Zakiyah “You can beat me up now. Choke me, slap me. I’ll take it.”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

POV was not used nominations stay the same

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12am In the kitchen – Nicole, Bridgette and Z. They’re talking about when they have babies. Vic and Paul play a game of chess. Paul wins and then he plays Paulie.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-09 03-45-02-519

1:30am Z and Paulie head out to the backyard. Z says that Nicole told me about Paul. He was trying to get me out. Paulie asks I guess leaving you up there worked. when did he do that? Z says that he was trying to keep Meech because she’s not a threat and apparently I’m not a competition beast. I don’t know how when I haven’t won any competitions. Paulie says so maybe my suspicion was correct that Vic, Paul, Meech and Bridgette were trying to do something. Z says I think its starting now. The hit on the couples. Paulie says it was inevitable. Z says she was going on and on and on about how you didn’t pull me off and how she said I just think that’s crazy. She was like if I’m leaving this week I am blowing his sh*t up .. whatever that means. Paulie asks should I call her out tomorrow? I don’t really know what she can blow up of mine. Good thing I never gave her anything. I want to know where her hit on me is coming from .. Like where he anger is coming from. I asked her to talk on Sunday and she decided to sleep all day. There is really nothing she can say to blow up my spot. I only gave her misinformation. Z says I thought her whole crying episode was fake. Paulie says I think everything she does is fake.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-09 03-55-31-715

Paulie says I think I’ll call her out tomorrow. Everyone liked when I called out Tiffany. Your crying is fake, You’re not a superfan because you’re getting out played by every single person in this house. Every single super fan is going to laugh at you. Z says don’t say that. Paulie says no I’ll go for the jugular and break her. You’re just mad because everyone figured you out before you had a chance to figure them out. She literally tee-peed her own house because she was jealous other peoples house were. She made up a fake boyfriend because she was jealous of other girls with boyfriends. She is jealousy and attention driven. Everything she does is fake. Everything is done for a reaction and when she doesn’t get a reaction she goes off on whoever is getting the attention. If it wasn’t Natalie it was Bridgette, if it wasn’t Bridgette it was Bronte, if it wasn’t Bronte it was who the f**k else. I know for a fact that she’s a liar. I know she made up the Advancmen, and the Jozea rumor. Coming at me is a big mistake. I have a Scorpio tongue. Let’s talk about honour and integrity which you have none of. I will slay her on national television. If she wants to call me out, I will portray her as a loser that is going home. Z asks are you going to initiate this? Paulie says I might. Z says because I want a front row seat. I know she will try and blow me up to Vic. If I win I think I’ll put up Vic and Paul. Or James can stop sliding by and win something. Z asks did you know anything (about her going up). Paulie says no I didn’t. Paulie says I f**king protected her a$$ during my two HOH’s. I’m not expecting hers or Da’s vote in the end. They can go f**K themselves. Z asks anything I do that makes you mad? You can beat me up now. Choke me, Slap me. I’ll take it. Paulie says I don’t do those things… only in a s*xual sense. Z says okay.
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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-09 04-19-40-137

2am – 3am Paul and Vic come out to play pool. Corey watches from the sidelines.

3:40am – 4am Bathroom – Paulie and Vic chat in the bathroom. Paulie says f**king Z, it may have not been her time this week but it soon will be. Vic asks she still annoying you. Paulie says she wants to sit in on everything. Vic says fool has a girlfriend and didn’t want one. That’s a problem I’m happy I don’t have. Paulie says trust me I’m not trying to have one when I get out. I’m not trying to have girlfriend. There is one more person that could target us and then we line up the final 3. Paulie says if I could pull out another win that would be great.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-09 04-29-00-119

4:10am All the house guests are sleeping.

August 9th morning updates = Houseguests just starting to wake up. We’ll be updating the posts this afternoon.

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211 thoughts on “Zakiyah “You can beat me up now. Choke me, slap me. I’ll take it.”

  1. The boys may be playing a little too hard right now trying to cover every loose end could come back to haunt them if misinformation gets into the wrong hands

    1. The he-man woman hater club is ridicules. Paulie is utterly disgusting, How and why would any woman want to sleep with him. knuckle dragger, I wouldn’t even sleep with him with some other womans v@gin@ ugh icky ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwww

      1. “I wouldn’t even sleep with him …”

        Translation: I sleep around A LOT


        He’s way out of your league, I’m sure of it.

        1. This isn’t a reply to your comment, I just love your name! My husband and I are fascinated by Nicole’s tiny nostrils. Could be why her voice is so whiny?

      2. It’s funny to read the comments on this list. If someone says something uncomplimentary about a female HG, the PC police come out to disrespect your right of free speech. But then the same people will say uncomplimentary sh!t about a male HG. That’s what’s so wrong in our world now, nothing but Hypocrites!!!

        1. The boys are vulgar and crass. None of them are people I would ever associate with but the he-man woman hater’s club (thanks eek) that has formed in the house is totally over the top.

        2. I don’t often hear the women making many derogatory comments about the men that doesn’t have to do with game. I could be wrong because I don’t watch as much as I use to. I just can’t stomach listening to the guys comments. But worse than that I just can’t watch zakiyah make a fool of herself over Paulie. I’m hoping she didn’t tell Paulie he could slap her and she’d take it. I’m hoping she was joking.
          The he-man boys club is annoying. I’d like to reach thru the screen and slap them on the back of the head. (How would they like for some guy to treat their sister like that.) But instead, I just change the channel.
          I’ve always looked forward to BB every summer. It is my guilty pleasure. But I have to admit that i’m not too excited about it anymore. Sad.

          1. No the girls do not use the same language as the boys, boys have always been rude and crude But the girls do use the boys to get them to the end. What has Z done in the game, rode Paulie’s coat tails, what has Nat done in the game rode James’s coat tails. So the boys have potty mouths, get over it. That’s how they are when they are stuck in a house together, get louder, mouthier, out doing each other. And before you comment, I am a girl who grew up with four brothers, who respect the heck out of women, but when they are with a group of guys, they get carried away. Boys are Boys as long as they never act on their words, who gives a rats ass.

