Big Brother 16 Week 7 Power of Veto Results! “NO Respect!”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 19-14-34-887
11:25am – 7:10pm The live feeds were blocked for the veto competition. The POV players were: James, Victor, Zakiyah, Michelle, Nicole, Paulie.

Winner of the power of Veto is PAULIE

The power of veto competition was the one where they each hid a veto in the house and the house guest veto that wasn’t found wins it. The house is torn apart! Paul as the host is wearing a duck floatie and a life guard shirt. All the house guests are cleaning the mess up. Corey says no respect! Paul says if it was me playing I would have poured milk all over the floor. James says in his season he hid his under the carpet but this season the carpet is glued down. Nicole and Natalie comment on how the house will be cleaner now. Apparently James went over board with tearing the kitchen apart making a huge mess. Victor is pissed at him. James says he had fun.

Z says so unnecessary! Nicole says I can’t believe they let us destroy the house. Michelle says you know what I predicted this comp and I spent hours looking for a hiding spot.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 19-19-58-248

7:30pm London bedroom – Victor & Paul. Vic says ah this is good! I’m happy. Paul says if Paulie doesn’t use it we have 2 votes. Vic says If he doesn’t use it, he doesn’t use it. I don’t want him to use it. We would have a chance in the double eviction. This is fresh in their minds. I was PISSED at first! Everyone knows who did it (James making a mess in the kitchen), especially when I came out pissed off. Everyone knows I didn’t do it .. because Victor doesn’t Prank. The only thing we can admit to is stepping on things. The only thing that wasn’t f**ked up was his bag… so I came in here and messed it up.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 19-33-46-694

7:35pm In the bathroom – Paul talks to James. James asks Paul to talk to Vic for him. Paul says I don’t think he’s mad .. I think he was like making a joke. He doesn’t understand that you don’t joke about sh*t like that. James says he was probably pissed in the moment. Paul says he wouldn’t dare do some sh*t like that (put up James). I’ll talk to him. James says I’ll talk to him too. Paul says I think he was trying to be funny but then you reacted. James says Paulie won the veto so Z is going to be expecting her to use it. Paul says if he doesn’t then she has to go.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 19-36-33-700

7:40pm HOH room – James comes up to talk to Vic. Vic says we’re good, we’re good. Its a good thing Paulie won the veto. Hopefully he keeps the noms the same and we get rid of Z. James says I don’t know if he will. Vic says I just don’t want to have to put someone else up. VIc asks do you think he would take her off? James says I don’t know. He is fine with Z going home but he feels like Michelle is a bigger threat. He was saying he can control Z more. And with Michelle gone he can draw her in closer to him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 19-56-22-956

8:05pm Bedroom – Paulie, Paul and Nicole. Paulie says I’ll use it on Meech! Na .. I think I’m just going to keep it the same. (Not use the veto and keep the noms the same) Nicole says yeah.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 20-03-52-925

Vic says he hid his in Bridgette’s bag. James says he hid his in the bed cover.

8:10pm In the storage room – Vic says James said you wanted to keep Z? Paulie says he’s fine either way. At the end of the day we make a boys decision. If Z does get saved she would be loyal as f**k. I want to keep the noms the same and I don’t want you to have to put someone else up. Vic hugs Paulie and leaves. Paul tells Pualie that everyone hates hates James right now. Paulie says he wants to talk to Michelle.

Paulie talks to Corey and Nicole. Paulie tells them that Paul and Vic want to keep Michelle. If I don’t use the veto on Z .. she is going to hate me. She is going to want to murder me. I do want Z gone… not next week, the week after. Once Bridgette is gone. Paulie tells Nicole …you need to get close to Z so that on monday when I don’t use it you can keep her from freaking out.

The NEXT America’s Care Package
WEEK 3 – August 7th to August 12th

The good news is the holder of this care package will be safe for the week. The bad news is the house guest must also wear a “Super Safety” costume all week long.

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Natalie is the most pathetic player. Please let her win because she wants to see her mom letter. Then go home to see her. Why does she go on the show to beg other houseguest for her to see her mom letter? I guess there is something in her HOH letter to show her how to play the game from here.


