Natalie “Paulie is playing the f**king house.. OPEN YOUR EYES!” James “I sleep!”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-10 05-52-12-386

5:40am Storage room – Nat says he is playing all the sides of the house. He said he is putting me up with Z. James asks why would he tell you that? Natalie says I overheard it.. from a good… overheard it. James says he said he was putting you up as a pawn. Nat says saying he doesn’t want Z gone yet. They think that I’m not playing this game. So I need to win HOH. James says that Paulie told Paul said that Bridgette said she was going to put me up. James says its getting hot! Nat says I’m ready! Nat says you’re the one that wants to go with the house and f**king keep Z. If Z stays I am going home next week! Nat says Paulie is playing the f**king house .. OPEN YOUR EYES! He’s planting everyone against everyone! And everyone trust him and he knows everyone trust him. Everyone is going to do what he wants to do. People are going to believe him over each other. No one is going to call each other out. No one is going to be like YO, I heard you were coming after me. James asks if Meech stays then what!? Nat says she is going to tear sh*t up. It would be me, you, Bridgette, Meech and Victor. I told you I don’t trust Paulie! Didn’t you see this coming? Didn’t you see that he controls the whole house. James says I sleep.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-10 05-50-22-324

6am – 6:25am James says I honestly don’t know what to do. Meech is not an HOH player I can trust to beat people. We can save her but I can guarantee you sh*t is going to hit the fan. Nat says sh*t already hit the fan. Maybe we can tell Z that Paulie likes to flirt with all the girls. And then she will blow sh*t up. Nat says I’ll sit her down and have a real talk with her. James says she needs to know. The best way to create drama is through Z. Nat says I’ll tell her tomorrow then. Nat says I would rather Jozea thats an idiot and doesn’t know anything about the game be here than him. Bridgette joins them. James says we have the votes right here. Bridgette asks do you have the balls to do it. Bridgette says I might have an extra vote in my pocket. We need to win it though. I think I have Vic. Nat says we need to make moves. Bridgette says I’m down. We’d be pissing off the comp beast though. James says they will know as soon as I x out certain votes. Bridgette says we need to have conversations with people. WOw I’m proud of you James. Are you sure?! James says yeah .. I feel like some real crazy sh*t is about to happen in the next couple of weeks. America probably wants me to do it too. Bridgette says we need to get a seed in Paulie’s game why Z is bad for his game. James says that’s your part. Bridgette and James tell Nat that Paulie said you asked him to sleep in there. Nat says I swear on my life I didn’t. I didn’t unless I was high or drunk. I didn’t ask him. F**K YOU PAULIE!! Nat tells Bridgette about all the comments Paulie has said to Nat. I want to take you on a date. You’re wifey material. I would wife you up. James tells Nat to go talk to Z and me and her will go talk to Paul and lets stir some sh*t up!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-10 06-18-29-761

6:45am – 7:45am Paul, Natalie, James and Bridgette
(The flip continues)
Bridgette tells him they are getting boned this season and so is Paul. They are trying to put together another group of four that will take out Paulie’s group of four. James joins them says he’s been told a lot of sh1t from credible sources.

James says Paulie is getting everyone to pick of the people that stand in his way. James highlights Tiffany, Da’Vonne and Frank were all after Paulie and now they are gone.

Paul asks James straight up if he’s willing to turn on his 3 and do this (Flip the vote)
Bridgette says as long as they 4 of them vote out Zakiyah they will pull it off.
James asks about the power America gave him. Says they wanted him to use it a certain way asks who he uses it on, Paulie?
Natalie tells James to cancel out Nicole’s vote along with Paulie’s.

James points out that Paulie is trying to get the singles out but is claiming that him and Zakiyah are not a couple. Paul thinks PAulie wants to take Zakiyah to the end because there’s no way he’ll take a strong player like his brother did. Paulie is making everyone else think he’s taking them to the end.
James agrees.
They explain to Paul Corey and Paulie were just playing them all. Paul says he was loyal to the guys and is hurt they were going to “Bone” him. Paul mentions how Paulie was telling everyone that James/Natalie was crying and begging for them not to put Natalie up. Natalie is pissed.. Bridgette tells Paul that Corey told her not to trust him, she suspect that Corey is targeting him. Paul is pissed says he trusted the guys. They call Paulie the new Frank in the house. . Natalie points out that Nicole makes fun of her all the time she’s sick of it. Natalie has never done anything mean to Nicole.
They agree to take a shot during double eviction they have to if they evict Zakiyah. Going over scenarios they talk about putting up Nicole and Paulie, if POV is won by either Corey or Paulie they can take out Nicole. If Nicole wins they take out Paulie. They wonder if maybe backdooring Paulie is the better play so therefore they put Nicole and Corey up. There’s serious worry that Paulie will win the veto.

Back to the Vote counting and Vote vetoing. They agree the vote needs to come out 3-2 so Paulie can’t figure it out. They will try and pin it on Nicole saying she’s trying to start a girls alliance. Paul wants his vote cancelled. James says he’ll cancel out Corey’s and PAul’s vote. They agree they can get Vic on their side they just need to talk to him with everything that was shared tonight. Paul is going to talk to Vic then if they can get rid of Zakiyah it’ll be 6 vs 3. (HAHA and we can all start cheering for Nicole, Paulie and Corey cause they will be the underdogs)

(So there you have it folks the flip is looking pretty real now. just 36 hours until eviction lets see if it sticks)

8:30am – 9:30am (yes they are still going) Natalie, Michelle and Paul continues to whisper and plot against Paulie. Sharing all the dirt from both sides of the house. Paul says Paulie wants to use Natalie as a pawn until she has to go and Nicole is onboard.