            1. Wow! Chill. No need to be rude because I agree with everything you said. Most of the girls have attached themselves to a boy I guess hoping to take them to the end. Z being the worse of all. I also grew up with four brothers who would punch the lights out on anyone whom disrespected their sisters. My brother gave my husband the talk before we got married. I know guys talk like this when they are together and women can be worse. But these guys are on TV and of course are going to be scrutinized. They are coming off as the he-man woman haters club. Just sayin’. Peace.

    2. It sure is nice seeing Frank and Da’s pictures in black and white at the top of the screen. Hopefully Victor’s goes to black and white soon.

      Could you get a worse picture of Bridgette?

    3. Watch when someone finally has the balls to evict Paulie Production will be there with the Round Trip Ticket to save his slimy butt.

      1. Husband and I were trying to figure out how the round trip ticket could be fixed. I figured an idea out. They could have simply put 2 tickets in each envelope and Julie is told which one to pull out for whom. Thought of it when I saw how Julie looked inside the envelope first and so carefully pulled it out. What do ya’all think?

        1. You have a really good point here. I never thought of it until u mentioned it. I do agree that production would want to rig it, bc I don’t see them wanting someone like Z(who brings nothing to the show) to have it. And it is funny how Julie opens the envelope, looks inside, then pulls it out slowly. I did notice that, just didn’t think of it how you did. However, I kinda think if that were the case, they would’ve sent Frank or even Da back, just for the added drama. Idk. They could be saving it for Paulie(hope not) or James(probably James).

      2. They want him to win because they owe Cody’s family for the way they treated Cody after he won 2nd place.
        Instead of having the first and second place winners on “The Talk” tv show, they had 1st and 5th place winner Frankie omitting the 2nd place runner up Cody.

    4. Yup it’s a little early to start to win it out, but it’s still possible for the boys to win it out because who is their biggest threat? Glenn self evicted weeks ago so it is possible for them to win it out….

    5. I have a feeling Nicole is gonna get Brittany’d this season. The guys are going to do to what the Brigade did to Brittany. I’m just surprised she’s too dumb to see it. Even Natalie knows the guys are all working together! That says a lot!
      On another note: Things sure are boring without Frank, Da’Vonne, and Tiffany:( At least there was some game play when they were there. Now it’s just boring! Simon and Dawg are having a hard time coming up with posts. Lol.

      1. I wholeheartedly agree with you. The only difference with Brittany and Nicole is that Brittany really didn’t scheme like Nicole does. Nicole’s demise will be Corey just like it was with Hayden. Guess the saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is appropriate.

        1. Nicole is so wrapped up in Corey it’s nauseating to watch. Her whining monotone voice is so annoying. I’m surprised Corey’s ears don’t bleed. She’s like a needy puppy begging for attention. Her only game play is to bash the other girls she’s jealous of. I hope she gets evicted soon. Maybe Corey will start play BB when she’s gone

    6. paulie is dominating, but unlike derrick, is doing so with a major lack of class

      way too many submissive people in the cast

      i would like to see james x the votes of nicole and paulie then james, nat, paul and bridgette keep meech, blindsiding the others, then with vic also with them, go after nicole. paulie, corey in the double…is that going to happen? of course not because its ‘lets do all the things that paulie wants to do’

      1. I think Derrick will be ashamed of Paulie mentioning his name as having ‘schooled’ him in what to do. I don’t think there is any scenario where Derrick would have said trash talk the girls that you are working closest with, disrespect them, be so openly afraid of the possibility that any girl would have the audacity to have come onto the show to possibly win, and therefore be in any alliance that wasnt’ run and controlled by him. I think he would be baffled by him targeting so loudly and so soon people in his own alliance, or having an alliance at all, and not be a bit more diplomatic in everything he says and does.

        i was not impressed at all, Paulie is Bruno BBCAN all over again, all i can hope for is that he gets stung by his biggest target and concern, and that she is F2, instrumental in getting him out, and wins the whole thing in spite of his own paranoia, and refusal to work together in a sincere way. by the time Bruno finally came around to that idea, he’d burned Sarah so often and so much, she would never have trusted him. Had he worked with her in a sincere way and not be so paranoid and macho about the scarey idea that women might or even could, without permission, agree to work together. If he aligned F3 with someone like Nicole, who has possibilities, and isn’t winning comps but can talk up in a way that protects a guy who is winning comps, he’d get further without all the hatred shown towards women.

        Fear, loathing, manly macho stuff, assuming none of the women deserve to be there, and certainly don’t deserve to win, that’s all i am seeing with him. Not shocked at all that Nicole is not seeing that too. But i don’t think Cody was like this guy.

        1. if derrick was in there, there is no way paulie would be acting like this if they were aligned…any behavior that could bring heat on them would get squashed right away

          and yes derrick was very good at seeing who was loyal and kept them safe and rolled with them as long as he could

  2. Well I thought Tiffany made paulie look stupid when he tried to “go off on her”. Maybe he remembers it differently lol.

    Even though I don’t like Michelle, I hope she makes him look stupid too if he tries that.

    1. I don’t feel bad for Michelle at all! She was malicious, mean-spirited, and outright evil when she thought she was sitting pretty on top of the HOH hill. It is absolutely her turn. And what really gets me is that she is now saying she likes Bridgette. I am loving that Bridgette outlasted her! Ha!

    1. Maybe…but they’re definitely afraid of them. Seems like a mommy issue, like their dads were weak men, while their moms were the strong ones….but because of their natural fear and insecurity they see all women as domineering, demanding, impossible to please. It’s pretty common where they can’t accept mom was tougher than dad, so they need to see women as evil. Let’s put it this way: If we went back a few centuries, the guys in the house would be talking of witchcraft…

        1. It’s ok….there’s no reason to be afraid of all women because your male role model was cowardly, while your female role model was brave. There’s no need to put down women for their appearance, no need to pretend you don’t like them in case they don’t like you, no reason to be afraid that their mentally stronger and tougher than you.

          Now judging by your name you’re really into a faux masculinity facade….but to other men your transparent, the kind of guy that sat on the bench, gets passed over for promotion, and rails about phantom injustices like “political correctness”, which is yet another fight you won’t win in life.

