James – “I might Veto Paul’s vote and Natalie’s”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

POV was not used nominations stay the same

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 20-00-00-873

7:55pm Pool Paulie, James and Corey
Paulie says Paul told him Victor is super worried about the couples.
James – I told ya
Corey – I’m putting Paul and Vic up if I win HOH.. never cared..
Paulie – OK … At least Paul is telling us about information
Corey – no he’s not he’s throwing names out there left or right..
James – he threw Corey and Nicole’s names out
Paulie – Paul without Vic loyal dog Paul with Vic..
James – questionable
Paulie – You remember the way Paul was after Vic left

James says Paul and Victor were super loyal in the beginning..
James – Paul wants to keep Vic as long as possible .. helps him
Corey – ya

Paulie – he wants to get the girls out her doesn’t want to get us up
They agree when Victor says he’s after the couples he means the girls.
Paulie says they want all guys in the end
James- that will be pretty sweet.. Victor’s not going to want to get Bridgette out

Paulie wants them to take out Bridgette.
Corey now changing his targets to Bridgette and Paul if he wins the HOH.

Paul joins them.. They start to work out

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 20-11-04-059

8:09pm Bathroom Michelle and Zakiyah
Michelle says she’s happy to have at least made it to jury. Asks Zakiyah if Paulie ever told her why he never used the veto.
Zakiyah says she didn’t want to pry.
Michelle – how do I look as a brunette

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 20-11-45-310
8:12pm Nicole and Corey
Nicole – Paul and Zakiyah were talking all night and I heard everything..
Nicole – she told Paul everything about Michelle’s speech
Nicole says Zakiyah was bawling and he said really mean this is why I don’t tell you things because you can’t handle it.. I want to or Paulie to tell her Paul wanted her out.
Nicole wants to make sure Zakiyah knows they had to convince Paul and Victor to keep her this week because Zakiyah and Paul have gotten closer as of late, “what if she comes after us”
Corey – Z? After us
Nicole – who is she going after
Corey – Vic and Bridgette or whoever Paulie tells her to
Nicole – ok
Corey – ya tell her that’s fine..
Nicole – I want to gain trust with her
James joins them “Let’s get Paul outta here”
Nicole – my plan is to put up Bridgette and Paul
James – and if one comes down.. Put Victor back up and vote his a$$ out
Nicole – why do you want him gone?
James- because y’all want him gone… he threw your names under the bus.. I voted Da out because she’s KINDA targeting you guys now he’s throwing your name under the bus he’s gotta go..

Corey wants to call Paul out
James – he’s a smooth talker
Nicole doesn’t want him to incase Paul wins the HOH, “You might have to kiss his butt”
Corey – why is he doing this
Nicole – he’s planting seed

James – I might Veto Paul’s vote and Natalie
Nicole – oh really
Corey – that’s fine
James – I’m trying to make it look like nobody is working together
Nicole – that’s fine.. Whatever.. I’m going to have trouble voting either of those girls out..
Nicole want them to get rid of Paul during the double so he’s not banging pots and pans all week.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 20-45-03-007

8:41pm Nicole and Zakiyah Bathroom
Nicole says Paul and Victor were the ones that wanted to keep Michelle. Victor originally wanted Michelle to leave but Paul changed his mind.
Nicole – I had to give 10 points why you should stay
Zakiyah – If I get it should I put them up with each other
Nicole – that’s what I’m doing during the double

Nicole – Me, Paulie, James and Corey will all vote to keep you
Zakiyah – what’s his reasoning
Nicole – you’re a beast.. something about comps.. he’s scared of you for some reason
Zakiyah laughs..

Nicole – the deep down reason is he wants to get closer to Paulie
Nicole says they’ve told Victor they are keeping you, “Please don’t say anything”
Zakiyah says she’s sad now from hearing that about Paul.
Nicole says PAul probably won’t target her after this week but for this week he really wanted her to go and was upset with Nicole when she said she wanted Zakiyah to stay.