Paul brings up the “The Executives” alliance and how it’s fake to keep Victor placated. Says Victor was going to be used to take out some of the girls.
The girls ask Paulie to please be onboard and not screw them over with this. Paul says he’s not going to he’s not a d1ckhead he won’t lie to 5 people to team up with 3.
Paul agrees they need to keep Meech this week. They need to break the house up or they will all get picked off 1 by 1.
Paul is worried about Damage control they don’t want people freaking out and going rogue, what if Zakiyah comes back.
Paul tells her to blow Paulie’s sh1t up to Zakiyah. Natalie plans to. Paul’s worry is Zakiyah will have the round trip if that’s the case they have to have Zakiyah pissed at people other than them.

Paul goes on about Corey being well off says he’s only with Nicole because she is well liked and has a lot of followers. From his conversation with Corey he is not looking to pursue the relationship outside of the house.
Natalie says he’s upset for Zakiyah she really loves paulie and her heart will be broken. Natalie adds that Zakiyah always talks about having Paulie’s babies.
Paul never cared, they’ve all been lying to him. Who falls in love with someone after 50 days in the BB house.

Paul says the other side with all the shomwance is boring this side with MEEECH and Natalie is fun.

Natalie tells Michelle they are going to f*** sh1t up no more crying..
Michelle says she’s ready to f** sh1t up.
Michelle tells her that Bridgette and her are the best. IF this works out she’ll have owe them big time. Michelle adds that she thought she was good at this game and natalie was clueless but natalie is really one smart cookie. She has it all figured out.

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Yes! Take his ass out Nat Nat!


Whoever takes out Paulie wins the $500K.


Even if the person doesn’t win that takes out Paulie , A Go Fund Me needs to be set up in their name so fans can donate to show our appreciation. I will definitely be one of the first to donate!!


James…wtf? He would rather give up 500 grand then make Paulie mad at him. Period. He has no buisness on the show, as it’s been said 100x on here, his pranks are old and it’s clear he’s not there to win the money. What a waste. A total effin waste. Team Nat & Bridgette 100%.


Or deserves America’s favorite player award.


James: Maybe America wants me to do this…
DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG did Christmas just come early for us??!!!!


DR probably told him to shake the game up for some excitement


“America wants me to do this” means…the DR told james that.

This is 100% DR intervention on the game.

Haha Paulie!


What’s funny about this is, right before this Nicole asked James, Would you do something bc it’s what America wants? Or what’s best for your game? He said what’s best for his game.LOL. FF an hour or so and he’s saying, you think this is what America wants? LMAO:) On another note, I’m so happy about the flip.I’m loving that they’re actually playing.However, James is THE biggest idiot in there. Natalie specifically asked him not to say anything to Paulie about what she told him bc it’ll make her a target. And what did James do? Runs straight to Paulie and squeals like a little girl. Pretty messed up bc Natalie was pretty far down on Paulie’s hitlist, now she’ll be sitting pretty at the top. What an idiot! That said, if this go goes through it really won’t matter though.I just wish all this happened on Wednesday night. I know BB to well and a lot can happen between now and Thursday so I’m not getting my hopes up:( I also can’t believe Paul divulged in the $hit talking Paulie convo. That really surprised me. He could be and probably is playing them though. He’s listening and participating, only to run back and tell Paulie.
I love how everyone perceives Natalie as an incompetent BB player when in reality she’s one of the better ones in there. Go Nat go! Hahaha. Never thought I’d be cheering for her 🙂 I like her fiery side. As of this moment I’m really liking Nat, Bridgette, I guess Michelle, and James(if he let’s his nuts drop).


I’m very happy BB is renewed for TWO more summers. They always renew year by year, wonder if they sold cbs on finally an all stars for season 20? Either way happy for 19 & 20.
My thoughts on all stars, if that’s a possibility. I would absolutely not want to see any vets that returned being that they has a second chance and a third try at it would be unfair to others past players, third time is not a charm.
My thoughts on players returning for all stars would be anyone from season 8 onward. Just my opinion.

P.S. I would make an exception for Britney Hayes, well because I think she’s super hott, and hilarious and hott, witty and hott 😉


I like James and Nat flipping things. But I am not about to start rooting for Michelle. She still is scum, her attitude and actions early in the game will not be forgotten. I hope she goes home soon.


*smh* I agree, I totally agree *smh*

sunny dee

If bridge can forgive her and get along, i think her apologies have been sincere and she has made a major change. and at least she admitted all the way thru that she was being mean. Zak never admitted that she did anything wrong.