          1. Mommy still breast feeds me and insists dad take over, not happy about that he’s hard to latch on.
            My question is-am I/do I fall into this category?

    1. He has earned it. He plays 24/7. This drives insecure females and beta males crazy though which is good for many LOLs.

      1. You have your opinion just like any other person on this post. Just because we dont like Paulie’s behavior doesn’t make us insecure. If he looks like an a$$, talk like an a$$, act like an a$$, then he’s an a$$ in our eyes. JMO

    1. She just said the strangest most F’d up thing I ever heard! It is just so bizarre people only tell her she so pretty and hot body and all of that- yet she has the lowest self esteem I’ve ever witnessed! Her commodity is her body/looks. And we all know what happens when that disappears.

    2. she is very cringe worthy to watch. how he can stand to be with her is beyond me. can’t wait to see her gone this week.

  3. Cody was tolerable. He was just a flirt. But he was respectful at least. Paulie is a straight up asshat and should be thrown into the deep sea with cement shoes. Oh and that haircut, it should be called the “Douche cut.” I hope his ass is gone Thursday. I literally can’t watch it whenever his face is on. I fast forward through it.

      1. If, I in any way, acted like Paulie…. My Mom would be (figuratively) waiting for me with a switch she had peeled off a tree ready to give me an ass whipping in front of everyone at the finale after party….

  4. Paulie and Z leave me speechless.
    That girl needs help. Maybe she and Meech can go to therapy together.
    The man did nothing to save you from the block, he manipulates her in all kinds of ways and she is apologizing and giving him permission to physically abuse her.
    He claims he doesn’t want a girlfriend…then TELL her and stop having sex with her!!
    It’s like a summer long episode of Dr. Phil with evictions in between

    1. I don’t know about yourself, but if I was to grind on someone and I looked at their face and they were off in space somewhere, I would immediately stop. As much as fans don’t like Paulie, if Z is all up in Paulie’s pants and she just gets blank off in space stares, how much more evidence do you need that someone just isn’t into you? Some people just enjoy self punishment and Z is obviously one of those types of people….will trade in her own soul just to be with a guy.

      1. “will trade in her own soul just to be with a guy”…..the most destructive thing women do to themselves………….

    1. Could it be learned behaviour from her mother’s relationships? She obviously does not have a good role model in her life. It is very sad the being hit, hitting people (wanted to beat up Bridgette outside house) is a norm for her.

  5. I Paulie is trying to play his and Zakiyah’s relationship down to the guys so he isn’t a target, but I think he low-key likes her.

    1. Absolutely….and not just the guys or those in the house, but everybody watching. Paulie’s insecurity has been painfully apparent since his Frank obsession, but thankfully within this game, everybody else matches or exceeds it. It’s the classic, junior high, wanting to preempt getting dumped by doing the dumping.

      I’m just hoping Paul keeps overplaying and really inadvertently blows the house up. Let him panic if Z confronts him and say Paulie was in the know she was up and a target. Let Michele reveal that she told Paul that Paulie was a target, which he denied to Paulie. Let Paulie’s overconfidence in his court jester lead James and Corey to see Paul’s higher on the pecking order. Anything for some house-wide conflict.

    2. I think so too… Paulie wouldn’t be touching her weave all the time if he didn’t like her… I think he secretly wants to take her to the finals… he knows he has a better chance at winning with her… She has done absolutely nothing to win the game! Nobody would vote for her…

      1. I agree, he tells the others they need to ditch their girls, but his girl brings him information, his girl cannot win comps he wants to take her to the end.

  6. Why will no one call Paulie out on anything? They see it- but they run away and hide. Might as well just hand him the check now. Godfather Paulie will just keep steam rolling people over if someone doesn’t grow a pair…and fast!

    I think I dislike James more and more as the days go on. Nat needs to squash him like a bug and start fighting to stay in the house.

    1. Somebody- ANBODY- over throw the king! PLEASE! This is getting too painful to watch. Someone wake me up when its over ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  7. I cannot believe Zakiyah. First Da and then Michelle and she’s STILL gonna listen to Paulie. So over it.

    Anyway, can somebody tell me who the DE targets are? I’m worried that Bridgette will be taken out in the double and then we won’t be able to give her the care package.

    Normally that would mean I want to vote for whoever stays this week because they would be alone but I just cannot vote for Zakiyah.

    1. It depends who is talking to whom. Paulie, James & Cory are a sub-alliance, Paulie, Paul & Vic are another sub-alliance, then the 5 boys are The Executives. And they speak differently when they talk to different girls. Nicole probably gets the most accurate information from them. They are just pandering to the other girls.

  8. The thing with Paulie and Z is becoming sick…. I wanted Z out when they sent Da because of how badly shes sinking it really makes me sick and sad, I am not making fun of her I want to hug her I feel like this is who she really is .. I truly don’t wont to watch anymore…

  9. WTF is the wrong with this girl? She finna be so embarrassed when this is all over and she realizes

    A) Paulie’s a douche
    B) He doesn’t even like her
    C) Everyone in the country knows her ass is thirsty AF

  10. Is it just me or does Paulie talk as if he’s all hard and grew up on the MEAN STREETS of Jersey?
    That fool is from the burbs.
    He’s such a phoney.

  11. When Z said on Sunday night’s episode that she was wary of Paulie and would be sleeping with one eye open, I was like- get it gurl!!
    But after reading this post it pains me!
    AND THEN to have Paulie turn right around after his convo with her, goes to Vic talkin bout how she’s annoying him..
    I’m so over that clown and his stupid sideburns.
    And I REALLY want to like Z, but that girl is making it legit difficult:/

    1. That Z is loyal only to Paulie
      Nat to James, then Bridget and Michelle
      James to Paulie, then Nat
      Victor to Paul and Paulie
      Paul to Victor and Paulie
      Nic to Corey, then Paulie
      Corey to Paulie, then Nic
      Paulie to Corey, then Paul
      No clue for Bridget, would like to say Nat after their recent good game convos
      Meech will be gone

      1. I think I Think has a very good assessment. I think Paulie rated Paul higher than Corey until this week, now that is starting to unravel and they are close to becoming rivals.

