use his POV and he could have! Geesh!

  10. Special Friday episode? I called it! Jury buyback!! LET’S GO DA’VONNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Perhaps,if the round trip isn’t used. Or maybe a rewind or some other twist thing. It’s too early for the looking back episode.

  11. I honestly don’t know if I can keep watching. Paulie literally turns my stomach. I can not stand to see his smug face. Hopefully Paul is done with him and is just playing along.

    1. I feel the same way. I can’t stand him. I’m sick of seeing him shirtless. I’m disgusted and nauseated by his face, there’s something about his eyes that I find fucked up. Like really really fucked up.

  12. Might as well just cut Paulie the check. Corey defending Paulie for the way he treated Nat says all you need to know about this season. Evicting Bridget instead of Michelle shows it, too. Anyone who makes the smallest slight against Paulie goes home, no matter who is HOH. IF James or Nat don’t win HOH, you can bet your life on those two being on the block this week. You don’t go against the Master’s wishes and survive.

  13. I REALLY hope Paul is just blowin’ smoke up Paulie’s butt right now. If he and Vic are smart, they’ll stick with James, Nat & Meech. If there is really a BB God, one of those 3 win HOH. I’d love to see that happen!

    1. He’s great at comps so they may be covering bases until the HoH is finished. Now is not the time to piss people off because the house can go a million and one ways.

  14. BB never fails to build up and then disappoint. The Misogynists alliance is back together and Big Paulie is calling the shots again. I hate seasons with no power shifts and where one guy controls the house and never gets challenged.

  15. I am DONE with this season…it has been shit except one week where Tiffany stayed and aligned with F/B other than that its been crap. We have a DE tonight, and Corey nominates 2 girls that have no alliance and Bridgette goes home(when he could have BD Paulie or Paul) This season is the worst ever as far as gameplay…just end this season its pointless now

  16. I hope James doesn’t look back at this when it is all over and regret this decision. I know he thinks he is standing up for his girl. But this chick will be long gone 6 months from now and James now has major enemies in the house. He is now in the same position as last year, with weak girls that can’t win comps.

    1. James is a weak girl too. He just waited too long this season and last season to start playing the game. He should have teamed up with Frank instead of nominating him for Paulie. James is just too little too late. Only hope for him now is that someone wins Hoh that has the guts to try and take Paulie out. Natalie or Meech will. James, Paul and Victor might with a backdoor option but only if they know they have the votes.

  17. Hopefully James, Natalie or Michelle win the competition, I don’t trust Victor or Paul sending Paulie home. I think if Michelle wins the care package Nicolle is going to go nuts. I would be okay for Victor getting the care package, but hopefully Paulie doesn’t get nor Nicole.

  18. i knew they were messing up, they should have kept zakiyah so the dont tip corey, nicole and paulie about the house flipping and they would secretly backdoot paulie, now he is on to them… bad game play

    1. the only thing bad is if he bullies them. It is a good move because Paulie can’t rely on Z’s vote now and if she won HOH he couldn’t run it. Better than nothing.

  19. James made is bed, now he needs to lie in it. He made a personal decisions, instead of a game move.

    He knew damn well he could never trust someone like Paul, he is a flip flopper. And Paulie’s side of house has all the comp winners.

    1. Was rootin for my man James until he let Nat get in his head and now he’s got people after him. For what?!?! To save Meech?!? So dumb bro, you were cruisin!

  20. Pauline’s brother, Cody, was super attached to Christine while in the Big Brother house. She was married so the affair was just wrong, however Cody was not a vile disgusting human being. Paulie is one mean nasty person. He use to be a nice looking young man, but he is so mean to the women he is ugly on the inside.
    Why does it bother him so much that Natalie had plastic surgery. What is a Jersey Girl? Isn’t he a Jersey Boy? I know he is a Jackazz. Pauline gives New Jersey a bad name.
    I think Paulie thought he had it in the bag because of his brother and Derrick.
    I have a new opinion about Nicole and Corey. Nicole…mean girl. Corey…up Paulie’s butt. I use to really like Nicole, not any more.