I feel like michelle has finally woken up, so hopefully not too little too late. I kind of doubt everything Paul had to say, to be honest, and that he is going to run back to paulie to say it. but he’s also said ok delete my vote so may not make a big difference if he was just going to vote for Zak to stay. if james managed to get paulie to agree to have his vote eliminated, or james follows thru on eliminating nicole’s vote as per her request, might work out.

what they should do, tho it’s probably a mistake, but suggest to corey that he just vote who he wants to, that michelle isn’t getting any votes, and he would be more at peace with giving her a vote, now is his chance. i know for sure he will be thrilled if zak gets voted out, so really james only has two people to worry about which is paulie, and if michelle mends a fence with nicole, not even nicole will be that concerned about the change, other than being in a position where no one told her, and so on

Double D


Huckleberry Hillary

Are we actually going to see a move?

Zakiyah's yeast infection

I guess we all know who would wear the pants in this relationship.


Who is that girl in the bottom pic w nat? Looks like the woman from that movie Monster.


Think that’s Michelle without make up. Not ALL of us wake up looking like Kate Upton. Well except for me – i is kiddin (sort of).


LMAO! It’s MoonfaceMeech barf!


Heck ya nat!
She came i to the house not having a clue what to expect. I think when bronte got the boot she was hurt and fed up with the game. But shes been watching everyone and shes bang on with everything shes seeing. I think maybe her lack of knowledge to the game actually might be helping her see things a lot clearer then everyone else is.
After hanging on in the last hoh comp so long and now trying to rally up a group to go against paulie im really starting to see some potential in her! I can see either james or victor messing it up for her though. James not wanting to rock the boat. And victor not takong the time to consider the possibility if they include him. He wont stop and think i could see him running to paulie so fast to blab everything.
And then theres paul. Is he really on board?! That would be sweet. I can see paul being a toss up as to whether he keeps his mouth shut. From his diary room sessions he really wanted z out. He cant be totally oblivious to the couples threat…. I hope.
Im so excited for the next few days. Maybe we can see some real scheming and playing!!!! This is what we watch bb fpr. These moments.

house flip

and so the epicness begins


GO NAT!!! James is a pu$$Y!


How James is a pu**sy when he the one who get the most blood on his hand?


James is a pu**y because it didn’t want to make a big move and just went with the house on his HOH


PLEASE let this be happening!!!!


Here it is, what we ALL have been waiting for. Let the GAME begin.

Joe Kerr

Is this…is this really happening?

Is James finally listening? The only way to tell is to see his DR sessions on the show. But to even go to Paulie and ask is just stupid. You already painted the target, might as well go for it all.

No surrender, no retreat….but this is James, so…yeah


If you would have told me at the beginning of the season that Natalie and Bridgette would be my favorites and the only ones using their brains I would have never believed you.


LOVE, Love, love how Bridgette asks James, “Do you have the BALLS to do this?” LMFAO! Go Bridge!!! I love that girl..


Bridgette realizes she’s on the very short list to be the next target. She’s frustrated with so many people willing to play for third, fourth, or fifth. You still get no money unless you got a special contract, like the “vets”. James knows he’s not playing a winning game and yet he sticks by Paulie. He knows Paulie is in charge and isn’t taking him anywhere near the end. That’s why I think there’s something shady going on between them and not just game shady.

Only can wish

I always wonder that someone behind the scenes paid James extra to help Paulie win. Now don’t get me wrong, Paulie has done his part winning comps and getting in people’s ear, but James acts like Paulie does no wrong. James act like he was blaming Natalie for not telling him when Paulie flirted with her, instead of getting mad at Paulie. Then, he has 3 people(Michelle, Natalie, even Bridgette) coming to him, telling him how Paulie have been playing them and running the house. They were throwing everything to him, including the kitchen sink. He was still defending Paulie. I don’t condone violence, but Natalie should have punched James in the face. I find it a big coincidence that when Victor won HOH, James got the care package and Paulie won POV(feeds were blocked). If anyone else got the care package and POV, Paulie would be on his way out the door this Thursday. It may seem like the girls arent trying (as I also thought), but they aren’t throwing the comps like James is.
Vic is giving Paulie a run, just like Frank did, that’s why Paulie was so eager to get him out. But now since the girls are on to Paulie, He gunning for them and James acts like he sleeps all day and don’t know whats going on. Paulie is using Paul. Paulie said once Nicole is gone, he wants to pull Corey in, which Paul is disposable. Paulie knows he can win against Corey.
I’m sooo proud of Natalie and Bridgette(thinking for herself now). Those 2 been doing what I’ve been saying all along: keep their mouths shut, listen and observe.
Im not getting my hopes up. James changes his mind, just like the change in the weather. I know these HGS don’t always see in the house what we see on TV, they’re playing their game but they act like we don’t have common sense to see that this game is favoring Paulie.


Little does she know that he doesn’t. His lost his nuts prior to season 17.


The only way they can get Paulie out is if they win a comp. And from there track record the can’t cause none of girls can win a comp so all up to James and I don’t think he has the balls to put him up.


Bridge has won before as well as Paul besides James. Plus it’ll probably be a question comp, and anyone can win that.

But more importantly, voting Z out over Meech is not the game changing move…it’s the message it sends to Paulie that he can no longer call every shot. The house is finally aware of what a great position he was in if they didn’t compare notes with each other. Now they’re on to him.


Good point.. Sending Z home meh.. she’s a vote for Paulie. It’s a big message to Corey,Nicole and Paulie that they don’t control the house.