Well hello there jealous female Nat hater. I was wondering when you would show up today.


I love James and Nat but I have a good feeling he might get back doored. I hope he holds the right envelope. This show is getting wack


Why not use every tactic you can think of to get someone to throw an HoH to you?


They should just hand Paulie the 500K and end this painful season. Bring on BB19!!!


Guarantee a future amazing race will have team Cody/Paulie. Vomit now.


Oh gosh, don’t give them any ideas! But something tells me Paulie would be a d!$&head to Cody


problem is paulies been playing a solid game and frankly deserves to win.. its hard for fans to accept cause the guy is mean to z and seriously unlikeable but hey tell evil dick or dr will how playing mean is not good strategy.. sorry but it works for some players and likability doesnt have jack to do with winning this game.. if frank tiff and da were still in the house there might still be a chance to get paulie out but when i look at the color pix left on the board im like yeah bb might as well end this misery and just cut the 500k check to paulie smh..

Face palm

Can we get an ALL Girls cast? Guys are just too dominant in this game!


It would not be a real social game without women. The problem is casting , they stopped casting a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds. And started casting girls who thought they were playing the bachelorette or the bachelor, and are not independent strong women, they just want a prince and fame!


I don’t think that’s the answer. Imagine a house full of girls like Z, Meech, Nicole, and Natalie. Passive aggressive, whiney, crappy competitors, catty… Worse than what we have. I think the solution is to cast strong, competitive, hungry girls. Remember Brittney from Derrick’s season? Hated by the younger house guests, married with three children. She beasted out the veto punishment that lasted 24 hours like a fricking champ! Crazy Rachel.. Competition Beast. Janelle. Competition Beast, guys to put the strongest players on the block, veto hungry. We need a house full of gangster women.

Chicks can beast it out. Even crazy Vanessa was strategic. Stop casting emotionally fragile, boy crazy, insecure, weak women!


Brittany in Derrick’s season was divorced. But the rest is true. Casting is spending too much time making sure they find enough girls willing to get into a showmance to find women who would really try for $500k. So the ones they end up with are too busy trying to snag an idiot to concentrate on the game.

Face palm

Sheesh! it was a joke, relax!


The alpha’s like Paulie often don’t make it to the end because everyone starts targeting them hard around final 5.


At this point why not call the season over and give the check to Paulie. This season is so boring,so lame its insane its like watching Bb16 all over again where Derrek ran to the finale. Frank was probably the only guy who would have gone after and taken out Paulie, but no we got the short little man aka James and his “what the House wants” HOH that killed the season


I loved James but I’m over him right now. He is playing exactly the way he played with Van and the others. He is also allowing them to manipulate him like the last time. I really thought he would play better this time. It would be in his best interest to evict Z one less vote for paulie. Ugh. I just started watching again so I am late to the game but if this is going to be a so predictable I will tune out. I also did not get live feeds this time and really happy I didn’t. THis is BIG Brother throw some loops please… Nasty Paulie for the win


When I said Paulie for the win I was being sarcastic FYI. I don’t want Paulie to win but I think he just might

sunny dee

frank wanted to go to the end with Paulie too, along with Bridgette as a F3,, he felt like they were 3 winners (i think the only ones winning at the time, and Paul was still on the ‘other’ side, plus all were in Franks team .

so no, Frank wouldn’t have gotten rid of Paulie, as long as paulie was still working with him, it was benefiting his own road to the finale. the fact paulie wasn’t actually working with him, well he didn’t know that. until he was on the block obviously

Derrick Levasseur

Paulie is a douche and is not my friend. He always tried to tag along with me and Cody because he wanted to be one of the cool kids trying to fit in. His gameplay sucks compared to mine. So anyone says he’s copying me is clearly delusional.


How do we know that you really are the Derrick from BB


Oh for fucks sake…

Deez Nutz

there is one born every day! lol…


Wait, are you saying people can lie on the internet?!


Another predictable week, unless paulie has a backdoor plan

Motorboat Natalie

Fuck you Paulie. And let’s hope like hell people in this house eventually wise up and get his ass out.


Just a hunch but I’m betting Corey will backdoor Paulie.