  21. I felt so badly for Z when she went out. Julie could not even ask her about her game and told her she sacrificed her game for a man. Who would not ensure her safety when he held the Veto. Sad part is, I think Paulie is the one who needed her more than she needed him; she made the mistake of becoming infatuated.
    Torn between Vic and Meech for the next care package…now that the band is broken up (again), I am super impressed with how Vic handled himself sidestepping all the drama and chaos and is still laying low. If he keeps laying low, winning comps and finesse his social game a little, he could go far. I would like for him to have the Super Safety AND he would be cool in the costume.
    Meech…she comes to f*ck sh*t up and then bursts into tears when she does it. I may save her for a later package since James and Nat are public enemy #1 at the moment. What I would like is Paul to have Co-HOH, especially if the HOH is someone like Paulie or Nicole….that would be entertaining!

  22. Paulie was pissed he couldn’t curse Michelle out on live TV when she called him out. No worries Paulie we all know what a low life, douchebag you truly are. Oh and telling everyone in the BB house this: 7:09 PM Paulie (re: Bridge women live TV comment): I don’t care. My brother and his boys are going to tear Bridgette apart, socially. and Paulie is talking about is boys tearing Natalie up. Mich and Natalie are discussing how Bridg left. Really you little puke??? So tough. I hope someone will balls wins the next HOH and puts you and Nicole/Cory up on the block. I want to see you all get twisted.

  23. Did I hear correctly that Paulie said his boys will literally tear “that girl” up? You freaking douchebag, threatening a girl? If I were Natalie, I’d be pissed off beyond belief. He’s unhinged, seriously.
    I have a CCP just because of people like this.

  24. I’m starting to believe CBS is fixing it for Paulie to make sure they repay Cody for “taking one for the team and taking Derrick to the Final2”
    Paulie said last night he had confirmation that James was entering the house before any of the public or HG’s knew…
    He knows many of these HG’s including Joeza prior to entering the house somehow…
    He has relationships with a lot of the behind the scenes employees and past HG’s…
    That’s a lot to ignore, maybe the fix really is in…

    1. That’s what I’ve been trying to say from day 1. CBS is set on repaying Cody for what he did, by casting his brother and putting him at an advantage. It’s very clear.

    2. Paulie, himself, has said on After Dark that he MC’d Big Brother events where hopefuls were in attendance. So I’m certain that there’s a certain familiarity with how he’s being portrayed. Let’s see on Sunday- as Julie did say tonight that things were heated prior to the first eviction, and that they were going to show everything leading up to the episode tonight, this Sunday. Paulie also said that he TOLD the DR that he wouldn’t be happy if what was happening (his tirades) in the house was shown on TV.

  25. We’re back to the same Old crap I’m still thinking Ratcole has the round-trip if that’s indeed true and gets the safety package number 3 and is false too they should evicted everyone and nobody gets any money and give the 500k to the live feeders who had to suffer this whole summer because of terrible casting this year man what a let down

  26. I never since the show started thought I’d say this… but I’m considering voting for Meech for safety. I guess depending on who wins. Can we give it to the HOH? Or no since they’re already safe? Ugh. I just refuse to give it to Paulie, Corey, or Nichole. I was voting for Bridge like crazy before, now I just don’t know.

    1. Can’t believe Cory saying how he feels sorry for Paulie and that he is a good guy and he comes from a good family. NO HE DOESNT COME FROM A GOOD FAMILY. If my son ever treated or talked to woman the way he does…….I would say I don’t condone it. Not like Cody did saying on Twitter that he us loving all the attention coming their family’s way. At least Derek said he has two daughters and doesn’t condone the way Paulie acts. Paulie is a disgrace and the whole Califiore family.