Only can wish

That’s true. But it only take 1 time and at the right time to win the comp. to take Paulie out. Paulie would have to basically win every comp. from now on and that’s impossible.

nicole's diary room voice

Welcome to the game Natalie, glad you see past Paulie’s BS. Now it’s your turn James and grow a pair while your at it!!!!!

Who cares

Michelle is the one that grew a set and pumped everybody else up about Paulie. Natalie and Bridgette just became her puppets on a string. We’ll have to wait and see if James, Victor, and Paul fell for it.

Only can wish

Actually it was both Natalie and Michelle. Michelle was just more vocal about it to everybody, because she was mad. Natalie only told James what she knew and he played dumb. When Natalie and Michelle realize they were on the same page about Paulie, that’s when they started plotting with Bridgette.

Jake K.

Props to simon and Dawg for staying up this late but James, Nat, Meech, Paul, and Bridgette having this conversation and strategy is the best feeds on the year. #DOWNWITHPAULIE


Just added another tip to Simon & Dawg’s Tip Jar.
Thanks guys for capturing all this overnight drama for us!


Thanks NoName much appreciated.


So glad Nat is not a Meg. About time James sees that Paulie wants to keep his girl but has no trouble “clipping” James’ or Cory’s girls. I knew Z would lead to Paulie’s downfall. (fingers crossed!!) I just KNOW the advice Pauli got from Derrick did not include: Get in a grossmance with the most unstable and jealous girl there. Oh and if she super sucks at comps that is even better.



Look, I will be honest, the way they portray Natalie on the show on TV, you would never know she had a clue. But, in the last few weeks, I have been really impressed with what Natalie knows and how observant she is.

Here is my thing: You(James) have made it to Jury. If you sit and let the status quo go by, you are going to Jury anyways. So what harm is it to take a big shot. That Andy Herran game is only going to go so far with a guy like Paulie in the house.

Anyways, hopefully he listens to the girls here and they get Z out.

Of course, one of them has to win HoH…. but that is a different story.
Take your shots. Listen to Natalie and Bridgette.


Omg is James finally going to make a big move? If he does, Natalie totally deserves all the credit. He would not be doing it without a push (more like a shove ) from her. Hope he doesn’t change his mind and chicken out. At least there is the possibility of a game changer. Finally some excitement! Also very big of Bridget to team up with Michelle after all the petty mean things she did to her. Shows she is playing the game well too because she knows she needs Michelle to help get Paulie out. Not letting personal feelings dictate your game play (like Michelle did with Frank) is how you play bb. I think Paulie is in trouble now. Cat’s out of the bag that he is running the show and playing everyone. So far he has been able to squash any opposition that has popped up against him but looks like the opposition may get too big to stamp out. It’s about time!

Reality Check

Remember when all the fans dislike cabbage patch kid and Big Meech because of her constant whining and crying? Now those two plus Nat are Queen status.

If anybody told me that The Spy Girls will be the one to break shit up, I would say you would have rocks on your head. The Spy Girls? Never in my wildest dream and because of them, they save BB 18 season.

Queen Nat and Queen Bridgette for MVP. Seriously this show was going to the gutter (and still could be depending on James and Paul). Paulie running the house made the show unwatchable.


My issue with Bridgette was all that loud ass squealing and screaming she did around Frank. Once he was gone, that crap stopped. Michelle? The mean side of me believes she was given mood stabilizes. The nice side of me thinks the DR had a come to Jesus meeting with her and told her to calm the hell down or they could all but guarantee she was getting booted from the house.
The fact that they swept aside all the BS and saw what was going on gives me hope. Now James better stick with the plan or he’s going to be very lonely the rest of the game.

BB Draft

Watch James back down again before Thursday. I’ll believe he will flip the house when he actually does it.

Not his style

If he get the support, he wouldn’t back down. Was he scared when he put Frank up, knowing full well all the blood on his hand


James said he was doing what the house wanted, said it was the house’s HoH. Most in the house were fine with Frank going. There was no blood on his hands.


James knew that there was no blood to get on his hand because Frank went out pre-jury


You assume that when you put some one on the block they go home. Frank chance of winning the veto is good and would go back with a vengeance , and also the threat of 2 way ticket.


Agree. He is a big wuss.


I was incredibly surprised that James didn’t fall for Paulie’s trash talk about Nat after he went to speak to him about the passes he’d made towards Nat. I really thought that was all it would take to rope James back in, by getting him to huddle in closer with the guy bond. Esp since James did complain that it was also Nat’s fault for not telling him sooner (really disappointed in James on that one….Nat deserves better. James is sweet but he has some backwards ideas about women). I guess James is letting his emotions drive him on this decision b/c he feels that Paulie disrespected him by coming on to his girl. Otherwise, he is straying from his usual mode of game play, which is to stay under the radar of the power in hopes that things shift so that he can better position himself.


That is just the Southern Gentlemen coming out in James. You don’t mess with their dog, their truck or their GIRL.


Well, this is getting interesting!! Please James, don’t wuss out! Who knew it’d be Nat of all people to knock some sense into him! And Bridgette asking him if he has the balls?!! LOLLL It’s now or never people!! I don’t want them to convince the other side though…I want a blindside and see the looks on Paulie and Z’s faces!! The king being betrayed!! But, if James finds the balls to actually do this, he’ll let Paulie know ahead of time. Can’t make the master too mad! :/

Scaredy Cat

James to Nat: “Do you think I’m afraid of Paulie”?
YESSSSSSSSSSSS, terrified is more like it.
I could not stop laughing when I read that..