Nicole starts throwing mud about Paul bringing up stories he’s shared in the past and using these to highlight Paul as a bad person.
Nicole – he will kill me if he found out I told you that… I trust you way more
Zakiyah – what did I do to the kids
Nicole – he’s already coming after me after the couples

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 21-25-45-471

PAulie pees in the hot tub 8:56 cam 3-4

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 21-00-35-887

9:00pm Corey, Paul and Paulie
They can’t understand why Michelle is not hanging out with them.
Paulie feels bad, “I don’t under stand why”
Corey – might as well enjoy it
Paulie – at this point we’re all frigging really close.. you know what I mean
Corey – ya right.. it’s nothing personal .. does she know
Paulie – I don’t think so

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 21-22-42-791

9:23pm JAmes and Zakiyah

James tells her anyone that is going to vote her out he’ll ‘X’ out their vote.
Zakiyah says if they keep her here she’s not afraid to take people out, “I got you guys.. and I really appreciate it”

James goes into his family and co parenting..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 21-29-23-564

9:31pm Corey and Nicole hammock
9:51pm Nicole says Zakiyah doesn’t make food for herself she waits until people feels sorry for her. Corey says Victor is mad because nobody is hanging out in the HOH room. Nicole says it’s because he’s not very welcoming she calls Vic and Paul Selfish.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 21-41-28-008
9:40pm In the backyard is PAulie, Victor and PAul talking about doing meet and greets after. Paulie says his dad can manage all that for them goes on to explain how his dad did it for Cody.
Paulie – that will be dope.. when we’re done that we’re just a bunch of party boys.. Live like a lifestyle sorta thing .. like YO we just come and try to have a good time .. whenever we roll into town you know it’s going to be a party when we just f***G show up..

PAulie – and we document that shit put up on…
Victor – ayayyaya aaya
Victor wants to get a tour bus.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 22-12-37-813

10:06pm Victor – can you help me with this one it’s kinda stuck to my arm

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 22-07-53-615

They find a clump of hair in the shower.. it’s gross paul jokes about eating it and Paulie almost throws up.

Take a look at that shower..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 22-34-24-207

10:34pm Nicole and Paulie
Nicole says she told Zakiyah that PAul was trying to get her out. Nicole adds that Zakiyah doesn’t think you know she wants me to tell you.
Nicole says Paul wants Z to leave to get closer to you.
Paulie agrees that Victor wanted Michelle out first but Paul talked him into Zakiyah.

Nicole says Zakiyah won’t win any competitions, She won’t flip and Paulie controls her so she’s fine with her in the house.
Nicole – Don’t tell paulllllll thaatttttttttttt.. it was a bondinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg thinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg i hadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd to dooooooooooooooooo
Paulie tells her she did good Telling Zakiyah.


10:50pm Corey and Victor spending come some time together

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 23-02-12-529

11:02pm Looks like the band is back together

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 23-18-10-540

11:18pm Paulie and Victor pool table
Paulie says meech bringing up numbers hurt both of them because they have the most wins.
Paulie – we’ll be fine as long as Paul or I win
Victor – James will try some sly sh1t
Corey comes back.. pool continues..

11:26pm Backyard couch Corey and Nicole are whispering to each other while Paulie and Victor play pool
Nicole says Bridgette told Z that Michelle brought up some good points during her speech.
Corey and Victor are planning on partying after the show. Along with the other guys they want to meet at Corey’s place first.
Nicole says if she has Victor over she will die.

Corey brings up Pauls Halloween party and how there’s 300 people there. Corey is going to go it’ll be good for his “App” he thinks Paul knows some people that he could introduce it to.
Nicole – Oh my God you are so funny..
Paul joins them.

11:48pm Zakiyah, Bridgette and Nicole chit chatting..
Zakiyah – I went to the same school as Rachel Reilly.. for 1 semester

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Today at 8:56pm CAM 3 Paulie peed in the hot tub.


Then Paul joined him in the hot tub. It brings a whole new meaning to PP


too funny


James and Nicole will go down as the 2 worst returning players ever. Absolute dumb asses, I want them both booed when they leave. I am so disappointed they are the main reason this season has turned into one of the worst ever.


They the only two that have not been nominated for eviction; they must be doing something right…..

Big Jon

Doing what the house wants is so so right for 2nd place.

Macho 604

They are in the B class of returning players. I’m sure CBS is saving the A class for an All Star season. Dan, Derrick, Vanessa, Ian, Liz Nolan, Donny, Beast Mode etc,


As far as game players go, I would categorize them more as C players. Both just looking for showmances and stayed with the same exact game even though it got them no where the first time. Well for Nicole, the the first two times.