Corey, has to win first. Lol but he could be laying low let everyone else do the dirty work!


This house is going to go haywire! Paulie ain’t going to blow his game for Zakiyah, she going to have to learn the hard way and I’m going to enjoy watching!


Paulie continues to dominate the season. If James didn’t have that vote cancellation power, Paulie might take a shot at him. He might anyway.

Kathie from Canada

Same old same old. ((Sigh))


Another snoozer week…they should just hand Paulie the 500k

An Apple A Day

Well I don’t know if that was the smartest move for Paulie. No major long term damage, but he’ll have to show his cards to Z if he chooses to not use it on her, and he’ll show his cards to the guys if he DOES use it. Personally hoping he doesn’t use it just to make those two bratty girls stew longer.

Victor & Paul HAVE to know they need to get him out when they get the chance. I’d actually respect that.


There’s really no down side to showing his cards to Z. She already suspects. The worst she can do is pout and spill what secrets she thinks she knows of him. He really hasn’t shared much of anything worthwhile with her, so there’s no damage there. The rest he can spin as a woman scorned/jealous.

I think Paul will prevail in this battle and get his wish to see Z evicted. Her last hope is she has the return trip ticket.


That would be a waste of the ticket. :((((

An Apple A Day

You’re probably right. I was thinking in terms of getting her jury vote, but she’s so in fake love with him, he could probably cuss her out, burn her giraffe, and vote her out and she’d still give him her vote and wait anxiously to continue their fake relationship. He still needs the boys to carry out his plans.


That’s hilarious Pauline winning the POV, I’m waiting to find out what he’ll do with it. Should be interesting lol.
It’s about time the house gets cleaned. It’s pretty sad it had to come to the hiding competition to get the HG to clean that pg sty of a house.

Powder Puff Girl

Will Paulie use the veto on Z? Paul and Victor want her gone unless Paulie convinced them to switch. Maybe Paulie will not use it and just tell Z she is safe and continue to work on her safety.

Crazy Stuff

Wow! This is crazy stuff. I do not have a favorite HG. So I don’t care if the big dog eat the little dog -OR- the little dog eat the big dog. Every Dog Will Have Its Day and A Good Dog Will Have Two. May the best dog win. Woof woof

Bryn Mawr Mama

Really living up to your name there, ain’t ya?

Crazy Stuff

Figure of speech, nothing more. I am not calling any of the HG a dog. This is a old saying and that’s all. You took my comment the wrong way. I was not calling anyone out of their name. I do not name call. I have nothing but love in my heart for all of the HG and the people who decide to post a comment. So to everyone that took my comment the wrong way sorry. To the one that implied I was a dog shame on you. Really! You need Jesus and I will be praying for you. I will not read are post any more comments you take the fun out of it. Am out

Bryn Mawr Mama

Ramble much?


Paulie wins again game over this season sucks


Ugh! Well that was the worst person that could win it!! Now stupid Z will come down just like he wanted, and he has the excuse of winning to get her down, “I mean bro, i had no choice” will be his pathetic excuse…ugh! I would hope he would get out a vet like he originally wanted (Nicole the rat would be awesomeness! ) But we know this will be a pathetic waste of an eviction…ugh! Grrr! More of that already pompous a$$ bragging…his jealousy of V I think also fueled this win, he HAS to win more comps then him now, after all…
I officially hate HATE this season now!!!!!!

Dick Tracey

I know, because if he were smart (which he isn’t) he would have let someone else win it. If Z goes and comes right back in he’s screwed.

Team Ebony Girls

How is Z a threat? Is that a really strategic move getting rid of her? It’s smarter to target Nicole. Nicole is a worse person but stupid people give her a free pass because she’s blonde and with a nose that turns up to the ceiling.


Does anyone else think the digital Big Brother 19 will be an All-Stars? I feel like the casting call could be to throw people off or perhaps save them for next year. They usually start accepting applications early anyways. It would make sense since they know die hard fans want it and would probably tune in while it appears it may not be that popular for the casual TV viewer.