TX rar

Nat has people pegged. I hope she and Bridgette can get Vic into their alliance and get Z jealous. There is SOME hope for a house flip still.

“Nat says you’re the one (james) that wants to go with the house and f**king keep Z. If Z stays I am going home next week! Nat says Paulie is playing the f**king house .. OPEN YOUR EYES!”


She may have to peg James…

All for nothing

James will chicken out as always

Mister pickles

Polly posse in the hot tub and James drinks it.


Meech looks rough


Buzz Lightyear -Night of the living dead…


Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where the girl only looked good in a certain light or diner. A picture of her yesterday all made up she looked great and then this picture scared the crap out of me

Bolt Uprite

She does look a mess, but she is wearing self-tanner in anticipation of the live show on Thursday.


Is James for real?
Anyway, It was brought up before, but Nicole and Cody know each other and so I believe she’s met Paulie before the season. Derrick mentioned he had conversations with James and it’s possible James also met Paulie before the season. James has tried everything to keep Natalie from talking game, he runs to Paulie with every scrap of information. James also made a comment about Natalie telling the DR about what she’s thinking about Paulie. Could there be some collusion between these 3 players (James, Nicole, and Paulie) from before the game even began? There was talk that Caleb’s new truck was obtained through Cody’s family.
James insistence of avoiding interfering with Paulie’s game is odd, especially when he sees the numbers favoring taking out Zakiyah. It would be easy to paint that it doesn’t matter, Michelle isn’t winning anything and Zakiyah is supposed to be the target next week anyway so we just flip them like we did with Tiffany.
Which is another odd point, Paulie was frantic to get Tiffany out from the start. Did he fear she had colluded with certain house guests/production as he did?

So the game play can’t keep me entertained but these conspiracy theories can!


You’re onto something. Could James and Nicole really be helping Paulie win?


Paulie does seem rather protectant of Nicole and James whenever their names are brought up. Then there are all the little clips here and there about Paulie’s dad being James’ manager and talk of them all partying with various production/staff over the last year it almost makes me wonder if Paulie, James and Nicole are more like staff than actual contestants.


Not true! Paulie has thrown Nicole’s name way too many times–saying he wants to take her out. She seems loyal to him (for whatever reason) But he is not loyal to her or James at all.


If they had some sort of pre-season deal, they may be splitting the winnings. Winner gets most and other two get something for helping the winner get there.


I think it goes beyond the game winnings. It may be about appearance fees and fame whoring with Derrick/Cody. All to create a power group of Big Brother players so they could charge higher fees to milk their “fame”.

Yes, Derrick

bought Caleb’s truck. There was a video of him surprising Caleb with it. Guess he felt a little guilty for taking the guy out.


It scares me that Nicole is fourth highest on the polls I don’t want to see her with the co hoh by any means


It’s terrifying for me.

Huckleberry Hillary

Speaking of terrifying that picture of Michelle in the ball cap. She doesn’t even look like the person in the block pictures of houseguests,


James is a chicken shit and will NEVER go against Paulie. I pray he does, but no way will he do it. He runs and tells Paulie when he hears someone just took a shit. I hope if he doesn’t do it Natalie kicks him to the curb, wins HOH and puts him and Paulie both on the block. Now that would be great!!

Got too big for his britches

And they king shall fall!!


I’ll only be hopeful after James cancels the votes.


“Paulie says me, Cody and my boys know .. that whenever a girl starts to do that we cut her.” Z started shit and Paulie wanted her up and gone, then he changed his mind.. Wake The F* Up James ir…


“Me and Cody don’t play that $hit”??? C’mon James. You know damn well Cody spent an entire summer in bed with a married woman.


Should have given Nat this care package and James the first one


Why does James run and tell Paulie everything???? I used to like him, now I see him for the pu$$y rat he really is. Can’t wait for him to get evicted by the very people he thinks has his back. What a moron.


he as stupid as they come . that’s how he played last time and the reason why I couldn’t understand why he was brought back . he is a useless floater yes man and will sit and watch all his so called alliance members get evicted . if he used the vetos evict Z it will be SHOCKING !

We'll see...

Let’s see if James has the backbone to follow through with the plan. But if he does, or even if he doesn’t, hope CBS has the balls (thanks, Bridgette) to show that Bridgette and Natalie are the ones making the move, not AFP, and bore, James.


Even when James makes a move, he is almost stuck in the last season’s mindset. First he told Nat a few weeks ago to go make a safety deal (ala Vanessa). Now he is telling Nat to go stir some shit up ala Vanessa when she was targeting Geoff and wanted dirt from Austin. James you do not need reasons, you just need your big boy pants.


James’ big boy pants are “Underoos!” 😉


James, Paulie and Nicole should of never been allowed in that house together. James’s agent is Paulie’s father and Nicole’s and Paul’s families are close. Someone posted that they believe that James and Paulie made plans before coming into the house and was coached by Derrick. I also believe Nicole is part of it. Everytime Paul and Victor mentions James’s name to be put on the block, Paulie always tries to target someone else. Nicole and James do everything to protect Paulie. Why are Nicole and James targeting others when Paulie is the obvious choice. Nothing else makes sense. Also believe that Big Brother has their hand in this and that’s why Nicole and James were chosen to be put in the house with Paulie.