  27. I had high hopes Paulie would lose the power over hgs. Vic, Paul, James, Nat could have saved Bridge. Bridge was the loyal, wise person to keep in order to continue toward knocking Paulie down a notch. She is the one that helped with Z eviction. But, NO all hgs once again ALL listened to Paulie! I feel sick! Paulie is so very hard to watch! He is worse than smug! AND now that Bridge is gone, Nicole is next in line for safety! NOOOOO!!!!

    1. That is what I am afraid of too, that Nicole will win Super Safety. Most people were voting for Bridgette or Z to win it all week long from what I saw on twitter. Now with both them gone it will go to whomever got the 3rd highest votes which most likely will be Nicole. Of course Nicole will never consider that that is the case and will think she is so loved. (NOT)

  28. not that i feel bad for him, but paulie has no one to blame but himself for zakiyah going home over michelle. now that bridgette is out of the house it seems like there’s a very slim chance that the leftovers of natalie, michelle and james will make it much further into the game. that slim chance is paul moving forward with that spark of no more friendship *gags* with paulie.also….is it just me or did they seem to cast some of the most vapid, misogynistic male houseguests ever?? i know there’s atleast always one but there’s paulie, paul, victor, and corey?? james is just as bad for trying to fit in and be a “bro”. let’s make some moves people! too bad nat can’t win the super safety or co hoh

  29. Paulina is gonna be in for a rude awakening when he leaves the house I can’t stand him thinking he’s untouchable, & Corina his butt boy finally won something but little does he know Vic & Paul are gunning for them that’s why they’re laying low so the target can be on them & Nicole poor thing ppl are on her Instagram putting snake emojis under her pics she’s gonna cry when she finds out Corina doesn’t really like her, so with all that being said its time for a power shift I’m sick of Paulina’s click winning everything come on Nat or Meech!

  30. Why do they have us start voting on Sunday for care pkg for people that can get evicted on Thurs…care pkg should arrive before eviction not on Sunday.

    1. We are voting a week in advance giving us 5 days to vote. Voting starts on Sunday night and ends on Friday morning. The actual power is given to the winner prior to nominations which happens on Friday afternoon. The live feeders know who won right then but it is just not shown until the shows airs on Sunday.

  31. So frustrated we’ve been voting Bridgette for Safety Package all week & Nicole’s 2nd in the poll! We cannot let her have this package – her head is already too big to fit in the house as it is – utterly disgusted by this $itch! Get votes in for Michele – let this house know America is disgusted with them! Did anyone else think the audience was quiet towards Z? Really wish Julie would have addressed Paulie’s verbal & emotional abuse towards the girls – not ok to let it continue, as silence is the same as condoning! Everyone who doesn’t speak up against Paulie’s abuse is guilty too – shame on them & to hear Nicole laugh at it….repulsive! You are a mean girl Nicole – you’re so much worse than a mean girl! Hoping Nicole & Paulie are met with deafening boo’s!!

    1. Z’s audience reception was lukewarm at best. There were also a few muted boos,which was a surprise to me. I don’t think she did anything that warranted the boos. She destroyed her own game,which is punishment enough.

  32. I don’t know what’s the deal with these ACP voters! They don’t get it! Vote meech to stay even if you can’t stand her! Gotta keep the anti Paulie in there!
    Don’t vote stupid, America!!!!

    1. I am a huge Bridgette fan and wanted her and Nat for final2. If Bridgette can put aside her differences (mean girl) towards Michelle so can we. She blew up Paulie’s game and is playing to win. We do not know what would happen if Paul or Victor got HOH I think we could be surprised. Remember Paul stated that he was not in agreement with Paulie taking boys to the end. (yes boys these are not men)

      Voting for Meech!

  33. Any one else think James got a very good edit on tonite’s show?
    Natalie was the one who organized it all with Bridgette. James had to be convinced after flopping back & forth a couple of times. And neither Natalie or Bridgette got credit for making some strong moves.