I heard that the casting for BB19 was done secretly and the people were not told what game show they were applying for at 1st

Don't think so

An all star edition would probably pull decent ratings so CBS wouldn’t waste the line-up on a pay per view season. Only thing that would justify season 19 being all stars is that the.players didn’t want to commit to a longer season.

Paulie won already

Worse possible outcome. Paulie wins. Presumably He will take down Z unless he doen’t mind losing that jury vote, and probably the jury vote of any female in the jury, which the way things are going will be six. Vic will probably put up Bridgette or break his promise to Natalie. If Natalie goes up, she will likely be saved by James’ cancel two votes. Vastly unlikely Vic would put up Paul, but it’s possible he may put up James I guess? Same thing, he cancels two votes. Corey or Nicole? Corey unlikely unless his secret plan was to put up Paulie, a faint hope I had. Getting rid of Corey would hurt the Paulie plan. If Nicole were put up would she get the boot?
I think BYE bye Meech

TX rar

He wont use it and risk a BD eviction for himself. He will prob campaign to get votes to keep Z.


The veto winner can’t go up on the block.

Misty Beethoven

So moose knuckle won? This will be interesting. Z will assume Paulie will take her down, he may or if she bugs him too much, he may leave her azz up there. Question is, who will Vic put up as her replacement? HOH conversations will be mind numbing tonight.

John Leslie

Probably bridge


Honestly folks, how could anyone tell if the house was turned upside down. It has been trashed since day 2. They’re a pack of slobs. Congrats to Paulie for winning BB18. It’s over chumps.


This should be interesting. Z is going to pour it on thick this week. Paulie, please do not use the POV or better yet, use it on Michelle. Z is going to lose her mind……LOL!!!


Z will expect Paulie to use the veto on her. When he doesn’t she’ll be mad at him, for about a minute. Then she will probably thank him just like Bridgette thanked Frank for putting her on the block with his Roadkill win.


Well that’s that.
It was going to happen that way no matter what.
Son of a BITCH!


I hope Z begs him to use it on her & he says no. Then the house should pretend like they are voting how he wants them to, and do the opposite. At least he would show everyone including Z what a complete douchbag he is, it would also be cool to see the house turn on him & get rid of him next.

Crazy Stuff

You are not Derrick stop playing. Why would Derrick call Cody brother out of his name etc… When Derrick gave Paulie some insight about the game. Plus Derrick and Cody are friends. Just stop it!

Roger Goodell

Lets put Paulie down for a P.E.D. test

Tom Brady

Trolls will thumbs down anything. It’s
a natural reaction by those who suck at life. Good joke commissioner. Lol


I hate Paulie!!!! I hope someones gets the balls to get him out.

Michelle's Tears

Are yummy

— Paulie


I don’t see Paulie using the veto to take Z down. He already laid the ground work with her by equivocating when she asked if he would use it if he won. He’ll leave the noms the same. If he really wants her to stay, he’ll be covert about it by working James to use his ACP votes to nullify two HG’s votes. All he has to do is convince the lump of clay known as Corey (who wants Z gone) and Nicole to keep her, then Michelle goes. I can’t call it at this point,but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Z evicted.

Sad panda

Okay. I am done with this season


Why is everyone so upset that Paulie won this comp? It’s not his fault his houseguests were too stupid to find his veto. Someone even said not a smart move on his part. What was he supposed to do, put it out in the open on the table?

The Roach Coach

I don’t get why everyone thinks this season is so predictable….
there are 3 tight groups of 2, it may be predictable right now, but once they start going after each other’s #2, it wont be the best thing for their games…
you’re already seeing PP clashing heads because Z is good for Paulie and not Paul… and Paul is very smart he’s definitely watching Paulie to see how he compares to Z… i can see paul turning on Paulie down the road if Paulue stays close with Z and Paul doesnt believe he stacks up…
James won’t be cool with them taking out Nat…
Corey might be cool with taking out Nicole as long as Vic is around… and Nat and Bridget are close… Vic and Bridget are getting closer…
I think Paulie sits pretty for now, but i don’t think he’s made a good choice of keeping so many allies with #2’s… he’said trying to play Derrick’s game but no one knew about Derrick and Cody being so tight, everyone knows PP are tight…Derrick had a big alliance like Paulie does now but that every alliance member didn’t have a 2nd parter attached to their hip… things will be getting very interesting after this double if u ask me! People who think Paulie is about to coast to a win will be in for a big suprise!
There are far too many 2 person alliances attached to the large one and even outside of it for Paulie to have this game wrapped up this early!