Something seems fishy alright! Sounds like BB may be getting more scripted than reality.

Flared Hemerroids

I’ve heard on a podcast that Derrick’s father is James’ agent, not Paulies. I don’t know much about Derrick’s dad, but I do remember he had some business dealings with Caleb that Derrick didn’t approve of.

Uncle Teddy

Tomorrows episode has a legitimate chance of being the best in at least 3 seasons, maybe 4. Cmon James, you can do this


And here in Central FL CBS is airing a pre-season football game, delaying the airing of BB to 2:00AM on Friday morning. Why did it have to be this Thursday????? I know I will never make it until Friday to know the outcome and will have to know before then so I will be here.


Simon and Dawg will post the live stream of the show. You can watch online or you can watch the comments pour in=)


CBS does this every firkin year. Don’t know why they can’t adjust their footie schedule.


That pic of Meech in the hat is awful.

Bolt Uprite

Agree, but she has self-tanning gunk smeared all over for the live show.


Michele to James: “Do you have the balls?”

Question of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do these wreches ever sleep?


No 🙁

Delco PA

James plays possum so well. I can’t tell if he is really drinking Paulie’s cool-aid, or if he is picking up what the girls are laying down. Damn I wish I could send an airplane message to Jame, “Trust Nat, F Paulie!”


James just ratted Natalie out to Paulie. What a fucking idiot. Paul is just as stupid. Paulie has no plans on taking James, Corey, Paul or Zakiyah to f2. He’ll probably take Nicole because their families are friends and to make up for the way Cody made an ass out of her. What better way to win then to take the girl that fucked all the girls over. He knows those girls hold grudges and will not vote Nicole for the win. If he takes Paul, Cory or James, even Victor, he knows that’s taking a big risk. Natalie or Bridgette for AFP!!


My girl Natalie has just been laying in the weeds. Like coiled viper! I am so proud of her! If only she can help James grow a pair! These people can’t be blind! Paulie has ran rough shot the whole game! I only hope that by thinking he could have his cake and eat it to will cost him. His huberus has cost him. Paulie let a women come between him and 500,000!! How does that trick bag feel, douche bag!!

Delco PA

Spy Girls 2.0 – Bronte for Michelle switcheroo! If these girls swing this, they could go far.


Now watch Zakiyah has teh round trip ticket …


Simon I was just thinking the same thing LOL. It would SUCK if they finally opened their eyes, all to have Z just come back and then have Paulie be aware of the hole he is now in. The risk definitely needs to be taken though. They better follow through and not chicken out.


Paul has the right idea and told Natalie to go to Z and tell her what’s really been going on so if she does back into the house, her target will be Paulie. I wasn’t really sure If Paul was going to abandon PP and blow up the house but it seems like this flip is really to happen. I sure hope so. Hallelujah!! Finally, everyone has woken up!

Mister pickles

Doesn’t Nicole have the RT?


Not that I know of

my hoh

Corey was telling nicole that the dr told him nicole has the ticket. She then went into the dr and came out all smiles. This better not be true.


i’ll need to see the live feed time stamp to believe it.


I remember reading that exchange on one of the update sites (JU). Hope production was just pulling their legs because it is terrible if BB really told them the truth.


Any of them could have it, or the guy in the DR has it for whoever production wants.


I was just thinking what if Paulie has the ticket. People keep saying theories about him staying until the end, that would fit right in with those theories.



Seriously, think Bridgette has envelope #1….the card read in the Paris room read, ” 11 tickets are one-way. Only ONE has the round trip”. Think the round trip is in envelope #1.

Joe Kerr

True, but “ocho” was in red. I don’t remember who they said had number 8.

And even if Z comes back, what good is she to him? She doesn’t win and, honestly, if it keeps the way it does, they won’t need her vote anyways…

I think :-/



I don’t think that Z has the roundtrip ticket. Before Da’Vonne was evicted, the HGs while in Paulie’s “Let’s Discuss Evicting Da’Vonne Ad nauseam Huddle,” everyone in the “Paulie’s Ad nauseam Huddle” stated concern regarding Da’Vonne having the roundtrip ticket.

Paulie seemed confident that Da’Vonne did not have the RT ticket (Paulie had the same confidence regarding Frank not having the RT ticket).

When Z is sitting in the nomination seat – Paulie decides to go to work to get the house to “flip” (to keep Z, go against Victor’s the HOH’s wishes & evict Meanchelle). Paulie even had started planning on how he (Paulie) could use The Care Package to assist him (Paulie) in his (Paulie’s) quest in going against The HOH and evicting Meanchelle.

Paulie seems to be as confident that Z does not have the RT ticket — similar to the confident Paulie had regarding Frank and Da’Vonne not having the RT ticket.

The difference this time, however, is Paulie wants to keep Z. Paulie wants to keep Z because Z will do anything that Paulie says — which includes servicing Paulie under the sheets, in the bumper cars, during the HOH lockdowns when no cameras are on them, and the small blind spot in The Big Brother House Grounds (I can never figure out if this “Blind Spot” is outside of The Big Brother House or inside of The Big Brother House).