    1. Yeah, that was pretty crappy. It’s sad that they put their own spin on things. Maybe the next episode will give a more in depth view like Julie mentioned. As long as it is the way it really happened, not their version.

  34. Told yall all that drama for nothing this is why this house sucks no one can win shit except 3 people In the end the girls blew their chance when they voted out Bronte then Tiffany bye bye numbers which was the only advantage they had

  35. Question #one…. how many seconds did it take for Paulie to piss in the hot tub? House guests lock in your votes……. who thinks up these questions?

  36. II said it in the last update and I’ll say it again. I’d like for some of the American Ninja Warrior girls to try out for Big Brother. Some of those ladies are quite attractive and I bet they could win these physical comps. Those women would come to compete. Jessie Graff and Meagan Martin both are quite nice. I don’t think anyone would be slapping them on the butt or be condescending to them. I don’t think many of them has the time to do it though…

  37. My Top 2 to leave the house are Paulie & Nicole followed closely by Corey, When Paulie is on the feeds he just makes me SICK! He attacks anyone strong enough to call that him out on his crap. Asshat!

    “Paulie says I would put up James and Natalie up together and I’m sending James home for what he did. He left me up there to be blasted.

    Corey says I disagree with everything they did. I want America to know that they’re in the wrong, not Paulie.

    Paulie says I have a personal vendetta against him. (James)”

  38. At this point, the order that I DON’T want to win BB

    Paulie…hate is an understatement. True scum of the earth that give “men” a bad name.

    James…This weak ass pussy, chickenshit, wimp doesn’t deserve anything but a boot out the door.

    Nicole…Ratcole is such an appropriate word for her game play. Looks like a rat, acts like a rat, must be a rat.

    Corey…Does this neanderthal contribute anything other than a finger in Nicole’s vagina and a nose up Paulie’s ass

    Michele…Glad she is standing up to Paulie and Nicole and calling them out, still hard to forgive he actions towards Bridgette early on. That was truly disgusting and I can possibly root for her to win this thing

    Victor….This dude could be a great weapon to get Paulie out of the freaking house. He just needs to put his 2 brain cells to work and get it done.

    Paul…Has surprisingly became bearable to me. Come on Paul….I know you have the smarts, I know you have the ability to put a plan together to get asshat out of the house.

    Natalie…..Biggest balls in the house. She needs to get James in line, slap Victor across the head to wake his brain cells up, and get Team “Jersey’s Revenge” to set this house straight.

  39. Poll shows Nicole, Michelle, Paulie for ACP3??? Come on people. Wake up!! None of those people should have Super Safety! Corey will do what Paulie wants as demonstrated by the HOH&Veto

    That leaves Victor or Paul eligible for the next two ACP.

  40. Paulie and Z boned…. that is just pathetic… she deserves everything about to enter her world….
    I wont even get into the fact that he made her look like an idiot by all the things Natalie brought to her attention hours before they boned….
    Boneing the guy that was behind getting her on the block, not using the veto on her, and as a result she’s evicted… and she bones him on national TV … which noone would know about, until the same guy announces it to the house and the world….nice life choice there Z…disgusting

  41. Of all the house guests to ever play this game, Paulie has to be, hands down, the WORST. I’m not talking comp. wise because he can no doubt win, I mean as a human being “type thing”. He’s an arrogant, smug SOB. And to threaten 2 woman with a beat down by his family members and friends speaks volumes to this “mans” character. I wish these idiots would get their heads out of the sand and realize he has to go. All according to who wins the next HOH, my BB season is looking like it’s over. I REFUSE to watch Paulie steam roll his way to the end. He’s an entitled prick. His parents must be so proud.