  12. Yes. The stealing of the Cake Mix to bake a Giraffe toy cake is in full play here ! Should never have baked that toy a cake out of Bridgettes cake batter. Munchelle still amidst a rotten Watermelon-gate scandal and now a 35 page report/thesis about eating up all the house food.. Something has got to give. Which scandal is worse… the Zika stolen Cake Batter-gate, or Munchelle’s eat-everything-like-a-hungry-pig-gate scandal?

  13. I hope everybody blows up everybody’s shit. So far everybody thinks they are going to win HOH and they are going to put everybody up on double eviction. They have all changed their minds so many times its making me dizzy #vertigo

  14. Z needs TONS of therapy
    Paulie needs a few dozen fists to the face
    This season needs to end
    Point blank. PERIOD

    1. “Point blank. PERIOD”
      Pretty sure it’s over, they rarely last two weeks and I’m sure medical would look into that. Plus we haven’t seen any more storage room shenanigans.

  15. Can Zakiyah get any more desperate? Seriously girl- get a grip on the situation! But what goes around comes around. You are one of the mean girls. ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave’

  16. he is playing everybody including the fans. He knows what is going on and is playing a game along the lines of Derrick.

    If he pulls this off this could be the greatest win in BB history (plus he walks away with a superheat girlfriend).

    Well played sir.

    1. LOL glad I reread that because I thought you were referring to Paulie. Either way I think what you see is what you get.

    2. James continues to suck the life out of this game. Meech goes out on a unanimous vote, because James will use ACP to support his boss Polly. James is more of a nasty little bitch than any woman in the house. Until he is gone , this season will continue to be a DeathMarch to Pollyland.

    3. The only difference in James’ game this year from last is the fact he managed to connect with the power. He’s still voting out anyone who’d be good for advancing his game, he’s still “laying low” to avoid being a target. But if laying low means acceding to the power every week, your only hope is a Steve like win at the final HoH and take the goat with you. The only problem is he’s the goat in that scenario. If James is in the final 3 he’s standing next to 2 strong players. He loses to either.

  17. Not really much else to say other than I LOATHE Paulie. He kept Michelle safe? She was on his team and automatically safe there was nothing he could do even if he wanted to. Even if she is unstable you don’t threaten to attack a woman like that as a man. It’s disgusting.

    1. It’s sensationalism. CBS wants a storybook ending. Since Cody was shortchanged, they casted his brother to finish the job. There’s a HUGE problem though. These two brothers don’t have the same likability factors. Cody was a handsome touchy-feely (always respectful) type of flirt and his brother is an ugly, disgusting, misogynistic, abusive, asshole. CBS, your plan sucks.

      1. Cody handed the check to Derrick even though the smart play was Victoria. That’s why Derrick kept her so he could take her over Cody.

  18. I’m looking forward to Thurs because DE might clarify just where some of these people stand. They rat each other out so much I don’t see any loyal alliances. Just a never ending gossip mill that feeds the paranoia. Targets and loyalty change constantly. And why is Paulie so bent on getting out Bridgette. She won one comp by chance and she has no strong alliance backing her. And calling out Meech would just be stupid. It would just highlight the things she has already brought attention to like him winning a lot. It would also be just plain mean. And who knows after DR mops her off the floor and puts her back together again she just might be inclined to blab more.

    1. Paulie is really stupid the problem is everybody except Bridge and nat are sneiviling knuckle dragging cowards.. too harsh?:-)….I didnt think so.:-)

  19. Paulie has Meech 100% figured out. Its actually really amusing to hear him so accurately discribe her entire gameand personality.
    I want to see him say all that to her.
    I swear. Double eviction needs to shake sh!t up. Gettin way too predictable. Is PP really gonna turn on each other? I cant tell just from readin feeds how serious paulie is taking the Paul trying to get z out thing.

  20. So, I made the mistake having BBAD on while cleaning, and heard the most disgusting conversation b/w Paulie and Z, and wish producation would show how stupid/beyond cocky/cruel, and I feel deep down major issues wanting power over women. Plus, I am embrassed for how stupid Z is within these conversations. (Z an educator/ Paulie’s dad is his manager? -Using Paulie’s words, ” Better retrain your son!) Uhggg King Paulie bragging about calling out Meech tomorrow bc hg’s liked when hecalled out Tiff. So, he plans to tell Meech: crying is fake, She is not a superfan due to getting out played by every single person in this house. Every single super fan is going to laugh at you. Paulie, “I’ll go for the jugular and break her” – She literally tee-peed her own house…Coming at me is a big mistake. I have a Scorpio tongue. Let’s talk about honour and integrity which you have none of. I will slay her on national television. If she wants to call me out, I will portray her as a loser that is going home. Oh, and Z wants a front row seat. Z asks did you know anything (about her going up). Paulie says no I didn’t. Paulie says I f**king protected her a$$ during my two HOH’s. I’m not expecting hers or Da’s vote in the end. They can go f**K themselves. Z asks anything I do that makes you mad? You can beat me up now. Choke me, Slap me. I’ll take it. Paulie says I don’t do those things… only in a s*xual sense. Z says okay. NEED I SAY MORE? This convo is too true to who Paulie really is beyond the house. PLEASE PRODUCTION, STOP EDITING TO PAULIE’S ADVANTAGE! SHOW HIS TRUE COLORS TO AMERICA!!! James, stop discussing your 15 min beyond the house, do not veto per Paulies orders!!!!

    1. Paulie is lashing out at Michelle because behind that grandiose attitude lies a man with a very fragile low self esteem. Paulie can’t handle criticism about himself so he needs to humiliate and belittle that person that says anything about him.

  21. Hope Bridget survives Paulie’s DE plans for her, he gets her nominated again, and then she gets the Screw-you Paulie safety on Saturday. Would be interesting to see how production plays out the POV in that case, or if Bridget wins HOH also, what becomes of the safety.