An Apple A Day

Outside of the 2 & 3 people alliances, don’t the boys have multiple alliances within the overall “5 Guy Alliance”? PP & Victor are one 3 person alliance within that 5, PP & Cory are another 3 person alliance. James is really the only guy within the 5 that is sort of odd man out. PP & Cory are all working with different girls they believe they can either keep on their side or actually have a strong relationship with. Cory & Nicole, Paulie & Z, Paul & Bridget, James & Natalie. Victor would be wise to really keep Bridget and develop more rapport with her. I think Paulie can work more on a Bridget friendship with Z gone.

It would be great to see Bridget at the center of these surface relationships, and actually outlast most of the girls and even see a couple of boys evicted. Would like to see her gain some more traction so the boys don’t just railroad the entire season.

Franks fumes

No your wrong it is a terrible mindnumbing season full of gutless morons… mostly.


Fire Robyn Kass for this horrible cast!!!

Mister pickles

Polly will not use the veto. He knows Vic was planning a backdoor for someone, maybe him. What he will do is force his poodle, James , to use his 2 vote nullifier to save Zika. James will say: yes, Mr. Polly.


Victor cannot backdoor Paulie, Paulie has the POV. This means Paulie is safe, and so is whoever he takes off the block.


Paulie is the only one actually playing the game whole – physical, mental, social, and he wins! I actually really like him! He’s a beast and if he wins, he fully deserves it!
Paul, Bridgette and James tries really hard, Victor plays but he’s walking on eggshells, and Nicole, Corey, Natalie, Z, and Michelle are in the house for a summer vacation.

Wait what

James has been throwing the last few competitions, so I would say that isn’t trying to play


Z knows Paulie wants her gone. Just wondering if she’s going to beg him ti use the Veto on her. He will pro tell her yes and really mewn no just to get her off his back


“Burn her giraffe ” hahaha. But really that would be mean.

PP sucks

I think he will tell her she’s safe this week and Michelle is going home… like what they did to Da. Then his goodbye message will say “I don’t know what happened…”

Go James!

If Paulie wants to get Z out with the least blood on his hands, he can tell Z he has the votes to save her, and doesn’t want to upset Vic. Then he can get James to cancel his and Bridgette’s votes so Z goes and he doesn’t have to vote against her.


If Paulie wants her gone there’s no need to cancel his vote. He can say he voted to keep her and the house must be targeting him next, just like with Frank! Zakiyah buys it and waits for Paulie in the jury house to make microPaulettes.

Who's going to go this week?

I hope that Paulie doesn’t use the POV and send Z to the jury. This is Big Brother –not Bachelor. Goodness –is she even playing…
Between Z and Michelle, I prefer to send Z first. Michelle is not as annoying as Z.


The headline is hilarious, Simon & Dawg!!! I thought it was a typo until I saw the Paulie pic.
I see the Douche Canoe has sailed forth to bring back another comp win. I will continue to watch because I am a die hard fan but this season is painful.
There is no one left playing except PP: James is waiting for a 5th place and a kiss from Natalie; Z and Nicole are too busy s*cking, f*cking and fingering guys that are down low bisexual and they don’t even have a F2 with; Big Meech is having a meltdown every 10 minutes; Bridgette’s body has broken down; Nat sees enough but has no one to execute her plan (a passive Da’Vonne) and Victor….bless his heart, he is trying but with the wrong people.During his time away, pretty much everyone inhaled the mist.
The ones who did come to play (Frank, Da’ and Tiff) played too hard, too fast and fed into their own paranoia.
I don’t care who leaves, I don’t care about DE unless it is a scenario previously offered that Vic is nominated by PP or Nicorey, takes himself off and wins the next HOH….then we might see some gameplay.