  42. Everybody better vote for the next safety care package Bridgette probably would’ve received it since she’s leading the polls now that she’s gone Nasty Nicole is in the lead & we do not want anyone in Paulina’s click to get it, Corey’s Clueless a$$, lips are planted on Paulina’s back side I know it’s just a game but I’m sick of them power tripping, someone from Paulina’s side needs to trip right out the door & pray none of them has the round trip ticket!!! Nat’s the only one that will take Paulina out!

  43. Just when I thought Paulie had risen to the pinnacle of douchebaggery, he brags that he boned Z last night. Not only did he brag to the Houseguests, but also on camera for the entire viewing audience. What is this, high school??? He’s such a skell…

    1. He says all that stuff about her, but he wouldn’t kiss her on live television out of respect for his parents. I my opinion he didn’t kiss her because he didn’t respect her.

    2. He’s so disgusting that he would lie about that just to get back at Z for insulting him to Michelle. The camera showed Nicorey getting it on, so why not Z and P?

  44. I hope Nicole doesn’t get it now that Bridgett’s votes don’t count. She will mistakenly think America loves her. I hope Michelle can get enough votes by 1 pm tomorrow. For now, no more live feeds. I cannot stand to listen to blowjard Paulie spew the same b.s. over and over again!

    1. There’s a reason why he clears his throat so much. He’s been talking NON STOP since he found out he was not in the 8-pack! At least he’s not snorting his snot back like Cody!

  45. I don’t agree with really any of the cast this year , I don’t care for them personally, but I can respect Paulies ability to manipulate the House as well as Victors ability to re-enter the house and actually stay alive. Natalie, Meech, Nicole and James, like it or not, haven’t really won much this season, and with their lack of game planning and general floater skill sets are really just an annoyance to Paul/Paulie/Corey’s superior game play. Everyone knows what they are trying to do and yet they can’t stop it. It’s like jumping in the water with Phelps, if you’re not gonna play dirty than you really don’t stand a chance. Nat finally decides to get a little dirty, and it really hasn’t shifted much in the house, Meech finally drops what she thinks is a bomb on National TV and winds up crying her eyes out with Julie having to tell her to chill between scenes lol James is realizing his girl really isn’t HIS girl, Bridgette found out she’s only made it this far because theyve allowed her to, Z is gonna have a serious reality check realizing she wasted a shot at 500k on a dude who’s not wasting his chance on her, and Nicole has no clue the guys have made a final 5 that she simply won’t be able to win herself into. The house is shaping up to be just like I thought it would be Paulie/Paul/Corey will coast to 500k Everyone will admit their mistakes and we will rewatch some new HGs do again next year

  46. Pauline is a jerk but I find Paul even worse. Nat isn’t much better. She told Z all that stuff to blow up Paulies game not because she cared. BB is a game where people lie. Why is Nat acting like every word out of people’s mouth is total truth. And I am not understanding all the Nicole hate. She is the least hateful girl in that house. Michelle and Bridgette said horrible things about each other, and Nat thinks she is all sweet and innocent but she is always having a go at Nicole out of what appears to be jealousy. She liked Cory, Victor, and ,James all in less than 2 months? Wth…

  47. Once James, Michelle, Paul, Natalie are evicted I’m going to stop watching the show….

    I do NOT want to see Paulie, Nicole, Victor or Corey win this season…..

    I’m voting for Michelle to get American Care Package and praying that James Or Natalie win HOH…..

  48. I was on the edge of my seat for the first time during tonight’s episode! I filled my husband in on all the After Dark drama and how awful the guys are acting. Paulie thinks he’s been “slandered” and the cameras don’t lie! I tried to play Devil’s Advocate when he had the Paris Room confrontation with Z but this guy is a straight up bully. Way to go, Big Guy, you dominated a 5’2″ little woman with a bad knee and ankle. You da man!