  22. simon production if pulie gets his way in get bridget out this week before she receive her America super safe
    packages the fans be real mad an angry in say its not fair why double now when bridget about to get a packages
    we hope bridget got the return ticket in we hope she wins the second hoh anything production just let her receive her America packages the next day to be fair to us fans in yes I know about 35 people who voting for her to get it production listing to your fans base please let bridget receive her America super safe packages
    for us fans to be fair to us in not to pulie

      1. That’s Frodo-ese. He used to live deep in the Amazon rainforest and is now in the US Virgin Islands going to school and learning English. Be nice, he’s a good guy.

  23. James is consistently disapointing every time I hope this idiot wakes up he crawls on his hands and knees and kisses Paulies ring…He is maddining! Paulie is making me ill with his smug ass face…I really cant take anymore of these f#cking people..Heres hoping somebody torpedoes the Douche Canoe!

    1. James just wants to play pranks. He isn’t even trying to win the game.

      Just watch he will screw up the Care Package too.

  24. Paulie is absolutely disgusting! The way he talks about Zakiyah and the other girls is appalling. It’s one thing to downplay your relationship to your boys but to turn around and make her think you like her and want to see her outside of the house is sad to watch. Everyone thinks this is Zakiyah’s karma. But let’s not forget that all those girls have talked crap about each other. Bridge talked crap about everyone to Frank even about her so called Spy Girls. Also Zakiyah did ask Bridgette if she wanted her to make a cake for her birthday and she said no. Bridge didn’t want to make a big deal out of her birthday so nobody did. Yes it was stupid to make a giraffe a cake but I think they were just bored and trying to have fun. The other night on the feeds Zakiyah had a long convo with James. They were talking about her ex and how he threw her across the room. She has been in abusize relationships before. So it’s no surprise that she is this way with Paulie. When she gets out of that house and reads what all Paulie has said she is going to need some major therapy. Everyone in that house is so afraid to say anything about Paulie but I do believe certain people are waiting to take there shot at him. It would be nice to see him go out during double eviction and have him knocked down a peg or two. As far as the game goes Paulie is probably playing it the best because he is aligned with everybody. But on a personal level the guy is a douche bag to the max. Any girl that wants to be with Paulie after this show is crazy!

    1. Just watch CBS will softpeddle the woman hating creep….the edit is everything so I dont expect CBS to acknowledge what a real life POS he is…Hes their star!…..#vomit in mouth!

    2. I think after so many days these HGs get a bit too comfortable with the cams/mics running 24/7 and forget to edit themselves,which is revealing. Z from day one expressed that she had daddy issues (she does not get along with her father at all) and it manifests itself in the way she is always looking for approval from a guy,even if the guy is not right for her. Paulie,for his part, has latched on to the fact that she has insecurities and he uses them against her for his own gains. Honestly, I’m not sure he is as uninterested in her as he professes.

      Lately she has been less in his face (although she should completely cut off all affection with him) and he seems to be the one who comes seeking her out at the end of the day at bedtime for cuddling. Don’t know if that’s a strategy or some small part of him does like her, yet can only treat her with disdain/manipulation because that’s just the way he is. Either way,it’s a sad pairing and I wish it would end soon.

  25. to look like the biggest DB in BB history, then go after Michelle like that on national TV. Yeah, he’s not an emotional bully. Not at all. And Z saying she wants a front row seat is just as bad. The worst BB show(No)mance ever!

        1. Wait a minute !!! As sick, gross and appalling as Paulie and Z are, Amanda and Mc Crae take the “cake” as the absolute worst “showmance” in BB history. Their sexual antics and nasty banter were a complete lowpoint for BB. Lack of class or respect for anyone (including themselves) revolted many BB fans. Paulie and Z have no redeeming qualities in their “showmance” or “flirtmance”, but they have not reached the level of depravity Amanda (in particular) and McCrae (the willing idiot) did. Pornos’r’Us supposedly is not CBS’s motto!!!

  26. Oh Z…u r just sad….
    No job wth children for you after this.
    This girl needs some serious intervention.

    Win or lose…………hope Paulie gets BOO’D when he emerges from the house. That’s some dangerous psychological game he’s playing (can see Derrick’s cop influence here) with an impressionable person.

    Really hope Michelle goes full “dog day afternoon” on Paulie on the live show. He’d sputter. Remember how he couldn’t really respond to Tiff when she said he was afraid of a girl??

    Someone, anyone needs to shine a bright light on this pimple of a man & SQUEEZE.

  27. Paulie is so scummy on every level woman hating self agrandizing punk with a Napoleon complex! Im not a violent person by nature but I would love to beat his ass… I know the line will be long!

  28. Please, James—Do NOT hand those vote cancellations to Paulie on a silver platter!! Keeping Michelle over Z would draw a clear line in the sand. Seeing Paulie scramble during the DE would be great tv. Somebody grab a megaphone and go yell at these people over the fence!!!

    1. I say we need 2 airplane banners just like in the early seasons:

      1) Evict PC
      2) #wehatepauliecalafiore

      Can someone please arrange this? :-D

  29. Since when does this show advocate “expect the expected”? Fuck CBS listen to your viewers and do something.

    1. I love your idea CBS listen to your fans…..Problem is they dont give a shit what the people that watch the feeds think.

      1. Anyone know how to contact CBS to request they include a “none of the above” selection on future CARE packages voting? I’d love to have a box drop in the BB backyard that says “America has decided that NO ONE will get a CARE package this week”

  30. Yes, Paulie is totally right about Michelle but he won’t say all that to her because he knows she a possible “he played the best game” vote

    Zak plays the kiss everyones ass for votes game. Next week when she not on block she will go back to ignoring everyone but Paulie and giving dirty looks.

    I for one can’t wait to see Nicole’s face when Bridge gets CP#3. She thinks people like her but she is starting to realize she wrong and it will make her nuts.

  31. I read another post yesterday where Nat was talking to Bridge at 4:54 on Monday afternoon. She told B that her boyfriend’s name is Josh and don’t tell anyone. Shortly afterward they were looking at Paulie’s butt and she called him her future boyfriend? Did anyone else see this? I wanted to root for her but it seems she might be playing James and the whole house with the sweet girl act.