I agree with everyone for the most part except Liz. Where did that come from?? Lol


Beast mode cowboy in all-star season!!?? Are u serious? He’s even dumber and more clueless than both James and Nicole put together. Beast mode joining all-star cast, now that’s funny. I needed a good laugh today.

BB Fan

Doesn’t anyone remember in his season, Derrick and Cody were going to cut Zach instead of Jacosta but Caleb told them at the last minute NOT to do it. Everyone thinks Derrick was the brains (now I’m not saying Caleb was) but Derrick was just in a large alliance and he almost made a fatal mistake. Caleb saved him. That’s why it’s funny when everyone says Derrick was so good. Nicole, Haydan, Donny, Jacosta, Britney were on the outside and couldn’t stop things from happening. I really wish someone would wise up this season and CUT PAULIE. James knows that Paulie is running things. Why won’t he make a move?


Lot’s of talk about Paul today…he could be in trouble during the double eviction.


Nicole was my favorite BUT what the heck is she thinking these past few weeks. So disappointed in her game. I still have hope that she will go after Paulie–who doesn’t even have her back at all, and stop kissing his ass and aligning herself with the guys.


me too….but she won’t.


So now James is backpaddling ? Wouldn’t be surprised. I hope Z gets evicted. Just so it’s not what Paulie wants. And everyone should see that but are a bunch of morons. Or is it just giving false info? Don’t know with James. I dislike both Meech and Z but def would like to see Z leave. I hope anyone who wins puts Nicole up and go in double eviction night. It’s tough to cheer for anyone now but right now I will set with Bridgete and Nat.

Powder Puff Girl

Corey may want to go after Paul but Paulie will squash that.. he will say too soon, he will do what I say, this person is more of a threat, same as what he is doing with Z. The HG’s do not even debate the issue they give in to their leader. No competition!


James gone Soft! You da real MVP.

Franks Farts Are Juicy

Vic the dum dum. Let’s get a party bus!!! Nobody wants to meet you three turds! At least Nicole is about to get run out! Telling Z that stuff is going to get back to Pee Pee and she gone!!! Bye whiney!!!

Bryn Mawr Mama

Paulie is a disgusting pig. He’s a misogynistic, foul mouthed pig, who has no respect for anyone else in that house. I hope he catches holy hell in the DR for peeing in the hot tub, what is he, 4 years old? Nice job, Mr and Mrs Califiore – you raised a real piece of work. Hope you don’t mind having him live in your basement for the next 15-20 years.


Who raised you with that foul mouth.. you just mean and evil and looking for anything to have a problem with. Never cared!

Bryn Mawr Mama

Stop looking in that mirror!

REAL Bryn Mawr Mama

What’s the matter, you have to go around using other people’s post names?
Knock it off, idiot.

REAL Bryn Mawr Mama

Keep looking in that mirror. Mama!

Morgan LaFay

Hi, Mr Califiore!!! Trolling again?


His family thinks he does no wrong they all are just a prefect family


So, lame James is going to veto votes according to Paulie’s wishes! What a loser! Why did America waste this care package on him??? No gamer, play for the cameras/AFP, 15 min fame outside the house lame James! Can not take BBAD and or this season of morons. Nicole, Paulie, James, and goat abuser Corey are getting harder to stomach – so signing off and taking a break from this season! Bye, bye!


Vic might not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I have to say he has some good points. He cooks, and by all accounts, it seems he’s pretty good. He’s a neat freak, always arranging the pillows and straightening up his HOH room. In a house full of slobs, that’s a definite plus. He always seems to be in a good mood, and while he’s loud and at times crude, Paul is louder and cruder. And he doesn’t seem to have been indulged the way Paulie and Paul were growing up. No Prince Charming, but not the Spawn of Satan either.


i can’t believe i’m saying this, but i was pretty impressed with him on the wall. Perhaps he should try his hand at Survivor.


I can’t believe I’m saying this but I totally agree with you Nike.

Dr. Sapirstein

These douchebags are so delusional. The only way they could get “meet and greet” going is if people showed up to punch them in the face.

Powder Puff Girl

Punching women in the face is right up Paul’s alley he may find this meet and greet enjoyable.

Min O'Pause

I think they are referring to their lucrative future as greeters at Walmart.

Paulie the pussy

He barfs about drain hair but Zak is grinding her yeast infected twat on him all the time.