If Z had the RT ticket – it seems as though Paulie would not be as concerned as he is.

It seems possible that Paulie has a relationship with Diary Room Producers — enough of a relationship to figure out how to ask questions and figure out the answers from producers (questions and answers that do not break any of the rules of Big Brother Game Contest Rules — however, if a Big Brother Game Player has the ability to ask questions in a particular manner along with the ability to discern answers given by Diary Room Producers such a Big Brother Game Player would be able to get viable and illuminating information from Diary Room Producers (without breaking any Big Brother Contest Rules).

Paulie may not know who has the RT ticket. Perhaps Paulie has already figured out that he has the RT ticket. It does appear as though Paulie was highly confident that Frank did not have the RT ticket, Paulie was highly confident that Da’Vonne did not have the RT ticket, and Paulie is currently highly confident that Z does not have the RT ticket.

Due to this, Paulie went to work to flip the house (don’t vote out Z vote out Meanchelle) as Paulie wants to keep Z in the game for his own benefit.

Hopefully James will stand strong and not allow Paulie to hijack James’ Care Package. Hopefully Paul, Nat, James, Bridgette, and Victor will come together to form a strong group working with Meanchelle (as a vote) to get Paulie out (or at minimum give Paulie a run for his money – instead of allowing Paulie to win five hundred thousand dollars).

When Victor first discussed his nominations with Paul, Paulie, and Corey – Corey supported voting out Z. When Nicole talked to Corey about voting – Corey told Nicole that he (Corey) want Z to go. Corey said that Z only serves to benefit Paulie and Z is the person that Victor wants out.

Due to the above, it seems probable that Corey would be easy for James, Nat, Paul, Victor, and Bridgette to “sway” as Corey had many valid reasons that he (Corey) gave to Nicole for wanting Z out this week.

Really, Paulie has said “never cared” regarding Z so many times that Paulie should not care if The House votes out Z or Meanchelle. The people that vote Z out of the house should easily be able to tell Paulie “you have talked about “clipping” Z sooner than later and wanting Z out of the house so much – you, Paulie, have said that you never cared so many times – we really did not think that you cared if Z went this week or next week. Getting rid of Z, like you have said numerous times Paulie, is best for your game because Z follows you around, acts weird, and makes you uncomfortable.”

I do not care for Meanchelle. However, I do hope that Z is voted out this week. Z out of The Big Brother House will be better for Z. Z has done enough to embarrass herself: changing a female product in the storage room with HGs standing around, humping/straddling Paulie, servicing Paulie then having Paulie talk poorly to Z, Z has been lied to over and over again by Paulie then goes to Paulie begging him for forgiveness. It will be better for Z to get out of the house now.

Keeping Meanchelle will hopefully solidify a strong group to come together to “knock” Paulie down several notches. It is time for The House Guests to play the game for themselves – not for Paulie. Hopefully, voting out Z will allow for an interesting Big Brother Game to commence. Hopefully, Bridgette, Nat, and their group can win the HOH power to remain safe during the upcoming DEs.


Zakiyah is irrelevant to the game. Paulie wants her because she’s his. Sending her out doesn’t really impact Paulie, he had votes elsewhere. It’s the fact if she goes that the house isn’t drowning in the Paulie Koolaid. That might make Corey, Nicole, and Paulie nervous and Paul, Vic, Natalie, Bridgette and Michelle excited because everyone can scramble for a new pecking order.

Not a true "knock"

Paging Dostoyevsky

Franks fumes

LOL…..Bridgette asks James if he has the balls! It is great the two of them are ganging up on James to shake this sh#t up. Frank would be proud!


Bridgette asked the question of James we all want to know. “Do you have the balls?” Why not take a shot? Worse case is Con Corleone wins HOH and you get sent to jury where you were headed anyway. Seems like a no-brainer from my angle. And the cherry on the top of the ice cream for me is Max-Z getting sent home on a week when “her boy” could have saved her.


What a great 12 hours on the feeds. This could be a great weekend coming up.


The best feeds of the season. People coming together to play Big Brother the way it was meant to be played. Is James finally coming out of the Paulie mist or the man douche or whatever its called? I hope so and Kudos to Nat. I think she lit the fire under James with her disclosure on Paulie’s advances. Cmon James stay focused. This is the time to win BB brother or watch Da read the Bible for the next seven weeks.


If James really wants a chance at playing, he’ll take this chance. He terrified that Nicole, Corey, or Paulie will win HoH. Paulie’s the only one that’s won HoH. Nicole was literally given her HoH by production. The worst team gets to choose the HoH!
Bridgette, James, Meech, Victor, and Paul have all won and James is acting like he’d be siding with a group of Megs again. Natalie held out on the last comp for a long time after the third place one fell off. Plus that group has some smarts in it.
The more I think about James’ game the more it looks like he’s there to protect Paulie. He’s actively tried to shut down Natalie talking game. He quickly gave up Da’Vonne; he never tried with Tiffany.
Something smells and it’s not that bathroom. (Although I imagine the bathroom stinks)


I agree. It has been a fantastic read. There is a very fine line between this working or not. Praying that the comp will not be one where the guys only excel. I don’t want Paulie ho to win next HOH.

Can’t wait to read the happenings today. Should be good!