    1. Nat may be testing Bridget to see if she can trust her with information. Josh would make headline news in the house if Bridg leaks it and get back to Nat. Although Nat is an admitted flirt and working it, she’s using what she has well and is not a fraction as bad as the rest of the HGs. If word got back to Paulie that she’s interested, he might out Z sooner and replace her with Nat. Paulie has already said he wants Nat as the last girl and in the F4. (I for one would rather watch Nat on the feeds final days than boring Z)
      Nat knows a lot of what’s going on, who’s calling the shots and that James is probably low man on the totem pole. She is playing James and deservedly so for treating her like a twit. Keep the faith in Nat for now.

    2. Nat is a self-admitted fame whore. She said that she had to turn down the Bachelorette, because she had already committed to this show. We will be seeing more of her after BB. This is her job, her career path, and she is good at it. She always knows where the camera is,and makes few embarrassing mistakes. BTW when I use the term fame whore it is not intended as an insult. Fame whore is a legitimate occupation. It describe a person with no actual talent who finds ways to become a celebrity. Think Paris, Kim, Kendra, Real Housewives, etc. So what I’m saying is that Nat is “on the job” . She will probably beat James and Nic for AFP. More power to her. But you people who are buying this romance with James scenario are sad. Nat is playing a role, and playing it well. Bravo!!!

        1. I guess I should have said it more clearly: I really like Nat. And I hope Nat or the Cabbage Princess can blow this game up. YAY!! Go Spy Girls Go!!!

    3. I really got the impression that the part about Josh was a joke and there was more to the story (either she was completely being sarcastic or Josh is a “gay boyfriend” or something). The feeds cut right after she said that but I just don’t think that she was referring to a literal boyfriend judging from what she said after. Plus Paulie would have told all the guys as proof Nat is “playing” James. I could be wrong of course, but just my thoughts.

  32. I have been frustrated with the predictability for 3 seasons now. Season 16 and 17 I placed the blame on the Battle of the Block twist that didn’t allow for power shifts more than I blamed the house guests themselves. This year there is no excuse. We had the roadkill comp which could have been kept anonymous and been used to cause paranoia and mistrust among certain groups. We had pre-jury buy back. Right now someone is holding a round trip ticket and no one knows who or when it will be used. No one knows who will get the care packages or how much they will influence the game although they do suspect that each one will hold more power. We have vets that know what happens when one person is controlling the game and that every HOH has benefited that one particular person. There have been countless opportunities to change the plan, flip the script and shake up the game. At this point, I think every person in the house has mentioned that Paulie is controlling the game yet, week after week, they all allow it to happen. Paulie says ‘Do you want to go with plan A or plan B?’ Individually everyone chooses plan A but Paulie says ‘No, it’s better for my game to go with plan B.’ So everyone switches to plan B because obviously if it helps Paulie’s game it must be the right choice.

    So, watching the game frustrates me. Reading the comment section on the other hand…..let’s just say that it warms my heart to see how many people really, really dislike Paulie.

  33. you can only be abused if YOU open yourself up for abuse! It’s much easier for people to blame Paulie, who is actually playing the game, of being a douche but no one else is standing up to this pig so they’re just as bad!

  34. I’d love for Glenn to win America’s Favorite Player. Hopefully, then casting will realize that they cast really unlikable people. It’s a Herculean task because the show viewers don’t see the real cast.


    1. You are correct. Most of the people who are James fans only watch the CBS show. They don’t see most of his floating and bowing to his daddy Paulie all season.

      A Glenn AFP would send a clear message to this vile cast that they will be known as worst cast ever.

  35. I sure hope we get a double eviction this week so we can see these people have to start to turn on each other and finally give us some action.

    1. I need to approve comments before they go live on the site. Currently at my day job so I get pulled away a lot.

      ** sometimes culturally insensitive comments are missed or not fully realized when moderating large batches of comments. Please keep this in mind before you send me emails calling me a racist ** (had to include this disclaimer)

      1. wow..sorry Simon and i think im speaking for most of us…you shouldn’t have to deal with B.S. like that at all!
        Thanks for all you do here!

        1. You’re welcome..

          Ohh it’s OK just gets to me once and awhile. The lack of sleep maybe.. makes me sensitive and snarky. Most of the interactions I have are positive and I love them.

          My goal is just to try and show the human side behind OBB.

          1. I’m a bit pissed about this season I was hoping for something good this year. Maybe this Thursday will turn it around double evictions can sometimes do that.

    2. All posts are moderated. Simon and Dawg are two individuals, who out of the kindness of their hearts, endures some of the worst feeds to find those golden nuggets that will interest us. They approve each message but sometimes there are a lot of messages and they may approve a bunch at a time and some bad posts gets through or a good post gets caught up in all the work from home crap and get tossed. It’s not personal, They aren’t trying to be mean to you, they’re Canadians. Now these guys also have jobs, families, and lives outside Big Brother and posts may take awhile to get cleared. Sometimes, they are working on them as you post and it’ll appear in a less than a minute or it may take a couple of hours.
      So relax, and you’re post will appear shortly.

      1. Thanks Hmmm, I’ll just copy paste your reply next time :) :) ;)

        I think it’s just new people coming on here and are use to posts being auto approved, this must be how most sites are. I should put a note at the top of the comment dialog box explaining how moderation works.

        1. Feel free, I couldn’t remember the last summary I made the post and I really didn’t think this many people would bring it up or I’d have saved it.

  36. Hey James fans how that “big move” you said he was going to make this week work out for ya?

    Just save yourselves and admit he is a little pussy turd boy floater and move on.

    1. I notice you Frank fans are still crying about him leaving the house. I wonder who evicted him? Hmmmmm ? Jaaames? Arguably the big move so far.

  37. I think Paulie said that about Z to Victor to make it seem as if he was still on board with them, especially now that he suspects something is going between Vic and Paul trying to de- throne him. Looks like he’s just telling him what he wants to hear.

  38. “I will slay her on national television.” Just like you’ve slayed yourself on national television, Paulie D (for douche)? Good luck back in the real world. You’ve blow up your own spot sucka.