    These guys are being such suck ups to him. At this point, I’m not sure who I’m for… maybe Victor? Never thought I’d say it, but Meech? Definitely Team Natalie but she’s got an uphill battle. Only hope is that someone better wins the next HOH and returns the favor by sending one of their sorry butts out the door. Disgusted! Z just seemed so sad and weak as she talked to Julie. That poor girl has no IDEA … well, she should, she’s just continued to turn a blind eye to his sorry behavior. I figure at least there’s no way that Jury will award Big P the $500K. Not playing that dirty.

  49. Would it be possible to ban Paulie’s face from this website?

    I can’t even look at his picture without wanting to punch him square in the mouth.

    Just replace his pictures with the ass end of a donkey and we will all know who it represents.

    I don’t think I’ve hated anyone, from all the BB seasons, as much as I hate this “D-Hay” right now.

  50. Slim ball Paulie is wanting to put James on the block and then you have James the idiot saying I will never put Paulie on the block or Back door him I have too much respect for him. Omg James could you be anymore clueless?

  51. Paulie stated “I don’t appreciate what you and your friends did to slander my name” I say sorry DC you did that all yourself!

  52. The douche baggery is just too much. He doesn’t care how he actually treats these girls and talks about them and manipulates them, he just cares that he got caught. Does he not realize that on the live feeds he isn’t portrayed as anything but his ass hat self. Corey is a moron, I used to think he was decent and just tolerating them but now he’s just like them. I hope Natalie or Michelle win and then don’t put up Nicole, send at least one of these guys home.

  53. I’m in Canada and don’t have the live feeds but I’ve been watching all season and reading all the posts and once again we’re at the part of the game where there are so many people screaming for the annihillation of someone who is clearly dominating this game. On a personal level I think Paulie is douche. His cocky attitude and clear disrespect for not only women but anyone he finds beneath him is disgusting but people, he is DOMINATING this game. He has everyone in the house wanting to please him or just make sure they don’t piss him off. He has been involved in almost every eviction. Whether he is succeeding by initmidation, lying or manipulation, he is succeeding. He is this seasons bad guy and while I know it’s hard to watch this d&$k head and stomach his actions, this is Paulie’s game to lose. If he makes it to final 2 he deserves to win it. He owned this season.

  54. I don’t think anyone is under Paulie’s spell anymore, except Corey of course. However they are all scared to death he will win this coming HOH, so they are playing nice right now, pretending they are all friends and pretending to mend fences. If Paulie had gone home instead of Bridgette, nobody would be that scared of Nicole and Corey. In fact, they would be the new house targets, so everybody would be shunning them now and Michelle wouldn’t be being as cordial to Nicole as she is right now.

    Paul is playing great right now. He will not try to win the next HOH and have to pick a side. Nobody left in that house will put him up if they win, not even as a replacement nominee. He will be laying low this week and build “friendship” with everyone. If Vic is smart, he’ll do the same.

    James showed his cards, but, he protected Paul by taking away his vote, so at least he has a secret ally if he’s on the block. I think Paul knows he can trust James and would keep him over almost anyone there, except maybe Vic. He could chalk it up to “keeping the guys together.”

    I just put all my votes into Meech tonight. Since we cannot vote Natalie, she’s the next best thing. In fact, her winning would have the added benefit of getting to see the look on Nicole’s face when she realizes we chose Michelle over her!

  55. Can’t you just see Da and Z in the jury house banging on and on about how the racists went after the chocolate girls? Ugh

  56. Good. Sounds like Paul and victor are still the anti Paulie movement.Everyone vote Michelle for care package if Nicole gets it and has any sense of entitlement James could flip so he can be in with the favorites and that would be sickening. Never thought I’d be rooting for Michelle but Paulie, ratcole and Corey are too unacceptable to root for

    1. I think you can only vote in 24 hours increments. I voted at 9pm last night had to wait until 9pm to vote again. Has it been different for you?

  57. Oh POOR PAULIE let’s all feel sorry for the abusive, misogynists POS. Z should run as fast as she can once the show is over…otherwise she may be in for a life of abuse from an egotistical, narcissist who will do nothing but bring her misery. He showed his true self last night and continues to do so tonight…..bragging to the BOYS about boning Z five or six times, WHAT AN ASS!!! Ya Paulie keep trying to convince everyone that James ruined your relationship!!!