I would not step barefoot in that shower. I can’t believe they don’t clean it. Did you see all the womens razors just laying on floor with pubes on em? So nasty. I wouldn’t eat anything these gross fks cook either. They rarely wash their hands after going to the bathroom and if you ever watch them “wash” dishes they just run the dish under the sink water. Rarely ever even any soap. Nasty vile scum these people are.


Tiffany was the only one who use to clean the entire shower including the floor. Once she left nobody has bothered to clean. Ick

just me

I think next year… Or from now on…they shouldn’t let any family members of past house guest or former house guest to play.

everyone else

hope every single one is rejected


Say what you will about Paulie & Tiff but atleast they are/were playing the game. Everyone else are happy just making it to jury.Nicole counting her jury votes Haha! What is she going to say in final 2 if you get there? “I didn’t play the game, I was a summer camper like the rest of you, so pick me!”


Freaking James! Is he going to tell Natalie that he’s voiding her vote? What a little turd. I’d be pissed at him if I were Natalie.

Tiny Trump hands

A usual, James is bending over backwards to make sure he’s helping Paulie’s


“10:50pm Corey and Victor spending come time together” Freudian slip???

An Apple a Day

They can’t believe they think they are going to be famous. I mean the Real Housewives are D List at best and these guys are way below that lol.


I like the band.


Whoa, hang on everyone !! – I really don’t think James is going to VOID Nat’s Vote this week and risk alienating his playing partner this close to DE. I seriously think he is saying this to Nicole and Corey to see where the stories crumble. I think with all info Nat gave James about Paulie and Nicole the other night he is finding his way through all the Fog and FINALLY, Hopefully playing the game like Nat is. I think Paulina has dug himself a little bit of a hole by not using the Veto this week. In the meantime he spins more stories to everyone and now everyone, with the exception of Bridgette and maybe Corey ( because he is constantly sniffing Paulie’s underwear ), is now figuring out that Paulie is running the house and YES winning to many Comps.
– James is in a tough spot this week, because when he chooses to VOID 2 votes he is essentially showing his cards. I mean if I were him I would Void Corey and Paulie. But if he does that he risks alienating both of them. But Paulie more so and that could be a risk to James come DE. But a risk worth taking in my opinion. I would say Void Nicole, but it’s time she face the music come eviction night and where the votes lie. I would love it if she was the only one that voted for Z to stay when Z left the House for a change. Eventually Rat’s always get caught !!!!
Plus I believe if Nicole was voting for Z to stay James and Nat would have a better chance at getting Bridgette to vote for Michelle to stay.
Still hoping Michelle stays and Nicole and Paulie are the ones looking like TURDS for a change !!!!


Unless Big Brother allows him to cancel the votes without the house guests knowing who’s votes he canceled. That way he can name whoever he wants and tell the house whatever he wants. The problem with the eternal class clown is they want to be liked so bad they’ll do stuff that’s not good for them in hopes it buys them some connection.


This years producers all need to be fired and the replacement ones need to do a much better selection process. Like someone else wrote, no family members, friends of previous hg’s or vets. No recruiting either, get players who apply and want to play the game. Get some new comps, penalties for throwing comps, have incentives for winning a comp, stop the voting with the house, no more teams, HOH not allowed tell others who they plan to nominate.

These would be a start!


I would really like to see James use his power to send Z packing. BUT that would upset Paulie so much, he would probably MAKE everyone put him or Nat up immediately in DE. Still he should take the chance PLAY the game. He’s not playing to win anyway. He’s playing for AFP, so take the chance then go to the jury house and wait for Nat.


James entire game “Yes Mr. Paulie” “Right away Mr. Paulie” “Please vote me out Mr. Paulie”


James and nicoles floater roles are getting tiresome and look paulie and crew are talking abt putting them up de. Why or how do they think this strategy is going to get them to the end, its not! You actually have to take out major targets (paulie) b4 they take you out. Playing with the house every week is lame and only gets you so far. I actually was glad to hear for once paul is catching onto paulies bs and where he ends up on couples list alliance… I hope he wins de and has the balls to put paulie up then we can actually see some game play for once this season!!!!


I don’t know why, but sometimes Paul just cracks me up.

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

I submit the following two lists of names without comment in regards to playing this game:

1) Keesha, Renny, April, Michelle and Libra.

2) Bridgette, Nicole, Big Meech, Natalie, Tiffany, Zahkiya.

‘Nuff said.

Bryn Mawr Mama

Its okay where he lives as long as its not your match box.