  39. As of discussions last night, I almost think James, Corey and Nicole will team up. They are aware of Paul and Paulie’s relationship, and both Corey and James know that Nicole’s time in the house is limited if PP has their way. All 3 of them need to start studying dates etc., because that type of comp is usually in play with a double eviction. Noone seems to be studying these things at all. Tiffany and Davonne were the only ones who I saw do this to date. Also Z was involved for a “hot moment” with dates and events. James was buttering Z up last night by saying she was safe and he would use his power this week to stop votes against her. She will put up Paul and Vic if there is two moons in the sky and she happens to win. Several weeks ago I made a statement about Paulie going around the house soon and peeing on the furniture to mark his territory. Little did I know that he would broadcast that he was going to go pee in the hottub and then proceed to do it ON LIVE TV. What a dirty little pig Mama Calafiore raised. Yes, he’s good looking and has a great body, but I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole, even if he had a wart on his tongue!!!

  40. Here’s what it says about the Care Package given to James: “The winner of this care package could single-handedly flip the house by preventing two Houseguests of their choosing from voting in next week’s eviction.” But Julie has already told us that “next week’s eviction” will be a double eviction. So, could James save his “power” and cancel out two votes in the second eviction, rather than in the first?

    1. When James read the card I thought he said “next” eviction. Hopefully James will ask when Julie announces DE or when she asks him for the 2 HGs names. If allowed, he should use on the 2nd and potentially mess up plans.

  41. Anyone notice that when Julie pulls the card to see if the evicted player has a round trip back to the house it looks like she actually pushes another one back into the envelope? I swear there are 2 cards in each envelope and production will determine who goes back and not a randomly selected envelope. My guess is it will be one of the girls..probably Bridgette….Anyway whoever it is, its already determined..just watch how Julie reveals the contents of the envelope..

    1. If they wanted to rig it they’d find a safer way than have Julie do a magic trick in front of millions of viewers.

  42. also wow ..i knew it was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!
    the James and Natalie thing..
    i was hoping she wasnt like that but she proved she is..kinda pisses me off….lost respect for her now

  43. I’m thinking if I lived in that house I would take a bath in hand sanitizer or bleach after this was done.
    A lil pee in the hottub from Paulie, Max-Z and her time of the month then putting her hands in food, Max-Z and her itchy weave, the moldy shower, a lil bow-chick-a-bowwow in the bumper cars (and who knows where else), everyone swapping blankets and beds….. sounds like there is a whole-lotta funk going around in that house. Call the hazmat unit after this season to clean up LOL

  44. Did Paulie really pee in the hot tub? Why would he do that? And why is production letting Paulie get away with everything? He has to be stopped!! I can’t stand looking at his stupid, gloating face anymore. Who the hell does he think he is? I would slap him if I could.
    James needs to help get zakiyah out of the house! Weaken Paulie instead of giving the power to him.

      1. I wish they had fixs the pool to turn the water red when someone did that, and drain it and take the money out of their money to drain and refill. They plainly saw it happen just like you did, why did they not do something about it before others got in the water, sick production, heck add them to the mean list too, I rather be called names etc than jump into a tub where it had pee in it.

  45. Simon, where do I vote for AFP? I notice side polls on various sites, but not sure how / where to make my vote count. Also, in all the sites, sadly Lame James is always in the top spot (some by a landslide)! That said, I would like my vote to go to Glen or Frank just because all current hg’s are horrible people! However, I DO NOT want Paulie, Nicole, Corey, or Z to have a chance to win in the event I ‘throw’ my vote at Glen/Frank. Nat is also in the running, but I do not respect this group of hg’s so vocal about the parties/fame, etc., beyond the house. So, any advice? Oh, and if production does not illustrate atleast some of Paulie’s ignorant conversation b/w him and Z, it will demonstrate to me, this type of hg’s will be the future of BB shows and I will cross (was my favorite show) this show off my list.

  46. Anyone watch Derrick’s (one hour) Periscope on Twitter the other night? He downplays his coaching of Paulie to a SINGLE 45 minute conversation with some general advice and completely denies coaching James other than a very short, 2-3 sentence conversation about a month before the show.

    I call bullshit on this. In retrospect, I look back at certain things James has said/done (things that just never added up) and it is evident that James is a moron and has been “protecting” every aspect of Paulie’s game since the beginning of the game. It is also evident that Paulie includes James in his plan to final 5. I firmly believe it goes deeper than we’ll ever know and I believe that this plan was brewing before they ever walked into the BB doors. This is a heated theory with a lot of people angry at Derrick and his father (who is rumored to be James’ agent) for advising and coaching these 2 — because this advantage turns this season into a “non-clean” game.

    I think they were both coached (by Derrick) to form their own Final 2’s and sub-alliances… I think and believe they will each betray those at the end to take each other to the Final 2. Paulie will win the 500K (to bring victory to the Calafiore name) and James will (with satisfaction) win 2nd place because he is convinced America will also crown him AFP (which means more money for Jamesy).

    Sorry, not sorry … but rumor has it James is struggling financially in a bad way. James doesn’t care about winning the 500K because he knows his game is not worthy and will not ever be worthy of 1st place… he and Paulie both know that by default if James is present at F2, James wins some money and Paulie wins the big prize.


    1. I watched Derrick all season there’s like 300 posts I transcribed with him it it. He’s a highly proficient liar and “Plays” the fans/audience more than anyone I’ve seen on BB for a long time if ever. Unless I was his personal friend or family member I wouldn’t trust a word he says.

    2. and here I was thinking James was just that bad of a player, it makes more sense now, thank you. F this season

    3. Love your post! It does seem odd, how James is doing everything for Paulie’s game and not his own, he is starting to throw Natalie under the bus for him. Also found it strange that James wins the Care Package with this type of power that benefits Paulie the most. It will be interesting to see the rest of the game to see if your theories come true!

    4. Michelle just mentioned that Paulie’s and Nicole’s families are close. She might be there to help Paulie. Every move that she does seems to be protecting Paulie also.

    5. There was also something about Caleb getting a truck from Paulie/Cody’s dad. Not sure how that worked out but it could be another indicator. Natalie even has some ties through friends or something.