    I hear there a lot of Jersey Girls eagerly awaiting your return and one or two feminist that would like a word with you, that is if you’re not to scared to talk to them!!! (We all know how well Paulie does with STRONG outspoken women.)

    I’ll bet your Mama is REAL PROUD of you…SMH where does BB find these aHoles?
    Rant over!!!

  58. Ughhh…I thought Paulie won. What a cry baby. Apparently he kept z around so he could get another piece of ass. I’m so bummed Bridget is gone. :(

  59. Anyone else notice that weird thing Corey does with his eyes? Like they’re jumping around all the time moving from one point of focus to the other? Was he abducted by Aliens?
    Do you think he even knows WHERE he is?

  60. James, don’t forget Natalie said she would make out with u if u got rid of Z.. better go get that before she backs out

  61. Agree done with this season! I cannot watch Paulie continue to bully an disrespect women! His parents should be ashamed an horrified that raised such a POS! Of course he is BB’s darling just like that disgusting Vile Frankie was. Julie Chen will suck up to him an they will fill the audience with people that will not boo that piece of garbage! Paulie is the worst houseguest ever on BB an that is saying a lot on a show that had vile Frankie an Amanda on it! Hopefully Paulie meets Karma one day! He is a disgusting individual!

  62. Max-Z has no regrets! That girl is so clueless, it’s really pathetic. To bed Paulie AFTER being made aware of everything he said about her! It’s sad someone could have such low self esteem! She hopes the douche bag will want to see her outside the house!

  63. I just don’t want that POS (Paulie) to win. I don’t even want him to place second. His family must be mortified.

  64. If next Friday’s episode feature a jury member returning to the game, you know I want back…Bridgette or Da’Vonne! I’d love Da’Vonne to win HOH and settle some scores in the house with Paulie as her numero uno target to get out of the house without the round trip ticket, rip James a new asshole for ratting her out to Paulie, make Paul shit himself, Victor will hide under Paulie’s balls, Corey will push Victor out of the way to hide under Paulie’s balls, and make Ratcole cry her eyes out…leaving Da’Vonne, Natalie, and Big Meech to rule the house…Go, Girl Power!!!!

    1. And if Paulie’s friends and family start attacking the girls on social media like Paulie wants them to do I hope everyone bombards all those people’s accounts too.

  65. Sometimes it seems like certain HGs get outside information somehow. I find it really weird that Paulie said “I don’t appreciate what you and your friends did to slander my name.” What friends? No one in the house but Nat Nat said anything, however, outside the BB house Nat’s friends blew Paulie up on Twitter last night. It’s just a strange comment and almost like he was told about what happened last night.

  66. The thing with Corey’s eyes is he jumps them back and forth because he is thinking do I want to Bone Nichole or be boned by Paulie. Can’t decide so my eyes go back and forth. Do I want to dick or be dicked.

  67. Does Paulie not recall saying he wanted Z to leave in his recorded for tv DR session, during last week? Will Z not see this recording, in the jury house? This occurred, when Davonne was evicted. I really feel bad for her….leaving really was best thing, at this point. He denied and discredited her, during the day, but sexed her at night…..
    Corey is truly drinking the Kool- aid,,,,,poor emotional Paulie,,,,yeah right….he just keeps endorsing Paulies check

    1. Nevermind…perhaps. It looks like he might put up Corey and Paulie. I don’t know…I’m very reluctant to get my hopes up.

  68. Is Paulie capable of uttering one sentence without fook in it. I am so tired of his whole holier than thou attitude and his foul mouth. Hmmm didn’t get that tip from Derrick did he.

  69. Victor is hoh so there is still a chance to take out Paulin Corey and Nicole. However with the super safely going to Nicole and production giving Pauline the round ticket it doesn’t look too good.