REAL Bryn Mawr Mama

Simon/Dawg, this douche canoe insists on using my screen name. Any way to block him? I’ll use another. I know it’s a lot to ask, but it’s annoying AF.

Morgan LaFay


Marvin Gaye

Another boring week in my eyes… Yea it’s a lot if talk but that’s it allllllll talk and no action….. now Vic is worried about James well you should have put him up instead of wasting an HOH on Michelle who deep down inside wants to Bone you..,,. Vic could see that if he didn’t have his head in Paul n Paulies butts….. I have the feeling the DE will be a waste just like most of the season has been…., Natalie, Bridgette and Z will be on the block for DE cause Michelle is leaving first just like Paulie planned….. Paulie has Corey going after Paul, James going after Paul n Vic and Paul n Vic going after Nicole n Jemes.,… Smh

Marvin Gaye

Janes is weak all the way around…. He can’t even get foreplay under the covers at night from Natalie…, he probable never touched the FTs( in my Paulie voice)… James had a better chance with Vic or Corey under the covers…. If he vetos Nat vote with his stupid reasoning of not showing his cards then she should just go take Corey from Ratcole cause he has the hots for Nat…


This entire post has me scratching my head and saying WTF at 6:52am ET.
First, I need some bleach because that shower is oozing fungus. How any grown person can step into that with no problem and think they’re clean when they step out is beyond me.
Once upon a time, I had a crush on Paulie…thought he looked like a young Mickey Rourke (a la 9 1/2 Weeks) but I want him gone so badly. He is immature, disrespectful and pees in hot tubs. (I need the bleach again) Yes, he is playing the game but he’s no Dan or even a Derrick…his gameplay is sloppy and his opponents aren’t the brightest in the bunch. Some of them are opening their eyes but they lack action.
Nicole….still standing by my earlier comment of her being the perfect F2 partner but to say she’s cool with Z staying because Paulie can control her? I hope the guys Brigade her ass the same way Britney was blindsided.
I like the band too and wouldn’t mind them being F3.
James is killing me here with his acting as if getting Frank and Da’ out were big moves to protect the showmances, when the reality of it is, Paulie instructed him to do so. So now James has no allies except Nat, no credibility and everyone knows his gameplay is doing what others tell him to do.


Even though I’m not a fan of Nicole, I’m so glad someone is finally throwing out Paul’s name. To see Michelle walk out followed by Paul would make my Thursday night!!! Alot of them have talked about ppl but those two have said such nasty personal things about ppl they deserve to go out back to back.


These “powers” are all a grand illusion to make the public think they have some control. In reality it’s 3 days too late for the ones who receive them. The results should be shown to the public on Wednesday show & given to the HG on the Thursday morn. I really dont think the public vote ever matters as you have production picking & choosing behind the scenes. The way it’s set up it doesnt give any chance these early noms to get a good power. It’s all set up for the latter Hgs to get further ie Nicole, Paulie etc.

Also Nicorey were chatting a few nights ago with feeds cutting in and out. I heard bits about Corey getting hinted at in the DR that Nicole has the return power. Nicole didnt quite figure out what he was implying so she went into the DR and came out smiling and happy saying she understands now what he was saying. I’ll be watching for this now

Can you say PISSED!


I was thinking the same. James winning that care package came at a time where Paulie needed it the most.I don’t believe that James was ever going to vote out Zackiyah . It will be interesting to see if Nicole has the winning ticket and who will get the other care packages. If the ones who get it and it benefits Paulie then there is definetely something fishing going on. I’m surprised that Natalie and James got those packages I thought they would have gotten better ones.

Only can wish

You aren’t the only ones thinking our votes doesn’t matter. They should tell us who’s the top 3 for each package are, so we can have an idea of how the votes are going.

A little pee for the PP

How can Paulie be disgusted about the hair in the shower when he peed in the hot tub?!


“At the end of the day”, does it really matter whether Z or Michelle go home? They were clueless last week for a reason and Michelle doesn’t have the ability to blow up anyone’s game.

I dislike them both, but shocKingly, Z is actually playing the game right now (aka socializing & pretending to be nice). Michelle is asleep as usual so she deserves to go (sleep in the Jury House).


Did I miss something? I do not have the live feeds and I do not recall reading it here; when did Paul throw Corey and Nicole’s name out to James? is James lying?