  47. Paulie has his moments where he’s mean but at least he’s playing the game which is more than I can say for everyone else. I think most of these people have forgotten they are in a competition…James is weak this season even weaker than last season his head is NOT in the game at all. Same thing with Nicole she cares more about stareing at Corey all day. And don’t even get me started on Z and Michelle, Whin, cry and repeat is all they ever do. Nat thinks shes on a dating show and Vic is there for fame not to actually win the game. All these people have checked out completely and might as well hand the game to Paulie right now

  48. I doubt Paulie is going to call Michelle out. He’s just like his brother Cody, saying he’s going to do this or do that and call people out and then never does. The Calafiore’s are all talk, and the fact that Paulie has been given free reign to run his mouth whenever he wants to is one of the main reasons this season has become painful to watch, or even keep track of through this website. Victor has the ability to take him out, but he’s an idiot, and James could also as well, but he’s a spineless loser. He’s the guy who is always trying to fit in and please people. I don’t think he has a chance at winning this game (but definitely America’s Favorite Player! HA HA). With Nicole, she’s playing the same game that Christine played in season 16, running to the boys every time the girls say anything. The one thing I am liking from her though is that she is trying to turn Bridgette on Paul. Finally she is trying to mess up a guy’s game. Paul better watch out because everyone is finally starting to verbalize how much of a rat he is. Victor coming back has totally screwed up his game. He was doing just fine and now is linked with Victor. The pairs are definitely going to be breaking that up soon, especially since they have the overwhelming numbers (Corey/Nicole, James/Natalie, Paulie/Zakiyah) once Michelle leaves. The only singles left will be Paul, Victor and Bridgette. I think Corey is positioned well, since he’s part of the pairs and would probably be kept over Nicole. I think Natalie is also a wild card. She’s shown a knack for being able to understand the house dynamics, with who is working with who and social pecking orders. She has a few problems though. She lacks social capital in the game, she isn’t popular with the other girls in the house, which easily makes her a nominee any given week, and finally she’s only really aligned with James, who I have mentioned before as being a spineless loser. I’d love to see Bridgette win, but I just don’t see a path, and Zakiyah has absolutely no shot at winning this game. She can’t win a comp, and even if she got to the end, who would vote for her to win, really?

    1. Why do BB fans always act like there’s no redemption for people like Z??? All the other guest, including everyone’s darling Bridgette have talked smacked about each other and made questionable decisions. Why are Zakiyah’s flaws/sins worse than everyone else?
      Frank played Brigde and Corey is playing Nicole but for some reason Zakiyah is the anti-Christ because Paulie is playing her. TF?

  49. I used to feel sorry for z but now I don’t because she is literally saying abuse me which is not OK at all everybody in that house needs to go to therapy when they get out the only sane person in that house is Natalie but that’s not saying much I wish everyone could be evicted on Thursday and then we go straight to finale night give paulie the 500k and be done with this snooze-fest of a season.

  50. Oh give me a break – Paulina IS NOT going to call Michelle out on anything. He knows damn well she can hurt him badly this week if he does call her out. Plus, he has sat back in the shadows all week not using the Veto so why start now ??? The guy is an A-hole plain and simple. He is just talking Sh*t to Z to reel her in more, to distance her from Michelle. And we all know Zak is in an idiot. Much more than Michelle, which is why I want Michelle to stay.
    If Paulie was to go off on Michelle like he said he was going to – the whole house would come to her defence after what Vic did to her at Noms and you could pretty much guarantee James Voiding Paulie’s vote and Michelle staying this Week. Because I bet Z would have a smirk on her face while Paulie laid in to Michelle thus locking Z’s eviction this week. Go for it Paulina, I DARE you F*cktard !!!
    If I was in that bathroom last night, and I saw that hairball in the shower, I would have rammed it down Paulie’s throat. Stick that in your Pipe !!!!

  51. As everything in the BB house is so boring, two suggestions. 1) Simon and Dawg can go back a couple of years and copy and paste dialogue into these posts, changing names to current hgs where suitable. 2) watch Celebrity BBUK. It is shown after the watershed hour so nothing is off limits. One of the female hgs was shown on her knees in shower with a male hg and then she exited shower, fully monty. No attempt to cover up. Makes BB US seem tame. One star was however removed from house as he made offensive remarks. They stated he would forfeit his stipend of £150,000.00

    1. I think if Thursday’s double goes south and we have more of the same for the duration of the season we’re bringing back the OBB drinking game BB11 style.
      1) we’ll need rules and someone to agree to be keeper of those rules
      2) we’ll need to accept that I will be typing gibberish 99% of the time
      3) Donation will be spent to pay for alcohol instead of server feeds

      1. Let’s do it. Money on its way as we speak, because at this point alcohol is the only thing that will help this wretched season.

  52. hey simon all us fans want this week is for bridget to receive her America super safe packages
    the double evection this week when bridget about to receive it please production let her get it for us fans

  53. I actually think Paulie has more feelings for Z than he’s letting the guys know. He has to tell his he-man woman hating club members that he’s just playing her so he can keep their alliance strong. Also, let me address the elephant in the room….he might be worried about what America will say about their interracial affair. So he plays nonchalant about how he truly feels about her. Either way, he is immature and Zakiyah deserves better and can get better.

    1. I guess there are people out there that have issue with as they are posting negative things race! “what America will say about their interracial affair”

      More like, people have an issue with how Paulie treats Z.

  54. Paulie is the biggest $&@hole ever!! Even Cody never went that far with disrespecting women (except for rolling around in bed with Crustine…yuck). Mr. and Mrs. Calafiore, I hope you’re proud of your Neanderthal son…the jag off!!! Zakiyah, you’ve sunk so low that there’s not enough life preservers to keep your pathetic ass afloat! You’ve just shown America that you’d do anything to have a man and that is so sad! You actually want Paulie to beat you up, slap you, and you can take it?! Even Tina Turner had enough and beat the shit out of Ike with his abuse!! I really hope you watch yourself on tv when you get home and see how you’ve portrayed yourself…I’ll pray for you…smh!

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