    1. i hope he sticks to the new side of the house plan. without bridgette i am not sure, tho he and paul and james did discuss it already. not sure if michelle has the info that paulie wants vic out asap. paul knows that.

      but gee, who doesn’t paulie want out of the house asap, i can’t think of anyone who he hasn’t mentioned at least once to someone.

  70. Well Victor won HOH, so now do they follow thru with the plan to put up Corey and Paulie or do they go back to blowing Paulie. Right now on BBAD looks like they’re going back to blowing Paulie, of course since I don’t have the live feeds i hope i’m wrong.

  71. Michelle is a catty girl. Reason why she cries so much is because she feels guilty for the way she treats people. Did people just forget about how poorly she treated Bridgette? And James is an idiot. Natalie is just stringing him along. Even called him a floater and only agrees to give him kisses and affection when he wins something. In my opinion, James is being used. Get rid of all 3 of them please.

  72. I think that the America Care package should have been given before the 2nd eviction IMO. Kind of pissed. On another note, it looks like Paul and Victor want Paulie out still.

  73. Fucking Corey, slut shaming Natalie. The fuck? “Why didn’t you say something sooner?” Sure, instead of taking her feelings into consideration, blame her for not having said something sooner. “Oh, Paulie’s a good guy, he’s just passionate..” Justify, justify, justify. These are things women hear on the daily when dealing with sexual harassment and violence. What a shit head.

    At this point, and it pains me to say it, I’m kind of rooting for Paul or Victor. Paul at the very least seems to know that Pauline is in it for himself and his just biding his time. I don’t think James will have it in him to pull out a win and strike at Paulie first. As for Nicole and Corey, please just self-evict. I’m super disappointed in Nicole. And I really did think Victor was the absolute worst…that is until REAL Paulie came on the scene.

  74. Victor won….but as of 1:30 est. Paul is already in his ear to get Paulie out! Paul just filled in James about it. Victor said oh I remembered getting back door by him. Paybacks is a M.F.

  75. It might not be a bad idea for Nicole to get the super safety this week…..because she is likely already safe. So technically this weeks package is a waste. I don’t like giving her the impression she has a shitload of fans that are rooting for her, but there is likely no threat to her game next week….so wasted on her!! And she will have to wear the unitard all week!

    1. Noooooo! She will be the replacement if Paulie or Corey win POV. I want her on the block so she actually has a real reason to whine.

  76. Bridgette was leaving because Paulie said so. Paul was targeting Bridgette before Day left, Vic not going to vote against Paul, Nicole going to do what Paulie tell her to do, James(weak a$$) voted with the house as usual and Natalie thought for herself. Now Paulie is going after James and Natalie and it’s crazy, because they aren’t targeting him. Paulie felt ganged up on and James didnt come to his defense and now hes still throwing a tantrum. SMDH….James said he would never put Paulie up or backdoor him. Paulie probably could set James a$$ on fire in the house and James still wouldn’t vote against him. I don’t understand how they kept saying that Day was lying all the time. They all were lying, snitching and plotting. That’s what BB is about, but I forgot only Paulie can do it or be including in it. Im still convince this season is favoring Paulie to win. If he has the return ticket, I have proven my point. This return ticket crap was just in case Paulie or Nicole got evicted early, they could come back in the house. How come BB didn’t show us which card was the return ticket, we didn’t have to see who pick the card. JMO

  77. Never thought I could be more disgusted than I was by Amanda & then Frankie, but Paulie has proven me wrong. He literally makes me sick to my stomach.

    As for his family? Sorry, but he didn’t learn that behavior by himself so I doubt they think he’s really doing anything wrong. I mean, as far as he’s concerned, it just came play.

    I can’t wait for him to get out of that house & realize how hated he is. Him & Nicole. Didn’t like her in her season, can’t stand her freaking face even more now.

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