Z will know now


Z is one of the worst bb players ever.
But I ain’t gonna lie, if Paulie doesn’t use the veto on her and she is voted out but comes back with return ticket and then she’s HOH and puts HIS a$$ up that would be amazing! But sadly she’d probably just go back to sucking his d*ck:(


Well…first she’d have to have the return ticket, then she’d have to win some crap shoot competition because she’s not winning any other type.


Urghhh these HG’s are useless !! So they mostly all lack strategy and vision planning, comp wins mostly won by the Alpha’s , now this comp could have been win by anyone…My only hope is Nat surviving Double Evic and winning the after HOH but then again her main Ally is not the sharpest knife and definitely lacks cojones and she herself lacks influence in the house….So like th rest of he choir I have to chant that this is a season 16 repeat , hand the check to Calafiore urghh….consolation is Nicole’s face realizing she is not in the good graces of America, I choked when she actually compared James to Derrick…the foolishness is strong with this one….Wake me up when BB19 starts.

No Name

It’s hard for me to hate on Paulie or Paul as long as Michelle and Zakiyah are still in the house.

Those 2 girls deserve everything that is coming their way this week after the way they treated Bridgette.

I can’t wait until Michelle is out of the house and finds out house disgusting every thinks her actions were.

The worst part is that she probably acts exactly the same way in real life.

sunny dee

i am not surprised at all about the outcome, altho the hide the veto is very random and anyone could win it for sure. and i didn ‘t know what the comp would be, but i wasn’t going to be surprised if vic/paulie won it, but i would have been SHOCKED if Zak won it. that’s how i was going into the veto comp lol

i just don’t see Z putting in that much effort, whether it is interacting with other HGs or even trying to win a comp when it mattered. she drops in the HOH, on purpose, bet she regrets that today.

To Paulie haters...

What’s up with all the Paulie hate?! A far as I’m concerned he’s the only one playing the game even though his game is still wack compared to other seasons.


Um, my guess is it’s because he’s a douche. Nobody here is disputing that he’s playing the best game. That’s not even debatable. That doesn’t mean people are required to like him.

TX rar

Looking at ACP 3 super safety poll, I see Bridgette on top ( makes sense). But then Nicole, Paulie, Michelle???? WTF why is anyone voting those 3 for any awards. Please help me understand your strategy…………..


I was going to vote for Bridgette but it dawned on me today that it might put a huge target on the winners back for next week. So now I’m really torn. Don’t know who I’m voting for.


I think I will vote for Nicole so she will have to wear the costume. Didn’t she have to wear one during her season? Yeah give it to front loop dingus and hopefully it will be a cumbersome costume and it will give Corey a break!!


We are Midway through the game.
Still more game to be played. Things can and will change. Paulie is in no way Derrick, and eventually he will mess up. He has zakiyah to contend with and she might become his Achilles heel. Paulie’s cocky and arrogant. I hope he stumbles and falls.
I’m sick of his smug face.


Paulie is such a cruel person. I know it’s a game but it’s horrible for him to treat Zakiah like that. This season is a joke! Can’t they see Paulie will win it all. Get Paulie out!!!!!


At this point with such a lame season, production should have rigged that return ticket and given it to Frank. Frank coming back in the House would have at least given us some drama and major shakeup in that House. With our luck one of these pathetic girls like Michelle, Z, Nicole will have the return ticket. Its funny to watch these HG’s believe viewers are really loving this season when Paulie/Paul calls this cast “comps beasts” I just want to laugh..they really have no clue, that in fact this cast is easily top 3 of the worst casts ever along with BB15

Franks fumes

Has there ever been a player have a easier road to the 500k…,maybe pig snout Derrick but dont confuse these two to the real greats their paths were pathetically easy casting really fucked up.

James didn't help clean up the kitchen

James is running around tryin to please his daddy.

“Well Paulie wants Meech out”

“Oh he is saying he wants Zak gone now?”

“I he wants”

Just leave James. Please. Just go. Yoiu are irrelevant. You have now and never had a clue what the f**k is going on. Go away mongoloid!


The way I’m starting to feel about this season…. never cared


It seems Paulie really studied the game, in some of those comps especially. While the other guests just seem like its their first time ever seeing that comp. Its going to be so boring watching Paulie win all those comps, he came in really prepared.