Jeezus & Nem

Nat : James use your votes to flip this house. Paulie is running SH%t
James : Nah, I dunno. May not be best for my game
Nat: He said he wants to bite my a$$
James: SAY WHAT!! FK it, I’m flipping this house for ‘Merica!!


Best feeds in a loooong time. I’m watching it all now. Can tell you how much I love it! GO NAT GO BRIDGETTE!!!!

Bb season what the f..k

I’d love to see something happen but you have to give Paulie credit for playing a good game up until now. Nat is annoying and if those girls really think that Frank was any better they all need a reality check. He was only out for himself and he did lie and stir up crap.Z, Nicole, Bridgette, Cory and Nat have been nothing but floaters up until now. I wouldn’t want any of them to win. I want to see someone win that actually played the game. Being a floater isn’t a strategy it’s an excuse for being lazy.


Natalie was always playing the game. for the past couple weeks she knew what was going on and got shut down by James every time she tried to tell him.
It is a viable strategy to fly under the radar. Let bigger targets emerge and wait for the right time to make a big move.
Natalie for the 500,000!!!


So, does the potential flip change who y’all want to receive the next care package?? Who’s everyone voting for getting super safety?


I’m still voting Bridgette because it should solidify to them that we are on board with taking out Paulie. America is rooting for their group to join forces


Have been and will continue to vote for Bridget.


Me too! I didn’t the first week bc I didn’t want to waste the have not one on her. But I’ve voted nonstop since for her. Imagine if she had it this week? Paulie being flipped on would be a done deal. PISSED she didn’t get it!


I too have been voting on the Super Safety for Brigitte all week but am at a lose as to who to vote for on the next one. Any ideas on to who should get the Co-Host one???


Really down to Michelle, Vic, or Paul if you want any chance of it being used to take a shot at Paulie. The bribe one is probably the weakest of the group so I’d say that can go to Paul or Vic


Is paul gonna go tell paulie all this info now


That is what I am waiting to see. If Paul runs to Con or takes the info to heart to move forward in the game. It sounded like he was starting to smell something fishy in his convo with Vic but then he was telling Paulie he is all about the PP. The dude is a tool but has a good poker face. If he gets rid of peeing Paulie he may go far. Impressive from a HG with a target on his back the first 3 weeks.

Paulie needs more bladder control

ha ha great minds think alike!

Paulie needs more bladder control

I was excited with all of this going down that realization kicked in….
Paulie just peed in my Wheaties. Paul will blabber mouth the whole plan.

Anyone but Paulie ftw

I am nervous about the vote tomorrow. I don’t even want to watch until it’s voting time because I am so worried Paul or James will back out and run to Paulie… this is so awesome! Come on Nat and Bridgette

Not as exciting as you think

Paul still with Paulie. Calm down. He will tell him everything. Then say we should maybe just take Zak out this week to cool the waters then continue with our plan. That’s what Paul wanted from start. If he ever totally screws Paulie over it will be at F3. PP is not dead today. Sorry.

Even if Zak goes home. Paulie still has majority of house. Paul Victor Corey Nicole. With him that’s five.

Also James will look ok to Nat because Zak will go home and he still will be Paulies b*tch.


That’s the thing that bothers me. Zakiyah isn’t integral to his plans. She’s just his goat. He’s trying to drag her with him. He could toss her ans still be fine so why’s he insistent on keeping her except he’s about to start cutting Paul, Nicole, Corey and James.


I’m not so sure. Paul has also been spilling a lot of info regarding Paulie. If Paul chooses to blow them up, they’ll throw him out there too


If this works it will be such great tv! If James doesn’t do this he is THE BIGGEST P***Y! Still voting for Bridget for super safety just to shake things up!


that’s my girl. Team Nat <3 love her.


WOO HOO !!!!! If this goes thru I will be on the edge of my seat. Finally a game to watch.


This feels a lot like derrick’s season. Lots of talk, getting excited about the possibility, then crash and burn as the lemmings went down one by one. Rev rev stall. BB played that so much that I will believe it when I see it. Then l’ll jump up and down on the bed–whoop whoop.


At aproximately 6:08a.m., after much back and forth discussion about flipping the vote this week to keep Michelle, James finally says, “America probably wants me to get some shit started.” There have been so many complaints about James not playing the game and only playing for the fans so he can win AFP again. That may be true, but James wanting to make a big move to keep the fans entertained may just be the one thing that finally causes some excitement in this game. If nothing else it will make for a good live show on Thursday.
On a personal level, I think it would be amazing if all the shared information about things Paulie has said and done makes Paul and Victor team up with James. Then if Michelle stays and is now teamed up with the two girls that she and Nicole originally hated there will be so much fresh drama in the house and it will be so much fun to watch. Zakiyah will be gone, Nicole will become the lone female outcast, Paulie will be left in an alliance of three-himself and a showmance. Not only that but Nicole and Corey haven’t been able to win shit so far. Paulie can’t win every comp.
Keep in mind, I know the chances of this all happening are very slim. But it’s so much fun to think about the possibility and to visualize Paulie’s head exploding as his game is imploding.




The feeds this morning have me feeling all tingly inside. Tee-Hee


“the original concept of the show of STRANGERS moving into a house…” SOMEONE changed the show DESCRIPTION.